Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki
Book 1: Dragunir Rebirth and Meeting Destiny Preview

Situation Confirmation


The young man wakes up. Just how long did he lose consciousness for?
Seeing that the surrounding brightness didn’t change much, it doesn’t seem like a long time…as long as the date didn’t change.

The headache subsided, and information about this world and thus himself formed in his mind. Slowly regaining his composure, he tried to grasp the present situation.


Muttering like so, his own information flowed into his mind

Name: Undecided
Race: Dragunir
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Level: 525
Swordsmanship Lv10
Martial Arts Lv10
Fire Magic Lv10
Wind Magic Lv10
Water Magic Lv10
Earth Magic Lv10
Light Magic Lv10
Dark Magic Lv10

Dragon King’s Might (Obstruct the movement of enemies with a lower level than you. Active Control)

Debuff Immunity (Poison, Paralysis, Confusion etc. debuffs are negated. Continuous Passive)

Sage (Magic MP consumption halved, chanting omission, increased MP regeneration. Continuous Passive)

Dragon Transfiguration (Changes into the shape of a dragon, ability to fly, all stats increase, Dragon King’s Might automatically activates. Active Control)

Human Transfiguration (Can be used when changed into a dragon, returns to the shape of a human, scales become clothing, or can become armor)

Probably CounterStop, an unbelievable cheat.
(TL: Don’t know what CounterStop is? Your on the right site to find out)

For some reason or another, he is able to perceive that the “Lv” attached to skills maxes out at 10; normally, in order to raise one skill to Lv10, it is possible to do so by devoting 30 to 40 years of time to training, at least for talented people.

Probably, his current calmness is due to the effects of a skill. Dumping all that knowledge into him at once, forcing him to recognize reality, and making himself realize who he is and his current state. But, as long as he has this monster-like status, he believes he’ll somehow manage.

As for his race, which is bothering him the most, it seems that he involuntarily graduated from a human. However, this race called Dragunir seems to be very rare.

Some features of this race consist of silver hair and blue eyes, physical ability far surpassing humans, magical ability, and a lifespan exceeding 2000 years.

The population is extremely small, prejudiced towards humans, and can only live in remote locations.

For similar races, there seems to be the Dragonewt; like the Dragunir who call themselves Dragonmen, they call themselves half-Dragonmen. The difference between them seems to be in their ability to transform into a dragon or not. Though larger in numbers than the Dragunir, they don’t actively concern themselves with humans, but they also establish many villages with limited sizes. (Because their ability surpasses humans, humans don’t offer a helping hand)

Historically, there have been extremely rare cases when the Dragunir concern themselves with humans, but those people leave a hero-like reputation of “Silver hair and blue eyes are loyal and brave, thus it is a sign of nobility. They and their allies control the whole country” as a legend passed down for generations.

In short, an ancestral cheat ability.


Becoming calm to the point of scaring himself, he accepted that he become such a dreadful being.

“Magical Race, so…”

He used magic silently. A mirror appeared before his eyes (a pseudo light-magic like object), and there his figure was seen.

“Silver hair, blue eyes, height about 180 centimeters, face is… because this world’s sense of beauty is the same as my old world, quite good…I guess.”

Straight and articulate nose, slightly long and narrow dignified eyes, shoulder-length hair braided at the back, silver armor that covered the body with balanced muscular proportions.

If this is the original Japan, he would’ve made a living as a model.

And regarding the swords hanging from both sides of his body, he knows, no, he was made to know.

Beautiful transparent dual swords, which with one glimpse, made him think whether they are made of coloured glass or not.

The red sword is “Flame Sword Aries”.
The blue sword is “Ice Sword Leona”.

Made of ultra-dense magical crystals and crowned with this world’s gods’ name, these two swords of different genders, are harder than any kind of metal and certainly are a highly efficient medium for magic use. Undoubtedly two famous swords unmatchable in this world.

“Even giving me such things, what does god want me to do?”

Who called a person like him into such a world and for what reason? No, in the first place, did the Japan from his original world actually exist? He began to harbor such doubts.

A butterfly’s dream.
(TL: A legend where a person dreams that they are a butterfly and then wakes up. They do not know whether they dreamed of a butterfly, or a butterfly is dreaming it is a person.)

This legend comes to mind.

But, there are no memories of living in this world and clearly some memories of his time in Japan.

Amagi Shigehisa. Other than the old-fashioned name, he is a completely ordinary high school student. The only son of a middle-class family. He had no female childhood friend living next door, he dated and broke up with some girls, had no outstanding grades, had a reasonably good degree of physical ability, and was no more than a young man with an ordinary life.

However, such memories already feel like they are old.

He is a dragunir. Surpassing all living things, an absolute ruler who does not permit opposition.

Right now, an existence with most pronounced succession of the perished pure-blooded dragon’s blood.

There are memories of the time in Japan in the “parallel world”, but the yearning to go back, and not to mention the sadness over the fact that he “cannot return”, doesn’t exist.

Yes, what he should do to “himself” is…


What is suddenly eroding his mind?

“I am myself!!…Not any other person…”

The chaos of his memories; it can only be expressed in this way.
The memory of living as a Japanese person and this world’s information, knowledge, circumstances, and common sense start to merge together, even though they are incompatible.

It seems like even the Debuff Immunity skill is unable to deal with this chaos.

Does he tell himself to give up?

“I can’t return to Japan?…why, what am I doing?”

Why, why, why.

The doubts he’s constantly reminded of disappeared. He arrived at the conclusion of “because that’s natural” for all his doubts.

Though he did not want to admit it, although he can’t possibly accept these feelings, he accepts the reason, the knowledge, and the memories.


Shigehisa lost consciousness once again.

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Book 1: Dragunir Rebirth and Meeting Destiny