High School DxD
Heroes of Supplementary Lessons Preview

Gremory without Sekiryuutei

Part 1

Two days after the mid-class promotion tests had ended, it was noon.

I, Kiba Yuuto, am presently at a floor in the Gremory castle. The Gremory castle is in a ruckus. Including the employees, the Gremory personal soldiers are also in a panic. The reason is because the Underworld is currently undergoing a crisis.

The super gigantic monsters created by Shalba Beelzebub from the Old-Maou faction using [Annihilation Maker] started their progress on attacking every main capital and important location after appearing in the Underworld. The big screen television located on this floor is showing the appearance of the monsters that have begun their invasion as an emergency broadcast.

[Please look! The gigantic monsters that suddenly appeared are progressing towards the capitals without stopping!]

The reporters are reporting about the monsters from helicopters or ship-planes that move by demonic-power generators.

In total, there are 13 monsters created by [Annihilation Maker]. They are monsters that easily exceed 100 metres. Each one of them is about 150 metres large. The television is broadcasting about each of them. It seems like we can find out about the current status of each monster from the television. When we saw them in the artificial dimension, they were a bunch of humanoid shaped monsters covered in black aura. Perhaps their appearance changed when they arrived in the Underworld, but if there are humanoid types there are also beast types that stand on four legs. In terms of appearance none of them resemble each other. Though the humanoid types stand on four legs, their heads look like either aquatic creatures, or have one eye, or have four arms. If I were to describe them in one word they look like…….”Chimeras”. Similarly the four legged monsters are also mixed with parts of different creatures. They continue to progress towards the cities with slow steps without showing any signs of stopping. At this rate, the monsters that are close to the important cities will arrive there sometime today. Other monsters will also arrive at their destinations by tomorrow. The most annoying thing about them is that they are creating smaller monsters by themselves as they progress towards their targets. Body parts of the gigantic monsters start to swell up, and lots of smaller monsters are born by ripping out from their flesh. They are only the size of humans but there are simply too many of them. Dozens to hundreds of them are created at a single time. They destroy the forests, mountains, and landscapes that they pass through and devour the animals that live there. It seems like the civilians who lived in the towns and villages along the monsters path were evacuated with minimal casualties. But entire towns were trampled down. After they leave the place, it looks so ghastly that there is nothing left. Creatures that are too overpowered…. So this is the power that was created by Top-tier Longnius, [Annihilation Maker]….. As someone who also possesses the same creation-type Sacred Gear, its ability scares me. An unusual power that is said to rival that of God. An ability that can destroy the World. Right now that is happening right in front of our eyes.

Among the monsters there is one that is far larger than the others who is heading towards the capital in the Maou territory, Lilith, and the monster is something we never expected. It is a humanoid type and is a size much larger than the other monsters. I can understand the immense size of that thing even through the television screen.

The government of the Underworld named the monster who is far bigger than others “Jabberwocky”. The other twelve monsters are called “Bandersnatch”. These were named by Azazel-sensei by taking the names of the creatures from Lewis Carroll’s work. Behind the television screen, the warriors of the Underworld have began their attacks on “Bandersnatch”. Spreading their wings they either go head on, or from the sides, or from the back or attack them at the same time by hitting them with a barrage of fire made by demonic-powers. Demonic-powers that filled the whole area around them are shot towards the monsters. The attack teams who are repeating their attacks are Ultimate-class Devils and their servants. Normal monsters would definitely perish after receiving such attacks. But…..

[How can this be!? The attacks of Ultimate-class Devils and their teams aren’t working!]

I can hear the voice of the reporter who is frightened. Yes. What is shown on the television are the monsters that haven't even been affected by the attacks of the Ultimate-class Devils and their servants.

…….It is just like the time we were back in the artificial dimension. Our attacks only damaged their skin. They couldn’t cause any critical damage. The attack teams that were dispatched are all Ultimate-class Devils who hold the top rankings of the Rating Game. Even so, they still couldn’t do any damage that could cause any effect. It’s also because they have their hands full with the small monsters that are being created as well…… Even so, the gigantic monsters have very hard bodies. For each one of the monsters, squads were dispatched by the factions that are allied with the Devils such as the Fallen-Angels who sent their squads, Brave-Saints that were sent by heaven, and the Valkyrie squads that consist of battle maidens that were sent by the Valhalla, and large troops of warriors sent by the Greek factions. Thanks to that, we have avoided the worst case scenario. But there are still many problems.

