High School DxD
Excalibur of the Moonlit Schoolyard Preview


Part 1

Hello everyone. It’s Hyoudou Issei.

This is abrupt, but once or twice, all of you also have things that happen when you're in bed, right?

For example, being late because the alarm didn’t go off, or falling off your bed because you moved around while sleeping.

In my case, something that is happening to me right now far exceeds my expectations……


I can hear a seductive voice. Yeah, it's coming from very close to me.

When I look next to me, the one who is sleeping there is the crimson haired Onee-sama, Rias-buchou. My Master, who is a High-class Devil.

She basically forced herself into my home several days ago, and has started living with me.

She seems to have come in my bed before I noticed…… And she happens to be naked......

No, I knew about it. Buchou told me herself that she sleeps naked and she even did the same thing to me when I was sleeping on the infirmary bed at school.

Kuuuuu! I can feel a soft sensation from the left side of my body! She's sleeping while using me as her hug-pillow!

Buchou’s smell is stimulating my nose! Why does Buchou smell this good?

I mean, her breast is completely touching my left arm! And my left hand is completely covered by something that is extremely soft! It must be her thigh. My left hand is between her two thighs like a sandwich! A “thigh sandwich”! This is such a wonderful thing!

Thanks to that, I am in a situation where I can’t move. No, I don’t want to move! There's no way I can end this wonderful situation easily like that!

This only happened just a few days after she started living with me! I thought it was going to feel awkward living with Buchou, but if this kind of thing continues then I am all for it! Banzai!

“......Oh, you're awake?”

So Buchou is also awake!

“Y-Yes, I am. When I woke up, it was like this so I didn’t know what to do......”

Well, that’s how I actually feel. I have no idea what I should do. And since my Master has woken up, I'm even less sure of what I'm supposed to do.

“I’m sorry. I felt like sleeping while using you as my hugging pillow. I came in after you went to sleep.”

That kind of thing happens!? I really can’t understand Buchou’s feelings!

Buchou then hugs the left side of my body even stronger. Uoooooooo!

“What should we do? It might be wonderful to stay like this until it’s time to wake up...... Maybe doing something a little bit naughty would be a good way to communicate with my adorable servant.”


Buchou then kisses me on my cheek. W-Why does Buchou adore me this much!? Is it just me or has Buchou started to adore me even more after the incident with Raiser? It’s true that I’m getting a nosebleed every day.

“Umm, Buchou......I’m also a guy......s-so if you say things like that......”

“Do you feel like attacking me?”

Buchou replies with a naughty voice. Why is Buchou so good at stimulating me this much!?

“Sure, I’ll do anything that will please you.”


Having her whisper me with her sexy voice, my mind is about to go somewhere else and then—.

KNOCK KNOCK. Someone is knocking at my door.

“Ise-san. It’s almost time for morning training.”

The voice I hear from the other side is Asia’s.

......What timing! I-It was getting to the good part— no, it’s not Asia’s fault!

Every morning, I do hard training. That’s because I’m still a weak Devil.

I still train while Buchou coaches me. Asia supports me by acting like a manager. Thank you very much Buchou, Asia.

“Ise-san? Are you still sleeping?”

“No, I’m awake. W-Wait a bit! I mean, wait for me downstairs!”

That's right. I can’t let Asia see this situation. It's already bad enough since Asia has started to have a rivalry towards Buchou ever since Buchou started living here.

I don’t know why Asia looks at Buchou like that, but Buchou has also accepted the challenge.

Well, they usually talk normally so it doesn’t seem to be a serious fight. Anyway, can the two of you please get along......? I don’t want to see girls fighting.

Without even knowing what was going through my mind, Buchou puts on a devilish smile.

“Asia, wait for us a bit longer. Both Ise and I need to get ready.”


Buchou says that to Asia who's on the other side of the door. Buchouuuu! Why are you making it worse!?

Even if she's on the other side of the door, I can imagine Asia being speechless.

OPEN! My bedroom door is opened violently.

Asia then sees me, with my upper body up, and Buchou.

Asia has teary eyes. She seems really displeased and is making an unpleasant face......

