I’m a NEET but When I Went to Hello Work I Got Taken to Another World (LN)
I’m a NEET but When I Went to Hello Work I Got Taken to Another World Volume 2 Preview

Chapter 1  – Sati becomes an apprentice adventurer

“We are going shopping. Come with me.”

Taking Sati with me, I leave the house. I thought she would be alright since her eyes got better, but that wasn’t the case. She didn’t fall over anymore, but she was looking around restlessly and was tottering here and there. It was very unsettling how unsteady she was. Since it can’t be helped I take her hand once again.

Are slaves supposed to be this handful?

“Having fun?”

“Yes, it’s fun. Also, it’s a strange feeling somehow. The smells and sounds are the same, but it’s like I’m in a different place.”

We arrive at the shopping district. First we should procure a shopping basket for Sati. Perhaps they have one at the general store.

A store selling baskets was found quickly. While we were there, we also bought a bucket, a pot, and a water jug. A basket for shopping and a bucket for the kitchen. Right, we also need one for the bath. One water jug for general use and another one for drinking water, also I should buy a few more pots and frypans. Ah, there is also soap. There are various kinds. According to the shop clerk, there are two types, one for general use and one for bathing, so I got both.

Ladle and long chopsticks? This is a rolling pin maybe. A chopping board and a sponge-like thing made out of who-knows-what? A pot stand. There is also tableware. Porcelain and metal, there are also wooden ones. Spoons, forks, and knives. Cups. There are also brooms and brushes. I take all that catches my eye and hand it over to Sati and have her bring them to the shopkeeper.

I asked the shopkeeper to wrap up the large heap of merchandise, then I walked around the store once more to make sure I didn’t forget anything. It looks like we could get most of what we need. I can’t look down on a different world either. I thought it would be more inconvenient, but aside from a small part, I feel that it’s not that different. Well, there is the fact that many things are substituted with magic.

I pay, then I have Sati hold the shopping basket, but the rest I put in the Item Box without much thought.

Hmm, what’s left is a kitchen knife and towels, maybe a dust-cloth. I have to also remember firewood.

There was also a hoe at the shop where we’ve found a kitchen knife, so I bought one for the kitchen-garden. Where do they sell seeds, I wonder? I didn’t see any florists and there are also no greengrocers, I think. Maybe there is an Agricultural Association somewhere?

I bought firewood. There were also huge unsplit logs so bought some those as well. I went back to the previous store and also bought an axe. I wanted to try wood-splitting a bit.

When I asked Sati if she had anything she wanted, she shook her head. Well, she didn’t do any housework yet, so no wonder if she doesn’t know. Let’s buy some ingredients after this.

There is plenty wild rabbit meat left, so vegetables it is. There were many vegetables that were similar to the ones I was familiar with from Japan. There is also wheat flour, bread, and pasta. Oil. ….this is lard, maybe. Oil is expensive, huh. Maybe this is why they don’t really make deep-fried stuff. It’s a bit pricey, but I want to eat some fried foods so I buy a bunch. Spices and sauces, vinegar and sugar. Sugar is also expensive, but I still buy about 1 kg.

It’s a shame that there is no miso, soy sauce, and rice.

There are beans, so maybe I could make something like natto?

Eggs are also expensive. From small ones to big ones like an ostrich egg, there were many types, so bought from every kind. I think I will also buy some alcohol. We drank all of it after we defeated the dragon anyway. I have Sati carry all she can and the rest I put in the Item Box.

I could’ve put everything in the Item Box, but the empty shopping basket felt lonely, so I have her carry some things instead. As expected, she doesn’t look around helplessly anymore while we are shopping, instead, she has an earnest expression while she follows me.

In the ice shop, they were also selling refrigerators. It’s just a simple type where you put ice in the top part of the refrigerator. If you put in a big block of ice, then it apparently lasts for 3 or 4 days. I buy one together with some ice. I can probably keep meat and other things in it from now on.

“You must be tired. Should I carry the basket?”

I would just put it in the Item Box though.

‘It’s alright’, said Sati shaking her head. However, the basket looks clearly heavy. Let’s just take a rest here. The Dragon’s Breath Pavillon is close anyway.

The restaurant was quite packed since it was lunchtime. I order fruits juice for two from an acquaintance clerk. Soon after, the proprietress brought us the juice.

“How is the new home, Masaru-chan?”

“Well, it’s not bad.”

I responded half-heartedly. I only moved in yesterday so I can’t really say anything else.

