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Book of Evil

Chapter 1 – A Simple Wish

The part about my appearance that I like the most is my hair.
It’s black hair that’s common to Japanese people, but I don’t slack up on the maintainance, and when I comb through it it’s smooth too.
That it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it the representative example of ‘glossy black like the wet feathers of a crow’ is something that I’m secretly proud of.

Then conversely, if you were to ask me what part of my appearance I hate the most, then I’d immediately reply that it’s my eyes.
I’m often told by the few friends I have that even though I’m a bishoujo in every way, the looks of my eyes completely wastes it.
But in my opinion────

“I quite like your eyes.
Those stagnant, as though having sucked in all the evils of the world, eyes of yours.”

it’s not bad enough to warrant being told this… Probably.

Even though there wasn’t a single light in this pitch black place, I could clearly see this boy with long black hair.
He was a perfect bishounen, or so I’d like to say, but he had eyes as cruel────no, eyes even crueller looking than mine.
Before I knew it, I had found myself in this place, and he who had appeared there one-sidedly declared, “I’m going to have you go to another world”.

“…Don’t wanna.”

“I don’t care about your opinion.”

Inside, I’m annoyed enough that veins should be bulging, but my expression doesn’t change.
I don’t really like my own lack of expressiveness if I do say so myself, but right now I’m thankful for it.
It’s obvious that picking a fight head on with somebody obviously abnormal is really too risky.
Being told “I’m going to have you go to another world.” in this clearly abnormal place, I wonder if this means that this boy is a god or something like that.
But still, I don’t get it.

“Why me?”

“I quite like your eyes.
Those stagnant, as though having sucked in all the evils of the world, eyes of yours.”

They’re not bad enough to warrant being told this.
And I don’t want to hear that from you.
Another vein swelled up on my forehead, but, only inside.

“But to think that you could stay sane even facing me directly. As you’d expect, you have what I expected you did.”

Was there a possibility that I’d go insane?
It seems that it was a really casual close call.

“Well, since this is happening because of my own circumstances, I’ll favour you a little. Physical ability, the power of magic, and an item box are the default, so I’ll grant you one more wish.”

Leaving physical ability aside, “magic” and an “item box”?
Just where on earth am I being thrown into?
And moreover, even if you suddenly say “wish”────

“It can be anything, you know? For example, I could make your chest larger.”

Are you saying that I’m flat…? I can’t really deny it, but that’s none of your business.
Honestly speaking there was a part of me that was swayed by that, but I get the feeling that if I nod then I’ll have lost in various ways.
And moreover, asking to modify the body that I got from my parents is unfilial.

“Then, could it be you don’t wish for anything?”

“Make my eyes and atmosphere “normal” please.”

Eh? “Is it okay to do that to the body that you got from your parents?” you ask?
That’s that, and this is this.
Having a small chest just doesn’t have any benefits and doesn’t cause any harm either, but my eyes and atmosphere have caused real harm.

Since I was small, because of these eyes and this atmosphere, people around me have been pointlessly afraid of me.
Even though it’s not like I was going to do anything to them, once our eyes met, everybody looked away.
Even when I approached a famous delinquent senpai, he bolted away.
There have even been times when yakuza-ey people with punch perms dogeza’d before me.


“It’s fine even if it’s not special, but I’d like you to at least make it “average”.”

“Hm~mm, well whatever. I’ll grant that wish of yours. Well then, off you go.”

Together with that line, from the boy before my eyes came an aura of darkness black enough that it painted over everything.
My body was enveloped by that aura, and I felt my consciousness receding.

Ahh, it’s too late now, but if possible I’d like one more thing.

At least give me some clothing.

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1: First Half - Book of Evil