Douluo Dalu
Tang San’s Eight Spirit Rings Preview

232 – Seven Headed Fire Phoenix

Sitting upright behind Ma Hongjun, with the stimulation of the three great sausages, Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength circulated as fast as it had when in the pressure of the Seagod’s Light, underwent the restoration of the eight extraordinary meridians, and then flowed into Ma Hongjun.
With free rein to contest the Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent neidan with all his strength, Fatty very soon displayed the restraining ability of his phoenix flame to the ten headed fierce yang serpent flame, gradually blocking the initial burst of the neidan, and his expression also calmed.
The purity of the Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength became the best protection, without causing the slightest conflict with ma Hongjun’s own spirit power. With the clever control of Tang San’s formidable spiritual force there were no mistakes, making that ten headed fierce yang serpent’s explosive energy unable to harm him.
The spirit power output finally couldn’t keep up with the exhaustion, the three great sausages’ effect gradually faded, and an intense feeling of weakness attacked Tang San’s whole body. But Tang San sat there without even showing a change in expression, and Dai Mubai and the others basically couldn’t see any hints from his scorched outside. None of them knew how long Tang San could hold out, nor to what degree Fatty, absorbing the ten headed fierce yang serpent neidan, could reach. All they could do was wait, an almost painful waiting.
The orange phoenix flame grew more and more intense, and the orange color on Fatty’s skin disappeared and appeared intermittently. Gradually, his hair had completely become golden red, and this time, the hair color no longer changed. What astonished everyone the most was that Fatty’s originally plump body actually constantly shrank as time went by, and his skin also subsequently contracted, as if that feverish flame was refining the fat within his body. The entire process was indescribably bizarre.
Finally Tang San’s hands, the only thing white left on his body, left Fatty’s back. Dai Mubai and Oscar hastily rushed over from either side, each lending him an arm. Oscar ate a recently just made Golden Fly without hesitation, then immediately produced a few big recovery sausages and stuffed them into Tang San’s mouth.
Large recovery sausages made after using the Spirit Avatar Erect Gold Fly had recovery capability, as well as the strength replenishing effects became considerably more potent than ordinary.
After Tang San ate the sausages, the two helped him sit to the side, gasping great mouthfuls of air. Even his breath was so hot, and this was with his heat and cold twin immunities body. Anyone else would have truly been roasted to coal long since.
The time of an incense stick burning passed, and Tang San slowly came around. Due to the endurance of his body, the side effects of the limit surpassing dark green sausage were limited to him. Only the current feeling of emptiness within him was uncomfortable.
“Don’t worry, everyone. Fatty’s spirit power has already completely suppressed the ten headed fierce yang serpent neidan’s energy. Abosrbing completely is only a matter of time.”
Zhu Zhuqing fetched water from the seaside, and helped Tang San wipe the soot from his face. The hair pitiful Tang San had grown for half a year had disappeared again, and his face was like golden paper, so weak it seemed he might collapse at any time.
Tang San said:
“Rongrong, you can stop boosting Fatty. Nobody approach him, it’s fine to let him absorb it on his own. I can’t go on. Boss, you and Rognrong keep an eye on him. If you see his expression grow worse, Rongrong, you give him an attribute boost. Remember, only attribute boost, you can’t give him anything else.”
“Alright. Third brother, you hurry up and rest.”
Tang San nodded with difficulty, explaining everything. Then he closed his eyes and started to cultivate.
Tang San’s body required a full twenty four hours to completely recover, that was already quite significant for a body like his. But as he woke up, Fatty still hadn’t finished absorbing the ten headed fierce yang serpent neidan. The only change was that the orange flame around him had dimmed a lot.
There was another person on the beach. Xiao Bai in human form looked curiously at Fatty, and in her moving grey blue eyes could be seen a faintly fearful impression. As if fearful due to Fatty’s aura.
Watching Fatty in cultivation, then again looking over to Xiao Bai whom he was deeply grateful to, Tang San felt a burst of regret. Actually, at first he didn’t want to use the ten headed fierce yang serpent neidan for Fatty, because back then Titan Giant Ape Er Ming had told him there were altogether three conditions to resurrect Xiao Wu, the soul awakening Sacred Spirit Grass, the body human transforming precious ten thousand year ginseng king, as well as a mythical beast neidan to help Xiao Wu’s soul and body unite.
