High School DxD
Holy behind the Gymnasium Preview

The Second Term begins!

Part 1

The summer has ended, and it’s already a new term. The second term.

The opening ceremony has already ended and Kuou Academy has begun the September event, the preparation for the Sports Festival. At this time of the year, something that greatly irritates me occurs. That is because the number of people who have “shed their skin” increases. It’s something called a “Summer Debut”. People use the summer as an occasion to go through a major image change. Well, compared to when we were first years, the number of them has decreased, but even so people like that appear. If it’s the guys they have their hair changed by a beautician, and if it’s the girls they change their fashion style to that of the current popular fashions! So people who looked dull just before summer, begin the second term by having a new look! Last year I was shown that a lot and it made me hate it and close my mouth. So I was jealous!

-I also wanted to change myself! I’m also a male high school student! I want to dye my hair, I have an interest in cool guys clothes, and once had thought of trying them out! And it really seems like you can become popular with girls with them! The guys who change themselves during the summer also have that as one of their motives! –Changing yourself during the summer and getting a girlfriend!

“Then graduate from being a virgin, right. Summer is like an obstacle for high school boys.”

The glasses guy, Motohoma, says it while nodding. One of my evil buddies.

“Oh, Motohama. Did you get information regarding “that”?”

He nods at my question.

“Yeah, Matsuda went to get the actual information right now.”

“Heeeeey! Ise! Motohama! I got the information!”

The one who came into the class is Matsuda. Seems like he got the information regarding “that”.

“Like we thought, Yoshida from the next class did it during the summer! And it seems like he did it with an Onee-sama from third year!”

“That fucker!” “That fucker!”

Motohama and I said with hatred!

Just like we thought! That bastard Yoshida! Not only did he become more fashionable but he also has a bigger attitude and now we know why!

“It’s rumoured that Ooba from our class has also done it with a first year.”

“Are you serious!? Ooba did!?”

When we turned around, Ooba who's wearing a refreshing smile waves his hand at us! Daaaaaamn it! That non-virgin! Is it alright to lose your virginity as easily as that!? It is right! I also want to lose it! Since last year, at the beginning of the second term, we gather information about the summer experience of the people we know. It’s the truth that boys lose their virginity during summer, and for us virgins, information like that is what we desperately want to know! That’s because it really makes you wonder who is a virgin and who isn’t! From the information we gathered, the ratio of guys who have lost their virginity has increased since last year! So most of the guys in our grade have already had sex! Whether you had sex or not has a huge effect on your status for high school boys! Those eyes that non-virgins look at me with fill me up with hatred. Their eyes are saying “Aaah, these guys don’t know women yet” and it pisses me off!

I lay on top of the desk holding down my head! Shit! This wasn’t how it was supposed to be! I was also planning to change and lose my virginity during the summer! But instead I went to the Underworld! Are there any high school boys who go to hell for the summer!? There is! And that’s me!

On top of that, a dragon was chasing after me in the mountains! Can you believe such stupidity!? Nobody would believe that I spent my valuable high school second year life going through life and death situations with a monster and I also don’t want to tell anyone!

After all, the only erotic event I had during the summer was the hot bath, but other than that nothing! Nothing happened! Comparing it to the past it’s the difference of heaven and hell, but I still wanted something more! My first experience with Buchou! Doing it on the bed with Akeno-san! Making babies with Xenovia! Not a single one of those things happened during my time in the Underworld!

I was fortunate that nothing happened to Matsuda and Motohama either during the summer. If they go through becoming a man before me, I will seriously commit suicide.

“Smells like virgins.”

The one who appears while laughing at us is the glasses-girl, Kiryuu. Her mouth is smirking and she’s laughing with her nose.

“Kiryuu! Did you come to laugh at us!?”

She nods at Motohama’s question.

“Fufufu. Since it’s you guys, I’m sure you guys spent a worthless summer.”

“Shut up!”

“By the way, Hyoudou. Lately Asia acts weird at times, do you know the reason for that?”

Kiryuu asks me. I know the reason. It must be about Diodora. I also realise that. Asia panicked when the teacher asked her questions and she even read the textbook upside down.

