Douluo Dalu
Xiao Wu’s Resurrection Preview

176 – Tang San’s Sixth Spirit Ability, Xiao Wu Incarnates

In fact, Tang San was admittedly startled, and Bai He wasn’t any less astonished than him. Tang San currently hadn’t used his spirit, and further adding the disjointed use of teleportation, how couldn’t Bai He be shocked? He already understood that Tang San’s teleportation didn’t come from spirit ring abilities, the source was inevitably a spirit bone. A youngster with a spirit bone, and one with a top quality discontinuous teleportation ability. Bai He only hoped that he could exhaust Tang San’s spirit power through his relentless pursuit, leaving him unable to continue supporting the spirit bone ability.

The incense still burned very quickly. As the two shadows constantly flashed, in a moment one quarter had already burned. In this short time, Tang San had already teleported close to a hundred times, showing how fast Bai He’s pursuit was.

Bai He was disappointed, Tang San was still constantly teleporting, without the slightest signs of spirit power exhaustion. He had no idea that Tang San’s teleportation was used with a hundred thousand year level spirit bone. Hundred thousand year spirit bones and spirit rings didn’t consume large amounts of spirit power to produce powerful spirit abilities, but rather consumed tiny amounts of spirit power to produce formidable effects. This was the greatest advantage of hundred thousand year level spirit rings and spirit bones. This was also why it was known as the most precious treasure of the spirit master world.

Suddenly, Bai He abruptly stopped, two lines of clear light igniting in his eyes, his seventh spirit ring starting to brighten.

Under the effect of that black spirit ring, one could clearly see Bai He’s body release layer after layer of peculiar luster. Immediately afterward, his body floated in midair, his arms really changing into wings, and both legs gathering into feathers. In just a moment, this Speed Clan chief had already turned into a needle tailed swift only one meter long, with a wingspan of one meter fifty or so.

The seventh spirit ability, Spirit Avatar.

Seeing Bai He’s Spirit Avatar, after Tang San equally halted, his expression became somewhat ugly. Bai He was even more difficult to handle than he imagined. Generally speaking, releasing Spirit Avatar would make one’s body even larger, the huge body supporting even more spirit power. But Bai He’s Spirit Avatar made his body smaller, that didn’t mean that his spirit power decreased, but rather that it was forcefully compressed. Thus, the speed he could erupt with could perhaps only be described as terrifying.

Making the pupils of Tang San’s eyes contract even more was that, after Bai He used Spirit Avatar to float in the air, the final one of the eight spirit rings revolving around him also lit up. For the sake of his clansmen, this pure speed type formidable Spirit Douluo would go all out.

Along with that final spirit ring flashing, in that instant, the one needle tailed swift floating in midair turned into five. The same kind of doppelgänger ability, but as the eighth spirit ability, it wouldn’t be that simple. After Bai He’s eighth spirit ability was used, each doppelgänger would possess equal speed and defense as the main body. Of course, among Spirit Masters of equal level, that defense could be directly neglected.

But even more important was that, including the original body, all five bodies could be said to each be real, and could also be said to each be fake. In other words, under his direct control, he could make any one doppelgänger become the main body, and could also make any one main body become a doppelgänger.

To the Speed Clan whose offensive and defensive power couldn’t be regarded as high, this ability could be considered a supreme escape skill. Even for the most formidable Title Douluo in the present world, it was still impossible to stop all five doppelgängers when confronting a Spirit Master with Bai He’s speed. And as long as just one doppelgänger escaped, he could also escape far away in a flash.

Of course, to the Speed Clan, possessing these five doppelgängers, they could perform their most expert scouting while completely unrestrained. As long as they left behind one doppelgänger in safety, the other doppelgängers could go examine even the most dangerous places. This eighth spirit ability might not seem powerful, but it was supremely useful.

Silhouettes flashing, the five needle tailed swifts instantly dispersed, that terrifying speed almost no different from the teleportation Tang San used. To be able to use movement speed that gave people the illusion of teleportation clearly showed how terrifying Bai He now was in speed.

Tang San also couldn’t help associate this with the overall strength of Tai Tan and Niu Gao. What degree their strength and defense had reached.

Only, right now he basically didn’t think about that too much. Because, the pressure he endured suddenly rose sharply.

