High School DxD
Uroboros and the Promotion Test Preview

Study and Mating season?

Part 1

This morning too…….. My day - Hyoudou Issei’s - started with a battle on the bed.

When I opened my eyes, I witnessed Buchou...I mean Rias...and Akeno-san glaring at each other. Both of them were already in their uniforms. It seemed like they were fighting over the right to give me a morning kiss. Then R-Rias made a smile of confidence.

“Trying to give my Ise a morning kiss! Well, that’s what I would like to say, but since I was already spoiled by Ise last night, I will forgive you.”

“Oh. That seems to be something good. That Ise-kun, looks like he has already done something amazing, hasn't he?”

Akeno-san said it while putting her hand on her mouth…… N-no, we didn’t do anything that erotic…… Since Asia was with us as well. We just kissed before going to sleep and cuddled each other while we were sleeping! Eh? That was the same as usual you say? No, no. It was something we did, after I confessed to Rias. My tension rose so high that I was getting embarrassed and my heart was beating so fast! I love that person and that person loves me….. Both of us knew that, so the kissing and cuddling now had an even greater impact on us!

And also Buchou... I mean Rias. Rias had begun behaving like a child! The atmosphere of her “Onee-sama” aura was gone and the impact of it was so deadly…..!

“I can't go to sleep if you don’t kiss me…….Ne? Please kiss me.”

“Hold me gently. Ise, I love you.”

She said that with a sweet voice and acted like a girl her age! Something like that was happening before we went to sleep! I couldn't endure it anymore! Just remembering it made me feel excited! I was so happy right then that I didn't know what was going to happen to me! Aaaah, I'm so glad that I was born! Maou-sama! Especially Beelzebub-sama who invented Evil-Pieces! I’m so glad that I got reincarnated as a devil! I will work hard for the Underworld from now on! By the way, I'm still hesitant of calling Rias, “Rias”. Well, I’ve been calling her “Buchou” the whole time, so it couldn't be helped that I'm being hesitant of calling her by her name…….. And also the fact that I was feeling shy to call her by her name! It was not that I didn’t want to call her by her name. Instead, I wanted to call her by her name even more often! I would like to at least call her “Rias” naturally at home. Akeno-san then sighed as if she found this boring.

“Looks like you are calmer than I thought, Rias. I thought that you would have been burning with jealousy……. I don’t find your reaction interesting at all.”

“I’m sorry about that. But he is “my” Ise, so this fact will never change.”

The unstable personality she had before the Rating Game was gone. Now she’s filled with confidence just like before.

“Ara-ara. Looks like I was shown the confidence of the “legal wife”.”

Akeno-san said that. Rias made a small laugh, then she kissed my cheek.

“It’s time for breakfast. Come down stairs.”

She said that and left the room…… It seemed like she wasn’t that mad at Akeno-san.

“Even if she is acting like that, she’s pushing herself.”

Akeno-san said it after sitting on the bed.

“….Pushing herself? Bu….. I mean did something happen to Rias?”

“To tell you the truth, in the last Rating Game, she felt that she was a burden to you because of the fact that she couldn’t be of much use and it resulted in her being like that.”

…….She was talking about the match against Sairaorg-san. Rias fought a longinus who had its own will, “Regulus Nemea” and received a critical wound.

“……Rias can't forgive herself because she held you back in the fight and is concerned about it.”

“…..N-no. It’s just that her opponent was too strong…… Ri--Rias isn’t weak, and she has also been making lots of strategies before the battle…….”

“……In terms of strategy, the match between Sona-Kaichou and Agares received more attention. The battle they had was a match of taking each others' flag, the “Scramble Flag”. It wasn’t a flashy fight so it wasn’t recognised by others that much. But it received a high rating from the critics as a “hidden professional game”.”

If I think about it, the magazine, which was recently released in the Underworld, was talking about that match as well. Obviously the match between us and Sairaorg-san’s team got more articles. But the article written by a critic –writer was ongoing with high praises for the match between Sitri and Agares.

“Rias will need to learn many things as a “King”. First of all, she asked for advice from her Onii-sama, Sirzechs-sama, and has started researching about the power of destruction even more seriously.”

She asked about the power of destruction from Sirzechs-sama?

“……Is it different from training?”

“Rias and Sirzechs-sama have the same demonic-power; the power of destruction. But the nature….or should I say the “characteristic” is different. Sirzechs-sama’s power is said to be an ultimate Wizard-Technique-type. He can control that power like his hand or foot. So his technique is said to be the best or second best amongst devils. Instead, Rias’s power is a Wizard-type which is much closer to a power-type. So you can say that she is blessed with power rather than technique. But……”

Akeno-san said it with narrowed eyes.

“She’s lacking something “decisive”. To put it simply, she doesn’t have that one power up, that destructive power that you call a “certain kill move”.”

……Rias doesn’t have a special move? B-but….!

“If it's just shooting, I think it has quite an impact…… Certainly Buchou……. I mean Rias. Rias might not have had a special move against the strong foes we have faced…… But……”

“It seems like she’s finding it. Even I also had a shameful match……..”

Akeno-san said that with a sad voice. I told her while shaking my head.

“No. The opponent's “Queen” was quite skillful.”

The “Queen” from the house of Abaddon who used the power of hole. I heard that she is a top-tier “Queen” amongst the youth devils. She must have been stronger than Raiser’s Queen and the Fuku-kaichou from the Sitri group. She must be very skillful since she could split the “Holy-lightning” into the powers of light and lightning!

“Though Ise-kun finished the match against her instantly…….”

“U…...Ummmmm yeah, that might be true…..”

I defeated her after getting pissed and using Triaina. Though I reflected on my behavior from back then. Akeno-san told me not to show Triaina until the final moment, but I used it right away….. I was enraged because my comrades were defeated. Maybe that was my current weakness? If I can’t be more composed in that type of situation, I would become an unstable "King” in the future. While I was thinking something like that, which was very rare for me, Akeno chuckled.

“…….I have to do something about myself from now on too. But let's forget about that for now. Can you still not call Rias by her name clearly yet?”

“U-ummm….. I can when I have to…… But I’m not used to it and I also feel shy! It’s not that I don’t want to call her by her name but it's just that I feel really shy about it!”

Those were my true feelings! I'm really shy about calling her by her name…… But I actually want to call her by her name! I wanted to say “Rias I love you!”. Akeno-san then smiled.

“Oh my. Thank you for the good reaction. Then I will have to make you call me “Akeno” as well. And don’t you think it would turn you on if we started an affair so soon after you had confessed?”


Akeno-san who is obsessed with an affair! She has been obsessed about it, even before I confessed to Rias. It’s Akeno-san who is an “S” that we are talking about. She must be having fun making Rias get mad.

“Yes. Didn’t I say that I would be a candidate for your affair partner since a long time ago? My body is getting hot because I really want to start an affair with you.”

Akeno-san began rubbing her body with her hands. The white-thigh that was shown when she moved her body was too bright for me! Akeno-san’s body was so smooth and soft that my hands always sunk into her body whenever I touch her. Akeno-san put her face closer to me and kissed my nose.

“This will be enough for me in the morning. Ufufufu, since Asia-chan has arrived.”

….! W-what!? I looked in the direction of the door after hearing Akeno-san say that! Asia was there with an apron on! She was frozen like an ice sculpture while putting on a smiling face! Asiaaaaaaa! Why do you always come in at times like this! Asia, upon seeing this situation, jumped into my chest! She then complained with teary eyes.

“Haaaaauuuu! For me to get overtaken by Akeno-san! I was also thinking about giving you a wake-up kiss!”

You were!? Asia-chan had become so bold lately that even I was getting shocked! She even started begging me for a kiss! This definitely must be an influence received from Buchou and Akeno-san! Then Xenovia showed up.