In fact, among these three treasures, the Sacred Spirit Grass and ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng King were no longer necessary. Along with the immortal grade among immortal grade Yearning Heartbroken Red as well as the Water Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng that wasn’t inferior to a ten thousand year ninth grade ginseng king being completely absorbed by Xiao Wu, her soul had long ago already been thoroughly awoken, and her body had also completed the process of rebirth and human transformation. The only thing necessary for the future resurrection was a mythical beast neidan to help unite her soul and body.
Before coming to Seagod Island, for the sake of Xiao Wu’s resurrection, Tang San had always regarded the ten headed fierce yang serpent neidan as more important than his life. However, after passing the Seagod’s first trial, he had discovered a secret. Another way to unite Xiao Wu’s body and soul, that was absolutely more reliable than using the ten headed fierce yang serpent neidan.
This method was something Tang San discovered when bringing Xiao Wu along to break through the Seagod’s first trial. At that time, after Xiao Wu’s soul returned to her body, because Tang San was already unable to completely resist the pressure, a measure of pressure had fallen on Xiao Wu. That time, through the connection of the spirit ring, spirit bone and Xiao Wu’s soul, Tang San discovered that a special change had appeared in Xiao Wu’s body. That enormous pressure had firmly pressed her soul into her body, so much so that it had even showed signs of severing her connection with Tang San.
In such a situation, such circumstances were undoubtedly absolutely dangerous. If the soul link was severed, Xiao Wu’s soul would scatter like ash, because her soul was joined as a whole with Tang San’s spirit ring and spirit bone. However, if it was after the spirit ring and bone returned to Xiao Wu, and then underwent such pressure again?
This was a question that appeared in Tang San’s heart at the time. Bringing this question, he had carefully researched for a very long time, but still couldn’t affirm his speculation. Only after the start of the second trial, when Tang San accidentally communicated with Xiao Bai, did he connect it clearly.
Due to the equally hundred thousand year spirit beast, Tang San carefully researched possible methods for Xiao Wu’s resurrection after fighting Xiao Bai. And shockingly, the conditions for resurrection Xiao Bai gave were completely different from Da Ming and Er Ming. She only said one thing: As long as you are willing, once you possess nine spirit rings and bestow your spirit ability on her in reverse through the Seagod’s light, the chances of resurrection are one hundred percent.
Tang San hurried to explain the method Da Ming and Er Ming spoke of back then. After Xiao Bai listened, she scoffed. When she’d also seen the ten headed fierce yang serpent neidan Tang San brought out, she directly admonished him that, if he used it to help unite Xiao Wu’s body and soul, she would definitely die. Indeed, mythical beast neidan really could help her, but that also depended on the attributes. The ten headed fierce yang serpent neidan’s property was too explosive, and when Xiao Wu was in the process of harmonizing with her body, her soul was in an extremely weak state. Nobody could help her at that time, and unless her soul could endure the baptism of the ten headed fierce yang serpent neidan energy, her soul would disperse.
Hearing these words, Tang San had been covered with cold sweat, and hastily asked Xiao Bai for advice as well as described the circumstances when he passed the first trial.
Xiao Bai informed Tang San that the lord Seagod’s abilities were limitless, and the Seagod’s Light protecting Seagod Island was only an imitation of the lord Seagod’s barrier ability. It really wasn’t the true Seagod’s Light. Such pressure really might facilitate the fusion of Xiao Wu’s soul with her body, but it wasn’t stable. Moreover, right now Tang San and Xiao Wu were also unable to resist such pressure. The Seagod’s Light she spoke of was the true Seagod’s Light. Radiance only the Seagod could posses. It was also the light that emitted from the trident brand on Tang San’s forehead the day she wanted to kill him. Under the effect of such light, the mild Seagod force could help Xiao Wu softly complete the fusion.
When Tang San asked Xiao Bai how he could rouse the Seagod’s Light again, Xiao Bai looked speechlessly at him, then told him that on the entire Seagod Island, the only person who could fully use the true Seagod’s Light wasn’t the grand priest, Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi, but rather Tang San himself. As for when he could produce it, that would depend on when Tang San’s Seagod Affinity score could surpass thirty percent.
As Xiao Bai finished speaking, the trident brand on Tang San’s forehead flashed once again. This time Xiao Bai didn’t have time to finish speaking before she was whipped back into the sea by a line of golden light. Clearly, the force contained in that brand was aimed at her blabbing too much.
