High School DxD
Devil's Job Preview

Devil's Job

Part 1

It is sudden, but I’m confused about what to do with the thing right in front of me. There is an oppai in front of me. Yeah, that oppai. It's definitely a breast. There are two enormous soft looking things in front of me. Should I suck it……..? No, before that I will explain how it turned out like this. During PE, I didn’t feel well so I went to the infirmary room. Unfortunately, the nurse wasn’t here so I went on to the bed until the nurse comes back…… Apparently I took a nap for a bit. And when I opened my eyes there is a boob which is white like snow in front of me. I was familiar with this oppai. The only real oppai I ever saw belongs to one person beside my mum’s. I looked up a bit to confirm the face of the person, this oppai belongs to.


The one who was sleeping quietly was Buchou, who has long crimson hair. She is my “Onee-sama”.

……..But why was Buchou on the same bed as me…….and she was naked……. I mean, your black wings are growing out Buchou. Did she become defenceless because she was sleeping? Not long ago, there was a time when Buchou was inside the same bed as me before. I won’t explain about that now, but it happened. That time, Buchou was also naked, and I have that image saved inside my head. Yeah, it’s permanently saved! I sometimes use it take out the “youth” inside me! But I never expected that I would get to sleep with her again this quick……. Also, it seems like she’s sleeping while hugging my head…… I can feel the sensation of her oppai with my nose….. Oppai are amazing! They're soft! Shit! My tears aren’t stopping! There is a treasure right in front of me, but I can’t touch it! Can I only enjoy it with my nose!? While I was thinking like that, it seems like Buchou woke and she opened her eyes.

“………Ara, Ise. Fuaaaa.”

Buchou made a yawn.

“…..Bu…..Buchou……. Umm…….what is this……situation……?”

I asked her a question while my heart was beating fast. Buchou answers while patting my head, which she is hugging on to.

“I felt a bit tired. I was thinking of taking a nap in the infirmary and you were sleeping. So I invited myself inside.”


I wasn't sure what to say. So that’s how she explains it! Something like that happened while I was sleeping for a bit!

“Was I a nuisance?”

“No! It’s the best! No, no that! Ummm, I don’t know how to put it…..”

A nuisance!? Absolutely not! I’m so deeply moved that my tears aren’t stopping, Buchou-sama!

“Bu….but sleeping naked is a bit….. Too much?”

“I can’t sleep without being naked. It also would be perfect if I have a pillow or doll that I can hug on to.”

Pi…pillow. Do…..doll. Is that so. So I’m a replacement for a doll. No, no. That would be good enough! Buchou then looks into my face. What is it, Buchou?

“…….Ise. Do you like girls' breasts?”

“Yes! I love them!”

I answered her immediately. That was obvious. Those were my true feelings. This was the only thing I couldn’t lie about. I’m a high school student that lives by ero. Hearing that, Buchou made a naughty smile. She brought her face near my ear. I could smell something nice from her crimson hair. That scent stimulates my brain. Then she made a finishing blow.

“Do you want to touch my breast?”

…..!! There is something mysterious running through my body after I heard something guys want to hear from girls. I want to touch it! I want to grope it! I want to suck it! This is one of the dreams of every guy! While my head was in paradise, Buchou says it to me.

“Then will you listen to my request?”


What is it! I will do anything for touching your oppai, Onee-sama! I will fulfill any request! Buchou then says it to me while my head was pink inside.

“Then try to get one contract.”

Part 2

“We have arrived.”

Asia greets everyone with an energetic voice. Asia and I went straight to the club room after the lecture ended.

“Ara-ara. Ise-kun. Asia-chan. You have come early. Would you like tea?”

Akeno-san greets us with a smiling face. Your black silky hair is wonderful like always, Akeno-san. Your oppai are massive like always as well.

“Yes please!”

As soon as she heard my reply, she starts to pour tea into a cup. Looks like everyone besides us were already here. Buchou is also drinking tea elegantly.

“Hey, Koneko-chan.”

I greeted the small girl sitting in the corner of the room.


