High School DxD
Vampire of the Suspended Classroom Preview

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Part 1

Good day, everyone. I am Hyoudou Issei. I started as a devil in the spring; it’s summer now. The seasons feel like they are moving by fast...

I was trying to stop the blood from gushing out of my nose with my fingers.

“Ara, Asia your skin is beautiful. I am jealous.”

“N-No way. Buchou, your skin is white and the texture is smoother.”

“Ufufu, your words make me happy.”

While speaking in front of me, the crimson and golden haired bishoujo were standing and washing themselves, covered with foam from the body soap.

Yes! Buchou and Asia were naked! Right in front of my eyes! These two girls! Is this Shangri-La? Or is this an illusion? This dreamy situation was occurring right in front of me. I felt like tears would come out from my eyes! No, in reality tears were coming out. I couldn’t be happier than this!

A situation in the bath! I knew that there was no God in this world, but how could there not be a God there? What am I thinking? This is a gift from the heavens themselves! No no, this situation is a gift from Maou-sama.

Wait...Maou-sama is Buchou’s big brother!

To better explain the situation, when I went to the shower, I met Asia while she was in the middle of undressing. “Sorry!” After apologising, while I was trying to go outside…

“Ise, you’re going to bathe as well? Ara, Asia as well?"

I met Buchou who was trying to enter the bath.

“Since you two seem like you want to bathe together, it would be much faster if all three of us entered”

…Was Buchou’s unbelievable proposition. And just like that, we entered the bath. Normally this would be an impossible situation. However, even after I stared at their naked bodies, they didn't seem to be embarrassed. It was a progress that was like a miracle and a dream combined together.

Even I, who had been called the incarnation of a pervert, was disturbed about how to handle this fortune of good luck in front of me! I tried as much as possible not to stare at them. In reality I wanted to see! I wanted to look at them! I wanted to engrave their bodies into my eyes and brain! I wanted to use them for my personal fantasies in the night!

However, if I did that, my nose bleed would keep gushing forth until the bathtub would become dyed red. I don’t want suspicious things like that to happen in this situation!

I wanted this atmosphere to continue as much as possible! Even though looking at them straight in the face was a deadly poison, I didn't feel that atmosphere in this bathroom! I wanted this to continue as much as possible. This situation is definitely precious! Even if I just have to hear the two girls' conversation!

While staring at the ceiling of the bath, after having made my decision, I heard the voice of someone entering into the changing room… With a splash I heard something entering.


Weight was pressing on my body and the finest, softest sensation was stimulating my skin.

Fearfully trying to confirm it…Buchou was inside the bathtub leaning on my body.

Uooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! I-I w-was in the bath with girls, and to top it off I was in contact with their bodieeeeees!

“I wanted to enter the bath with Ise like this once”. With a smile on her face, Buchou was pressing her body even more! Uoooooh! From Buchou’s hair the smell of shampoo was coming out! The touch from Buchou’s body is too stimulating and my brain has reached its limit! Uggh! It can’t catch up with this situation!

“Hey, Ise. Do you hate entering the bath with me?”

“That’s not the case! It’s the best!”

However, it’s also true that my body cannot withstand it! I am extremely happy but, at this rate, I’ll die from excessive blood loss! No wait, isn’t that the deepest desire as a man?

Looking at Asia, she seemed to be working on washing her body, but sometimes she would send sharp glances towards me. Is Asia mad?

“Just by hearing that I am happy. I want to bathe with Ise-kun like this everyday.”

As if spoiling me, Buchou presses further onto me! Uoooh!

Gush! A bit of blood gushed out! I won’t be able to hold it in like this!

“But it seems like your body won’t be able to withstand it. Everyday seems impossible. How about once every 3 days? Or once every 5 days? I won’t like it if it's only once a week.”

Bu-Buchou is selfishly trying to rewrite my schedule! I feel Buchou is selfish! Thank you very much!

Crap! Since Asia is here as well, I can’t make bold movements! If only I was more courageous and had a more perverted nature, then I would…

“Do you want to attack me?”

Buchou spoke as if she had seen through my heart. As usual it seemed like my thoughts were easy to read.

“If Asia wasn't here, I may have been attacked… seems like during our time alone…”


While Buchou was saying that, something vigorously entered the bathtub.

Squeeze! Something was embracing me! I remember this soft sensation! Looking at it, Asia was embracing me!

“I hate being left out! E-Even though I want to enter the bath together as well!”