Though Asia is having a chuckle with the other girls right now….. Asia is popular in our class. She’s popular amongst both guys and girls. She’s obviously a beauty but you get healed just by talking to her. Among guys there are those who talk to her to feel healed rather than feeling love towards her. Rather than looking at her with perverted eyes, they would rather get close to her and be healed. Well I don’t blame them. It’s true that I relax a lot when I am with Asia. Asia notices that I’m looking at her and waves her hand at me. Asia puts on a smile but she seems stiff…. Hmmm, it’s certain that she’s being troubled. Now what should we do with the proposal? While I was thinking about that, Kiryuu looked at me with suspicious eyes.

“What is it?”

“No, it’s just that since entering the second term your popularity with girls has increased quite a lot.”

-! Are you serious! But why?

“Your face has become more serious, and even from my eyes I can tell that your body has become quite muscular. There are girls who say that you've become more wild.”

Hmmm. I see. I check it by touching my face. I know that my body is muscular. Well, it would happen naturally if you lived with a dragon in the mountains. I also spent my life like a wild animal. But me becoming wild, huh. I see, fufufu. People who notice do look at people seriously. Did my charm that increased during the summer start to fascinate the girls?

“Fufufu. I work out after all. That means I have grown up during the summer.”

I put my hand under my chin and make a big grin, and then Kiryuu seems to feel down.

“……If only you didn’t become so full of yourself.”

W-What’s that with you feeling down……. I don’t get her at all.

“H-Hey! This is urgent!”

Suddenly one of the guys in my class comes over in a rush. What happened? He gulped down some mineral water that his friend gave him, and spoke out so everyone could hear him.

“There is a transfer student coming! It’s a girl!”

After a pause……


The whole class shouts in a shock.

“Um, it might be unusual during this time of year but a new student will be joining us.”

Everyone is excited with the teacher’s words. The guys have high tension! That’s because it’s a girl! You would expect us to be excited! Even though the girls are astonished by the guys' reactions, they are just as excited as us.

“Come in.”

The one who comes in with the teacher’s word is……….


Shouts of joy come from the guys. The one who appears is a chestnut-haired girl who has twin tails, and the guys act like that because she’s quite a beauty. But for me, rather than being happy, I am so shocked that my eyes are about to pop out of my head. When I look, Asia is acting the same way as me and Xenovia has shocked eyes and can't believe what she is seeing. Of course we would act this way! If “she” suddenly appears like this, then people who know her would get shocked! The transfer student bows her head down and introduces herself with a big smile. The cross coming down from her neck is shining. She changed her hairstyle into twin tails but there is no doubt about it!

“My name is Shidou Irina. Everyone, let's get along!”

Yes, it’s none other than Shidou Irina, who came to retrieve the stolen Excalibur’s before summer with Xenovia!

Part 2

“Come with me for a sec.”

During break Irina was receiving a lot of questions from the guys and girls, and I grabbed her hand quickly and took her to a place where there is no one except Asia and Xenovia.

Shidou Irina. My childhood friend. She moved when she was little to another country, and received a blessing from a Church and became a Holy-sword wielder under the Protestant Church.

Earlier there was an incident where the Excalibur that was under the care of the Church was stolen by one of the Fallen-Angel leaders. For that incident Xenovia and she came to this town. Xenovia learned about the truth of God and remained in Japan by becoming a devil without thinking properly. Irina on the other hand, returned to where she originally came from. We hadn’t seen her since then……. But I never thought we would have a reunion like this……. Man, I was surprised. It happened all of a sudden. She’s not our enemy right? The Three Great Powers made an alliance. T-Then the reason why Irina came here is……

“It has been a while Ise-kun, and also Xenovia!”


Irina hugs Xenovia.

“Xenovia! I’m glad you are doing okay! It might be awkward due to our positions but I’m truly happy!”

“Yes, it has been a while Irina. I’m glad you are doing alright yourself. Is it punishment that the cross you are wearing is giving some minor damage to me…….”

The reunion of the former holy-sword wielder duo. Xenovia is also showing a smile. Now now, what should I ask? While I was thinking, Xenovia began the discussion.

“What brings you here?”

Yes, a simple yet straight question.

“I transferred here by Michael-sama’s order. I will give more details after the lectures. I will be in the old-school building, okay?”

