Happy Peach
Happy Peach Preview

Chapter One

With school lessons complete, I walked home from school as usual.


When I passed the side of the telephone pole, I stopped walking.
Somehow I felt like there was something hidden away at the corner of my vision.
Though, even when I looked back there was nothing there. Just the ordinary telephone pole standing there.
Puzzled, I turned back around and decided to continue walking.
However, I was strangely anxious.
Even though I wanted to go home soon and play games, my impulse to examine the telephone pole won out, so I walked up to it.

“What’s this?”

I was able to find it immediately after getting close to the pole.
On the ground next to the pole was a can of food.
But it’s strange. Why did I notice this?
From the way it was secretly placed next to the telephone pole, I shouldn’t have noticed it from the way I was walking on the road. But the truth is I did find the can that way.

A coincidence? By chance, I felt uneasy. By chance, something caught my eye. By chance, there was a can of food. By chance, I found it.
Although that was it, I felt uneasy nevertheless.

I wonder if I shouldn’t touch it? Crouching there, secretly staring at the can of food at the telephone pole, was a troubled person.

“It’s a beautiful can though…”

Its size was a bit larger than a fist. The shape was the usual for canned food, a cylinder. The top was silver.
Although it was an ordinary can of food, what caught my eye was the design on the can.
Its foundation was pink, with a beautiful white peach drawn on it.
Although I said white peach, a part seemed to have a tinge of pink, and I saw it like a beautiful ass.

“Let’s see, Happy Peach? A suspicious brand name…”

Drawn on the beautiful white peach, what seemed to be the brand name was written in pink letters.
Happy Peach huh, does that mean I should be happy and eat it? Or does it mean that I’ll be happy when eating it?
The latter seemed more realistic, so maybe that’s the meaning.
Though, being one doesn’t mean it isn’t the other as well, and if it is a peach that you can dive into a world of happiness after eating I’m a bit reluctant.

“Hmm, I wonder if just touching it is okay…”

With the impulse to pick it up to confirm, I’ve easily lost to my desire.
Picking up the canned peaches, I looked at the packaging while turning it around.
Strange, very strange. Neither the manufacturer nor the location of the factory were mentioned. Nor was the date of production and the best-by date.
Is it a dangerous peach that will give you a trip to another dimension after all?

“Hmm? What? Perhaps, this isn’t food?”

Towards the bottom of the package, I found some small writing.
This product is not to be eaten.
What? Since this isn’t a peach made with suspicious ingredients that could bring you on a trip, I lost my anxiety.

“I wonder what’s inside? Is it a toy? Its beautiful and I want to open it… but it’s something for the lost and found.”

Standing up with the canned peach, I put off going home and headed for the police box.
I didn’t want to be related if it was a trip peach, but it’s alright if it’s an ordinary can.
Besides, the can isn’t dirty at all, it’s brand new. I don’t know if the owner misplaced it or just dropped it, but they might be disappointed.
Therefore I’ll report it to the police box. I took it to the police box as I said, also telling them my homeroom teacher was Saeki-sensei.


One day, a policeman turned up at my house.

“Eeh, is Katou Akiharu-kun home?”

Playing games in the living room, I heard my name being called.
What business does a policeman have with me? Could it be that the school lunch I left in my desk was found out? Or maybe, when Kaori-chan went up the stairs with her short skirt, and me bending over to see her underwear making my heart thump get found out?
This is bad. What do I do, my clean record of school attendance will disappear if I’m taken by a policeman. If something like that happened, I’d have to cancel my perfect school attendance brothers pact with Tamotsu-kun.
Even if Earth collapsed the next day, we vowed that we would go to school.

“Akiharu, a police wants to talk. Come to the door for a moment.”

The door of the living room opened, and mom appeared, beckoning me with a friendly smile.
Tamotsu-kun, sorry, it’s likely that I am going to be taken to the police station. Even if the Earth collapsed tomorrow, I want to continue going to school with you, but I was no match for the power of the government.

Timidly going to the door, the policeman who was in uniform stood upright. And noticing me, quickly raised their right hand and saluted.

“Katou Akiharu-kun. About the canned food that you delivered, the owner remains unknown after three months. I came to convey that to you.”

The policeman smiled refreshingly while saying so, presenting me with a plastic bag held out in their left hand.

“You delivered this to the police box. I’d like you to hold on to your pure heart. Therefore, I’m also abiding the law and passing this back to you.”

Timidly approaching the policeman, I received the presented plastic bag. Looking inside, there was the canned peach that I had once found.
Oh, this? Come to think of it I did hand this over to a police box. I completely forgot about it.

“Sorry for the trouble.”

Standing next to me, my mom bowed to the policeman with a smile. I also bowed.

“No, the amount of kids who deliver lost items have decreased recently. A while back children would pick up 100 yen coins, find a policeman and hand it to them. Beautiful hearts like that, I think it is necessary to value their purity.”