Asia? What big things you are saying! Uooooh! I am being caressed by two girls in the bathtub, help meeeee!

Buchou’s face changed into a sharp expression. She raised her eyebrows.

“Get away Asia; since it’s this situation, I will say it clearly. This boy is mine. My family and my servant. He’s my Ise. Understood?”

That’s right. I am Buchou’s servant. For Buchou, I exist solely as a pet. Just as one would for a pet, she puts in quite the effort. Though, it might be that all devil girls are like this. Above all, Buchou hates her things being touched by others.

She may forgive another devil for touching me on the outside, but on the inside, I have heard that she can’t bear it, especially if it is a girl. It goes above her limits.

I guess I am just part of her best collection. Since I possess a power beyond rare, she probably wants to treat me preciously.

It seems like she used to treat me more like a pet but now…It must be my imagination. Yeah. Because I want to think like that, I feel that way.

“That may be true. But he’s my Ise-san as well!”

Asia adored me as well. When I was taking an afternoon nap in my room, without me realising it, she sneaked in and slept soundly next to me. When I woke her up and told her “Go back to your room and sleep”, she said with a sleepy face “Carry me to my room…”. That's how much she adores me.

I thought I was going to die at that time! Yes, I carried her to her room!

However, while I am talking to other girls, she often puffs out her cheeks. I guess it’s because she doesn’t want her Onii-chan to be taken by others. In manga and anime there are characters with attitudes like that. The problem is that it is difficult for it to escalate to a love relationship. Well, I swore to protect Asia as my mission, so I don’t want that to happen anyway.

I am more than happy by being spoiled like this by her! Ah, it’s awesome being adored by a golden haired bishojo!

Upon hearing Asia’s words, Buchou narrowed her eyes. Onee-sama, I am scared! Weren’t they intimate friends until just a moment ago! Why did it have to become like this!

The small bathtub was becoming a war zone for the two girlsss!

“Asia it’s because you’re normally adored by Ise. At least hand over these times to me. I am healed just by being with Ise. It takes away my daily exhaustion too.”

Buchou was trying to slightly separate Asia from me but Asia was stubbornly clinging to me! Uwaa, Asia’s boobs are soooo soooooooooft!

“No, No! I am holding it in too! I also want to be with Ise-san!”

Asia shook her head sideways and hugged me tightly! Ah, Whatever! No-Nose bleed…!

Asia looked at me with hazy eyes as if she wanted to tell me something.

Don’t look at me with those eyes. I will only want to care for you even more.


Even though she didn't say anything, Buchou’s face twitched. Suddenly she took my hand and…


She placed my hand on her boobs. My fingers and palm felt an extreme softness! While my hand was asleep, it was massaging her boobs, but Buchou wasn't complaining!

“Has Asia done such a thing? Mine and Ise's relationship is such that we can do these things.”

Scary! While speaking in a plain manner, Buchou was hiding thorns in her words! Wait, Buchou’s boobs. Boobs. Booooooobs!

While watching this scene, Asia's whole body was shaking. Her cheeks swelled and puffed as her temper reached its limit!

Asia also took my other hand…


She placed it on her breasts too! Asiaaaaaaaaa? What a wonderful person you are…. No, you are doing something that you shouldn't! What a perverted girl you have become! This must be Buchou’s and Akeno-san's influence without a doubt! Even though you were such an innocent girlllll!

T-To have grown this much!

“Ise-san, between mine and Buchou’s, whose breasts are better? I lose in size, but I won’t lose in anything else!”

“Ara, Ise loves bigger ones. He has said many times that he loves my breasts, right Ise?”

While I held my hands on their breasts, those two were sending sparks off at each other.

……. *Drip* It’s impossible. From within my nostrils, it felt like something had ruptured.

Drip drip drip.

….And that was it. A lot of blood was spilling out of my nostrils, and the bathtub was becoming dyed red. With blood everywhere, I started losing consciousnesses.

“Hey, Ise!”

“Ise-san, hold on!”

… I am satisfied.

However my body could no longer withstand it. If these girls don’t remember how to stop the bleeding soon, I am going to die! I want a resourceful person!

Part 2

The next day, I was hurrying towards a client on my bicycle late in the night performing the duties of a devil.

I was in the middle of great work!

During the day, my blood was low and that was problematic. My life with Buchou and Asia was fun, but the stimulation is too much. If I had been more like a playboy, I would have satisfied them both at the same time and place.

