Dragon’s Bloodline
The Dark Labyrinth Preview

The Crimson Swordmage


The city-state of Jaeburg, similar to Shashmeer, was a city that came into existence from trading magic stones and magic crystals produced in the labyrinth.
Only merchants and explorers visited it. Though foolish heroes would occasionally show up to try and bring down the Dragon, they would all die.
The Dark Labyrinth. The labyrinth’s lord, Dark Dragon Valis.
A companion of Founder Leyte Anaia, it was the strongest existence on the continent. It was said that his power exceeded even a god’s.



There was a toll to enter the city, but they were also questioned.
“Though I can’t see you all as traders… are you explorers?”
His doubt wasn’t that unreasonable. Hellhound aside, they were obviously children, which weren’t usually explorers.
“No, but our Ojou said that she wanted to see the Dragon.”
The guard looked amazed.
“Apart from Flying Dragons, it’s rare to see Dragons. Moreover when you find them, it’s usually instant death. Be as careful as possible.”
They were heartless words, but they didn’t think too much on it.

As for the town of Jaeburg, it was a city that overflowed with more strength than Shashmeer.
The large amount of people coming and going were clearly explorers. The capability of the city definitely surpassed Labyrinth City.
More than anything, there were many people with a large amount of magical power. Even if they appeared to be purely warriors, they were probably using body reinforcement magic.

They left the wagon and horses at an inn a guard told them about, heading to the guild. Rudolph was left in a guild stable for the exclusive use of familiars. It would accompany them in the labyrinth.



When they opened the guild’s doors, it looked like another world.
That was just a metaphor. The large amount of sketchy men and few sketchy women filled the area, paying attention to the newly entering group. Then, they froze.
Because the first one to enter was Ria.
Beautiful girls were seldom seen this far out. Her beauty had been increasingly polished from hatching from the egg.

Though for the vulgar men in this city, their eyes dazzled as though looking at a treasure.
Before they could head to the counter, a man appeared and stood in front of Ria.
“Ojou-chan, what are you doing in a place like this?”
He wore a single-mindedly vulgar and lustful expression.
Though Ria thought her age would cause these situations to not happen, in this case, her growth backfired on her.
“That’s irrelevant to you guys.”
Speaking from next to the person in front of Ria, a different man appeared.
Just about then, Ria didn’t have much patience left.
Gig and Carlos were starting to panic. On their barbaric journey, they’d come to understand Ria had become warlike.
Though, the warlike Gig was also the same.
“Hey bastards, you’re being nuisances to Anego…”
The delinquents seemed to not feel intimidated by Gig’s large build as he said that.
Maybe because they were paralyzed, or maybe they had some capability. Either reason was probably.
“An-chan could easily win with his high level, it’s fine to be reckless.”
Serge spoke to Carlos after using Identify, but it looked like he didn’t need to worry about the small fry.
“The heck’s with this kid!”
“You guys are level thirty-two and thirty-four right? Carlos An-chan is sixty seven ya know?”
Serge flourished his mage’s staff as he spoke. Proving he’d used Identify.
“Bring it on, bastard!”
“I’m comin’ for ya!”
“Don’t take out your weapons!”
Though a voice came from the counter, they didn’t stop.

After that, it was the standard development.
Carlos and Gig took on their opponents bare-handed, throwing them out of the guild.
“Phew, I’m happy I learned hand to hand combat from Ojou.”
The two high-fived each other.
Ria finally headed to register, but yet another person blocked her way.

