High School DxD
Ise SOS Preview

A Tokusatsu Devil

Part 1

“The Red Dragon Emperor which brings misfortune to Devils! This “Magical Girl” Levia-tan will destroy you!”


In front of me, a magical girl wielding her magical stick caused the surrounding area to explode with her massive demonic powers!

“Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I’m going to be kiiiiiiiiilllled!”

I am wearing a set of red armour and actually screaming, which is no act, while running away from a deadly attack of demonic power! Every single attack is so insane! The last had so much impact, that it destroyed a mountain and blew away the forest with it!

Yes. I, Hyoudou Issei, am fighting a “Magical Girl” on a mountain. No, this is more like a one-sided assault!

That’s because my opponent isn’t a Magical Girl, but a real “Maou Girl!”

I will have to go back, to explain how it turned out like this.

After summer break ended and the second semester began…….


“Ise, it’s an emergency.”

That day, I was called by Buchou, while playing a trading card game1 with the other club members.

“What is it?”

I asked and Buchou answered with a smile.

“I received a request from a Maou-sama personally. It's from Serafall Leviathan-sama.”

Maou! Yes, we received a request from one of the Yondai-Maou, who are the Kings of Devils.

“Are you serious!? If it’s Leviathan-sama, then I’m honoured!”

I shouted, with joy. Of course! The one who is the only woman within the Yondai-Maou is Leviathan-sama! I feel honoured, receiving a request from Maou-sama! ……Though she’s one of those weird people.

“She’s requesting to borrow Koneko, Gasper and Xenovia, while Ise is the main.”

Buchou continued. Gasper screamed “Hiiiiiiii!”.

“M-Me too!? I-I don’t like to stand out~!”

Aaah, he said that while running inside a box. Since this guy has anthropophobia and is a hikikomori, he is bad at standing out.

“But, why us?”

Xenovia pointed to herself. Koneko-chan was also nodding her head.

“It seems like she is in need of your special powers.”

Buchou answered.

Special powers. I have……a powerful dragon residing within me. Gasper carries Vampire blood, Koneko-chan is a Nekomata youkai, and Xenovia can wield a holy sword.

Now that I think about it, we are quite a bunch of special ones.

Buchou said, while stroking my cheek:

“I want to go with you, but Akeno and I have to leave here for special business. We'll have Yuuto guard us. I have already told this to Leviathan-sama, so that won’t be a problem. Asia, you will also follow Ise. It will be a good experience for you.”

“Yes. I will be going with Ise-san.”

Asia nodded at Buchou’s words.

“So that’s the story. I will now leave the rest to you, since I have to escort Buchou and Akeno-san.”

Said Kiba. Ngggh! Buchou’s escort! Damn you, Casanova! He’s a lucky guy, but it can’t be helped since he is Buchou’s genuine [Knight].


I then felt a soft sensation! The one holding me is Akeno-san! Aaaaaah, I couldn’t resist this sensation! Akeno-san said seductively, while stroking my lips with her fingers:

“It saddens me that I have to be away from you, but responding to the Maou-sama is something my Ise-kun would do.”


I replied energetically, while having a nose bleed. Due to her words, my heart skipped a beat.


Pinching my cheek is a loving hand that belongs to Buchou! My master, Buchou, becomes unpleasant when I get along with other women! It appears that she can’t endure having me taken away by anyone, since she adores me. I really am happy for being her servant!

“Either way, make sure you aren’t rude.”


I nodded several times, while having my cheek pinched.

That was how the five of us; me, Asia, Koneko-chan, Xenovia and Gasper, received a request from Maou-sama.

Part 2

So on a sunny day, we travelled via a teleporting magic circle and arrived on the beach of an unpopulated island.

There are no places where a ship could dock and the shore is surrounded by rough rocks. You couldn’t even find a sandy beach. The scenery of this island is mostly dominated by forests and mountains.

It definitely seems like an isolated island within a distant sea.

I can hear animal cries, “Giii! Giii!”…… By the way, apparently, this is also part of Japan…..

“Remind me, where is Maou-sama?”

As we looked around…..


The ground is shaking and we are affected by the tremors! W-What’s going on!?

A giant creature appears while pushing down trees! I don’t know why, but it’s a dinosaur that looks very much like a Tyrannosaurus Rex! Wait, is it a T-Rex!?

“Yoo-hoo~☆ Servants of Rias-chan~☆ It’s Levia-tan☆”

A cute-looking person, riding on top of the T-Rex greeted us! She’s wearing Magical Girl cosplay! Yes, this person is none other than the Maou, Serafall Leviathan-sama!

“Stop~ stop~.”

Leviathan-sama treated the T-Rex like a horse and stopped right in front of us.


She jumped off the T-Rex and spun around in mid-air, while dropping herself to the ground… BANG! Levia-tan landed face-first on the ground! Having failed to land on her feet, her pants were exposed! Maou-sama’s pants! She’s wearing striped pants!

She got up immediately and smiled, while making a peace sign at us with her fingers. But her face is covered in dirt!

