Le Festin De Vampire
First Arc Preview

Chapter 1


Since then how long the time was passed? He wondered inside the consciousness of his slumber.
Certainly, Yuu who claimed to be a God, should had told him that he was being called into a white square space which was called ‘The gap of the world’.
In that case then what is this place?

The sense of this was similar to waking up.
Was it a dream after all?

The environment suddenly became bright and light was felt going through his eyelids. That must have been a dream.

“A girl has come! The first child of the vampires!”

The yell of a man was heard, but it didn’t sound familiar. He tried to understand what was said, but it didn’t belong to any language he knew of. Because he couldn’t breathe, he burst out crying.

It was known that a newborn baby starts breathing by first crying. But he wasn’t relaxed, as he couldn’t remember such a fact.

“Good…it’s a girl. Didn’t our wish to have a girl come true?”
“…That’s good, but did you decide on the name yet?”
“I had a revelation from God a little while ago. Alysia would be good.”

The two were speaking joyfully, but to him, he couldn’t even understand a fragment of what they were saying. Successfully reincarnating into a new world was the only thing he knew.

The eyesight of a baby, as expected, was not very good.

“Hm? Why didn’t you take Melvina like I proposed before? But since it was a divine message, there’s no helping it…”
“Umm…why not make it a middle name?”
“Since the name would be slightly long, why not make it Mel? Hehehe! Your name is Alysia Mel Latrommia. Say hello!”

He was held up by what he guessed was his mother and figured that he was named Alysia though he couldn’t understand the language.
Though it seemed to be a slightly feminine name, that thought flew away with his excitement of his new life.

That was two years ago.

The territory owned by the royal family was called the Irukusu Kingdom and there lived Alysia’s parents. This Kingdom is famous for their tolerable nature of many races, even vampires as well.

Her parents were famous since they are vampire aristocrats and hold a great deal of power. It wasn’t a bad reputation, and their story of them taking part in a war for equality appealed to many races in the Kingdom.

They had met each other at a part, when they tried to take the same wine glass. Both of them had refrained from doing so and with that, their relationship clicked and became strong.

By the way, while they may have the body of a fourteen year old according to human standards, the genuine age of mother was 124 and father’s is 127 years old.

Because of the vampire’s longevity, like the elves, they live nearly ten times longer than humans. It was possible that, due to their similar age, they attracted one another.

After this party with many other vampires, she married and changed their surname to Latrommia. In the house of Latrommia, it was truthfully God who had decided on the name, Alysia.

Two days after being born, a celebration took place at night. As expected, nobility after nobility, gathered in the courtyard.

Because there is no discrimination, formally-dressed commoners also joined.
— Of course, the commoners were vampires.

In the corner of the courtyard, the place where dishes were stacked on tables, was where the mother, Nadia and the father, Auras was. Here, today’s guest of honour was laid between the two in a basket.

Auras touched the calm arm of the sleeping baby and raised a beaming smile.

At the same time, Alysia was dreaming, it was telepathy from God.

“Uh…again? Where am I?”
“Greetings, it seems the reincarnation was a success.”

Because Alysia was in the pure white space like before, she though Yuu was there. But a beautiful woman in a scarlet dress with black hair stood before her, betraying her expectations.

“Ah, me? Valkyrie don’t have much to do in the God World, I was ordered to talk with you with telepathy from Yuu.”
“Is that so, what is it?”
“First off, though you were born as a female vampire, you didn’t seem to notice. It’ll be convenient once you know yourself.”

Alysia flashed a look of despair at the words of the beautiful woman.

“Why was I born as a female…I though I just had an overly feminine name…”
“I’m sorry, because of a rule, it was randomly decided?”
“Also, what was the rule Yuu had mentioned?”

She remembered about the ability Yuu had said and thinks about it, and answered.

“Your ability…was decided to be the the ability to control contradiction to a degree!”
“Wait…your way of speaking…it’s not like Japanese people.”
“Ehh? It’s strange? Yuu said that you would be happy if I did it like this.”
“Who would be happy with that? …Wait a minute…”

The ability sounded like a story from Japan and she thought carefully if it was a strong ability.

“…What can you do with this ability?”
“In this world, it is a paradox. If studied thoroughly, you can erase existences and produce things from nothing. Of course, it cannot be controlled at all in the beginning. Even the omnipotent God couldn’t master it in the beginning.”
“Thank you, now that I understand I’ll persevere to learn this.”
“Your welcome.”

She said so while laughing.

“Because of your nature, you should have ten times more magic than an ordinary vampire because of your spiritual power. Though I wasn’t sure if you originally had divine power, it was tested that you were able to use it and it would be possible to increase it with training. It is also possible to become an eternal youth if your prayer is strong enough, making it difficult for you to die.”
“All this seems too good…I’m doubtful…”
“It’s fine! I am part of the God World and I have the power, and it will also be entertainment!”

As she tried to clear up the new misunderstanding, Alysia wondered and remembered something.

“If you say so. Wasn’t Yuu also talking about such a thing? If it’s necessary I’ll cooperate.”
“Oh, yeah. When it is necessary, I’ll call you with telepathy. And because it’s almost time…see you!”
“Wait! What is your name…”

Her consciousness faded away, preventing her from hearing her name.
It was decided that the next time they meet, she would absolutely hear it.

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1: First Arc