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Episode Issei.1

Several days had passed since the assault by the groups of magicians. I, Hyoudou Issei, am currently at my house, inside my room, waiting to receive good news from Rias, while continuing with the selection of a magician whom I will make a pact with.

“——For that reason, this person——and so that’s how it is——and if I may add——.”

Ravel explains it for me while reading the documents next to me.

……To be honest, Ravel’s words aren’t reaching my ears since there are so many things that I’m concerned about

I received a report that Rias’s meeting with the House of Vladi is progressing well, so I’m not that worried regarding that. I will go to her aid if something happens. The problem is……

——Euclid Lucifugus.

He was the mastermind behind the assault the other day. ……Lucifugus. Yeah, he’s someone related to Grayfia-san. What’s shocking is that he’s her actual brother.

……The higher-ups of the Devil’s side are in a stir due to his appearance.

After all, there’s someone else besides Grayfia-san who is a survivor from the House of Lucifugus that directly served the former Lucifer.

I heard that Grayfia-san is currently being asked questions. ……It’s regarding about how Euclid is alive. So that must mean that the higher-ups are suspicious of Grayfia-san and thinks that she lied about his death.

……There’s no way that Sirzechs-sama will doubt Grayfia-san, however the higher-ups are different. They must be feeling uneasy so that’s why they are questioning Grayfia-san.

Especially, cases regarding “Lucifer” are treated as a totally different story in the Underworld, regardless of the “Old” or the “New” one.

Yeah, for example, someone like Vali who is a descendant of the former Lucifer and who is also the Hakuryuukou. And the current Lucifer, Sirzechs-sama, who is said to be the strongest being in the Underworld.

If the survivor from the House of Lucifugus besides Grayfia-san that was the closest to the former Lucifer still exists, and he happens to be a member of the terrorist group “Khaos Brigade” on top of that, then I can only say that it’s natural for the higher-ups to start panicking about it.

The civil war of the past, the treatment towards the Old-Maou faction after that, and the monster crises that happened recently due to those incidents. It was something that the internal anatomy of the Devils created.

……Akeno-san tried to pass on the message of what Euclid said to Grayfia-san, but it seems like the way Grayfia-san panicked wasn’t normal.

She probably never imagined or even predicted it. That’s how much Grayfia-san thought her little brother whose status was unknown was dead.

Why did Euclid appear now? Something like the ideology of the Old-Maou factions……no, it doesn’t seem like it. I didn’t sense the aura of hatred and rage that Shalba carried in Euclid. Rather than hatred, he seemed like he had an eye of someone who has a new ambition in him—.

Ravel who looks curious speaks to me who has my mind off to somewhere else.

“……Were you thinking about Grayfia-sama?”

She’s a sharp girl. Not many days had passed since she became my manager, but it seems like this girl knows what I’m thinking about just from my expression.

……No, maybe I’m the sort of person who shows what’s in his mind through his expression.

“You can tell?”

“I am your manager after all.”

Ravel says that while being proud. She sure can’t be taken lightly. It seems like she will not only look after my allowance, but eventually what I will be eating for my dinner as well.

Ravel takes a breath and then says it formally.

“To be honest, this is something that will involve politics. It isn’t something we can get involved in. Situations that involve the previous government are to be taken delicately, so I’m sure the higher-ups are in a panic.”

Politic isn’t part of my job. Well, I do get requests from the government to do an “Oppai Dragon” show, but we are basically the servant Devils of Rias Gremory. We usually have to continue with our job as a Devil. Though we do have to fight for the Underworld as the youth Devils by the order of Sirzechs-sama.

All right, I need to think about something else. I have to select the magician first. I need to choose the magician who’ll become my partner after all!

From Ravel’s perspective, if there isn’t any outstanding magician, then she’s thinking of declining all of them. In other words we will be moving to the next opportunity for the selection.

“What’s your thought about this, Ravel?”

I ask Ravel about the selection of the documents we are currently doing.

Ravel makes a sour look on her cute face.

“To be honest……I’m starting to think it would be a good idea to move onto the next opportunity for the selection. Saying that, the majority of the magicians that chose Ise-sama are people that can’t get a passing mark from me. ……There are parts we can’t come to know unless we do the test which comes after selection of the documents, however judging from their experience and what kind of ability they have attained, then I don’t see any remarkable person that can live up to being a partner of the “Heavenly Dragon”, the “Sekiryuutei”.”

