Le Festin De Vampire
Second Arc Preview

Chapter 1

Magic school

Exactly one day had passed since Alysia boarded the carriage. From the carriage in the early morning of January 10th, tens of buildings in the magic school were illuminated by the sun.
Since she hadn’t a wink of sleep, she had rubbed her eyes at a considerable pace, and repeatedly yawned many times.

— RATTLE! (GATA!) Rickety…

After leaving the town, the road changed drastically from gravel to cobblestone. Street lamps line up the roadside and extended directly to the gate of the school. For some reason, the situation was welcomed by Alysia, who was happy about remembering something.

Immediately before arriving to the front gate of the school, she displayed the behaviour of going to sleep in an instant. This is because she wanted to ascertain whether the coachman of the carriage could really be trusted. Perhaps this would be the timing to attack Alysia.

“…Even if…”

When she did, just as she expected, the coachman got off the horse and slipped into the carriage Alysia was in. From where he did it, the man slipped a dagger into his right hand and aimed downwards.


But Alysia grabbed the man’s arm very easily. In fact, it’s because she was using the body reinforcement magic, that her limit became boundless.

“…I wonder if you were dispatched, too?”

The held wrist of the man was twisted and pressed against the wall of the carriage. She didn’t forget to take the dagger, of course.

“…Say, please stop the horse?”
“Oh, well, I see…”

After that, Alysia tied the coachman onto the carriage with ropes, and conveyed the circumstances to the front gate guard of the school and left him to their care.

Although there was a small event, Alysia had, at last, arrived to the school and needed to enroll to the school first. Alysia drew the two trunks out of the carriage, there were heavy and were carried in both her arms through the front gate.

Alongside the vivid road of bricks, trees were planted. Also, a person who Alysia thought was also a new student carried a large baggage and headed in the same direction.


When advancing a long way for a while, she went to a circular square with a central fountain the height of twenty Thermes (5 m). The brick road she followed until now, extended in four directions, including the direction Alysia had come from.

Alysia couldn’t help leaking out a medium-sized voice, but now, after seeing enough, she went to the right towards the teaching staff district where the enrollment procedures were performed.

Thereupon, not a “large building”, but a suitably called “tower”, came to view. In this world, a building with eight floors was very rare. Inside, the staff room’s, office’s, and principal’s office’s equipment was there.

“Excuse me, where do you enroll to the school?”
“Oh? Young lady, go through this door here, and advance straight ahead to a room at the end of the corridor. School enrollment is there.”
“Thank you very much…don’t call me young lady.”

Alysia asked the man who stood at the entrance of the faculty tower. He wondered whether he misheard the words from Alysia.


— To tell the truth, it was a secret that she had to persevere to walk in the weak, early morning sun.

The person thought to be a new student was in a queue before Alysia arrived. Strictly speaking, there were many people with pointed ears and tails growing, but calling them “people” was a mouthful.

Alysia arrived at the end of the line and waited until her turn. If you tried to carefully look, to the inner part of the room where the line continued, four teachers were seated before a long desk and looked at the students’ entrance documents in order.

“The next one?”

After waiting, Alysia’s turn had finally come and she took the entrance documents from the midst of her suitcase. She immediately replied and dragged her suitcase to move under the teacher.

“Please show me the entrance form first.”
“Is it this?”
“That is right.”

The male teacher opened and verified the documents received. Among the papers was the letter of recommendation she had received from the king, along with Alysia’s personal information.
As the man read the papers, sometimes he would let out a “Hoo” or “Uh-huh”, finally Areishia was handed some paper’s and a thin metal place.

“…As for this?”
“That plate is a school ID, and proves you are a student of the school, please be careful not to lose it. It’s because the room number is also written on the school ID.”

Alysia stared motionlessly at the plate, turned it over, and observed the school ID with great interest. Looking at her, the teacher added.

“And because the paper will tell you where to go and the school rules, read it well. I’m Fizz Eireru and I’m working as a teacher. In addition, remember to come to me sometime if you need help.”
“Thank you very much for your explanation, please treat me well.”

“That’s because it’s my job…and when leaving, go to the door on the left.”

Holding the suitcase again, Alysia immediately left the desk and went out a door different to the door she came from.

She didn’t know whether it was good to call him Mr Fizz, and expanded the papers she got from him to confirm where to go. When doing so, she found out there was nothing for her to do this day, and feeling tired, Alysia made her way to the dormitory.

After having left the faculty tower, Alysia stopped in front of a sign where the map of the whole school was drawn. According to the map, you seem to arrive at the dormitory by advancing straight from the faculty room. She made sure of the facilities of the entire school with her eyes.

To the east was the school entrance, in the center was a square with a fountain, and to the west was the innermost part of the school were many of the student’s would study. Furthermore, in both sides of the school building, there was a complete set of four arenas to practice magic, school branches of a guild, and many stores. The north side is the faculty tower, and the south side is the dormitory Alysia faced now.

Why a substantial amount of facilities were installed was because the nearest town was probably more than three hours away. When the contents of the map were slightly memorised, Alysia had began walking to the dormitory once more.

After walking for quarter of an hour, she had finally arrived at the lobby of the dormitory and removed the school ID from her chest pocket. Written at the bottom was “Dormitory number D204″, along side her name.


Confirming her location with the map of the dormitory while advancing, she arrived before the room which was at the innermost part of the second floor. It was probably Alysia’s dormitory room. Inserting her school ID into the machine installed on the side of the door – which was shaped like an electronic lock in a hotel – the door was slowly pushed open.

“Who’s there?”
“…A, oh? Is this a double room?”

When the door opened, at the same time, she saw a person with brown hair with cat ears and a tail, who had a feeling of being a daughter of a high-class family. She also didn’t reach Alysia’s height even with her cat ears, and they each must look up and down at each other respectively.

“Are perhaps the person who will be living in this room with me?”
“It would appear so…please take care of me. I’m Alysia Latrommia.”
“Ah, I’m called Fian-Enlaces. Pleasure to meet you.”

After bowing Fian prompted Alysia inside the room, and the two sat down on a sofa sheltered by a central desk. There was also a large window, and because the dormitory was made with trees, overall, there was a bright impression.

“So, Fian’s what grade are you in now?”
“I just arrived yesterday. I think that I’m probably a first grader.”
“In other words we’re in the same grade…so what should we do now?”

Alysia sat deep into the sofa and remembered the explanation which was written on the paper she was handed. After one week there is a class selection examination, until then it’s free.

“Afterwards, would you like to tour the school campus? I was tired yesterday, and I have not gone out of the room yet.”
“I’m sleepy so I’m going to sleep. I want to look around the school but I’ll wait till evening.”

Although Alysia was patient until now, her drowsiness was already at its limit. She fell to her side in order to sleep.

“It’s good in the evening, but…is it all right?”
“Yes…because I hadn’t a wink of sleep for the whole day since I arrived at school. I’m also a vampire…”
“…Well, you were a vampire? If it’s fine with you, I can donate blood?”

But the kind words Fian spoke did not reach Alysia’s ears, but in fact, there was actually curiosity in sucking her blood.

Alysia was already inside a dream. Considerably tired, she continued to sleep over eight hours until it was evening.

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