Irina says that while making a cute wink. I sent a text message to Buchou using my mobile and texted “Shidou Irina came, did you know about it?”. She replied back “Yes, it was suddenly determined to turn into a situation like that. I will introduce you to her with a proper explanation after the lectures, so please look after her until then. She is a transfer student after all”. Ah, so Buchou knew about her. Obviously. This is Buchou’s territory so Irina wouldn’t be able to enter unless it had been discussed with Buchou beforehand. Yes, I will wait until after school.

In the clubroom after classes.

“Shidou Irina-san. I welcome you to our school.”

All the members of the Occult Research Club, Azazel-sensei, and Sona-kaichou gathered to welcome Irina. By the way, the one on my lap is Koneko-chan. It has become her personal seat.

“Yes! Everyone! Well, there are people I’m meeting for the first time but most of you I have met before. My name is Shidou Irina! Church…. No, I came here to Kuou academy as a messenger of the angels!”


Everyone gave her applause. Well, I hear that she came as a support member from the Heavens side. If I think about it, devils and fallen-angels are here but not angels. We are getting backed up by Heaven, though. Irina began her speech about “Gratitude to the Lord” and “Michael-sama is great”. Everyone made a bitter smile but listened to her. She has a strong faith in her teachings like always….. There was something I wanted to ask Xenovia so I whispered in her ears.

(H-Hey Xenovia.)

(Why are you speaking in a low voice?)

(Irina doesn’t know about the death of God right?)

(At least she didn’t know about it when she parted with me.)

That’s right. Is it really okay? All of us know about the death of God. If this girl finds out, will she get so shocked that something serious might happen? I was worried about that but Sensei asks her without any thought.

“You do know about the death of “God from the Bible” right?”

“S-Senseiiiiiiiii! You can’t suddenly ask her something like that!”

I said it to Sensei but Sensei just sighed.

“Idiot. If she’s here then she received the mission while knowing all about it. Listen, this place is one of the most important places among the territory of the Three Great Powers alliance. If someone affiliated comes here, then it means they are stepping foot in while having basic knowledge of it.”

Irina nods at Sensei’s word.

“Of course Governor-sama of the Fallen-Angels. Don’t worry Ise-kun. I already know about the absence of the Lord.”

Seriously? We look dumb for worrying about her!

“You are quite tough. I never thought Irina, who has such a strong belief in the teachings, would come here without being shocked at all.”

After a pause with Xenovia’s words, many tears started to flow out from both of Irina’s eyes! She shouts while getting closer to Xenovia!

“Of course I’m shocked! My spiritual support! The centre of the world! Father of many creation dieeeeeeed!? I was living while believing in all of the teachings so I spent 7 days and 7 nights sleeping when I heard the truth from Michael-sama! Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, Lord!”

Aaah she started to cry while hugging onto the table. W-Well, for a strong believer, the death of God would be very shocking. My family is non-religious so I don’t know how it feels but Asia basically fainted when she found out about it.

“I understand how you feel.”

“I know.”

Asia and Xenovia gently said that to Irina. The three of them hugged each other. Asia and Xenovia continued to pray to God till this day. I think they are still feeling grateful to God.

“Asia-san! I’m sorry for calling you a witch last time! I even said horrible things to Xenovia when we said our goodbyes! I’m sorry!”

Asia and Xenovia smiled at Irina’s apologies.

“I don’t mind. I’m hoping we can get along since we all love the same Lord.”

“Same as me. That was also my fault for acting without thinking properly. I turned into a devil immediately after all. But I’m happy that we are reunited like this.”

[Ah, Lord!]

The three of them started praying…… Can I assume that they have an understanding of each other now? A lot has happened but it makes me happy that the weird tension is starting to disappear. Maybe this is the birth of Church-Trio. Smiling with everyone is the best. Though two of them are devils…..

“Can I assume that you are Michael’s messenger?”

Irina nods to confirm Sensei’s question.

“Yes Azazel-sama. Michael-sama was troubled because not a single person from the Heaven’s side is here. He said it’s a problem if none of the staff is in this area.”

“Oh yeah, Michael did say something like that. This location is active with the power of those from either Heaven or the Underworld, but the ones who are actually working here are Rias and Sona Sitri’s group, and a small number of other people including myself. Well, it’s functioning well enough with us but Michael said something so serious that he thinks someone from Heaven should also work here and said he would send someone. Heaven has already given a lot of support which is more than we can ask for. I said we don’t need anyone but he said that he won’t accept that and the one he decided to send is her.”