“Then, who is she?”

I guess this is why the proprietress brought the order over herself, even though the shop is this busy.

“Weell, I thought I would have her do the housework and such”

“Oh, a slave. Did you buy one? She is cute, isn’t she?”, she broadly grinned.

The proprietress returned to work while saying ‘You take care of her!’. It’s a bit embarrassing. However she didn’t particularly criticize me for it either, maybe buying a slave is not unusual. Perhaps that’s why she was grinning that much. Although, perhaps it’s a problem if people can immediately tell that she is a slave by the crest on her arm? I think I will have Sati wear long sleeved clothes.

As I glanced towards Sati, I see that she is looking this way without drinking her juice. I guess she was waiting.

“Mn. It’s okay to drink.”

When I said that she started to gulp it down. I also drink. Maybe it’s a fruit close to a peach or maybe mango. There is plenty of flesh of the fruit in it and ice has also been added, it’s sweet and cold and really delicious. Saying that ‘It’s delicious’, Sati is also drinking while savoring it.

“I’ve been in their care before here. The second floor is for lodging. The food here is very tasty, you see. Let’s come here to eat next time.”


It looks like Sati already drank all of it. She is rolling the ice around in her mouth.

“Did you like the juice? Want to drink this one too?”

Saying that I handed the juice that had about half of it left to Sati, by doing that she had a wide smile growing on her face as she accepted. Mn, I must have her eat well and grow more.

We returned home, then put the goods to their place with the help of Sati. I’ve put water created by magic in the water jug. It would’ve been bothersome to make round trips between the house and well anyway. After we’ve put the refrigerator and everything we bought to their places I declare to Sati.

“From today onwards this house will be managed by Sati. I’ll leave it to you.”

“Yes. Please leave it to me! I will do my best!”

I’m really uneasy about this, but it looks like she is at least motivated, well, it will probably be fine. It will be fine, right?

It’s just after noon, it’s still early to start preparing dinner, so there is nothing to do. I don’t want to work either, in Japan I would boot up the PC at times like this. I miss the net.

It seems Sati is confirming everything we bought piece by piece with a serious expression. Ah, she picked up the kitchen knife. She did it very cautiously, but she is touching the blade part with her fingers. I’m scared. I wanted to stop her, but I firmly held myself back. Using the kitchen knife means she will no doubt cut herself from time to time, but it can be immediately fixed by Heal.

It looks like the test run of the kitchen knife ended safely. She moved on to the next item.

I think I will go outside the city to test-fire some spells.

Even though I managed to learn Fire Magic Level 4, I didn’t even use it after that time that ended in a misfire. I have to properly practice it.

“Sati. I’m going outside the city to test-fire some spells, do you prefer house-sitting, or do you want to come with me?”

“I’m going.”

“It may be a bit dangerous?”

Although, probably only wild rabbits come out right outside the city.

“It’s alright. I’m going.”

I worry about leaving her alone house-sitting anyway, so I think maybe it’s alright as I started preparing.

I wear my armor and put my sword on my back. I had Sati change too. I thought that skirt is not really fitting for the fields, so long sleeves and full-length trousers it is. I properly told her to change in a different room!

We got held up at the gate. I wanted to bring Sati outside, but she doesn’t have any identification papers.

“Ooh, isn’t it the Dragon Slayer. Are you going wild rabbit hunting today too?”

It’s a promotion from Wild Rabbit to Dragon Slayer. It’s nice that I got promoted, but it’s still embarrassing. Wouldn’t you just call me by my name already….

“No no, I just helped a little, what Dragon Slayer. Also, today I just thought I would practice magic outside the city today. She is a potential party member and apprentice adventurer.”

I couldn’t say that she is slave I bought with indecent intentions, so I left it at that. She herself is greatly delighted by the sound of ‘adventurer’. It must be on the list of things she wants to do.

“A beastkin, huh. She will be a great asset after she’s grown.”

So, it came to light that she doesn’t have identification papers. It doesn’t matter when going out, but they will charge when coming back. So for the time being, we started heading to the Adventurer’s Guild.

When I told the old fellow at the reception desk that I wanted to register Sati into the guild we were led to the place where the vice-guild-head and Tilika-chan were, just like last time.

“Ooh, if it isn’t Masaru! What do you need today? What? You want to register her into the guild? Hohoo, a slave, I see. You just got your reward yesterday, aren’t you a fast one!”