One of them is “Jabberwocky” who is even more powerful than these monsters.

Last night the group led by Dihauza Belial was dispatched. But…….. Although they were able to cause damage to Jabberwocky they could only stall its movement for a matter of seconds. Jabberwocky regenerated from its damage very quickly and healed itself. It then resumed its journey as if nothing had happened.

That truth became an astonishing thing that spread around the news and resulted in making the civilians feel even more unease. Everyone thought and believed that “If the Emperor and his servants were dispatched, then they could even defeat the gigantic monsters”. There are no doubts about the strength of Emperor Belial and his servants. Even us, the Gremory group, cannot defeat them even if we were in our best condition. That’s how powerful they are. However even people like them couldn’t do it.

The other problem is the Old-Maou faction who began their coup d'état using this crisis as an opportunity. Most likely the invasion of monsters was a part of their plan and they are rampaging in the cities aligning with it. The warriors of the Underworld were also dispatched, to take care of them as well. The World of the Devils is in chaos right now. We also received a report that because of this chaos there are servants of High-class Devils who are rebelling against their masters in various locations. I can easily imagine that the Sacred Gears possessors who were made into servants by force are releasing their anger at this situation. If I were to say it like Sensei, then this situation would be a “Balance Breaker” bargain sale. Warriors from various factions were also sent out to take care of them. –But we won’t be able to lose any more man-power than this. We need to stop the progression of the monsters first. If we were to lose important locations and capitals, then there wouldn't be any better opportunity to invade the Underworld than at that moment.

……Yes. At this point in time, the Underworld is heading into very serious chaos. Coup d'état by the Old-Maou faction through the use of gigantic monsters…… It seems like the one who was pulling the strings from the back is the God of the realm of the dead, Hades….. And we also don’t know where Khaos Brigade's Hero-faction is plotting their next move from. In that artificial dimension, it seemed like the Hero-factions were fooled by Hades and the Old-Maou faction, but what would the descendants of the Heroes do in this situation?

They are terrorists after all, so they wouldn’t take actions that we can predict. The reason why Gods and Maou-sama cannot go and take care of the monsters themselves is because we don’t know where Cao Cao would be targeting them from. That spear has the power to easily eliminate Maou and Gods. If even a single God or Maou was to be killed, we don’t know what will happen to the balance of each faction. And we don’t even know when Hades will send his Grim Reapers……

What is fortunate is that the evacuations of civilians are being taken care of as the first priority and there haven't been any major casualties. If the Devils were to go down in numbers any more than this, then the future of Devils will be put in a very dangerous situation. More than that, there is no way that Sirzechs-sama would think of the safety of civilians as his second priority. But at this rate the Underworld will….. So this must be the grudge Shalba Beelzebub and the Old-Maou faction have towards the current government of the Underworld.

“It seems like servants of Maou-sama will finally be dispatched to take care of “Jabberwocky” and “Bandersnatch”.”

-! A sudden voice. When I turned around, Raiser Phoenix was standing there. I was thinking very hard while looking at the television seriously so I couldn’t notice him getting close to me. Raiser Phoenix makes a sigh.

“I came here as my brother’s escort. I also came to check on Ravel and Rias along with it. But since the situation is like this. …..I can sympathise with you Kiba Yuuto.”

Raiser Phoenix narrows his eyes and puts on a serious face.

……His…… It seems like the death of Ise-kun has already reached this person as well. Yes. We lost one of our important comrades, Hyoudou Issei the Sekiryuutei, at the starting point of this crisis. Ise-kun went to retrieve Ophis who was taken by Shalba Beelzebub on his own. We tried to summon him back with the dragon-gate after returning back to our World…… But what came back to us were the evil-pieces. Only 8 Pawn evil-pieces.