A woman. No, maybe it was better to say a girl by her age?
Though she was probably older than Ria, she wore a brazen expression, looking like a seasoned explorer.
She had fiery short red hair, matching her red armor. She looked amused as she looked into Ria’s entirely black eyes.
“Not doing it huh, those guards of yours.”
Her appraising glance wasn’t unpleasant, she was a beautiful girl after all.
They weren’t guards, but rather a watchdog and an apprentice, but she didn’t particularly feel the need to correct her. Ria observed the girl in front of her.
A sword hung on her waist. She stood with her feet and shoulder length apart. Her hips were directly below her shoulders. Ria could see her considerable skill in swordsmanship.
Though it’d probably be obvious if Identify was used, Ria felt it was just as important to sense it from the person’s atmosphere.
(Wonder if she’s stronger than Carlos?)
“Is there anything else?”
Though she was interested in the beautiful young girl in front of her, she wanted to hurry up and register for now.
“Nah, those guys you had beat up just now were my henchmen.”
Her eyes were blazing.
“If I left it like this, wouldn’t I lose face?”
It was a self-serving excuse. Contrasting that, Ria held up two fingers.
“First, they meddled with me first. Second, knights don’t cut women.”
That was logical. However, logic didn’t seem to work in this town.
No one tried to stop it. Rather, they just cheered it on. Carlos and Gig shared a glance at each other, but neither wanted to fight a young girl.
“What is important here in this town is face and strength. Leave out the whining, are we gonna fight?”
Ria looked around as she turned in a circle. Her eyes spoke it all. They were sparkling brilliantly.
She genuinely enjoyed this obligation.
On the other hand, Carlos and Gig could do nothing but nod.
“Alright. I’ll be your opponent.”

A little girl being her opponent was unexpected.
“You? If an Ojou-chan is going to be my opponent, my name as the [Crimson Swordmage] Shizuna will trash through the dirt.”
“I don’t care.”
Towards the other person who introduced herself with two names, Ria stepped up briskly. Shizuna seemed unnerved by her casual movements.
Next thing she realized, she was within punching range.

Ria let out a fist. Shizuna brushed away the hand blocking her sight as it came closer.
Letting her hand be forced away, Ria rotated.
Bringing her movement to the extreme, Shizuna immediately dropped herself down to dodge.

Ria looked down at Shizuna, who was now standing from her knees. Seeing the smile spread across her face, blood rushed to Shizuna’s head.
“Bring it on. Don’t hold back.”
Seeing how easily she went down like that, she hadn’t regained any of her face. Moreover, her opponent ridiculed her.
That was Shizuna’s misunderstanding.
Even among her comrades, only Carlos and Ria knew about it. About Ria’s bad habit.
Bringing down vigorous young people who misunderstand their own strength. People like that were abundant among Casalia Kingdom’s knights and soldiers.
In times like that, Ria gave a very good smile.
“It’s getting interesting.”
While Ria laughed more and more, they went outside of the guild. Lulu put a hand to her head and looked up at the sky.

A spectacle was beginning on the road in front of the guild.
Shizuna drew her sword and stepped up. Tinged with a red light, it was a mithril magic sword.
“Nee-chan, that’s a good sword.”
Serge didn’t give any details. Defeating the level one hundred twenty-five Ogre King, and moreover getting stronger afterwards, he thought any other information would have been useless.
Besides, according to Identify, the sword’s ability should have no effect against Ria.
An audience was encircling the street, irresponsibly jeering the two on. However, no one gave Ria, who had just came to the town that day, a high appraisal.

As for Shizuna, who held two names, she had often been made light of due to her youth and appearance.
Beating down each person who did that, or crossing swords with them, her name had been improved in this town.
But all of her opponents till now only looked like they possessed skill. The same age as her at best, her height was made fun of by a girl just like her, something like that shouldn’t have happened.
“Draw your blade.”
I’m fine without it, Ria seemed to say with her manner, but she’d thought it poor manners to fight her bare-handed.
She drew her katana. The well-maintained blade shone beautifully under the sunlight.
Curved swords were unusual, but her standing pose was a bit cool. Shizuna’s face grew a bit cold.
“By the way, wielding weapons in a place filled with people like this, won’t we be arrested by the patrol?”
Though it was a bit late to ask, it was important.
“So long you don’t involve bystanders, even death is fine if both agree!”
A voice called out from the audience. Ria nodded with a smile.
There was no problem, then. She’d be able to entertain herself a lot.
“Come at me. I’ll play with you.”
Shizuna’s face became dyed with indignation.
She suddenly rushed forward to strike with all her force.
Ria’s Nagasone Kotetsu parried the blow.
The two’s positions had changed.
“Come to thing of it, I haven’t introduced myself huh.”
Ria smiled. However, it wasn’t in mockery of her opponent.
“I am Ria. As for my other name…”
Still, it was a smile that enjoyed fighting.

“After defeating you, I’ll take a bit to think about it.”

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