At this moment, Tang San didn’t dare hide any strength. Besides his eyes being filled with purple gold color, one blue and one white rings of light simultaneously spread from below his feet, enveloping the entire hall in a flash.

Making the opponent slow down was equal to speeding up himself. Under the effect of the Deathgod Domain, even a Spirit Douluo would be weakened somewhat. Especially a pure speed type Spirit Master disregarding attack and defense like Bai He. And the Blue Silver Domain undoubtedly made Tang San’s spiritual force reach an even greater level, improving his control of everything in the surroundings.

With the domains released at full strength, Tang San immediately gave people a different kind of feeling, ice cold, ruthless, an ominous aura spread along with the Deathgod Domain, making everyone present shiver. And when enveloped by the Blue Silver Domain, they also sensed a breath of vitality in the midst of that chilling feeling. These two kinds of auras that shouldn’t exist together still appeared simultaneously so bizarrely. How couldn’t it make people feel strange?

Making everyone, including Bai He, feel even more astonished, was still the release of Tang San’s spirit.

Without a doubt, what Tang San released was his Blue Silver Emperor. Two yellow, one purple, two black, one red, the instant the six glittering spirit rings appeared, the drawing room atmosphere seemed to freeze.

Previously just defeated by Tang San, Bai Chenxiang no longer had any unreconciliation in her eyes, all replaced by an incredible radiance. She finally understood that she really wasn’t wronged. He was actually a six spirit ring Spirit Emperor.

Rubbing her eyes hard, Bai Chenxiang thought she had made a mistake. Because among those six glittering spirit rings, the last one was actually red. That bewitching red light even concealed Tang San’s fourth spirit ring already being black. In the entire drawing room, there was no longer anything that could compete with the shine of that red ring.

Incarnated as a needle tailed swift, Bai He also simultaneously stared blankly. As a Spirit Master, how couldn’t he know what the red color represented? But his first feeling was the same as his granddaughter’s, how was it possible? How could a hundred thousand year spirit ring appear on such a youth, and even the sixth spirit ring at that.

Tang San’s face revealed a tint of divine light, his spiritual force completely targeting those five needle tailed swifts. With his experience, of course he wouldn’t believe that these five needle tailed swifts were fake. He could clearly feel those five close to identical auras. The combined probing of his spiritual force with his Blue Silver Domain wouldn’t be wrong. Therefore, in the following contest, what he would face was five supremely fast flying pure speed opponents.

More than half of the incense had already burned. Bai He very quickly recovered from the brief shock, no matter how strong this youth in front of him was, first of all he had to defeat him.

The five needle tailed swifts moved simultaneously, five silhouettes turning into five lines in a flash, crossing the hall. In just that instant, the needle tailed swifts flying one meter above the ground controlled the overwhelming majority of the drawing room.

Tang San practically fought to be first to use teleportation. The moment his spiritual force sensed the opponent’s spirit power fluctuations, he had already dodged. He knew that from this moment on, he would no longer have any chance to catch his breath with his teleportation, he had to dodge continuously, only then did he have a chance to dodge the pursuit.

But, Tang San still underestimated Bai He’s current speed. The five needle tailed swifts each controlled five areas of the drawing room, and when Tang San emerged from teleportation, he could practically see the beak of a needle tailed swift appear in front of him.

Tang San used spiritual force to target Bai He, but at the Spirit Douluo level, how could Bai He not also target him? As long as Tang San appeared, Bai He would naturally appear in front of him, drawn there by spiritual force. The speed was enough to match his teleportation.

Fortunately Tang San reacted very quickly, and the moment he dodged he already reacted, sharply throwing back his upper body, making an iron panel bridge movement1, and he also teleported once again in the middle of this motion, escaping Bai He’s attacks again and again.

However, to Tang San, this was only just the beginning. There was still an even greater challenge waiting for him.

Bai He’s speed erupted completely, the pure speed making any technique pale. When Tang San appeared once again, he flipped sideways without the slightest hesitation, then instantly teleported to dodge Bai He’s attack. What Bai He caught was unexpectedly that instant between two teleportations, when he still hadn’t teleported.

Bai He’s heart settled down now. From the development of the situation, Tang San already had difficulties to dodge. But Tang San’s next teleportation was still beyond Bai He’s expectations.

When Tang San appeared again, he was in midair. Most strangely was that one of Bai He’s needle tailed swifts could only pass by him under his feet.