“What happened Asia? Nng! Akeno-fukubuchou is doing her flirtatious actions early in the morning!”

“What did you say!? No! You can do things like this from the morning!?”

Irina also showed up and seemed shocked! You guys came as well!? The Church-trio was energetic even in the morning! Some time has passed since I confessed to Rias…… What will happen to me from now on….? Even though I’m feeling happy, I’m also bewildered by their insane actions as well…. But, I’m really feeling happy right now.

Like that, my crazy morning ended and I was now in the living room on the first floor. It was time for breakfast. Having my mum as their leader, most of the girls were helping her set up the table. So today we were having fried eggs, Miso-soup and salmon huh. So a Japanese menu then. We have a rotation of Japanese, European and Chinese food for breakfast. All the girls work so hard in making them, I always have my stomach filled with delicious food every morning. I really am a lucky guy!

“You know. Daddy’s favourite time is when we have food. Everyone is good at making food so they are all delicious. Women say “The way to a man's heart is through his stomach”. You know what I mean, right Ise?”

Dad said that with a smiling face while eating the food.

“I do! I really do understand dad!”

I nodded my head. My daily dining was fun! I'm surrounded by bishoujos! I eat food made by bishoujos! I eat while chatting with bishoujos! It was an ideal life right? This was the moment when I felt that it was great to be born as a guy!

“This is your bento1 Ise.”

Rias put a lunchbox in front of me while wearing a really big smile. Mum, Rias, Asia and Akeno-san rotate their shifts for making food for lunch. Koneko-chan, Xenovia, Irina, and Rossweisse mainly eat so they don’t participate. They sometimes go to the kitchen but they can’t compete with the “Four-Heavenly Kings” of the kitchen. The four-kings are mum, Rias, Asia and Akeno-san. Especially Asia who has something special in her cooking and is said to be the number one candidate for being passed down the “Taste of the house of Hyoudou” by my mum. Like that, they rotate making the food for the lunch box. But lately, Rias is the one making lunch for me. Apparently the girls decided to leave the cooking for me to Rias. Rias also makes a bento-box for me every time with a really happy face. The lunch-box always has food that has been made with lots of care and has a heart mark on it and they always taste delicious. It is the best!

“Ise getting a lunch-box that is only made by Rias-san…… You are doing well, Ise.”

Dad said that while nodding his head! A lunch-box made from a beloving-wife! That’s what I would like to say, but Matsuda and Motohama also said “Did your wife make that bento!?” by looking at a bento made by Asia and Akeno-san as well. So how should I put it…….?

“Maybe you would call it “A bento made from the legal-wife”………. Since I’m living in the Hyoudou’s residence as well, there might be a time when I have to show the cooking of my mother-land.”

Rossweisse-san said that while putting her hands on her chin. Her homeland…… What kind of food does Valhalla have? But I should be happy since the variation of food will increase. While I couldn’t get rid of my smile, Ravel came into my sight. She was filling a lunchbox with food. It’s not the lunchbox Ravel usually uses…… Who’s is it?

“Oi, Ravel. Whose lunchbox is that?’

“This is a lunchbox for Gasper-san. It seems like he’s doing morning training by himself.”

“Morning training!? Gya-suke is!?”

I made a very shocked exclamation! Morning training!? By himself!? This is a shocking revelation! Rias then says this while taking a seat next to me.

“In the last match, he said he felt his lack of strength. So he’s doing his own training besides the training he does with you and Yuuto. Gasper is doing basic training so it won't put pressure on his body.”

The last match…… So the battle against the Bael team. It was something we couldn't talk about in detail because my parents were here. Then Akeno-san continued.

“Gasper said he wants to master his strength and reach that “stage”. For that he said he will train his body from the basics, so he does muscle training and running in the morning.”

He wants to reach that “stage”….. So he wants to attain Balance-Breaker for his Sacred-Gear. Is that so…… So he was concerned about the last match that much. But he fought very well. He showed us that he is a man. Even so, Gyasuke couldn’t forgive himself for his lack of power. He is a guy after all. I know how you feel Gyasuke. Being weak is something guys can't forgive themselves for. I will also help him as much as I can. As the guys of the Gremory group, Gyasuke, Kiba and me have to be strong enough to protect the girls!

Xenovia then said this with serious eyes.

“Yes. He is a man. He will definitely get strong.”

The one who received the most support from Gyasuke was Xenovia. The one who saved Xenovia who was cornered by having her guard down was Gyasuke. But…….

“I don’t want to imagine him being all muscular……..”

In my head, I combined Mil-tan’s body and Gyasuke’s head. I can imagine him being a creature from “Fist of the North Star”.

“Osu! Ise-senpai! I have attained the fist of a vampire! When I mix protein with Ise-senpai’s blood, it becomes good for my muscles! Look at these splendid biceps! Ooooooooosu!!”

What should I do if that happens……. Well, I don’t think it would go that far. But increasing your basic stats was a good thing. Even I can go around the battle-field in Balance-Break state without having any stress on my body. You need to start with body training and sprinting first.

“……Koneko-san? You don’t look so well?”

Hmm? Ravel is looking at Koneko-chan’s face. Just like Ravel said, Koneko-chan doesn’t look too well. Her face is a bit red and she looks like she’s in pain. Is it a flu?

“……It’s nothing.”

Koneko-chan replied immediately. Even so Ravel put her hand on Koneko-chan’s forehead and looked worried.

“But your face is a bit red. Is it a flu? Then I will make a special apple sorbet that has been passed down from the house of Phoenix for you. Apples made from our family’s territory have arrived from my house. Using that, I will make it for you!”

Koneko-chan moves Ravel’s hand and then says…….

“…….That’s an unwelcome favour.”

Hearing that Ravel got so mad that her drill hair started rotating.

“Nmaaa! To reject the good intentions of other people! Cats must feel good because they can live how they want to!”

“……I don’t want to be told that by a bird brain like you.”

“…..Bi-bird brain!? If I remember, in Japan bird brain is someone who forgets things right away, correct……?”

“…….It seems like you are studying very well, so I will praise you.”

“Nmaaa! This cat-girl…….!”

Hahaha…… The quarrels between these two have become a daily thing as well. They argue like this all the time. But its not that they don’t get along. Koneko-chan also helps Ravel everyday and Ravel also depends on Koneko-chan. They must be good fighting buddies. I’m also having fun seeing Koneko-chan acting like this. While I was looking at them with a smile, mum whispers into my ears.

“By the way Ise.”

“……What is it mum?”

I drank a cup of water. Then mum said it the same time.

“When can I see my grandchild?”

BOOOOOOOOOOOO! The water sprinkled out of my mouth like a mist! After wiping my mouth I responded in a high tone.

“Wha……. Wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-what are you saying!?”

Seriously what was this “mother” thinking!? You wouldn’t normally come out of the blue and ask about a grandchild!? Mum then said it with a serious face.

“That’s because…….. In this house, you call Rias-san, “Rias”….. So that’s what it is isn’t it? I think my grandchild can also have a Japanese name. You know there are Japanese names that don’t sound weird even in other countries. So by having a girl she could have a cute name like that! For example “Eri” or “Mari”!”

You already planned that far ahead!? It’s early! It’s too early for that!? What is she thinking!?

“I’m saying that it’s too early for a grandchild and their names!”

I just confessed! Let me progress our relationship naturally! Just look at me and Rias with warm eyes! See!? Everyone is looking at us and laughing! Rias on other hand is really shy right now, so much so that her face is really red!

“I-I’m really happy right now! Right now I don’t care about a grandchild! I only care about Rias!”

I said that strongly to mum! Rias then holds my hand.

“I-I’m also happy right now. Just being next to Ise……makes me really happy.”

Rias smiles at me with a red face.



Rias and I stared at each other. What a magnificent woman! I’m so happy that I could die because both of us are in love with each other! Aaah, Rias. Aaaah, Rias!! She’s beautiful and cute!