Sensei says that while sighing. Oh, so that’s what happened. Yeah, this place has only devils and Fallen-Angels. So it won’t be weird if one or two Angels are sent. But Buchou’s base certainly has become crowded. There were only several devils in the beginning. Now, Fallen-Angels and people from the Church come and have natural laughs. We seriously don’t know what will happen in life. Buchou also seems to have had complicated feelings in the beginning but she started to get heated up with responsibility after being personally asked by Maou-sama, because of a reason like “It might turn out useful in many ways” and “It’s something very honourable”.

Irina suddenly got up and started to pray. Then her body started to glow and white wings appeared from her back!? Ooooooooh! She looks like an angel! Wait, did she become an angel!? Everyone gets shocked but Sensei calmly asks Irina while putting his hand under his chin.

“-Your name is Shidou Irina correct? Did you go through the angel transformation?”

“Angel transformation? There is such a phenomenon?”

When I ask Sensei, Sensei shrugs his shoulder.

“No, the truth is there was no such thing until now. Though a possible theory was discussed between the scientists of Heaven and the Underworld………”

Irina nods at Sensei, who sharpened his eyes and is having a thought.

“Yes. I received Michael-sama’s blessing and became a reincarnated angel. I heard that the Seraphs used the technologies of the Devils and Fallen-Angels and made it possible.”

Such a thing is possible! So the alliance of the Three Great Powers has progressed that much. I heard that an angel couldn’t be born due to God’s death, but even if it is reincarnated angels, the number of angels should increase. But Irina is an angel, huh. Devil, Fallen-Angel and Angel. All three are gathered here. Irina continues on.

“Four Great Seraphs and other Seraphs. The total of ten Seraphs decided to have twelve subordinates called [Brave Saints] each with a position from an “Ace” to a “Queen” of the cards. The cards of King will be the position of the Angel-sama who would be the master.”

Sensei took an interest with Irina’s discussion. This person loves the discussion about technologies.

“I see. The evil-pieces technologies. So they used the technology of the evil-pieces and the artificial Sacred Gears of the Fallen-Angels, huh. Man, Heaven sure did create an interesting thing right after we gave them our technology. If the devils are chess, then the angels are cards, huh. Well, cards also have the meaning of “trump card” in them. After God’s death the increase of pure angels became impossible. So increasing the number of reincarnated angels would connect to strengthen their forces.”

So they turned the “evil-pieces” into an angel version, huh. So things like that are also possible I see.

“If you are using such a system then it seems like there will be someone strong called a Joker hiding. The twelve members also represent the twelve apostles. Man he sure does entertain me, that Elder Angel-sama.”

Sensei started to laugh with enjoyment. This Fallen-Angel Governor-sama sure likes to read through things.

“So what card are you then, Irina?”

I ask her because I want to know, and Irina says it with confidence.

“I’m an Ace! Fufufu, as Michael-sama’s Ace. I received an honourable position! I can even die! Even if the Lord is gone, I can continue to live if I’m Michael-sama’s Ace!”

Oh, her eyes are glittering! Ah, there is a symbol of “Ace” on her hand.

“So the new support of your life is Michael-san, huh.”

When I said that with a sigh, Xenovia who is next to me responds.

“Yes. It’s better than losing yourself.”

Well, that’s true. Rather than losing yourself with the death of God, it seems like you can walk forward working under a new master. Irina tells us with joy.

“Also Michael-sama said he can see a special Rating Game between evil-pieces and Brave Saints happening in the future! He also said that right now only the angels of Seraph has them but in the near future High-level angel-sama besides the Seraph would be given this system and is hoping for them to battle each other just like the Rating Games of the devils!”

Game!? Against an angel!? The match between “evil pieces” and “Brave Saints”!? We were shocked but Sensei seemed impressed.

“There are those among angels and devils who are against the decision made by the top people. We had a relationship where we had wars against each other for a very long time, so there would be those who feel uneasy if we suddenly tell them to get along. But Michael sure has thought about it. Like that, he’s preparing a representative war where they can make their arguments into battle techniques and they can release them. It’s just like the World Cup or Olympics of the human world.”