There were no problems with Bai He’s preparations, even if he teleported into the air, before he teleported next time his body would still fall a bit. However, Tang San didn’t fall, instead rising slightly in the air. This made Bai He’s lunge completely ineffective.

But it was also at this moment that Bai He clearly saw Tang San’s sixth spirit ring, that hundred thousand year red spirit ring, brighten. The sixth spirit ability Tang San had never used, finally emerged before everyone.

A faint illusion appeared in front of him. Even though the silhouette was illusory, it still didn’t detract from her beauty in the slightest.

Jet black bright and beautiful long hair arranged in a scorpion braid that hung down to her calves, a pair of expressive big eyes holding a faint sadness and satisfaction, touching figure, long and slender legs, each part of her seemed so perfect. Even the beautiful Bai Chenxiang couldn’t help staring stupidly when this figure appeared in front of Tang San.

It was also the moment she appeared that the space around Tang San suddenly distorted somewhat, making Bai He’s incarnated needle tailed swift seem to pass through a mirage, without touching Tang San.

Seeing this beautiful figure, Tang San couldn’t keep himself from staring lifelessly. The slightly reddened eyes, slightly trembling body, revealed that he was currently unable to control his mood.

Yes, that illusory silhouette was Xiao Wu! Her faint figure turned lightly in midair, facing Tang San. One soft and tender little hand rose, landing on Tang San’s face.

There was no feeling of substantial touch, nor could she speak, but a collision coming from the soul made Tang San’s tears flow uncontrollably. At this moment he had even forgotten he was in a match with Bai He. To him, besides this delicate face, nothing else was important.

Red light revolved around the two. Needle tailed swifts swept past several times in succession. When passing through only the light wavered, and they were unable to touch Tang San.

He of course couldn’t say that Tang San was breaking the rules. True, the spirit ability Tang San was using now really wasn’t competing in speed, but Bai He’s eighth spirit ability, Speed Doppelgänger, wasn’t that also not speed?

This moment, even though Tang San didn’t say a word, and that touching silhouette in front of him also didn’t move, just gently caressed his face, the atmosphere between them still washed across the drawing room, infecting everyone.

Cautiously raising both hands, Tang San embraced the illusion in front of him. This sixth spirit ability really wasn’t used by him. Before this, he had also had some degree of understanding regarding the sixth spirit ability, but he really didn’t completely understand what its effect was. He hadn’t been willing to use the sixth spirit ability since he didn’t want to feel that heart rending pain again when he did. However, he had never expected that this sixth spirit ability would actually be used automatically when he needed it the most, and moreover that he would see that captivating beauty.

That wasn’t just a little bit of emotion, at this moment, Tang San’s heart was filled, without a trace of space. In all his life, he had never longed for anything like right now, longed for the figure in his arms to truly be in his embrace.

Tang San also became somewhat transparent under the influence of that red light. This was one of the forms of his sixth spirit ability, Nothingness.

Nothingness, immunity to all physical attacks not energy form, weakening any energy attacks by fifty percent. This might seem like it was only a support ability, however, the ability of immunity to all physical attacks was tyrannical. It was under the effect of this ability that all Bai He could do was pass through him. There was only nothingness.

Four eyes met. The emotions in Tang San’s heart were still like a rollercoaster, if he knew earlier that using this spirit ability would let him see Xiao Wu again, then he’d definitely use it every day, meeting his lover every day. Even if he could only see her, he’d still be satisfied.

Even if this was only an illusion of Xiao Wu, from those touching eyes, he still saw Xiao Wu’s feelings, finally felt Xiao Wu’s thoughts and love for him. The connection of souls let him clearly sense that his Xiao Wu wasn’t dead. She still lived, and was moreover attached to him.

Xiao Wu used her hand to softly wipe Tang San’s tears, but, she was only an illusion, how could she erase those tears? In her eyes was reluctance to part and longing, sadness and joy, all of it profoundly affecting Tang San right now.

Suddenly, Tang San’s heart twitched. Because through releasing the spirit ability he suddenly sensed some characteristics of the spirit ability. He discovered that Xiao Wu’s soul really was within this sixth spirit ability, and moreover that using this spirit ability practically didn’t consume any of his spirit power. Only, Xiao Wu couldn’t appear for too long. It didn’t consume his spirit power, it consumed the strength of Xiao Wu’s soul as price. If Xiao Wu’s soul was consumed excessively, then she would truly die. In other words, in order to keep Xiao Wu from harm, every time he used this sixth spirit ability, he had to keep it as brief as possible. Only then could he ensure Xiao Wu’s safety to the greatest extent. His desire to always keep her at his side through using the spirit ability wasn’t realistic.