It’s Ravel who has researched them down to every last detail, so her ratings towards them will mostly be accurate. There’s also the side of her where she lifts me up high, however there must be aspects which only bring dissatisfaction to her if we are talking about my long-term partner.

She’s certainly right since I also looked through the documents, but there isn’t any person that actually stands out. Though there are magicians that I thought may be good or that are erotic!

Instead, if we are talking about short term (Several months to a year), then there are several of those who I think I don’t mind making a pact with. Ravel also knows about those aspects as well.

Even regarding other group members, there aren’t just a few of them that are thinking of making a short-term pact.

They must want to get familiar with it by having a short-term pact first. I have also heard that there were magicians that made a profit from a short-term pact.

“Hmm, then should we just make a short-term pact after all?”

I ask Ravel while tilting my head. Ravel doesn’t object to it strongly, and instead makes a serious face with her cute face.

“……If we make a short term pact and make a beginner's mistake since we are new to this, we may get a bad rating and have bad rumours going around in their society, so I do think that will be full of risks…… As your manager, I certainly would be sad if you don’t have a partner who will make a pact with you in your next occasion to form a pact.”

So she’s even thinking that far ahead. ……Yup, I’m scared that I might make a stupid mistake…… I’m trying to be serious regarding this issue, however if I compare myself to Rias and Kiba, then it feels like I will make more mistakes than them.

That’s part of it, but I’m starting to feel doubts about certain things. I’m thinking about asking Ravel about those things as well. Since I’m leaving most of the things to Ravel, there are still things I haven’t asked Ravel.

When both of us are thinking while saying, “Hmm……”, the door opens.

The one who enters the room is Akeno-san who came to bring us tea.

“Ara ara, are you still having your discussion?”

“Well, thank you for that—, ah!”

I get shocked at the person standing behind Akeno-san.

“Excuse me.”

It’s Sona-kaichou! Wow, this is rare!

“Kaichou! What business do you have today?”

When I ask, Kaichou lifts the edge of her glasses. Ah, Kaichou in her casual clothes looks cute. She’s wearing a light-blue coloured lace blouse and denim jeans. She is carrying a deep blue coloured coat in her hand.

Just like us, Kaichou and Akeno-san also sit on the cushion placed on top of the carpet.

“Yes, I’m thinking of discussing what we should do from now on with Akeno and everyone else. Tsubaki will also come here afterwards. I may be a hindrance to you, but please give me a bit of your time so I can talk with all of you.”

So the vice-president will also be coming here. I don’t know why, but having those from another group coming to my house sure does have a different taste to it!

《I’m also pardoning myself for being in here.》

I heard a voice saying that from the ceiling! When I look up, there is a magic-circle on the ceiling, and there is a small built Grim Reaper that is showing her face from the magic-circle while being upside down! It’s the new member of the Sitri-group, Bennia!

Wow! Since she’s wearing a skull mask, it feels a bit like a horror scene!

“I’m sorry Ise-kun. This girl was begging me as she wanted to come over to your house so I brought her with me.”

The Grim Reaper girl perfectly lands down next to Kaichou who is apologising. She then sits down next to Kaichou immediately.

《Oppai Dragon’s residence……this is basically like a Shangri-La for me.》

Bennia then looks around my room while having her eyes sparkle.

Well, putting that aside, I don’t mind for the Sitri-group to come over to my house!

I then say it to Sona-kaichou with a smile.

“No no, if you are okay with my house, then come over whenever you like! Though, I’m not the owner of this house.”

The owner of this house is supposed to be my dad……however I’m starting to think lately that it’s Rias…… The ones who renovated this house were the Gremorys’ after all!

—Then Kaichou moves her gaze towards the documents that Ravel and I scattered on the floor.

“My servants are also on-going with their selection right now. Today, apart from Tsubaki and I, they should be together having a hard time in deciding. I’m also giving advice to them, however I want them to decide on their own.”

Looks like Saji and the others are also having a hard-time being popular. And it seems like they are more independent than the Gremory members.

Oh yeah, this is a good occasion. I will ask about the thing that has been on my mind lately to these members.

“By the way, what do you benefit in the most by making a pact with a magician?”

