High School DxD
Lion Heart of the School Festival Preview

The preparations for the School Festival!

Part 1


I finished most of my role for the show, and I’m currently taking a break behind the stage.

Hmm, after this is finished, I have to resume preparing for the school festival in the human world. We are going to prepare quite a lot of things so we lack manpower, so both Kiba and I were doing our best for preparation everyday.

[………Now it’s time for the Oppai-Dragon Question corner.]

“ “ “ “Uooooooooo!! Hellcat-chaaaaaaaaan!! ” ” ” ”

Sounds like Koneko-chan’s “Big friends” are cheering for her who is the presenter of the Question-corner. Koneko-chan is ridiculously popular amongst loli-loving men. I hear that there are those who came here, just to see her……

Somehow we are getting famous in a different way. It’s something I should be happy about, but I never expected “Chichiryuutei Oppai-Dragon” to get this popular……. That’s how much entertainment the Underworld lacked and shows how things like this must be new to them.

The set-up Sirzechs-sama did in order to stir up the future of the Underworld for the devils could be said to have become a huge success.

In the Underworld media, they have broadcast about Loki’s attack and the incident in Kyoto on the news, and they have made a great announcement of the Gremory-group who were involved in those incidents.

Possibly because of that, when we come to the Underworld for events we get surrounded by people related to the media who started to take pictures of us.

For the world of devils, which didn’t have any battles which stand out, it seems like the incidents we get involved in are new to them, and apparently it’s good news to them since a lot of things like the existence of terrorists and alliances between various factions are confusing them.

[Oppai-dragon! Another achievement!]

That’s how they broadcast it to the children in the Underworld, the [Oppai-dragon] inside the television and the actual me are being mixed up with what we do. In other words, inside the children’s mind their hero from the television is the one who is being active against Loki and the guys from Khaos-Brigade.

I made a sigh, and then held my head down.

…….I’m happy, but I'm also having mixed feelings about it! Of course! In the world of devils where battles are supposed to be rare, why are we the only ones caught up in fierce battles!? Our opponents were guys like legendary beings, old-Maou, and a God you know!? Finally, we ended up even battling against descendants of heroes! In how many insane-level battles do we get caught up in, when the chances for these encounters are low!?

Peace! Peace is the best! You know, I just want to live peacefully with Buchou, Asia, and Akeno-san! Ecchi things do happen at times, but I prefer having a more ecchi and naughty lifestyle! Love-comedy! I have a normal dream of having a love-comedy daily life!

But how did I get myself in this spiral full with violenceeeeeee!

……W-well, the cheering I get from the kids does make me happy, and the event today was super fun as well.

But I do get tired from all the fierce battles. I, myself, don’t want to die, and I don’t want my comrades to be dragged into it as well. If someone in our group were to die, I seriously would become depressed……

But because we were dragged into such battles, it’s definitely true that our group became what we are. It’s really complicated. We opened up to each other thanks to that. Maybe in order to make the best team, we probably have to break through the worst situation together….

Like I thought this is due to the dragon’s trait….No, the Heavenly-dragon’s trait which comes for those with power. It certainly makes me worried about it….. Maybe these incidents happened because of me? My feeling about that increases day by day.

Azazel-sensei also said that too many irregular things happen…..


I should stop thinking about it. The more I worry about this, the more it will get to me. I should accept things which have already happened, and work hard for better things. That’s the only option.


I should go and wash my face in the washroom then. I need to refresh myself.

When I went to the corridor and walked for few minutes…..I started to hear noisy voices.


It seemed like a child was crying very loudly. When I looked from behind the wall, I saw a mother with a child talking to one of the staff.

“I want to meet Oppai-dragon!”

The child was stamping his feet, and it seemed like his mother also didn’t know what to do.

“I’m sorry. The handshaking and autograph event has already finished…..”

The staff person says that while apologising. Ah, so they didn’t have enough tickets to hand out for the handshake and autograph session. It seems like they were handing it out before the show started. The Underworld adapted this by copying the events styled in the Human World, but for devils who have different lifestyles and culture to humans, they must feel that handing out tickets for the handshake and autography is something new.

“Is that so…… He said it’s already finished.”

When the mother said that to her child, the child had more tears flowing out and then shouted. In his hand, he was holding a toy of me when I am in my armour form. He’s holding it very importantly. I couldn’t help myself after seeing that.



I started my countdown, even though I deactivated my armour just before.

-I can’t help it. After seeing a child put on such a face, there’s no way I can endure it.

While releasing a red-light, I got into a Balance-Breaker state once again. And then, I went out towards the rear exit. I just had my mask-part open.

“Did something happen?”

The mother, the child, and the staff member turned around at my voice.

“It’s Oppai-dragon!”

The child showed a happy face immediately. The staff member then explains it to me.

“Ah Hyoudou-san. Well, this mother and child couldn’t make it when the tickets for the handshake and autograph were distributed….”

After checking out the situation about this, I asked the child while I got on my knees.

“What's your name?”


“Lirenkus, thanks for coming to see me. Umm, do you have anything to write with?”

When I asked the staff member….

“Y-Yes I do…”

He took out a marker pen.

“This cap. Can I sign on this cap which has a design of me?”

I pointed at the cap of the child, Lirenkus, and he nodded his head down three times.

My badly written devil-letters. The more signatures I do, the more I think that “I should get better at writing”. That’s because there are so many kids like him who look at me with bright eyes.

I started to feel that I wanted to get good at both fighting and writing.

I signed the cap, and I put it on Lirenkus’s head. While putting on a bright face, Lirekus takes off the cap, and then puts it on many times repeatedly.

“Thank you very much!”

His mother says her thanks. I put my hand on Lirenkus’s head, and then told him.

“Lirenkus, men shouldn’t cry. You have to become strong so that you can protect a girl no matter how many times you fall, and keep on standing up.”

After saying that, I stood up, and left the scene with the staff member.

The staff member says to me while putting on a confused face.

“Hyoudou-san. Please restrain from doing things like this. It's impossible to deal with everyone….So if you make an exception it will be a bit…..”

……He’s right. I also think I did something thoughtless. The staff are also doing their best, and they try to fulfill everyone’s dream but they had to hand out the tickets knowing that it won’t turn out like that.

If I make an exception, then I would be betraying the feelings of all staff.

That is…..something I knew from the start. Even so, I couldn’t just leave a child crying in front of me….

No, this is my fault.

“I’m sorry. I will be careful from now.”

I apologised to the staff member and I really am feeling bad about what I did. The staff member understood, and left the scene without saying anything.

I’m very sorry. But, I---

“You looked amazing, to be expected from my Ise.”

Buchou’s voice. When I looked, Buchou was standing there.

She walks up to me, and then started to pat my cheek.

“You were a bit careless, but still you were able to protect that child’s dream.”


Buchou! Buchou understands me more than anyone! That alone was enough to make me happy. Yeah, this person really is the best woman out there.

