Magi’s Grandson
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Chapter 46: Devil’s Dance

Rewinding the time a bit, around the same time when Shin and Sicily were flirting at the mansion in Claude town, after fallen by Schtorm, dominated by devils and demons, the Ex-imperial capital of empire was turned into devil metropolis where devils gathered.

After Schtorm and co. destroyed the imperial capital, what would they do afterward?

Firstly, Schtorm increased the number of demons, overflowed the Ex-Empire’s territory through the neighboring countries.

Then, after sealing the movement of the other countries, they started exterminating the remained towns inside the Ex-Empire’s territory one by one.

Schtorm, attacked every group of demon hunters and armies who came to investigate the situation, he also blocked the flow of information and goods to each town.

Thanks to that, there was no goods which were delivered to each town.

To do an investigation, herald recruited every soldier to do a reckless military expedition to investigate the situation, but the last ray of hope, the demon hunters who went into investigation, none of them returned.

Since there was also no information which come, they wasn’t aware that the imperial armies had suddenly been annihilated and the empire had fallen.

Because they were gradually short of the daily necessities without any clear reason, the displeasure of the citizen gradually grew stronger.

“Oi! Give all of the breads here to me!”

“What are you saying! There’s no wheat flour delivered these days, so it’s already decided that you could only buy one per family!”

“I give no damn shit about such a thing! I have a big family here!”

“That is also the same with me! Everybody is also enduring it here, so you shouldn’t act selfishly like that!”

“What did you say? Old hag!”


While such tumult happening here and there, not just were they exhausted physically because of the shortage of food, they were also exhausted mentally.

There was no goods which came even when such tumult happened everywhere, and when they lost their strength because of starvation….

“Th, demons are here! There’s a horde of demons coming this way!”

The guards who were watch-keeping on the rampart, running while shouting that there was an attack from demons.


“Shit! What are the imperial armies doing!?”

“Hey, what should we do!? There’s almost no demon hunter remaining either!?”

The citizens were panicking because of the attack of demons.

At that moment.

『Ya everyone, you seem in good spirit.』

A voice reverberated inside the whole town, as if sneering at the citizens who were exhausted because of the shortage of foods and also information.

『I am Oliver Schtorm, here I have a proposal for all citizens of this town.』

The town resident who were in panic because of the attack of demons,  became even more confused by the sudden voice which reverberated at the whole town, but they still listened to that voice.

『Then, at this town, is there anyone who hold resentment toward nobles and wants to kill those nobles with your own hands? If there is… let’s see, would you please assemble at near the south gate? I am going to give you strength to overthrow those nobles. The time limit is one hour starting now.』

The voice which reverberated inside the town suddenly vanished after saying those words.

After listening to that declaration, the citizens couldn’t understand what was happening.

There was no citizens who didn’t hold any resentment toward the tyrannical and haughty nobles.

But if they were to be asked whether their resentment were to the point they wanted to kill them or not…. The citizens were perplexed, they wanted to run away but….

“Not good! We can’t open the gate!”

“Why!? After that strange voice, haven’t those demons stopped attacking! Now is the right chance to run away!!”

“Those demons are overflowing outside the town! There’s no place to run away!”

Such exchanges were happening at every gates except the south gate.

Those massive amount of demons weren’t attacking.

Couldn’t understand what that voice meant, they began to ask what was the meaning of it.

And when they thought to use that chance to run away, they suddenly had been surrounded by demons.

Unable to run away, the citizens could only wait for the judgment a hour later, as if prisoners.

At the same time, at the south gate, there were several citizens who answered Schtorm’s invitation.

“Hmm, it is fewer than I expected.”

“Schtorm-sama, as expected with this method, isn’t it hard to raise the wariness of the citizens?”

“I am not that concerned though. Since my intention is not to gather people. With this, this town’s resident must be feeling more despair and confusion, isn’t it?”

“I am sorry for saying too much. Please forgive me.”

“Fufu, do not mind it.”

