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It was summer. High school student life was also rushing into the summer holidays.

How is everyone spending their time right now? I, presently, am not able to move for some reason.

I was in bed, early in the morning! On either side of me were Buchou and Asia! They were breathing peacefully while sleeping! The three of us were sleeping in the arrangement of the kanji 川 with me in the centre! There was no other situation as wonderful as this! This lewd blessing was more than I deserved, but—right now, there was someone approaching me while squirming inside the light cotton blanket!

I'd felt a sense of discomfort and just woke up a little while ago, but something moving under the blanket was giving me a uniquely elastic and smooth texture! However, it was amazingly soft!?

It came all the way to the vicinity of my chest, and when I looked inside the blanket…

“Ufufu. Good morning, Ise-kun.”

A beautiful girl with long black hair—Akeno-san came out from inside the blankeeeeeeeeet!?

Himejima Akeno-senpai. The vice-president of the Occult Research Club I belong to, and a third year senpai. She was another of my onee-sama-like existences. The other day, it was decided that she would be living together with us because of certain reasons.

Because she was always wearing a ponytail, her unbound black hair felt sexy to me!

Akeno-san was wearing a yukata made of thin fabric. She drew near to my side so that she could softly snuggle against me! In the space between her thighs and breasts, the elastic and soft sensation of a woman’s entire body assaulted me! Since it was a thin kimono, the sensation of Akeno-san was almost directly transmitted to me! Damn it! Akeno-san’s body has the best softness!

And to top it all off, Akeno-san’s body temperature was making my brain melt!

As she brought her face near my neck, she suddenly stopped moving.

“I’ve arrived.”

While letting her sweet voice leaked out, Akeno-san tightly embraced me!

Uwaaah! An amazing smell was coming from Akeno-san’s hair, and it was stimulating my nostrils to the max!


—! As a surprise attack, I received a kiss on my neck! Wait, a kiiiiiiiiiiss!?

Akeno-san clung tightly to me, as my brain felt like it would burst! All of the sensations of Akeno’s body were being transmitted to my bodyyyyyyyyyy!

My legs and Akeno-san’s soft legs were becoming intertwined! Rather, Akeno-san’s legs had entangled! Uhee! Akeno-san’s thighs were wonderfully squishy and smooth!

The fingers of our hands also intertwined themselves together! Amazing, this is like one of those lovers-in-bed scenes that you see in dramas and manga!

Akeno-san made her skinny fingertips crawl over my body. I shivered!

“Ise-kun’s body is quite sturdy, thanks to you being trained by Rias. Ufufu, a man's skin feels better than I imagined. Or is it because it's Ise-kun’s body? Hey, Ise-kun. Does my body feel good?”

She blew into the ear of the immobile me as a finishing blow! She was completely enjoying how I couldn't move against the wonderfulness of a woman's body!

“Y-Yes! Akeno-san’s body is the best!”

“Ufufu, I’m happy. You can enjoy this body even more if you want to, you know? I also want to know more about Ise-kun’s body. —Though I say that, since there is a scary onee-san sleeping next to us, there may be a limit to it. But whether or not we get caught, this critical moment is also fun.”

S! S-version Akeno-san has appeared right from the beginning of the morning! Really, since this person is even more erotic than me, this time even I the ero-devil couldn't stir in surprise!

Akeno-san raised her body just a little and hung over me. Akeno-san looked down on me. Her black hair fell on top of me.

Then, Akeno-san’s face steadily approached mine…Could this be…

“Though it would be nice if time could just stop like this…Something romantic like that would be nice, but as expected—”

The instant my and Akeno-san’s lips were on top on each other, I heard “that” voice.

“Akeno. What are you doing? When did you get into this room?”


…I timidly turned just my eyes to the side. A crimson-haired onee-sama was glaring at me and Akeno-san with extremely displeased half-closed eyes. Buchou, you’re scary! Rias-onee-sama, you’re scary!

Akeno-san turned towards her so that she could show Buchou her hand that was intertwined with mine.

“This is skinship. I thought I would have a nice morning with my adorable Ise-kun, so I came in. After all, being in bed alone is lonely.”

Buchou’s eyebrows rose up at that single word used by Akeno-san! Uwaaaaah, she’s snapped!

“[My]? Since when did you become Ise’s master?”

Buchou spoke as her whole body trembled. Her mouth twitched!

“Even if I’m not his master, I’m his senpai. It’s a senpai’s duty to be affectionate with their kouhai, right?”

Buchou slowly brought her face close to Akeno-san.

Once her face was closer, Buchou spoke in a voice filled with anger.

“Senpai…I see, so that’s your reasoning. This room is close to being a sanctuary for me. My only absolute healing place. Asia aside, I can’t have others intrude here! This is my and Ise’s room.”

When did my room become Buchou’s room!? Akeno-san smiled a little at Buchou’s words.