“Senior Bai He, I concede.”

Tang San softly pulled Xiao Wu close, floating to the ground. At his resolutely stubborn gaze, Xiao Wu looked at him somewhat helplessly, then reluctantly again merged with that dazzling red spirit ring again. Even if they couldn’t talk, they could still feel each other’s feelings through their soul connection. Tang San didn’t know how long Xiao Wu could stay outside with the power of her soul each time, but he wouldn’t take any risks. He had already made a firm resolution to never use this sixth spirit ability, never let any possibility of harm come to Xiao Wu.

Compared to Xiao Wu, how was subduing the Speed Clan at all important?

Five shadows merged together, and Bai He looked puzzled at Tang San,

“Why would you concede? I still haven’t touched you.”

Tang San shook his head,

“No. I’ve lost, using my sixth spirit ability is no longer competing with you in speed.”

He of course wouldn’t say that he had decided this because of Xiao Wu. And at this moment, his heart was also completely soaked in the feelings after meeting Xiao Wu again. He no longer cared about anything else going on.

Bai He sighed,

“No, you didn’t lose. My eighth spirit ability wasn’t a pure speed increase either. Since I used doppelgängers to strengthen my speed and the area I controlled, naturally you could also avoid being touched by me. This is fair. If it went on, I would have lost. Even if I don’t understand the effects of that spirit ability of yours.”

Niu Gao stood, laughing loudly:

“Alright. There’s no need for you to be modest with each other, I think this is just fine. Old whitebird, you didn’t lose, Tang San, you didn’t lose either. This contest is just making friends. Unable to determine victory or defeat. This is always fine. To everyone’s delight and satisfaction. Go go go, we’ll go drink. That broken spear, old Yang, might arrive tomorrow, today we’ll drink to our satisfaction.”

Whether in age, status, or level, Bai He wasn’t willing to take an advantage from Tang San, and he could also accept Niu Gao’s words. But, his heart was still heavy. Tang San had only revealed his speed, but with his strength he could naturally see that Tang San absolutely wasn’t an agility attack type spirit master. A Spirit Emperor that wasn’t an agility attack type could compete with a pure speed Spirit Douluo like him for so long. If he really had to describe him, then this youth in front of him could only be described as a monster.

Moreover, even though this contest ended in a draw, those one hundred gold spirit coins he lost before was real. Once the gathering ended and he returned like this, perhaps the Speed Clan would starve.

Everyone walked towards the dining hall together. On the way, Bai Chenxiang lagged behind, giving Fatty a kick.

Not only didn’t Ma Hongjun get angry, he instead was enormously pleasantly surprised, hurriedly looking at Bai Chenxiang with a flattering expression, speaking in a low voice:

“Beauty, something on your mind?”

Bai Chenxiang asked in a low voice:

“That, that Tang San is your friend?”

Ma Hongjun nodded, proudly saying:

“We’re best brothers. He’s our Tang Sect master, I’m the vice master. Heh heh.”

Bai Chenxiang didn’t doubt Ma Hongjun’s claim of being vice sect master, Fatty had also displayed his strength before, especially that formidable phoenix spirit left her with an extremely deep impression. Fatty’s show was successful.

“Then what’s up with that sixth spirit ring? Is it really a hundred thousand year spirit ring? But, why did it transform into a woman? Moreover, it seemed like my grandfather couldn’t do anything to him then.”

Ma Hongjun’s complexion changed slightly. He still knew what was appropriate. Tang San’s sixth spirit ring wasn’t just his secret, but also an eternal pain in his heart. No use telling others. Even though Fatty liked beauties, he absolutely knew what was appropriate, and wouldn’t say what he shouldn’t.

He helplessly shook his head,

“Beauty, don’t ask about it. See for yourself. I can only say that third brother is the most outstanding Spirit Master I have ever seen. In my eyes, even those Title Douluo aren’t equal to him. I believe that, one day, third brother will stand at the summit of this world.”

Bai Chenxiang somewhat discontentedly kicked Fatty again,

“What a vice sect master. Doesn’t even dare say this. I think you’re his servant.”

