Magi’s Grandson
Unprecedented New Hero Preview

Chapter 23: Visiting the Workshop

The appearance of a devil was why I needed to go there.

That incident caused a major event that shook the Kingdom’s upper management. Even so, it was just recently that a devil appeared and was subjugated. Right now, the upper management was worried that publicizing the appearance of a new devil would cause utter chaos.

Even after the search party was mobilized, they weren’t able to find Schtrom in the end, despite the Security Office and the Military Affairs having gone full force.

As a result, they judged that Schtrom had already left the Kingdom, and the announcement was temporarily put off.

Because this announcement was not made public, the problem was considered resolved for a short period of time. However, it was not determined how long they could withheld this information before it’s publicly announced. There were many dangers associated with the unknown.

And as for the House of Ritzburg, since Schtrom had confessed that he had used Cart as a guinea pig, they were not charged of any crimes, and were treated as victims instead. However, because it was the truth that his son did cause an uproar, the head of the Ritzburg house had decided to resign from his post as the Vice Minister of the Finance Bureau.

Since the real reason could not be published, they announced that because of the death of his son, his wife was suffering from anxiety disorder, and they would be returning to their territory in order to recover.

Although some people, who didn’t know the real circumstances, condemned him for being irresponsible, the upper management who knew the real reason were sympathetic. Fortunately, the House of Ritzburg still had two remaining sons, and since they were yet of the age as an adult, they were spared from the sufferings.

In the end, Schtrom was the cause of all the uproar, and the Kingdom branded him as a wanted criminal.

* * *

“Hey, Gus.”

“What is it?”

“What do you think Schtrom’s real purpose is?”

Because of the riot that happened in the Security Office, the academy was closed for today.

In the end, we couldn’t go to Bean’s Workshop yesterday. By the time the interview conducted by the Military Affairs had ended, the day had already fallen. And so before we separated yesterday, we decided that we would visit the next day.

However, because of some circumstances, Tony was unable to make it today. In the end, it was the usual people who ended up heading towards the workshop. And, of course, Gus had naturally arrived at my house early in the morning. Does a Prince really have that much free time?

“Who knows? However, what we do know is that he has been experimenting to artificially create devils. Although we’re not exactly sure, we can consider it might have something to do with that. It’s too difficult to narrow it down.”

“You’re right…”

Although we don’t know what his real purpose is, there are too many factors to consider.

Was he ordered by the Empire to increase the amount of devils? World domination? Or did he wish the destruction of the human race?

“Well, since I don’t know about it, it can’t be helped.”

“In that case, it’s fine to leave it to the adults to figure out. After all, we have professional and talented investigators such as Orth.”

“Yeah, Orth-san was really cool. Wasn’t yesterday’s event the result of Orth-san’s investigation?”

“Well, he’s a particularly special existence. Every year, in terms of arrest rate and criminal investigation, he’s always been number one.”

“Then, we should leave such investigations to adults and behave like students of the academy like we are.”

However, as long as we’re directly involved, it’s normal for us to worry about the incident. It might even get to the point where we would start our own investigation. It was unlikely for the professional investigators to seek cooperation from a student of the academy even if he was the one who had subdued the devil.

Although we are aware of the situation and were at the scene when it all began, they are not allowed to tell us the current progress of the investigation.

Or rather, when I got home yesterday, grandma got angry at me and said, “You got into trouble again! You really need to stop it!” Even though it wasn’t my fault… But if I were to get involved with the investigation, I cannot image how angry she’ll be. Although I want to find out about Schtrom’s whereabouts and his purpose, I won’t do something so scary!

“Shin, isn’t it about time we get going?”

“Ah, it’s already that time?”

Once we gathered at Sicily’s house, we would head towards Bean’s Workshop. Since we got together in the morning, we’re going to go to Olivia’s house for lunch.

“Then, we’ll be going now. I don’t need any lunch.”

” “Please have a nice day.” ” [Said by the people in Shin’s house.]

After waving at the servants, I went through the Gate with Gus and the others. When we arrived at the room prepared in Sicily’s house, Thor started talking.

“Not matter how I look at it, the servants in Shin-dono’s house are all very talented.”

“Haaa~… Those people, were gathered through public advertisement, and since the number of applicants were way too many, it seems that they had a selection battle. And those who fought through it successfully, were the ones who were selected…”

“…I see. So it’s a dream team of servants.”

“Dream team, you say…”

“What happened?”

Our voices could probably be heard from the other side of the door, and before we stepped outside, Sicily had already knocked on the door.

“No, I was just saying that the servants in Shin-dono’s house are amazing…”

“Ah, they certainly are. Before you know it, they will be right by your side and casually follow you.”