“This is what you call a “Baka-uple”.2 But try to act normal at school.”

Rossweisse-san stated calmly while drinking coffee! She turns into a teacher at times like this!

Koneko-chan is staring at me and Rias. She then looks down.

“……Grandchild…….Baby……. Happiness…….”

She says that with a low voice.

...........? She doesn’t look too energetic. Is there something wrong with Koneko-chan?

Part 2

That day, the ones who arrived at my house late at night were important people like Sirzechs-sama, Grayfia-san and Azazel-sensei. They were gathered in the VIP room located on the top floor of the Hyoudou residence. They gathered us, the Gremory team, with serious faces so we knew that it had to be a serious discussion. Sirzechs-sama made me, Kiba, Akeno-san, and Rias sit in front of him and then began to speak.

“Just as I told the three of you last time, Ise-kun, Kiba-kun, and Akeno-kun have accomplished many achievements; so the topic about you three getting a promotion has been decided by us, the Yondai-Maou, and the other top council members.”

He’s talking about that! Yes. It seems like a discussion was going on about a promotion for me, Kiba and Akeno-san. He told me about it after the match against Sairaorg-san. At that time, I was confused so I couldn’t understand what he was talking about. That’s because it’s a promotion we are talking about. Something I couldn't even image was said directly to me by Maou-sama, so it would be weird if I wasn't confused! My aim was to get a promotion, but I never thought I would obtain one this soon! It seems like fighting against the Evil-God Loki and “Khaos Brigade” have become great achievements.

……Well we mysteriously got involved in those matters and getting through those incidents has become a big achievement apparently…… Certainly I thought that we should get praised for surviving such a crisis where it wouldn’t have been weird for us to have lost our lives. But I never expected that we were thought so highly of that we would be given a promotion…….

“About the promotion, it would be natural that you three should get a promotion to High-class devils by skipping the middle-class devil exam. But because of the promotion system, we would like you to go through the middle-class devil exam first.”

Middle-class promotion test…….. Wait! High-class!? We are thought to be at a top-class devil level!? Are you serious!? High-class……. Really? I really can’t understand what’s going on right now! Akeno-san and Kiba are also shocked but not as much as me. It seems like I was the only one making weird faces. Azazel sensei said this while drinking sake from a glass.

“It won't be weird for Ise, Kiba, and Akeno to become High-class devils judging from your achievements. But it seems like there are steps even in the world of devils. Especially the higher-ups are noisy about it. They acknowledged the special promotion for you, but they are also saying to follow the proper procedures. That’s why you will become Middle-class devils and be active in that rank for a while. Then soon after you will receive a promotion to become High-class devils from them. You guys can plan about what to do when you become High-class devils during your time as Middle-class devils.”

Sensei said that as if this is something easy.

“Mi-middle-class and Hi-high-class devil……..! Yo-you are telling me that I have the right to become one…….?”

I asked because I felt like I was not worthy of this award. My true feelings were that I didn’t know what to do after getting a promotion because my dream is right in front of me. Sirzechs-sama then nods with a smiling face.

“Yes. Defeating the Evil-God Loki and the terrorists are big achievements. And you have shown magnificent fighting skills in the last match against Bael. Even more than that Ise-kun, you are the popular “Chichiryuutei Oppai Dragon”. It won’t be weird if the topic of promotion comes to you. No. I should say that this is an expected result.”

…….So “that” show was also the reason for it!? How can this be…… I thought that was just a profit-making plan done by the house of Gremory…… Recently a sponge called “Sponge Dragon” was released. I think that the house of Gremory is a business family because they even make products for things that occurred in the match against Bael.

“Congratulations on your promotion recommendation Ise, Akeno, Yuuto. All of you are servants that I can be proud of. I am really blessed.”

Rias smiles with a satisfied face. It seems she’s deeply pleased. She must be feeling great joy because her proud servants received such great acknowledgment.

“Ise-san, Kiba-san, Akeno-san. Congratulations!”

“Yes. It’s good news. You guys are comrades I can be proud of.”

“Devil’s middle-class promotion! I’m very interested in it!”

The Church-trio, Asia, Xenovia, and Irina are also pleased with us.

“I-I also want to improve just like Senpai!”

Gyasuke also gives us a positive comment! This guy has become really positive. He’s brighter than before.

“I also want to get a promotion quickly and have a stable and luxurious living.”

Rossweisse-san has a realistic dream like always!

“This team has become a group where Raiser-oniisama’s group can’t compete against anymore.”

Ravel says. Yeah! I don’t feel like our current team would lose to Raiser’s team!

“The oldest-son in the house of Phoenix is a top player in Rating game. His team has a good-balance.”

Sensei says so. Hmm, the house of Phoenix’s oldest son eh.

“My oldest brother is the next heir of our house. We will be troubled if he isn’t strong. Putting that aside. This is something great. To be expected from Rias-sama’s servants. For three people to get a promotion in such a short-time. Isn’t it so, Koneko-san?”

Ravel asks Koneko-chan.

“……..Of course. Congratulations Ise-senpai, Yuuto-senpai, Akeno-senpai.”

Koneko-chan shows her smile but she seems to have low tension. Though it seems like she’s pleased with our promotion……

“Though soon other guys beside these three will also receive a promotion as well. What you guys did is really magnificent. In terms of power, basically everyone is at a High-class devil level. Having servants like that in one group is very rare.”

Sensei says that. I see. So the other members also have a chance to get a promotion. He’s right. It would be weird if we are the only ones to get acknowledged when all of us went through those intense battles. The fact that all of us went through death situations is the same.

Akeno-san and Kiba stand up and bow to Sirzechs-sama.

“Thank you very much for the promotion recommendation. This is a great honour which is too great for me. Sirzechs Lucifer-sama, I will take this promotion as a “Knight” of Rias Gremory’s group.”

“I will also accept it as the “Queen” of Gremory-group. I thank you deeply for acknowledging me for this promotion.”

Kiba and Akeno accepted the recommendation professionally.

“How about you Ise-kun?”

Sirzechs-sama asks me! I also stood up and bowed my head down to Sirzechs-sama.

“I will take it of course! Thank you very much! To tell you the truth I’m still shocked because it’s something that I only dreamed about…… But I would like to overcome it for my dream! I’m satisfied that I was able to live up to Ri…….Buchou’s standards!”

Oh. It might be rude to call her by her name in front of Maou-sama. That’s what I thought, but Sirzechs-sama made a naughty smile and then said…..

“Oya-oya? Ise-kun. You can call Rias by her name even in front of me.”

“No, but……”

I tried to stay humble towards him but Sirzech-sama continues happily.

“Hahaha! More like I’m telling you to call her by her name! I’m also happy, and looking at you two makes me feel at peace.”

“G-Geez! Onii-sama! Please don’t play with us!”

Rias stood up with her face red and was mad at him. Aaah, she sure gets mad with a cute face……

“Hahaha, why not? Right, Grayfia?”

Sirzechs-sama asks Grayfia-san. Grayfia-san speaks with the usual cool atmosphere.

“Someone like myself has no right to say anything. ......However, I don’t think its bad to call each other by name in a situation like this.”

…..! What! Even Grayfia-san!?


Even Rias will become silent if Grayfia-san says that. Sirzechs-sama nods his head.

“Yes, yes. And I don’t mind you calling me Ani-ue3! Now call me that Ise-kun! Call me “Onii-chan”!”


His head was smacked violently by Grayfia-san’s harisen4.

“Sirzechs-sama. You are going overboard in a situation like this. ——One day. It will be alright if he calls you that next time.”

“……Y-you are right. Maybe rushing things is the bad part of the males in Gremory......Cough.”

Sensei who was laughing at the scene besides them says it after taking a breath.

“So like that next week the three of you, Ise, Kiba and Akeno will participate in the Middle-class devil promotion test in the Underworld.”