Lowering his saluting right hand, the policeman patted my head, and said something like that while laughing with a smile.

“No, no, he’s not pure or anything. Rather than a pure child, he’s more of a simple one. He’s too quiet and much too shy. As far as being embarrassed.”

“It can’t be something like that. Seeing his eyes I understand. Akiharu-kun has very clear and pure eyes… pure…”

Refusing mom’s words, although the policeman tried to object to her brisk tone, the words had trouble coming out. It seems they were a bit embarrassed.
Eyes? Often, my eyes are said to be like a dead fish’s.

“Phi, philosophically, his eyes look like they’ve reached enlightenment! Indeed a child with a promising future!”

Oh, not an adult just for show. A philosophic view huh? As you’d expect from a policeman, immediately arriving at an answer that wouldn’t damage the child’s heart and moreover also not lying.
Wasn’t that a bit rushed though, with that cramped smile and sweat.
Carrying out justice is also hard, huh.


As for the unidentified can, the outcome was that the policeman gave it to me to open.
Three months passed since I dropped it off, so as the one who picked it up it’s mine now. Therefore, because it couldn’t be opened without permission, they needed my approval.
The contents was a beautiful toy peach.
It was a little smaller than a fist, about a size smaller than a real peach. Enough about that, its feeling was surprising.
It was very smooth, and yet soft, and very tender. Not a rubber product, nor fabric either. At any rate, the sensation was so supreme that the more I touched it, the more I wanted to touch it.

When the policeman who I confirmed the contents with judged that there were no problems, I signed something saying that I received it and he returned a salute.
That happened yesterday.

“What is this thing?”

That was my first thought after waking up.
Due to the overwhelming feeling of the toy peach, I slept with it while rubbing it while laying in the bed. And now, I woke up unconsciously rubbing it but felt uneasy so I checked out the peach. And I was surprised.

The peach became larger than it was yesterday. Before, it was a little smaller than a fist, but now it was a size larger. That wasn’t all. The peach wasn’t a peach anymore.

The silhouette slightly distorted into two globes. A small hole opened between the two bulges.
No matter how I looked at it, it was an ass.
Moreover the feeling of it also improved. And by some kind of mechanism, when the ass was rubbed the hole twitched.
Even after looking for it, there was no place to put a battery in. If the battery ran out, would it be a disposable toy at the end? Or is electricity generated from rubbing it? Or maybe it is a mechanism and the battery is unnecessary?

“Well, this would be embarrassing…”

Although I’m glad that the feeling of rubbing it improved, I can’t take it to school like this. First of all, it’s too large, and I’d look like a perverted ass lover.

“However… this feeling from rubbing it is becoming a habit. Already, this peach, no, I’m a slave to it.”

The peach with an extravagant rubbing sensation that looked like an ass was now an ass peach. Rubbing such an ass peach with both hands, I was troubled as to what I should do.
It would probably be seized if they found me taking it and hiding it.
More importantly, I would definitely be labeled as a pervert.
However, it’s impossible for me to part with this sensation. When the ass was rubbed, the hole would twitch adorably. I can’t leave it in the house after all.

“It gets smaller when smashed, so maybe it’ll be okay to put it in something before taking it?”

It could become considerably smaller from gripping it firmly, and so if I put in a small container it won’t stand out anymore. I won’t be as worried it being found anymore if that’s the case.

“Let’s see, I wonder if we have anything to put it in…”

Even if it’s smaller, I have to bring to school in something that wouldn’t look unnatural.
Thinking about various things, I decided to cram it into a pencil case. As a result, beyond my expectations it entered without difficulty.
If it’s a pencil case, it wouldn’t be unnatural even if I take it out from the desk during class to rub it.
Though it might get dirty, compared to it being taken away and the danger of being branded a pervert it’s slightly alright.


Arriving at school and sitting at my seat, I immediately took the ass peach out of the pencil case and put it away in the desk, rubbing it inside the desk.
Yeah, happiness. I’m just rubbing the ass peach and I’m satisfied. The name Happy Peach wasn’t just showing off.


Three weeks have passed since then, and a mysterious thing began to happen.
When I rubbed the ass peach, together with feeling happy, I thought with extreme clarity.
Although I would rub the ass peach in a daze, rather than being preoccupied by it, a mysterious phenomenon happened that my concentration in class went up.
Even when questioned by the teacher, before I would have been strained and unable to answer well. The moment I calm down and think about feeling of the nearby ass peach, I am able to answer skillfully.
I was also weak in physical education, and feared making a mistake in public. That feeling softened as well, and I became able to do things better.
On average all of my grades began to improve.
With that, mom became unusually kind.

This Happy Peach just might be a miracle peach that really does bring happiness.