Fatty’s expression recovered,

“Believe what you wish. How could you understand me and third brother’s relationship.”

Finished speaking, he suddenly sped up, no longer paying attention to Bai Chenxiang.

Bai Chenxiang looked distracted a moment. She was very confident in her charm, and she had seen Fatty’s filthy intentions toward her. But right now already walking in front, the heavy set Fatty seemed somewhat different. Even though he was fat, when he was decent, he would naturally distribute an unusual aggressiveness. Could that be the aura of the king of hundred birds, the Phoenix?

Fatty of course didn’t know what Bai Chenxiang was thinking, but he could be sure that he might not have a chance with this beauty. Even if he liked beauties, chasing women was like changing clothes, while brothers were like hands and feet. Of course, Xiao Wu, Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing weren’t just women in his eyes, but also brothers.

Once again seated at the wine table, Tang San discovered that Bai He’s capacity for wine couldn’t compare to Tai Tan and Niu Gao, and didn’t use a large bowl. Even though the wine and food was good, from the moment they were seated, he had a brooding appearance, and would look at him from time to time.

By now Tang San’s heartfelt emotions were gradually calming, and his mood also gradually grew excited. At least he could be sure that Xiao Wu really hadn’t died, and also that she was always together with him. As inseparable as milk and water mixed together. This was enough. As long as she still lived, still truly existed, he would definitely resurrect her.

“Senior Bai He, my salutations.”

Tang San raised his wine cup, hinting to Bai He.

Under Niu Gao’s seating arrangement, Bai He sat with Tai Tan on his left, and Tang San on his right.

Drinking a cup with Tang San, Bai He sighed, saying:

“In the present world, there really is a new generation to replace the old. Youths like you really reflect that people like us are already old. Hereafter, the Spirit Master world is the world of youngsters like you.”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying:

“Senior, I won’t hide it from you. My father’s name is Tang Hao.”

Bai He abruptly went rigid. Sharply raising his head, his gaze at Tang San suddenly grew severe. Tang San still had an expression of joyful and calm grace. Bai He’s change in mood didn’t have cause any reaction in him.

Bai He’s gaze once again turned to Niu Gao and Tai Tan,

“You knew, right?”

Niu Gao nodded,

“Tai Tan brought him. At first, I reacted the same as you. Only, even though this kid comes from the Clear Sky Clan he only represents himself, not the Clear Sky School. Moreover, his Tang Sect will never merge into the Clear Sky School, and will exist alone. I’ll tell you honestly, me and old orangutan have already decided to lead our clansmen to join the Tang Sect. You’ve seen the Tang Sect hidden weapons, that’s the main operations for the Tang Sect in the future. Old orangutan is in charge of manufacturing, I’m in charge of building the sect. How about it? Old whitebird, bring your Speed Clan over too. If Tang San was lacking, we wouldn’t agree either, if there are any doubts, we can give up at any time. What conditions are more generous than that? This sect is basically our own. Besides, what I said just now really wasn’t cheating you. Yesterday Huyan Zhen brought his Elephant Armored School people over, my Defense Clan can’t continue. It was his arrival that let me make a firm decision. We’re still alive and can get food for our clans. But, do you want to see the four single attribute clans decline? To tell the truth, our four single attribute clans aren’t suited to existing alone. Our superiorities and weak points are too obvious. This Tang Sect is equivalent to our four clans joining together again, and sect master Tang San is our glue.”

When Bai He heard Niu Gao’s words, he couldn’t keep his eyebrows from shooting up,

“Excellent, you old bastards, deliberately not giving me anything just now was in order to cheat me.”

Niu Gao and Tai Tan couldn’t help laughing. Tai Tan said:

“Someone as arrogant as you, if we didn’t knock you down a peg, how could you accept it so easily? Old whitebird, haven’t we old brothers not lived together for so many years? I’m very familiar with young master’s character, you’ve seen his talent. I believe you’ve also discovered that young master’s spirit isn’t the Clear Sky Hammer? It’s not that he didn’t inherit the bloodline of the Clear Sky School, but rather because young master has twin spirits. As long as we assist him properly, the young master will definitely lead our Tang Sect to strike our own claim on the Spirit Master world in the future. Spirit Hall is admittedly strong, but as long as we lean back on the two great empires, there’s basically no need to fear them. Come, old whitebird, doesn’t your Speed Clan thirst for power? With our Tang Sect hidden weapons as guarantee, do you still fear your strength not increasing. The hidden weapons you’ve seen today are only the foundation, we’ll still make even more formidable hidden weapons later.”