It was also because of this that Tang San was for the first time brimming with anticipation for the five percent Seagod Affinity he received, and also why he was grateful to Xiao Bai. And the ten headed fierce yang serpent neidan naturally no longer had to be saved for Xiao Wu, and could be used for best effect. Without Xiao Wu as reason, Tang San naturally wouldn’t be stingy, so it directly became Ma Hongjun’s seventh spirit ring’s cultivation.
Forcefully stretching his body, Tang San’s bones all popped, rousing everyone who were keeping watch.
Ning Rongrong bounced over to Tang San,
“Third brother, you’re away. How do you feel? Are you well?”
Tang San nodded:
“Don’t worry, I’m fine. Fatty’s circumstances still seem stable. You all keep watching him. Xiao Bai, I’ll wash in the sea, so don’t attack me.”
Xiao Bai looked at his miserable appearance and nodded, the corners of her eyes revealing a strange light. As a hundred thousand year spirit beast, how couldn’t she be aware of what happened on the shore? Especially the kind of aura Fatty erupted with after taking the ten headed fierce yang serpent neidan that made even her feel fearful, made her even more vigilant. That’s why she rushed over several times to take a look.
The circumstances of Tang San not sparing anything to endure the phoenix flame in order to support Fatty were completely seen by her, and now seeing Tang San awake, Xiao Bai thought to herself, was this human cameraderie? So humans weren’t only selfish.
Tang San thoroughly washed up and changed into fresh clothes. Besides his hair and eyebrows having to take some time to regrow again, his body was completely recovered.
However, at this time nobody had a mind to cultivate, everyone was looking forward to Ma Hongjun’s breakthrough. Besides Xiao Wu, he was the last to reach the seventieth rank of spirit power. They weren’t looking forward to any formidable strength he would have after passing it, but rather looking forward to him safely absorbing the spirit ring.
This wait lasted a full three days. Everyone took turns cultivating spirit power and guarding. Waiting for Fatty to wake up from cultivation.
Watching Ma Hongjun in cultivation state, the most shocked was still Bai Chenxiang. Three days time passed. Fatty’s appearance had already transformed into a different person. The fat all over his body was gone, and under the oversized clothes could be sensed his sturdy muscles.
Along with the fat vanishing from his face, his tightly closed eyes no longer seemed so small, everything seemed a lot more harmonious. Even though it was impossible for him to compete with Tang San, Oscar and Dai Mubai in terms of appearance, right now, with his appearance and the special temperament granted him by the phoenix spirit, he actually seemed quite attractive.
After three days.
Nightfall. Just as everyone were preparing to allay their hunger with oscar’s big sausage, suddenly, an astonishing feeling appeared in each of their hearts. Everyone’s gazes practically instantly focused on Ma Hongjun.
The orange flame that had gone missing from Fatty’s skin appeared once again, sparkling and translucent with a few wisps of red blood. Fatty’s whole body trembled slightly, and the next moment, he was completely enveloped in flame. The soaring phoenix flame instantly covered the sky. With the enormous flame shooting up, a resonant phoenix cry burst out.
Dazzling phoenix flame cut open the night sky, illuminating practically the entire Seagod Mountain. As it rose, the flame gradually subsided, until it revealed a giant shape.
A fiery red giant bird soared in midair, dazzling fiery red tail feathers, perfect figure, nothing lacking to manifest the majesty of the king among birds. Most peculiar was that this giant fire phoenix actually had seven heads. Ordinary creatures having seven heads might seem frightening, but this fire phoenix’ heads seemed extraordinarily harmonious, beautiful.
Tang San swung his fist hard,
Loud and resonant phoenix cries continuously circled in the sky, this moment was the first time Dai Mubai felt that Fatty’s strength had caught up to his. Even so much that he had already been surpassed in some areas. Soaring beyond the horizon, he truly possessed a super spirit.
With a splash, Xiao Bai didn’t know why she had come ashore, but looking somewhat alarmed at the seven headed fire phoenix in the sky, her eyes revealed a bewildered and indeterminate expression.
That didn’t mean she feared Ma Hongjun incarnated as the fire phoenix, but rather because the fire phoenix’ aura was practically the nemesis of all snakes, insects and fish. Fatty had just completed the spirit avatar fusion, and that split second eruption of most primal phoenix force frightened any creature it suppressed.
Xiao Bai knew that when these dry land humans attacked her next, blocking would more difficult.