The red eyed men talked with the same voice as the proclamation voice just now.

They felt dubious but, since they might be able to receive power that’s enough to overthrow the nobles, there was none of them who left that place.

“Then, do all of you all really want to overthrow the nobles?”

When Schtorm asked that question, there was someone among the citizens who’d assembled there, who took a step forward.

“I… my lover was stolen by a noble… then, with the reason that he was tired of her… she was returned home after being killed… him… I want to kill him with my own hands!”

The man squeeze out such word, filled with hatred.

Thereupon, as if being supported by that, a woman also took a step forward.

“My father was killed. Even though he didn’t do anything wrong… the reason was just because he was in his field of view! What kind of hardship our family must face after my father’s death… I want that noble to realize that!”

The other peoples also took a step forward and shouted out their resentment toward nobles.

“Fufu, aren’t that some nice hatred. Please keep detesting nobles like that, okay?”

After saying that, Schtorm began gathering dark magical energy.

Then, he crammed that dark magical energy into the chest of those nobles detester.

“U, ugaaaa!”

“A, aaaaaa!”

The citizens who received the dark magical energy started to groan.

Then, he crammed that dark magical energy toward all the citizens there.

The citizens fainted in agony for an instant but, they regained conscious not long after and the power inside their body… they could felt magic was overflowing within their bodies.

“Th, this is….”

“Fufu, how is that? With that you should be able to kill those nobles right?”

“Yes, it is amazing… I feel like I can do anything right now….”

While saying that, they turned around and their eyes were dyed red, they had been transformed into devils.

“Well then, since the one hour time have elapsed. Then all of you, please head toward the feudal lord’s mansion. You should finish them off without fail, okay?”



“Well then….”

Schtorm threw a magic toward the sky.

Then, the magic exploded in sky high.

It looked like a fireworks and dumbfounded the citizens who saw it.


Together with a violent explosion, east, north, west and south gates were destroyed by magic, devils and demons were surging into the town.




The surging devils and demons were trampling down the citizens.

“Fufu, what a nice spectacle.”

Watching that from the rampart, Schtorm seemed to be satisfied by the appearance of the citizens who were being trampled upon.

And with a slight glance, he could see the crumbling of the feudal lord’s mansion.

 “Hmm, they also seem doing it well there. It seems blocking the feudal lord’s mansion so that none of the nobles at this town run away is worth doing.”

When Schtorm made the proclamation at the town, in order to make the nobles of this town unable to run away, he ordered the devils to blockade the feudal lord’s mansion.

And the result, the nobles who intended to run away and abandon the citizens were stopped at the feudal lord’s mansion, and the town’s citizens who had turned into devils were able to accomplish their long-cherished sweet revenge.

Then… the remaining citizens were annihilated by the devils and demons. Without any regards of gender, age, nor social standing….

And then one by one, he attacked every town, and finally all towns and villages were all destroyed.

Honestly, with that much war potential, and with the ability to blockade the information and goods, they could destroy all towns in just a single sweep.

However, Schtorm didn’t do that.

That reason was, because it was to corner them physically and mentally, not just the nobles, he even intended to bestow despair to the commoners.

That was the height of Schtorm’s resentment toward the Empire.

That was why he attacked the towns one by one, it indeed took quite a time but, at last he was able to destroy every town and village.

The devils who gathered at the Ex-Imperial capital were anticipating this day to at long last to came.

The purgation of empire had finished. Next, we would attack the neighboring nations, and finally unify the world.

With this power, we would be able to do it, there won’t be anyone who’s able to oppose us.

After obtaining the devil’s power from Schtorm, since they wielded that power as they pleased, they were intoxicated by it.

The devils assembled inside the ex-imperial palace, lifted to that gorgeous place which was normally outside their reach thus far, while impatiently anticipating what they might be going to do afterward, the were waiting for the emergence of Schtorm.

“Say, finally right!”