“It seems those servants were selected through a servants’ battle, a dream team of servants.”

“So that’s why they’re called dream team…”

A lot of nobles have high praises for our servants. It would be best if I didn’t regard it as normal Recently, I’ve been getting used to it.

“That is a matter of course. The Head Maid in Shin’s house, Marika, used to be a maid at the Royal Palace, and when I was younger, I was taken care of her. The Butler, Steve, used to be part of Hauge Chamber of Commerce, a man who used to be the right-hand man of Tom Hauge. As for Alex, the gatekeeper, he is the best pupil of Dominic, the Director of Military Affairs. Even though I knew of those guys, I was still really surprised when I saw that they had all gathered in one house.”

Eh? Is that how it is? To actually have those amazing people gather at our house… one can really see how popular grandpa and grandma are.

“And also, the head chef, Correll, used to be the Master chef at a famous restaurant.”

“Correll-san’s cooking is really delicious.”

“I wonder if you’ll be alright after eating all of those foods. Today we’ll be going to Olivia’s house, which is also a famous restaurant. Make sure you don’t say anything strange, okay?”

“There’s no way I’ll say anything strange!”

Maria suddenly said impolite words to me.

I’m really concerned at how everyone really looks at me!

“I heard you’re going to Bean’s Workshop and Stone Kiln Pavilion today?”

“Ah, it’s a good place.”

It’s Cecil-san and Irene-san. Probably because it’s a holiday today, the clothes I’m wearing looks a little rough. However, Cecil-san looks as cool as always. And also, Irene-san, she doesn’t look like she’s given birth to Sicily and her two older sisters and older brother.

“Everything in Stone Kiln Pavilion is delicious, but since you’re going during lunch time, a sandwich is the best choice. Lightly toasted, and the fragrant of the cheese on top of the fatty tuna… the taste is unrivaled.”

“Sicily, since you’re going to Bean’s Workshop, can you take this order for me? There are a lot of things I want to ask. And as for lunch in Stone Kiln Pavilion, pasta is also good.”

“It’s the sandwich.”

“It has to be pasta.”

Ah, a spark has ignited between the husband and wife! Do something, Sicily!

“Well then everyone, let’s be off.”

Don’t tell me, emergency escape!?

“O-okay. Sicily, is it okay if we leave them alone?”

“It’s all good. Since they’ll reconcile before I know it, and they’ll have this really sweet atmosphere.”

So that’s how it so. I’m so jealous. Although they already have four children, they’re still lovey-dovey.

“Then, let’s get going.”

And so, we left Sicily’s house and headed towards Bean’s Workshop. While on the way, Gus started speaking.

“For now, even though Father has declared that you will not be used for either political or Military Affairs, Shin, Schtrom will still most likely aim for you. And so, when you said you wanted new equipment, I was relieved.”

“However, I already said I won’t have enough money for it.”

“I made a proposal to Father regarding the funds.”

“Hey, is that really okay?”

“Shin, although I’m most sorry about this, but this time, it’s not just about the Kingdom anymore. It might even involve the fate of mankind. As of now, the only person who can fight with Schtrom on equal grounds is you. Although there’s a possibility that Merlin-dono can as well, that is just a possibility. In case of emergency… we might only be able to rely on you.”

“The fate of mankind…”

Certainly, it might exactly be like that. I was also thinking of the possibility earlier. Although we don’t know Schtrom’s real purpose, he admitted that Cart was just an experiment. That also means he conducted an experiment that transformed humans into devils.

And that experiment had been a success.

Which means it’s not strange if there’s a sudden increase of devils. In fact, that might actually be his objective. The problem is what he’ll do afterwards.

“Really… There’s no end to the trouble he could cause.”


“The fate of mankind, how annoying…”

“I guess the threat we feel is completely different from what you consider as a threat degozaru…”

“Well, it is a fact that the mass production of artificial devils isn’t much of a threat. Rather than worrying about myself, I’m more concerned with Schtrom targeting other people.”

“Regarding that, we’ve already taken some precautions.”

“Are you talking about the wanted poster?”

“Right, and the reason for it is because of ‘National Treason.’ But it’s not like it’s a false accusation.”

Indeed, the mass production of devils… is a threat to the entire world, it certainly isn’t false accusation.

“In addition, we can easily recognize that guy’s appearance, he has to wear eye-patches in order to hide his red eyes.”

I see, with this, it is unlikely for Schtrom to be active while he’s still in the Kingdom.

“Although I said that, he’s still a devil after all. We can’t be careless…”

“Well, he has been fought off just recently, so in the meantime, he might not take any actions. During that time, we should make various preparations.”

