Douluo Dalu
Seagod Trident Preview

253 – Pull out, Divine Instrument, Seagod’s Trident

The Seagod’s Light of up to 70% potency had achieved a great effect. It seemed that the handle was slowly moving upwards under Tang San’s efforts, as the blood from his palms covered more of the wave lines on it, which combined into a golden red light. Tang San could gradually see where the handle and the head were connected. It was a ring shaped intersect, tightly bonded together. The closer to the head of the trident, the thicker it seemed.
As the intersect slowly came up, the triangular edges of the trident’s head appeared. Each side had a crescent shaped brand. Now, Tang San’s blood had spread to cover the crescent shaped brands. From the current position, it could be seen that the further the trident was pulled up, the heavier it felt to Tang San’s hands. In just a short time, he actually began to have a sense of weakness. At the same time, he also felt that his palms were still bleeding, while the blood was also being absorbed greedily by the waves in the handle.
Gritting his teeth, Tang San’s feet went firm. Two of the hundred thousand year spirit bones gave him a great assistance. As a piercing sound of friction came out, the trident was slowly rising. The triangular edges had extended outward for about three inches. The angular and heavy head of the trident was truly coming out.
A trident would naturally have three parts for its head. The left and right parts were thinner compared to the central part, which was exceptionally broader. It felt like it was a sword. Beneath the trident and where it was connected to, there was a large diamond shaped hole, like it was missing something. At here, the trident’s head was out by one third.
As the blood continued to flow from Tang San’s palms, the lines on Seagod’s Trident had been wholly awakened. Although the brightness wasn’t great, the golden brands became more radiant than the pitch blackness earlier. With the blood flowing down to the head of the trident, the golden glow continued to spread, and the crescent brands below the head of the trident were radiating furiously. It felt as if the golden glow was surging the Seagod platform like an erupting volcano. It made Tang San appear to be coated in gold.
But Tang San discovered that the trident was becoming increasingly heavier. No matter how much strength he poured into his hands, they couldn’t lift it up to halfway. The blood loss was increasing, and it was surely not a good sign. Suddenly, his mind seemed to have something flashing by as a peculiar thought made Tang San lower his head. The Seagod’s Light that came from his forehead’s dark golden trident brand gradually moved down from the handle down to the diamond shaped hole exposed at the floor which was on the trident.

In this instant, it was as if the air had been frozen. A ring of powerful golden light burst out from the head of the trident. Tang San and the Seagod’s Trident seemed to have communicated, and the same golden lines found on the trident was bursting from him as well. Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong themselves were blown away by the massive power and fell down the Seagod platform.
Under the platform, Bo Saixi reached her arms out in time and caught them.
The two ladies spat out a mouthful of blood almost at the same time, but Ning Rongrong didn’t give up buffing Tang San even slightly. The Nine Jeweled Lapis Pagoda’s radiance became even greater instead as it was supporting Tang San with all its power.
Xiao Wu looked at Tang San anxiously as she hated this. Why couldn’t she help him like Rongrong did? But now she could do nothing but watching Tang San struggle painfully in her eyes.
Just then, the Seagod’s Light that came from Tang San’s forehead suddenly turned blue in color, like a vast sea. Bits of golden glow gradually vanished in the blue until the light became such a simple color completely.
A blue tetrahedron slowly flew out of Tang San’s forehead while rotating around. It approached the diamond shaped hope on the head of the trident. It was none other than Vast Sea Veil.
Not even Tang San himself understood why it would turn out like this, because he didn’t even let use of Vast Sea Veil’s power. It totally came out of him on its own. But a powerful excitement was felt from it, like it was at this moment, it became just like when Tian Dou Empire’s treasure came to life.
An amazing scene soon happened as Vast Sea Veil flew to three inches before the diamond shaped hole on the trident. It stopped and its light spinned while the original size of the tetrahedron became double the size in an instant, like two of them attached together, and thus the form also changed. It actually turned into a deep blue diamond cut jewel whose size matched perfectly with the hole under the trident. Powerful blue light then overshadowed the golden glow. Tang San could also clearly feel that his soul power, spirit power, Seagod’s Light and vitality, were fading away rapidly. A powerful sense of weakness assaulted his brain ceaselessly, which even Ning Rongrong’s support from behind could not stop him from somewhat feeling that he could not hold this sensation back.
