Gun-ota ga Mahou Sekai ni Tensei Shitara, Gendai Heiki de Guntai Harem o Tsukucchaimashita!?
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Chapter 068 – High Elf Kingdom, Enol Sightseeing

High Elf kingdom Enol was located in the territory of the Fairy race in the Fairy continent.
It took about one month and a half from the Dragon continent via the personal aircraft owned by Meiya.

High Elf kingdom Enol — with beautiful forests, lakes, High elves living in the fairytale-like country, or so it should have been……

“Come! Come! It’s cheap! Special High elf cake, it’s cheap!”
“Pendant that can make you become like High elf! If you buy now it’s only 5 silver!”
“How about a portrait of a High elf ? Just by having it you can extend your lifespan.”


Overflowing stalls on both sides were spread out, in which a lot of goods were placed.
The humans who were inviting customers called out to some people who looked like tourist in earnest.
The ratio of humans was overwhelmingly high.
Probably 70~80%.

But I hadn’t seen any High elf figures anywhere.

I called out to Shia who was walking at the front to guide us.

“Isn’t this the High Elf Kingdom ? Not to say High Elf, I haven’t even seen any of the Fairy race either.”
“Yes, it’s as you say, but ……”

Then Shia started to explain.
The tourists came here to partake in the High elves’ lifespan, and these human merchants seem to be catering to them.

The Beast race at about 200 years.
The Dragon race at about 300 years.
The Demon race at about 100~500 years.
The Human race at about 80 years, with that lifespan, compared to other races, it’s short.

On the contrary, High elf of the Fairy race is the longest among all the races.
The Normal elf was about 1000 years.
The High elf’s lifespan was said to be about 10000 years.

Ten… ten thousand !?
“The Fairy race representative of the 5 races heroes was a High elf, seems like that one lived to be 10000 years old, oldest among the heroes. But in reality, for High elves, the heart usually gives out first at a little over 2000 years old and they die”

Furthermore High elves only marry once in their whole life.
Therefore, as a race that governed marital love and longevity, they received tremendous support from the Human race.

That was why all the goods on sale at the stalls were modeled after the High elves’, sweets, paintings, woodcarving dolls. On top of that, there was even a pendant imbued with magic that can change one’s appearance to a High elf.

They wanted to receive High elf’s blessing, even just a little.
(Almost like the combination of the crane, turtle and mandarin duck, eh.)

Because of their longevity, the population count is only around 300 person.
For that reason they rarely appear before others. Between the humans, it was said that if you could see an elf you will extend your lifespan by 1 day, if you could touch, 1 year.
No matter which world, it seems that people love jinx and superstition.

“So, these people come here to meet with High elves?”
“No, to forcibly meet with High elves is prohibited. Moreover they live in a special place, where only those with special standing could enter.”
“Special place?”
“It’s over there. That island is where the High elves live.”

Through the stalls, we followed Shia from behind, a huge lake appeared in front of our eyes.
It’s about twice as big as lake Biwa.

On the island in the middle of the lake, there was a gigantic tree standing like it swallowed the castle.
The High elves were probably living inside that castle.

“Are we going to that castle ? But I don’t see anything like a boat around here.”

Snow asked in place of the fascinated me.
Shia made a sour face.

“No, that’s …… I can’t lead you all there immediately…..”

Shia flusteredly explained.

“If you take out the boat without permission you will be arrested. Moreover, you’re only adventurers, not to say only level II. Even if you ask for permission, you won’t get it.”
“Ridiculous! Even though you asked the one and only Lute-sama to take the trouble to come here! How dare you!”

Meiya became enraged the moment she heard the explanation.
Shia earnestly bowed her head and apologized.

“I’m sorry! Pardon me! I know I’m being disrespectful, but first I have to go back to the castle to report that I’ve guided you here, so please wait a night at an inn”

If we just go to the inn specified by Shia and tell them, then we can stay for free.
Looks like she already arranged it when she left the country.
But it’s probably not that good…….

“Now now, calm down Meiya. Since it can’t be helped, let’s just leave the luggage at the inn and treat ourselves to some sightseeing”
[That’s right. Since we’re already here, let’s go look around leisurely.]
“Shia can use that time to go and report.”
“Thank you very much!”

Shia told us the inn’s place, then we parted there.
Shia said she will return to the inn the next morning.
Until she came back, everyone agreed to go sightseeing.


▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼


The inn Shia told us was of the highest grade around the area.
We were assigned the suite-like rooms on the top.
From the windows, we got an unbroken view of the lake, Snow and Chrisse were pleased with that.

