High School DxD
Valkyrie of the Teacher Training Preview


Almost four months have passed since the Hyoudou residence was renovated into a super luxury house with six floors up and three floors down. Yet, we still continue to find new rooms and functions hidden throughout the house.

For example, I recently found out that there is a hidden room on the first basement floor. It was found in the basement where there is the audio-visual/training room and the huge bath. There is a dead-end in one of the corners of that floor, but, a few days ago, we found a hidden door.

According to Rias,

“This house was designed by a designer who is sponsored by Ajuka Beelzebub-sama. And that designer happens to be fond of creating hidden rooms in houses just like Ajuka-sama, hence the reason for there being even more hidden factors in this house.”

That’s what she said.

Seriously? I wonder what other kinds of hidden things this house has……

In the end, that room was officially taken by Kuroka and Le Fay. They are in fact terrorists, so they came up with a good excuse that they should stay in the basement rather than on an above ground floor.

Now then, it’s about the other hidden factor……and currently, we all happen to be experiencing that right now.

“This sure is a good bath.”

Next to me—Rias who is fully naked says that with a long breath while getting into the bath.

A door suddenly appeared in a corner of the huge bath. We couldn’t observe such a thing until a few days ago, but then a mysterious door suddenly appeared.

And what was behind the door—is another new bath.

It’s larger than the bath we have been using till now, and things like the ceiling, the wall, and the equipment are made gorgeously, and even the ornaments are made in a flashy way.

There are also tropical plants which makes it look like a jungle bath.

There is hot water pouring out from the mouth of a Dragon statue, and there are Gremory’s symbols on various parts of this new bath.

Rias made a suggestion while she was shocked at the appearance of this new bath.

She said, “Let’s have a bath together since we have this occasion”.

That was how Rias and I came to use this bath together. I pay attention to Rias’s oppai despite observing this new bath! My eyes have been filled! I can’t ask for more!

“It was most likely made in a way for this to show up after some time. You know, since it's already winter, it was made in a way for this to appear exactly at this season.”

Rias says that while she looks around the hot bath.

Installations that show up after some time has passed huh…… Just how many secrets does the Hyoudou residence hold after going through renovation during summer……?

Even though I have many questions, I look in all directions as if I’m really busy. That’s natural. Because in this bath—there are other people besides the two of us that are having a bath here!

In the direction I’m looking towards, there are many girl talks happening in a cheerful manner. I witness the Church trio that are washing each other’s backs!

“Your hair is beautiful just like I thought, Asia.”

Xenovia says that while washing Asia’s back.

“T-That’s not true……besides, there are times when I want to cut my hair short like yours, Xenovia-san.”

Asia says that while she blushes, but Xenovia shakes her head to the side while she breathes out.

“You shouldn’t. Actually, please don’t. Long hair fits you the most, Asia.”

Irina who is washing Xenovia’s back says it after her.

“Oh, but you know that you also looked good when you had long hair, Xenovia?”

“You had long hair before, Xenovia-san?”

Xenovia then answers Asia’s question.

“……It’s something in the past. I changed it to this short hairstyle I have now since I can move more freely with this. I had my hair caught by the enemy when I had a mission with Irina. I made it short after that experience.”

Hmm, so Xenovia had long hair before huh. ……I really can’t imagine it, but she must have looked quite cute with it.

But seeing their breasts bounce every time they use their hands to wash the other person’s back is wonderful! I’m saving it inside my brain memory! Your brother is so happy that your oppai are getting more beautiful, Asia!

Irina then says it while stroking Xenovia’s hair.

“But you know, Ise-kun is supposed to like girls with long hair?”

After a pause, Xenovia speaks.

“…………I-Is that true? Maybe I should ask Rias-buchou and Akeno-fukubuchou if there is a demonic-power I can use to make my hair longer.”

The man himself, who is me, is eavesdropping on their conversation…… I’m okay with both long hair and short hair! Oh, but I can’t imagine girls like Rias, Asia, and Akeno-san having short hair. I think they look exceptionally good with long hair, and having long crimson hair is what makes Rias be Rias Gremory.

—I’m thinking about the length of the girls’ hair on my own, but then, Ravel’s angry voice reaches my ear.

“Geez, Kuroka-san ate the Minoya’s egg-rich pudding I kept in the fridge! I won’t forgive her! I definitely won’t!”

The angry Ravel and Koneko-chan are inside the small bathtub. There are many bathtubs of different sizes in this bathroom.

Koneko-chan who has her cat ears down says it with an apologetic tone.

“I’m sorry, Ravel. I will make sure I tell Nee-sama. And I will buy you a new pudding.”

Ravel shakes her head to the side at seeing Koneko-chan who is really feeling bad about it.

“No…… It’s not something you should be apologising about, Koneko-san. I’m angry at Kuroka-san, so you don’t have to be apologising to me!”

“……Even so……she is my sister after all……”

“Both of us sure are having difficulty since both of our siblings happen to be undisciplined.”