Fufufu. If I could add the two girls with Buchou and Asia, you can create the ultimate bishoujo-team. The Occult Research Club, which is full of bishoujo! It’s the best workplace there is! I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said that I only came here to be with them. Aaah. I’m so glad I joined this club! The oxygen here is fresh and it tastes really delicious!


There was a guy who raised his hand to greet me………. It’s Kiba. A good looking guy, whose refreshing face pisses me off. He is the enemy of all the guys in this school. Chi. Bloody good looking shit.

“Aaah. Yeah, yeah.”

I waved my hand roughly with my eyes half closed.

“So everyone has gathered. Then let's start the discussion.”

Buchou says that after confirming we are all here. The other members and I sat in the sofa surrounding the table. The person sitting on the chief-seat is our crimson haired Buchou-sama. So the meeting of the Occult Research Club began.

Part 3

“I will be going with Ise as a supervisor.”

When the meeting that continued till night became a discussion about me, that’s what Buchou said. The activity of the Occult Research Club. The Occult Research Club’s “outer” activity is researching about ghosts and magic related things. But the actual activity is different. We are devils. By the time the sky gets dark, that’s when our real work begins. The job of devils is to be summoned by a summoning magic circle and to make contracts. By fulfilling their wish, we received a price. The price can be money, objects, and sometimes life. Lately there aren’t many people who draw a magic circle to summon a devil. So current devils draw a magic circle on leaflets and give them out to humans with strong desires so they can do their business. Going back to the discussion from the meeting, it looks like the results from my work are bad. I still haven't made a single contract yet……. I feel so ashamed. No, I am getting jobs. That’s not a problem. But every time I go to the client, weird things happen resulting in the contracts not being completed. I am getting close with the people who summon me……. Well devils are supposed to make contracts, so there’s no meaning if I can't fulfill their wish even if I get friendly with them. Buchou is also troubled with me, and that resulted in her words just before. For me to make trouble for Buchou…… I’m such a useless guy. And people who always summon me end up being hentais. Am I actually able to fulfill my dream of becoming a Harem-King? Yeah, that’s right! I’m going to keep on making contracts and receive a peerage from Maou! And when I become a high-class devil, I’m going to gather bishoujo and make my own harem! For achieving that, I am going through this harsh life…… But the reality is really harsh. Shit! I want to have girls in both my arms, and want to talk about polygamy!

“…….No vulgar imagination allowed.”

Ouch! Koneko-chan said that with narrow eyes. Seems like she saw through my imagination. She’s usually a quiet girl, but the words she sometimes says shock my heart.

“Fufufu. You had a lecherous smile.”


Something snapped in my head and I got pissed.

“Shuuuut up! Kibaaaaaa! Unlike you, I can only be popular in my imagination! I can only do erotic stuff in my head! My imagination is mine only! Damn it! I also wanted to be born as a handsome guy! All the good looking guys should just disappear from this world! Every primate that can create a harem is my enemy!”

I shouted my anger with teary eyes.

“Geez. Don’t cry. And a primate? Are you trying to look at gorilla and chimpanzee as enemies too?”

Buchou made a sigh while patting my head.

“Sob…. If I was popular, I would have been doing drumming like those guys in heavy-metal…. Why weren’t we evolved from a gorilla…….”

I started to say illogical things. But Buchou’s patting is the best. Aaaah. Getting treated like this from a bishoujo-sama is the best. The pain in my heart is disappearing.


Then the big magic circle on the ground started to glow. It was making the club room bright by releasing blue-white light. When this magic circle grows, it means that someone is trying to summon a devil. In other words, we are being called by humans with desires. We transport to the clients place by this magic-circle, and fulfill their wish. This is how the devils job starts. Akeno-san walks toward the magic-circle while shaking her ponytail. She raised her hand and is checking something. After doing it for few seconds, she looks at me and Buchou with a smile.

“Buchou. It’s a wish that even Ise-kun can fulfill.”

Buchou nods her head after hearing that.

“I understand. Ise, lets go.”

Buchou grabs my hand and walks towards the magic circle.

“Bu..Buchou! Are you seriously coming with me?”

