Kuro no Maou
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Chapter 210 – Feelings of Sacrificial Maiden


「Please cut me」

From the moment I said those words, my consciousness become unsteady as if watching a dream.


Kurono-san, making an idiotic surprised expression, was cute.

「Just as it sounds, please cut me with your hatchet」

Even without repeating the words many times, Kurono-san would know the intention behind those words.

If the current hatchet cannot cut it, then it is better to evolve it.

Fortunately『Cursed Grudge Hatchet「HaraRetsu」』had sucked the blood of numerous crusaders and monster, it also had sipped, though somewhat only, the blood of 8th Apostle.

The evolution only needs a last spurt of blood, it was obvious from the theory of cursed weapons.

「――Then it should evolve」

The things I am saying and what I will be doing is only natural by remembering the opponent in front of us, this would turn into a plan to recover our position in battle, there is nothing strange in this.

A tact for Adventurers for passing through dangerous situation is serious battle with life on line.

However, my consciousness is dreamy, heart is beating faster, there is heat residing in the core of my body.

Just why, how is this happening? This isn’t the time and place to feel like this.

Though I understand that, this hazy feeling of sinking in sweet dreams doesn’t stop, it is irresistable.

Hot, my body feels hot, I have stripped the witch robe and am just wearing underwear, still the night wind doesn’t help in cooling down the hot body.

No, though a witch, but I too am a girl of marriageable age, so by showing my naked body to a man it is only natural to feel embarrassed――really?

Kurono-san is not watching Lily-san, but me, only me.

Different from the time of festival, that time it was only slightly embarrassing.

But why is it so much right now――

「Are you serious, Fiona?」

「Yes, I offer my body to Kurono-san」

I’m happy.

Kurono-san is watching me, needing me, right now, not even Lily-san, but I’m helping Kurono-san the most.

Why do I end up thinking, why am I feeling so happy about that?

More than Lily-san, I did an ugly comparision, still why do I feel such a dark joy?

With, arousal and excitement and self-hatred, the positive and negative feelings mixing with my heart, my consciousness becomes faint like a muddled lava.

「It’s the only way to defeat that, hurry」

Am I speaking correctly right now.

I’m scared if I blurted out something strange.

So fast, cut me Kurono-san, with those hands, make me a sacrifice, make my everything your own.

「Sorry Fiona……And Thanks」

My consciousness almost blew――due to too much pleasure.

I was prepared for the pain and suffering from the strike of cursed blade, but as if it all turned futile, useless, worthless, a wave of climax shakes my whole body.

Before I noticed it, I was lying on the grasses upside-down while gasping.

The diagonal slash injury should have reached quite deep, but, without even feeling any sort of pain, I only feel feverish.

I didn’t feel any pain, rather amazing pleasure. Maybe I should question why is the feeling I get so different from by getting cut by blade, but right now I’m too much lethargic and tired, that I don’t even want to move my head, and,

「……with I can cut that guy into pieces」

The fact that the hatchet evolved and I helped Kurono-san, wrapped me with the feeling of satisfaction, and I doze off on the comfortable bed of grass.

Apparently, it took not only blood, but also lots of magical power.

However, I’m fine with that right now.

「Leave the rest to me, and rest」

Kurono-san said that to me.

Kurono-san gently applied the『Fairies’ Miracle Drug』, to which I send my drowsy intoxicated eyes to him.


The fire-like crimson and hell-like black eyes of Kurono-san, looked directly in my golden eyes filled with lust.

His eyes looking at me, his comrade, with complete trust felt comfortable, that I thought selfish things like wanting to keep staring him for eternity.

He abruptly turned away his eyes, which led me to feel loneliness, at the same time, a black robe covered my body.

Kurono-san gently wrapped me in the robe, which seemed like a hallucination of Kurono-san embracing me, and my body, once again, got hot.

Completely unaware of my reactions, Kurono-san shouldered the evolved hatchet and face his back to me.

「Then I will be going」

Kurono-san took a step, turned into a black gale, and disappeared.

With my dim consciousness, while sniffing Kurono-san’s scent from the robe, I watched his fight to the end.

「S-So embarrassing……」

I was not sane at that time, I calmly thought that while watching the bonfire.

Particularly, after I changed the turn with Kurono-san, became alone, and was secretly changing my wet underwear, my heart was about to break with emptiness and self-hatred.

I have never thought it was good to cast a powerful telepathy protect before now, if I hadn’t done that, Lily-san might have read my embarrassing thoughts.

If she found out that, in that sort of situation, I hold those――sort of feelings for Kurono-san, then at worst, I would be fired from Element Master.

According to Lily-san, romantic relationships are banned within the party, even the oblivious-me knows the meaning behind those words.

To me, Kurono-san is, a precious comrade, party member and leader. Just that much.

Even if Lily-san and Kurono-san become a couple, no, married couple, I should be blessing them, as a comrade.

That’s why, I have no intention to hinder feelings of Lily-san, neither do I have any intention to break the rule of love ban.

However recently, I’ve felt that determination shaking many times.

No, this is certainly my imagination, that’s how it is.

Chasing after Kurono-san with my eyes, getting sad and glad with his words, too is my imagination.

I have not even felt jealous seeing Kurono-san talking happily with that beautiful elf receptionist.


Those are the feelings a lovestruck-maiden should have for her yearned person, these are not some feelings me, a witch, should have.

A witch never loves, who said these words, this might show the preparedness of mind of a witch in pursuit of magic, but these words are completely appropriate for the current me.

At that time, it was the delusions because I got scared and aroused and high because I was cornered by a monster in a while.

No, it in itself might be the curse of hatchet, after all there are sentiments of a twisted lovestruck girl residing in the blade, so there is more than enough possibility that the curse led me to feel like ‘that’.

Anyway, I don’t think anything about Kurono-san, after sealing these embarrassing feelings in the depths of my heart, there won’t be next time they are revived.

The moment I finally regained my rational mind, I heard the sound and sensed the presence of someone coming out of tent.

Not even one hour had passed since I changed the turns with Kurono-san, but looks like he is already awake.

On the other hand Lily-san is still sound asleep――Ah, this means that, from now, I will be together with Kurono-san, right.

「Just too much embarrassing」

The third murmur of ‘embarrassing’.

No, there is no need to feel embarrassed, Kurono-san and I are normal comrades, party members.

While persuading myself saying that, I cannot help but feel my heart beating faster.

Ah, Kurono-san is coming out of tent, calm down, will my cheeks redden strangely, will I break out into a grin……I’m anxious, but I look towards his way with my intentional poker-face.

「Good Morning, Kurono-san」

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