“Yes, it indeed took quite a time but at last we have purged the entire empire. There is no one who’s able to become our enemy. It’s finally the time we will unify the world.”

“You’re right! I’m looking forward to it! Ou!”

“Yeah… I’m looking forward to it too.”

We’re going to unify the world. With our power, we will be able to do it without fail. That was the reason we obtained this power.

As an empire’s commoner who were oppressed, to obtain this power and grow up to this point, it surely feels like a dream.

We are about to proclaim our new ambition.

The person who was being waited in anticipation, Schtorm, accompanied by Milia and Zest, finally arrived.

Schtorm walked passing the gate and the devils.

The devils who watched that scene were looking at him with respect.

Then, he seated at the throne where the previous emperor was usually seated at.

Finally he was going to make the proclamation.

The anticipation of the devils… was crushed by Schtorm’s words.

“Then, thanks to all of your hard work we were able to successfully overthrown the empire. We are successful but….”

“Is there possibly any problem? Schtorm-sama.”

“Yeah… since overthrowing the empire was my sole objective… what should we do here after?”

The devils couldn’t believe their ears.

Isn’t there still something to do after overthrowing the empire?

What is he saying? They wanted to ask that but, these words couldn’t come out.

“Pl, please don’t joke like that… Isn’t the next target to unify the world?’

“Wha? Why must I do such a troublesome thing?”

The devils were unable to say anything when they heard those words.

Unifying the world is troublesome? Why must he do such a thing?

What did this esteemed person just say?

“Then… why… why did you turn us into a devil?”

“Hmm? Of course to make you my pawns right?”

“Pawn… we are just pawns you say!?

The man shouted toward Schtorm’s remark.

“I! I thought that together with you, we might be able unify the world, that was why I turned myself into devil!”

“Wha? I did say it right? Whether you had any resentment toward nobles or not. Whether you wanted to take a revenge toward those nobles or not. Why does it turn into something like that?”

Indeed Schtorm had turned people who had strong resentments toward nobles into devils.

Even though he had said that, but it seems those devils were following him with the intention of unifying the world.

What is he talking about? Schtorm wondered from the bottom of his heart and inclined his head.

“You, you bastard!”

The man who kept shouting since just now finally snapped, and started gathering magical energy.

But Schtorm, while seemingly bothered, just by swinging his arm, the gathered magical energy disappeared, the man’s face was covered by surprise.

The devils who watched that spectacle were divided into two sentiment.

Those who admired him, as expected of Schtorm-sama, he is amazing.

And those who were irritated with him, with that much power why doesn’t he use it to unify the world?

The devils were grumbling, trembling and wanting to immediately leave the palace.

Watching that, Schtorm, while seemingly bothered from the bottom of his heart, declared.

“Feel free to have any kind of ambition but, could you please not force that on me as well?”

Not blaming the man who rebelled against him, Schtorm just declared to not force their opinion on him.

When he heard that, the man glared at Schtorm with despair and anger.

“Does that mean… you have no intention to unify the world?”

“Didn’t I just tell you that?”

When he heard Schtorm’s answer, the rebelling man finally made a parting word.

“I see, I see! I understand! I won’t hope anything from you anymore! Then I’m going to do what I want.”

“Feel free? Or rather, please do that from the very beginning.”

“Guh! … I’ll take my leave then!”

After saying that, the man turned back and left the audience.

The audience which was filled with the atmosphere of anticipation just a moment before, now was filled with a stagnant atmosphere.

Why did it turn this way?

Didn’t just a moment before, we were anticipating for our dream-like brilliant future?

Currently, that place was dominated by despair and bewilderment.

It shouldn’t be like this, the devils who dreamt to unify the world strongly thought that.

“If there is any of you who want to follow that ambition, feel free to do so. You shouldn’t hold yourself back, you may leave and follow that man you know?”

If you wanted to go then feel free to go to wherever you pleased.

As if they had no value at all and nothing but pawns, the devils who were expecting Schtorm to unify the world revealed their anger and left the audience following the first man.

