Invisible Dragon
50 Chapters (Completed) Preview

Invisible Dragon

Chapters 1-50 (2002/07/25-2004/07/22)

This was translated by: Ensj and Chamber! 

(NOTE:Every single mistake in this story is ABSOLUTELY INTENTIONAL)

Everyon, I has finally decided to write~
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The story’s about the strongest dragon the invisible dragon moving to the other world… hehehe
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1 (2002/07/25)
the strongest among dragons the invisible dragon roared
since the invisible dragon was super duper strong it was the strongest dragon
it won against gods and demons it won against everyone there was only
one invisible dragon in the world anyway it roared
“argh shoot lets run”
the balrogs ran away the invisible dragon was awesome
that was why the balrogs ran away

2 (2002/07/25)
The invisible dragon was bored
so it decided to kill gods
so the gods became emergency
“shit the invisible dragon’s invading”
“yeah lets fight”
but since the invisible dragon was a invisible dragon it was invisible
since dey couldn’t see it the gods all died
the invisible dragon got bored of this world so it
decided to go to a different world

3 (2002/07/25)
the invisible dragon moved dimensions
then the modern world appeared
“oh cool let’s kill everyone”
the invisible dragon did a breath no it just
shoot laser beams from its hands
americas blew up in one hit
the invisible dragon was super duper strong
people didn’t kno who did it because the invisible dragon was invisible
the invisible dragon was bored aagin so…
(hehe the next chapter’s gonna be cool)

4 (2002/07/25)
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5 (2002/07/25)
It was than
“message to HQ over I’ll be shooting the invisible dragon”
jets came out and shot missiles at invisible dragon
but since the invisible dragon was invisible and since dey couldn’t see it so dey missed
it got hit one or two times but it didn’t even tickle the invisible dragon
“puhaha goodbye you snot-sized things keke”
the invisible dragon did it so the jets got masacred in 0.001 secons
it was really cool

6 (2002/07/25)
There was a 63 story building no there was a building over 100 stories
but then the invisible dragon was bigger than that building
when the invisible dragon hit that building once it fell down the building fell down
and so the invisible dragon got bored so it spoke to the humans
“i’m going to live as a human now so serve me well”
the humans all said yea sure and the invisible dragon turned into a human
tada~ next, the story of the invisible dragon turning into a human begins so expect it tada

7 (2002/07/25)
Guys I really gonna stop writing here
bya bya
this is really my first time writeing go easy on me ;-;
and thank u to the persan who keeps tellingg me that he likes me writing
you don’t be disappoints I won’t fail your expecations~~~ okey???|}}

oh! I suddenly think of awesome story so I’m gonna write.
it’s gonna be awesome~~~

the invisible dragon turned human was a super handsome he was a super bishie
he was a guy but really he was waaay prettier than girls
he was really pretty the boys and girls all fell for him
but tey couldn’t see him cuz he was invisible cuz he was invisible dragon
but suddenly someone popped up
it was zerglings and hydras they all came on overlords.
the zergs invaded earth so anyway the invisible dragon
decided to erase them next chapter’s going to be super awesome
it’s going to be a super thrilling battle~~~

it was then the invisible dragon used his ultimate skill no not his super ultimate skill but his breath, a normal ultimate skill (super ultimate skill is stronger than breath it’s awesome)
and he only picked out the overlords to shoot so only the overlords were picked out and killed by the invisible dragon
“BamBamBamBam Uwahhhhhhhhhh!”
In the end the overlords died there was blood spattering all over and anyway millions of overlords were masacred just like that
and so the invisible dragon only picked and killed the overlords to not get seen also the overlords were gon so the zerglings and hydras coudnt even run now
“Hahahahahah let’s start killing and work out a bit heh”
this phrase from the invisible dragon marked the beginning of the blody intergalactic war
the zerglings and hydras all trembled in fear but they coudnt see so they didnt know who killed them
the invisible dragon start move towards the zerglings and hyrdas.

(tl note:overlords are monsters that appear in the game starcraft. They are made to be able to detect invisible beings from afar.)

I came back from cram school~~~ I’ll keep writeing so look for ward to it
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The invisible dragon was really enjoing killing he continuu continud kiling
the zerglings and the hydras there were gazillions of dem so there was so much blood so the sea turned red it was awesome

“hahaha small frys, it’s going to be your funeral day today keke”

and then the zerglins and hydras trembled in fear
but they coudnt see so they coudnt do anything and suddenly a paper
tied to an arrow came flying

“FwiiiiiK Tak”

the invisible dragon read the papar

‘I challenge you invisible dragon from angient super hyper ultra dragon’

it was that. It was a letter of challenge

“heh interesting this small fry looking to die?”

but invisible dragon coud lose if it was not careful cuz angient super hyper ultra dragon was
a super awesome powerful dragon so invisible dragon
shook a bit only a little bit


13 (2002/07/26)
By the way everywan what’s hulmusin???
everyone’s talking about hul martial god hul martial god but I sweear
I never copied anything
nothing came up when I searched it up on fantasy stop playing with me
why you all have to be so mean ;-;
ok then bya bya
(tl note:the author was talking about blood martial god, another one of the 7 forbidden texts. The readers have been comparing this novel to that, which made the author get curious, and search for it (he misspelled the name of the novel though, lmao).)

