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Elementary School Arc Preview

Reika-sama – 001

I have memories of my previous life────────

…No, I’m not a crazy. It’s too embarrassing to tell anybody at all, but it’s the truth.

I realised it around the time I was about to take my elementary school entrance exams.

I’ve always kind of thought, ‘Huh, I think I’ve seen this somewhere~’ about my name “Kisshouin Reika”.

It happened on a day when Okaasama said, “Reika-chan, this is the school you’re going to attend starting next year, you know.” and brought me in front of this building surrounding in a brick wall.

Next to that large gate were the words 『Suiran Academy – Primary School Section』, and in particular, the words 『Suiran Academy』 shot through my head.

“Suiran Academy” and “Kisshouin Reika”? They were the names of the school and the character that appeared in 『Kimi wa Boku no Dolce』 or 『You are my dolce』!!

And as for that feeling of joy you get from solving a vague mystery that’s been bothering you for many years (having said that though, it’s only been a few since I was born), I didn’t really get it.

‘I see, I see. Kimidol, huh~? Woww, I feel so refreshed now. I see~.’ or so I was thinking, when in the next moment, my face paled at my own situation.

『You are my dolce』.

It was a popular shoujo manga in my past life. After the serialisation finished, it was turned into a drama with popular idols as the cast.

The story began when a commoner scholarship student protagonist entered the high school section of private school that girls from decent families attended.

The commoner protagonist couldn’t get used to the rich students who were incredible with everything they did. Even so, she somehow made friends with the few commoner students there, and worked hard everyday at her hobby of making sweets.

And one day, she met with the boy known as ’emperor’ within the school, and fell in love. However, his followers wouldn’t allow the commoner protagonist to get close to him, and relentlessly harassed her.

Well, the ringleader of the harassment was Kisshouin Reika though; in other words me.

In the end, after overcoming numerous hardships, the two of them got together and lived happily ever after. However, at the very, very end, Kisshouin Reika who had continually bullied and tormented the protagonist once again got in their way, and using her parent’s influence even went as far as getting engaged with the emperor. And so, during the party where the engagement was to be announced, she was completely and utterly taken down.

In front of all the guests, the emperor gave the shocking announcement that he was engaged to the protagonist, and on top of being majorly humiliated, as revenge for all the bullying she had done until then, the Kisshouin company had its stocks bought up and was taken over, Reika’s father’s fraud was exposed, and the entire family fell into ruin.

Reika who had a strong sense of being ‘chosen’ above others and who had looked down on commoners was expelled from the upper class, and fell to the commoner class.

With her prided curls disheveled, Reika gave a mad scream, and with the readers thinking back on her villainous ways until now, they all thought “Serves you right!” and felt refreshed. In my past life, I screamed “Hell yeah!” as well.

However, if this is how my current life ends, then the situation has changed. It’s definitely no good, that kind of thing is no good.

As for why, it’s because I’ve become that complete villain, Kisshouin Reikaaaaa!!

Please, if this is a dream, let me wake up from it.


────────Unfortunately, I did not wake up from the dream.

The shock to my five year old body was too great, and I collapsed on the spot, and stayed in bed with developmental fever.

While having feverish nightmares of my certain future of ruin, I cried in terror.

To begin with, in my old life I was a complete commoner.

From my primary to high school, all of them were public schools, and in my high school days I worked a part time job to save up for a mobile.

I was born to an incredibly average salaryman family, and with a medium build and a common face, I was honestly a girl you could find just about anywhere.

I remember as far as graduating from vocational school and looking for a job. I can’t remember anything from after that. I have absolutely no memory of getting married, or having children, or approaching old age.

Could it be that I died around 20? That’s what it means that I don’t have memories past there, right?

Or could it be that for some reason or other I’ve become a vegetable, and right now I’m continuing to dream of a manga that I liked from back when I was healthy?

Rather than a reincarnation story that I’d see in a dream, a story about dreaming as a vegetable seems more likely though.

Only, it was tough when I had the fever, when I fall over it hurts, and my meals are yummy too. The sensations were too realistic.

As long as I knew how real these sensations are, I just couldn’t really decide “It’s just a dream anyway, so it’s fine~”.

It didn’t matter if I’d reincarnated or if this was a dream, but if I was possessing someone else’s body, anybody was fine, so I really wished it could be anyone other than Reika. I sincerely thought so, you know.

After recovering from my teething fever, the first thing I thought was ‘Wouldn’t it be fine to fail the exam to Suiran Academy then?’ .

Suiran Academy is the pinnacle of schools for rich people. Just going to the school is a better status symbol than anything else.

My Kisshouin family is a famous one that hails from noble blood, and manages a number of companies. Both of my parents believe in the importance of bloodline, and are basically lumps of pride that believe that they’re a special type of human.

And so, from before I was even a year old I was going to infant classes, in order to hammer in what I needed for the Suiran Academy entrance exam. Even the kindergarten I went to was one that boasted high rates of Suiran entrances; a famous brand kindergarten, you see.

I think at this rate, with my lineage, parentage, and assets, I’m going to get into Suiran. But if I go to school there, I’ll meet with disaster in the end.

If I don’t get involved with the main characters and live my own life, perhaps I’ll be able to avoid destruction.

I mean, Suiran isn’t the only rich people school. There are plenty of schools for Ojousamas, aren’t there?

Right! That’s what I’m going to do!

Or so I had determined, but the moment I saw my parents’ faces, my determination wavered.

As lumps of pride, wouldn’t my parents treat the daughter who “failed to get into Suiran” as the dregs of our family and just abandon me?

I do have the memories as an adult from my old life(?), but living as a 5 year old whose parents treat her coldly would be tough.

And also, even if I failed to get into the Primary School Section, I can still get in during the Middle School Section.

Well, Suiran has “that”, so only those who get in during Primary School are real Suiran Students, and even if I got in during the Middle School Section, I doubt my parents would fully approve.

Okaasama is acting like I’ve already gotten in (she told me “this is the school you’re going to attend.” before I even took an exam, after all). And almost all my relatives are attending Suiran, or have graduated from Suiran.

As for the courage I’d need to purposefully fail in an environment like this, it’s absolutely impossible for me now that I’ve gotten back the memories of a cowardly super-plebeian.

Can’t be helped. Guess I’ll resign myself and go.

But I’m going to give it my all to avoid becoming a villainess character like in the original manga. It’s tough being hated, right?

And even if I can’t avoid that, I want to at least start planning for what happens after my family is ruined.

1. Cherish harmony amongst others. Don’t make needless enemies.

2. Do not waste money. Steadily save up the pocket money you get. Set aside college tuition for after the fall.

3. Do not get involved with Emperor. Naturally, do not get involved with the Protagonist who will appear during the High School Section.

4. Show no interest in other people’s romance, or else show a smile and faintly flaunt the fact that you won’t get in their way. “Faintly” is important here; you can’t have too much of a presence.

5. Even if you do fall into ruin, make sure that to find a job that will provide for your meals. The goal is a government worker.

Alright. Guess that’s good enough for now.

Unwilling villainess, Kisshouin Reika, will now give it her all to lead a life of peace and tranquility!

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