Is she really going to supervise me? I will be too embarrassed that I can’t work like usual! Buchou puts her hand on my cheek and smiles.

“You are my adorable servant. So I will take care of you. So follow me.”

Uuu……..you are a cheater. Buchou. I would want to get spoiled by you if you say that.

“Yes. Please take care of me.”

My face became red.

“Ise-san! Please do your best!”

While getting cheers from Asia, Buchou and I walked into the glowing magic-circle.

Part 4

When the bright light stops, we were in a room. From the looks of it, is it a room in an apartment? When I looked around the room, there were so many objects related to Sengoku1! There was a sword in a sheath mounted on the wall. There were lots of posters of Japanese castles. There was also a scroll that says “Fuurin-Kazan”. There was a helm of the bushou2 from the sengoku era on the shelf. The room was dark, but there were lights on lamps.


I was so shocked that I let out my voice. Of course. That’s because there is an armour of a bushou right in front of me. Man, these are supposed to be expensive, aren’t they? It looks creepy because it’s in this dark room. So who’s the client? Who called me and Buchou? I looked at every direction but there isn’t anyone.



The bushou’s armour moved at the same time I heard a woman’s voice.


I got shocked and screamed.

“Ar….are you two devils……..?”

I can feel that I’m being looked at from behind the mask of the armour! The pressure isn’t normal! But opposite of the pressure, the voice sounded adorable! She seriously is a girl….?

“Y..yes. We are devils.”

I nodded my head while hiding the fact that I was scared.

“So I actually summoned a devil…….”

“Pa…..pardon me, but are you a woman?”

The armour nodded at my question.

“But I’m really shocked……. Devils do exist……..”

Shocked? That’s my line!? Where in the world is there a girl who wears armour in her room!?

“My name is Susan. Just like you can see, my hobby is to collect things related to the sengoku-era…….”

Susan!? She’s a foreigner!? I’m getting even more shocked!

“I’m sorry for dressing up like this……It’s dangerous at night, so I protect myself like this by wearing this armour…….”

I probably shouldn’t say that she’s the dangerous one.

“The first step of learning another country's culture is by being in contact with them. It’s wonderful.”

Buchou nods her head while saying that. No, no. That’s kind of wrong.

“But I’m glad that the ones who came out were kind looking devil-san. If it was a scary devil-san, I would have drawn out this katana, “Kijin-marukuni-shige”……..”

Susan has a Japanese sword in a sheath in her hand. Scary! Susan is really scary!

“S…so what was the reason you summoned us? You called us because you wanted us to fulfill your wish right?”

When I asked, she started to cry.

“…….Sob….sob……..Please come with me to the University I am attending to as an exchange student……. University at night is really scary………”

I think you're the scary one. But I couldn’t say that.


It’s midnight, and there is an armour walking in the street. This is a bizarre view. My town will turn into a horror town. Buchou and I accepted her wish, and we were guarding her while heading to the University she goes to. To tell you the truth, I don’t think she needs any guards……Susan is wearing a Musha's armour. And its midnight. How come she seems more intense than us devils, who are the residents of night? Damn it! People who summon me are all weird! We told her that it would be alright if only Buchou and I go to the University to get her book. But……

[No, no. I can’t let only devil-san go. I will go as well!]

She said it while crying and she followed us.


Susan is crying maybe because she’s scared of walking at night. Please don’t cry with a low voice that sounds like a curse. You have so much intensity that its scaring me.

“It’s a waste to leave her as a human.”

Buchou says it while she was taking interest at the atmosphere Susan is giving off. Susan, there’s a devil looking at you! Susan is really a scaredy cat, and she starts to swing her katana if she gets scared even a bit. She was troubled because she left an important notebook at school. Then she saw the leaflet to summon devils and she ended up summoning us. We have already received a payment. It’s not a big wish so we didn’t mind doing it for free, but she insisted she would pay a price. The payment we got was a small scale Japanese castle. We can only keep it in the club room. Maybe Akeno-san would be happy. We have already sent it to the club room via the magic circle.

“Don’t be scared. I’m with you, so walk with pride.”