(How could this be? Can it be, that Vast Sea Veil…..). Even with Tang San’s wisdom, he could not expect that this scene before him would happen. But at this moment, his mind was being enlightened in a vague way.
Ever since he got Vast Sea Veil, his own body had been changing subtly, especially when the blazing heat from the spirit bones were caused by him. Ever since coming here, he originally should’ve only gotten Top Class Eight Trials at most, according to Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi, but finally it was Seagod Nine Trials instead. Could it be that all of this was caused by Vast Sea Veil?
Tian Dou Empire could not possibly know such a secret. Otherwise, they wouldn’t gift it away no matter how important they took themselves for. If all of his treatments on Seagod Island were caused by this little Vast Sea Veil, then all the explanations would make sense.
The long lasting confusion inside Tang San’s heart was dispelled by the changes of Vast Sea Veil in this moment. If the previous six trials were largely dependant on his own strength and wisdom, then the seventh trial right now and the appearance of Seagod Nine Trials could only be explained by luck.
Perhaps, a person’s achievements are obtained through diligence for 99%, but that 1% of luck and coincidence are sometimes more important than the 99% of effort. The arrival of chance. Seize it, and you will succeed. Otherwise you will fall for life.
Unquestionably, Tang San was someone who could seize the chances. Even though he had worn out and he bled too much, he still had no intention of giving up. He knew that if Vast Sea Veil didn’t show up, even Bo Saixi’s strength would not be able to pull out Seagod’s Trident. This was his own chance, not just to survive, but also to reach the strength of gods. How could he give up?
With a light ‘ding’, the diamond formed Vast Sea Veil finally branded itself into the diamond shaped hole at the trident. Ear piercing grinding sounds came with the bursting of a torrent of energies. The entire building was engulfed in an instant.
The pitch black interior seemed to have been lit up by the golden light. Whether they were the floors or the ceilings, the walls or the platforms around the Seagod platform, they were all baptised by the golden brands. What appeared to be an old and simple hall was completely covered in gold in this moment. The massive amount of it made this place look so luxurious. A rush of never before felt sacred air came from the location of the trident, which turned into a gigantic pillar of light that soared skyward, to the top of the hall.
“AAAAAAHHHH!” Tang San howled towards the air angrily. Because of overexertion, the muscles on his back and his arms ruptured almost simultaneously. But finally, the trident which symbolized the divine rights of Seagod, had also loosened. So very slowly, it left the floor.
On Tang San’s raised head, the dark golden trident brand turned into bright gold once more. The powerful divine light and the light that was released by Seagod’s Trident were combining.
The trident’s main blade which appeared to be a longsword slowly rose upwards at the companionship of the side blades. Tang San’s blood seemed like it cleansed the blackness and dirt on them, making the trident release eye catching golden rays like a pouring of water. A sound like a dragon’s roar kept coming from the trident itself.
Seagod platform was trembling furiously. The entire Seagod Hall was shaking, as well as the whole Seagod Mountain.
Standing at the bottom of the mountain, Dai Mubai, Oscar, Ma Hongjun, Zhu Zhuqing, Bai Chenxiang were staring wide eyed at the top of Seagod Mountain.
Now in the sky, dark clouds had formed tightly, which darkened the rays of light on the whole of Seagod Island. But just then, Seagod Hall itself glowed. It released a powerful golden light that broke the darkness and illuminated Seagod Mountain, while seemingly brightening the entire Seagod Island as well. A thick pillar of golden light surged the skies, piercing the dark clouds.
At the same time, Seagod Island’s seven sacred pillars were also lighting up. Seven pillars of golden light in uneven thickness rose from different directions, which looked to merge with the pillar of golden light from Seagod Hall.
The light lasted the whole of ten seconds before dimming. The dark clouds in the sky were completely turned into golden clouds by the light from the pillars earlier. The merged golden light slowly changed shape in mid-air into a humanoid. One could vaguely see that the humanoid was illusionary, wearing golden armor, with deep blue hair draped on the shoulders, while the armor seemed to have covered every part of his body. Most importantly, in the hand of the humanoid projection, it was the exact same golden trident from before which looked like it could pierce the skies and rend the earth.