This is a good chance to level up the research society!

“…Did you manage to think of something?”

“Just a moment ago, I got some chills…”

“Shin-kun was making a kind of evil-looking face?”

“This is…”

“I have a bad feeling about this degozaru.”

What the hell. The world is approaching a crisis, it’s fine to have everyone level up just a little. However, this is a secret for now.

“Hmm? I’m not really plotting anything strange?”

“…I guess that means you are plotting something…”

How did they know!?

“N-no way, I’m really not plotting anything?”

“Your eyes…”

“Were swimming degozaru.”

This can’t happen. I would likely be questioned and forced to confess. I must hurry to the workshop.

“He-hey! Let’s walk faster! Our paces have dropped while we were talking.”

Did I manage to fool them?

“Haaa… Let’s leave the questioning for later.”

It didn’t work!

After some exchange of words, we finally arrived in front of Bean’s Workshop. Maybe because it’s been two days, it felt strangely far away.

When we reached the famous Bean’s Workshop, we saw a big store. It was similar in size to a convenience store in the suburbs. It had three stories, and the weapons and armor were on the first floor. I wonder what’s on the second and third floor? When I looked at the entrance of the shop, the door opened and Mark and Olivia came out of it.

“Welcome to Bean’s Workshop! We’re honored to have you!”

“Good morning everyone.”

The two people came out together. They’re still together even though it’s a holiday. Could this possibly be…

“Ah, good morning Mark, Olivia. Why did the two of you—”

“Good morning Olivia, Mark. Then, right away—”

“Good morning Olivia-san, Mark-san. Well then, it’s imperative for us to continue our talk.”

“Ugh… I ask of you to please go easy on me…”

After Sicily and Maria intercepted what I was going to ask, they took Olivia away. Or rather, Sicily, whatever happened to the order you were asked to make?

“Haaa, those three girls. As rumored, they are boisterous.”

“Yeah, but since they’re over there, they won’t be interrupting us.”

“Haha… Now then, Walford-kun, would you like to immediately go to the workshop?”

“That’s right, since I came here for that very purpose.”

“About that, there’s something I’d like to talk about. Is the master of the workshop here?”

“Ye-yes! Father… is inside the workshop!”

“Then, let’s go there right away.”

And so, we headed toward the workshop at the back of the store.

The workshop looked like a small factory. There were various craftsmen making things. Because the workshop had sound insulation installed, we couldn’t hear anything when we were outside, but once we entered the workshop, we heard the sounds made by the craftsmen. And because of the furnace, the surrounding air was hot.

“Please wait for a moment. Dad! DAAAaaaAAADDddd!!!”

Mark yelled with a really loud voice towards the workshop to call his father. An uncle with a really craftsman-like atmosphere called out from inside the workshop.

“What is it, you foolish rascal! Or rather, I told you to always use honorifics in here! And I also told you that inside the workshop, we’re not father and son, but master and apprentice!!”

“This is not the time for that right now, dad! Look!!”

“What is it?”

He asked, at then looked over at where we were. Scary!

“I’m sorry to visit when you’re so busy. I am Augusto. Augusto von Earlshide. And I belong to the same Research Society as Mark Bean in the Advance Magic Academy.”

“Pri-Pri-Prince Augusto!?”

His voice echoed throughout the workshop, and all the craftsmen directed their wide-opened eyes towards us. Everyone stopped with their work, walked towards us, and knelt down.

“Ah, sorry to bother you with your work. Please continue with what you were doing. However, I need to talk to the master of the workshop.”

“Talk to me… Do you need something from me?”

How impressive, in an instant his face turned pale, returned to normal, and knelt. And now, Mark’s tough-looking father looks humble. I saw the rarely seen Prince-like attitude.

“Actually, I came here to ask you to help me create a weapon for Shin here.”

“For this boy… No, a weapon for this young master, you say?”

“Ah, sorry for the late introduction. This is Shin Walford, the grandson of the Magi, Merlin Walford.”

“Ah, nice to meet you, I’m Shin Walford.”

“Ma-Ma-Magi-sama’s grandson! You mean you’re the rumored person who defeated the devil that suddenly appeared!?”

“It is indeed him. Actually, we wanted your help to create a weapon for me, and we’ll provide the funds. Are you willing to do it?”

“Of course I agree! There’s no greater honor than to create a weapon for the newly appointed Hero-sama!”

The father is utterly at loss for words. And he looks really excited.

“Well then, what kind of weapon would you like to have?”

“Ah, about that…”

Since Gus went through all the trouble in order to provide the funds, and now that the father is willing to help with the creation, for now, let’s request for what I really want.

