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Chapter 1

Volume 1 Chapter 1 – The “Muscle Blockhead” and the “Big Sister”

“Ugh…… Unlucky…. I still wanted to sleep more……” Despite having a nightmare, the youth appeared to be very calm —— if the same nightmare repeats too many times, it would no longer be scary anymore.

The stench of ink greeted the youth as he fully woke up from his dream. He opened his bleary eyes slightly but all he could see was pitch black darkness and a small ray of light. That was because he had placed a book on his face to block off the light.

As he removed the book from his face, the midday sun suddenly became glaring. The youth who had just opened his eyes immediately closed it shut and also blocked his eyes with his hand, only to slowly remove it after a while, displaying a slightly silly expression on his face. Overall he was considered to be quite handsome, but to most people, he gave off a feeling of foolishness.

It was a certain afternoon in June. The youth wore a short sleeved school uniform and shifted the silver coloured metal gloves that hung over his waist. As he slowly sat up, he kneaded his messy hair, opened his eyes once again, and cracked his stiff neck whilst habitually observing his surroundings.

The only magic school in the region was the magic school located on the far side on the seaside village. The school wasn’t big and the students were mostly around the ages of 16 or 17. There weren’t many students for if you combined the three grades together, their total population would number no more than two hundred people —— because a magic school was completely different from a normal school. Not only were its school fees higher, there was also the prerequisite of having innate talent in order to enter. For the people from this seaside village who were mostly fisherman, it was too high of an obstacle to overcome.

It was now lunch time. The youth was at a part of the lawn at the corner of the school. On the field not too far from him, a group of students were having fun. At this time, everyone seemed to have realized that the youth had woken up and started to gather around him.

Here we go again……….. The youth thought to himself.

“Yo, muscle blockhead, you’re already awake.”
“Sleeping in broad daylight, are you daydreaming yet again?”
“That’s right, did you dream that you managed to get into Augustus Academy?”
“Hahahaha….. This blockhead doesn’t even know what we’re talking about.”

The few people that led the group made no attempt to hide their ridicule and sarcasm towards the youth while the rest just laughed along. Among the group, there were students who were in their third year, like the youth. There were also several first year students who recklessly laughed without respect. It was obvious that the youth’s predicament in the school was not pleasant.

Incidentally, the youth’s name was Ouyang Tao, but in the school, he was mostly referred to as the muscle blockhead.

He was much taller and well built than anyone else in the school; compared to the other students, he seemed to be at least three or five years older. Logically speaking, if there was someone like that, he should have been like a big brother figure, but instead, the situation was reversed.

This was because…..

“Oi, muscle blockhead, show us a fireball.”
“You don’t know fireball? An ice arrow works just as well.”
“Hehe, looks to me like a waterball would suit you more, take this!”

As they were talking, a waterball smashed onto Ouyang Tao’s body. The insults have already turned into provocation. If it was the old him, he wouldn’t have hesitated and chased his attacker. If he did that, the people surrounding him would continue insulting him and at the same time escape using magic.

But now, he merely just laughed: “Haha, I can’t release a fireball but I can draw the magic circle for a fireball.”

Once he said that, the surroundings students laughed even louder: “Haha, the muscle blockhead is being stupid again.”

This was the reason why the students mocked Ouyang Tao —— As a student from a magic school, he was unable to cast even the most basic fireball, an entry-level elemental spell.

“You rascals, that’s enough!” Outside the group, a girl suddenly shouted. At the same time, harsh winds suddenly blew without warning, causing the people who had surrounded Ouyang Tao to be blown off their feet. However, the spell had avoided only him, exhibiting her precise control.

“Ahhh! The big sister is here!”
“It’s over, she’s angry!”
“Let’s run!”

The group scattered swiftly, leaving only Ouyang Tao and the girl who save him from his predicament. Ouyang Tao embarrassingly laughed: “Thanks, Ah Xue.”
[TL: Ah in front of a person’s name indicates familiarity/kinship.]

The girl in front of Ouyang Tao was Ouyang Xue. Just like her name, she had shiny silver hair and flawless snow white skin. This was even more prominent under the shine of the sun. She was like an elegant princess who had walked out of an ice snow world, exuding an aura of untouchable divinity —— only when she was silent.

“Bro, jeez, you got bullied again. Even if you do not retaliate, you should at least speak up! No matter what you have to retaliate, retaliate without mercy, only this way would they no longer dare to bully you.” Once she opened her mouth, her gracefulness immediately disappeared. Furthermore, the now fuming Ouyang Xue was waving around her fist while speaking, quickly revealing her “true nature”.

She was well versed in all the magical elements that were already taught and handled them very skillfully.. Also, being a third year and having a strong personality made her the school’s undisputed big sister.

Ouyang Tao merely laughed it off: “Hehe, it’s all right, I didn’t get injured. Furthermore, I knew you would come help me.”

“Ehh, Bro, you can’t stay like that forever. What if I really manage to get into Augustus, who will protect you?”

“Then I can just stay here, look for a job and finance your studies. The estimated costs for your education shouldn’t be low right?”

“I don’t need that! Bro, you’re accompanying me to my exam so at least take a look at the school’s admission guide! Not only does Augustus not collect school fees, they also provide monthly financial assistance for students.”

“Woah, that…… sounds pretty good.”

Compared to Ouyang Tao who was weak and had atrocious magical abilities, Ouyang Xue had an extremely strong personality. She was also the school’s most outstanding student who was participating in the country’s top magic school, Augustus Academy’s entrance exam. She was expected to be accepted into Augustus.

A uselessly weak brother and an exceptionally strong sister; their vast differences made people ponder whether or not they came from the same parents.

Truthfully, they weren’t actually blood related siblings. Even Ouyang Tao himself didn’t know whether or not his current name and identity actually belonged to him.

Six years ago, on a stormy night, Ouyang Xue’s father was out fishing when he was caught in a storm. Coincidentally, he save a youth who fell into the sea. After the youth awoke, he could not remember anything. Hence, Ouyang Xue’s father adopted him and named him Ouyang Tao.

“Thats why! Bro, you have to work hard too! Then we could be together.”

“Then…… Are you going to work at the shipyard for me?”

“Ohhh…” Ouyang Xue pursed her lips together in an unpleased manner and softly muttered: “It’s all your fault for working part time, that’s why your magic is so weak.”

“Hehe, different people specializes in different things.” Ouyang Tao picked up the book on the floor and slowly stood up. He was half a head taller than Ouyang Xue. His silliness disappeared as he smiled gently, showing the care and concern of an elder brother. He gently rubbed his sister’s small head and spoke: “Lunch break’s almost over, let’s quickly return back to the classroom.”

“Don’t rub my head. I’m not a kid anymore.” As she said that, the Ouyang siblings returned back to the school’s main building.

Whenever it reached this time, Ouyang Xue became worried, agitated and sometimes grumbled quietly.

Ouyang Xue’s family was a typical fisherman’s family that lived on a meagre income. Needless to say, providing school fees for the magic academy would be difficult for one child, what’s more, there were two of them. Therefore, their school fees were all paid by Ouyang Tao’s salary from working at the village’s shipyard.

Working part time naturally took up a lot of time, therefore, Ouyang Tao frequently took leave from school and skipped lessons. He would go to the shipyard whenever he had time. There was no time for him to practice. It was no surprise his results were bad. That was what Ouyang Xue always thought.

What if I really manage to get into Augustus, I would have to split up with my brother. This made the girl feel very troubled.

However, like what Ouyang Tao had said, each and every person had something different they specialized in..

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