The seven sacred pillars Guardian Douluos who were standing in front of Seagod Hall were looking at the sky. They knelt on the ground almost simultaneously, and a burning light from their devout eyes came out as they worshipped the projection in the sky.
The same situation was happening everywhere on Seagod Island where there were people. The inhabitants of the island did not hesitate to walk out of their rooms upon watching the image in the sky. They knelt at spacious spots and worshipped at the giant projection
The prestige of Seagod could be seen from a thousand miles away. In the sea, it was as if all living beings felt the presence of the golden projection. At this moment, the ocean suddenly became still, waves had stopped, the countless animals in the sea stopped swimming. They unconsciously turned to Seagod Island’s direction and worshipped while trembling with congratulations. Even the Deep Sea Whale King who was about to turn into a dragon had opened the eyes and the large single eye. They displayed only surprise and dissatisfaction.
Thousands of small golden rays appeared from all over. Some of these rays came from Seagod Island, but even more came from the ocean. If Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi saw this scene, she would surely understand that this was what she meant by the power of faith. The faith towards Seagod from the creatures of the ocean.
Sustaining the rays of faith, the giant projection in the sky slowly became more and more vivid, like it was real. Dai Mubai and four others suddenly discovered in shock, that the Seagod covered in the golden armor had such a surprisingly familiar face.
“Little San. That…. That is Little San.” Indeed, that clear face was the exact same as Tang San’s, only the expression was that of unoffendable divine dignity.
Inside Seagod Hall and on Seagod platform, Tang San’s right hand had been raised high. The Seagod’s Trident, over twenty feet long and shining in infinite golden light, was now in the grip of his right palm.
Now, the blackness of the trident had completely vanished, leaving only brilliant golden rays. Every golden wave was clear, all the way to the tip. The main blade of the trident, two feet long and half foot wide, the Vast Sea Veil which turned into a diamond shaped gemstone was affixed to under its middle. Now, it completely changed from the original blue to gold, becoming one with Seagod’s Trident like a golden crystal.
The side blades next to the main blade were shining with the same waves of golden light as the main. The outer sides of the side blades had hooking tips on them. The sharpness of the trident blades could not be seen, because they were all superimposed by the golden light.
That’s right. Tang San succeeded. He managed to pull out Seagod’s Trident and pass the seventh trial. Golden light came out of his forehead and shattered into pieces. At the same time, Ning Rongrong and Xiao Wu’s foreheads also released red light which broke into pieces.
Xiao Wu received the notification, “Being present in the completion of the seventh trial, the rewards are stacked.”
Ning Rongrong’s was different from hers. This was her final trial, and her notification was even longer, “Top Class Seven Trials, final trial completed. With superior supporting abilities, you helped companions overcome one ordeal after another. Displaying surprising talent and outstanding buffing powers. With the completion of all seven trials, Seagod Island Red Class privileges received. Granting vice hierophant authorizations. Rewarding three spirit power levels. All spirit rings increase their power by five thousand years. Due to the bottleneck after finishing the trials, a special reward of a bestowed spirit ring is given. Top Class Seven Trials rewarding a single bestowed spirit ring.”
Upon hearing the notification, even Ning Rongrong herself couldn’t believe it. She only took one more trial compared to Dai Mubai and others, but with this trial, she actually gained higher rewards compared to them. There were even two bestowed spirit rings. What a notion! Now she was already level 70 and needed just two more spirit rings. As with the increase of the spirit rings’ years, her own withstandability would surely increase greatly. The two bestowed spirit rings would both have a chance to surpass hundred thousand years spirit rings!
Ning Rongrong then released her seven spirit rings without retracting her Nine Jeweled Lapis Pagoda. The previous colors were purple, purple, purple purple, black, black, black. But after the rewards of this final trial, her spirit ring colors had changed again, into purple, purple, black, black, black, black, black. Two one thousand years spirit rings and five ten thousand years spirit rings. Now she finally understood why Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi’s spirit rings were eight blacks and one red. It was because of Top Class Trials’ rewards! Bo Saixi’s Top Class Eight Trials’ rewards would surely have higher increase of years on the spirit rings compared to Ning Rongrong herself, thus explaining the amazing sight of having all spirit rings being above ten thousand years.
