Game world or A different world?

Chapter 35


I rubbed my eyes as I slowly got up from my bed.

“Good morning, Lumina-sama.”

Hearing Emilia’s voice, I answered her with a weary voice.

“uuu… Good… morn—ing.”

While I continued to rub my eyes, I tried remembering what had happened before I slept. When everything became clear, I moaned and asked Emilia what had happened after I slept.

“Like what you said, the Principal announced that there would be no school for a few months. Though the exact day when it reopens remains unclear.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. We wouldn’t have known about it if it weren’t for George-sensei.”

I inclined my head to the side and asked her:
“What did he do?”

“When the Principal announced it, he didn’t include us in it. It was thanks to his persistence that we, general students, became included in the break.”

Learning of what he did for us, I made a wry smile and said:
“He really loves his students huh. I wonder if there’s something we could do to thank him for all his good work.”

“You really are kind.”

“Really? Thanks.”

Removing the sheets and standing up from the bed, I noticed that I was now wearing my sleepwear. I was pretty sure that I didn’t wear this before I slept, so I wondered why I was wearing this now. My eyes then turned to the smiling Emilia. Looking at her strangely bright atmosphere, a sudden chill went up my spine.

(Let’s just say I woke up in the middle of the night and changed my clothes… Un, I think that’s better.)

Forcibly changing what I thought had actually happened in my mind, I spat out a sight and told her what I was planned to do.

“Then after I changed, I'm gonna go back to my home. I haven’t seen my mother for five years already.”

Even though, I’ve been apart from her for quite a long time, thanks to the letter she sends to me every week, So I still managed to communicate with her. Also, I would never fail to reply to the letters she sends me.


“Yeah, I plan on leaving today. Are there any problems?”

“… there’s a bit of a problem if you quickly go home, Lumin-sama.”

“A problem?”

I repeated the words Emilia said to urge her to continue.

“It concerns the students who became your servants.”

When she said students, I finally remembered the 200 students.

“Hmmm… have you already told them about the school break for now?”

“Yes. Since they’ve already finished packing their things since yesterday, they’re ready to depart anytime.”

Tilting my head to the other side, I asked her:
“Then why do you look so worried when you mentioned the 200 students?”

“As you already know, half of the students are commoners. Also, within those commoners, there are around 30 students that came from orphanages like me. And like me, they wish to go with you the moment you go back home.”


“Some of the noble students wish to know where you live, Lumina-sama. It seems like other than Liza and the others, there are also some students, who became your servants, which are daughters/sons of some high ranking nobles.”

I became speechless when she said that I had servants, other than Vertical Rolls and her companions who were sons/daughters of high-ranking nobles. What’s more, when I looked at Emilia’s eyes, it seemed like she’s not done yet.

Also, who’s Liza? Is she the white-haired one with a beret? Or is that Vertical Rolls. However, if she mentioned Liza before the other students, then she must be one of those six.

As I digested my thoughts, Emilia – who was unaware that I was trying to remember who Liza was – continued on.

“There are also sons/daughters of some big merchants that have quite an influence in the merchant guild. And lastly, the 70 other commoners, want to become your soldiers and are planning to make some uniforms and then tag along with you.”

“I see… So, what do those things have to do to me and my homecoming?”

Emilia coughed twice to clear her throat, she then made a very tired face and said:
“Since you’re now our master, for the 30 students – including me – that came from different orphanages, you will need to sign some official documents that will make you their official guardian.”

When I heard the last word that she said, I couldn’t help but react to it.

“Wait! I’m still 12 years old! Why do I do I need to become the guardian of 30 children!?”

“It’s cause your their master.”


I wanted to retort back to her, but because she was right, I couldn’t make a good comeback against it.

“There’s no problem to the children of those minor nobles, cause all they need are the permission of their parents. However, the problem is those children that came from high-ranking nobles.”

“Don’t tell me…”

My eyes widened as I realized what might happen. It’s because most high-ranking nobles, when allying themselves or becoming supporters of another noble – especially when it involves the future of their households – throw a huge party. And the host of that party is usually the one who they were gonna serve.

“Judging from the shocked expression you just made, I believe you know what it is…”

“But my family has a very low rank! We can’t throw a party that can satisfy the classy palates that high ranking nobles have! We’ll go bankrupt!”

“Ahh, don’t worry about that, Lumina-sama.”

“Why shouldn’t I worry? Tell me!”

Since it now involves money and may cause the bankruptcy of my family, my voice became a bit frantic as I probed Emilia.

“The children of the big merchants will be the ones who will throw the party.”



“Haa~ that’s good…”

Placing my hand on top of my chest, I breathe out a sigh of relief as I sat on top of my bed.