“Sob….Thank you…”

Buchou cheers Susan on while she walks next to her. Buchou, armour walking by itself is already scary.

“But isn’t it heavy while walking wearing that armour?’

It’s my question. You would need quite a lot of stamina to walk while wearing armour like that. She’s also a girl. Isn’t it hard?

“There’s no problem. Even if I look like this, I train while wearing this armour when I’m bored. Of course it's training only inside my room. The Musha from long time ago ran around the battlefield wearing armour. Even I should be able to do that.”

What are you competing with……? You seriously are someone who is hard to understand Susan.

Oh, it looks like it’s the end of the night walk with the Musha. I can see our destination, the University.

“Ah. This is the University I go to……. See? It has a scary atmosphere doesn’t it?”

No, you are the one with the scary atmosphere. An armoured person right in front of the University at night. It’s really scary.

“Let’s go inside. Aaaah, it’s scary……..”

An armour that is going inside the University. Just thinking about it makes me shiver. Like this, we finished our job.

We returned to Susan’s room after safely retrieving Susan’s notebook. Buchou started to cast the magic circle for returning to the club room after confirming the job is completed.

“Okay. We will be going back now.”

I bid my farewell to Susan with a smile. Fufufu. I can’t help myself from smiling. Of course. I accomplished my job safely. The meaning of this is big. Yes, I have fulfilled my promise with Buchou! By completing my job, I can grope Buchou’s oppai! When I think that I can put my face in that rich and prosperous oppai, the sexual urges within me aren't stopping! Aaah, the excitement of youth within me is rising! My eyes are already locked on at Buchou’s breast and I’m not even letting it out of my sight for a second! Yeah, first of all I will get her right oppai. I’m going to grope it while moving my hands clockwise! I will also enjoy the left oppai by putting my hand on top of it and shake it…….

“Um……excuse me…….”

Susan talks to me shyly while I was thinking about erotic stuff on full throttle. Hm? What? It creeps the hell out of me if an armour is trembling……….

“…..It might be a bit rude…….. if it isn’t rude there is one more wish I want to be fulfilled…..”

Wish? She wants to make another contract? Huh? I want to go back and grope Buchou’s……

“That’s okay.”

I was making a face because I didn’t want to, but Buchou who is beside me agreed to it. Wait Buchou! We have to listen to this armour-girl’s wish again!? While not noticing my teary eyes, Buchou turns off the magic circle to listen to Susan. Sob……. Buchou’s oppai is going further away….. Buchou left me alone who was in shock and started to listen to Susan’s wish. Susan then was trembling like a maiden and said.

“To tell you the truth……. I’m thinking of going forward to someone……. who goes to the same University as me……. and tell him my feelings.”

“Is that a challenge to that person? Eh? Going forward as in killing that person?”


Oh, so it isn’t. She said going forward, so I thought she wanted to start a battle or something.

“Umm....ummm there is a man that I like…… I’m slow at these things but I want to tell him my feelings…..”

I see. So there’s someone she likes. I imagined a bushou from the sengoku era with massive beard. The man who this armour-girl must be in love with is someone like that. He probably laughs like “Gahahaha!”. Buchou put a smile on hearing that and nodded.

“It’s a wonderful wish. Okay. I will listen to your wish.”

“You will? I’m glad! Devil-san are good people!”

Susan started to do a step dance after hearing Buchou. Don’t do step dance while wearing armour! It’s scary!

“So what are we supposed to do? Do you want us to organise a showy play? Or do you want us to get this person’s heart by using demonic-power?”

“No, no! If it’s possible I want to go out with him by telling my feelings….. But it’s my first time at things like this….. I’m not sure where to start from.”

Hmm. She doesn’t want to make the man she likes into her lover with the power of devils. In other words, she wants to make it happen with her own strength. But she doesn’t know how. So she wants our help, huh.

“It would be the quickest if you confess you feelings directly.”

Susan shook her head violently at Buchou’s suggestion.

“It’s impossible for me!”

“Then how about a letter?”

Buchou nods at my suggestion.