Maybe the innkeeper were paying attention so Snow and Chrisse and I got assigned one room.
Meiya was in another room.

Without delay, we left the luggage in our rooms and went back to the rows of stalls that we passed by before.

First we ate the [High elf cake] which seemed to be a speciality.
It’s baked wheat with jam stuffed inside in a High Elf mold.
Kinda like taiyaki ?

But is it really okay ? Grilling High elf …….

“It’s a little spongy but it’s delicious.”
“It dries up in the inside of your mouth really fast.”

Snow and Meiya ate with curiosity.
Then certainly, a certain Demon race person who’s picky about sweet, my wife Chrisse–

Ate the High elf cakes with her usual [sweets aren’t game] eyes and serious expression.

[The way they dissolve the wheat flour is naive. The batter is fine without being sweet, but the jam isn’t sweet enough. Not only are they trying to save cost on the sugar, but the jam only has one type of flavor, I think it’s better to add more. 2.17 out of 10.]

As usual, her scores are detailed.

This time it seems that the [High elf cake] was also not palatable.
Specialty doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good, or so they say.
There was also the possibilly of it doesn’t match the taste of the ojou-sama, Chrisse.

Then, we stroll leisurely while eating [High elf cake].

“Ah, Lute-kun, it’s a High Elf.”

Snow pointed at a walking blonde, long ears, green eyes, elf like young girl. A pendant hang conspicuously on her chest.

“No, it’s a fake. That pendant is the proof. It’s a popular souvenir from Enol, equipping it will change one’s appearance into a High elf with simple magic.”

It seems it’s a rule, that to avoid crime and misunderstanding, the pendant must be worn externally, where it could be seen.

In exchange for the real thing not appearing, they sell the pendant and let tourists imitate High elves.
Just like in Kyoto, where they let tourists rent apprentice geisha clothes and walk outside, that was to let them emphasize the Kyoto-esque feeling for the other tourists.

This country expanded with the lake as the center, you can see the large Adventurer’s guild here and there.

“Since we don’t have anything to do, let’s go to the Adventurer’s guild to give greetings and let them know about our level up deliberation, shall we ?”

When we arrived in front of the Adventurers’ Guild, I remembered.

Despite us being level II and III adventurers, we defeated the magicians with a bounty and a twin dragon (young), and because of that, they are now in the middle of deliberating how much our levels should rise. I should report that to the High elf Kingdom Enol’s Adventurers’ Guild sooner rather than later.

“That’s right, we should go there before we forget about it.”
[We still have time, too.]
“Wherever Lute-sama goes is where I’ll go!”

With my wives’ and my disciple’s approval, we went to the Adventurers’ Guild building.
Inside is, as usual, made up of the bank and offices.
We took a ticket and waited to be called.

The number on our ticket was called and we went to the counter, on the counter there was —

“Welcome, what is your business for today?”

The receptionist woman who was always in charge of us in the Dragon Continent!
Other than Meiya, everyone made a surprised look.

“? Um, what is wrong?”
“What’s wrong? Why are you here!? Aren’t you supposed to be at the Dragon Continent Adventurers’ Guild!?”
“Dragon Continent… maybe you mean big sister?”
“— eh?”

After calming down and listening, she seems to be the younger sister of the receptionist who always looked after us.
But their appearance is truly like two peas in a pod, as if they’re twins.
Like a typical Demon Race, she has sheep-like horns growing out of her head and bat-like wings out of her back. Of course, the Adventurers’ Guild clothes she was wearing suits her.

“Sorry for causing a disturbance.”
“Please don’t worry about it. We do look more alike than even twins, people would mistake us for each other all the time since we were small. Is big sister doing well?”
“Yes, she’s doing well. We were always in your sister’s care.”
“No way. I was worried that big sister was causing you trouble instead”.

Not trouble, just that she gets scary whenever anything regarding ‘marriage’ or ‘age’ or ‘wife’ is brought up.

“Anyway, what is Lute-sama’s business?”
“Actually, our level up is being deliberated right now. Your sister recommended us, too. We thought we should report here too, just in case.”
“Thanks for the trouble. Well then would you please give me your tags for confirmation ?”

I took off the tag hanging on my neck and handed it to her.
With experienced hands, the little sister confirmed the tag with the magic tool.

“Thank you. Well then, in case you want to receive quests here, your achievements in the Dragon Continent will be taken into consideration when being evaluated.”