And so, we introduced the idea of the modified Vibration Sword to the father. The father made some adjustments as he listened to my idea, and found it interesting.

In truth, I also wanted to modify my rifle, but I was scared of the idea of the rifle being widespread in this world.

I wonder if I could have him make the parts. But then again, I have no precise knowledge of guns from the previous world, so I don’t really know how it’s built.

By the time I finished talking to the father, a rough sketch was complete. As expected of a great craftsman, talking to him is quick. After a prototype was made, it would feel like we’re getting closer to the complete product.

In particular, we needed to put a spring on the sword guard. When the sword guard moves in conjunction with the fastener, the blade can be replaced. Naturally, in order for it not to move during combat, there was also a stopper. I wonder if it would be difficult to use it with just one hand. It’s similar to operating the slide of an automatic gun in the previous world; it could be activated with just a touch of a button. For that reason, a spring is needed to be attached on the slide.

The blade of the sword is made with a mold. With this, it is enough to make it as a magic tool.

Gus looked like he’s been wanting to say something for a while now. He probably wants to make it the official Military weapon. However, he probably doesn’t dare to do it because of the threat of grandpa saying he’ll take me out of his country. I wonder if that’s the case?

It looks like the cost has been withheld.

By the time the discussion with Mark’s father had ended, it was already time for lunch. I wonder if it’s about time we head for Olivia’s house.

“Well then, Uncle, I’m counting on you.”

“Okay! Leave it to me. For now, how about you stop by three day later? The handle will pretty much be done, and we can proceed to making a prototype.”

“I understand, three days it is. Thank you very much in advance.”

After saying farewell to Uncle, we leave the workshop.

By the way, I also took care of ordering for the items requested by Sicily’s House.

Then, we entered Stone Kiln Pavilion which is immediately right next door. The Stone Kiln Pavilion, which is a popular restaurant, is also large. However, I don’t feel any awkwardness in visiting such high luxury shops.The inside of the shop was bustling.

Upon entering the store, a waitress onee-san appeared.

“Huh? Isn’t this Mark-kun. If you’re looking for young lady Olivia, she’s inside her room with her friends?”

“I already know, ma’am. After finishing our business with our store, I also came here with some friends.”

“Came here, with Mark-kun’s… fri… ends?”

The body motion of the onee-san gradually became stiffer and stiffer. I wonder if it’s that?

“Y—! Y-Y-Y-Your Highness!?”

The voice of the onee-san resounded throughout the entire store.

Ah, the same scene from the workshop earlier happened again.

“Haaa… It’s fine everyone, please make yourselves comfortable. Today, I just came to a friend’s store with some companions. Please don’t stand in reverence.”

Although he said that, the person himself was someone they rarely saw, a royal. Nobody readily raised their heads. While I was wondering what to do, the female team came from the back of the store.

“Whoa! What’s with this spectacle!”

“Oh, isn’t it because the Prince has arrived?”

“Ummm, Prince Augusto. We have prepared a private room, please follow me there.”

“…Sorry for the trouble.”

“No! It’s no trouble at all!”

After entering the private room, I was finally able to calm down. Indeed, when I’m with Gus, these kinds of things happen often.

“…I can pretty much understand what you’re thinking but, after next week, you’ll also be experiencing this, Shin.”

“What do you mean next week, ah, the ceremony.”

“The day after tomorrow is the beginning of the new week, so don’t separate from me. Although the general public still views you as a normal citizen. You’ll get surrounded afterwards, understand?”

“Is… Is that so?”

“That’s what happens to people who subdue devils. Although it’s been many years, Merlin-dono and Melinda-dono are still worshiped, and if you consider the treatment they receive, you understand it, right?”

“It is as you say…”

“A new devil had appeared, and the person who subdued it was the grandson of the Magi, Shin. Young, adorned with good looks, and grandson of the Hero. You’ll be a National Hero in no time.”

Dammit! He’s definitely amused by all this!

“But, although I understand the part about being the grandson of the Hero, but the part about being good-looking…”

Maybe because it’s my own face, or maybe because I have never gotten involved with girls of the same age, but I don’t know if I’m an average looking guy or a good-looking guy.

Nevertheless, I shouldn’t be unattractive.

Although people usually understand these kinds of things from the attitude of girls during their childhood, I don’t have that experience. And when we get to a certain age, girls no longer speak their honest impressions…

What about me? I thought I heard something!

“So you’re not aware of it…”

“Ugh… Rivals…”

“It’s a little unpleasant.”

“Before that, what do you mean by… rival?”

“I-I didn’t say anything!”

Still, about that ceremony… how depressing…

By the way, I ate meat for lunch. It was super delicious.

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