Game world or A different world?

Prologue: New start

“This has got to be a lie--!”

A child who was around 7 years old stood in front of the gate of his school.
Her long black hair covered her back and her deep upturned eyes were opened wide as she stared at the signpost in front of her.

She was wearing a black one-piece dress with her skirt reaching up to her knees and had a very elaborate designs on its edges.
On her chest was a blue rose brooch which symbolized the insignia of her house,
No matter where you looked at this child, she was a part of nobility.

“From now on, this Farlingstad Magic Academy, is now your new home!”

An aged old man with flowing white hair that reached up to his shoulders and deep wrinkles that crisscrossed all over his face held a hand at the awed girl.
The man revealed a smile to her and spoke to her in congratulations.

Even though the old man was speaking to the girl full of enthusiasm, she ignored the old man and her breath she muttered, “I really was reincarnated into the game.”

In a world called Glacias, fantastical beings like Dragons, Elves, Dwarfs and etc existed.
Though they weren’t living in perfect harmony, each race enjoyed peace and stability.
Here, in this world, since fantastical being exists, so does magic.

Magic was a miraculous power that god gave to each of his creations.
For a race to use magic, they needed to have ‘Mana’ which was also gifted by god.
Each races had varying amounts of ‘Mana’, with the dragons having the most and the humans having the smallest amount.

Even though humans were the weakest because of their small amount of mana, their ingenuity and numbers were enough to help them secure a foothold and establish a country in this world.
They named their country, Aclaia, in honor of the great hero who raised the banner for the humans and established this kingdom.

And in this country, a child was born in a certain noble household.
Though their social standing isn’t high nor were they rich.
The people who lived in this household shared a strong bond with one another.
They felt blessed when they were given a child and promised amongst themselves to give this child a happy life.

It has been a year since the child was born, around this time, a child begins to form their sense of self.
This child was no exception to that rule, but she is quite special if compared to other because she has...

“(Huh? Where’s this?)”

I woke up in an unfamiliar place, lying on an unfamiliar bed.
Twisting my neck to survey my surroundings, I was shocked to see how big everything was around me.
Continuing my survey, I was stunned to discover how my body had become smaller and deformed.

“(What the heck happened to me!?)”

I reviewed my memories in order to know what turned me into this.

“(I was playing a visual novel game in my room like normal, then my mother scolded me for staying up late and forcibly had me go to bed… then I went to sleep like she said… then what?)”

While I became confused because of I didn’t know what did happen, the door opened and revealed a young woman who looked to be around the early 20s.
She had short blonde hair that was tied up into a ponytail and she wore a dress that had the same look as what noblewomen would wear in the middle ages.

“You’re awake already, Lumina? Are you hungry?”

The woman who called me “Lumina” effortlessly carried me in her arms and asked me some questions.

“Uhh… ah!”

I tried asking the woman questions but what came out from my mouth where some gibberish, something a baby would make.

“Oh? You’re hungry, Lumina? Then let mama feed you milk.”

Following that declaration, the woman undoed some of her buttons and presented her breast to me.
Without my consent, the woman shoved her breast into my face inserting her nipple into my mouth.
I tried resisting the woman, but because she had the advantage of strength and height, I lost to her.
Before I knew, I was sucking on her nipple and the taste of milk filled my mouth, it was then that I discovered what I had become.

“(Did I become a baby…? Thinking about it calmly… this deformed body, waking up in an unfamiliar place and the woman feeding me milk… there’s no other logical conclusion.)”

Continuing this line of thought, I became suspicious at what happened to me when I went to sleep.

“(No way... did I die right when I went asleep?... there’s no other explanation for this… other than that… haha)”

As I realized what happened to me, small droplets of water spilled from my eyes.
The woman who held me became surprised at my reaction and started panicking.

“W-what’s wrong, Lumina? Are you hurt?”

The woman stopped feeding me milk and paced around the room with a confused face.

“(Ah… since this woman was feeding me… could she be my mother? Or a wetnurse? Well… I’ll know what she is in time… *Yawn* I’m getting sleepy... )”

My heavy eyelids slowly closed my eyes, though I wanted to comfort the woman who didn’t know what to do.
The instincts of this body were stronger than my will and since struggling was futile, I entrusted my consciousness to it and fell asleep.

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