I was being emotional to Buchou who always looks at me with warm eyes, and then a woman who I’m familiar with shows up from the far side of the corridor.

“Ara? How are you Rias, and Issei-san. What are you doing here?”

A woman with chestnut-coloured hair who looks identical to Buchou!

“O, Okaa-sama! And Millicas! You two came?”

Maybe Buchou didn’t expect this person to come, so she made a flustered voice and was shocked.

Yes, this person who is identical to Buchou, is none other than Buchou’s mother!

“Rias-neesama, Ise-niisama, I really enjoyed the show!”

Next to her is a boy with crimson-hair, Millicas-sama. He looks energetic and intelligent like always. And he called me Nii-sama…..I am very honoured!

Buchou’s mother says it while smiling.

“Yes, I wanted to take a look at an event organised by our Gremory group just once up-close. Millicas also said he wanted to have a look as well. Ise-san, it was really flashy wasn’t it? I think it was a good show.”

Oh, so they watched the show huh! Even though I’m embarrassed, I also feel happy. The House of Gremory are the ones in control of managing the Oppai-dragon franchise.

“Th-Thank you very much!”

I said my thanks. I try not to be rude to Buchou’s mother, but more than that it feels like I can’t oppose her. Though she looks like a bishoujo1 from the outside.

Buchou’s mother walks towards us while making noise with her heels.

“The tokusatsu show that is based on Ise-san will become an important business that will support the finances of Gremory. And it also has become something important to the children of the Underworld. Even from now on as a member of the Gremory, it will be a great help if you work hard for all of the Underworld, our Household, and my daughter.”

“Of course, Buchou’s Okaa-sama! I will work hard while having a spirit of ‘Funkotsusaishin2’.”

“[Funkotsusaishin], that’s a Japanese phrase if I’m correct. A very good reply. To be expected from a man belonging to our house of Gremory. But-”

Buchou’s mother strokes my chin with her finger while putting on gentle eyes. That alone makes my heart beat because it makes me feel the seductiveness of an adult woman!

“Calling me “Buchou’s Okaa-sama” is unacceptable. Do not call me “Buchou’s Okaa-sama”, you have to call me either “Okaa-sama” or “Hahaue”.”

That again huh. What are Buchou’s family asking me to do?

“Bu…but it seems a bit rude…….”

“You know there is nothing rude about it? Instead, it will be an embarrassment to the whole house of Gremory if you still call me that after you two go to the high society parties.”

Buchou’s mother expression takes a complete change, and now she has a strict expression.

“Rias, aren’t you lacking in your teaching?”

Buchou’s mother glares at her, and Buchou then says it.

“My apologies Okaa-sama. But-”

“For you to say “but” there….. You will be taking in the man who will accompany you into our house. So why aren’t you doing it more properly? Also, have you decided on the ‘sequential order’? At least Asia-san and Akeno-san are in it, correct?”

Asia? Akeno-san? What’s going on?

“If the man is wishing for that, then it’s your role as the heir to manage it. If it’s going to increase even more, you will have to do it properly from now on. It was I, who took control of it in the case with your father. It’s a usual thing in the World for a woman to be attracted by men who are both charming and strong. Sirzechs only has Grayfia because he is a Maou, but “he” isn’t aiming to become Maou correct? Then there isn’t any problem……Or you still haven't made a decision on it yet? Oh my. I thought you inherited the pushy attitude from me, but for you to become weak at the last and crucial moment….. Once you form a relationship, you can also gain the authority of other women around him. Rias, can you not even make progress in your relationship with him without Grayfia and I getting involved? ”

It seems like Buchou is embarrassed at her mother’s words. Aaah, just like Grayfia-san, Buchou’s mother also started to talk like a machine gun because she feels unsatisfied. It seems like both of them have quite a lot of dissatisfaction towards Buchou.

It sounds like they are talking about their whole family….. I…I’m also included in their topic……..right?

H-Hmm….. I don’t get it.

“Ise-san. You are also at fault. First of all you need to know how to address the people of the house of Gremory. Forget about me for now, but what’s important is about Rias. For you to continue calling her “Buchou”…… That’s the most important and crucial part.”

Buchou’s mother said it while pointing her finger at my nose.

“Do you like Rias?”

“Y..yes! Of course! I admire her and she’s also someone important to me! Even with the cost of my life, I will protect her until the end of my life!”

I told her my feelings honestly. It’s an obvious thing to do!

Next to me, Buchou put on a red face. Eeeh, I said something so obvious and she turned like that?

Buchou’s mother nods her head, and then continues.

“Very well. I certainly have witnessed your beautiful master-servant relationship. Then you should take another step forward. During private times, what is Rias to you, please rethink about that again.”

-To me, what is Buchou, huh.

Well, that’s obvious. The woman I fell for, the person I love.

That’s why, I-- want to protect her. No, more than that….

I want to get along with her, even more…

-But, for me right now, that is something which is a very terrifying thing to do…

--- Would you die for me?

That woman whom appears inside my head. I shook my head to get rid of that thought.

Buchou’s mother leaves from here. Millicas-sama waves his hand at me, and I wave my hand back at him.

Buchou who is next to me and who has a red face makes a cough.

“….N-Now, once we get back we have to resume preparing for the school festival, okay?”


Anyway, I need to finish things which are in front of my eyes. The school festival is coming up very soon!

-Oh, there was another important thing I need to take care of.

Part 2

Next day, I was standing in front of the school’s first-year classroom. It’s Koneko-chan’s and Gasper’s classroom.

Today, the Ojou-sama of the house of Phoenix, --Ravel, transferred here. Ravel is more of an Ojou-sama than Buchou. It will be her first time attending a school for ordinary people.

Will she be able to cope with the lifestyle within this school? I was worried about that. I came here during a break as I was worried about her, but…..

“…….Isn't that, the beast-senpai from the second year….?”

“…….Oh no, I heard a rumour that you will get hypnotised just by being looked at by him, and he does whatever he likes with you…..”

“And he used that on all of the school idols in our school to make them into his toys….. I’m scared……”

…….The gaze the first year girls are giving me is horrible….. No, this isn’t anything new! I shouldn’t worry about it! These things pouring from my eyes aren’t my tears! This is just sweat from my heart!

“Ara, Ise also came to see how she’s doing?”

Buchou’s voice. When I turned around, Buchou was also there.

“B-Buchou too?”

“Yes, I was a bit worried.”

When I checked inside the classroom with Buchou, Koneko-chan and Gasper(who was standing in a place where he doesn’t stand out) were talking in the corner of the room, and Ravel is…… Oh, I found a drill-type rolled hair! There she is. Heh, the school uniform suits her.

“Phoenix-san, do you have the textbooks?”

“Phoenix sure is a rare surname. It sounds cool!”

“I’m glad that this class was the one to have another foreign transfer student after Gya-kun!”

Just like that, she was surrounded by the girls! I see, since she just transferred, it can’t be helped if she is approached by her classmates. If a bishoujo from a foreign country transferred, then for today she would be treated as an idol.