…….! The test is earlier than I expected.

“Next week. That’s all of a sudden.”

Kiba says that. Akeno-san continues after him.

“If I remember correctly the test for Middle-class promotion includes writing a report, a written test and a practical correct? Putting the practical aside, I wonder if we will be alright with the report and written test?”

There’s a report!? Oh man…… It even sounds like there is a written test….. Will I be able to do it? I begin to get nervous. Sensei then says.

“Don’t worry. If it’s a written test then Akeno and Kiba will have no problem. It’s basic knowledge and application problems for devils. And also questions relating to the Rating Game, so it’s not something new. For the report……. What do they have to write about?”

Sensei asks Grayfia. Grayfia-san took a step forward and explains.

“The report that has to be submitted on test day can be broken down to “What will you do when you become a Middle-class devil?” and write about your aim and greed as a theme. It’s also popular to include about “What did you gain until now?” in it as well.”

I see. So we have to write about our aim and what we have gained till now. Hmmm I don’t think I can write anything complicated so I wonder if I can write about something clear and simple? But a report……

“Somehow it seems like a test in the human world.”

When I said that Sensei looks at Sirzechs-sama and spoke.

“Well, they are using it as a model I guess?”

Sirzechs-sama nods.

“The majority of the devils taking the Middle-class promotion tests are reincarnated devils. Because of that, we use the tests in the human world as a model and apply it on the promotion test.”

I see. If I think about it, that would be the case. Lately there are lots of reincarnated-devils so the ones taking the promotion test would mostly be former humans. So they decide the test by thinking about that then. Sensei bangs on his knees and then looks at us.

“Anyway the report will be due on the test day, so have that as your first priority. But Ise!”


Sensei points at me and then says.

“Besides the report, you on the other hand, have to study for the written test! Rather than the common knowledge, train your brain in a week so you can answer application questions! Rest assured. There are intelligent girls and guys around you.”

Rias puts her hand on my shoulder.

“Leave it to me Ise. I will teach you lots of things.”

“Ise-kun. I also want to check through the questions, so lets study together.”

“Ara-ara. Then I will also study together as well.”

Kiba and Akeno-san also say that to me. Ooh, what a strong support! Having Rias and Akeno-san makes me feel reassured already, but the good-looking guy also wants to help me! What people need are good friends! But then, what about the “last” one…….?

“Ummm, then what about the practical?”

When I say that Sirzechs-sama, Grayfia-san and Sensei made a weird face and looked at each other.

“I don’t think you need to worry about that.”

Sensei says it as if it’s an obvious answer.

“Eh……. But in my case it’s something I can gain the most points in so I was thinking about training for it!”

I said that but Sensei waves his hands to the sides.

“That’s why I’m saying that you don’t need it. Just do the practical on the test day. You probably won’t realise it until the test day. Akeno. Kiba. You guys also don’t need to worry about the practical so concentrate on the report.”



Akeno-san and Kiba both reply that! Eeeeeeeeh!? Both of you are alright with that……? Are you serious? So I have to study for the written test rather than the practical in which I can earn the most points? Well in my case it seems like I won’t get good marks for the written test so studying for it is a must. Even so I wanted to train for the practical. If I couldn’t do anything for the practical on the test day then that would be a great loss. I put my hand up because I felt nervous.

“Ummm, one last thing…… I know it’s a really embarrassing thing to ask, but what would happen if I fail in it? Would we lose our recommendation?”

Sirzechs-sama shook his head.

“No. That won’t happen. Once you receive a recommendation, you will not lose it even if you fail the test next week. You can redo it as many times as you want. You won’t lose your recommendation unless you receive a very bad result.”

Oh is that so? That makes me feel better. So I can do it again even if I fail next week, unless I start a weird crime. This promotion requirement makes me feel very safe. I felt assured and Sirzechs-sama says it strongly.

“Also I know that you will pass in next week’s test Ise-kun. Ise-kun. You might be feeling uneasy because of the sudden recommendation but there’s nothing you have to worry about.”

I received praise from Maou-sama!

…….Is it true? Can I actually pass it……? But I received a recommendation! I will live up to their expectations and I will take the test! And getting a promotion was supposed to be my aim! It happened while I was doing things without thinking but this is an important chance! I will just go ahead and pass!

“I will do my best! I will definitely become a Middle-class devil! And one day I will become a High-class devil!”

I replied by raising my spirit! Yeah! The road to becoming a Harem-King has opened! I will just go ahead and be covered in the bodies of naked women! Gufufufufufufufu! I was burning with ecchi dreams within my mind as Rossweisse stands up.

“Now. Since the discussion is basically finished, I will take my leave.”

When I look, she has clothes on that seems like she’s going somewhere. It has been bugging me the whole time.

“Rossweisse-san. Are you going somewhere?”

When I asked, Rossweisse-san answers while looking far ahead.

“To Northen Europe. I’m thinking of returning home for a while.”

……..Northen Europe? Returning home? What’s this about? I didn’t know what was going on, but Rias seems to know about it.

“It’s about “that” correct?”

Rossweisse-san silently nods at Rias’s question.

“Yes. Currently, I think I’m lacking power. There are many occasions where the Gremory Team fights strong opponents. At this rate, I will become a hindrance. I’m thinking about increasing the trait of “Rook”.”

So she’s going back to increase her “Rook’s” trait? Sensei then asks her.

“Rossweisse. Is there something you can rely on in Valhalla?”

“Yes. There is a senpai of mine who is a professional in that department. It seems like getting points at Magical-attacks during the Valkyrie candidate test has been in vain……”

After the battle against Bael, it seems like there were things Rossweisse-san was concerned about and she has been regretting that she couldn’t give it her all. Even if I say that, I think she left a good impression in the last match. She defeated two of the servants from the Bael team and she even made Sairaorg-san flinch because her magical attack went through. Magic and demonic-powers are similar but different. Demonic-power is a power that devils use with their own power to create natural phenomenons. It needs lots of power to turn imagination into materialization. To make complicated or powerful demonic-powers into materialisation, it requires a high technique to control them. Magic on the other hand, makes the law of supernatural phenomenon occur by controlling it with rules and formulas. By deploying the magic-circle, calculation becomes an important factor so you can calculate the rule and formula every time. To begin with, magic was originally a power so other beings besides devils could use demonic-powers by their own law and formula. That’s how it started. But now variation types of magic were created and it can do things that the demonic-powers of devils can’t do. Obviously there are demonic-powers that can’t be used by magic. Especially the ability and powers handed down by the pure-devils genes. Those are powers that can only be used by those from their clans. Like that magic and demonic-powers are powers that are similar but different. The power that uses magic is called “Magical powers” or “Power of Buddhism”.

Well that’s what I was told from Sensei and Rossweisse-san. So even I know basic information about magic! Though I don’t know anything more than this! Sensei then says it.

“Looking at the balance of Rias’s team, it would be good to have someone who uses magic. It might have been good to use a “Bishop” or “Pawn” to increase her strong points. Rias’s team has overwhelming fire-power but looking at it as a whole, it has shallow defence and can easily be taken down by tricks and techniques. In past games and actual battles, the opponents aimed for those. In other words, the whole team has muscles even in their brains. Something like “Defeat them, before getting defeated”. Covering those parts with magic would be a good thing.”

Everyone made a bitter smile at Sensei’s comment. Rias is also embarrassed and she has a red face. W-well his opinion is correct. Most of us are types who just go head on and fight and we get toyed with by technique-types often. Sirzechs-sama then says this.

“But there are many fans that prefer teams like your group. Strategy-type teams and technique-type teams are hard to judge at first glance and lack extreme fights, but expert fans like them.”

Sensei also nods.

“Yeah. So Rias and Sairaorg’s teams should use their flashy fights to attract an audience while improving their strategies. That way in the future, the professional games will be heated up.”