Tang San was now completely drenched in the golden light. The Seagod’s Trident in his hand seemed to be only several hundreds of kilos heavy, which wasn’t much heavier than the smithing hammer he used back then. But now, Tang San was already unable to move while raising the trident high. He stood there like a man of blood. Almost every muscle burst open because of overexertion, so he could only maintain that posture as he stood.
Just before he completely slipped into coma, he vaguely heard the notification in his mind, “Seagod Seventh Trial, pull out the divine instrument, Seagod’s Trident, was passed. Rewarding Seagod affinity by fifteen percent, to a total affinity of 85 percent. You received Seagod’s Trident’s approval, and the usage rights of Seagod’s Trident.”
Outside the Seagod Hall, the gigantic golden projection suddenly shrunk. After absorbing countless worshipping power, it turned into beam which poured through the top of Seagod Hall, straight into the Seagod’s Trident in Tang San’s hand. It was also at this time that Tang San could no longer hold on. He collapsed with a thump and passed out.
With his collapse, the light inside the building suddenly dimmed a lot. Especially the trident itself. In almost what was an instant, it turned back into the pitch black state before it was pulled out. A majority of it was sitting on top of him and the tail end of the handle crashed at Seagod platform. The loud sound trembled the whole of Seagod Hall.
“Brother San!”

Ning Rongrong and Xiao Wu who responded in time, leapt towards him almost simultaneously. Xiao Wu went to hold Tang San while Ning Rongrong gripped the icy cold Seagod’s Trident in an attempt to put it away. But the trident which was crushing Tang San couldn’t budge for one bit.
It should be noted that after Ning Rongrong received her reward of spirit power levels, should she absorb what would be a level 82 spirit ring, it would be level 80 in power even without absorbing. Even though she was a support type spirit master, the physical strength of a level 80 spirit master would be considerably impressive. With full strength, the power would not be less than a thousand kilos. But the Seagod’s Trident wasn’t budging, giving Ning Rongrong the feeling that it wasn’t a weapon, but more like an unmovable mountain. This situation proved that this thing before her would weigh up to at least several dozens of tons.
But what weirded her out was that this trident had only pressed down on Tang San’s broken flesh slightly. If it were really more than dozens of tons, how would it be so? Without the power to resist, Tang San would’ve been crushed to death.
“Allow me.” Bo Saixi’s peaceful voice came out. When Ning Rongrong raised her head to look at her, she noticed that Bo Saixi knelt down beside her. To her, Bo Saixi’s strength was insurmountable. Just taking up the trident from Tang San would be as easy as grabbing air.
But Bo Saixi didn’t just kneel down next to Tang San, but also carrying a heavy expression. Both her hands grabbed on the trident, and with the waves of vast soul power, she even released her own battle spirit. Eight blacks and one red, nine spirit rings came out simultaneously. In order to take the Seagod’s Trident, she appeared to be giving it her all.
“RISE------” Bo Saixi growled in a low voice. It was clear that the massive soul power coming through her hands had wrapped around Seagod’s Trident. Just like this, it wasn’t lifted in an instant, but leaving Tang San himself extremely slowly. Bo Saixi’s expression tightened, and some veins could even be seen on her forehead. She really used all her strength.
Watching this, Ning Rongrong immediately unleashed her Nine Jewelled Lapis Pagoda and released a strength buff and a soul power buff without hesitation. Two beams of colorful light were shot at Bo Saixi.
The Nine Jewelled Lapis Pagoda immediately showed its worth as the number one support type battle spirit in the world. Upon receiving Ning Rongrong’s two buffing lights, Bo Saixi’s expression became a lot peaceful, and she swiftly lifted the trident to put it next to Tang San lightly. She turned back to Ning Rongrong with some praise in her eyes.
“Senior, is this trident really so heavy?” Ning Rongrong couldn’t help but ask.
Bo Saixi replied, “Leave that for after saving Tang San.”
Without the pressure of the trident, Tang San was already in Xiao Wu’s embrace. Looking at how there’s nowhere on Tang San that was unscathed, her tears were pouring from her eye sockets as she kept on giving him her own spirit power.