[O-ho-ho-ho-ho! Ask me any question you want! I will answer them for all of you!]

Since its Ravel who has a high-handed attitude, I thought she would talk with an oppressive manner. But-

She seems to be troubled about how to respond to them and is having a hard time.

She seems to be so troubled that she can only say “U-Umm….”, and “Aaah….” , as her replies! Her gaze wanders around so she seems like she doesn’t know where to look.

Then her gaze catches me and Buchou. Because Buchou has come, first year girls who are Buchou’s fans started to make a racket, so she must have become curious.

She then immediately got up from her seat by saying “Excuse me”, and approaches us.

Ravel takes Buchou's and my hand, and tries to take us somewhere. She let go of our hands after we took a turn in the corridor…..

“W-What’s wrong, Ravel?”

When I ask her with apprehension, she makes her face red as if she is embarrassed.

“……I-It's my first time transferring to a school, so…… I d-don’t know how to interact with everyone….. I..I’m a devil, so I can’t find a topic to discuss with everyone who are humans…..”

I see. She is a devil. On top of that she is a High-class devil Ojou-sama, and since she transferred to a school in the human world, which is attended by ordinary people, then it must be hard for her to find a topic she can talk about. If I think about it, this would be natural.

But, unlike her high-handed attitude, her reaction is cute.

“It’s not like you don’t want to talk to them right?”

Buchou asks her.

“……O-Of course. E-Even I am maturing! I feel that getting to know people who aren’t nobles and learning from the commoners' lifestyle is also important!”

Oh, she’s splendid. She’s different from her brother Raiser.

The so-called Raiser got depressed after losing against me, but after that, we somehow made him stand up again after Ravel came to consult with us. Thanks to that, his dragon-phobia was cured and he was able to return to his ordinary lifestyle. I also heard that his comeback to the Rating Game will be soon.

That guy isn’t a heinous person. Just like me, he is a sukebe person.

Oh, I need to get back about Ravel. Hmm, so the thing is that she doesn’t know how to talk and how to interact with them, but I think that once she talks to them even once she would be able to understand how…..

I pondered for a while, and then pounded my hand onto my other hand’s palm. Yeah, there is only one way.

“Hold on a sec, Koneko-chan can-”

It happened when I was about to go back to Koneko-chan's and Ravel’s classroom.

“…….Did you call me?”

Koneko-chan was standing near me! Oh, and Gasper as well. So they followed us.

I then ask Koneko-chan.

“Koneko-chan, I have a favour.”

“……What is it?”

“Ravel’s talking pal…….. Actually more like I want you to support her for her school lifestyle. You two are in the same year and also in the same class right? Please.”

Koneko-chan is one of the school idols, and I hear that she is getting along with her classmates. If she was to start a discussion using Koneko-chan, then I think it will be easier for Ravel to open up to her classmates!

But, Koneko-chan seems a bit displeased. She twitched her eyebrows, and her mouth has a shape of a triangle. She looks cute, but she’s acting weird. Did I say something wrong?

After thinking for a bit.

“…………… …………..If Senpai says that, then I don’t mind………”

She answers me like that! To be expected from Koneko-chan!

“So it’s like that, Ravel. Koneko-chan will be-”

“……..Hetare Yakitori-hime3.”

Talking over me, Koneko-chan says that.


A moment of silence. Veins appears on Ravel’s forehead. She then says it with a trembling voice!

“R-Right now, what did you just call me……?”


Koneko-chan answers without any pause! W-What is going on!?

Both of them started arguing while leaving me who still hasn’t got a hold of this situation behind!

“Y-Y-You! To talk to the daughter from the house of Phoenix in such a manner……!”

“……Since you talk in such manners, don’t you become a hetare at crucial times? I thought you came to the human world with a strong resolve……. For you to trouble Ise-senpai…… Clueless Yakitori-hime.”


I heard something snap from Ravel! Ravel who is emitting a creepy aura! Her rolled-hair is starting to tweak!

Koneko-chan also doesn’t back down and is glaring back with a cute face!

“Mmmmmmmm! I…..I didn’t do such a thing to trouble Ise-sama…….! T-This Nekomata…..!”


I..It seems like a cat and a fire bird are glaring fiercely behind both of them!

“Auuuuuuuu…….I….I’m scared~!”

Gasper became frightened by the two girls, so he hid behind my back! I’m also scared!

“He-hey both of you! Why are you two suddenly glaring at each other!? Get along! You two are in the same class after all!”

I stood between both of them, and tried to stop them….. But I was frightened because of the battle between a cat and a bird!

But I have to stop them. Both of them are my precious juniors.

“Now now, calm down Koneko-chan, Ravel. I’m not being troubled. So you two can talk to me as much as you want.”

“ “Whose side are you on!?” ”

They asked me unanimously. E-Even if you say that….

“……..You sure are kind, Ise.”

Buchou slips that from her mouth next to me…..


Then one of the first-year girls comes and passes us, and dropped a load of sheets on the ground! Ah, you dropped them because you were looking elsewhere.

I tried to pick it up, but Ravel helped her quicker than me and started picking up the sheets.

“Are you okay? If I remember, you are from the same class as me? Your name is….. I still haven’t asked you yet.”

“T-thank you very much…… So you recognise me, Phoenix-san. My name is Murota.”

“Ravel is fine. Murota-san.”

Oh, you are being kind, Ravel! The reason why she naturally helped out is proof that she is a kindhearted girl. More than that, remembering the face of your classmate as soon as you transferred made you gain extra points, Ravel! Even the other girl is emotionally moved!

Then Koneko-chan and Gasper helped her out.

Koneko-chan and Ravel’s eyes met while picking up the sheets.

“ “Hmph!” ”

My two juniors look away from each other…..

………………….Hahaha, this is totally unheard of.

This is something I heard afterwards, but it seems like Ravel opened up to her classmates because she helped out in picking up the sheets. I also heard that Koneko-chan is looking after her.

I feel that Ravel’s school life started with a good start.

Part 3

“Now then, we will start the preparations.”


After school. Buchou orders us, and we reply back to her energetically.

We, the occult research club, began preparing for the school festival after Ravel’s introduction of joining the club.

The ‘thing’ that the occult research club will be presenting is…… “Occult Mansion”!

It was decided that we will be using the whole old-school building, and present lots of entertainment. There will be an Obake-yashiki5, a fortune-telling room, a café, and report revelation on occult research. So like that it was decided to use all the ideas our club members suggested.

The occult research club was given charge of the whole old-school building, so it was decided that we won’t hold back and use it to the fullest. There are rooms which aren’t used and rooms which were turned into storage rooms. Using them we can do a ghost-house, fortune-telling, and a café.

Just like that we are in the middle of customising the old-school building for the school festival. We can do the changes quickly if we use demonic-powers, but Buchou said she wants to make it with our hands as much as possible. All of us agreed with her opinion so we got ready to do the work.