14 (2002/07/26)
The invisible dragon accepted the challent and
went to met the angient super hyper ultra dragon but then that dragon was to strong

“fuck it’s a little strong there’s no choice sorry but I’ll have to use my super hyper action megaton ultra ultimate attack heh”

so the invisible dragon used his super hyper action megaton ultra ultimate attack
so that dragon foght well but got shit on
but there was one thing the angient super hyper ultra dragon didn’t know even as it died. it was that……

the invisible dragon actually have a even strong attack that was the super duper ultra mega hyper amazing action really super powerful top-class secret power hyper ultimate attack….


15 (2002/07/27)
This time instead of a arrow a super fast bullet
came so the invisible dragon saw the bullet in the paper it said
I challenge you invisible dragon I’m the super awesome king of all races
the demon king dragon master that was what the paper said

this time the invisible dragon was sweating like shit
the demon king dragon master was stronger than him it was also a overlord’s master
so it could see him how would the invisible dragon win

(this gonna be awesome everywan!)

“ah fuck… so it’s time to use my super duper ultra-class ultra megaton-class hyper ultimate attack this is bad”

the invisible dragon’s sighed over the great earth


Oh and everywan is typo really that bad sigh
everyone keeps dissing me about typo lol lol lol
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And so the invisible dragon went to find the demon king dragon master


There was a lot of wind and stuff it was super awesome…
The two stared at each other it was then


the bastardly deragon master attacked first our invisible dragon unfortunatly got hit once
and vomited blood

Invisible dragon:Ugh shit

So the demon king dragon master spoke

“Keke you insect”

But invisible dragon had a trump card

“It is time to show my rael power”

Demon king dragon master laughed his ass off

Demon king dragon master:yeah sure go ahead

Invisible dragon super enraged invisible dragon originally coud olny show his tru strength when he was enraged the enraged invisible dragons true power
look for ward to it tada~~~

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20 (2002/07/27)
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21 (2002/07/27)
The invisible dragon turned into a super saiyan invisible dragon

“hahaha just dye demon king dragon master”

but he still couldnt do anythin

“ugh fuck im going to come back after training like shit and becoming super ultra stong just you wait demon king dragon master”

the invisible dragon ran ;-; sob sbo
but lets believe in our main character!!! fighting!!!
look forward to the next episode!!! okey???


22 (2002/07/27)
The invisible dragon trainled like shet for 300milion years
now everything starts for real now
the invisible dragon shouted

“just come at me you bastards!!! heh”

so humans and evryon else all attacked super lot but
they were all like dust to super duper strong invisibl dragon

“kekeke you small fris take this!!!”

when the invisible dragon shot out a beam from his pinki finger that big big crowd
disappeared int an instant there was blood everywhere everyone’s heads were getting cut off it was awesome
now the invisible dragon is really awesome no one can fight him
since it was invisible it was even more scary so everyone was trembling


Invisible dragon wanted to test how strong he was so
He used 1/1000000000000000000000000000000000000th of his power


and 350,000 meteors fell from duh sky and suddenly
everything went all bambambambam everywan was ded it was bloody it was awesome

“hahaha I used 1/1000000000000000000000000000000000000th of my power and this is the result you insects keke”

invisible dragon who trianed like mad… he got hella strong in one word he was simpley awesomestrong
he defeted the demon king dragon master with just his pinki pinger suuuuper easily
but there was one enemy left

“Hmm now I have to beat my old bro”

The invisible dragon old bro was strong cuz he was older bro he was stronger than dragon master
Now the invisible dragon went to look for his bro so they may fihgt
Expect an awsom thrillin bloodie fihgt really
Aw~~some fight!!!

24 (2002/07/27)
By the way everywan some dude asked if the demon king dragon master trains
but then the thin is that the demon king dragon master is a shitty immature lazy jacass
so he just played around and not trianted and died hehehe okey???

25 (2002/07/28)
So the invisible dragon went to meet his old bro.
there was super lots of wind and because of invisible dragon and his old bro’s energy it became ultra strong wind trees were getting rippped from ground and stones were flying and anyway it was awesome

“I should call you invisivisible dragon instead of old bro now heh”

the name of invisible dragon’s old bro was invisivisible dragon but then siince his old bro was an enamy now he just caled his bro by name

“this small fry gettng all confident”

but invisivisivle dragon didnt know he didnt know dat his bro’s pwoer got stronger by 10000000000000000 times and his bro also made a super ultimate attack
but invisivisible dragon was strong he was super duper strong

26 (2002/07/28)
Die haiya~~~!!!

