Evil God Average
Second Half - Book of God Preview



And with the above chapter concludes the Evil God Average main story.
After this, I intend in submitting side stories with breaks between each, but Anri’s story ends here.
Thank you for your various opinions along the way, but I truly believe that I made it this far due to the support of all the readers.
For reading this, and for your support, thank you very much.

Also, I intend on reporting on my activities, but for now I will make a small announcement below.

A world governed by a Light God, a Dark God, and a slightly ‘my pace’1 Evil God.

The religion that boasted the most power in the world, the Church of Sacred Light, had suddenly lost its influence.

The panicking upper echelons of the church decided to perform the Hero Summoning Ritual, as a sign of their revival.

However, due to the intervention of an even more ‘my pace’ Evil God, the summoned young man was granted a troublesome skill.

Followed about by turmoil, the young man met a certain girl, and together they opposed the absurdity of the world.

Set in the world of “Evil God Average” comes a new story. Coming So…metime or Other.


First of all, thank you for reading my translations. As always, your enthusiasm for the story and interesting comments give me the impetus to continue translating.

Second of all, my apologies for the delay on the final chapter. It was longer than expected, and I was unable to complete it last night.

Third, Evil God Average came out in Japan today. You can purchase it here,

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Finally, the spin-off came out today. Naturally I have picked it up. Because it takes place 1~2 years after the conclusion of Evil God Average, the first thing is to translate the Book of God side stories, as they almost all take place after this chapter.

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2: Second Half - Book of God