Something odd happened suddenly. While rubbing the ass peach as usual during a lesson, the feeling changed abruptly. Rather, it felt like the ass peach moved.
I was surprised and pulled my hand out of the desk and checked the ass peach that I was rubbing. It was definitely moving.
The ass was trembling, and the hole was twitching intensely.
Although I almost raised my voice in surprise, I thrust my hand back into the desk to hide the ass peach, desperately trying to not cry out.
However, my knee hit the bottom of the desk because of my sudden movements. A big sound rang out.

“Katou, even though you’ve come to have good grades, it’s not good to doze off during the lesson.”

When the teacher who noticed the sound said that, everyone in the class laughed under their breath.
Seems that they misunderstood me to be dozing off. I stood up and apologized to the teacher, then sat down and patted my chest feeling relieved.

Just in case, I didn’t rub the ass peach for the rest of the day, and carefully observed it after I went home.


I returned home right away after school was over and shut myself in my room, telling mom that I was going to study.

“What is this…”

Though I didn’t realize it because I wasn’t watching while rubbing it, letters stood out on the ass peach.
Kurihara Kozue. On the ass, it was clearly written in black letters.
I didn’t write that. Then did someone else write it? When going to physical education and leaving the classroom I would leave it in the desk, but today there was no physical education so I didn’t leave the class. In other words, the ass peach was next to me the entire time.
Moreover, if the ass peach were to be found by someone, I think that it would become a commotion. They’d probably say that I brought an ‘ass toy’ to school and call me an idiot.
However, nothing like that happened and everything was normal.

If that’s the case did it appear on its own? That’s also unbelievable. Even in the case of a mechanism that caused characters to surface after rubbing it, Kurihara Kozue appearing is strange. Because I know Kurihara Kozue.
A girl in my class, the cutest in the entire grade. Her father is Japanese, but her mother came from another country, and Kurihara-san takes after her mother.
With dazzling golden hair and blue eyes, she’s a striking young girl. Her boobs are also the largest in the grade.

Even if there was a mechanism to have letters appear, the probability that my classmate’s name would just up is almost impossible.
Then after all, someone seems to have written it. Though even after rubbing it it didn’t disappear, and rather than written on it, it seems exactly like it rose to the surface.

Arbitrarily assuming that it rose to the surface, I suddenly recalled something. Though that doesn’t mean I understand it.
While rubbing the ass peach when it changed in class, I was thinking about Kurihara-san.
That she’s cute, and that I want to rub her large boobs, is what I thought.
Was my desire reflected on the ass peach? Though I thought it was impossible, the ass peach is a miracle ass, so therefore whatever it is I can’t think of it as ridiculous.

“Even so, the feeling of rubbing it got a bit worse…”

Although the smoothness of it didn’t change, I feel like the color is more fair than before. I think it is slightly more firm, too.
I wonder if it will change back if I patiently rub it? It would be too regretful to lose that feeling.
Also, I discovered that I would rub it with more perseverance than before. Because even though it was always an ass, since Kurihara-san’s name is written on it, it seems that I imagine her while rubbing it.
From an ordinary ass lover, the result was a version upgrade to a delusion of a first year beautiful girl lover.

Although I could evade risks by leaving it in my room, school life without the ass peach isn’t worth it. By all means, I want to take it with me to school to rub. Even with the risk, I want to rub it.
Then I have no choice but to be careful to not be found. Yeah.


I observed the ass peach as two hours passed. What I found out is that there was a change other than the color becoming white, becoming slightly more firm, and the name appearing.

First: When rubbing it, the ass would tremble. It seemed to hate being rubbed at all.
Second: The hole’s twitching became intense. When rubbing the ass caused the hole to twitch, and when the hole was touched directly it would tightly shut.
Third: The hole became deep. Before, although I called it a hole before, even if I poked the hole with a pencil it would stop immediately. And now, when I stick the point of the pen in now it completely goes in.
However, when putting it in forcibly, the ass peach seemed a little pitiful and afraid, shaking. I felt like it was in pain.
Though sticking something into a hole tickled my curiosity and made my heart beat strongly. Therefore, even though it is bad for the ass peach, I decided to try accustoming it to it little by little.


One month has passed since the ass peach changed.
Although immediately after the change the ass peach felt firm, it’s become soft after diligently massaging it. However, compared to the way it felt before, it still has a long way to go.
With that, I’ve been continuing with the training of putting the pen into the hole as well. Even though only the point of the pen could enter at first, now something about the size of a finger can enter.
It’s wonderful again. Putting the finger into the hole, I was surprised at how comfortable it was. It stuck to my finger as I pulled it out. Moreover, whenever the ass peach trembles the hole shuts tightly, and it felt good.
Moreover, the hole is considerably deep. Even if I put my forefinger in down to the base, there still seemed to be room.
Trying out the pens, I put them all in at once.
When I measured the length, I found that the hole was more than twelve centimeters deep.
That the depth was longer than the diameter of the ass peach was a contradiction. Though it was absolutely strange, since it was the ass peach I decided to just agree with it.
Probably because even if I thought about it, I still wouldn’t find the answer.