Te invisivisible dragon attacked first lik a bitch but invisible dragon
didnt get hit
that was because invisivisible dragon wasn’t overlord’s teacher so he couldn’t
see the invisible dragon

“you can’t see me heh”

after tat invisible dragon punched bam!!!
but invisivisible dragon didn’t get hit because invisivisible dragon
was invisible

invisible dragon:hey where are you heh
invisivisible dragon:what about you~~~ ;-;

they couldnt see each other it was then right then invisible dragon realized something

“heh fine if I cant see with my eyes i’ll look with my minds eye haiya~!!!”

invisible dragon began to see with his minds eye then he said something amazingly profond

“although i cant see with my eyes I can see with my minds eye! I can see when I use my minds eye! hahahahahahahah”

invisivisible dragon was hella surprised when he hear that

no way how~~~

invisible dragon saw shit with his minds eye it was super aesome

“hahahahaha I can see!”

what happens next you can look forward to it~~~ tada!


he opened his minds eyes so the invisible dragons eyes opened

“ah see you your there!”

invisivisible dragon whos location was discovered trembled in faer.
invisble dragon blew normal skill his breath.

invisivisible dragon:ahhhhhhhhh! shit! ;-;

it was a normal skill but it was invisible dragons normal skill but invisivisible dragon
hurt like shit and screaemd and cryed lol
however it was not the end invisible dragon prepared to strike one final time
but it was then

“dieit’s invisivisible dragon self-destroction!”

it was thrilling it was awesome but invisble dragon
cooly said

“then i have another way heh”

it awesome anyway how will it turn out itll be awesome~~


Everywan I’m think of writing a novel after the invisible dragon^^
novel after this is about after invisible dragon dies (sob sbo ;-;)
i’m going to just end invisible dragon at capter 50
after this novel is called duike~~~
the main character is name is Duike
please look forward to it~~~
dont cry tho after invisible dragon die^^;;;
(but even i cried hella lot when i thought of it invisible dragon ;-;)

29 (2002/07/28)

it expoloded super super a lot everything exploded earth was gone
the sun was gone everything was gone all of the univarse was gone
the invisivisible dragon’s selfdestroction wasnt a joke it was super ultimate strong

but there wasnt just one univarce there was exactly 1000
but becase of invisivisible dragons explosion ther was 999

“hah~ fuck i almost died!!!”

the invisible dragon was arive how did it live it was all tanks to his super ultinate new ultimate attack caled selfdestroction dodge but it had a wekness
it was tat even the user didnt kno wherr he was end up

“where is this”

invisible dragon at the new univers didnt know much

“hahaha this is get conquered by me hahahahaha”

but invisible dragon didnt know then he didn know that the univarse was big and
that there were hiden gods and dragons and demon kings everywhar

now invisible dragon wasnt so strong anymor lets see hoow invisible dragon
conqurs this universe lets look forward to it


30 (2002/07/28)
guys i tried writin a horror story but I just erased itt
Ill just work on inviisble dragon
and novel after invisible dragon is Duike look forward to it~~~

31 (2002/07/29)
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32 (2002/07/29)
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33 (2002/07/29)
the invisible dragon cryed

“kuaaaaaaa anyone come at me you insects heh”

then the 999th universe god and demon kings all came at him and it was that
it was then

“hahahaha invisible dragon prepare for yuor funeral~~~”

at that moment the invisible dragon cooly said a awsome line.

“heh can you see me heh”

god and demon kings:huh now you mention it i cant see can you?

others:no i cant see… shit…
and so the invisible dragon lafd cooly and prepeard to use his ultimate skill
then the demon kings and gods were all scared and shivered
but they couldnt see so they couldnt do anythin


“heh die you all heh”

the invisible dragon was unseeable so he was invisivle so he
foght all the gods and demon kings it was super awesome
anyway he beat them all up and he conqured 300 universes alredy
it was super awesome

“hahaha serve me hahaha”

So everyone served hi m and the invisible dragon was awesome
but it was just 300 there was still 600 to go because
ther were 999 unverses
invisible dragon got bored

“im bored lets kill evrything”

so he kileld everything and it was super awesome but invisible dragon did a mistake
he just killed and playedd without training and there was a
super strong human out of gods he killed and that humans name was
invisible dragon kileld so many he didn’t even kno who he killed
it was then

“to tink you would kill my dad lupacho fuck…. youre dead fuck”

there was a kid who said that and that kids name was the famous
our duike he might be super awesome
but we dont know yet because we have our invincible invisible dragon
look forwards to it~~~ an apparance of duike~~~


35 (2002/07/30)
Ugh fuck i messed up
i said 300 but it’s actually 399 okey???