“Be amazed☆ Serafall Leviathan, at your service☆”

…… She has overwhelmingly high tension and an easy going attitude, as always…

Even when I met her before, at school, she was having a photo shoot. This Serafall Leviathan-sama over here, loves Japanese magical girl shows and she looks up to the Magical Girl genre. She even has a glittering magical stick in her hand.

“I-It’s been a while, Leviathan-sama. So what was the reason for you to call us over?”

I made the introduction short and got to the main point. What was her reason for calling us to this isolated island?

“I called all of you over, to help us shoot our film☆”

She explained to us, posing. Film!?

As we were shocked, people carrying filming equipment came running, as if they were following the T-Rex. So they really are shooting a film! Did they prepare this dinosaur for the film as well?

“Serafall-sama! Scene 21, [The magical girl who gets friendly with the ancient dinosaur]! We got a good shot for it!”

From amongst the crew, a middle-aged man wearing a hat and sunglasses appeared, holding a megaphone. He looks like a typical director. So is this person the director then…….?

More than that, I've never heard of a magical girl who became friendly with an ancient dinosaur before!

Maou-sama then told the director:

“Director-san, these children are the ones I spoke to you about☆”

“Oh! I see, so they are the Gremory group, who achieved an outstanding result in the Rating Game!”

They know us! Game, huh? If I remember, it was said that our match, the Gremory group VS the Sitri group, was broadcast within the whole world of the Devils……the whole area of the Underworld.

“Well, the thing is, this film director-san over here thought, “This is it!”, when he saw the fights, of all of you, from Rias-chan’s group. That’s why he gave all of you this offer☆”

Maou-sama explained…… Offer!? So we are going to have a film debut!? The director also speaks while nodding his head.

“The truth is we are currently shooting a film version, of Serafall-sama’s tokusatsu programme, “Magical☆Levia-tan”, aimed at children. We would like all of you to appear as her enemies.”

“M-Magical……Levia-tan, you say?”

I became confused after hearing the name of a show I had never heard of, but….

“……It is basically like a tokusatsu hero programme, that is currently highly praised in the Underworld. It’s quite popular among children.”

Koneko-chan explains to me. I see, a tokusatsu programme in the Underworld. So this will be an Underworld version, of those masked hero tokusatsu films being broadcast in Japan. Though this one has a magical girl as it's theme.

“The setting is about me, Levia-tan, who is the ally of Devils and fights against Angels, Fallen Angels, Dragons and those related to the Church☆. I will be annihilating all the enemies of Devils at once☆!”

Maou-sama made a cute pose, but those words are only filled with danger!

“……Angels and Fallen Angels have been the natural enemy of Devils for an eternity, but we finally managed to make peace with them. Is it really okay to have such an anti-government setting?”

When I asked, the director smiled and laughed fearlessly.

“It is my motto to include an anti-government message within my work.”

This is supposed to be a programme directed at kids! He’s using it as propaganda! Adults sure are scary! Is this really okay, Levia-tan!?

“But, why us?”

I asked an obvious question. Buchou is from a noble house and her household is known throughout the Underworld. However, we, her servants, aren’t actors, but mere Devils. On top of that, we are Low-class Devils.

If I remember correctly, Buchou was saying something about our “Special Powers”. Is that the reason for this? The director then says, while putting his thumb up.

“After all, you are a legendary dragon, a holy sword wielder, a Vampire, and a Nekomata youkai! Yes! It’s filled with the rivals of Devils! On top of that, all of you are known throughout the Underworld from the recent match! All of you are being talked about a lot! That is why I asked for all of you to act as the enemies of Levia-tan!”

So he made this offer, including the members of our group, while taking into account that we are currently quite topical. We have so much variety within our group. So, we will be Maou-sama’s enemies then?

“This seems interesting.”

Oh, Xenovia seems like she’s up for it.

“I-I’m scared…but since it’s Maou-sama’s request…….”

The timid Gasper also agreed while hiding behind my back.

“Are the two of you also fine with this, Asia, Koneko-chan? Though I think we have to do it…”

When I asked both of them…

“Yes. I will do my best.”

“Yes, if they are okay with having me……”

They gave me their approval.

I’m also fine with it. Rather, now that I think about it, won’t this open a path for me to become an actor!? I might become popular with this film! I might also become popular amongst females in the Underworld!

I then imagined myself receiving cheers from fan girls while being protected by guards.

[Kyaaa~! Ise-sama~!]

[Look this way~!]

[Aaaan~! You are just too awesome~!]

Cheers which are being thrown!

[I…I’m so happy……]

[Hey! Another one fainted with joy, again!]

A girl faints and security guards take her away.

I then smile at this sight.

[Fufufu, I’m such a sinner!]

The girls make cheers once again at my cool posing.


Gufufu! Awesome. Something like that sure would be awesome! That would be the best!

Maybe then, I can take the fan girls and…... No, no, maybe getting along with an actress in the Underworld, being caught during our secret date and having it on a magazine might also be good!

Ah, I can’t stop imagining it! My dream is to become a Harem King by becoming a High-class Devil, but becoming an actor and being popular with girls might not be a bad thing either!