But those two came from worlds with different values from each other. The developments during that bath might have led to sex. If I had laid a hand on them with sexual motives, I think the household would have been destroyed and there would have been no traces of our descendants.

Buchou likes to attend to me like she does to her servants, and Asia must think of me as her family… and she adores me like an elder brother. I shouldn’t lay my hands on family living under one roof! But abroad they’re more progressive towards matters of body relations. However the stimulation is way too strong… If I can't even get used to this, then I'll never be able to make a Harem! In this situation, I won't even be able to dream of becoming a Harem King! The dream is still far off!

Meh, it’s fine. Right now I have to work innocently for my job! If I keep doing my job, I will increase in rank! Let’s first get a position! I’ll work hard, aiming to be a upper class devil!

Right now I am moving by bicycle, but I have gotten used to the devil business like this, and my service to the customers is going well too.

“Yo, Devil-kun. Sorry for today as well.”

After looking at the client, I let out a sigh.

The client was a black haired man with a "bad guy" appearance. Looking at him, I would have guessed that he was around 20.

Ah, this person is a foreigner so I can’t tell what his true age is. Even though he is a foreigner, he's wearing a yukata. Meh, it’s been hot recently.

I think he’s a handsome guy. Maybe his face is more attractive than “The Handsome Prince” Kiba. However, the atmosphere from his entire body feels like a "bad guy", which is definitely different from Kiba’s, but girls who like bad guys would fall for him at first sight.

And, I am summoned by this person everyday.

Right now I am in his room inside his mansion.

And the person he decided upon was me. Somehow he seems to like me. I don’t know why he likes me and even though he never has large requests, he calls me everyday.

Yesterday he made me go buy bread in the night! And before that, he said “Let’s go fishing” and had me accompany him to a nearby fishing spot! And before that….!

I don’t want to remember it any more! Wait, is it that big of a thing for you to even call a devil?

No, our business is to fulfil human requests. I shouldn’t be complaining. My master Rias Buchou would scold me, and in order to fulfil my goal as Harem King, I will have to live through this strict business!

“Devil-kun, would you play a game with me? I bought a racing game in the afternoon, and I'm lonely without an opponent.”

Heeeeey! It's that sort of request again! Wait, complaining is bad.

“Yes, I would love to.”

Honestly, this is a good customer for contracts. He gives back more than what we demand.

He started from a painting that looked high class, and then jewels, and then even gold nuggets. Even Buchou and the others were surprised. Thanks to him, it’s no doubt that my value is growing as well!

Well, I guess I am thankful to him for that. All right, let’s handle this easily today as well and go one step further on the road to becoming Harem King!

The client was setting up the game. Oh yeah, he hasn't even told me his name yet. Maybe I’ll be his favourite customer from now on as well. Learning his name is obvious then.

“All right, I have set up the game. It’s great to have so many items to waste time on in Japan. It isn’t a bad place. Here, take the controller.”

“Ah, thanks. You know I am good in these types of games.”

“Heh, in that case it’s going to be fun. I am a beginner so please go lightly on me.”

Yes, I am good at racing games. Top speed legend Ise. I have played at every game centre! Fufufu, I’ll show him! The power that I honed in the war zone known as the game centre!


And although I started off well, my lead began to fall short as the races continued.

In the beginning, I had developed my overwhelming advantage but…

“I briefly remember now. I should be catching up to you soon.”

What crap was he sprouting while thinking that…

“Uoooh, no way!”

My car was slowly being surpassed! What an unbelievable situation! To be beaten like this by a beginner!


He easily made it to the goal! He must have been a master in short races!

“Seems like it’s my victory, Devil-kun.”

“Not yet!”

“Oh! Your fighting spirit seems to be growing. Want to do another race, hm, Devil-kun… no, Sekiryuutei.”

…….Eh? ………….. J-Just now, what did he say just now…..?

The words that came out of the man’s mouth. Upon hearing that, a chill went down my whole body.

This guy, who the hell is he…? Why does he know that….? He's not human?

I swallowed and fearfully asked him.

“….Who are you?”

The man only opened his mouth a bit. While watching the TV, he revealed...

“Azazel, leader of the fallen angels. Nice to meet you, the Sekiryuutei, Hyoudou Issei.“


Far away from the goal, the man’s car easily caught up with my stopped car and went past the goal while in his second lap.

That instant, 12 jet black wings expanded from the man’s back...

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