“Yes. I think a love letter is also good. I think its wonderful to show your feelings in a letter as well.”

“I understand! I will write it!”

Susan went into a corner of the room and started to search for something. She then took something out. It was a calligraphy set. She got a blank page for the calligraphy and put it down. She then dipped the brush in the ink.

By combining the room and Susan’s appearance, it looks like a horror film when she’s writing. An armoured person writing in ink. It feels as if she has a strong grudge……. She looks like one of those ghosts with a strong grudge who lives in a haunted house. The armour that is shining under the candlelight is glowing strangely. Someone call a fricken ghost buster! This room is cursed!

“Su…Susan…….. Isn’t it better to use a normal pen and paper? What are you trying to write?”

I asked her while a single drop of sweat dropped from my cheek.

“Eh? This is the letter. A love letter. I wrote [I send this letter for a purpose of thee. In the meaning of peace].”

“Hold on a second! What language is that!?”

I asked her because she wrote some unknown sentence from the beginning of the letter.

“It’s Japanese. It means that “Please be rest assured because it’s nothing special”.”

“No, no. Don’t bend your neck like you don’t know what I mean! That’s not it! No matter how you look at it, people of the current generation won't understand what you wrote! And no one uses ink now! What is this, the sengoku-era!? Does the letter have to be like the sengoku-era as well!? It’s also weird to say that it’s nothing special when it’s supposed to be a love letter! It doesn’t seem like you are trying! I mean, if you don’t express your love, then that’s just a cursed letter!”

Susan drops down on the floor. She seems shocked at hearing what I said.

“N…no….. I can’t write a letter besides this……”

“Eh!? You came to Japan as an exchange student, so learn how to write normal Japanese! No, even English is fine since you are an exchange student! Even that person will try to translate it because he would want to know what is written!”

“Then there was no meaning for me to come to Japan! Japanese men are the descendants of samurai! I want to go out with a Samurai-san in order to have a proper relationship!”

This person is useless! I need to do something quickly! She’s one of those foreigners who have a total misunderstanding of Japan! It’s worse than the usual Japanese otaku! There’s no way she can learn our culture!

“I also haven’t met a samurai since I came to this country. I thought that there would at least be one in this town.”

This is bad! Buchou also has a misunderstanding! There aren’t any! Japan, which is one of the leading countries of the world, won’t have samurai walking on the streets! Though there’s one person in this room who would carry a sword around the streets! So who is this guy that Susan is crazy about? What kind of warrior is he……?

“Then this won't be needed then.”

Susan made a sigh while pulling back the string of a bow.

“Arrow-letter!? Susan! If you shoot an arrow in that outfit, you would be arrested immediately! It would become an international problem!”

[Shooting with an arrow-letter! The person inside the armour is a foreign woman staying as an exchange student!]

Man, I can already imagine it having a big page on the newspaper……

[I wanted to shoot his heart…….]

I can even imagine what she would say to the media. It would be on the newspaper for days being used as a joke.

“It is……? I thought an arrow-letter is normal in Japan.”

“Yeah. I think it was normal hundreds of years ago. You are in the wrong era. This is Heisei period. It’s not the Azuchi-Momoyama period. If there was a Time-machine, I would be sending you back to the past right away.”

She seems like an unfortunate person who was born in the wrong time and country……. I was holding my head down, and Buchou, who is next to me, made a sigh.

“It can’t be helped. I will teach you how to write a love-letter for the whole night.”

Spending the night in the same room as a girl. It sounds romantic, but the one next to me is in armour. Even if Buchou is here, this is…….. I started to feel like crying a bit.

Part 5

After a few days.

Buchou and I were at a certain park. There is a base right in front of us. There are various flags with a certain symbol on it everywhere. And at the centre of it, there is an armoured Musha sitting on a chair. It’s obviously Susan. She finished writing the love-letter safely and she safely gave it to the person she likes. I wanted to see how she gave the letter, but she successfully gave her letter. And that person is coming to the park today to give a reply to her confession. Buchou and I came here because Susan wanted us to witness the outcome. But to build a base in the place of confession. It’s hard to tell her after she did it to this extreme. Man, just do whatever you want.