So it’s to have those people with uneasiness release their stress? Hmmm, so each faction started to have new political measures with the alliance….. Those things sure do look hard.

“Then would it be possible for us, the Gremory group, and the angels who are using this game system able to have a battle?”

Sensei twitches his neck.

“Maybe in the future it will. Even if I say that, not right away. At least ten years…..or maybe twenty years. Well, around then would be a good time for you devil rookies and you will be able to enjoy it.”

T-Twenty years….. That certainly feels long. Devils and angels do have long lifespans.

“Looks like we are able to enjoy it.”

Kiba also looks interested. Our group’s Ace-sama seems to be interested.

“C-Churches are scary……”

Gasper seems like he’s troubled. Yeah, I hear that the Churches are still continuing with the vampire hunt. We still haven’t made a negotiation with the vampires yet. Each of the Churches are continuing with the same teachings even after the alliance, but in reality they are cooperating with devils and Fallen-Angels. I hear that they made a new type of investigation team to make sure new types of evil won't be born. We and the Sitri group gained that information. In other words we can take down anyone who makes a suspicious move within the Three Great Powers alliance with our own judgement. I hope we don’t encounter such things as much as possible. We are trying to get along with each other after all……

Peace is the best! Well, even if a thing called Brave Saints appeared, I’m glad it won’t affect the Rating Game for a while. Right now I have my hands full with competing against the high-class youth devils.

“Let’s stop these types of discussions here and start today's welcoming party for Shidou Irina-san.”

Sona-kaichou says that with a smile. Irina also says that while looking at everyone.

“All of the devils! I have been looking at you as my enemy and have been eliminating some! But Michael-sama said “We have to get along with them from now on, okay?”, so I also hope I can get along with everyone! The truth is I personally wanted to get along with everyone! I would like to work hard as the representative of the Church! Please take care of me!”

Well, there were complicated issues, but with this it looks like Irina will be joining us as buddies of Kuou Academy. After that the student council members also joined us and Irina’s welcoming party began.

Part 3

A few days have passed since Irina transferred………

“Yes yes! I will do the “Item borrowing race”!”

Irina raises her hand up high. She has already settled in with the class. Because of her energetic nature she is popular with boys and girls. It’s currently homeroom time. We are deciding which people will participate in certain activities for the Sports Festival.

……Haa. Instead, I’m laying on my desk and sighing. It was decided that Irina will be living with us as well. During the summer the Hyoudou residence turned gorgeous because it became six storeys high and has three storeys underground. Most of the members of the Occult Research Club have moved and began living in my house, and now even Irina has started living there. Well, there is sufficient space so it won’t change if one or two more people begin living with us. When the number of girls increases, I find that I feel even more uneasy. Apart from my mum, they are all beauties! It’s an ideal place to live for any high school boy! Well, that’s what I thought at first, but reality isn’t that simple. It’s true that “Three women make a market” and there are no spaces for me to enter…….

For example, when Asia, Xenovia, and Irina gather and start a girl's talk. It's really hard to enter into a conversation with them! When Koneko-chan enters the conversation, there are no spaces for me to enter! I’m the only guy you know? What should I do? Play games? Read manga? There is no way for an erotic guy like me to have a conversation with a girl to begin with! When I become lonely and go to my “Onee-sama”, Buchou and Akeno-san also have a girl's talk but “Onee-sama” version! And if I come in saying “Buchou~” or “Akeno-san~” then it will just make me feel sad!


I’m shocked! I’m a gutless guy who can’t even cope with this! I can’t believe I was aiming to become a Harem King in this situation! I realise it once again. My lack of spirit, that is! A harem requires you to take on several girls at once! How can I have a hard time in a situation like this!? But I don’t know what to dooooo! Should I research what clothing brands girls wear and talk about it!? Or should I find a fashionable clothing store and talk about that!? I don’t knowwwwwwwwww! I don’t know what to talk about when I join the girls' discussion! It seems like the reason I’m unpopular is because of that and now I’m shocked!

…….Well, that’s not the only thing happening at my house so it’s okay. Usually I spend my time at home getting along with everyone. But there are living styles for girls as well. I shouldn’t think too much about it…… Well, there are erotic situations at times. But it’s scary when the battles between girls start…… Huh? That’s weird. Am I having troubles when I’m having an ideal lifestyle? ……….Is a harem supposed to be something hard……….?