36 (2002/07/30)
I fixed it. i dont think theres any errors now

“heh die you all heh”

the invisible dragon was unseeable so he was invisivle so he
foght all the gods and demon kings it was super awesome
anyway he beat them all up and he conqured 300 universes alredy
it was super awesome

“hahaha serve me hahaha”

So everyone served hi m and the invisible dragon was awesome
but it was just 300 there was still 600 to go because
ther were 999 unverses
invisible dragon got bored

“im bored lets kill evrything”

so he kileld everything and it was super awesome but invisible dragon did a mistake
he just killed and playedd without training and there was a
super strong human out of gods he killed and that humans name was
invisible dragon kileld so many he didn’t even kno who he killed
it was then

“to tink you would kill my dad lupacho fuck…. youre dead fuck”

there was a kid who said that and that kids name was the famous
our duike he might be super awesome
but we dont know yet because we have our invincible invisible dragon
look forwards to it~~~ an apparance of duike~~~


37 (2002/07/30)
Duike who is he hmm who is he
he was the son of the lupacho the super strong human among gods
but duike was super sad because because his dad luchopa
was killled by invisible dragon
but duike didnt cry and he didnt kill himself because
he was very courage
but invisible dragon was super strong and invisible
so duike went to train
but ther was no way invisible dragon would let him live
but bcuz duike couldnt see invisible dragon because he could see
he couldnt do anythng because invisible dragon was try to kill him
at that moment invisible dragon…


38 (2002/07/30)
ah crap I cept writing continuu i kept pressing the buttons too long…
ill fix it~
ill fix it so stop swearing about how disgsting typos are

39 (2002/07/30)
Duike who is he hmm who is he
he was the son of the lupacho the super strong human among gods
but duike was super sad because because his dad luchopa
was killled by invisible dragon
but duike didnt cry and he didnt kill himself because
he was very courage
but invisible dragon was super strong and invisible
so duike went to train
but ther was no way invisible dragon would let him live
but bcuz duike couldnt see invisible dragon because he could see
he couldnt do anythng because invisible dragon was try to kill him
at that moment invisible dragon…


40 (2002/07/31)
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41 (2002/07/31)
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42 (2002/07/31)
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43 (2002/07/31)
The invisible dragon conquerred 400 universe now and but
he still hav 500 left but he thougt duike was might be
little strong so he went to kill duike
but duike didn’t know because invisible dragon was invisible
inbisible dragon used the 1/999999999999999999999999999999999999999
99999999999999999999 of his power and hit onc

he hit super weak but then duike went flying and hit a wall and broke a wall and flew off and hit a wall and it was super awesome but because invisible dragon used a super little of his power he went to conquer another universe

invisible dragon was doing light exercise his next oponnnent was the ultimade demon king god the master dragon
he was different from the demon king dragon master because so
invisible dragon trembled a bit but invisible dragon
conqured 300 universes so he was confident but then
invisible dragon didn’t know although duike was super hurt with super
lots of blood he was still kind of kind of
alive he didnt know that

44 (2002/08/13)
Duike was pretty beautiful it was super amazingly awesome
thats why some girl saw this almost deading duike
by the way that girl was a little pretty too so the girl
fell for the super pretty duike and took him home and took care of him
and stuff

“hmm… I need revenge!”

duike wake up after 7000 days and he try to leave shang-a’s house
the girl who took care of duike and stuff was called shana
so anyway he tried to leave for revenge
so shang-a cried duike spoke

“thank you for taking care of me for 2 years but i need revenge”

duike left for adventure but shang-a was sad because
she loved duike….

to be continued

45 (2002/08/16)
ah really so many complains hey guys
why do you think 7000 days are 20 years why do you think like that???
in duikes world 7000 days is 2 years ah really so annoying
why wouldnt you know that
and that vician or something guy in the bad reviews and the k-kun person in the good reviews
since vaica said something weird so i ignore and k-kun is really awesome there should be more readers but phew just people who cant understand stuff

46 (2002/08/18)
hmmm~~~~ so for now invisible dragon #1 is over
from now this is the real hidden truth of the invisible dragon the past of the invisible dragon
how did the invisible dragon be born how did he become strong
super hyped for it

and after this is the sad baddle of the inbisible dragon ;-;

47 (2002/08/19) #

the invisible dragon was born he was just born in the air and stuff so
tahts why he was invisible the air bunched up and stuff it bunched up
to a dragon shape and because so he was invisible and he was born like that


he broke out of the egg he broke out of his egg but there was no mom or dad
so invisible dragon cried because he was sad no one gave him food and stuff
invisible dragon was super sad so he cried and stuff
anyway he was hungry and stuff
then someone passed by and……………………………………………………………………………………………

to be continued

48 (2002/12/24) #

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49 (2003/05/03) #
“Aren’t you gonna give me food you shits????????????”