“Mummy, what is that?”

Children who came to the park ask their parents.

“No! You must not look!”

Even the children’s mothers left the park immediately after sensing the weird killing intent. Yes, it’s like your mummy says children. You must not look. If you see something like this, you would become a good-for-nothing adult.

“Oh my. Is it some kind of play based on a civil era? What do you think granny?”

An old couple is sitting on a bench looking at us, thinking it’s some kind of play. But I’m more interested in the guy coming here. What kind of guy is coming? So would it be a warrior from the civil times? Susan on other hand is shaking a bit while wearing armour. She seems nervous, but it looks so creepy. There is a bizarre phenomenon occurring in day light.

“Looks like he’s here.”

When I looked in the same direction as Buchou, there was someone far away getting closer.


The sound of metal colliding. I have heard a sound familiar to this before. The one who appeared from far away is wearing western armour…… He held a cone shaped lance in his right hand and a shield on the left. His head is covered with a helm that also covers his whole face so I can’t see the face…….. I dropped down on the floor holding my head down. Man, I’m speechless! What the heck is that! What the fuck is that! It’s a fricken hentai Knight who is armoured, with illegal weapons!

“Bu..Buchou…. May I go home now?”

“No. Let’s stay and look. Aaah, it’s amazing. It’s a collaboration of a Musha and a Knight.”

“I didn’t want to look at a collaboration like this!”

I was screaming next to Buchou who is enjoying it. Hey, if I look carefully there’s and arrow piercing the helm! It’s a direct hit to the brain! Hey, hey, hey, hey! He turned into a “Arrowed-head Knight”!

“Susan! The arrow! That person has an arrow piercing his helm! Instead of a Ochi-musha, it’s an Ochi-Knight!”

“Yes. I thought about it a lot... and the only method I had, to give the letter, was by using the arrow.”

“Hand it to him by using your hand! Think a bit more! You could even have it posted! That’s an attack! You just attacked him! It’s an attack that is an instant kill! It’s a direct hit to the head! It’s an assault! Isn’t that the reason why he’s carrying a lance!?”

“It’s a splendid lance…….”

Susan says it shyly. Don’t fall in love with a weapon that is used to pierce through someone! Is that also the charming point of this guy you fell for!?

“Damn it! Why do all my clients end up being weirdos!”

While I was thinking, the Knight gets closer to Susan. He came into Susan’s base while making sounds of metal colliding. No matter how you look at it, it looks like a battle. The Knight stands in front of Susan. Susan also got up and stood. There is an abnormal atmosphere. The intensity is extreme. The area was filled with killing intent. It seems like there is a warp in the space between them because of the energy they are giving out. If you look at this scene, no one would suspect that it’s the scene of a confession. That’s because no matter how you look at it, it looks like a battle scene. The Knight pierces the ground with his lance violently and took out something. It’s a letter.

“……This letter. I have read it………”


The Musha is shaking. Please stop because it’s scary. It’s scary because you are responding like a girl.

“……It was a wonderful arrow-letter. For me to let my guard down and get shot……. It was a good arrow-letter…….”

Eh? Wonderful……? Eh? Does the Knight have a few screws loose?

“I…I was just thinking about shooting the bow…….Horie-kun.”

Thinking about shooting!? That’s a thing someone who’s trying to kill someone would say! Wait, Horie-kun!? Is that right! So this arrow-head knight is called Horie-kun!

“If it’s me, I would be glad to go out with you……”

Arararara. She got a good reply. He doesn’t mean “going out” as in going all out in battle right? But that’s what it would look like to other people.

“Ho….Horie-kun….. Sob…..I’m glad…….sob.”

Susan had a tearful voice. I can't tell because she’s wearing a helm, but she sounds like she’s crying.


The western Knight, Horie-kun, hugs Susan gently. They are hugging each other while wearing their armour so I can hear the sounds of metal colliding. What the heck is this?

“Let’s talk about “The Book of Five Rings” you wrote about in this letter.”