….Only the evil-pieces came back, but along with his evil-pieces the aura of Samael was also detected. So we could only think that Ise-kun received the curse of Samael during his battle against Shalba. He couldn’t return for that reason…… We don’t know how the power of Samael’s curse was released but the aura of Samael definitely came past the dragon-gate. Shalba must have made an alliance with Hades.

……There is no way for him to be safe after receiving Samael’s curse because he has insufficient demonic-powers to defend against it. We were told that clearly by Azazel-sensei. In the past there were cases where only the evil-pieces were summoned, and I heard that in all of them the person summoned was definitely not alive. Servants who have a strong will to return only their evil-pieces can make that phenomenon occur. And evil-pieces that have returned have already stopped functioning and cannot be used ever again.

We also had the heavens check for what happened to the spirit of the Sekiryuutei. That is because the Sekiryuutei Ddraig goes to seek a new host automatically when the current host dies. Information like that gets recorded in the Sacred Gear database…. Though it seems like the current Longinus possessors specifics became very complex compared to the past possessors and for that reason information like that hasn’t come in yet. The Longinus observation institute of the Grigori is also searching for any available information right now. But……. We were told beforehand that receiving proper information would be very shallow beforehand. And the whereabouts of Ophis who should have been with Ise-kun is also unknown. She might have stayed in the dimensional gap or she might have perished with Samael’s curse. The search for the Dragon-God is still underway, but it is said that the chance of her being sent to Hades by Shalba is very low. –That is because there is no way that Ise-kun wouldn’t have finished off Shalba.

If it is him, he definitely would have taken down Shalba. Even if he were to bet his life for it. Including me, everyone believes that. But no matter how much we search, there aren’t any leads that would reject the information of his death…..!

His death hasn’t been reported and only one group of people know about it. But we…..! There is no way we could accept it that easily……!

“I’m very sorry to hear that. Were you able to meet with Buchou?"

I somehow managed to get my head straight and asked Raiser Phoenix, but he shook his head.

“I couldn’t. She didn’t open her door. She didn’t even respond when I called her. …..Well she’s not in a situation where I can meet her. Since the man she loves ended up like that.”

Then there was someone who put a teacup on the table. –It’s Koneko-chan.

“……Here is your tea.”

Koneko-chan who has the same expression as always goes and sits on the chair in the corner after putting the cup on the table.

“Listen Ravel. In any case you have to cheer up.”

Two more people appear. One is a man. The other one is Ravel-san. I am familiar with the man. Well only from television that is. He is oldest son of the house of Phoenix and the next head. Ruval Phoenix. He has a graceful face, and unlike Raiser Phoenix who dresses up like a delinquent, he wears proper noble clothes. He seems very gentle and he shines just by standing. He is someone who has been in the Top-10 of the Rating Game before. There are also rumours that he will be promoted to an Ultimate-class Devil very soon. I see. So Raiser Phoenix came as this person’s escort. After he cheers up Ravel-san, he notices me.

“You must be Rias-san’s Knight. Since it is a situation like this, you should be okay then.”

He takes out several little bottles from his pocket while he approaches me. –They're Phoenix tears.

“We came to give you this along with seeing our sister and Rias-san. Since we are in a situation like this, we can only give these to the counter-attack squads. I feel very sorry for talented youths like your group. ---Soon I will also go to counter-attack the monsters along with my foolish brother.”

So the Phoenix brothers will also go join the pursuit of the monsters. Certainly the immortal Phoenix will be a very big support at the front line of the battle.

“…….Sorry for being foolish.”

Raiser Phoenix is displeased by his brother’s words……. The house of Phoenix has many siblings (four siblings), which is very rare among current High-class Devils. The oldest and the third son participate in the Rating Game, and I hear that the second son is one of the bosses of the media.

I received the tears from Ruval. ……He must have given this to us believing that we will also go to the front lines. Ruval smiles while doing a karate chop on Raiser Phoenix’s head.

“Rias-san and also Rias-san’s Queen are both very depressed at Sekiryuutei-kun’s death. The one who should be calm at times like this is you. A servant who has deep love towards his comrades but can withstand a comrade’s death. Remarkable.”

“Thank you very much.”