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“Ise, I should be first right? Because I’m your fiancée.”

“Ara, Rias. I’m also engaged to Ise-kun. Husband-sama, you’ll rub some suntan oil on for me right? Of course, I’d also like to apply some on my husband-sama first.”

“I’m also your fiancée! Help me apply it!”

“Hey, Xenovia! Don’t try to sneak ahead! Darling! Help me put some suntan oil on!”

“Ah! Regardless of whether it’s Rias-oneesama or Xenovia-san and the others, all of you are so fast! Ah, my Lord! Please give me courage!”

“Everyone! I can understand your feelings, but please make a line! I’ll do it in order! A-Also, there’ll be a time limit because I want to have it applied on me as well!”

“Although I’m not your fiancée, I’m your servant, so I should have the right, plus I do need sunscreen in order to protect my skin!”

Dear grandfather in Heaven. We decided to come to Kuoh Academy’s pool in summer. The girls wearing their swimsuits in front of me (Rias, Akeno-san, Xenovia, Irina, Asia, Ravel, Rossweisse-san) had me surrounded whilst holding small bottles in their hands. When I began high school, I never once imagined that anything like this would have happened-. -I reported the situation to my grandfather who had passed away while at Kuoh Academy’s pool with everyone…. Just like last year, we were cleaning the pool again. Afterwards once again, we were able to bask in the pool before it officially opened. After all, the Student Council President Xenovia and Occult Research Club President Asia shared the same opinion, and so we were able to enjoy the pool just like we did last year. The graduates Rias and Akeno-san were also present, so that could be described as proof of their love! Well, compared to last year, the dream of applying suntan lotion on the girls is even livelier…. Last year it was only Rias and Akeno-san, but there are actually seven people this year to keep me busy! Ah, the seven pairs of oppai in front of my eyes bounced and swayed about in every direction, and the eye candy was truly a feast for my eyes, but I still had to choose the first person! My gaze drifted from Rias’ oppai to Akeno-san’s oppai to Asia, Xenovia, Irina, Ravel and then Rossweisse-san, and then back to Rias and then Akeno-san…I looked around over and over, and then suddenly, Rias took off the bra of her swimsuit! Although I’ve appreciated their bare delight many times, it isn’t tiring to see such delightful and large oppai!

“The first to make a move wins. That’s why I’m first.”

Rias advocated that the first person to strip won, so she grabbed my hand and gave me the small bottle of suntan oil…. After seeing this, all of the other girls took off their swimsuit bras!

“I see, if I don’t take this off first, then it doesn’t even count as standing on the same battlefield!”

Xenovia swiftly removed her bra while Akeno-san sent me a bold smile as she presented her oppai in front of me!

“Ufufu, how interesting.”

Xenovia pulled on my free hand as she said

“In that case, we’ll continue from last year! Let’s continue the baby making practice that we were unable to finish in the storage room last year! I’m already your fiancée, so we can just let loose and do it without any concerns!”

What a radical remark! Her oppai swayed back and forth while she said such things. This made me recall the events of last year and a nosebleed immediately sprayed out from my nose! W-Well, we are already engaged, so I guess there will be that kind of stuff, and I do also want to have an even better relationship with Xenovia than last year! Both Irina and Rossweisse-san were also shocked by Xenovia’s declaration.

“Eh!? Something like that happened!? I really want to know what happened last year!”

“Unbelievable! Something like that actually happened at this pool before I arrived…! As a teacher, I should be angry, but as one of Ise-kun’s servants…uh, I’m just too envious…!”

Xenovia tugged on my hand as she said to those two

“Well, you two should also join! If all of our team members are in the storage room, we should make babies together! Don’t just stand there like that, Asia and Ravel, come over as well! All members of our team should practice baby making in the storage room!”

Asia and Ravel were extremely shocked.

“I don’t want to be left outside! I…also want to join the practice!”

“P-Please wait! I think this is okay, but it’ll be completely full if this many people enter the storage room! But, we should go in first and then decide!”

Asia-chan and my manager didn’t have any objections to making babies either!? Completely disregarding my shock, the girls of the [Hyoudou Issei] team pushed me towards the storage room! Xenovia and Irina firmly held on to each of my arms, leaving me with no room to resist! Aaaahh, I could feel the softness of their oppai on my arms! Their snow-white skin was incredibly smooth! The oppai of those two had their own elasticity and softness; these exquisite differences allowed me to feel the very personality of their oppai! If this continued, I would enter the storage room with this many people, and then we would continue from last year!? T-That’s also great! But I’m also rather concerned about the follow-up of this! However, someone embraced me from behind! An incredible softness pressed against me from behind! Rias hugged me from behind and prevented me from going into the storage room!

“Hold on, all of you! He’s my servant, and also the son-in-law of the House of Gremory! I won’t allow you to take my fiancée away and do erotic things with him there!”

And then Akeno-san also joined the battle by snatching my arm away from Xenovia and tightly clinging onto it!

“Exactly. He’s my husband-sama! I won’t allow you to silently lead him astray!”

