Genjitsuda to Nishiki shi teru Shojo
Short story 1 Preview

Genjitsuda to Nishiki shi teru Shojo
Short Story

I coldly observed the farce which is being played in front of me.

“No… It is not me…!”

That person denied it.

What that person had said is the truth.

Waist-length blue hair, with aqua crystal blue eyes.

Exceptional beautiful skin like boiled egg with Sakura-colored lips.

A beautiful face accompanied with a model stature.

The height is approximately 170 cm.

This is Minazuki Rei.

Someone who came from the noble and wizard family with the attribute of water.

It is a house of a Duke.

“Minazuki-san, will you cut it out!? I have been harassed by you since forever…”

A girl who lied.

The heroine of this world.

A wavy golden brown-hair that come to the middle of her back with a pair of silver eyes.

White face with light-colored lips.

In contrast to her cute face template, her body is awfully sensual.

What I mean by sensual is that her body capable of evoking the lustful stare from others.

This girl is the saint Fujimiya, Fujimiya Hijiri.

She is the person with the rare magical attribute of light.

She is a commoner.

Well, let me explained the situation a bit.

My name is Yuki, it is tiresome to introduce myself.

Together with Rei, as usual we spent the lunch break as I eat my home made bento.

Suddenly Saint Fujimiya approach Rei and asked Rei to come to the vacant classroom after school before she walked away.

Because I was worried, I decided to accompany Rei, when Saint Fujimiya suddenly tore her own textbook and threw it into Rei feet.

From there, the parade of jeers began.

Despite Rei unconcerned look, Saint Fujimiya seems satisfied.

I was amazed by her tactic as she quickly cried pitifully as soon as she heard her captured target approaching.

And then we came to this exact moment.

…..A, let me tell the meaning of the Heroine and the capture target.

This world is the world of an Otome game called “Mahoutsukai no Prince” or commonly known as “Mahopuri.”

The heroine was known as Saint Fujimiya, a reincarnated person.

I am also a reincarnated person.

Now to explain about the capture target.

Mild second prince, an ultimate ore-sama brat, a fire attribute wizard.

A black hearted four-eyes with specialization on ice attribute magic.

A flashy ladies man, a wizard with earth attributes magic.

And in another corner, a taciturn wizard specializing in wind attribute magic.

Whether they are delinquent or a yandere are not of any importance. It is the general template after all.

The story abruptly start when the Heroine with the light attribute entered the magical school, it is basically the school love’s fantasy.

Whether it is a true ending; happy ending; reverse harem ending; normal ending or bad ending; Rei will be the villain in this game.

The condition for the reverse harem ending is for the heroine to suffer from being bullied by the villain.

However, since Rei did not bother her for a long time, it seems that she had decided to take the matter into her own hand with that self-made performance.

For sure, the [game Rei] is someone who was proud and selfish, the fiancée of that black-hearted four eyes who had fall in love with his better companion.

However, this is the reality.

The character of Rei in this world is different from the game.

Besides that, I am also here.


I picked up the envelope that appeared on my feet.

I cut off the seal and took out the letter from it before I spread it out.

It seems that the letter had come from my father.

As I read it, the content basically told me that he gave me the permission to go all out.

It seems so stupid to be troubled about this.

Even now, with the farce playing between the fiancée and the heroine in front of us, I will help Rei out of it.


Rei looked relieved which brought surprise to the Saint Fujiwara and the capture targets.

I wonder since when does it begin, or maybe it is since the beginning.

“First of all, nice to meet you. I am Shigeru Anra Yuki. As of now, I am the fiancée of Minazuki Rei-sama.

With my word, Rei eyes began to shine.

“Is that true, Yuki?”

“No wonder.”

“Wait a moment.”

I embraced the baritone voice (….) while a charming smile appeared on Rei’s face. Listening to Rei, the black-hearted four eyes, that icy Hikawa Ryo began to look around searching for that voice.

By the way, I will tell you the appearance of the Hikawa Ryo.

He has a silky silver hair that came up to his shoulder blade with a pair of ice blue eyes. Cool.

His body is similar to the model type.

He is as cheeky as Rei despite their high stature.

While we are at it, I will tell you how I look.

With jet-black hair that come to my chest, my eyes has been described by Rei, my house as well as Minazuki’s house (including our employees) as ruby red.

As opposed to the cute Rei, I only have a common face though I do possessed some sense of style.

Except from my eyes, it seems that I maintained the similar look I have in my previous life.

It seems that I have a hallucination that there was a snowstorm appearing behind Rei who is not supposed to be an ice wizard; it feel like, I could imagine the innermost thought of Hikawa Ryo.

Rei moves from my side and look at Hikawa Ryo.

“What is it, Hikawa? I am in a good mood since I can finally be engaged with Yuki which I have love for a long time.”

…… Rei, don’t be so spiteful.

“Houjo……. No, what does it means to be engage to Shigeru-san? You are engaged to me. And that voice….”

At that moment.

Rei was laughing out loud.

“Since I was born, it is natural that I will recognized Yuki as the only one I will accept to be engage with. In the first place, for my engagement with you, are you referring to proposal you give me when we were small?”

Yes. Rei is a man.

Because of his weak body, his parent had insisted on him wearing a feminine cloth so that he can grew stronger.

Truthfully, it is already too late for him to turn back as a man.

Moreover, it seems that Hikawa Ryo did not acknowledge the engagement between me and Rei.

Rei is normal, even though he appear to be like a woman no matter how you look at it but there is no indicators that he preferred man.

Well, everyone has their own circumstances.

Though I did not know about the capture targets and Saint Fujimiya.

By the way it was just a pseudonym for Hikawa Ryo to call me Houjo.

Because I am also an aristocrat.

All the capture targets except Hikawa Ryo looked at Saint Fujimiya in puzzlement.

On the other hand, Saint Fujimiya sank down with a trembling shoulder.

It was because this was already too different from the original game.

However, it is already too late.

I took out the stone that I had used to record from the shadow and threw it over to the second prince.

The second prince looked at it and at me perplexedly.

“That stone contained the recording of what had happened from the moment the both of us entered the classroom until now. Can you confirm the content with the royalty at once?”

However, only despaired will await you.

I swallowed that word in.

As soon as the word came out from my mouth, Saint Fujimiya raised her pale face vigorously, as she tried to take that stone off from the second prince in a hurry.

Other captured target apart from Hikawa Ryo began to look at her suspiciously.

However, in her desperation, she unable to notice it.

I am not interested in this anymore.



“Yuki, let’s return. I want to quickly change my appearance to a man.”

“I understand.”


Unnoticed by anyone, I kicked Hikawa Ryo who had been clinging to my feet as Rei held out his hand to me.

With a smile, we hold each other hand as we leave the vacant classroom.


Stupid Heroine.

You should not have assumed this place as a game.

This world is a reality.


Goodbye, the person who had make a mistake in her cognizance.

I will spent a happy time with the person I love.


Author Note: All the capture targets seems to be like an air, apart from Hikawa.

I am truly sorry.


Translator Note: Apart from that this what I feel through out the time I translate  this

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Oh might as well post it out so that you all can suffered with me with the confusion~

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