Half a year had gone by. Xiao Bai personally saw the frightening development speed of the Shrek Seven Devils. Honestly, she was secretly a bit jealous. Humans were the souls of all living things, and their cultivation speed was something other creatures were unable to match. In a short half year, they had already made such an enormous breakthrough. Now blocking their assault was already becoming more and more difficult. When she couldn’t use her most potent attacks, blocking these fellows would not only rely on her domain ability, but moreover also required the cooperation of the other sea spirit beasts in the ring sea. Only like this could they blast them back to land one by one.
But in all their previous attacks, this Fatty had never participated. Now that another fighter with strength not inferior to Dai Mubai had appeared, she might have to go all out in order to block them. They truly were worthy of being the lord Seagod’s chosen!
The phoenix cry echoing in the heavens gradually came to a rest. Fatty circled a lap around Seagod Island, then slowly descended, angling towards the shore. The seven headed phoenix still hadn’t landed when intense heat already roasted the ground burning hot. Fortunately Fatty restrained his spirit power when he really landed, and so avoided causing any damage.
The giant phoenix wings disappeared, and Fatty turned back to human form at the same time as he had his feet firmly planted on the ground. This time he wasn’t as disgraceful as with the sixth spirit ring, completely naked. Even if he removed the Spirit Avatar, his whole body was still covered in a layer of fiery red feathers, sheltering his skin and important places.
The current Ma Hongjun seemed like a well proportioned youth, a head of short red hair in a mohican style, set off by the bright fiery red plumage, his whole body seemed extremely vigorous, and still had a somewhat noble compelling feeling. Even just standing there he gave people a kind of intangible pressure.
Ma Hongjun released the fiery red light with eyes filled with disbelief, demonstratively looking at his hands, then again looking at his clearly thinned down several sizes body, so much so that he even stupidly slapped the muscles of his chest a few times, standing there numbly, for a moment speechless. His flames now also slowly stopped burning.
“Fatty, what are you looking at? Even if you can’t compare with me, I have to admit you’re a lot more handsome than before!”
Oscar grinned.
“I really lost weight, I really lost weight? Heavens! Earth! I’m not dreaming! Wahaha…….”
Fatty shouted extremely exaggeratedly, excitement showing in his speech, proudly laughing out loud.
Bai Chenxiang couldn’t help being dumbfounded looking at him. This fellow really had thinned down, but his character was still the same as before, without the slightest change.
Looking at Ma Hongjun, Tang San’s eyes also equally revealed excitement. Fatty had succeeded. He had also finally stepped into the Spirit Sage realm. In this one year and more, Fatty had obtained the best reward for his effort, and at the same time the ten headed fierce yang serpent neidan had also found its best home. Tang San couldn’t help secretly feeling gratified.
“Third brother.”
Fatty shouted, fiercely dashing towards Tang San and forcefully giving him a bearhug.
Tang San somewhat helplessly let him hug him,
“Pay attention to your state of mind, don’t let out flames. Fatty, you owe me a new set of clothes.”
Ma Hongjun raised his head, looking at Tang San’s polished head, speechless for a moment,
“Third brother, your hair and eyebrows……”
Dai Mubai grinned from the side, speaking in a low voice:
“Not just that, I expect even the down1……”
The rims of Ma Hongjun’s eyes clearly reddened. He of course clearly knew about Tang San supporting him from behind, and now seeing Tang San’s bald head naturally brought to mind what happened before. Biting his lip, he resisted speaking any words of thanks, only forcefully hugging Tang San again.
Ning Rongrong patted her forehead, speaking in a low voice,
“If Xiao Wu saw this, there might be a misunderstanding. Fatty, I’ll take responsibility to inform you that third brother doesn’t swing that way.”
Ma Hongjun raised his head to look at her,
“Rongrong, don’t call me Fatty again in the future. Your fourth brother is no longer fat. I’m a standardized handsome guy. Ah. My Xiangxiang?”
Releasing Tang San, his gaze very quickly found Bai Chenxiang standing to the side, and he immediately ran towards her with arms spread wide,
“Xiangxiang, did you see, I’m thin. This time I can suit you. We can date.”
Bai Chenxiang snapped:
“It’s easier to change mountains and rivers than to alter your character. Who would date you.”
While speaking, she quickly retreated two steps, dodging Ma Hongjun’s bearhug.
Ma Hongjun didn’t force it either, losing weight had filled him with confidence. Laughing loudly, he said,
“Doesn’t matter, I can wait. I’ll tell you every day, Chenxiang, go out with me.”
Bai Chenxiang looked at him speechless, but a stubborn warmth lingered in her heart. She rolled her eyes at him,
“Cultivate properly first. Once you’ve passed all the trials, I’ll consider giving you a chance.”