It’s something anyone will be in doubt about. It’s something I should have asked at the beginning, however I forgot to ask. Actually, I was going to ask Ravel about it.

For a magician, a pact with a Devil is full of benefits. Then, are there any merits for a Devil to make a pact with a magician apart from the teachings they were taught since ancient times?

That’s what I’m curious about. If it’s simply about earning money, then there are many industries in the Underworld.

Kaichou says it after drinking the tea that she received from Akeno-san.

“That will be the result they will achieve by researching about magic.”

Magic, huh. Kaichou continues.

“Demonic-powers are the power of Devils, and magic is the power born by researching about the Devil’s power which also became a power that humans can control. Other than that, there is also fairy magic, Norse magic, and different types of magic with different equations. Among them, there is also magic that was created by the Gods, however it is said that the majority of magic that is used by the ordinary magicians are those created by the Great Magician Merlin Ambrosius which involves reading the flow.”

Yeah, I have heard that before. Sona-kaichou continues.

“Those magic have separated from the Devils, and while it goes through its own evolution and changes, there were powers created that can’t be used by the Devils. Those magic are continuing to change even now, and it’s a territory where you can’t see the end of it. Finally, those magic can be used to contribute to the technological development of the Underworld.”

Ah, if I remember correctly, I heard that Sirzechs-sama’s servant, the [Bishop] MacGregor Mathers-san, also has contributed to the Underworld with the research of magic.

Kaichou looks at me and points to her glasses.

“The truth is, these are special glasses that were created due to the researching of magic. Though they don’t have any impressive powers at all.”

She reveals the truth now! So they aren't normal glasses……

“Even if it’s a magic that isn’t impressive in the human’s world, it can have ground-breaking traits for the Devils. Those types of magic have a high value, so they can be used for trade. You can say that we rate the talents of the magicians highly. For that reason, there are cases where we give priority investment to the magicians. That is why it is important for us to select them very carefully. There is a high chance that we may not benefit from them after all.”

So it means that the magician’s research can be a plus for a Devil. I sure do feel something like a karma since magic that was born from investigating the Devils powers became something that is involved with the Underworld in such a way.

Kaichou then says it as if she’s warning me.

“However, you must not forget this. The pact with a magician is merely one of a Devil's roles. This is not everything. The pact with a human, the pact with a magician, the Rating Game, the business in the Underworld, there are many things you need to achieve in order to aim high as a Devil.”

……It’s just like Kaichou said. During the long life of a Devil, it’s not enough to only master one of those areas. So being able to achieve several of them is what High-class Devils can do.

It sure does make me remember what Kiba’s master said. A reincarnated Devil should have many aims. So it means that if we are going to live long, it’s necessary for us to have a life-style which would suit us.

……B-But, what will a life-plan that includes thousands of years look like? So we have to make something like an annual plan which goes up to thousands of years!? It sure does make me feel overwhelmed just by thinking about it……

W-Well, I will just take my time doing it by talking to Rias and my manager.

First, I need to continue my conversation with Kaichou who came all the way to my house.

“If I remember now, you rarely come over to my house, right Kaichou? ……You came over twice, right?”

“Yes. Last time, I came over and played a video game with you and everyone else. The other time was……well, with my sister…..”

Oh yeah, those things certainly happened. At the exact time when I was playing a game with the trio of Asia, Xenovia, and Irina, Kaichou showed up in my room with Rias and Akeno-san and we started a game tournament.

Kaichou’s game technique back then was amazing! She learned how to play a game she never played in a short time, and she even overwhelmed me who had been playing that game a lot!

When I lost in a racing game that I’m good at, I thought I will never beat Kaichou in those kinds of games.

And the other time she came over was during “that” matter. That certainly was an insane incident.

——Then Akeno-san suddenly starts to laugh. Sona-kaichou puts on a suspicious expression beside her.

“Akeno, what’s wrong?”

“Ufufu, Sona, I just remembered that you went through so much trouble in that incident involving magicians. When Serafall-sama auditioned in that—.”

Hearing that story, Kaichou suddenly turns red.

Yeah, that incident. I was also remembering about the same thing. It was an incident which has to do with the part where Kaichou said, “with my sister……”.

Yeah, that was——a thing that happened before I went on the school trip.

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