invisible dragon cried a lot and stuff ;-; he begged and did all that stuff
but no one gave him food so invisible dragon was super sad and super cry but
he got super mad and stuff

“just die you bitch hahahahaha”

rght then someone kicked invisible dragon he was still young so it hurt and he was weak so it hurt so he cried and got angry

“what the heck you dont gimme food and you u kick me who??????”

right then he speak

“Im seriously 4390814980413098123409831249801498023410989239080000 stronger than you i’m introduce myself the lord of the lord of the universe yeah my name’s colbob hehehe”

invisible dragon:omg your colbob?

colbob was really super strong colbob who introduced himself as lord of the lord of the universe
was super strong invisible dragon was inbisible but he saw him and super strong

“hehehe nobody can seee you and you cant eat your sad your being bullied bullied bullied”

invisible dragon got super mad so he cry he was sad ah fuck super sad ;;;;;-;;;;;;

“im not bullied no im not sob sob ;-;”

“its not like anyone would even look at you your invisible hehehe you idiot anyway your bullied just die”

colbob said this and hit invisible dragon super hard and left

“fuck… sob sob ;-; ah seriously ill kill you when i grow up yu awh really fuck”

invisible dragon got filled with revenge so he
got super strong but can invisible dragon win againt the king of king of universe colbob
and duike the person who is trying to kill invisible dragon who is destroying universe bit by bit and super duper ultra strong colbob who is the boss of all the universe….

wow super interesting next chapter gonna be awesome

lets end this at chapter 50

50 (2004/07/22) #
“heh! but that was in the past i’m not scared anymore~!”

when invisible dragon thought of the past he scared of colbob but that
was all in the past invisible dragon was already incompearabully stronger than the past
it was seriously no joke.

???:laughable invisible dragon!

invisible dragon:what are you!!

it was then a 600 huge giants came out
it was no joke

invisible dragon:I said what are you!!

???:actually we are the lords of the universe you killed. shit… what are you to
destroy our universe on a whim?! you are so dead tuday. we thought it woudnt do with just one so we got together you are so dead his time

it was like that they were actually the lords of universes who got together
to eraze invisible dragon. even one was super strong but there was 600!!!

heh however our mc is the invisible dragon

invisible dragon:can you even see me heh

it was like that the invisible dragon was invisible so he couldnt be seen. However…

600 lords:u dont kno whu our lord is its the great colbob-sama.
we were already teached how to see you from colbob-sama kekeke
and one more thing! actually i wanted to kill you when the universe was destroyed but
it was imposible alone… colbob-sama said we need
at leas 600. Kekeke we are 600! colbob-sama dont lie!
“how is this possible! shit its colbob again that bastard!! ;;-;;”

colbob was too meticulous. if that was true then it was safe to say there was no hope of victory for invisible dragon but…

“heh but your all a bit stupid. you cant win me”

600 lords:what do you mean by that!!

invisible dragon:I said you cant win me

600 lords:heh colbob-sama never lies!!

invisible dragon:of couse he didn lie. you misunderstanding me idiots.
colbob said at least 600. that means my chance of winning is hier.
idiots understand now?

600 lords:f fuck!! let’s first fight!! it also means we can win to!

invisible dragon:good. come at me all at the same time heh.

suddenly the mood turned raelly bloody. the 600 lords all surounded the invisible dragon in an instan and he invisible dragon cooly put off his cigar took off his coat and sungalss and stared at the 600 lords.

invisible dragon:come at me quickly!

600 lords:ddie invisible dragon! Uwahhhhh!!

“fuck..! invisible dragon already destroyed over 600 universes…
how… awesome. I can’t even do one..”

duike super dispeared. it was then

??:who are you


someone suddenly spoke to the despairing duike

duike:i need power! a super strong power!!

??:good i will grant youre wish.

duike:i need to revenge! I need to have my revenje!!

then someone suddenly appeared and said a awsome line

??:good i accept you as my dicsiple.

duike:i understan! thans!
??:mwahaha good! congrachulashions on becoming my dicsiple! my name is lord of lords of the universe!

duike:what so cool. by chance, colbob?

and someone smiled

colbob:yes i’m THE colbob hehe

invisible dragon was super hurt he was about to die
around were corpses that formed mountins.

“gasp gasp… that was infinitely tiring.. I almost got killed
but i raelly will die at this rate… ugh!”

then he saw a litle girl who went past him.