Buchou hugs my left arm after seeing Asia’s face. H-Hey, Buchou!?

“Good morning Asia.”

Buchou smiles. Asia, who's really mad, shakes her body.

Then she puts her hand on her clothes. U-Umm, Asia-san?

“I will also get naked! I don’t want to be left out!”


Seems like today will also start with a stimulating situation.

Part 2


Breakfast time. Buchou and Asia are sitting beside me.

I’m so blessed to be sitting between two beautiful girls! Well, that’s what I would like to say, but it’s not that I think like that every day. Asia is in a bad mood from the morning even today.

Well, if Asia, who was a former sister, saw that situation then she would think it’s “impure!”. Wait, then that “I will also get naked!” sounds weird.

Then why is she angry? Hmm, for a guy like me, a maiden’s feelings are hard to understand.

Buchou, on the other hand doesn't seem bothered and is eating while having a lively talk with my parents.

“Oh my, so Rias-san can make delicious Japanese food as well.”

“Thank you, Otou-sama. I have already been living in Japan for a while, so I learned quite a bit of cooking.”

Yes, as for this breakfast we are eating now, Buchou made some of it. Like this fried egg which is very delicious that I have been eating a lot of them since earlier. It's seriously good!

“Ise, there’s more, so eat in a calmly manner.”

“Y-Yes, Buchou......”

I didn't find out until Buchou started living with me, but Buchou is good at cooking Japanese food, western food, and Chinese food. She has a wide range of cooking skills and can cook food of the finest quality.

I thought she would be bad at these kinds of things because she is a princess, but it's the opposite.

She doesn’t just live in Japan by herself for nothing, so she can do all sorts of things like cooking, washing and cleaning.

“I don’t like it if a person says that I can’t do these things because I am a princess. I want to do what I am capable of doing.”

That’s what she told me before. Splendid indeed! I am truly admiring you from the bottom of my heart. You are amazing Buchou. My Master is dependable even in normal day life!

And Asia who looks at Buchou as her rival started concentrating on learning Japanese culture after she saw the gap between her and Buchou.

But Asia is also amazing. She started to learn Japanese letters in a short time. She already mastered hiragana and katakana and was moving to learn how to read and write kanji now.

She probably knows how to read the kanji of grade school levels now.

It’s mostly because she worked hard but also because she seems to have a talent for studying. She just started school but she has no troubles with mathematics, science and languages.

Plus, she said she enjoys studying which may also be the reason why she is a fast learner. There are some subjects where she teaches me instead. I’m supposed to be her guardian, but I look so pathetic.

Asia, who enjoys everything started to have a rivalry towards Buchou when she gets involved.

H-Hmm. Asia is amazing even from my point of view because she is a hard worker, but if you compare her with Buchou......

Buchou is several times better in terms of cooking. Asia’s food taste good as well, but her opponent is too......

I then drink some miso soup. Ah, this miso soup that Buchou made is delicious! Tears are coming out of my eyes!

Girls who are good at cooking are so appealing. Especially if that happens to be are beautiful girl who is an Onee-sama, then I have nothing to complain about......


Asia who still has a troubled face grips onto my clothes from under the table. It’s Asia’s habit that she only shows to me.

When she gets in a bad mood, she does this to me without saying a word. Well this behaviour of her is really lovely and cute. Yeah, I guess this is how a little sister would act.

“Oh, I forgot to mention this to you Ise. Today the club members are coming here.”

Buchou tells me.

“Huh? Koneko-chan and the others? Are we doing something in my house?”

“Yes, I’m thinking about having the Occult Research Club meeting here.”

“Huh, at my house?”

“Do you remember what I said before? It’s about time to clean the whole old school building. Apparently they asked the cleaners to clean it.”

Half of that is a lie. The truth is that she uses her familiar to clean the building. She said it like that to explain it to my parents.

So we will be doing the Occult Research Club activity at my house huh.

Buchou bows her head down at my parents.

“I’m very sorry Otou-sama, Oka-sama.”

“That’s all right Rias-san. I heard that you are taking good care of Ise. I’m also happy that Ise has more female friends.”