“It’s not really good, Lumina-sama.”

“… Eh? Why?”

“It’s cause from the 100 noble general students, about 40 of them came from high-ranking families. And because their children’s servitude to you is the reason why they threw this party, you may need to speak with each of those 40 parents that are either high-ranking nobles or wealthy merchants.”

Tears started forming from the corners of my eyes as I imagined how embarrassing and nerve wracking that the party was gonna be. What’s more, I was being sponsored by the daughter or son of one of the merchant. Since this was a custom of high-ranking nobles, I needed to satisfy it, cause I became the master of their children.

Since I became curious who he/she was, I asked Emilia to meet with her today.

“Please wait a moment, I’ll contact her.”

As Emilia made a screen to contact him/her, I plopped myself back to bed. I stared at the ceiling for a while.

“Although she’s quite energetic during classes when I mentioned that she’s gonna meet up with you, she became pale. I wonder if she’ll be alright.”

While I was staring into space, I heard Emilia mumble to herself. Though it hurts, whenever others (Except Vertical Rolls and her companions) meet up with me, they always have the same reaction as her. As a result, I had already accepted it as normal because no matter what I do to appeal myself, they would always do that.

“Hey, Emilia… remember yesterday’s duel?”

Since it was boring to wait for her, I decided to start a conversation with Emilia.

“Hmm? Yesterday? Lumina-sama, actually, the duel was two days ago. Yesterday, you were asleep for an entire day.”


“Everyone was very worried about you, Lumina-sama. I just managed to force Liza and the others to go back to their room and rest there for a while.”

I raised my body and sat back on the bed.

“So, you’ve been here for two days? Are you okay? Weren’t you also a participant of that duel, Emilia? I think you should also rest.”

Emilia smiled at me and said:
“I have already rested yesterday. Because Liza stayed with you for the entire day yesterday, I was able to rest during that time.”

“… I see.”

“In case you’re wondering, Liza is the person you usually call Vertical Rolls, Lumina-sama.”

“I-i-is that so? I-i-it’s not like I forgot Vertical Rolls real name, Emilia. I know who Liza is okay. You don’t need to remind me.”

“Then it’s good.”

Emilia made a mana stool and sat beside me.

“Sorry, I sidetracked the topic. Let’s get back to it. I think I know what you wanna say about the due.”

“Remember last year? When we just discovered this magic?”


Emilia nodded greatly.

“Back then, we were still quite ignorant about normal magic, so we made this ‘Null element’ magic a secret cause it was too powerful… or so we presumed.”

“I know where you’re heading, Lumina-sama. Since there’s still a lot of things we haven’t tested with ‘Null Element’ magic, there are still a lot of things we didn’t know.”

I closed my eyes and remembered the battle we had.

“The reason why we didn’t spread this magic was because it was easy, flexible and strong. However, now that we know the real strength of normal magic, I can’t help but laugh at how ignorant we were back then.”


“If only we spread this magic last year, then by this year, the magic would’ve advanced much faster. When it was just the two of us back then, we weren’t able to discover ‘Ethereal shift’. It was thanks to Victorina “It’s Victoria” Victoria that we discovered Ethereal shift.”


While making four balls and materializing them into the four basic elements, I opened my eyes and said:
“Remember that disaster I told you about?”

“I still remember, Lumina-sama. You talked about the invasion of the other races, correct?”

“Yeah, I don’t know where or when they’ll attack, but I’m pretty sure that it’ll happen. Before that happens, we need to quickly make this magic develop faster.”

Emilia tilted her head to the side and said:

“For starters, we need to come up with a countermeasure against normal magic’s consumption of the surrounding mana. Next, is how to apply our knowledge of science to magic, Since we were quite relaxed last year, we didn’t do Live testing for Physical Enhancement using null element magic and how to concentrate mana more efficiently.”

I paused for a bit and continued.

“We can’t become as relaxed as we were; we need to do research and develop this magic faster.”

“I understand. However, please don’t overburden yourself, Lumina-sama. You have servants, please assign some of your work to us.”

“Okay, then I’ll rely on you. However, let me be the one who works on how to apply healing magic to injuries. I think some of my knowledge regarding biology can help with it.”

“Biology? Though I don’t know what that is, but, yes, I understand.”

Knock* Knock*

“E-excuse me! As Emilia-sama had asked, I Fate Amethyst h-have come!”

“Oh? It seems like she’s arrived.”

“Yes, excuse me for a moment.”

Emilia stood up from her chair and walked towards the door while I fixed myself and sat on the bed in a dignified manner. The person that’s behind the door is the daughter or son of the wealthy merchant who will sponsor the party for me. I need show her my most dignified appearance so that she won’t back out from sponsoring me.

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