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Chapter 191 – Magical Beast

Salamanders are also known as fire dragons, even among numerous monsters it is a representative-like, symbolic existence.

Salamander has no forelegs like a bird, but has hind-legs along with two wings, it has a figure like that of wyvern.

It has deep crimson colored scales, which seems like blazing fire, covering its body. Its two wings flap and dance in air, and its fangs and claws more sharp than average swords tear up the prey.

And its certain-kill dragon breath, which has the might of a high-level attack magic.

If people see its figure, abilities, they would be compelled to be awestruck and understand that it is one of the dragons which stands at the top of living beings.

Those salamanders have, here, in this Galahad Mountain Range’s northern part’s summit, set up a nest.

There is an ideal natural cave present for changing it into nest, most probably the salamanders living here for generations have been using it.

In addition, the most strongest one in this northern part of Galahad Mountain Range also has the right to use that place.

The users this time were without exception, salamanders which have larger stature compared to other salamanders.

Among the male and female, normally male has a big frame, but this couple both have big frames.

When facing the dragon like Salamander, these two were the most dangerous pair.

First they have two heads, have larger powerful bodies and power compared to normal salamanders, and have increased their guard because they are in the middle of raising their young ones who have already hatched from eggs, and the last point, the female is as strong as the male.

Taking all this in considerations, it becomes easily understandable that subjugating them would be more harder than a rank 4 quest for subjugating 1-headed normal salamander.

These two were the strongest individuals in the northern range of Galahad Mountain range, it was both affirmed by demons living in surroundings and even Spada Adventurer Guild, however,

SFX: Gaaaoooooo!!

The moment that ferocious yell resonated within the cave, they were taken down from the throne of strongest being.

The cave acting as the nest for Salamanders, had scent of blood drifting inside, to the extent one would choke by sniffing.

Inside there was no the dragons who were strongest, but a ghastly cruel sight which can only be put up in one word ‘Cruel Massacre’. Only the scene of massacre was spread.

The strong wings which danced in air were teared off with power, the children were lying on the floor teared here and there like a paper.

The jaw which was lined up with fangs which could crunch the prey, had been forcibly wrenched open and divided into two parts, the lacerations reached the middle of neck.

The strong tail which could even defeat other salamanders too was teared off from the roots, it can’t be swung as a whip from now on.

The strong red dragon scales were smashed into pieces as though hit by hammer.

However the point to be surprised would be that the scales which even dragon breath can’t scratch were melting and falling.

The two-headed were the same too, they were teared to shreds, smashed into pulp, it couldn’t be identified who was male or who was female, their bodies only revealed the ghastly manner of death.

As for why something like this was happening, the answer is quite simple and easy to understand even for a monster.

That’s right, it only meant that someone more stronger than the two-headed couple has appeared.


Once again the yell resounds in the cave.

The source wasn’t the already-dead salamanders, it was a magical beast completely different from a dragon.

At a glance it looked like a Gorilla, the scene of it walking on four legs while attaching front limbs on ground completely resembled a gorilla.

However, its height was like that of a monster, the overall height from arms to head crossed 6 metres, and its overall length from the head to the end of tail was more than ten-odd metres.

Compared to salamander, yeah it was small, compared to humans, they would both be classified as big-type monsters.

Its body has been tightened to the extreme limits, compared to that of a gorilla its body was lot more sharp,  however the bulged muscles on the upper body would be like boasting its strength just like how minotaurus or cyclops do.

It has five fingers on hands, but the arms were so thick that they can’t be compared to humans, gorilla or even minotaurus. It looked like the trunk of millennium years old tree.

Especially the right arm which was thicker than left,  and it helped in supporting the strong power.

On the back of right hand a jewel like a『Beryl』was buried and was releasing bright red light, the tremendous magical power near it can be the only reason for the melting of salamanders scales.

It had the black hair, but around the neck, chest, and the arms are deep crimson colored hair as though the blazing flames have been put into a shape.

Even now the red hairs are flickering like a heat haze, the tail grown seemed like that of cow’s tail and the red hair on the end seemed like a torch.

The magical beast walks forward while waving its creepy and prideful red hair, the place it was headed to was the place children of salamanders wailing *Kyuu Kyuu*.

The reason they couldn’t escape while wanting to wasn’t because they froze up in fear, but the wings which can let them fly even if they are very young had been half-torn off.

With their hind-legs they could run faster than humans, but one side of them had been uprooted and they could only crawl even when using all their power.

Other ten too were being raised here, but they too half-killed by none other than this black and red magical beast.

In the first place, before the two-headed parents of them were killed, they already had their legs and wings torn off.

The moment the parents moved their eyes from children, the magical beast took the opportunity and half-killed every child, for it the work would’ve been too easy.

Of course, the parents noticed the violence of this intruder one second later, and attacked with heart full of rage.

And the situations arrive at the current time, in other words the children were made to see their parents getting killed in front of their eyes.

No one knows what the children of salamander, who don’t have the intelligence like that of a human, had thought while seeing their parents getting killed.

But however, there’s no doubt they would’ve felt fear seeing the magical beast coming towards them while they could only keep on wailing.

That scene was something a sadistic person would gleefully watch and trample on it, and thus, the magical beast laughed.

A sharp face like that of a face, but the face which was smiling gently, could only be seen as an extremely evil smile.

The long ears which seemed like the ears of rabbit, were wavering as though feeling really ecstatic.

The black eyes with red pupils was narrowed in pleasure, and took time in looking at the figures of children wailing.

Like that, after some time passed, it picked the head of one child who was crawling to run, and threw the child into its mouth.

*Crunch crunch* Not paying attention to scales and bones, it eats the whole body while the blood drips from the mouth.

Maybe it felt satisfied from the taste of salamander’s meat, it raised a moan, and desperately tried to run here and there with its half-torn wing and legs. Then, it moves onto the next child.

The meal time got finished in less than 5 minutes, finally the only living being inside the cave became only the magical beast.

SFX: GaaooOooOOooOOooOO!!

The repulsive yell not only resounded in the cave but also went outside.

It was to show that it was the new ruler of the mountain.

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