Oh, so you can also look at it that way. So professionals also need to get an audience as well. I see.

“Either way, you need certain support to back up those powers. So will it be alright to send Rossweisse to Valhalla, Rias?”

Sensei asks Rias.

“Yes. If there are certain areas they want to improve, then there is no reason for me to decline it.”

Rias also agrees with it. Seeing that, Rossweisse gives her gratitude.

“Thank you very much. Ah. I have also made the test paper for the mid-semester test, so please don’t worry about it.”

Rias and Akeno-san nod at Rossweisse-san’s words.

“To be expected from her.”

“Oh now I remember. It’s about time at the academy for the mid-semester test.”

That’s right! It’s about time that there is a mid-semester test at school! For 2nd years, we have Sports-festival, School-Trip, School-festival, and mid-semester test continuously for the second semester!

“Oh crap! There’s the mid-semester test! I didn’t study at all!"

I got up and screamed! What should I do! What the heck should I do! I’m already dumb to begin with, and on top of that a test!? It’s going to be the worst day ever! But it will also be bad not to take the promotion test! Looks like my school life that is mixed with troubles will continue till the test day……. While I was holding my head down, Sirzechs-sama asks Ravel.

“Ravel. Will you accept the earlier discussion I talked about?”

“Of course, Sirzechs-sama!”

Ravel accepts his offer. Huh? What is this about?

“What is this thing about an earlier discussion?”

I ask Sirzechs-sama.

“Yes. I’m thinking of making Ravel become Ise-kun’s assistant. In other words, a manager.”

……Ah. If I think about it, Sensei also said something like that before the Bael match. Sirzechs-sama continues.

“Ise-kun will also be busy from now on. Both in studies in the human world, and the entertainment industry in the Underworld. Grayfia manages the schedule for the Gremory team, but she’s still just one person. So matters that she can’t handle by herself will appear. Especially in simple matters. So I thought it would be better to give you a manager from now on. That’s why I picked Ravel who is connected with the Underworld and is also studying in the human world.”

So my support……. I heard Sensei saying that I would need someone like that from now. Also by seeing the number of children who came to cheer for me at the Bael match, I can imagine how things related to “Oppai Dragon” are important from the high popularity of “Oppai Dragon” in the Underworld. That’s probably the reason for me getting a manager. I feel like a celebrity……. Wait. Am I a celebrity in the Underworld? Hmmm, I don’t feel like it. But I do know that I’m famous. It’s scary to know that my importance is increasing in ways I don’t know about.

“I’m sorry for bringing this up all of a sudden, but I want you, Ravel, to support Ise-kun with his Mid-class promotion test.”

Ravel stood up at Sirzechs-sama’s words and put her hand up filled with confidence.

“I understand. Leave it to me, Ravel Phoenix. I will definitely make sure Ise-san gets promoted! I will collect and gather the essential books and such now!”

Saying that, Ravel leaves the room. Oh, she’s filled with spirit! Having her on my side makes me feel strong.

“For Ravel, your promotion will affect her future life greatly.”

That’s what Sensei says…….. Just like her parents from the House of Phoenix, she seems very interested in my promotion.

“Koneko. If you let your guard down, the Senpai who you greatly love will be taken away by Ravel.”

Sensei picks on Koneko-chan. Ho-hold on! If you talk about those kind of things, Koneko-chan's heart will get heated towards the rivalry she has against Ravel........


Koneko-chan was just looking down, and it seemed like her mind was elsewhere.


Everyone seemed puzzled at Koneko-chan who didn’t react at all.

……Koneko-chan is acting weird, just like I thought. I hope she isn’t ill.

I’m worried about Koneko-chan but I have to take care of the test first! The promotion test and mid-semester test! These are two problems that are greatly pressuring me.

Part 3

Its a few days later. It’s lunch time, and I am lying on my own desk inside my classroom. I held my head down, while I mumbled.

“……Aaaah, there are too many things I need to memorise……”

The timing was bad……. During the sports-festival there was the incident with Diodora and the Old-Maou faction. Before the school field-trip there was the incident with Loki. And during the field-trip there was the battle with the Hero-Faction. And at the same time as the school-festival there was the Rating Game against Sairaorg-san. And for the promotion-test there is a clash with the Mid-semester exam and studying…… It’s not easy being a devil……..

Every night after the devil’s job and dinner, there is a group study session for the exam. I’m studying for the Mid-semester test and promotion-test while being taught by others. I have to study for both, so it feels like my head is going to blow. Rosweisse-san departed from Japan soon after that. She finished setting the test-paper, so she must have gone to Northern-Europe without any worries. I also wanted Rossweisse-san to check my study progress as well. During normal daily life, she teaches me for studies and other things regularly.

“Oh look. Ise is studying.”

“It’s useless. Even if you feed your brain, you are already a dumbass to begin with so it won’t do any good.”

Motohama and Matsuda appeared and came to my desk with lecherous faces.

“Shut up baldy and glasses. Putting Motohama aside, you have the same grades as me Matsuda.”

Matsuda just laughed it off.

“Kakaka. At times like this, you should just forget about these kind of things and put your attention to other things. Look!”

What Matsuda pulled out was……..a porno DVD! This is the lecherous porno DVD for gentleman! I grabbed it from Matsuda immediately. I glared at the cover of it.

“T-This is….! The really rare and popular DVD which is hard to get now! “True Big-breasted Squadron Paiotsujya. The exploding exposed breast-war story”! Y-you got your hands on thissss!?”

Motohama’s glasses sparkled at my shivering voice.

“Well, I got it from my personal connection. I sacrificed many things to get my hands on this. Even so, this has that much value to it!”

Matsuda puts his arm around my neck. He then whispered into my ears with a lecherous face.

“Hey Ise-dono. Let's forget about the test and have a film-party at my house. Your house is cramped with girls so you can’t watch these types of things can you?”

H-he’s exactly right! I couldn’t do personal and private things at my house like before! Especially touching ecchi stuff has become a valuable thing…… I spend my nights with Rias and Asia, and other girls often come to my room to play as well. We often have sudden Game Tournaments in my room. Well that is also really fun! People might say that even if I can’t touch erotic things, women’s bodies are close to me. But! That is that, and this is this! I want to watch lots of porno! How can you call it a youth if a healthy High school student like myself can’t watch porno!

“…….Okay. We will watch this porno DVD at Matsuda’s house--“

It happened when I had made up my mind and was about to speak. Someone took the DVD I was holding away from me. It’s the girl with glasses. It’s Kiryuu.

“Ara-ara. It’s just before the exam and the “The Three-Ero(lechers)” are just like usual. Ara. But this looks interesting. What do you think, Asia?”

Right next to Kiryuu is Assssssssssssia! Asia looks at the cover after being told by Kiryuu! Her face suddenly turns red!

“Hauuuuuu! Ise-san! Y-you got naughty things like this again! You already have so many!”

How much does Asia-chan know about my collection!? The girls at my house have a strict observation of me! Also guys always search for new stimulating things! Xenovia also appeared and started to look at the cover with very interested eyes.

“Yes. Last time I watched one of Ise’s collection with Asia and Irina, but I think what they do in the end is always the same. Intercourse right? Isn’t that right Irina?”

Xenovia shifts the discussion to Irina who appeared beside her! Wait! You guys were watching my collection!? What the hell!?

“R-Rias-san and Akeno-san also said that the step and atmosphere are important as well! That’s what it means!”

“Hmn. Atmoshere huh. You certainly need it. So you are saying that just making love won’t allow us to be satisfied like we are “women”. That’s what you mean right Irina?”

“Wait! Don’t shift the topic like this to a Christian like me! Something terrible will happen! But I do have an interest in it…….! Aaaah, please forgive this complicated mind of a maiden of mine lord!”