Tang San’s right leg emanated a blue golden light that slowly covered his entire being. Blue Silver Emperor’s right leg spirit bone passive skill ‘Unending Wildfire, Relit With Spring Winds’ activated by itself, but the speed of healing was very slow, which displayed the severe damages on Tang San’s body.
Bo Saixi put one hand on Tang San’s chest and spirit power engulfed his body almost instantly. Her face then became extra heavy.
“His condition is very bad. Spirit bone’s power may help him recover his flesh, but he just lost too much blood and it must be replenished. Otherwise, his life is in danger. Normal people would find it hard to survive after just the loss of one third of blood. I’m afraid his blood loss through his hands and the bursting of his muscles would exceed 60%.”
Xiao Wu spoke without hesitation, “Senior, I will give him my blood.”
Bo Saixi glanced at Xiao Wu and patted her head with a kind look, “You’re such a silly child. Having a beautiful life partner like you is Tang San’s biggest fortune in his life.”
Xiao Wu shook her head and choked, “No. Meeting him is my life’s greatest fortune instead. Senior, what should I do?”
Bo Saixi looked intently at Xiao Wu, “Give me your right hand.”
Xiao Wu raised her right hand upon the words. Bo Saixi flicked her fingers, and a wound appeared on Xiao Wu’s wrist. Blood came out through it.
Bo Saixi muttered, “Let’s hope your blood doesn’t conflict with his own.”
Xiao Wu spoke determinedly, “He absorbed my spirit ring and spirit bone so he had combined with my blood. It won’t reject. Senior, save him, quick!”
Bo Saixi nodded and lifted Xiao Wu’s right hand. Xiao Wu’s blood converged into a red glob in mid-air. Bo Saixi’s divine light in her eyes released a layer of pristine blue light which enveloped Tang San. No one knew how she did it, but with the infusion of this blue light, the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s restoration speed had an obvious increase. As Bo Saixi pointed around with her right hand, trails of blood then split from the glob, flowing into the many spots where Tang San’s skin was damaged. The blood became like a bridge between Tang San and Xiao Wu which kept sending Xiao Wu’s blood to him.
Tang San was like a sheet of golden paper as he gradually regained his complexion, while Xiao Wu’s beautiful face became more and more pale. But her eyes were glad. Bo Saixi used her search to determine Tang San’s physical condition and spirit sharing with Xiao Wu. She could clearly feel that Tang San was recovering at a frightening pace. It was obviously Tang San’s own blood taking effect.
After using up to about 50 minutes of time, Bo Saixi exhaled deeply. With a flick of her right hand, the wound on Xiao Wu’s wrist was sealed, stopping the outward flow of blood. She also poked on Tang San’s body a few times. Under the blue golden light’s spread, his skin’s wounds had all healed up.
“Senior, don’t stop! He still hasn’t recovered! I still have a lot of blood. Please keep transfusing it.” Xiao Wu held back her powerful sense of frailty while speaking urgently to Bo Saixi.
Bo Saixi frowned, “You silly girl. You had already given him one third of your blood. If this keeps up, even you will not be able to hold up. Don’t forget that your soul is just an attachment right now, and not really in your own true body. Even if you were once a hundred thousand year spirit beast, you can’t sustain such a blood consumption.”
Xiao Wu spoke without a care, “As long as he can be saved, you don’t need to care about me.”
Bo Saixi spoke slightly angrily, “If you don’t care about yourself this much, will he be happy when he wakes up? Besides, you already don’t have to worry about him. If someone else were to have his injuries, it would be fatal. But his survivability is too great, surpassing even me. With your blood just now, plus his own recovery, there are already no problems. Give him three days of rest at most, with that strong body of his, he will return. You on the other hand, your soul is out for too long from what I see. Time to go back.”
Upon hearing Bo Saixi saying that Tang San was out of danger, Xiao Wu relaxed herself. She swayed around and almost fainted. Ning Rongrong quickly put a restoration sausage into her mouth.
Xiao Wu forced herself to swallow it and said, “Senior, Rongrong, when he wakes up, please don’t tell him that I gave him my blood, or else he’ll be hard on himself.”
Ning Rongrong’s eye sockets went red, “Xiao Wu, you…..”
Xiao Wu begged sadly, “Rongrong, I’m begging you. I don’t want him to suffer. I’m going to be alright anyway. Promise me, don’t tell him ok?”
