High School DxD
Daywalker of the Extracurricular Lesson Preview


The Hyoudou residence that went through a renovation to a luxury home with six storeys up and three storeys down.

Well, since there are many rooms in each floor, there is still plenty of space left even if people come to stay here.

In one of those rooms, I—Hyoudou Issei, was taken into!

In this room where there’s basically nothing, the one who is standing in front of a laptop that is simply placed on the floor is Xenovia.

It was okay until Asia and Irina asked me to come into this room by saying, “Can you please come with us for a bit?”, but they locked the door as soon as I stepped foot inside and got myself locked in here.

Leaving aside Asia and Irina who are putting on a guilty expression, Xenovia says this to me:

“Hey, Ise. Glad you could come. There’s something I wanted to show you today.”

“S-Something you want to show me……?”

I ask while finding it suspicious.

I don’t know why but, for some reason, Xenovia has her eyes sparkling. I can’t help myself but to prepare for what is to come, since Xenovia usually comes up with something not-so-good when she’s like this.

Xenovia nods her head once, and then takes out the thing she was hiding behind her.

—It’s a box for a game.

“Yeah, I got myself this “eroge” after asking Kiryuu.”

The package of the game that Xenovia has......is covered with an erotic girl who is being pushed against the front! Yeah, no matter how I look at it, this is indeed an “eroge”!

Xenovia shows that to me in a very lively manner.

“And the name for this game is “The Fallen Angel Sisters ~Within the Boundary of Faith and Lust~”! Just like the title implies, this is apparently an “eroge” which involves you shaming very devoted sisters. Geez, this is why Japanese are non-religious. Sisters are the servants of God that you should be looking up to.”

This time she’s spitting out her dissatisfaction towards Japan while looking at the package……

I ask her while having my eyes half-closed.

“……I-I get that. ……So, why am I being tied up in this room and being shown something like that? A-Are you planning to play that with everyone……?”

It can’t be helped if I reach that conclusion.

Previously, the girls played the eroge in front of me that was bought by Xenovia, Asia, and Irina, and that was something very hard to endure for a guy like myself……

Even back then—.

“Hey, Ise. What does this mean?”

“Ara Ara, oh my, Ise-kun, so you’re fond of these sorts of things.”

“Kyaa! ……Ise-san, so you are craving for these sorts of things as well!”

“Yeah, this certainly is useful. So there are many techniques and steps for baby making.”

“I’ll fall! I, I’ll fall if I keep on looking at these sort of thinnnngs! B-But, I am sure I have to look~!”

“……It sure is erotic. But this, I’m sure this was supposed to have a hidden route as well. If I’m correct, once you complete the game for a certain character, there’s supposed to be a new selection coming up during the game—.”

The girls completed all of the routes and got every ending for that eroge despite being embarrassed playing it, but they were still keen on it.

……You know, erotic games are things that guys play late at night while smirking, right? But to play that with an army of beautiful girls is…… I’m sure it’s much harder than watching a porno video with your girlfriend!

W-Well, maybe I can watch porno videos with my girlfriend…… ……Ah, I remember I watched it while Rias was asking me questions when she found my secret collection. That……was certainly hard to enduuuure!

I start to recollect my past experience.

Without realising that I was having such thoughts, Xenovia nods happily.

“To be expected from Ise. That makes this easier. I was thinking of researching about this by playing this with just you and the three of us. I came to the conclusion that this is our chance when Rias-buchou is absent due to her work!”

……I knew it.

I hold my head down on the spot. Why did you get me involved in this!? Just play it with the three of you! I can’t come to play eroge with all of you due to the embarrassment! And you want to play it while you girls ask me about my impression of it, right!? No way, that’s impossible!

“Eroges are an unexplored region for guys, you know!? Let me play it aloooone!”

I make my appeal! However, Xenovia looks afar and responds.

“Lately, we are being left behind by Rias-buchou and Akeno-fukubuchou. The walls between them and us are thick, and we started to feel that our path towards reaching you became further. It was then that we decided that the three of us will team up, and had to take drastic measures where we had to tie you up, Ise! Isn’t that right, Asia, Irina?”

Asia who has been asked says it while being hesitant.

“I,I……don’t mind as long as I can talk with Ise-san while having fun……”

Irina also continues after her while looking red.

“I also have the same opinion as her since I just want to have some fun while drinking tea and sharing memories of the past~kinda thing.”

Like always, these two have a strong innocent side. However, Xenovia strengthens her voice!

“Naïve, the both of you! Because the two of you act in such a way, we can’t keep up with those two older ones and ended up being overtaken by the young ones like Koneko and Ravel! You two do realise that Koneko proposed to him? I even heard that Ravel made a promise with Ise regarding their future. Especially Ravel who started to stand beside him all the time.”