This is the base of the Gremory group, but it is also a part of the school, and we are students. If we have to use it for school circumstances we want to do this as normal students.

The girls are mainly making costumes and changing the interiors of rooms. They are making costumes for the café and the ghost-house, while others customise unused classrooms for personal use. For Ravel ,who just joined the club, this is her first time participating so this will be new to her. She is quite shocked although she is working very hard to help out.

Kiba and I are doing building procedures as we are the only man-power. We cut and put together wood and such by using a hammer and a saw.

Well, the girls are also devils so they will have more strength than humans and would be able to do these tasks as well. But since we are doing this as students, we try to follow these procedures as much as we can. So we, the guys, are sweating a lot while hammering and cutting the wood.

“Ise-kun, hold over there.”


Just like that, Kiba and I are working with wood.

Azazel-sensei and Rossweisse-san are at the teachers meeting which takes place after school. It seems the minor parts of the school festival haven’t been decided yet. Though I think they are mostly discussing about important points for the student guardians.

My parents will also be attending the festival. Well, they are coming to see Asia though.

It was like that for the sports festival, so I wonder if Buchou’s parents will be coming as well? We won’t be able to cope with Sirzechs-sama and Leviathan-sama at the same time.…. Looks like we need to leave them to the student council.

While we are cutting the wood with the saw, Kiba speaks.

“By the way Ise-kun. Do you know Diehauser Belial?”

He brings up a name of someone.

That name certainly sounds familiar. There were times when Buchou and Akeno-san were talking about that person, and Buchou has been researching about him by watching videos of him.

“Just his name. He’s the champion right? Of the Rating Game that is.”

Kiba nods at my answer.

“Yeah, he’s ranked first in the official Rating Game. The current champion. The Diehauser Belial. He is the head of house of Belial, and the first monster since the house of Belial was formed. He is the real King of the game who has been standing at the top for a very long time. –The person who is called Emperor Belial.”

-Emperor, Belial.

Emperor huh. That’s an amazing title for someone who isn’t a Maou. Kiba speaks while continuing his work.

“Rankings 20 and below are said to have a power on a totally different level, and if you are in Top-10, you would even be called a Hero. Among them, ranks 5 and above are said to be unmovable. They have been standing in the top positions where they haven't moved their ranks for a long time. Especially the 3rd ranked Bedeze Abaddon, the 2nd ranked Roygun Belphegor, and the 1st ranked Diehauser Belial, they are Ultimate-class devils among Ultimate-class devils who have the power equal to the current Maou. Though, all three of them are said to not take any actions unless a large scale War were to happen. They have been researched due to the game’s traits, and they are spoken well of by others. They are called the ‘results’ born due to many matches.”

The results made from the Game itself-. So it means they are insanely strong devils-. Wait! They have the power equal to the current-Maou!? Are guys like them allowed to participate in the Game!?

Well, actually, it won’t be weird. Old-man Tannin is also an Ultimate-class devil, and I heard that he participated in the Game before, and that he has been within the Top-10. He hasn’t retired, but I heard that right now he wants to focus on training young dragons instead of the Rating Game.

“Abaddon and Belphegor are household names I've never heard before.”

I said my doubt. I don’t have memories of the names of the 2nd or 3rd ranker. They are not names of the 72-pillars that I have memorised. Kiba answers me.

“That is true. They are Extra-Demon after all. Their households don’t want to get involved with the current government, but among the households they are special cases. It seems like they basically cut ties with their household and are participating in the game.”

Hmm, so there are devils that participate in the game while having such complex problems. They want to participate in a game so much that they would even leave their house. That means The Rating Game has that much attraction to it.

It’s said that you can fulfill any desire that you have such as; gaining authority, fortune, women, status or battling by participating in a game and winning it. I feel great attraction to it as well.

-This is the dream that the current government gave to the devils. Ambition.

“But you know, if Sirzechs-sama and other Maou could participate in the game, then the rankings would be different.”

“That can’t be helped. Due to the game rules, Maou can’t participate. If it’s Maou’s servants then they would be able to participate, but the thing is that they aren’t interested. It seems like the dream of Yondai-Maou’s servants are to continue living as the servants of their Maou. The game can be similar to but also different from actual battle. It’s a game created to make up for the lack of actual battles for devils, but the game itself has many special rules. So I think the tactics and strategies used are different between the two. That’s why I feel that it wouldn’t be rare for those who are strong in actual battles to not have their rating in the Game improve.”

It’s quite rare for Kiba to share his thoughts like this. Is it proof that he is opening up to me?

But if it is just like what Kiba said, then in the game the possibility for the current champion’s team to be stronger than the Maou’s team is high.

“It is also a game which is like a simulation, because there is no war right now, but it means that we should approach the game differently than how we take part in real battles right?”

Kiba nods his head at my words. Yeah, we might have plenty of real battle experience, but we haven’t got used to the special rules of the game at all. The Sitri-match obviously proved that point. If we participate in a game we could encounter those rules. That means it is necessary for us to have a different mindset than when we approach real battles.

Kiba continues to say it while hitting the nail with the hammer.

“Either way, if both you and Buchou are aiming to become champion of the game in the future, Diehauser Belial is a big wall whom you can’t avoid facing. If you are planning to rise up in the world of devils, then it might be good for you to think of the current rankers as existences that you will have to defeat. Well I, Buchou’s [Knight], will have to get involved in the world of the Rating Game as well.”

Buchou’s participation in the official game will be after she graduates from University which means that it will be after four or five more years. It seems like it’s very distant but also seems like it’s very soon.

At that time, how much can we raise above? Will we be able to fight the Emperor…..?

-Oh, I need to focus on what is in front of me first. I shook my head, and then lifted up the saw high.

“For now, it’s the match against Sairaorg-san.”

Kiba also nodded hard. Kiba and I are training for that day. The other members are training as well, so we can’t fall behind Bael's-group!

“To some extent our information is known to them. They would have recognised our abilities through the youth-devil’s match video. The information which they probably don’t know is Ise-kun’s new technique and Xenovia’s Ex-Durandal.”

The recorded video should be open to the public, so it would be natural for our opponents to know our abilities.

So my and Kiba’s Balance-Breaker should be thoroughly researched.

“They should also be trying to get the best new information that they can, right?”

“Of course they would. If they say “Bring it on. Anything you want!” without researching before the game will make the level of their [King] and “groups” doubtful. For that reason, we are also investigating their information as well…….”

We also used the video of the Yankee-devil, the match with Glasya-Labolas as reference, and are researching the Bael group.

Except now, they won’t be at the same level as back then. Just like us, they are ones who do training which is rare among devils.

We should at least think that the enemy will come at us with powers which far surpass the time they fought Yankee.

“But, Ise-kun’s power up should be within their field of vision. It also seemed like he sensed something from you in the sparring the other day. So they are being cautious about you. The problem is when you will use that technique. Due to the characteristics of the technique, it will be the most effective to attack with it while they still haven’t seen it before.”