She holds her head down and she then prays! Irina sure is busy like usual! Wait! Have Rias and Akeno-san been looking at all my collection as well!? The way I hid it was perfect! I hid it inside household goods inside the closet located in the unused room! So it was found…… The location of the DVDs didn’t change and there wasn’t even a trace of them being touched! I’m feeling embarrassed because my private things were revealed! Matsuda and Motohama both said “Aaaah” while having a small laugh, and they are looking at me with sympathetic eyes! Shit! I’m envious of you guys who can watch porn without any care inside your room!

“I will also be erotic! So don’t worry Ise-san!”

Asia-chan made a declaration like that! Next to her, Kiryuu had a suspicious smile on her face. Youuuuuuu! Even Kiryuu influenced Asia with erotic things! If my cute Asia becomes erotic, then I………. Maybe that will be quite good!?

Then my mobile-phone vibrated. When I took it out and looked, it was the vibration to alert me of the time.

“Ah, it’s time for medicine.”

I said that and got up from my seat.

“Huh? Was there something wrong with you?”

Matsuda asks. No, it’s not for me.

“Sorry. I will be gone for a bit.”

I said it to everyone and moved to a place where there aren’t any people. I went inside the home economic room that isn’t used by anyone during this time. I made my gauntlet appear immediately and took out a small bottle at the sink. I sprinkled the fluid inside it to the jewel.

“How is it Ddraig?”

[…….Yeah. It feels like my feelings are becoming relaxed.]

Ddraig seems to have calmed. It seems like Ddraig got a heart “disease” because I have been powering up with breast related things continuously. When I showed Ddraig to the professional counsellor introduced by Sensei, I was prescribed to use this medicine. He has his consciousness, but apparently a sealed Dragon is a special existence. So I used the medicine for Dragons that will calm their stress down to test it, and it seems like the medicine worked and he seems to be more relaxed than before. A Dragon sealed in Sacred Gear should be rare, but a medicine used for that kind of dragon seems more rare to me….. I really am troubling Ddraig so much that I had to get a counsellor to check up on him. I never imagined that a Heavenly Dragon had a fragile heart so I did too many reckless power-ups.

[…….I started to get back to myself after receiving the medicine. Kukuku. But a Heavenly-Dragon who needs medicine….. What would the white-one think if he finds out…….]

Ddraig is laughing at himself…… I’m really sorry! Well anyway, I have a counsellor look at Ddraig once a week. And I have to use this medication on him 3 times a day. Ddraig! I will look after you for the rest of my life!

[…….Kukuku. Medication for ten thousand years huh…………]

That’s why I’m saying that I’m sorry! Keep your heart strong! Oh! If the cause, which is me, tells him that then it won’t have any persuasive strength in it! The thing about Ddraig is serious, but I also have to take care of the two tests….. I’m busy with other things besides battles as well…… So it was necessary that I got a manager huh. I seriously am having a crazy high school life. Haaa…….. I left the home-economic room while making a sigh. And I met him by chance.


“Ah, Saji.”

I met with Saji.

“…..You were making the Heavenly-Dragon cry that much?”

Saji sighs after hearing about the issue with Ddraig. I was in the Student-council room.

“If the Heavenly-Dragon doesn’t stay stable then serious things will happen when Vritra goes berserk.”

Saji says it while drinking green-tea.

“It means that Dragons are sensitive and hard to control.”

I said something that sounds right…….. But I’m not in the position where I can say that. But Saji also agreed by saying “Yeah. You are right”. Well it’s hard to take care of a dragon that resides in you. I wonder how Sensei is interacting with Fafnir? I should ask him about it next time.

“Oh yeah. I heard that you were recommended for promotion. Congrats.”

I received congratulation from Saji.

“Yeah, thanks. It was all rather sudden. To tell you the truth, I still can’t believe it.”

“Well, I think it is an appropriate recommendation. You went through lots of life and death situations right? I participated in the battle against Loki and the battle at Kyoto so I understand it. You will die in battles like that. Normally you would die. How many strong foes have you had as your opponents? They are all opponents who come from mythologies or are recorded in history.”

But I still survived through those battles. It’s all because of Ddraig and my comrades who I can depend on…… Even so it was an intense battle. Seriously. Why do we get involved in those kinds of battles………? I admire a quiet and ecchi lifestyle! Saji continues.

“You survived through those battles and achievements. So I would say it’s an appropriate thing. Are you going to skip through ranks? Don’t you guys already have the power of High-class devils already? Like you and Kiba for example?”

“No. In terms of promotion we have to become Middle-class devils first.”

“Hmm, so the higher-up’s don’t have the good will to do what’s right, ay. Kaichou said that you, Kiba, and Akeno-senpai have the power to become High-class devils by skipping through ranks. Since it’s Sekiryuutei, Holy-demonic swords, and Holy-lightning.”

Some people look at us like that. Even Sensei and others said it’s a matter of time until we become High-class devils. So we accomplished things where we get treated like that huh…….

“You and Kiba are especially crazy strong. I asked Kiba to spar with me last time. He was too strong. My attacks couldn’t hit him that much. Kiba is like a role-model of a technique-type in my opinion. And you have been training with Kiba every day right? You do know that you guys are monsters, right?”

I don’t want it to be said by Saji who can transform into a Dragon-king…… Well the training with that guy won’t mean anything if I don’t do it seriously. I see. So Saji did spar with Kiba. He must have bit his tongue when he saw Kiba’s god speed. My attacks seriously can’t touch him.

“I also want to get a promotion, but before that I need to get stronger.”

Saji says it with a bitter smile.

“You are pretty strong enough. You do have the Dragon-king Vritra with you.”

“No, not just me. I want to get stronger with the other Sitri members as well. Lately, our Kaichou has been discussing it with Grigori. About the artificial Sacred Gear that is.”

“Artificial Sacred Gear?”

The one Sensei uses. The one he created for himself by copying the Scared Gear system that the “God recorded in Bible” used to create the Sacred Gear.

“Yeah. We, the Sitri group, often participate in the experiments of Azazel-sensei. As a result, next time one of the non-Sacred Gear possessors of our group is going to be equipped with an Artificial Sacred Gear.”

“Wow, that’s amazing.”

“Even if I say Artifical Sacred Gear, the power output isn’t as stable as the Sacred Gears and there are limits on the number of times they can be used. There are many things that still need to be fixed. But it’s certain that we can become stronger, so it won’t be in vain if we use it. And if the research on the Artificial Sacred Gears improves, then in the near future it will become the power for devils as well. Also “Reverse” isn’t used anymore. The burden it has on the body is large and they say those with Sacred Gears near them might touch them and bad things might occur.”

So the student-council members are helping with the experiments for things like that huh. Saji enjoyably talks about it.

“There are also lots of variations in Artificial Sacred Gears as well. It’s not like I’m receiving it, but it’s fun to know about them you know? It begins with Power or Support type. For types it has Element-types, Counter-types, Barrier-types and like that it has many variations. And just like our Sacred Gears there are ones that have monsters sealed in them, even by contract as well.”

If I remember correctly, Sensei’s Artificial Sacred Gear has one of the Five Dragon-kings, “Gigantis Dragon Fafnir” residing in it by contract. Do you call those ones the “Contract-sealed type” perhaps? I’m really lacking in knowledge of Sacred Gear types. I only try to understand my own Sacred Gear. Next time I should ask Sensei to teach me about it. When I was thinking about it, other Sitri members came into the student-council room.

“Ah, it’s Hyoudou-kun.”

The one with pig tails, the “Bishop” Kusaka-san congratulates me by saying “Congratulations for your promotion recommendation!” as soon as she sees me. Other members also congratulate me by saying “Congratulations!”.

“Thank you! First of all, I will try my best for the test.”

The first-year girl, the “Pawn” Nimura-san says it to Saji.