“Ara-ara. The ojou-sama has a strong desire to monopolise, doesn’t she? Are you perhaps afraid of having it stolen by me?”

“…Looks like I need to discuss this with you once more.”

Buchou’s body was enveloped in crimson aura! Uwaaaah! Is she preparing for battle!?

“Ara, you’re releasing quite an aggressive aura for a discussion, aren’t you?”

Smiling, Akeno-san also began to envelop herself in a pale-gold aura! Wha-! Her too!?

“It’s a discussion. To the bitter end.”

Buchou and Akeno-san glared at each other while releasing crackling sparks all over the place…Uwaaah, so a battle between women was starting right away in the morning then!? Is the cause me who was like a pet to them!?

I felt happy, but more than that, I was scared! If these two usually gentle people glare at each other with demon-like expressions, I’ll curl up!

“…Unyuu, is it morning already…? Fuaaaaa…”

And then Asia rose up while rubbing her sleepy eyes!

“Asia, you can go back to sleep…”

I gently stroked Asia’s head. Aah, Asia. My healing space!

“Ah, Ise-shan…Then I’ll accept your offer and sleep while being hugged by Ise-shan…”

The half-awake Asia tried to go back to sleep while embracing me! Uu, she was extremely adorable, but this wasn’t the time for this!

Bofu! Bofu! Bofun!

When I looked in the direction of the sounds, a pillow fight between Buchou and Akeno-san had started nooooow! Onee-samas, what are you two doing so early in the morning!?

“To begin with, I hate how Akeno tries to immediately touch my important thing!”

Buchou threw the pillow with force, and made it hit Akeno-san right in the face! Even after the pillow that hit her fell down, Akeno-san still had a smiling face—that’s what I thought, but her eyes were opened widely!?

“Ara, it should be fine if it is just for a bit! You really are stingy, Rias!”

She picked up the fallen pillow and nailed Buchou in the face with it! Uwaa! A direct hit!

Buchou brushed the pillow away from her face! Her eyes were a bit watery!

“This house was just renovated, so I won’t let you do as you please, Akeno!”

Finally, she threw away all of her appearance and words which had brimmed with elegance, and threw the pillow again with the voice and face of a girl her age! Akeno-san dodged the pillow and then threw my own pillow at Buchou!

“Sirzechs-sama said that we should live together and get along with each other!”

“This is my and Ise’s house! Both you and onii-sama are in the way of Ise and me! I can’t stand it anymore!”

Those words make me extremely happy, Buchou! Tears full of emotion came out! I’m more blessed than I deserve as her servant! But those words just now are all just the selfishness of an ojou-sama, aren’t they?

“You intend to ignore Sirzechs-sama’s wishes!? So you value Ise-kun more than Maou-sama then! —Lend me Ise-kun for a bit as well!”

“No! Absolutely not!”

The two onee-samas were having a quarrel appropriate for girls their age.

H-Hmmm. Since we started living together, I had gotten to see Buchou’s and Akeno-san’s true faces, but…The two great onee-samas who gave off a noble atmosphere. Everyone admired them. I admired them as well.

However, in reality, they were ordinary girls who also showed faces appropriate for their age. I wasn’t particularly shocked about that. Rather, I was happy. The “noble” them were good, but them acting as girls was also cute. Rather, I think I like them like this even more.

Hmm? Then, I felt doubts about some of the details of their quarrel since a while ago.

…The house was just renovated…?

Now that I think about it, the bed looked excessively big…Since there was plenty of space left on the bed even though Buchou and Akeno-san were having a pillow fight.

Arerere!? Was my bed always this big!? So big that there was still enough space even with four people on it!? Rather, there was even a canopy as well!

When I looked around the room carefully…I realised that it was more spacious than before! Huh!? It was this spacious!? Even though my room was only 8 tatami-mats1 wide! Isn’t it twice as big now!?

The television had also changed from a small cathode-ray tube type to a huge new-model flat screen TV!

Aaaaah! There were even all the latest kinds of game consoles! Things that I couldn’t buy with just my allowance and part-time earnings were in my room!

I quickly left my room! Strange! It was just my normal house until last night!

The corridor was twice as spacious as before! There were also staircases leading both up and down!? My house, as a two-story building, was only supposed to have two floors here! There is a third floor now!?

When I took a peek at the staircase, somehow, it looked like the levels didn’t stop at a third floor!

When I ran down the stairs, an amazingly spacious entry hall appeared before me!

I let out a wheezing breath, and when I looked at my entire house from the outside—.

How can this be!? My house was!? By the work of a carpenteeeeeer!?

“W-What the hell is thiiiiiiiiiiiiis!?”

My scream echoed throughout the neighbourhood.

Naturally. My house—in addition to having more than twice the plot area, had become a six-story building.

  1. The size of Japanese rooms are often measured by the number of tatami floor mats they can fit inside.

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