Ma Hongjun stared wide eyed,
This was the first time he had directly heard Bai Chenxiang say she was willing to go out with him. For a moment, he was immediately overjoyed, turning his head to everyone behind him:
“Let’s go, let’s go, we’ll break through the trial. Let’s go now.”
“Come, little Fatty, big sister will properly look after you.”
Xiao Bai said maliciously to Fatty. Fatty’s phoenix flame that made her restless simultaneously also woke her competitive spirit.
Tang San said:
“Xiao Bai, then I’ll trouble you to carefully look after Fatty for a while.”
Ma Hongjun still didn’t have any experience of training in the water, and really needed Xiao Bai’s “consideration” to increase his marine fighting abilities better.
“Let’s go, we’ll enter the water.”
Dai Mubai roared, pulling Zhu Zhuqing, calling out to everyone and directly charging into the ring sea. With Fatty promoted to Spirit Sage level, he was immediately more confident.
Red light flashed, and Xiao Wu’s soul returned to her body. Led by Tang San, seven people turned into seven silhouettes, practically simultaneously throwing themselves into the ring sea. And Xiao Bai also smiled delicately at them starting to act simultaneously, then flipped into the ring sea, instantly resuming her Devil Spirit Great White Shark King form and brazenly charging up to meet everyone.
Five minutes later…...
Peng—— A red silhouette smashed heavily onto the beach. Oscar was finally no longer the first to be thrown out. In a daze, Fatty vomited out big mouthfuls of seawater, with an appearance more miserable than miserable.
Indeed, right now Fatty’s strength had made a qualitative leap, but he still couldn’t really fight the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King Xiao Bai in the ring sea. Suddenly entering underwater combat, it’d be a strange if he could adapt. This was the ring sea, not the spirit arena he could evaporate by half. Unable to adapt to underwater combat, he was practically instantly sent out by Xiao Bai’s “meticulous” consideration.
Fatty’s overwhelming excitement cooled off. He understood that in order to pass this second trial, he still needed some time to learn. However, no matter what, the current he was also considered having stepped into the ranks of experts. He believed that, relying on the burst power of his phoenix spirit, as long as he familiarized himself with marine combat, he could definitely break through this trial together with everyone.
Five months later…...
The Shrek Seven Devils quietly stood below the Seagod Mountain before the ring sea, the roiling water seemed to be calling out for them. Through that azure seawater, they could could clearly see that, within that two hundred meter wide stretch of seawater, headed by the giant Devil Spirit Great White Shark King Xiao Bai, close to a thousand sea spirit beasts floating in the water, quietly watching in their direction.
Another year had passed quickly. Even the youngest Zhu Zhuqing had already passed her twenty second birthday. Indeed, in this second year, the Shrek Seven Devils’ spirit power promotion speed wasn’t as fast as in the first year, but in this year their combat strength had undergone an enormous test in the ring sea. Constantly wearing in, making those five years of separation a non issue. At this moment, even if the seven devils didn’t look, they could still clearly grasp the teamwork.
They had undergone their final seawater training three days ago. Since then, the seven devils had cultivated for three days, specially notifying Xiao Bai that, today, was the moment they attacked the second trial.
The Shrek Seven Devils’ current spirit power ranks was:
Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai, seventy fourth rank power attack type battle Spirit Sage.
Big Sausage Uncle Oscar, seventy second rank food system tool Spirit Sage.
Thousand Hands Asura Tang San, seventy eighth rank control type Battle Spirit Master.
Evil Fire Phoenix Ma Hongjun, seventy second rank power attack type Battle Spirit Master.
Soft Bones Demon Rabbit Xiao Wu, spirit power unknown, physical endurance increased, water combat capability substantially increased.
Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Ning Rongrong, seventy second rank support system tool Spirit Sage.
Hell Civet Zhu Zhuqing, seventy third rank agility attack type Battle Spirit Master.
In terms of spirit power level, Tang San, Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing, Ma Hongjun and Oscar had all risen two ranks. Ning Rongrong had improved one rank. Since the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda broke through the seventieth rank, the cultivation difficulty had clearly increased, that’s why she only advanced one and a bit ranks. Even so, Ning Rongrong was still very satisfied. She could deeply remember how difficult it had been for her father to break through each rank after seventy. Moreover, according to the circumstances of last trial, passing the second trial should possible increase spirit power by one rank. To higher rank Spirit Masters, this was already quite a generous reward.
Tang San spoke in a low voice:
“Everyone get ready.”