As graduates, the older pair composed of Rias and Akeno-san had already given up their prestige as seniors, and they began to compete with Xenovia and the others as equal women! Seeing Rias and Akeno-san refusing to back down, I felt that the actions and expressions of those two were incredibly cute. Am I being too sinful!? But Xenovia didn’t retreat either as one of the current students.

“Master Rias! Since it’s a rare opportunity to have a pool opening, how about we have a battle to decide who gets to have Ise?”

Irina stood beside Xenovia. Seeing this, Rias and Akeno-san looked at each other and showed joyful smiles.

“You’re right. Since it’s summer, we should heat things up.”

Rias stood on top of a diving block, while Xenovia stood on the diving block next to hers! And then, Ravel said

“It’s a contest! Please leave it to me!”

As she took on the role of a referee from the side.

“On your marks! Get ready…start!”

Following Ravel’s shout, Rias and Xenovia dived into the water! They kept their bare oppai exposed whilst swimming! Like this, a swimming contest began with the team combinations of Rias + Akeno-san and Xenovia + Irina! Asia and Rossweisse-san cheered for them from the sidelines! …And I was left behind…ah, it’s fine, I’ll still end up rubbing on suntan oil in the end, so I guess it’s fine to use this to decide the order? Otherwise, I definitely would’ve been dragged along and I wouldn’t have been able to apply oil on them…. When it comes to things like this, I’m not sure if they’re just compromising, or if they just really get along with each other. …Anyway, the storage room thing was certainly very interesting! I’d really like a continuation of last year! Could it be possible to ask them to decide the order again after applying suntan oil for a continuation of last year in the storage room!? I sat at the edge of the pool and sighed while feeling a bit of regret…. The people who came to the pool today were centred around those who lived at the Hyoudou residence. Kunou, Ophis, Lilith, Le Fay and Lint-san had also come as well.

“Phis-dono, Lith-dono! Here I go!”

Kunou (school swimsuit) threw the beach ball towards Ophis and Lilith who were in the pool.

“I, catch the ball.”

“Ball ball.”

The Dragon God sisters (also wearing school swimsuits) raised their hands as they joyfully played with the ball. Meanwhile, Gasper and Valerie were happily chatting with each other under a beach umbrella. Kiba…was quietly swimming by himself. From freestyle, he switched to butterfly, and he blissfully swam on his own. As for Lint-san, she wore a hoodie on top of her swimsuit and sat on top of a diving block while watching the surface of the pool. …The parts that were exposed complemented her bold swimsuit very well! Nakiri had something else to do and wasn’t here. And Bova said that he had to stay at home to keep watch. Elmenhilde didn’t come either. It would be too much to ask of a pure-blooded Vampire princess to come here on a hot and sunny summer’s day, so it was a pity, but she was currently waiting in the club room at the old school building. Le Fay sat across from me while she looked at Ophis, Lilith and the others play with the ball. Tosca, who came along with Kiba was cheering him on from the sidelines. It was a much livelier pool opening than it was last year. Well, in this past year, I’ve really gained a lot of comrades. I felt comfortable and pleased with the fact that the pool seemed to have become smaller. Rias and Xenovia had devoted themselves fully to their swimming contest, and I had long been forgotten as they immersed themselves in the joy of the competition. It was truly a peaceful day. I really hoped that it could just continue like this forever…. Just don’t forget about the oil rubbing afterwards, everyone! Just as I was immersed in such thoughts, a sudden feeling of pleasure and fulfilment touched my back! In other words, someone was hugging me from behind! As I turned my head around, Kuroka’s face was right in front of mine.

“Ufufu ♪  I’ll slot myself in while everyone’s busy competing nya.”


Kuroka licked my face. It felt so comfortable that my entire body quivered. Kuroka kept herself close to me and she used both of her hands to play with my body. She traced her fingers gently up and down my chest and abdomen…an erotic sensation was building up! -Mmm! And then I noticed. I could feel a slippery slather of liquid. When I turned around, I noticed that the part of Kuroka that was in contact with me and all of the areas that Kuroka had touched were covered in suntan oil. S-She already covered her body in oil?

Kuroka said to me with a tempting smile.

“It’s already way too late for you to help me with applying oil nya. -When my entire body is covered in oil like this, I can actually help you put it on like this nya ♪”

After saying that, Kuroka moved her body around me! My back, arms, legs and neck could constantly feel the sensation of Kuroka’s body as she shared her suntan oil with me, leaving behind a soft and slippery feeling! Kuroka, she’s not wearing a bra! I could feel the sensation of her nude oppai against me! Her oppai were soaked with oil, and she moved them around against my body over and over again! She used her body which was covered in oil…to continue giving me this mysterious experience! Kuroka’s soft oppai pressed against me while she held me from behind, and she entangled her arms and legs which were covered in the slippery oil around my body…! She also licked the back of my neck gently with her tongue!


At last, I couldn’t help but let out a moan! This is way too erotic! I can’t resist at all!