Bai He found it somewhat difficult to digest this rapid assault of information. Suddenly getting rid of the wine in front of him, looking over Niu Gao, again looking over Tai Tan, for a moment the expression in his eyes was still somewhat hesitant.

It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Niu Gao and Tai Tan, they were all old brothers. Even if they cheated him before, it was with good intentions. But, he still had no choice but to consider some other elements.

“About this, does old Yang know?”

Bai He asked in a low voice.

Niu Gao and Tai Tan looked at each other. Tai Tan said:

“Not yet, when the old goat comes, we’ll fight to win him over as well. But with his character, it really won’t be easy. No matter how it’s put, young master is still from the Clear Sky School. The old goat’s complaints to the Clear Sky School are too deep. I fear he’ll be difficult to persuade.”

Bai He sighed, saying:

“I understand, you both have good intentions too. My Speed Clan also really has some hard times. But, you don’t know the favors old goat has done for me over the years. Their Breaking Clan’s income is the best, and the old goat has always supported me, letting me retain this final shred of dignity. If old goat and his clan doesn’t join, I can’t do it alone.”

Among the four chiefs of the single attribute clans, Tai Tan and Niu Gao had the best relationship, but Bai He and the Breaking Clan’s chief were even closer. But the Breaking Clan’s chief was reclusive, not to the liking of Tai Tan and Niu Gao, so while their relationship was tolerable, it wasn’t too familiar.

Hearing Bai He say this, the two old clan chiefs both frowned. They could understand how Bai He felt, but if they gave up like this they really would feel a bit unreconciled. Bai He was clearly empted. The Tang Sect hidden weapons had a large attractive force to him, and there were still these old brothers of his.

At this moment, Tang San spoke up,

“Senior Bai He, you’re saying that, if the Breaking Clan agrees to join our Tang Sect, you will also bring the Speed Clan to join?”

Bai He shot Tang San a glance, and after thinking deeply, said:

“If you can persuade the Breaking Clan, what can I still say? Don’t say our Speed Clan could still fly alone? Only, youngster, don’t say I didn’t warn you. The old goat isn’t so easily persuaded as old orangutan and old rhino. I know him the best, and he’s not only antisocial, but obstinate and self-opinionated. If not for this, perhaps the Breaking Clan’s losses wouldn’t have been so large back then. If you want to convince him, it absolutely won’t be easy!”

Tang San pondered, then said:

“Leave it to me. I’ll do my utmost to convince the Breaking Clan to join. If I really succeed, the four single attribute clans can join together again.”

Among the four single attribute clans, through Tai Tan’s introduction, Tang San regarded the Strength Clan and Breaking Clan as the most important. The Strength Clan’s forging, the Breaking Clan’s medicine, they were both the supports the Tang Sect needed the most. Therefore, he was determined to win over the Breaking Clan. He also wanted to subdue the group with the greatest hatred for the Clear Sky Clan.

Tai Tan and Niu Gao didn’t know why Tang San was so confident, they both knew that the old goat couldn’t be conquered by force.

Starting to speak, Tang San again simply introduced Bai He to the future development plans of the Tang Sect, and also introduced some Tang Sect hidden weapon characteristics in detail, making Bai He’s understanding of the Tang Sect a lot deeper. In time, Tang San hinted, he wanted to pass on the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step he used to dodge Bai Chenxiang to the Speed Clan, improving Bai He’s mood a lot. All that remained was worries about the Breaking Clan. On the surface it seemed like he was already inclined to join the Tang Sect.

Even though the Speed Clan didn’t have the foundation of the Mysterious Heaven Skill, their superiority in speed really was too clear. Tang San would only need to teach them some techniques of the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step to have an effect.

Once the wine made three rounds, and five flavors of dishes, everyone brought their own different moods back to rest in their rooms. Just before leaving the dining hall, Bai He called out to Tang San.

“Sect master Tang, may I ask, how old are you this year?”

Tang San stared blankly a moment,

“Junior is twenty.”

Bai He looked deeply at him, nodded, then brought a shocked granddaughter away.

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