As for the ass peach, even though at first it felt that it disliked it when things were put in the hole, recently it seems pleased by it.
Of course, since the ass peach can’t talk I don’t know what it is actually thinking though. However, when rubbing it, the hole would occasionally open and shut. When I put my finger in at times like that, I felt that it was glad.
It came to the point that while rubbing the ass peach, I would unconsciously stick my finger in the hole.


Two months have passed since then, and my grades have improved as the school year progressed. According to Tamotsu-kun, it’s because I don’t have friends, is what he said.
Though I may have some friends, the only person who I can call best friend is Tamotsu-kun.
The only thing that I can never break is my ‘perfect school attendance brothers’ pact.

And now, a new change appeared on the ass peach again. A strange liquid came out from the hole.
It was clear but sticky, and even when I smelled it it was odorless.
Although I was surprised at first, because it became easier to put my finger in and out, it could also be said to be another version upgrade.
With that the hole became flexible. One finger was the limit before, but now three fingers would quickly enter now.
In addition to the hole becoming flexible, the effect of the viscous fluid was big.

The most significant change, letters surfaced again.
Along with Kurihara-san’s name being on the surface as usual, something different appeared on the ass.
By something different, I mean that it was a number.
What appeared was a straight light representing ‘one’. The kanji ‘一’, also looking like the minus sign.
Since I was surprised when Kurihara-san’s name came up, I wasn’t as surprised this time. The state of the ass peach was different from usual.

I had inserted three fingers as usual and enjoyed the feeling of the deep hole. The ass peach trembled more intensely than any reaction that had been shown up till now, considerably impatient. With that, it even shut wonderfully.
At the same time that the strength of the hole lowered, the ‘一’ appeared on the right side of the ass.
From seeing the moment that it appeared this time, I was able to confidently believe that Kurihara-san’s name appeared on its own.

The changes continued.
When I put my finger in the hole to enjoy myself, the ass peach went into convulsions surprisingly intensely and grew weak. Then a straight line appeared.
Under the ‘一’ that came up last time, the line came up the other direction. It looked like an English ‘T’.
Since it seemed to neatly make characters when I continued as I was, I worked diligently to make the ass peach convulse.
Since then, the ass peach has not gone into convulsions easily, but would if worked on gradually. Along with that, the letters that came up increased as well.

Because the first letter that came up was ‘T’, I though it would be an English word, but my expectations were off.
The amount of straight lines increased without fail. When it was completed the kanji that appeared was ‘正’. Then, when thinking of what kanji starts with ‘正’, the amount of straight lines increased again and my expectations were splendidly wrong again.
Coming up after ‘正’ was ‘一’ under it. Additionally, when completed ‘正’ appeared under the ‘正’.
Though I thought there were be a word where the two ‘正’ were, how many more ‘正’ are there before it’s done? In the end when there were five ‘正’, a sixth came up to the left of the first ‘正’. And then it continued downwards with the ‘正’ again.

To what extent will it continue saying ‘正’ until it’s complete? Then I noticed that it wasn’t a word, but rather was indicating the number of times.
In other words, the amount of times the ass peach twitched intensely. When a ‘正’ was complete, that meant it convulsed five times.
Knowing that, new curiosity sprouted. A big change might happen soon if I steadily continue making ‘正’ appear.


Two months have passed since the ‘正’ started to appear on the ass peach.
After getting the hang of sending the ass peach into violent convulsions, I kept at the ass peach’s hole even when I slept. That my grades didn’t fall with that was terrific.

For a moment, the ass peach was filled with the ‘正’ words. I say for a moment, because the ‘正’ disappeared all at once. And now the word ‘百’ is there.
It seems that when twenty ‘正’ appear, they will collect into a ‘百’.
Though that got me excited thinking there was a big change, after that a ‘正’ appeared under the ‘百’.
To be honest I’m a bit disappointed. However, the comfortable feeling of the hole went up greatly.
More of the viscous liquid comes out than before, and the hole’s flexibility also increased. Moreover, the insides undulate, and the hole closed so firmly that you could say it could tear off a finger.

Naturally, new curiosity sprung up. Flexibility went up, the mysterious viscous liquid increased, the insides undulate, and the shutting strength improved. I think that it’s normal judgement for a boy to want to put in things other than a finger.
The problem was, whether or not the inside of the hole was dirty. But when thinking about washing it, I realized it wasn’t a problem, and didn’t worry too much.

The result: amazing. Even if I die, I won’t part with the ass peach.