What else could Ning Rongrong say? She simply nodded, but her heart couldn’t help but respect Xiao Wu, while deeply moved by the love between Xiao Wu and Tang San at the same time. (No wonder Brother San would give everything for Xiao Wu. Between them, it’s so…..)
Xiao Wu’s eyes then turned to Bo Saixi. Bo Saixi sighed, “With a wife like this, what more can the husband ask for. You should hurry back to your body. I will keep it a secret for you. Maybe it’s a good thing that you give him your blood.”
Xiao Wu finally relaxed completely. With a flash of red light, her soul returned Tang San’s body, hiding within his spirit bone and spirit ring, falling into deep sleep immediately. Her body also laid limp in Ning Rongrong’s lap, passing out.
Tang San’s coma this time lasted for a whole day’s time before he woke up from it. Bo Saixi’s judgement concerning his physical condition was correct. The damage he took wasn’t just skin and muscles. Because he overexerted, which damaged even his organs, bones and veins, he would need a long time to recover indeed.
What Bo Saixi didn’t know was that Xiao Wu once ate Crystal Blood Dragon and the deity item of all deity items, ‘Red Intestine Severer of Reminiscence’, so there was no way it could be compared to normal red blood. A whole one third of it was transfused into Tang San. Although most of the medicinal potency was absorbed by Xiao Wu, what was left in the blood alone had greatly increased Tang San’s recovering speed. That ‘Red Intestine Severer of Reminiscence’ could bring the dead back to life and give flesh to skeletons!
Waking up from deep sleep, Tang San only felt sore and powerless all over. He was slowly coming to, feeling the cold stone floor as his thoughts slowly returned.
The interior of Seagod Hall was already not the darkness when he first came. The ceiling was filled with marvellous faint golden waves. Although the lights weren’t strong, they could barely light up the building’s interior. These waves spread all the way down the walls, and Tang San could also feel his surroundings having the same light.
The sense of powerlessness was surely caused by the side effects of Blue Silver Emperor right leg spirit bone’s ‘Unending Wildfire, Relit With Spring Winds’. After all, he sustained severe damages earlier. But, being able to pass the seventh trial, he was still very excited. Especially when he could clearly remember what he heard before he passed out. The most important sentence was that he received the approval of Seagod’s Trident and he obtained its usage rights. For Tang San, this was no doubt a stimulant.
“Get up if you’re awake.” Bo Saixi’s voice echoed around.
Tang San sat up and just saw Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi was sitting not far away in front of him. Between them was the Seagod’s Trident which almost took his life. More than 20 feet long gigantic trident was still carrying a powerful sense of weight.
Tang San then discovered after sitting up, that all over the Seagod Hall, there were faint golden waves, including Seagod platform below him and the other platforms around it. They made this simple interior look incredibly magnificent.
“Congratulations, Tang San. Having passed Seagod Seventh Trial, you had begun to truly receive Lord Seagod’s approval.” Bo Saixi smiled at him as she spoke.
Tang San sighed and said, “Senior, I understand now. I could receive Seagod Nine Trials and the approval of Seagod’s Trident, all because of Vast Sea Veil, isn’t it. You should know this as well. But why didn’t you take it from me? I believe you would have a way.”
Bo Saixi shook her head slightly and said, “No, you are Lord Seagod’s chosen one. How can you be replaced by anyone else? I didn’t have the power to take the heart of Seagod from you as well. It chose you. This wasn’t just luck, but also you fitting Lord Seagod’s requirements. It’s also a fact no one can change.”
Seagod’s heart? Tang San’s eyes were looking at the diamond shaped gem in the head of the trident. Now, as the trident became black again, the gem also became transparent as well. Not even a trace of the dignity during when the trident was being pulled out could be seen.
“Seagod’s heart? This is Vast Sea Veil’s true name, isn’t it.”
Bo Saixi spoke as she held her own chin, “Indeed. Seagod’s heart is not just the core of Seagod’s Trident. It is also the core of Lord Seagod’s inheritance. Since the day you obtained it and received its approval, Lord Seagod’s trials for you had already started. From the heart of Lord Seagod, I saw many things. It didn’t just save you once. For an example you know of, do you still remember the Whale King you met when you were on your way here?”

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