“hey pleese heal me… i’m dying i will really
die at this rate”

and the girl hopped around cheefully and said

shang-a:huh? how did you know? i’m awsome at healing! i’m aw-heal shang-a hi! ^^*

invisible dragon:kek if your aw-heal than i’m aw-kill hehe


shang-a:who are you! I cant see yu!!

invisible dragon:aw shit

it was like that… invisible dragon was invisible so shang-a couldnt see him ;;-;;

“you said you were aw-heal”

shang-a:but i cant see u what can i do.

“aw shit!! get rid of the bias that what u cee is everythin!!
do it quickly!!”

shang-a decided

shang-a:ok ill try..

but she didnt kno that the invisible dragon she healed was
duikes archenenmy…

colbob:try destroing the 1st dimension

duike:yes haap!!

and the 1st dimension disapppeared all dots disappeared! It was a supernatural ability that surpassed the mind!!

Colbob:whoa duike you ar awsome to think u broke thru everyhing i told you. you are genius awesom

duike:keke thank you master colbob

duike was rilly a genius he mastered whatever colbob teached him
and he advanced his skills and colbob was even suprised

colbob:it really makes me wanna teach duike hehe i will pass on to you my everything
become the best and be my successor hehe

duike:thank you

but duike was thinking something els

soz colbob-sama… i need to kill invisible dragon


then someone called colbob

Colbob:what is it didnt i tell you to not disturb me when i’m teaching duike?

300 lords:so sorri… actually…

and whispered to colbob

“what?! The 600 lords all died by invisible dragon!!”

and duike was so suprised. he said [what?! invisible dragon?!] when he heard
Invisible dragon. but he only said it in his heart.

300 lords:yes. we doommed.

colbob:we ar rilly doommed

300 lords:600 of us died how can we win sob sob shit

colbob was super annoied,

“you idiots i said at least 600
impayshunt and dum people are all ment to die”

300 lords:sob sob what do we do? will all 1000 universes of this world
be in his hands?

but colbob smiled.

colbob:who am i i am colbob get invisible dragon here rite now i will deal with him
quickly join youre universe with mine.

300 lords:yes sir

actually the universe colbob ruled was he biggest and the awsomist. He 300 other lords of the universes all joined the universe they created to colbobs colbobs
universe became huge.

when all the universe joined colbob shouted

“hey invisible dragon. I’m colbob you want to know where i am rite?? FYI, i’m in colbobs world. I joined all the universes so dont destroy it and come here. Over”

colbobs sound was so big that invisible dragon heard it. by then shang-a was already done healing invisible dragon

“gosh youre recovery is no joke”

invisible dragon:i won 600 lords and i even recovered so i am stronger than before!
anyway thans for healing i need to go get revenge so farewell!!”

shang-a was so sad. both duike and invisible dragon
said they need to get revenge…


But invisible dragon didnt even look bag and ran it was so fast.
he was so fas that he ran about 8888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888777777777777777777778 light years in 0.0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 secons in the universe. he ran so fast and he saw colbob in 101 years
colbob was so huge. and he was super hansome too but he aged so
he gave off a middle-aged man aura. also he had wings and the wings were huge too. It was as big as 5 times our invisible dragon so duike couldnt be seen either.

invisible dragon:OMG!

but invisible dragon was awsomely suprised. becuz there was 300 lords of the universe with him
invisible dragon thought that he may really die today.

“you coward! you were with those insects!!”

then colbob said

colbob:don’t put me together with those insects hehe its time to show ma powaa

invisible dragon:how am i meant to win with the insects on your side even 300 of them!!
heh but if you want come at me i killed 600 and ive got stronger

then colbob said.

“ok one on one it is then”

and so colbob killed all 300 lords with one finger
no just the fingernail

300 lords:ack!

colbob:how is it now its one on one right?? Heheh

then invisible dragon fell in to more dispair cuz colbob
was in a different dimension!

invisible dragon:(mind) ah fuck its a mistake it fucking hurts

but invisible dragon had hidden strength. that was biting
the tongue with ultimate resolution and he will become awsomely stronger! but he had even stronger hidden strength that was when he bit his tongue after shivering his chin in fear he became stronger than biting with ultimate resolution by 5783458765666 squared!

but invisible dragon didnt kno that so he used all his power to use ultimate skill
while biting his tongue! it was then!

“invisible breath!!”

this was a ultimate power skill he didnt know about!! the power was
really he was suprised about! to think i had this ultimate skill?!! ooh so cool!

as expected, colbob cant evaded it!

‘Kukwangkwangkwakwang’ (rumble)

colbob was hit hard!

invisible dragon:(mind) huh? whaz this colbob got hit? meh since its like this
lets close my eyes on it and beat him with all my powa until he beaten to death i will win anyway here goes nuthing~!!

tudak tudak puk puk! (punching?)