It came to be that I put the thing that began with ‘p’ and ended with ‘s’ into the ass peach, and discovered something new again.
Though at first I took it out to keep it from getting dirty, it became troublesome after getting used to it, and moreover the desire to be flooded with reverberations after letting it out began to arise.
I persuaded myself that it would be safe if I washed it, and decided to do it inside.
I’m unable to express the comfortable feeling with words.
When I let it out inside, the ass peach tightened, shutting firmly. And it convulsed. The number of ‘正’ increased too.
It completely became a habit, and I have to let it out at least once after I take it out.
When I finish using it it won’t stay clean. Though I tried to wash it thinking that, I noticed something.

It wasn’t dirty. The liquid that I was sure was inside was missing.

I put my finger in and opened the hole, but there was nothing there other than the slightly grotesque red meat.
It didn’t change no matter how many times I let it out.

The ass peach didn’t become dirty no matter how many times I used it. Excellent. Moreover, since I started letting it out in the ass peach, my thoughts became wiser. What could I say, my evil passions disappeared temporarily, and studying started to progress eccentrically.
Thanks to that my grades were the best in the grade. Although my physical education didn’t improve, it was still incomparable to before.
And the amount of ‘正 appearing on the ass peach’s ass also increased more rapidly than before.
The amount of ‘百’ increased to four.

One thing I’m anxious about.
When the amount of ‘正’ started to increase rapidly, Kurihara-san stopped attending school.
Although Kurihara-san has large breasts, her body is small and has an obedient personality. However, she was rarely absent.

There were more things I was worried about Kurihara-san for.
She would often go to the rest room and the nurse’s office during lessons. And that was when I played with the ass peach.
When Kurihara-san fell in the school meeting, I was groping the ass peach in my pocket.
And when Kurihara-san’s tone changed, I noticed that there was a common thing.
When the amount of ‘正’ increases, Kurihara-san would go to the toilet or nurse’s office and collapse.
When she was absent from school, I found another common thing.
Because the ass peach was too comfortable, I returned home and let it out many times. The next day, Kurihara-san was absent from school.

So a question was born. And I hypothesized.
Kurihara-san’s name came up on the ass peach. Kurihara-san’s actions the ass peach’s reactions.
The ass peach and Kurihara-san may be connected. In other words, the ass peach and Kurihara-san may be sharing the same senses, something like that.

Proving it is difficult. Because I’ve never talked with Kurihara-san. Rather, Kurihara-san hardly even talks to boys.
Because Kurihara-san has a gentle personality, she’ll probably respond to anyone who talks to her. However, even though some boys aim for Kurihara-san, girls always stay near her to keep the dangerous boys away.
Comparatively, aren’t the girls who stick to Kurihara-san associating with boys?
If you think they’re dangerous, shouldn’t you not associate with them?
I don’t understand what girls are thinking.


When the number of ‘百’ hit six, I decided to take action.
I want to prove that the ass peach and Kurihara-san are connected by any means after all. I became too interested, and my grades declined a bit. Thanks to that mom scolded me.
Without having such good grades originally, she doesn’t need to get so angry from falling a little…
I’ll become a doctor or lawyer in the future, is what mom excitedly says. I’d like to work digging a hole. I’m good at pecking at the hole on the ass peach.

Various things happened, and after Kurihara-san started being absent more often I decided to visit her house, a sympathy visit.
Because I didn’t talk to her, I’m tense, and could possibly have the door shut in my face. However, the mystery of the ass peach won’t be solved through an eternity of inaction.
I mustered my courage, and decided to pay a sympathy visit.


The class ended and it was after school. Today, Kurihara-san was absent because of poor health. Therefore, I went to visit Kurihara-san today.
I ran home and broke the seal on my savings box that I’ve saved up with for a long time.
When visiting someone, it is necessary to take items with the greeting. Moreover, because Kurihara-san’s family seem to be rich, I can’t just buy flowers or strawberries.
I scraped the coins out from the savings box and left the house with 3,000 yen packed into my wallet by force.

I first looked for a strawberry shop. But even though I looked for it I couldn’t find one.
I reluctantly headed to the supermarket.
To buy the best strawberries, a strawberry specialty store would be better, unfortunate.

I bought two packs of strawberries from the supermarket, wrapping them for the greetings.
I went to a chrysanthemum shop next. Because I like chrysanthemums. If possible, I’d wanted to get plotted ones. However, to my regret, there were no chrysanthemum specialty stores.
I reluctantly headed to the flower shop.

“Is this a present for your mother?”

When I arrived at the flower shop, a sociable onee-san talked to me.

“No, a sympathy visit.”

I shook my head no, and replied to the onee-san.

“A sympathy visit huh? What are you looking for?”

Towards the onee-san that talked though I wasn’t listening, I thought she was slightly noisy.

“Chrysanthemums. I’d prefer potted.”

However, she was a specialist so I added that just in case.


The onee-san inclined her head with a smile.