Sob…… To old-man Tannin. I’m having trouble during my youth.


I was suddenly called by Kiryuu. Right now she is standing in front of the blackboard and is writing about Sports Festival activities.

“There’s a tear under your armpit.”

“Eh? Seriously?”

I look under my armpit as Kiryuu said….. But it was too late when I realised it. That’s because I lifted one of my arms to check under my armpit! Obviously there isn’t any tear!

“Yes! It’s decided!”

My name is written on the blackboard with chalk!

“Uwa! You tricked me Kiryuu!”

I was tricked! I was thinking so I let my guard down! I make a complaint but she just makes a lecherous laugh!

“You will be doing the three-legged race. Your partner is….”

Kiryuu’s chalk points to a certain girl. And the one in that direction is…… Asia raises her hand timidly!

“We will have you and Asia do the three-legged race.”

Like this, it was decided that Asia and I will do the three-legged race due to Kiryuu’s trick.

Part 4

The next day, the whole Academy was practicing for the Sports Festival. My class also changed into track suits and we were practicing on the school grounds with a mix of boys and girls.

“I challenge you Xenovia!”

“Bring it on Irina!”

Irina and Xenovia are running at the grounds. My classmates are also cheering the both of them on. Geez, what are they doing……… More like both of them are fast! They are roaring noisily around the ground! To be expected from a devil and an angel. Man, if it’s girls only, my class might win. The only rivals we would have would be the student council members…… Several girls in the Sitri group who are in the same grade as us.

“……But if they move that fast, it’s hard to see the movement of oppai.”


“Like I thought, a proper velocity is most needed for them to bounce.”

The three erotic guys, Matsuda, Motohama, and I are observing the movements of the girls' oppai. Both big and small ones are hard to keep your eyes off when they are running! Cheers to track suits!

Irina is slender but she has quite the size. If I remember, her body parts were quite developed when she was wearing the bondage style battle suit. My memory knows that for certain. Then there was someone who spoke to me.

“Oh, Hyoudou.”

“Ah. Saji.”

It’s Saji. He’s carrying measuring tools and such.

“What are you doing?”

“Observing bouncing oppai.”

“Y-You sure don’t change.”

Saji sighs. Hmm? Saji has a bandage around his right arm. A wound?

“What’s with that bandage?”

“Hmm? Oh, this.”

He unwraps the bandage a bit. Then there were many marks that looked like a black snake.

“…….What is that?”

I ask with suspicion and Saji answers.

“When I asked Azazel-sensei, he told me the cause of this happened when I had a battle with you in the last game. Apparently, connecting myself with you - the Sekiryuutei, who reached Balance Breaker - and taking your blood had an influence on my body. It seems like the line which was disconnected from my body also reflected the information of the Sekiryuutei it had taken data of.”

“You serious? Is it bad?”

“No, it seems like it doesn’t have a bad influence. It’s just that it’s appearing on my body. Like this, for example.”

What Saji shows me is a small jewel that has appeared on a part of his arm. …….I thought it was a jewel, but it is isn’t it? It’s identical to the jewel on Vali's, Sensei’s, and my dragon-type Sacred Gears.

“…….Maybe you got cursed?”

When I said that, he made a really disturbed face.

“Uwaa….. Don’t say something which I was having concerns about…… Did you know that Vritra didn’t leave that much of a good legend?”

Saji changed the subject and then asks me.

“So what activities will you be doing Hyoudou?”

“I’m doing the three-legged race. It’s been decided that I’m doing it with Asia.”

“Ku! You seriously are a lucky bastard! I’m doing the bread-eating race.”

Hmm, bread-eating race. That’s also fun, but I will just enjoy my run with Asia-chan.

Saji is being envious of me, and two girls wearing glasses appear.

“Saji what are you doing? We will be checking the setting of each of the tents, so follow us quickly.”

“We, the student council, lack manpower anyway so please work.”

It’s Sona-kaichou and the Fukukaichou, Shinra Tsubaki-senpai. Both of them are calling Saji. Oh, both their glasses are shining.

“Y-Yes Kaichou! Fukukaichou!”

Saji rushed and went to their sides.