That’s right, it seemed like Sairaorg-san understood something from a sparring match against me which took place at the Gremory-house before I went on the school trip.

It might be obvious for him to assume that I awoke the new power during the school trip.

And also the inside details of my new ability as well…..

“Yeah, each of the forms has a strong trait, so it doesn’t seem like I can use them against Sairaorg-san more than twice.”

[Illegal Move Triaina](Which I shortened and called Triaina) has both its strong points and weak points due to being a special version of each chess piece.

[Welsh Sonicboost Knight] gains god-speed, but because it purges the armour, the defence goes down drastically. I can cover its weak defence by form changing into [Welsh Draconic Rook], but that will increase my stamina consumption. Repeating it will be hard.

[Welsh Blaster Bishop] can shoot out an enormous amount of demonic-powers, but it takes quite some time to charge, and to begin with, there will be no point if the attack doesn’t hit.

[Welsh Dragonic Rook] increases the offence and defence drastically, but possibly because the armour gets thicker, it loses speed.

So, like that, each of them is powerful but the weakness of each form is obvious. The more the strong point is strengthened; the more the weak point will become even more obvious. I could cover my weaknesses with my combo, but as a result, my stamina consumption will increase.

“If you do the combo you can cover the weakness of each promotion form, but Ise-kun’s stamina will be used quite a lot. But you won’t be able to survive if you don’t use the combo when you have to, so it would be better for you to use it, but…… Fighting for a long duration will have high risks.”

“Yeah, the technique itself is more for short-duration battles. So I should save it as much as I can.”

That’s why a one-shot contest would be preferable. The reason why I was able to have an advantage in the battle against Cao Cao back in Kyoto was because the enemy had never seen that technique before.

If I was to show even a single promotion, then the chance for the opponent to predict a new ability for other chess pieces are high.

[Ah, if that’s a specialised form of Knight, then are there specialised forms of other forms too?]. They would predict it like that. Well, if I take them down with a combo at once, then I would be able to give huge damage to that opponent.

But the biggest problem will be the charge-time for the Triaina version of [Bishop].

Eitherway, I need to save this technique somehow. Well, if I was put in a situation where I have to use it, then it can’t be helped……

“Like I thought, I would have to take them down with a combo…… But I would have to adjust the timing when I will use the promotion, and simulate them repeatedly…..”

The sequential order is also important for the combo. I was able to do it in Kyoto, but using the Triaina-type Bishop first will be bad. It’s full of openings since I would have to charge it. Maybe I should blast it from a distance, and then narrow my distance with the opponent using Triaina-type [Knight], and then take down the opponent using Triaina-type [Rook] when I’m in front of them?

Hmm…… That would be the same as back in Kyoto. I sure have no variety in techniques…….

“I will also tag along with each of your training sessions like always. Just like Ise-kun, I also want to try out the idea of a new technique I have as well.”

Oh? You sure said something which makes me anxious.

“New technique? Seriously? It sure makes me anxious. Do you have any idea on it?”

“Yeah, pretty much. By the way, is Ddraig alright? Lately, I haven’t seen him talking to you much.”

Having Kiba say that, I made the gauntlet appear immediately, and talked to Ddraig who has been silent for a long time.

“……Ddraig, you still don’t feel good?”

To answer me who questioned him, Ddraig speaks so even Kiba can hear. His voice was that of an unenergetic person.

[……Yeah, lately, there are things I think a lot about……. Haaa…….]

The Sekiryuutei-dono made a deep sigh…..

It seems like Ddraig feels down ever since we got back from Kyoto. Apparently he started to think a lot about my continuously horrible way of powering up.

…….He has been crying the whole time after all. Lots of people around me say that it’s quite a serious thing for a Heavenly-dragon to cry. I’m sorry for being a sukebe6, partner…..

“Oh, secret talks between guys. Sekiryuutei sure doesn’t question the gender of his prey.”

The one who appeared saying such joke was Azazel-sensei.

“Sensei, please give me a break. Wait, did the staff meeting for the school festival finish?”

“I got out by using the excuse that I don’t feel well. Man, maybe it’s because there are foreign students, but there sure are many precautionary rules. They are saying “this” and “that”. Well, I left it to Rossweisse and fled.”

Cruel! Like always, this teacher sure is rough and has a lack of sincerity at these kinds of things! Though Rossweisse-san seems like a person who blends in with meetings and as such no matter what she says so it might be alright…….

Sensei then talks to my gauntlet.

“Oh yeah, Ddraig, like you asked I found a reliable counsellor.”

[I see, I’m sorry about this…..]

I made a really shocked voice hearing this conversation!

“Wa-wa-wait a sec! What do you mean a counsellor!?”

A counsellor! Is something I’m not aware of happening!?

Sensei says it while scratching his cheek.

“Well, Ddraig sent a message privately to me through Fafnir’s jewel. Apparently he is crying without realising it quite often lately. It seems like the number of times he sighs has increased, and that he feels his heart is being ripped apart every time he hears the word “oppai”, “tits”, and “breasts”.”

When I heard that, I became speechless. ……..What on earth……..!?

I ask Ddraig once again.

“Wha…….! Seriously…….?”

Ddraig says it after making a deep sigh.

[Yeah, I’m sorry, partner. I really can’t get motivated….. But there won’t be a problem with pulling up your power…….. Haa……]

……Something which is beyond what I imagined is happening to Ddraig! Mainly his mentality that is!

“S..So it isn’t because I went deep within the Sacred Gear or because I thought of a new technique……?”

I then brought up possible reasons for his bad condition, but Sensei shook his head and rejected my reasons.

“No, what I think is that because you have brought miracles using ‘oppai’, that made him get shocked and he started to have stress. Even if he is a being whose soul is residing in a Sacred Gear, you do know that he is one of the only two Heavenly-dragons right? If an embodiment of power and pride powers up using tits, then it won’t be weird for his heart to fall into sickness.”

---! Because of the shock, I dropped down on my knees.

H-How can this be……! Because of my power-up using oppai, it wounded Ddraig’s heart more than necessary! If I think about it, this is true. Ddraig always cried every time I act due to breast related things.

I…I never thought he would have this much stress inside him…..

“Well, I will tell you the contact number of the counsellor afterwards. I sure went through a lot to find a dragon-specific counsellor. Anyway, I will be going to the old-school building then.”

Waving his hand, Sensei leaves.

I then stroke the gauntlet while being in shock at my partner’s condition.

……..I’m sorry, Ddraig. For you who always helped me to get into such state because of me….And the reason for this is because of my sukebe-power…..

I was finding a power different to Juggernaut-Drive which won’t make me over do it, but the result I got was for Ddraig to become even more pitiful……

[No, your power-up isn’t that bad partner….. It’s a good power-up….it’s just that, my spirit was weaker than I thought…..I’m sorry…..]

Don’t say that! You were only just more fragile than we thought…..! The mental-care for my dragon is also something that should have been within my ‘must-do’ range….!