After the Mid-class promotion test, I certainly did get proposed to by Koneko-chan…… Even though I gave her a vague answer where I told her “Once you get bigger”, Koneko-chan seemed happy with it.

If Koneko-chan grows up like that Kuroka……that will be wonderful in its own way!

And, with Ravel……I made a promise with her that she will become my manager in the future…… W-Well, it’s true that I want her to stay by my side forever, and I also want to take care of her.

Today, Xenovia is into this way more than she usually is. Irina then says it to her,

“To play a lecherous game with Ise-kun……like I thought, this isn’t healthy! I’m sure there are other ways to deepen our bonds with Ise-kun!”

Yup yup, what Irina is saying is very true!

However, Xenovia says it while having her eyes glow sharply with light.

“That’s what you say, Irina, but I know about that, you know?”

“W-What are you talking about……?”

To Irina who gulped down her saliva, Xenovia shows her fearless smile.

“Fufu, it seems like you were asking about it in Heaven. —The method to not to fall while crossing the line with a Devil. I hear that Michael-sama is also searching for a way with you as well.”

Hearing that, Irina’s ears become red right away.


Irina’s voice becomes higher! So Irina was asking such a thing in Heaven! And Michael-sama also approved that and is also searching a way for that to happen huh!

Asia becomes shocked upon hearing that.

“S-So Irina-san was thinking that far ahead! Hauu, I never thought that I would come last!”

Xenovia continues after her.

“That’s right, Asia. Irina is already thinking about making babies. Reality is, everyone is desperate in polishing themselves even further. Even I’m aiming higher by using “eroge” like this!”

As soon as she finds that out, Asia also makes a determined expression.

“I understand! I will also start my research by playing “eroge”! I won’t lose to Rias-oneesama, Akeno-san, Xenovia-san, or Irina-san! Of course that includes Koneko-chan and Ravel-san as well!”

“To be expected from Asia. Looks like my friend has a strong mentality.”

Xenovia is also in joy at her friend’s determination.

……I can’t help but think that there’s something wrong with this! For high school girls to be talking about making babies before playing an “eroge”! Is this even okay, all of you!?

Xenovia’s gaze grasps hold of Irina.

“What will you do, Irina? Are you simply going to stand there and watch while chewing your fingers? Will the self-proclaiming childhood friend end her role by staying as the self-proclaiming girl? Kiryuu said that there isn’t an opposite sex who can come closer to a boy than a childhood friend, but because they’re too close, their relationship won’t develop any further. Fufufu, at this rate, it certainly will end like that.”

The word “self-proclaiming” is basically like a taboo to Irina, so she suddenly blows her cheeks and starts spitting out her dissatisfaction.

“Geez! Xenovia, lately you’ve been calling me “self-proclaiming” this and “self-proclaiming” that too much! I’m Ise-kun’s real childhood friend and I am an Angel!”

“You’re right, you're really a self-proclaiming childhood friend Angel.”

“Don’t join those words together! Fine! I’ll also play “eroge” and have Ise-kun acknowledge me as his childhood friend!”

Oh man, even Irina has finally been convinced by Xenovia.

Since the Church-trio has received their teaching as the followers of God since early ages, they are very ignorant about how society works. That’s why they get heated up in something you possibly can’t come to understand and end up forming some kind of union like this.

……It pains me since Asia started heading towards a weird direction a bit after she started hanging out with Xenovia and Irina! Hmm, maybe I should discuss with her the proper way to interact with others next time…… My Asia……my Asia!

While I started to get concerned over Asia’s future, Xenovia takes her shirt off.

Xenovia says it to Asia and Irina while having her bra exposed.

“By the way, did you know this? Apparently you’re supposed to play “eroge” while being fully naked. This information was also something I retrieved from Kiryuu.”


W-What kind of nonsense has that Kiryuu told this girl!? Playing eroge while being fully naked!? No, I certainly have heard about playing it while being fully naked! There was also a time when I thought of doing it!

But for the girls to play eroge while being fully naked! Let’s stop this! Anything but thaaaat!

Asia also gets shocked at Xenovia’s words.

“But we never did such thing when we played it together with everyone the last time!?”

“Asia, that happened because we lacked information back then. Maybe the reason why Ise wasn’t eager to play it with us was because we weren’t naked. It’s said that beginning from the beauty of the style is the sense of beauty that Japanese people carry.”

You’re wrong! A beauty of the style like that does not exist in Japan!

Irina starts to shiver after hearing Xenovia’s words.

“I-Is that true!? ……O-Okay! This is all for the sake of having you take back those words of calling me a self-proclaiming person! I’m going to strip!”