‘Gahahahaha’, he laughed as he patted my shoulders with considerable strength. It’s always this reaction. The examination finished in no time. The usual questions and what she wants to do.

“I also wanted to be an adventurer! And cooking too, there are many things I want to do. And, and, I want service Masaru-sama a lot and have him be pleased!”

“Wahahahaha. Masaru, you are loved, huh! You take care of her!”

After that there was the explanation about the guild, then got a card issued after paying 100 gold. I asked if it was unusual for a small child to become an adventurer, but they said it’s also not uncommon for children around 10 years old to become adventurers. A slave’s rewards are all received by their master. It’s written on the card that she is a slave and my name as her owner. Rank is, of course, F. By the way, my rank is still E. It seems the rank won’t go up just from helping with a dragon subjugation. Finally, there is the oath to Tilika-chan.

“With this, I’m also an adventurer, right?”, she said as she was looking at the Guild Card dangling from her neck on a string.

“That’s right. But only after you train for a while and get stronger. So, an apprentice adventurer for now.”

“Yes, I’ll do my best!”

Since she now became an adventurer, so I decided to get her a set of equipment. I had the shop clerk at the usual shop find something appropriate. A leather armor and a small shield, a short sword and leather boots, the same equipment as the one I had first. Yeah, it’s cute, it’s cute. We had the hole on the bottom part for her tail and the holes on the leather helm for her ears done right there, and now her ears are popping out and twitching. She doesn’t look like a fighter adventurer at all, but she look good in them. The store clerk watches Sati with a smile as she is frolicking around while wearing the equipment.

“Thank you very much, Masaru-sama. I will fight with my life on the line!”

Just with moderation, it’s fine if you do it with moderation….

Is what I thought, but I just couldn’t say it in front of the fired up Sati.

Once again at the gate.

“Oh, you had equipment bought for you ojou-chan. You are already a splendid adventurer.”

The gate guard said this as he looked at Sati’s Guild Card. Ah, wasn’t the fact that she is a slave written on the card? So while looking at me, he said,

“As one would expect, someone like the Dragon Slayer is earning quite a bit. Perhaps I should become an adventurer too.”

“Forget it, forget it. As an adventurer, no matter how many lives you have it won’t be enough.”

“I guess that’s also true.”

As I thought, this is what the general opinion is. Before they pour some more cold water on me I take Sati and exit the gate.

After we exit the gate, we leave the main road and go until we don’t see the city wall anymore. It should be alright around here.

First, I will try 【Fire Storm】. Starting the chant. It should only take half as much time because of the High-Speed Chanting, but it’s still long. It looks like it can’t really be used in live combat situations. I finally complete the chant and invoke it.

I finally complete the chant and invoke it.

Go! With that sound, a number of fire pillars rise and start rampaging across the grass-covered plains.

I was in a daze from the sudden appearance of the fire pillars and their unexpected power. When the fire died down, an about 25m pool sized area of the grass-covered plains became a burnt field. Thankfully, it looks like the fire didn’t spread to the surroundings. This is too excessive. If I shoot this in a forest it would become a forest fire.

“Amazing! That was amazing, Masaru-sama!”

Sati is innocently delighted. I guess so. I also thought it was awesome. Where would this spell be used, I wonder? If this was used on a group of orcs they would all be turned to ashes.

After I gather my thoughts, I start the chant for 【Large Explosion】 this time. This one also takes a long time. I finish chanting and invoke it. I tried aiming it as far as I could as shot it.

Bam! With that sound, a shock wave, also sand and small stones that were blown away by the explosion, started flying this way.

When I worriedly looked towards Sati she was rubbing her eyes. Her ears were flattened and her tail was standing on its end. The sound was also very loud.

“Sati, are you alright?”

“Yes, just some sand got in my eyes.”

When we went to take a look at the explosion epicenter there was a hole open that could easily fit Sati in it. As we are peeking at the hole, Sati is happily saying ‘amazing, amazing’. As expected, this firepower is overkill. I can’t really think of any use-case other than when fighting with a dragon. If this is how it is with Level 4, I wonder how amazing 5 is. If I think about ease of use, then it’s not enough to simply raise its level.

Now then, next one. I take out the bow. There was a large boulder so I use it as a target. I nock an arrow and take a stance. I put mana in the arrow then invoke Fire Magic.


The arrow I shot while panicking flimsily flew in a different direction than where the boulder was and hit the ground.

I burned my fingers. The bow is also a little burnt. The wooden part of the arrow was burned and it broke.