“Genshirou-senpai. Kaichou said to get “that” document.”

“Ah, that. Roger that Nimura.”

And another girl, the second-year girl “Bishop” Hanakai-san says it to Saji.

“Gen-chan. I also have some business from Kaichou.”

“Are you serious Hanakai? Looks like I have lots of things to do…… First of all, let’s do the ones that are easier to finish. Hyoudou, I will be going then. Just relax by talking to the others.”

Saji leaves the room with Hanakai-san and Nimura-san after saying that. I heard from the “Rook” Yura and “Bishop” Kusaka-san that the second year girl, the “Bishop” Hanakai Momo, and the first year girl, the “Pawn” Nimura Ruruko-san are having an intense clash over Saji. Hanakai-san was the girl who was carrying the pack with my blood inside at the Rating Game against the Sitri-group. Nimura-san is the one who got defeated by Koneko-chan. Hanakai-san was originally Kiba’s fan. But apparently she is the type who can distinguish between dream and reality, and she realised that Kiba is someone who she cannot reach so she had her heart taken by Saji who continued to work hard. Nimura-san on other hand has been beside Saji and has been supporting Saji with student-council work and devil related works. Because she’s been right next to him, she apparently fell for Saji who takes everything seriously. Looks like he’s also busy. While I was thinking about my friends love-life while drinking green tea, the “Rook” Yura came up to me with autograph paper.

“Hyoudou, can I have your autograph?”

“Okay. But are you sure you want mine?”

“Of course. The battle against Bael. I saw the recorded video and became deeply moved by it. That was the best fist fight ever.”

Yura seems to be my fan. Last time there was a discussion about who the girls types are amongst the devils attending the school of me, Kiba, Gapser and Saji when I talked to Yura and the others. She told me I was her type. She said she likes guys who seem to be covered in mud. Am I muddy…….? Well I always have fist fights so it can’t be helped if I have an impression like that.

…..But Yura sure is a bishoujo even though she has really high popularity from girls for having a bishounen face. By the way the “Knight” Meguri-san prefers Gasper. She seems to like younger boys.

“Young boys are good.”

Meguri-san says it naturally with a serious face!

“I definitely prefer Kiba-kyuun.”

Kusaka-san is a big Kiba-fan like always. Also the Fuku-kaichou Tsubaki-senpai is also Kiba’s fan. In terms of being a fan, Tsubaki-senpai is greater than Kusaka-san. Apparently she fell for Kiba after losing in the game in the Underworld. Is it that love where the person finds out their feelings after they have lost?

“Kusaka-san. Do you want me to introduce you to Kiba next time?”

Kusaka-san gets overjoyed at my suggestion.

“Really!? But can you introduce Tsubaki-senpai first? She is seriously in love with Kiba-kyuun.”

Ah, is that right. It’s one of those complicated relationships between Senpai and Kouhai. Wait! Why am I being concerned about that good-looking guy! But that guy doesn’t have a girlfriend even though he’s popular amongst girls. That’s why I’m being concerned as his friend. Like this I was opening up to the people from student-council. This is a good thing. It’s a good thing to have connections since we are the few devils who go to the same school.

“So Hyoudou-kun is here, I see.”

I heard a familiar voice. When I turned around it was Sona-kaichou.

“Ah, I’m pardoning myself.”


Kaichou answers my greetings with a cool manner.

“The guest is here but I want everyone to do an errand for me. Tsubaki is having a hard time against the clubs.”


Everyone replies to Kaichou’s order.

“See you later Hyoudou-kun.”

Saying that, everyone leaves the room. The only ones left are me and Kaichou!

……It’s probably my first time being alone with Kaichou! I’m getting nervous! Then the room suddenly becomes silent. Sona-kaichou sat on her seat and started looking through the documents.


I felt like I was in the wrong place so I tried to leave. Then Kaichou spoke.

“I heard that you confessed to Rias.”

…….. So you want to talk about that.

“Ri…… Did Buchou tell you?”

“Yes. I have been friends with her since we were small. Lately I hear about her love life by communicating through magic-circles.”

Are you serious!? Th-that sure is……..

“Hahaha…… Ummm, yeah…….”

I put on a smile and Kaichou looks at me with a straight stare.

“It seems like you can do everything that I couldn’t do.”

“……What do you mean?”

“The engagement, the incident with Raiser. The case with Kiba Yuuto-kun. The case with Gasper-kun. The case with Koneko-san. The case with Akeno……… You made the burden that Rias carries lessen…….. I have been beside Rias longer than you, yet I couldn’t do anything even though I‘m her friend. “Because I’m a High-class devil”. “Because it’s the devils custom”. I couldn’t overcome these obstacles because I was captured by those facts…….. I couldn’t do anything because of the place I stand at and the way people around me will look at me.”

Sona-kaichou has been thinking of Rias in her own way. Of course, since they have been friends since they were small.

“You solved them without thinking about those facts. I was very happy about it…….. And I was also very jealous about it. You can solve every problem that I couldn’t. That’s why I want to give you my gratitude. Thank you for saving Rias.”

Kaichou’s cool expression loosens after making a sigh.

“Hyoudou-kun….. No. Maybe I should call you Ise-kun at private times. Please take care of Rias. She can be stubborn, and short tempered at times but she’s more delicate than anyone. She needs someone who can support her by her side. That’s why I want to leave this task to you.”

“Yes! Leave Ri……Buchou to me!”

Of course! Rias is very important to me!

“You can call Rias by her name when it’s only us two. If you are the person she is in love with, then that makes you my friend as well. Yes, you can also call me Sona.”

“I-I think that’s a bit hard for me……!”

Kaichou made a sigh after hearing me.

“……..You receive dissatisfaction from Rias and Akeno about how you speak to them at private times don’t you?”

“Eh!? H-how do you know!?”

Is Kaichou a psychic!? How did she know? Seeing my reaction, Kaichou makes a small laugh. I thought that this person makes a cute laugh. She’s usually cool so the gap between it makes me fall for it. I see. I can understand why Saji fell for her!

“It means gentlemen who can separate the way they talk to ladies are more wonderful.”

“Ha-haaaa……. So it’s like that……….”

Kaichou made a sigh and slipped some words from her mouth.

“Maybe I should also get a boyfriend.”

Oh! I just heard a new word!

“How about Saji?”

My suggestion. Does he have any chance? Kaichou shook her head.

“I would call him my little-brother perhaps. Also there are servants of mine who have feelings towards him so I wouldn’t think of laying my hand on him.”

Ah, looks like there isn’t any chance right now. Saji, it seems like your dream is far away!

“Also about the game. It was magnificent. For you to defeat that Sairaorg Bael. Your growth sure does astonish me.”

“Y-yes, thank you very much. But we were able to finally beat him with four people……. He was a strong foe.”

“Even so, it was your team's victory. I can only say it was splendid.”

Sh-she sure does praise me a lot. This feels very new to me. But Kaichou’s group is also amazing. Even though her group isn’t completed yet, she still defeated the person from the house of Great-Duke. It means that Kaichou’s strategy and game rule had good matching. They are like the complete opposite type of team than us.

“So I will leave Rias to you Ise-kun. Also congratulations on your promotion recommendation. I will also congratulate you as well.”

“Thank you very much! Leave both Rias and the test to me!”

“Yes. I have high expectations for you. Do your best. Also for the exam as well.”

Sona-kaichou shows me her smile. For me to see that cool Kaichou making a cute smile like this. It proves that we opened up to each other. Somehow I feel happy because Kaichou also congratulates me. Yes. I have my spirits up again so I will accomplish both the exam and test!

Part 4

“I see. So you talked about things like that with Sona.”

I’m in the living room after having dinner. I spoke about the incident at noon with Rias.

“I have one doubt though. Doesn’t Sona-kaichou also have someone who she’s engaged with? I mean does she have a fiancé?”