Maybe it’s because she already went past the point of no return, so Irina takes her shirt and skirt off without a second thought!

“To be expected from Irina. You become very decisive at the very last moment. Now then, what will you do, Asia?”

Xenovia asks Asia while she unhooks her bra and exposes her large breasts.

“Hauu! I-I won’t lose either!”

Even Asia starts to strip!

The three of them take their clothes off in front of me and are in a state where they were just born!

“Hurry, you take your clothes off too, Ise.”

Xenovia who approaches me very quickly takes my clothes off instantly! Maybe it’s because she’s a warrior, so her hand movement is really fast!


I started screaming like a girl! That’s because I’m being stripped by a girl!

I say it while desperately protecting my pants from being taken away!

“N-No, to do things like playing while being naked! I can kind of understand those kinds of things, but that’s something a guy does alone—”

Irina makes a posture where she grabs me from the behind and glues herself onto my back! The soft sensational skin of an Angel starts to heal my whole body!

“I won’t let Ise-kun be alone! I’ll stay by you!”

H-Her oppai are getting squashed on my back……so I can’t hold myself back any longer! Irina, just what kind of incredibly soft breasts do you have!?

The one who starts to grab onto my right arm is Asia! For Asia who’s still in her growth, she is getting a body of a woman as the days go by……so her breasts have powered up in terms of elasticity, softness, and other things like sensation!

“Yes! There’s no need to play “eroge” alone!”

While having Asia and Irina pull me, they make me sit in front of the laptop that is placed on the floor.

……Xenovia starts to hug me from the back. It’s probably to make sure I won’t run away.

……X-Xenovia’s breasts are on my back……! Hers are also as big as Irina’s, so I can’t resist this sensation! Unlike Irina’s one which is chewy, I think her one is practically a mass of erotic substances, and how should I put it, it has a fresh elastic sensation to it!

Xenovia takes my hand from behind and makes me grab onto the mouse.

“Okay. Ise, you know how to install it, right?”

“Y-Yeah, I do……!”

I put the disk into the BD/DVD drive and start to install it. ……The time spent waiting for it to be installed feels like an eternity.

That’s because Asia and Irina are sitting next to me with their bodies touching me, and Xenovia has herself glued to my back…… I can feel Xenovia’s heart beats and breath with my back, so I have this unexplainable feeling passing through my body!

The installation finished, so I ask the three of them once again.

“……Alright, it’s done. You can play this anytime now.”

“Then let’s begin.”

Xenovia peers over my shoulder.

“Are you planning to watch from there?”

“Yeah, this is the special seat. ……But, how should I put it?”

While resting her face on my shoulder, Xenovia puts on an expression filled with ecstasy. This is really a rare occasion to see her make a face like this! I don’t want to admit it but she looks cute!

“……Ise……a man’s back, your skin feels good as I thought. I wish I can do this every day. Oh yeah, Ise. Let me do this to you every day after school while being naked. I don’t know why, but just doing this feels like my tiredness is disappearing so I feel as if I’m being healed. Rather, can you hug me from the front next time? I’m starting to feel as if I can feel the happiness of being a woman that way.”

I-Is that so……? It’s something a guy like me can’t come to understand.

However, Irina starts to grab onto my arm after hearing that!

“If that’s how it is, then I will also get the same treatment! ……To the extent where I won’t fall!”

Then Asia hugs onto my other arm!

“I was the one that got hugged by Ise-san first!”

With myself unable to move from the three of them, I can’t even start playing the game!

N-No, it’s the best situation where three fully naked girls are hugging me, but the opening for the eroge has begun, so I have myself in a situation where I can’t do anything about it!

“Geez, all of you! Do you want to watch me play or not, which is it!?”

I shout out! I can’t show a scene like this to Rias who is working hard in Romania! Oh, Rias! My precious person! I’m sorry! I'm being possessed by these girls due to the eroge!

I’m really soooooorry!

While I give my apology to Rias who is on the other side of the sea, the door opens.

The one who appears there is a girl with a rolled twin-tail, Ravel.

“Ise-sama, everyone, are all of you here—”

The scene she witnesses is one guy and three girls hugging each other while playing an eroge in the nude. Shit, it’s a scene where none of my excuses would work!

Ravel puts on an astonished face for a second, but she says this after getting her head straight.

“I-I came too late!”

You came too late!? Does Ravel also want to play eroge while being naked!? I’m sorry!

—Then, Ravel changes her attitude once again and continues after making a cough.

“No, that's not it! Ise-sama, everyone, we got a direct message from Azazel-sensei. —Apparently the situation has changed.”

While we were doing eroge this and eroge that, it seems like something happened over there—.

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