Dad nods at mum's words.

“She’s right. I like Matsuda-kun and Motohama-kun, but I think it’s also important to have a friend who plays safe. You can’t enjoy youth by staying in your room and talking about naughty stuff.”

“That’s right Otou-san. Matsuda-kun and Motohama-kun are good boys but they have lewd eyes. Well, they are lecherous students, so it’s obvious that they are a bad influence for Ise. And since Asia-san and Rias-san are living here now, I don’t want them to enter this house any more. The girls will get stained.”

They are talking about whatever they want about you guys, Matsuda and Motohama. I can’t back you up because they are saying the truth.

But mum, you know it’s good to have friends whom you can talk freely to? They are just like that, and the reason why I had fun until now is because of them.

“So we will have the activity here today. Please take care of us, Ise.”

I wonder how it will turn out after this.

Part 3

“And this is a picture of Ise when he was in grade school.”

“Ara ara, so he went into the beach naked.”

“Hey Akeno-san! Hey mum, stop showing her things!”

Having a meeting, huh. The ORC meeting which was supposed to take place in my house was crumbled by the album mum brought.

“......Ise-senpai’s embarrassing past.”

“You also can't look, Koneko-chaaaaaaan!”

It’s the worst! An object which holds my embarrassing past! Uwaaaaaah, I want to die!

I think I remember mum saying this before.

“One day when you bring lots of girls to our home, I want to show them your album.”

She thought that it would end in a dream because I’m unpopular with girls. But life turned around and it changed into this situation...... Man, her dream came true when I didn’t want it to!

“......Small Ise.”

Buchou, I’ll be embarrassed if you stare at a picture of me when I was a child like that......

Umm, Onee-sama? Why are your cheeks red?

“......Ise when he was a child, Ise when he was a child, Ise when he was a child, Ise when he was a child......”

Is she muttering something?

But she seems satisfied. Buchou, is the picture of me when I was a child your taste? Is Buchou a shota-con?2 I never heard her being as such......

“I think I know how Buchou-san feels!”

Asia grabs Buchou’s hand. Her eyes are sparkling.

“So you also know how I feel. I’m so happy.”

Hey, hey. Both of them went to another world......

Even Kiba is looking at the album with a smile! Shit, why do I feel so bothered if a guy is looking at it!?

“O-Oi, Kiba! You don’t look!”

I try to take the album from Kiba’s hand, but he dodges it smoothly.

“Hahaha, don’t worry about it. Let me enjoy your album a bit more.”

Unnnngh! Don’t enjoy iiiiiit!

I try to take it back again so I jump at him! But he dodges it again as if it was nothing!

Shit! I witness the skill difference between us in a place like this!

Just like how Asia sees Buchou as her rival, I also look at Kiba as my rival. Just like how Buchou is a big obstacle to Asia, Kiba is also a big obstacle to me.

But I will definitely surpass him one day!

When I was making my new devotion, Kiba stares at a particular page. Rather than enjoying it, he seems to have surprised eyes.

I got close to him and also look at the page he is staring at. There is a picture of me when I was in kindergarten.

There is a photo of me and another boy of my age with someone who seems to be his father.

I remember this boy. He’s the boy who used to live close by when I was in kindergarten. We played “hero-play” a lot together.

He went to another country before moving up to first grade because of his parents' work. I haven’t seen him since then.

But why did Kiba take an interest in this photo? Don’t tell me this boy is Kiba......

Kiba points at the boy's father on the photo. To be more accurate he is pointing at the thing the boy’s father is carrying.

A sword—.

I think it's a fake sword, but the boy's father is carrying an old European sword.

“Do you remember this?”

Kiba asks me seriously. Hey, the tone of your voice is different.

“Hmm, no, since I was really small back then......”

“Things like this happen, huh. To find it in an unexpected place......”

Kiba laughs by himself. But his eyes are filled with so much hatred that it made me shiver.

This photo is the start of a particular incident—.

“This is a Holy Sword.”

  1. Expression of gratitude before meal”
  2. A person abnormally attracted to little boys

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