I asked something like that to Rias. Sona-kaichou is also from a noble house, so it would be obvious if she does have a fiancé.

“She did.”


“She also broke it off like I did. It happened a bit before. She apparently challenged him to a game of chess and if she won the engagement would be broken off, but if she were to lose she had to quit school and get married immediately. She decided not to marry someone who can’t use his brain like her.”

So something like that happened. That’s why she said she might get a boyfriend. So she’s single right now.

“So in the end, she won and the engagement was broken off right.”

Rias nods at my words.

“She won the game with an overwhelming difference and broke the opponent's pride into pieces. It’s that Sona who won against Seegvaira Agares in tactics. Normal people can’t win against her. If I have a game of chess with her now, it would seem like I will lose more than win.”

That much huh. In a power battle we will not lose to the Sitri group. But if it’s a Rating Game that is mainly about strategy then……. They still don’t have full members yet. Won’t something amazing happen if they do have full members……? At least they still have few “Pawn” pieces and one of their “Knight” and “Rook” pieces left. When I was thinking about that, Rias spoke about it.

“Oh yes. Sona did say that she found someone new for the “Knight” and “Rook” pieces. She’s negotiating with them.”

Oh! So the Sitri-group will finally increase their members! It’s the Sona-kaichou who is a tactician that we are talking about. They must be those with certain traits. No, no. Maybe they might be power-types. If they are bishoujo, then I would like to get close to them! Like that I was imagining the new Sitri-group.

“Now Ise-sama.”

Ravel appeared while carrying books with both her hands! Lots of books are put down on the table making a loud noise! Ravel says it in front of the mountain of books.

“I also gathered many books and a reference book for the promotion test today! Also I gathered books for the exam for the Kuou Academy as well!”

This girl sure is fast and good at preparing! She always brings reference books from somewhere!

“Ara-ara. Looks like it’s time to study for the test.”

Akeno-san came.

“Oh, it’s time for studying is it? I also have to study for it today.”

“I will also study as well.”

“I’m studying as well!”

The trio of Xenovia, Irina and Asia came as well. Like this everyone gathers around this time and begins to study. Akeno-san and I study for both the exam and the promotion test. Other members study for the exam.

“Then let’s also study today as well.”

Rias sat beside me and opened the stationary book. She then looks around…….. She seems to be looking for someone.

“So Koneko doesn’t feel good today as well?”

Certainly Koneko-chan is absent now. She seems to be in bad condition lately. So like that, group study began without Koneko-chan.

“……..Ah, there are too many things to do.”

Group study finished and also the devil’s job is finished as well, so I was lying on the bed in my room. I’m physically exhausted, but the mental stress is even worse. During the time I was doing the devil’s job, I was pedalling my bicycle while reading a book that I carried with one of my hands…… I’m glad that I’m a devil who can see at night.

…….Even after this I have to study late into the night. Since both tests are coming up, I have to study till the limit. Well I’m a devil and I’m confident in my stamina so I can somehow cope with it. But there are two tests so there are so many things I have to remember and I’m scared that my brain will pop. Right now, Rias and the girls are making food before studying so it will give us energy. Rias stays up untill late at night because she helps me with my studying. She truly is an amazing woman! Though she seems to be leaving her class at school in order to sleep in the infirmary……. Even so, she’s still an amazing woman!

……..I did confess to her, but maybe I should ask her how long it will be effective for? That’s because I admire sweet life! When I study like this, I feel like ditching everything to do erotic things with Rias! Ah, is kissing her okay? Then how about something beyond that? Even ecchi things……. No, no! I have to study for the tests now! I should put aside my evil desires and study with the heart of a saint!

……..But maybe she will allow me to do ecchi things as a reward for passing the test. Ah! What happened to the film-party at Matsuda’s house and watching the DVD Motohoma got!? Is it invalid now!? Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! I want to watch it! I really want to watch it! How come I’m the only one who can’t watch it! This isn’t fair! Once I think about erotic things, it just gets bigger inside of me! I’m really keeping it in myself aren’t I? Sob……this isn’t fair! Maybe I should get rid of the “youth” inside me……….. It happened when I was trying to reach for the porno magazine hidden deep under the bed. I heard the sound of the door opening! ……..! Who is it!? Is it Rias!? Or is it Asia!? When I turned around, it was Koneko-chan wearing a white cloth. She has her cat ears and tail out. Is she in Nekomata mode? Why is she in that mode this late at night? She also took a break from the devil’s work because she wasn’t feeling well. I heard she’s not sick and she isn’t having trouble using sennjutsu either…….. Koneko-chan had a red face.

……She seems a bit “hot”…….Koneko-chan got close to me with an expression of ecstacy, and she pulled her white cloth up. Inside there……


She isn’t wearing anything! I couldn’t close my mouth which is opened wide because of Koneko-chan who isn’t wearing any pants.

Th-th-th-that’s because she isn’t wearing pants……! After taking off the white cloth, she got up on my bed and then hugs on to me. Her fast breath, sweaty small body and her soft body touches me! Koneko-chan then whispers into my ear.

“……..Senpai…….. I can’t control it………”

After saying that she takes my hand, and puts it on her breast. It’s small but certainly the soft sensation can be felt. Then Koneko-chan made a sweet voice.


……! What’s happening!? What’s going on!? What is this!? What happened to Koneko-chan!? I get confused at the sudden situation! I couldn’t hide my confused state because something that seems like an unbelievable action by Koneko-chan is happening! I never expected Koneko-chan to do erotic things like Rias and Akeno-san! I could feel her dry cat tongue on my neck…..! I got my neck licked by Koneko-chan! What is it with her tongue movement!? It’s too erotic! Koneko-chan spoke with a small voice with emotional eyes.

“……..I want Senpai’s………Ba.”


I asked Koneko-chan and she says it clearly.





What does she mean!? She suddenly says that she wants a baby!? She suddenly says something that Xenovia usually does! “That” Koneko-chan says it with an erotic expression! Koneko-chan reveals most of her body by taking off the cloth! She’s basically naked! A small breast appears in front of me! Something amazing is going on! I was imagining about doing ecchi things and then Koneko-chan appears right in front of me saying “I want Senpai’s baby”! It’s a stimulating and ecchi situation! But…….there’s something wrong with Koneko-chan. An expression that seems a bit “hot”. I can see a bit of a shadow in her eyes.

…….It happened when I thought that this isn’t normal. The door opens and Rias comes in! Uwaaaaaaaaaah! She saw me and Koneko-chan in a situation like this! As soon as Rias assessed the situation, she came rushing towards me and Koneko-chan while making loud footsteps! Uwa, is she mad!? Am I going to be killed!? That’s what I thought but………..

Rias puts her hand on Koneko-chan’s neck and then looks into Koneko-chan’s eyes. She then lastly touches her chest and stomach. Rias starts to think for a moment and then takes out her mobile. Rias then says it to me.

“…….You remember the Tennis-club captain, Abe-san right?”

“Eh……..? Y-yes. The beast-tamer senpai right?

The owner of the dream-breaker Yuki-Onna, Goristee. That tennis-club senpai who is always proud of herself.

“I will call her. Abe-san would be more knowledgeable than us about Nekomata.”

Rias seems serious. It seems like she isn’t slightly going to talk to us about the erotic situation that occured just now. It means she’s more concerned about Koneko-chan.

“U…ummmmmm, what’s happening to Koneko-chan………”

Rias answers my question.

“……Let's have an expert look at her first.”

Rias sounds like she knows about something…… She then calls Abe-senpai.

……What happened to Koneko-chan?

  1. Lunch-box
  2. Mix of the words "Baka" and "couple". Couples who are showing affection in public. More or less synonym with PDA in this case (public display of affection). In Japanese culture, this is not considered appropriate.
  3. Respectable way to address brother in Japanese
  4. Slapping fan

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