“Don’t apologise! I’m the one at fault here! I only thought about myself, and I didn’t even think a bit about you! I only asked for your help when I needed to, and I can’t do anything for you at times like this so I’m a failure as your partner!”


It seems like Ddraig is emotionally touched and he had a teary voice.

I then said it while embracing my left arm.

“I will definitely take care of you! Even though from now it might still be tits, but I will take even more care of you from now!”

[Yeah, my heart will get torn even more from now, so I leave it to your care until my last moment…..]

Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Ddraiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig! I’m sorry!

While having such an emotional scene, Kiba made a bitter smile because he didn’t know what to do.


“Ise, so you were still working.”

Buchou appears.

“What’s wrong? It seems like this procedure will take a bit more time…… More like we were wasting time talking so I’m sorry.”

I apologise sincerely to her, but Buchou waves her hand saying “That’s not it”. So she didn’t come here to check on us?

I was in doubt and Buchou says to me.

“Well Sairaorg’s butler is saying that there is a personal favour he wants to ask me and you Ise.”

That was something I didn’t anticipate.

Part 4

The next day.

Buchou and I came within the Sitri’s territory in the Underworld with only the two of us. A gorgeous limousine is passing through a forest path which is rich with nature. Buchou and I are sitting in the back seat of the limousine. I’m holding onto a flower. It’s something Buchou brought and she handed it over to me.

“The case this time is from Okaa-sama’s side.”

Buchou said that inside the car.

Apparently there is a serious discussion Sairaorg’s butler would want to talk to us about, and he sent this message to the house of Gremory where Buchou’s mother accepted.

Buchou’s mother is from the house of Bael after all. Possibly because of those ties, she must have accepted the Butler-san’s wish.

“Putting aside the reason why he called us over, this is my first time entering Sitri’s territory but it sure is rich with nature.”

“Yes, out of few territories belonging to High-class devils, Sitri’s territory has the most nature reserves among them. There are many places with beautiful scenery here. Next time, let’s come here with everyone.”

Hmm, so this territory is blessed with great nature. Certainly the mountains we have passed by are surrounded with trees of different colours and I can only say the word ‘amazing’.

I look outside through the car window and Buchou continues.

“And also, it is one of the territories which has advanced medical facilities as well.”

“Medical huh.”

“Yes, the place we are heading to now is one of the famous hospitals in the Underworld.”

“Ho…hospital you say…. So we are heading to a hospital?”

I never expected to hear that. Hospital…..? Sairaorg-san’s…..-Does it have something to do with Buchou’s relative? S…Someone is in the hospital then…..? There is no way that Sairaorg-san is hospitalised right? Since it’s before the game, then it must be something in the line of him injuring his body due to hard training or something….?

I became speechless because we entered a conversation which I can’t pursue to ask further, the limousine comes out to an open place.

A spacious site which had people working on it. There are many buildings lined up, and I saw a huge building on the other side. So that’s the hospital?

Progressing ahead for about 10 minutes in the limousine. Then the limousine stops at the entrance of the huge building’s drop-off zone, and we got out of the car.

“I have been waiting for you.”

The one who welcomes us is a middle-aged man who is wearing butler clothing. He gave us a very formal bow. He has an atmosphere where it seems like he can manage any task perfectly.

“Yes, lead the way.”

Buchou just says that, and the middle-aged man starts to lead us after saying “Please, this way”. Me and Buchou follow after him.

We advance through the spacious hospital, and then entered the elevator. There, Buchou speaks quietly.

“Ise, you know that my mother is from the house of Bael right?”

“Y-Yes. That’s why that makes you and Sairaorg-san cousin’s right?”

“Yes, that’s right. My mother is the older sister of Sairaorg’s Otou-sama7 who is the head of the house of Bael. But they are born from different mothers. Sairaorg’s Otou-sama is the son of the main-wife, and my mother is the daughter of the second-mistress.”

Older sister from a different mother huh. I see, so the current head of house of Bael and Buchou’s mother are siblings. But it seems complicated since one of them is the son of the main wife and the other one is the daughter of the second mistress…..

“And Oba-sama8….Saiarorg’s Okaa-sama is from the former 72-pillars and is from one of the High-class devils clan, the house of Vapula. It’s a great noble household which governs the lions.”

“Vapula you say…… Lion……”

Lion huh. It certainly seems like Sairaorg-san’s lineage.

While we were having that conversation, the elevator stops. When we passed through a door, we entered a floor with rooms. And we advance ahead for a few minutes. Having the Butler-san lead us, we arrived in front of a certain room.

“This is the room, Rias-sama.”

Buchou and Butler enter. I also follow after them and there was a beautiful woman sleeping on the bed.

“……How do you do, Oba-sama?”

Buchou gazes at the sleeping woman with eyes filled with sorrow.

Wait, Oba-sama? Judging from how the conversation went, is this person perhaps…..

The Butler then says it while receiving the flower from me.

“…….This person here is Misura Bael-sama. She is Sairaorg-sama’s mother.”

-! Just like I thought, she is Sairaorg-san’s mother.

She’s sleeping while having the help of something that seems like a medical ventilator…… The machine which is next to the bed is something I've never seen before, but is it like a device which maintains her life? This one has a shape a bit different from the ones in the human world, so I don’t know the details of it.

If she is in a hospital, that means there is something wrong with her.

The Butler-san while carrying the flower…….was shedding tears from his eyes.

“……Today, the reason why I called both of you here is none other than this. Rias-sama, Sekiryuutei-dono, can you please…….Help us to awaken this person, Misura-sama, from her sleep?”

Having the Butler-san cry all of a sudden, I became confused. Buchou then starts to tell me the story.

“I will tell you a bit, so even you can understand, Ise.”

What she was about to tell me is a shocking fate of a particular mother and son.

Sairaorg-san was born of his father who is the head of the house of Bael and his mother who came from the noble house of Vapula.

It seems like people around them became overjoyed because the next heir was born.

But Sairaorg-san was faced with a shocking truth immediately.

-He has barely any demonic-powers, and he didn’t carry the special trait of Bael, the power of destruction.

Each generation of the head was blessed with demonic-powers, and it was absolute for them to have the power of destruction. But Sairaorg-san was born without it.

Sairaorg-san’s father who was in despair directed his anger to his wife.

[Where did you leave our clan’s power of destruction, and how did you give birth to such a defect!?]


Just because he was born without demonic-power and the power of destruction, Sairaorg-san was abandoned by his father. His mother who gave birth to him also was despised as well.

-She was called a shame of the house of Bael who gave birth to a defect.

“……It was a very horrible incident. Except for me and those from the house of Vapula, most of the people from the house of Bael discriminated against and scorned Sairaorg-sama and Misura-sama.”

Buchou also says it while having slight tears in her eyes.

“The house of Gremory back then also heard that rumour so my mother tried to take in Oba-sama and Sairaorg into the Gremory territory, but the Bael were strongly against it.”

-They said ‘You are not even in the lineage of the main-branch and you were sent to get married elsewhere so don’t get involved into the problems of the main-branch house of Bael’.