“It’s a sympathy visit… right?”
“That’s right.”
“Then… if that’s the case, I think it’s better to not get chrysanthemums. Moreover not potted…”

The onee-chan had on a forced smile towards me as if judging me. She’s a professional so it might look like I’m getting carried away.

“Why not? Is onee-san a cruel person who likes to embarrass me?”
“No-, that’s not it! Well, chrysanthemums, they’re used in funerals, not suited for visiting ill people, I’m not trying to embarrass you!”

In a hurry, the onee-san stopped using formal speech and explained in a more casual talk. It’s going as well as expected. I’m being completely underestimated.

“Roots are longer in potted plants you know? Long roots signify prolonged sickness, so they are cut to be suited for sympathy visits. I don’t think you want the sickness to last longer.”

The onee-san continued explaining. Prolonging the sickness? I didn’t think of something like that. Rather, I couldn’t care less about Kurihara-san. I only thought that potted was good since the chrysanthemum lasted a long time.

I got mad and diverted my gaze from the onee-san, looking for the potted chrysanthemum myself. However, it felt like the ass peach that I kept in my pocket trembled.
When I put my hand in my pocket to confirm, the inside of my pocket was covered with the sticky liquid.
Recently its come to letting out the viscous liquid even if I don’t touch it, and the amount of ‘正’ increases without me doing anything, but there’s no reason to muddy my pocket at its own convenience.

I wanted to see what was with the ass peach immediately, but since the onee-san was there is was difficult to check.
Or perhaps I should say, this onee-san was splendid to look at. She even had larger boobs than Kurihara-san.

When I hunted in my pocket while thinking that, something small touched my hand.
What? I only keep the ass peach in my right pocket.
I turned my back to the onee-san and took my hand out of the pocket.

“H-huh? Are you angry? Did you get angry? Onee-san didn’t mean any ill will from what she said you know? Since I’m giving you my service, could you please recover your temper?”

Though the onee-san said something, it was ignored while I checked my right hand.

“Umm, what happened? Did something good happen? Onee-san wants to know too, ignored onee-san is saaaad.”

This onee-san is noisy. Don’t pick a quarrel with me in your free time.
Putting that aside, my right hand was covered with viscous liquid. And in my palm was the ass peach. However, this ass peach was not the ass peach I knew.
It was a very small ass peach. Like a baby.
Hmm? Baby? Perhaps, did the ass peach give birth?
When I brought my palm close to my face to observe it, small letters came up on the baby ass peach.

Kurahashi Youko. Seems that was written there.

I put my hand back in the pocket and turned around. The onee-san put both her hands on her knees and bent down with a forced smile, looking at me.
When I lower my eyes, I could see big breasts. There was a nameplate on the left side of the blue apron.
I saw that and was convinced. The ass peach shows some kind of reaction to my feelings after all.
When I first thought of Kurihara-san, her name appeared. And the baby ass peach was born when I thought about onee-san. Moreover, her name appeared.

I groped the baby ass peach in my pocket to experiment.


The onee-san who had inclined her neck raised her body and touched her bottom.

“Is there something wrong?”

While innocently asking the onee-san, I also groped the baby ass peach.

“Ah, no, it’s nothing. It’s nothing, no.”

After hearing my question while the onee-san touched her bottom in an expression that seemed confused, she waved both hands with a forced smile.
She was obviously feeling an inexplicable phenomenon. Moreover, her cheeks were slightly colored.

There’s no mistake. The ass peach is connected to the person whose name it shows. In other words, the parent ass peach is connected to Kurihara-san and the baby ass peach is connected to onee-san.
Before I paid the sympathy visit to Kurihara-san’s house, the mystery was solved. However, now I feel like observing the reaction when the ass peach is groped.
The baby ass peach is too small, nothing could be done. If that’s the case then I have no choice but to use the parent ass peach. Because the parent ass peach had been used for a fairly long time, anything could be done.
Looks like I’m going to visit Kurihara-san’s house after all. There’s a high chance we’ll be alone if I go there for a sympathy visit, a perfect chance to see her reactions. I think that’s the best plan.

Deciding that, I needed to get to Kurihara-san’s house even one second faster. This isn’t the time to play around with the leisurely onee-san.

“I’ll leave the flower to onee-san. My budget is about 1,500 yen.”
“Oh, you’ll leave it to me? Thank you, onee-san will do her best!”

She patted my head as she said so, seeming strangely happy and began to look through the cut flowers in the store.
Patting my head, she’s completely underestimated me. Because Tamotsu-kun and I have a perfect attendance record, do I give off that sort of feeling?


I received an ordinary bouquet from the onee-san, paying 1,500 yen to the florist.
With a smile, the elder said, “Since I gave my service, are you a bit happier?”
Although, even though she served me I’m not that happy since I’m uninterested in flowers.
What I wanted was a potted chrysanthemum.