After she gave me back the tag, she stood up from her seat and said “Please give regards to my big sister” as she bowed.
In my previous world, they say there are 3 people who look exactly like yourself, but this was a little bit too alike, wasn’t it…..

We left the Adventurers’ guild and stopped by a folk craft shop.
High elf’s portrait, wood carved doll, brooch, hair clip… were being sold there.

“Wow, Lute-kun, look, look at this.”

The goods that catched Snow’s attention was the reversi piece with High elf’s side face engraved onto it. Next to it was a foldable board.
Looks like this reversi piece was a limited item that can only be obtained in the High elf kingdom Enol.

Local item huh.

“Hee~, Reversi has even spread here huh.”
[What is that ?]
“What happened ?”

Chrisse and Meiya who were checking out other goods asked.
Looks like they didn’t know of Reversi.

Indeed I had never seen Reversi being sold anywhere in the Demon and Dragon continent.
Snow happily explained to them.

“See here, this is a toy called Reversi that was made by Lute-kun when he was a kid. It’s a very interesting toy.”
“This is [Reversi] ? I know it from investigation reports, but this is the first time I’ve seen it.”
[How do you play this ?]

As I was about to ask Meiya for explanation, Chrisse tugged on my sleeve and asked.
I put Meiya’s remark aside for now and teach my wife the way to play Reversi.
The rule for Reversi was simple, Chrisse and Meiya immediately remembered it.

“Since it’s a rare chance, let’s buy one and play with everyone ? I also wanted to play against Lute-kun for the first time in a while.”

On Snow’s suggestion we bought the local Reversi.
The pieces and board altogether were 1 silver, a little expensive.

I carried the Reversi.
Carrying shopping goods was also a man’s duty.

And with that, let’s play strip Reversi with my 2 wives tonight!
Not strip rock-paper-scissors, but strip Reversi!
During the day day I’m a gentlemanly husband, but at night I Reversi into a beast huh!

That was a good pun if I do say so myself.
……That was good, right  ?

We finished the sightseeing like that. The sun was setting so we had an evening meal before it got crowded.
The store was a local restaurant.

This store’s speciality seemed to be a fish dish made from the fishes that live in the big lake.
Since it was caught from the High elf lake, it was said that you will live 1 year longer if you eat this dish. Trying to sell everything with extra lifespan was a little…

I was a little turned off, but the dish was simple and delicious.
We also drank some local wine, and returned to the inn a little tipsy.

Before we reached the room, Snow’s expression stiffened.

“Lute-kun, there is someone in the room.”

Hearing that, Chrisse, Meiya and I also became alerted. This inn was a high grade one, the security is tight, so it’s probably not a thief.
It could also be Shia that had returned.

Just to be safe, I lowered my hips and reached for the revolver.
I stood in front of Snow, Chrisse and Meiya, readied so I can draw my [S&W M10 2-inches] revolver anytime.

Confirmed I had finished my preparation, I slowly opened the door.

“–Welcome back, young master.”
“……Shia huh?”

When I entered the room, there were 2 females waiting.

One was Shia who guided us here.
But she wasn’t in her adventurer garb like in the afternoon.

Deep blue skirt so long it hid her feet, pure white apron over that, and a headdress on her head. The hem of the skirt is spacious, looked like you could hide assassination weapon in there. But even so, she had the appearance of an orthodox maid.
I was astonished by the gap and almost couldn’t recognize if that was Shia for a moment.
Of course, it fitted her very much.

The other person in the room, nevertheless, wore an overcoat that covered her head.
She wasn’t tall, only taller than Chrisse a bit.
If I had to say why I know it’s a female despite her head being covered, it was because her boobs were so big that the coat couldn’t hide it.
Probably even bigger than Snow’s. In other words, short, big boobs — or loli bigboobs!
On the table was a cup of scented tea with steam still rising. Looked like Shia served this loli bigboobs.

“Everyone, please come in.”

We entered the room as Shia invited.
The loli bigboobs who was sitting also stood up and faced us.
Shia stood in the middle and introduced the girl.

“This here is the one who told me to approach young master”

The girl removed the hood of the coat.
Long straight blond hair softly fell down.
Pointed long ears, fresh leaf colored pupils, a noble, beautiful girl like she was made by God himself. But that wasn’t the problem.
Shia indifferently continued the introduction.

“High Elf kingdom Enol’s 2nd princess, Lyss Enol Meméa-sama.”

High Elf kingdom Enol’s princess !?
A High Elf among High elves, is currently here.

The girl — Lyss smiled friendly.

“I have wanted to meet you, oh our hero-sama.”


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