The Gremory had Sirzechs-sama who strongly carried the power of destruction who became active in the Underworld, so it seemed like the house of Bael didn't find that amusing.

That’s natural. The special trait wasn't carried by the son of the main-branch, and instead had been passed to the child of the one who was sent away. For the house of Bael there isn’t any worse irony than this.

“House of Bael which is the Great-King, would reign in the top in terms of household rank if you don’t include the current-Maou who does not belong to the heritage. So it will be quite hard for a different household to make an argument against them. And also, they have stronger pride than anyone else, such that they get cautious of how people around them would look at their clan. To them, Oba-sama and Sairaorg were just a burden.”

After that, the house of Vapula sought for the return of Sairaorg-san and his mother, but the reply the house of Bael gave them was a cruel one.

“Only Sairaorg-sama cannot be handed over. That’s what the current head said. That he can’t allow the shame of his clan to be revealed to the world. So Misura-sama wouldn’t be able to agree to such a deal. That’s because the young Sairaorg-sama would have been imprisoned and destined to live alone while being discriminated without having Misura-sama’s protection.”

The Butler-san continues.

“Misura-sama declined the help from her home, and she decided to live in the remote region of Bael territory with Sairaorg-sama and a group of her followers including myself.”

If it’s in the remote region of Bael’s territory, then they would be under the house of Bael’s surveillance, and more than that they wouldn’t have to expose Sairaorg-san to the outside world.

The house of Bael allowed the mother and son to live in the outskirt area of Bael’s territory.

While having basically no support from the house, Sairaorg-san started to live in the countryside with his mother.

“For Misura-sama who lived a lifestyle of a high-class person, living in the countryside without support should have been difficult for her. Even so, she was able to raise Sairaorg-sama into a splendid person. She raised Sairaorg-sama very strictly, and at times, very kindly.”

For a devil who barely has any demonic-power, they wouldn’t get treated well by others no matter where they go.

Even when he moved to the countryside, Sairaorg-san became the target of discrimination. Because he has less demonic-power than the low-class and medium-class devils his age, he was bullied by those devils.

“Even so, Misura-sama told Sairaorg-sama very strongly.”

-Even if you don’t have demonic-power, you still have your fine body. If you think you are lacking something, cover the thing you are lacking with something else! It can be brute strength, it can be intelligence, it can be speed, so make up for it! No matter what other people say, you are the son of the house of Bael. Even if you don’t have demonic-power, even if you don’t have the power of destruction—

“—you will definitely win one day if you don’t give up. That’s a phrase I heard from Sairaorg before. He said that it’s an important phrase that his mother taught him.”

Buchou says that.

……You will definitely win one day if you don’t give up, huh.

Even for me, this phrase stimulates my heart very deeply.

The Butler-san then says it.

“Behind him, she was always apologising. She was saying sorry that she gave birth to him without bestowing him the power of destruction. Misura-sama cried and apologised again and again next to Sairaorg-sama who was sleeping….. Sairaorg-sama might have realised that as well. Then one day he suddenly stopped crying. Then he started to stand up to any matter head on.”

Sairaorg-san stood up against those who made a fool out of him, he faced forward at what he lacks in, and he stood up every time he was beaten down.

Then Sairaorg-san started to set forward his dream.

---He said: I want to create an Underworld where any devils can make their dream come true if they have the potential no matter what their backgrounds are.

The Devils' world depends on the strength they hold, but the truth is that there is a difference between those who are from nobility background and those who aren’t. Even if someone has the power but their background is from a low-class, then there aren’t many among them who can have a fulfilled life.

Sona-kaichou also had a similar ambition in that regard.

I am……one of those who are blessed. My rank is a low-class devil, but I’m a Gremory’s servant, and Buchou who is my master is kind.

Even so, for a High-class devil who has an old-tradition of their house, their discrimination towards Low-class devils and Mid-class devils still remains.

For the house of Bael who reigns at the top of every household, the discrimination Sairaorg-san received would be crueler than I can imagine.

At the age where Sairaorg-san started to be able to take on Mid-class devils, Sairaorg-san’s mother had an unusual phenomenon occur in her body.

“……It is one of the diseases which devils develop. The number of cases that happen are low, but when you develop that disease you fall into a deep sleep and won’t be able to wake up. Then your body gradually starts to become weak, and you will meet death. That’s why you have to maintain their life artificially like this in the hospital.”

Buchou says it with sad and narrow eyes.

……..So Sairaorg-san’s mother fell into that disease huh.

They searched for many ways to cure it, but they didn’t find any. Even so, Sairaorg-san still walked ahead.

“After that, Sairaorg-sama who trained his body returned to the house of Bael in perfect condition, and he took down his brother who is the child born between his father and his new wife with his power, and attained the seat to become the next heir.”

……..His younger brother must have had the power of destruction. He defeated his younger brother, and attained the current position. I can’t even imagine how complicated that must have been…..

Ah, but I have a question if that’s the case.

“Sairaorg-san defeated his younger brother and returned to house of Bael right? Then why is Sairaorg-san’s mother here? Does it mean that the medical facility here is better than the one in Bael’s territory?”

I ask such question.

“That is also the case….. But it’s also because there would be those after Oba-sama’s life if she’s in the Bael territory.”

Buchou gives me an answer like that…… Targeted!? W-Why so violent!?

“Not just Sairaorg’s brother who had his seat to become the next heir stolen from him, there are many of those who shun Sairaorg because he became the next heir without having the power of destruction. And Oba-sama who is ill will become an easy target for them. That’s why Sairaorg relied on Sona’s ties and moved Oba-sama to the Sitri’s territory.”

I see….. So the quarrel of the position of the one to become the next heir is still ongoing huh. The house of the Great-King sure is scary…… Is it that the house of Gremory is too peaceful? Buchou’s house is very easy to settle in, so I feel terrified at the dark side of the world of the devils.

Butler-san says it while wiping his tears with a handkerchief.

“I asked for both of you to come for none other than one reason. Will you please help me in curing Misura-sama from her disease? I hear that the Sekiryuutei-dono has a technique where he can listen to the voice deep inside the woman’s ‘heart’. I heard that the Nyuu-power9 which is different from demonic-power can bring miracles. So please, I would like you to try to see if you can hear the voice of Misura-sama who is in a deep sleep. I already have an affirmation from the doctor in charge. He said it would be okay if it’s a demonic-power which doesn’t cause any harm…..”

A Nyuu-power!? So the name Azazel-sensei made up by himself is going around now!?

But, having him say that…….

S..So he’s telling me to use Bilingual here!? And to use it on Sairaorg-san’s mother!? She’s a sick person you know!? Is it really okay!? My technique was originally an ero-technique you know!

C-Certainly, my bilingual is a technique which expands a mysterious space inside me and the woman’s oppai speaks about what they are thinking more than I ask them.