I walked single-minded with the ordinary bouquet and ordinary strawberries, and arrived at Kurihara-san’s house.

“It’s a big house huh.”

While wandering about the gate out front, I let out a sigh while looking at the big house.
It shouldn’t be wrong. Saeki-sensei told me the address, and the door plate had Kurihara written on it.
I checked the nearby houses just in case, but this was the only Kurihara. I’m probably not mistaken.

I paid a sympathy visit to the house of a girl I’ve never spoken to. The unnaturalness of that caused me to feel nervous.

“Ah, one moment! This black butterfly is rare! Wait wait!”

I’m nervous.

“A-ants! I should have brought cookies… unfortunate.”

I’m nervous.

“Today’s weather is good. Oh, clouds like cotton candy, delicious… I’m hungry.”

I’m nervous.

“U-umm… are you a friend of Kozue?”

While looking at the sky, I heard a voice from behind.
I turned around. There was a blonde woman looking at me from the shadow of the black gatepost.
Her eyes were blue. Big boobs. Seeing her boobs, Kurihara-san’s sister?

“Ah, no, I’m not on good enough terms with Kozue-san to be called a friend, but I’m in the same class as her. My name is Katou Akiharu. I came to pay Kozue-san a sympathy visit. I’m sorry to intrude even though I’m not on good terms with her. I am really sorry for this.”

Because of my nervousness, I wasn’t able to speak that well.

“Ara, ara ara, ara ara ara ara, maa maa maa maa maa!”

The onee-san, who that was looking at me with a suspicious face, gave a smile that filled her entire face at my words and ran up to the iron fence between gateposts.
Her boobs shook. It was wonderful.

“A friend of Kozue!? This is the first time a friend came! Come in! Come in, please!”

Gripping my hand with an incredible strength, the onee-san dragged me into the house.

At any rate, the onee-san was a bit different from Kurihara-san. Although Kurihara-san has a dark blonde hair, onee-chan’s blonde shines.
Kurihara-san looks somewhat Japanese-ish, while onee-san looks like a foreigner from television.
Speaking of mother resemblances, onee-san may resemble her mother more than Kurihara-san.

We entered the room, and I was dragged to a place that seemed to be the living room. Quite an aggressive sister. I wonder if she was Americanized?
But then, I don’t know which country Kurihara-san’s mother is from.

“Please wait there for a moment! I’ll put on the tea kettle now! Ufufu!”

The onee-san who had me sit on the sofa affixed her hand to her mouth and laughed, walking out from the living room cheerfully.

The onee-san was beautiful. Kurihara-san is incredibly beautiful, with big boobs that look like an adult’s. However, she was like a child compared with onee-san.
It’s good, I’d love to have an onee-san with boobs that big.

When I thought such a thing, the ass peach in my pocket trembled.
Thinking it impossible, my pocket became sticky with the usual liquid, and there were two small things other than the parent ass peach.

Taking out my hand, there were two baby ass peaches on my palm full of viscous liquid.
One was the baby ass peach where the flower shop onee-san’s name came up. The other was probably just now born.

“Kurihara Solange… Oh, amazing!”

Because the family name was Kurihara, I thought that it might be the name of Kurihara-san’s onee-chan. Other than that, I was surprised when I saw the given name appear.
Even if I’m surprised, the name is katakana. Obviously a foreign name, it was probably converted to katakana because I couldn’t read the original.

“Thank you, ass peach. You thought that I wouldn’t be able to read the foreign language, and you translated it to katakana on purpose…”

I said that and stroked the baby ass peach with a finger.


Just then, the onee-san’s scream was heard off in the distance. Is this baby ass peach connected with Solange-san, Kurihara-san’s onee-chan?

Right now, I am dazed and staring into the distance.

“Eh? What happened? Did I say something strange?”

I’m being looked at strangely by Solange-san, who sat down on the sofa that I was on, with an uneasy face.
A strange thing? Oh, I said that, I said something wonderfully strange. Because it was such a strange thing, I unconsciously escaped from reality.

The onee-san of Kurihara-san who was sitting nearby, wasn’t an onee-san but rather okaa-san. [TN: Mother]
You’re kidding right? She’s different from my mom entirely. How do you become a mother like that?

“S-sorry? A friend of Kozue’s came over for the first time, and I think that I flew for a moment. It’s no fun talking to an old lady after all?”

Solange-san became depressed. Even if Solange-san says I’m not happy talking with her, who’s the obaa-san? Who’s she talking about? [TN: Obaa-san -> grandma/auntie]

Solange-san who had gotten depressed forced out a smile and stood up.

“Kozue is on the second floor. After all you should talk to friends first right?”

Kurihara-san isn’t friends with me though. While thinking about that, Solange-san guided me to Kurihara-san’s room.
However, Solange-san seems to be weak in various ways. Mainly I think she’s mentally fragile. Kurihara-san is quiet too, do both the inside and the outside match the mother?