They were totaled around one hundred, that was almost two thirds of the total devils.

The only remained devils at the audience were around fifty devils who were initially together with him when they overthrown the imperial capital.

“Haa… just what are they thinking about…”

“Perhaps… since they suddenly got such power, they are intoxicated by it.”

“So that is the case huh.”

“The devils who remain here are the devils and demons which were enrolled here and had experienced the war against the armies and demon hunters. The devils who left just now were those who barely ever participated in the war up until now.”

“Oh, you sure understand it.”

“Since they were Schtorm-sama’s pawn, of course I have to understand their power as well.”

Milia agreed to Schtorm’s ambition to overthrow the empire, she bore a deep adoration toward him.

Hence, she thought that she need to understand and manage the people who were turned into devils by Schtorm, to make sure that they could successfully execute the plan to overthrow the empire.

The devils who left just now had never experienced the war up until now, that power which was given to them so that they could take revenge toward the nobles, they misunderstood it and thought that as their own power, moreover they had also realized their misunderstanding that that power which was given to them wasn’t actually meant to unify the world.

She was aware of that fact but she just left it be.

She was aware of it. She was aware that Schtorm didn’t see them as something special to him.

She also thought that he might dispose of them if he deemed them as unnecessary.

Hence, she also thought that Schtorm might dispose of anyone who had different opinion than him.

“Leaving that aside, is that really okay? Leaving them be as it is, I mean.”

“It should be fine right, it isn’t like they will become a hindrance, after all… Ah, but that may be quite interesting in its own way. Since that may become a good way to kill time.”


Different from Schtorm who held no interest toward his surroundings, Milia felt sentiment toward the peoples who just left.

Similarly like Milia who was fallen in love with Schtorm, the man who left also had a strong ambition to unify the world.

The people who turned into devils naturally and people who didn’t, now they could see the great difference between them.

They also realized that the true devil, Schtorm, didn’t refer them as any special existence.

Nevertheless, Milia and the other respected Schtorm who had bestowed them that power, and pledged to follow him wherever he go.

“By the way Schtorm-sama, I heard that you were wounded by someone at the kingdom but….”

“…Shin Walford-kun huh, I sure went through a bitter experience with him.”

“He could inflict a wound to Schtorm-sama!?”

“Is, is that true!?”

The remained devils there were those who were loyal to Schtorm.

They didn’t believe that that Schtorm would be wounded.

“Yes, I was almost able to safely escape from them but… when Walford-kun suddenly appeared from nowhere, I got a wound at the time he tried to subjugate me. That’s  just how powerful he was.”

“Th, that strong….”

“Yes, then how about we take him as our next target? Since I also want to repay the wound he gave me after all.”

And like that, they could feel a burning desire they never felt thus far.

“Schtorm-sama, I think that conclusion is a bit too rushed, how about we take a rest for a while? And at that time, we will investigate the existence called Shin Walford first.”

Zest was a former secret intelligence unit. For Schtorm’s sake, he proposed to investigate Shin while they were taking a break.

“I don’t think you have to prepare it that carefully you know….”

“But, didn’t we make those careful preparation to overthrow the empire?”

“That was because overthrowing the empire was something that I wanted to do no matter what after all.”

Very concerned about that, Milia decided to try asking Schtorm about it.

“Umm… Schtorm-sama, why did you detest empire that much? I’m aware that you were a former noble there but….”

Milia asked the thing which made her very concerned since a long time ago.

What was the reason which made Schtorm detest the empire that much?

She was aware that there were many people who detest nobles. But such detest was supposed to only be borne by commoner.

Moreover, why did he become a devil in the first place?

Milia who never asked about that, thought that perhaps she might be able to inquiry it since his ambition had already been accomplished.

“Come to think of it, I never told you about it right?”

And like that, Schtorm began telling them about what happened in his past.

“I was… originally a duke who held the right to inherit the throne.”

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