It was awsomely no joke thrililng action!! like this invisible dragon beat colbob
For 3550 days keke

“pant pant im so tired sooooo tired pant pant he should died rite?”

invisible dragon had almost no strength anymore cuz he was too tired

colbob:whaz this it tickles hahaha

invisible dragon:omg!

but no matter how awsome stronger invisible dragon got colbob was colbob
he was no match for hiim from the beginning… ;;-;;

“it’s my turn!”

invisible dragon:no!!

Ppak~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!x389492939400123 (punching)


invisible dragon so flew so far away then he got a big huge sirious
Wound… ;;-;;

colbob:mwahaha you got one-shotted this is too boring

invisible dragon:kek… too strong as expected… i can’t win ;;-;;
but theres one method!

colbob laughed

“haha i’m listnening.”

invisible dragon:it’s my super awsome great action mountain hyper invisible attack…

colbob:isn’t that invisible breath?

invisible dragon:that’s my super awsome great action mountain attak…


invisible dragon:actually this was my ultimate skill from the past its…
the selfdestroction evasion from when i foght with my brotha! but
selfdestroction evasion pierce throu the dimension and goto anotha universe! but this skill not only pass throu one universe but circle around thousand billion million universes many times!

colbob:puhaha your bro was so weak tho hehe hows that ultimate skill

invisible dragon:heh i’m sorry but this is the skill i perfected now it’s upgration selfdestroction evasion!

colbob:whats that?
invisible dragon:if i use this then the opponent has no choice but to self destruct!
and i would evade it truly is two birds with one stone keke

colbob:kek what the heck.

then invisible dragon spat out a cool line!

invisible dragon:heh unjust law is also law!

colbob:h…how.. its a frightening ultimate skill indeed. but im invincible so
I dont have skills like self destroction?

invisible dragon:then commit suicide or somthing! honestly who can kill you
only yourself can dumbass haa.


invisible dragon:then i’m starting! colbob! its the end for you mwahahahaha!

but colbob said with compozure

colbob:i’m sorry but theres something you dont know yet. its that i didn’t use even 1% of my power heheh

invisible dragon:what?

colbob:like i sed i can kill you first before you use that
ultimate skill hehe shall we see? yeah i can instakill you
with 2% of my strength heheh

fuck! invisible dragon onece agen fell into dispair!

Invisible dragon:uuu…no! it’s a lie! i can’t believe it!


but invisible dragon regained he compozure.

Invisible dragon:actually i kno your scared keke stop bullshitting
what 1% and when facing me… so much bullshit
heh go on and kill me lol then here i go!
Upgration selfdestroction evasion!!

colbob:pfft! 2% punch!!

‘Bang~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!x4083984983939to the power 999999986’

“puhah… how… how is this possible… uuk!!!”


colbobs words were true he true didnt use 1% of his power
colbob was too strong.. ;;-;;

colbob:wow~ you survived i gonna use 2% but i used 1.6% cuz i coudlnt
control my power *blush* heheh

invisible dragon: what the fuck are you.. ;;-;; sob sob it cant be like this
its the first time i feel so puny

colbob:good ill tell you a story from old times actually the creator of the world
was born of its own will in fact there’s no one creator
theres many because they were born from their own will
they add up to 900 and i colbob wanted to be born so
i threatened them with my own will so i colbob was born
actually as you saw before the 600 you killed and the 300 i killed were all creators
creators all were satisfied with their created world and played around and
i got bored so i made a world like them and this is that we all raced
and put our effort into growing our universe into the biggest and you appeared
outta nowhere and you destroyed our universe its annoying cuz you destroyed space-time and dimensional universe so i stepped up so dont be frustrated since i stepped up you are already dead heheh

invisible dragon:….. yeah be the best all you want

colbob: heheh

suddenly duike shouted!

duike:invisible dragon! can you use upgration selfdestroction evasion?!

invisible dragon:i can use it one more time with my strength ;;-;; but who are you?

colbob:it’s my disciple duike heheh anyway to think you still have strength to use upgration self destroction evasion i must kill you fast heheh this time you wont survive without being instakilled. this attack is 3 percent kick! scream is death heheh

invisible dragon however burned courage in his eyes and really
barely got up and shouted [don’t fuck with me! justice will always win! the good guys always win!]. ah so cool ;;-;;

colbob:heheh your fucking with your self. eat this invisible dragon! 3 percent kick!!

then suddenly!!


colbob:ah fuck what is it? do it later. lemme kill inviisble dragon first.

duike:i developed a new skill after looking at master colbob and invisible dragon! its super strong cool! have a look!

colbob:oooh a genius as i expected duike but do it later. after i kill him

duike:what is this! if u dont look at it now i quit being youre successor!

colbob:this guy here might use upgration selfdestroction evasion.

duike:that’s it thank you for your teachings un til now master colbob.

colbob: ok ok! hey invisible dragon dont move or its 3 percent kick

and colbob talkd with duike invisible dragon thought now!