“Ufufu, this seems to have a tremendous effect on you, Sekiryuutei-chan. Your expression is irresistible ♪”

Kuroka’s hands slid across various parts of my body until-. A girl who silently grabbed onto Kuroka’s hand appeared. -It was Koneko-chan.


The cheeks of her face had puffed up like two balloons, and she looked rather angry. Unlike last year, Koneko-chan wasn’t wearing a school swimsuit, but a cute white one-piece swimsuit instead. Kuroka smiled as she glanced at her younger sister.

“Arara, are you challenging me? ♪”

“Kuroka-neesama, stealing Ise-senpai is against the rules. You have to decide on the order like Rias-neesama or Xenovia-senpai first.”

“Eh-, stuff like that is too much trouble nya. If there’s a gap then I’ll take it, that’s my style nya ♪”

Kuroka stuck her tongue out and intended to push the matter aside, but that only seemed to make Koneko-chan even angrier. The day when Koneko-chan and Kuroka’s respective teams would confront each other was approaching. Perhaps this was the reason why they always seemed to be in confrontation mode in their everyday life. Kuroka still rubbed her body against mine erotically, and pleadingly said to me

“Hey, Sekiryuutei-chan. Shirone is bullying me. Help me, otherwise, we can head over to the changing room over there.”

Upon hearing Kuroka say that, Koneko-chan’s eyebrows rose.

“…Kuroka-neesama, what are you planning to do by taking Ise-senpai into the changing room?”

“It’s that, right? How about we keep getting intense and sticky after this? Hey, Sekiryuutei-chan.”

In the store room with Xenovia and the others! In the changing room with Kuroka! So that’s how it can be done! I committed these new usages of the pool into my memory! -And then, I said to Kuroka

“H-Hey, by the way, Kuroka. I can’t really get used to the way you call me ‘Sekiryuutei-chan’ right now…”

“Ara, is that it?”

Kuroka seemed slightly confused. Since we were living together, we weren’t unfamiliar with each other. Vali also called me ‘Hyoudou Issei’, but up until now, Kuroka still called me ‘Sekiryuutei’.

“Everyone calls me ‘Ise’…I think it’s better to call me that if we’re living together.”

After hearing me say that, a flash of surprise appeared on Kuroka’s face…and then she revealed a very pleasant smile.

“I see nya~. …That’s right, maybe it is a good time to think about that.”

Kuroka nodded while saying so. And at that time, Ravel’s voice echoed over

“Ah! Kuroka-sama! You’re sneaking ahead again! If you don’t follow the rules, it’s rude to all of your seniors, and it also disturbs the order!”

After noticing what Kuroka was doing, Ravel rushed over. Upon seeing Ravel, Kuroka revealed a mischievous smile as she separated from me.

“-The scary manager-san is here so I’ll retreat nya. Ufufu, Shirone! I’m looking forward to our game nya ♪”

Kuroka made a transportation magic circle and then quickly left-.

“Geez, Kuroka-sama is still the same. …Has she always been like this?”

Ravel sighed as she asked Koneko-chan.

“Mmm, she’s always been like that.”

I see, so that’s how she always was. It’s no wonder that Koneko-chan is always so serious. Of course, she’s also been influenced by Rias a lot. -Just as these thoughts streamed through my mind, Gasper ran towards Koneko-chan with teary eyes.

“K-Koneko-chan! Valerie fainted from the heat!”

Looking over, I could see that Valerie had fainted underneath one of the umbrellas in the distance. I didn’t expect that even Daywalkers couldn’t stand the heat!

“…Okay, Gya-kun. Let’s move her into the room.”

Koneko-chan immediately responded and began walking towards Valerie. I said to Ravel

“…Sure enough, both Koneko-chan and Kuroka are quite wary of each other because the game is approaching.”

“That is also understandable. These sisters who used to have various conflicts must now confront each other in this form…”

I didn’t think that Koneko-chan was still afraid of Kuroka as she was in the past, they seemed to have become sisters who had a good relationship with each other…but there were probably still some complicated feelings between them. While thinking about the nekomata sisters by myself, a small communications magic circle appeared by Ravel’s ear to inform her of new information. After listening to the news, she couldn’t help but express her surprise.

“Eh! Rias-sama, t-this is no good!”

Rias also seemed to have received the information as she stopped swimming and looked rather surprised.

“How could this be!? Why didn’t I know about this beforehand!?”

I approached the flustered Rias and asked about the situation.

“What happened?”

Rias supported her forehead with one hand as she replied

“…My parents seem to have arrived at the Hyoudou residence. Also, Ravel’s mother and Akeno’s father have arrived as well…in any case, everyone involved seems to have gathered in one place.”

-What! Is this for real!? Rias’ parents, Ravel’s mother, and even Barakiel-san have come to my house!? Ravel then added on the new information that she had received.

“Sister Griselda-sama and Irina-sama’s parents are also coming!”


Xenovia and Irina both exclaimed simultaneously. As the children of those people, all of us cried out in surprise as well! Although summer had only just begun, it seemed like a lot of things were going to happen.

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