Amidst a flash of red light, Xiao Wu’s soul floated out from his body, returning to her own. However, ever since Xiao Wu’s sacrifice, her body had no longer manifested spirit rings, only her previous abilities could still be used.
Their spirit released practically simultaneously. Advancing two hundred meters through seawater, to the present swimming ability of the Shrek Seven Devils, was quite simple, but the opponents they had to face was anything but. Even if the ring sea didn’t seam wide, this constrained area actually limited their movement space. Confronting several hundred sea spirit beasts of all sorts of levels, their path forward would be practically completely sealed. And the greatest challenge blocking their way in this second trial was naturally the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King Xiao Bai. If they couldn’t pass Xiao Bai’s blockade, they wouldn’t be able to reach the other shore. Even though Xiao Bai wouldn’t attack them all out, she would still stop them from completing their trial with all her strength. With her in control, the sea spirit beasts in the ring sea was like an iron wall. In their previous eleven months of training, none of them had ever reached more than a hundred meters across the sea.
“Let’s go.”
Tang San shouted deeply, and the seven launched simultaneously, diving into the sea like seven swimming fish.
In the ring sea, Xiao Bai had long since made her preparations. She understood from the imposing manner with which the Shrek Seven Devils courageously advanced that today’s battle wouldn’t be as simple as before, these inland humans would truly assault her second trial barrier.
The instant the seven devils leapt out, Ma Hongjun’s entire body erupted with golden red light, and his standard sized body instantly expanded, transforming into a seven headed phoenix with dazzlingly beautiful tail flames, diving straight into the ring sea.
At the same time, Tang San gripped Xiao Wu’s slender waist, while the other four ate a mushroom shaped sausage, their figures transforming in midair, instantly gathering behind Ma Hongjun and forming a straight line with Ma Hongjun charging furthest ahead.
Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda light sparkled, and spirit power, attribute and defense boosts all landed simultaneously on Ma Hongjun, making his phoenix flame even more resplendent.
Even though that ring sea water was filled with a kind of magic force, the instant Ma Hongjun incarnated as the seven headed phoenix broke into it, the seawater around him instantly vaporized, and moreover dispersed to either side by the tremendous energy erupting from his body.
The position Ma Hongjun chose was close under that restricting light barrier, and consequently, after the seawater was pushed away, there would be no water pushing down from above, actually creating a space free of water. The seawater vaporized as he hurriedly flew forward, leaving a channel behind him.
And the other six rushed into it in this instant. Tang San held Xiao Wu to fly, while behind the other four appeared translucent wings, they followed closely behind while sticking close to the surface of the light barrier.
Xiao Bai watching from the depths of the ring sea couldn’t help being distracted a moment. Due to inertia of thought, she originally thought the Shrek Seven Devils would dive into the sea as usual, and directly confront her and the other sea spirit beasts in combat while looking for a chance to break through. But she never thought the seven devils would actually use a clever plan like this.
Indeed, the Shrek Seven Devils were quite good at swimming now, but no matter how good they were in the water, it was still impossible to directly challenge sea spirit beasts. Even faster movement wouldn’t be faster than flying. And right now, through the flying mushroom sausage as well as Fatty’s red hot phoenix flame opening the way, once the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King Xiao Bai reacted, they had already penetrated sixty meters into the ring sea, and moreover because of the sea spirit beast formation being spread out all around in the seawater, they actually hadn’t met any hindrance.
White light erupted from Tang San, turning into an oval halo of light, just in time to shroud all seven on their side, while the light furthest ahead formed a point that increased Ma Hongjun’s forward charge yet again, it was the Deathgod Domain’s evolved ability, Deathgod Assault.
At the same time, intense killing intent abruptly spread out through the Deathgod Domain, making those spirit beasts closest to them and first to react delay from alarm, not daring to get too close.
Soon, the Shrek Seven Devils’ straight line formation would break through the seventy meter line. In fact, with the atmosphere from Ning Rongrong now boosting Ma Hongjun, they wouldn’t be influenced by the seawater at all, and Fatty whose burst power was originally incomparable could naturally charge with even more flourishing force.
Xiao Bai was a bit angry, thinking, these humans really are sly, they actually want to use a method like this to pass the trial?
  1. Down - A sort-of-pun, Dai Mubai uses the word (鸟毛) which should reasonably translate to “bird feathers”, referring to the previous pages of plumage descriptions, but the latter character can equally refer to hair or fur, while “bird” is also slang for penis.

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