[upgration selfdestroction evasion!!]

“pff. I knew you do that your looking to die 3 percent kick!”

as expected colbob was faster than invisible dragon by a lot ;;-;; but suddently
duike stood in front of invisible dragon!

duike:huh?! there’s money on the ground?? +_+

colbob:fuick duike get outta way quickly! fuck!

but it was too late our invisible dragon transcended space-time
and dimensional universe and he was going round and round them and was doing upgration selfdestroction evasion… ;;-;;!!

invisible dragon was now dying……..
he used all his power in upgration selfdestroction evasion and he received 1.6%
punch from colbob so he got more injured than when he foght the 600 lords….

invisible dragon could recover in 0.03 secons even if only a small sand particle size was left of him but this time the injury was too serious so he was dying…

“ah.. to think invisible dragon might die like this pointlesslyy..
and i was da best onece too… well i killed colbob so i have no regrets…
ah… but i’m bored. i wanna do something before i die”


duike:haha! it’s me invisible dragon! duike!

invisible dragon didn’t know a lot but he remembered duike saying colbobs disciple

duike:i’m called duike whu’s about to take revenge on you! you fiend!
i let you live because i want to kil you mysel! but you are done for! you are super duper weak and your injury is super duper! die in my hands! you killed the strongest human among gods..

invisible dragon:die eye beam!


invisible dragon cutt off duike and used eye beam. eye beam
is invibisle dragon’s weakestest move and since he was weak he could only use tat
even tho invisible dragon was dying duike was no match
duike got hit by eye beam and felll down the clifff

“kekeke i did something fun before I died tho. Ah as expected a death of a good boy
is not tragick but noble.. heh.. well, I did figt a lot for justice.. is my glory days gon just like dat.. heh..”

and suddenly Shang’a!

invisible dragon:o!! here!! i’m dying! help me quik!



duike fell of the cliff and got super hurt…
but den he saw some weird book

‘open it’

duike opned it and he got super healed
duike turned the page

“UAAAA!!! amazing powah!!”

duike kept turning the page duike was getting super strong

invisible dragon:ah be quicker

Shang’a:let me find u… i can’t see

and suddenly duike came out!!

invisible dragon:uh wat your alive

duike:it’s ovr! i’m super strong!

invisible dragon:ah shit im super tired.. eye beam using last bits of powah!!

duike:duike action!!

duike’s duike action and invisible dragon’s eye beam collide! super serious!
in other words, it was mediocre!

invisible dragon:ugh you got strong

duike:as expected you’re strong

invisible dragon:hey just treat me quick wat the hell!

Shang’a:ok just wait a bit goonna find you soon

duike suddenly heard shang’a while he use duikeaction!

duike:ah! youre shang’a?!

Shang’a:yeah hi

duike:what are you doin! why u try to fix invisible dragon!!

Shang’a:I love invisible dragon


what the!! what is this?!!

duike:what you lov me tho!!

Shang’a:i used to yea

invisible dragon got pissed when shang’a didn’t treat him whyle he shoot eye beems

invisible dragon:ah fuck why u no heal me! want me to hit you?!!

Shang’a:ok ill do it fast

duike was hella surprise ;-;

duike:shang’a how can you do dis to me! what’s so good about that dragon he’s
so shitty to you!

Shang’a: I fell for his shittyness

duike:what the hell!! you like me tho!! you playgirl!!

shang’a:what are you talking about! you were the one who trashed me first?!
you don’t even think about me all you think about was killing insbisible dragon
your too much sob

duike:but why would yu fall for invisible dragon! you cant even saw him!

shang’a:this is why men are so usless do you love with ur eyes? you love with ur heart!

duike was too surprise…

‘heh as expected i’m tha best.’

invisible dragon felt hella cool. but this was a mistak

duike:i can’t forgive you!! uaa! I’m getting anger! too much anger! I can’t take it!

duike suddenly got angry and his duike action got ten times strong!
it just pierced eye beam and hit invisible dragon!!

invisible dragon:no way! ahhhhh!

invisible dragon sad dis as he fell

“I still managed to live a flamboyant life. I did everything I wanted. Perhaps
I lived too good of a life. But my time has passed now. Perhaps it passed already
in the past, but I lived on.. so this is when I die. I have no regrets! I lived a good life,

Hello it’s duichidak
i actually wanted invisible dragon to really kill everything and
live a good life.. ㅠㅠ but if invisible dragon got too strong
and killed everything he’d become too OP so
I made him weak.. sob

thank you for loving this novel so mch.. invisible dragon is now over
I hope you liked it.

Invisible Dragon Chapter 50 done
●◎▷Invisible Dragon◁◎● The End.

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