“This is Kozue’s room.”

When she stopped in front of the door, Solange-san who climbed the stairs and went to the second floor and walked along the hallway and looked back, saying that to me.

Then, when Solange-san knocked on the door, she talked with the person on the other side.
Though it doesn’t matter, is Solange-san truly a foreigner? Even though she’s so good at Japanese. Although there is no sense of inconsistent intonations, the gap between her appearance and her behavior felt incongruent.
Even if Kurihara-san has blonde hair and blue eyes, her blonde hair was dark. Even if she’s good at Japanese as well, there didn’t seem to be as much of a sense of incongruity due to her somewhat Japanese atmosphere.
Kurihara-san seems to be Japanese-born to begin with.

When I returned to my senses, Solange-san was entering the room. I panicked and followed her.

The room was very wide, and arranged beautifully. It smelled very good too.
The color of the curtains matched the wallpaper, desk, and table. Everything seemed wonderful, but it was a quiet color and atmosphere.
Thinking about that, this is the first time I’ve been in a girl’s room. So this is a girl’s room, huh? Indeed a rich atmosphere.

“Kozue, are you awake? A friend came to visit.”

Solange-san approached the large bed next to the wall, kneeling down next to it and spoke to the sleeping person.
Of course, because it’s Kurihara-san’s room, she is talking to Kurihara-san.
Wonderful. If such a big bed were in my room, it would fill the room.
To begin with, is such a big bed necessary? I can’t think of the meaning of having one that big. I think she should live more reasonably.

“A friend? Who?”

Kurihara-san, who was lying idle in the bed, got up from Solange-san’s urging and looked at me standing behind her.

“Katou-kun? Why?”

Her blue eyes opened wide. Somehow or another it looks like seeing me surprised her considerably.

“Kozue, he brought flowers and strawberries. Here, the flowers are beautiful and there are a lot of strawberries. It’s bad if you don’t seriously give thanks.”
“Waaah, pretty flowers. The strawberries also look good.”

Solange-san showed Kurihara-san the flowers and strawberries I’d handed her. Seeing them, Kurihara-san smiled and her blue eyes sparkled with stars.

Nothing that isn’t known is known. The strawberries aren’t from a strawberry shop. They’re from the supermarket. If they were compared with ones from a strawberry shop, it’s amazing they are even shaped like strawberries.
Same with the compromised flowers, too. Plotted chrysanthemums would have been good. That leisurely onee-chan was completely bad when it came to the flowers. Though I wanted to come to Kurihara-san’s house even one second sooner, I regretted compromising on the flowers.
I came to the sympathy visit with goods I was dissatisfied with.

“Thank you, Katou-san. So much, hasn’t your pocket money disappeared?”

Receiving the bouquet from Solange-san, Kurihara-san said such a thing while gently embracing the bouquet.
Do you want to say I’m poor? My pocket money is exactly 500 yen a month, and since that had already been used I needed the money from my savings that I’d been saving for a long time. Isn’t an expression like that rude?

“They smell good. Mother, I’d like to display these in my room.”
“Okay, I’ll put them in a vase and display it later.”

Despite me feeling uncomfortable, Solange-san and Kurihara-san had a pleasant conversation.
Well it’s fine, I’m not even Kurihara-san’s friend, and the reason I came here today was the confirm the relation between the name on the ass peach and the person themselves.

“Then, because tea is being prepared, it would be rude for me to keep you waiting.”
“It’s okay, ahh, mother is a worrywart.”
“But, it’s because a friend came over for the first time, I…”
“S-stop it, don’t say something like that. I’m not embarrassed…”

Looking at the two with a glance exchanging conversations in a whisper-like conversation, they gave me a smile. Somewhat creepy.
And then, after Solange-san said I was the first friend to visit many times over, I couldn’t understand.
Because Kurihara-san is popular, and seems to have a lot of friends too.

“Then, Katou-kun, please continue your favors towards Kozue.”
“M-mother, please stop! It’s so embarrassing.”

Solange-san walked over to me after standing, touching my shoulder gently and smiling. Kurihara-san raised her voice with a blushing face.
Noisy people.

“Yes yes, mother said too much and will promptly leave.”

Solange-san then left the room.
Hmph, although various things happened, I’m alone with Kurihara-san as planned.
However, my interest turned towards Solange-san.
Solange-san is a beauty. Her breasts are larger and she is more attractive than Kurihara-san.
However, the ass peach with Solange-san’s name was still just a baby and was only able to be stroked.
Because there was no other way, should I experiment with Kurihara-san according to the schedule after all?

I put my hand into my pocket, grasping the large ass peach. I walked to the bed where Kurihana-san was.
Let me see it, what will Kurihara-san’s reaction be? Let’s start the experiment.

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