“Yes. I wanted to talk about Miyamato Musashi’s Niten Ichi-ryuu with you Horie-kun……”

The Musha and Knight took each other's hand and walked away.

“Thank you very much both of you!”

Susan waves her hand at Buchou and I. Buchou responded with a smile. Buchou can keep her calm even if she saw that huh. You are truly amazing Rias-Buchou…….. But most amazing of all, was the birth of a hentai couple born right in front of me.

Part 6

After that there was a photo sent to me, it was a picture of a Musha and Knight. Looks like they are getting along. But a few days ago there was a TV programme about a collection of bizarre things and it said that……

[In a certain town at night, an armoured Musha and Knight walk the streets! The town is haunted by vengeful ghosts!]

Susan you seriously should stop going on dates at night. It’s a scandal that I didn’t want to know. The price we got from Susan’s love plan was the lance Horie-kun had. It’s on display in the clubroom. Sometimes, Kiba who is familiar with western weapons, takes pleasure in holding it. Anyway I’m glad that I completed the contract safely. I didn’t know what was going to happen but…… But my mind was already concentrated on Buchou’s oppai. Since the time we finished that contract, I have been following Buchou’s breast with my eyes. Gufufufu. Finally! Finally I can grope Buchou’s oppai! I can touch it! Enjoy it! Oh, my drool came out…… Gufufufu. But I can’t stop smiling! And today, it’s only Buchou and I in the room! The other members aren’t here! This is my chance! Be brave, me! I made my determination and walked up to Buchou.

“What is it, Ise?”

Buchou smiles elegantly. Uuu, if you smile with a cute face like that I would feel guilty…… But I gulped and prepared myself!

“Bu..Buchou! Wh..what happened to the promise!?”


Hearing my question, Buchou made a naughty smile. She knows! She knows what I want to say! Uuu, she’s enjoying this situation…….

“Th..that! O…o…..o….oppai!”

“Ufufu. I know. You don’t have to make a serious face like that.”

Even if you say that, it’s a matter of life or death for me! Buchou got up from the sofa and stood in front of me.

“Okay. I will count to five starting from now. Until then, my breasts are yours. Okay, I will count. ONE.”

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! What is that!? Count to five!? Even if you say that!


Aaaaaaaaaah!! She already count up to two! This is bad! She started before I got my heart ready for it! Uwaaaaaaaaaaaah! At this rate I won’t be able to grope Buchou’s oppai! I started to inhale some air to calm myself. Raise my spirit, me! I should have been prepared! Grope! I’m going to grope it! I’m going to grope Buchou’s oppai!


It’s three already!? There’s no time left! Right Oppai!? Or the left oppai!? Aaah! I don’t have the time to be thinking about it! Then I’m going to grope both! I prepared my hands for groping! And I try to grope them……


Suddenly the door opens.

“Ise-san. Were you here before me?”

“Sorry for coming late.”


“Sorry, it took so long for cleaning.”

Asia, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan and Kiba. The club members came in!

“Ara-ara. What were you doing?”

Akeno-san looks at me and Buchou with a smile.

“That’s the end. Too bad, Ise.”

Cruel words reach my ears! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!? Did the time run out when I looked at the other club members coming in!? N…no……. I dropped down at my disappointment……… Sob…..My first oppai…….sob……. The club members look at me with wonder. Buchou just laughed……. Aaaah. How can this be……. I went through all that to make a weird couple…… And my payment. My treat has…….. Buchou knelt down and pat my head.

“Ufufu. Ise is really an interesting boy. Did you want to touch my breast that much?”

“Of course. Sob…….”


Buchou hugged me gently…… Because it was so sudden, my mind froze for a second.

“Then I will hug you like this for a while.”

Buchou says it as if she is talking to a child. My face got red because I can feel her warmth. I mean, the other members are looking!

“Do your best next time as well. My adorable Ise.”

I felt my brain blowing up inside after hearing that. Aaaah. Just like I thought. That’s right. Buchou is the best. I will not forget this warmth. I will make achievements under Buchou! While having that thought in my heart, I was being spoilt within Buchou’s arms.

  1. Japan’s civil war
  2. military commander

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