Game world or A different world?

First part

Chapter 26

Chirp* Chirp*

I opened my eyes and stared at the window.

“… it’s morning huh.”

I sat on top o my bed and stretched my arms.
Walking to the Closet, I changed from my nightgown to my blazer uniform.
Like usual mornings, I then started combing my hair.

“Hmm… it’s quite warm despite being early… I don’t think it's summer now.”

I placed the brush back on the drawer and headed to the door.
Although it felt quite odd because Emilia didn’t come to meet me, I regarded it as her waking up a bit late.

Exiting my room, I saw General Students were busy with something because almost all of them looked quite frantic.

“Hmm… there’s a lot of them huh…. Is there something going on?”

I thought of calling out to one of them, but because they’d only cry if I do so, I refrained from asking.
Some students, who noticed me, vacated the hallway while others bowed before me.

The canteen was packed more than usual and if I go there, the general students would surely make way for me.
However, I don’t like disturbing them, so I decided to head outside and bask in the early morning sun.

As I walked towards the door, which served as both the entrance and the exit of our dorm, I noticed that the students were becoming busier.
The moment I exited the room, I was greeted by an unexpected view.

A dense giant mana tent could be seen from the school field.
I became curious at the cause, so I ascended to the sky and ran towards there.

As soon as at the Mana tent, I saw hundreds of Elite Magic Students laying down unconscious on the flat ground.
The General Students casted Null Element Magic and Normal Magic at the same time at the unconscious Magic Students. It because they regulated the temperature inside the mana tent.
At the edge of the camp, I saw Emilia, Mary, Victoria, and Ant… Antonio? Anna?
The four of them were telling the other General students what to do.

“Hmm… just what the heck happen?”

I went closer to them and because of how numerous the Elite Students were, Emilia and the others didn’t notice me.


I landed behind Emilia and called out to her.





““““ Ahhh!?””””

She stiffly turned her head to me and the moment our eyes met, she suddenly screamed.
The students that were near her also did the same thing.

(If I act like I’m bothered, I’ll lose! Ignore their reaction. Ignore it. Ignore it.)

I coughed a few times to clear my throat and frowned at her.

“Emilia… just what happened? Why are the Elite Magic Students lying unconscious here? What time is it exactly? And is that a teacher over there?”

I bombarded Emilia with a lot of questions that I just noticed.

“Ahh…. Good morning, Lumina-sama. Right now, it’s almost noon, about the reason here… you don’t remember what happened yesterday?”


Placing a hand on my chin, I started pondering if there was an event yesterday that happened yesterday.

(Yesterday…. Yesterday…. Hmmm… I went to the Magic school yesterday because I was worried why Eclara hadn’t come back…. Then….)

I opened my eyes wide and stared at Emilia when I had remembered the events that happened yesterday.

“It seems like you’ve remembered.”

Emilia quickly bowed before me.

“I’m sorry about yesterday, Lumina-sama. It was because we couldn’t make it in time that you were caught up in that explosion. ”

“It’s okay Emilia. It’s not like I’m injured or anything.”

Forcefully making Emilia raise her head, I then asked her what the situation was.

“After we retrieved you yesterday, we had a meeting on what to do after this. We then concluded to rescue the unconscious Magic Students and give them first aid. Right now, we have managed to recover 300 students out of 2900, not counting the teachers. Miraculously, no one died in that explosion. However, most of the Magic Students are still unconscious. You, Liza, Achil and Frank are the one who managed to wake up, even though, the four of you were also caught up in that explosion.”

(I already expected that no one would die… but having 200 general students gather 2900 people feels like it’ll be hard.)

“Where are Vertical Rolls and the rest? I don’t see them here.”

Emilia then pointed the behind me.

“They are currently at the Magic School Building.”

“Hmm… I see.”

I then started walking around the tent alone. Emilia had to stay back there cause she still had to direct the General students.

“Hmm… now that I think about it… when did Emilia learn how to lead people like that? Maybe, she matured and learned how, as she taught them. I’ve been leaving it to her and the others for a while.”

I continued to think of random things as I roamed around the mana tent. I decided to stop walking when I saw some that some of the Elite Magic Students that were unconscious had injuries.

“Let’s try teaching for a while… hopefully, they won’t cry. But first, let’s do a little experiment on one of them.”

Yesterday, though it was an emergency. I used light attributed magic to heal Eclara’s wound yesterday. The only thing I did was pour my mana into the ball of light as it shone on top of the wound of Eclara as it slowly healed on its own.

First, I made a ball of light and then a mana ball float in front of me. I then had it float on top of the nearest Magic Student and regulated the mana inside the ball of light as it glowed on top of the student.
The next thing I did was make the mana ball float near the light ball and had it supply the ball of light.

“… this seems quite hard… I think that the most I could do is heal three students at the same time. Okay, let’s proceed to the next step.”

I made a mana staff and then had it go into ‘Ethereal Shift’ with the ball of light. The mana staff slowly materialized and turned into a white staff that looked just like Gandalf’s staff. The reason why I made the staff look like that was because it was the easiest thing to imagine at this moment.

Also, the staff didn’t have inscriptions like what Vertical Rolls and the others had. It’s because I usually use chantless magic. Those inscriptions were there as a substitute their chants. We don’t exactly know why it works as a substitute though. It’s still under research.

Also, it’s because of those inscriptions that the element that’s written on that weapon will be controlled by the user. If the user is facing a magician of the same element as the user. Then their own magic will be turned against them because their control will be robbed by the user. Also, unlike the magician, who can control three to four magic spells at once. The user can only control one of the magician's spell. The reason is simple; the magician has more experience in controlling magic spells than the user.

As a result, we don’t take away the control of the magician’s spell. Instead, we only make it disperse because it’s too much for us, who weren’t taught how to efficiently control it.

“Okay, let’s try this now.”

I started gathering the mana around me into the staff and made it glow slightly. For an added visual effect, I made a magic circle (this serves no purpose) on the ground under me. Staring at the wounded Elite Magic Student, I placed the glowing staff on top of him and surely, his wounds were slowly healing.

“I wonder where he got those wounds. Maybe he’s one of the people who fought the protagonist? Well, at least he helped me with my experiment.”

When I finished healing the Magic Student. I twisted my head around and told a passing student to go gather other who had Light Attribute Magic cause I was now gonna teach them how to use it. The student that was pale at first regained her vigor when I mentioned Light Attribute Magic and dashed away.

A few moments later, 40 students stood in front of me. These were the students who were lagging behind on practices. It’s because they couldn’t practice their magic and because their magic wasn’t useful for combat. As a result, the eyes of the 40 students were sparkling. It felt good to be stared differently. So I puffed my chest in front of them and started teaching them.

“Did everyone understand my lecture?”

““““ Yes!”””

I seductively smiled at the students as a thought surfaced in my mind.

“Okay, now go thank the Magic Students for getting injured. If not for them, we would never have found a way to practice this magic. Also, let’s pray that they get injured more so that you can practice magic more.”

“““““ YES!”””””

The 40 students in front of me returned my smile with a smile of their own. I didn’t know that because of those thoughtless words, the healers of the general students became sadists. They would tell the people they just healed to come back to them with a more serious injury. As a result, no other students besides those of light attribute came near me. Well, at least there's now more people who aren't afraid of me.

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