Ravel says that with a smile. ……She’s talking about you, Raiser. But I reckon Raiser is being a good older brother figure to her. The attitude he had when I first met him is gone.

Having my two juniors getting along even more sure does make me smile.

……I then happen to compare Ravel and Koneko-chan’s oppai…… No, I still have Koneko-chan’s matured appearance burnt in my memory! In the future, she will have a nice body like that! So I will be looking forward to it! Even if she is currently—

The bath bucket gets thrown to my head!

“……I know that I can’t beat the current Ravel, so anyway, I decided to throw that at you.”

I received a harsh throw from Koneko-chan! To be expected from Koneko-chan! Like always, she sure can listen to what is going through my mind!

“……Please don’t stare at me that much, Ise-sama……”

Ravel says that while looking at me shyly. Well, I'll feel like staring at you even more if you say that, but I have no choice but to look elsewhere due to Koneko-chan’s powerful response!

But, if I look carefully, the tension Koneko-chan and Kuroka had before is disappearing. The part where Koneko-chan gives warnings to Kuroka has become a part of the Hyoudou residence scenery after all.

After forming the counter-terrorist team D×D, Kuroka and Le Fay have officially started living here, but, unexpectedly, they blended in here quickly. They were living here in the Hyoudou residence even before the formation of the team, so I guess it was bound to happen.

……Now then, once I get out of the bath, I’ll have a discussion with Le Fay and Ravel about my official pact with Le Fay. For now, I’m planning to have a five-year pact with her.

It’s not an exaggeration to call Le Fay a good girl. Her abilities are outstanding too. Simply having a one or two-year pact with her would be a waste, but, if it’s a ten-year pact, I won’t know how I would end up in that time.

So I feel that the five-year pact is just about right. But the one who came up with that was my talented manager, Ravel-chan. If you look from the Devils' perspective, who have long life spans, one year, five years, and ten years will be a short time, but, as someone who reincarnated from a human, I do think that five years is a long time. So this was a pact Ravel took into account while considering about that as well.

If we can stay benefiting from each other even after five years, we can simply extend our pact, so I’ll think again when that time comes.

……For now, I’ll observe the girls breasts while relaxing inside the bath! This is the Shangri-La! It certainly is the Shangri-La!

“Ufufu, as I thought, having a bath together with everyone is so fun.”

—Akeno-san who suddenly came next to me!

“Y-Yes. I-It sure is.”

Akeno-san happens to appear near me naturally so often. Hmm, Akeno-san’s oppai look tender like always and I can’t get enough of it!

I then feel the presence of someone coming close to me. It seems like there is someone diving under the hot water.

If I look carefully, it’s Ophis. She’s swimming around the bath while facing upwards.

“Ara ara, Ophis-chan. You shouldn’t dive inside the bath.”

Even though Akeno-san warns her, Ophis simply went past us. ……Dragon God-sama sure does as she likes. She sure seems to be having a life while enjoying it.

I did tell her about her other half, Lilith, but her reaction was quite dull.

She simply said:

“If it's Ise’s enemy, I want to do something about it. Causing trouble to a friend, I don’t want to do.”

That’s what she simply said. ……I’m happy that she takes importance of me. But it will be too sad to have a battle between the two Ophis……

I want to bring that Lilith to our side somehow. I only spoke to her once, but I am sure that she is simply being used by Rizevim and she is actually the same as Ophis on the inside.

I’m sure that she’s in the same situation as Ophis was when she was being used by the Old-Maou faction and the Hero-faction. If that’s the case, then I want to believe that there is a chance for my words to get through to her!

……I ended up thinking about serious matters despite being under this erotic situation! I come to realise that I can’t enjoy this mixed bath due to having so many things I’m concerned about!

No, no. For me, who is called the embodiment of sexual desire to act like this is—

While I shake my head, I witness Rias who is putting on a sad face.


Even though she had a cheerful face while watching everyone taking a bath together, she now has this gloomy face. I can kind of guess what she is thinking about.

“……Is it about Grayfia-san?”

When I ask, Rias puts on a smile after she notices me.

“……I’m sorry. Of course you would understand what I’m concerned about. Yes, you are right. I was thinking about Onee-sama.”

……I heard that Grayfia-san is still under a tight situation due to the appearance of her younger brother, Euclid. I heard that she is basically under a house-arrest situation at the Gremory castle.

Not only is she sent away from helping Sirzechs-sama’s public work, but she is also forbidden to work as a maid of the House of Gremory where she is isolated from the politics of the current Devil.

That’s because the current higher-ups in the government still have doubts towards Grayfia-sama. Maybe she lied about her brother’s death and was deceiving Sirzechs-sama who is her husband?— Maybe she has a connection to Rizevim?— Those are such examples.

……There’s no way for Grayfia-san of all people to do such thing! She may be strict, but there’s no way for a woman like her with such a good smile to betray us!