Kaichou and Fukukaichou sure look strict…… Speaking of glasses, I remembered the next heiress of the house of Agares. That person was also cool and……wearing glasses. Are most of the people among devils who are wearing glasses calm and serious? Saji waved his hands at me and moved to a corner of the grounds with Fukukaichou.

[-Vritra aye.]

Hmm? Ddraig, what do you mean?

[No. Don’t worry about it. But it looks like the direct contact with me has fastened it greatly. No matter how many pieces his soul was cut into, it will be a different story when it has a “start”.]

I don’t even know what you just said.

[Close to you, there are Fafnir and Vritra. And you have met with Tannin. Looks like this host has strong ties with each of the Dragon-Kings.]

Hmm. Looks like Ddraig-san went into a world of his own.

“Asia! Did your oppai develop during the summer holiday?”

“Kyaa! Kiryuu-san! Please don’t grope them!”

…….Ah. The glasses-girl is sexually harassing Asia. Man, when I take my eyes off her she always sexually harasses Asia…… I should warn her afterwards. Or else Asia will turn erotic! She has already started to have an interest in those things because of Buchou and Akeno-san’s influence…….

Now, I should start my practice with Asia then. From the tools for the activities, I took out a rope for the three-legged run.

“Asia! Let’s practice!”


She bowed her head down to Kiryuu who was going all over her, and came running to me quickly. The other girls and guys in my class have already started practicing. Ah, there are those who are good at it but their rhythms are off. They also look timid because they are attached to each other. Asia and I also got closer and tied the rope to our legs.

“Okay, let’s do it immediately Asia!”

Even though she seems embarrassed, she puts her hand around my hip and we are now ready.

Hmmm, Asia’s hair smells nice……. It’s because her body is touching mine, but I can feel something soft……

No no! I need to push away bad thoughts! My partner is Asia! Self restraint! Self restraint! After taking a breath, we nod at each other and take a step forward.

“Now, one, two….”

We move while making a sound, but……


Our legs tangled and we became unbalanced!



I quickly grab a hold of Asia who is about to fall and fix our balance!

“……H-Hmm……Looks like I need to keep my rhythm the same as Asia’s.”

That’s what I think. When I look at Asia, her face is red and seems like she is enduring something. Huh? Hmm? It seems like my right hand is holding onto something really soft……

Hey, I’m groping Asia’s oppai!

I get it….. So the place I grabbed onto when Asia was about to fall was her oppai!

Hmm, I think her mass has increased! No, I shouldn’t touch them any longer than this! I had my hand let go of Asia’s oppai!

“S-Sorry! It wasn’t on purpose!”

I apologised! What have I done! Even though I say that Asia is important to me, I ended up groping her oppai! But Asia’s oppai also have a good sensation!

“……I-It’s alright. I’m okay. But please tell me you will touch them beforehand…. I also need to get ready for it….”

It’s okay if I ask you then!? No, that’s wrong! It’s not intentional!

I started to become troubled with self-hatred and an urge to have sex, but I won’t last long at this rate. I said it after taking a breath.

“L-Let’s resume our practice then.”

“Y-Yes. But I’m sorry. I’m not that good with sports.”

Asia feels down.

“Don’t worry. We just need to have the same rhythm. It’s teamwork.”


Asia bends her neck cutely. Yeah, why is every single action of this girl really cute!

“Yes, teamwork. Let’s let our voice out together and move step by step. We will run after we get used to it.”


Yes. It’s the same as my training. We can get used to it, one by one. It will definitely become a key for success. That’s what I, who didn’t have anything, learned.

“Then let’s do it once more!”


Like this, we started by getting our rhythm right.

Part 5

After school that day.

I make my way to the clubroom along with Asia, Xenovia, and Irina. The other members including Buchou who arrived before us are wearing serious faces. Huh? Something happened?

“Did something happen?”

When I ask, Buchou answers.

“Yes. Our next opponent for the Youth Devil Rating Game has been decided.”

Hee. So it’s already decided. Starting from the Gremory vs. Sitri match, there were games between the six households. So the Gremory group also has to battle all the other houses besides the Sitri group. I wasn’t that shocked about it, but I understood the reason for everyone's strange reactions after Buchou’s next words.

“Our next opponent is…….Diodora Astaroth.”


I became speechless at something I could only think of as a bad joke.

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6: Holy behind the Gymnasium