It should’ve become a magical Fire Arrow. I should be able to make it if the arrow is made of metal and I reinforce the bow so it can’t burn, but even then my fingers would burn. If I wear a gauntlet, then it would become harder to handle the bow and it would also hinder spell invocations. Nn, this spell is a failure.

I had one more thing I wanted to try. I try storing the boulder I used as a target. It won’t go in. I have to raise it up from the ground once.

I use Levitation on the big boulder.

Since it’s so big it’s barely going up. When I poured in more mana it finally lifted up from the ground with a crumbling sound. Now it properly went into the Item Box.

I was thinking after the dragon fight that when we got hit by the Breath at the end wouldn’t it have been fine to take out a bear or troll from the Item Box and use it as a shield?

I take it out of the Item Box. I store it. I take it out from Item Box once again, then store it.

Sati looks like she doesn’t understand what I’m doing. She is watching with a blank expression.

I open the menu, then select the item from the item list, then I take it out. This takes a bit of a time. It looks like it’s impossible to do it in an emergency. With this I probably couldn’t have made it time for the Breath. However, this looks useful as a shield. If I put this in the way of an enemy projectile it could most likely block it nicely. Let’s name it the Big Boulder Guard.

Next, I rise to a height of about 5m with Levitation. I choose the big boulder from the menu and take it out. The big boulder goes crashing down in accordance with the gravity.


What if an enemy was there? Isn’t this an amazing technique that compensates for the fact that you can’t use other spells while levitating? Furthermore, this was just one, but what if I take out 99 big boulders? Mm. Maybe I’ll name this Meteor(Physical).

‘I managed to get an amazing technique!’, as we returned to city with me being happy about this, I got scolded by the gatekeeper soldiers.

“The sounds of explosions reached all the way here. Do it further away.”

I’m sorry.

“Well then, should we start preparing dinner? Can you boil some water?”


Sati enthusiastically started the preparations, but she looked tired as expected. Her eyes got healed today and I took her all over the place as well.

After putting the water over the fire, we start preparing the ingredients. After I show a bit how to use the kitchen knife I let Sati do it. Wild rabbit meat and vegetables that only need to be diced. Peeling is too difficult for now. Since there wasn’t any peeler either.


Sati is cutting them with an uncertain hand.

We put the ingredients in the pot, then we season it with salt. We add more salt bit by bit as we both check its taste continuously. After this, it only needs to boil and it’s done. As for the other thing, we fry the wild rabbit meat in a fry pan. We make salad by cutting vegetables, then we put out some bread.

Bread, salad, soup, and wild rabbit steak. It was simple, but it’s the completion of a proper dinner menu. Although I would really want some dressing or mayonnaise for the salad…. Let’s experiment with creating mayonnaise next time.


Sati was unexpectedly skillful at cooking. She immediately memorizes everything I say too, perhaps she is clever. At this rate, I can leave the cooking to her in no-time.

“You’ve done well. You’re amazing Sati.”


I pat her head and praise her.

“I’ve made this, right……?”

With the finished meal in front of her, Sati is filled with emotions.

“Nn, nn. Then let’s eat. Before you eat put your hand together like this. Right. Then say ‘itadakimasu‘.”


After we finished eating, Sati completely reached the very sleepy state. Since she said she would do it, I let her do the clean up after dinner, but she was very unsteady on her feet. I wanted to also take a bath today, but this should be enough for today. When we got home I already used Cleanup too.

I took Sati to the room on the second floor, where I suddenly realized. There is only one futon. I made Sati take only her boots off, then as soon as I’ve tucked her in she fell asleep. The bed is quite big. Should I sleep beside her? After I mulled over it for a bit I took out my sleeping bag and slept on the floor.

I confirmed it before sleeping that Cooking Lv. 1 was added. To me. I wonder when will Sati gain the cooking skill.

Looking at Sati’s status, her Agility and Skillfulness went up. Maybe it’s the effect of her eyes getting healed? It’s hard to imagine it would just suddenly go up, so maybe they went back to their original values?  Also, her Loyalty, which was 50 when  I first saw it, went up to 85. Isn’t that too much of an increase in one day…..?

Sati – Race: Beastkin – Occupation: Slave

Level 3
HP 18/18
MP 5/5

Strength 12
Stamina 6
Agility 11
Skillfulness 7
Magic Power 3
Loyalty 85

Skill points 10P

Eyesight Degradation
Hearing Detection Lv3
Smell Detection Lv2
Hawk Eyes

Simple clothes

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