Even if I, no, even if we feel that way, we won’t be able to get rid of the doubts the higher-ups have…… That’s how much threat and cautions the old Devils feel about the old Lucifer and the ones connected to him.

“You haven’t received any contact ever since then, right?”

When I ask, Rias nods.

“……Since such a thing happened, the criticism the higher-ups have towards Onee-sama must be strong, and I can’t even get in contact with Onii-sama. ……Though Otou-sama and Okaa-sama are telling me not to worry about it……”


If Rias’s parents are with Grayfia-san, then we won’t need to worry about her. Since Millicas will be with her, I’m sure she won’t feel lonely.

But maybe she feels sad? That’s because her brother who she thought was dead is actually alive and is rebelling against every force.

I don’t know……what is going through Euclid’s mind, but does he even realise how much sorrow his actions are causing to his sister and the ones around her?

No, he should have realised it. He took that action while being aware of it.

Knowing that, there’s some emotion building inside me.

I then say it to Rias.

“……Grayfia-san’s brother. I’m sure he will probably, no, he will surely appear in front of me again.”

“Even though he’s a fraud, both of you are the Sekiryuutei after all, right?”

I nod at Rias.

He had a strong interest in my powers. That’s probably because he wanted to master the Replica Boosted Gear’s ability.

Then he will definitely appear in front of me again. That’s because I feel that he is feeling pleasure in trying to defeat the original with his replica.

……Bring it on. If I lose to the replica, then it will taint my title as a Sekiryuutei.

I declare it very strongly to Rias.

“—I will beat that man and bring him in front of Sirzechs-sama and Grayfia-san.”

The debt caused by the Sekiryuutei will be repaid by the Sekiryuutei—.

“I won’t lose to a fraud. I’m the real Sekiryuutei after all.”

I say that to Rias while I crunch my fist and bring it in front of my chest.


Rias approaches me while her eyes get teary—but then!

I can feel an incredible sensation on my back!

“Ufufu, you had such a manly face just now. My heart took a beat. Ise-kun with a manly face. ……It really did turn me on.”

Akeno-san hugs me from behind! Ah, Akeno-san’s soft skin which feels like it's absorbing me!

For an instant, Rias was outsmarted by Akeno-san, but she then retaliates!

“Hey, Akeno! Ise went far to make a declaration for me! Isn’t this a scene where I’m supposed to hug him!?”

“Ara ara, did you know eating him when you find a chance is what you call having an affair? Rias, you shouldn’t let your guard down, you know? Besides, it’s not like I’m the only one.”

After Akeno-san says that, Rias and I look around us—.

I don’t know when they came close to us, but Asia, Xenovia, Irina, Koneko-chan, Ravel, and even Ophis have surrounded us and they are observing us!

Xenovia nods her head strongly as if she is really impressed by it.

“I see, so even if Ise was seducing someone, we can still take him without being concerned about it. The battle of the two older girls is more helpful than any other strategy out there.”

Don’t try to learn such weird things! More like, I did not seduce anyone! I simply declared what was going through my mind to Rias directly!

“……Koneko-san, we may need a daring move to break through the wall of ranks.”

“……Ravel, I’m planning to go to the offensive side without holding back when I become bigger.”

Ravel and Koneko-chan are discussing something while having their eyes shine!

Wait a sec! I’m being surrounded by naked beauties~! I-I-I’m scared that I will have an insane nosebleed! I want to take a very good look at everyone’s oppai one after another in a row, but it will be dangerous since it feels like I will die due to lack of blood by the time I look around them for the third time! I’m already in a situation where I have Akeno-san’s oppai that are currently the highest treasure here being squashed on my back!

I want to hold my nose, but I try to calm myself down in order to enjoy this pleasure—.

I was about to take a big breathe while tasting the sensation of Akeno-san’s oppai, but someone approaches me.

It’s Rossweisse-san who has a towel wrapped around her!

It’s really rare for Rossweisse-san to have a bath while I’m inside. She’s isn’t really fond of this kind of thing, actually she’s quite strict about it……

I can even tell her magnificent proportions even from above her towel.

Rossweisse-san says it to Rias while putting on a bit of a complicated look.

“……Rias-san, I have a favour.”

“Eh? Sure, but it’s rare for you to ask me for a favour.”

I agree. Just like Rias said, this may be my first time seeing Rossweisse-san ask Rias who is her Master for a favour.

But ever since we returned from Romania, I think I have seen her several times where she was being concerned about something.

“Will you listen to any kind of favour I ask you?”

“I don’t know what you wish to have from me, but I will grant it if it’s something which I am capable of granting. You are also my precious servant after all.”

After Rossweisse-san confirms that and takes a big breathe, she moves her gaze to me.

“……I understand. Ise-kun.”

“Eh? Y-Yes. M-Me?”

I point to myself. That’s because she suddenly called my name.

While I put on a doubtful face, Rossweisse-san says this very forwardly while she blushes.

“—P-Please become my boyfriend.”


With those words, not only me, but everyone (minus Ophis) froze—.

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