In a sense, you can say it is harmful…… But it’s certain that it isn’t a technique which affects the life of the target. But the Butler-san sure does ask a daring favour.

W..Well, in Kyoto, I was able speak through my opponents heart with the help of First-generation Sun Wukong. So he’s asking me to do it on Sairaorg-san’s mother who is continuing to sleep because of her illness.

…….Will my technique work on sick people……?

We were having a serious discussion and now it turned into the opposite immediately! More like, lately it’s been in my mind that everyone is thinking too seriously about my technique! Now finally, I have been asked to cure an illness!

Buchou says it while having a red cheek.

“…….I d..don’t know whether it will work, but if we have the permission from the doctor in charge then we should try it. Ise’s technique has brought miracles many times, so there might be a chance. Please use the technique on Oba-sama, Ise.”

Having Buchou say that much, there’s no reason to decline.

The Butler-san also is begging while bowing down very low and saying “Please, I beg you!”…….

Y..Yeah! Okay then! Then let’s try this!

“I understand. I don’t know how much I can do, but lets try it.”

I made the gauntlet appear immediately, and charged my power until I can activate Bilingual.


I stopped the ability of multiplying of my Boosted Gear after charging for quite a lot of power, and then moved onto activating my ability!


Having me in the centre, a mysterious space expands! The same time I activated my technique, I spoke towards Sairaorg-san’s mother.

“Sairaorg-san’s mother, please answer me so only I can hear it! A..Are you doing well!?”

I asked her such a random thing, but….


Sairaorg-san’s mother’s oppai didn’t tell me anything.

……Like I thought, it didn’t work? Or it just failed? H-Hmmm!

No, if it turned out like this, then I will try until the last minute!

“This time, I will ask her while in my armour form!”

I put on my armour with the Balance-Breaker which had got an even more shorter countdown time due to the incident in Kyoto. I’m very sorry for going into Balance-Breaker form inside the hospital! Please forgive me since this is all for Sairaorg-san’s mother!

While having Buchou and Butler-san look at me, I send my power of Sekiryuutei to my brain, and increase my demonic-power!


“This time! Sairaorg-san’s mother’s oppai! Please speak to me!”

Sairaorg-san’s mother gets enveloped by the red-aura of Sekiryuutei.

I increased the power output, and ask her again. But…..


Like I expected, Sairaorg-san’s mother’s breasts didn’t speak at all. The technique should have been put on her completely though. Maybe the breasts won’t speak to me if they are unconscious due to illness……

“…….What are you doing, all of you?”

A sudden new voice.

When me and Buchou turned around, there was a man with short-black hair with purple-eyes and a good body build….-Wait, it’s Sairaorg-san!

“I see, I’m sorry about that.”

Sairaorg-san who understood what was going on right now made a small smile and thanked me and Buchou.

It would be weird to talk in the patient’s room, so we moved to the resting area. I also returned to my usual state. I can’t be wearing armour inside the hospital after all.

But for me to be thanked by a person for using a tits-technique……. I sure can’t describe how I’m feeling right now!

“I’m sorry, I told Ise about you. Even though it’s right before a game…… And also we couldn’t be of any use today.”

Buchou apologises. She probably thinks she put unnecessary feelings inside me.

She probably thinks that it will be hard for me to fight in the game after learning Sairaorg-san’s past.

“I don’t mind. It’s good enough that you two came. My mother would also be happy. So it isn’t uncommon for these sort of things to happen among the 72-pillars, the power to take hold of the next heir that is. It just happened to occur in the house of Great-King this time.”

Sairaorg-san says it as if his past isn’t something that is shocking.

…..I thought his past was very shocking, but I started to think this person is even more amazing because he overcame it.

Even an idiot like me can understand that what he went through can’t be described merely like that.

“I have received great kindness from house of Sitri and house of Gremory. I can’t express how much gratitude I have towards you all.”

“It’s okay; we can at least do that.”

Just a normal conversation between cousins.

Maybe the reason why they can have a normal conversation like that is because Sairaorg-san attained his seat to become the heir. That’s what I thought.

Sairaorg-san’s expression then changed immediately, and he put on a serious face.

“But the game is different. The one to win in the next Rating Game would be my team. So discard any unnecessary feelings you have. What I want isn’t sympathy or holding back, but the serious Gremory group.”

He sure says that very directly…….!

Sairaorg-san then looks down at his fist.

“I only had ‘this(own body)’. That’s why I will lose everything if I lose. All the things I piled up until now will collapse. For me who didn’t inherit the power of destruction of our clan, the only path I had was to continue winning. That’s why I have to win with ‘this(fist)’.”

Then he gazes at me and Buchou filled with fighting spirit.

“That’s why I can only win with my fist. It might look uncool, but this is my awkward way of fighting you guys.”

I swallow my saliva, and then said it to Sairaorg-san directly.

“I won’t hold back. No matter what kind of things you experienced in the past, it doesn’t have anything to do with the game. And I never thought that I could win against you by being sympathetic towards you or holding back in the first place. That’s why I will fight you with my full power!”

The things that Sairaorg-san went through have nothing to do with the game.

Among the members of Gremory group who will be fighting, there are those who had painful pasts. And even among his group there should be those who have different reasons to be fighting, so what is important for my future is my aim, my target, and to walk forward for my dreams.

“My dream is to become a High-class devil! I want to become the ultimate [Pawn]! For that, I think I have to defeat you. No, that must be it. That’s why I will fight you, Sairaorg-san, for my own ambitions!”

Hearing my words, Sairaorg-san smiles with satisfaction.

“That’s it. Yeah, that’s enough. Like I thought, it seems like you gained something in Kyoto? I can see strength and confidence from your eyes.”

……Crap. When I stand in front of this person, my tension naturally gets higher by itself, and it feels like unnecessary things are coming out of my body…… It will be bad if he senses my power before the game.

He is one of the few men who acknowledges me, so my aura increases by itself to live up to his expectations.

“Rias. Hyoudou Issei. I will fight in the game for my dreams and my ambitions.”

“Yes. I won’t lose.”

Buchou also answered boldly towards Sairaorg-san.

After that, we bid our farewell to Sairaorg-san’s butler, and me and Buchou went on our way to go home. I felt very bad that I couldn’t be of any use when they called us over….. W-Well, if my tits-techniques would work on her, then there will be no point in having a doctor.

Inside the limousine while heading home, I was deep in thought while looking at the forest from the window.

……..I can’t lose. That’s because I……haven’t survived till the end in any of the games.

In the match against Phoenix I lost miserably, and in the match against Sitri I lost against Saji. I have won in normal battles many times…… Even so I…….feel disappointed.

My dream is to become the ultimate [Pawn] and become a high-class devil. And I will definitely bring victory for Buchou! That’s what I must do.

I will definitely defeat Sairaorg-san-

“…….You started to make a face of a man. That’s why…….I…….. No, even I………”

Buchou says something next to me.

“Eh…….? What is it?”

I asked her, but Buchou made a little smile.

Is it me, or does she look a bit sad?

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