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162 – Hope For Resurrection

As Tang San saw Xiao Wu’s Soft Bone Rabbit empty eyes, he knew Xiao Wu hadn’t recovered. The eyes were devoid of intelligence. Having lost her intelligence, she wasn’t his Xiao Wu. In the extreme grief, Tang San’s body chose to protect itself, making his weary mind completely lose consciousness.

Even unconscious, Tang San still wasn’t calm. All kinds of illusions constantly appeared in his dreamscape. He dreamt of his father, his mother, he dreamt of Xiao Wu gradually growing distant. His whole body seemed to be in a dry hot smelting furnace, making him unable to throw off these painful feelings.

He didn’t know how much time passed before his consciousness gradually recovered. Tang San only felt something fuzzy stuck to his cheek, and slowly opened his eyes.

The first thing he saw was something white, soft sparkling white fur sticking close to his face. Coming awake, Tang San somewhat shuddering raised his hand, gently caressing that soft white fur. Teardrops rushed out uncontrollably.

“Xiao Wu……”

Sticking close to his face, what would it be other than Xiao Wu’s rabbit form?

The rabbit’s big eyes blinked at Tang San, still so empty and soulless. Even though the vitality it now possessed wasn’t inferior to a ten thousand year spirit beast, it would seem that it didn’t have any of the aura of a ten thousand year spirit beast.

“Why? Why is it like this?”

Tang San foolishly clasped it in his hand. Strangely, this filled with vitality rabbit didn’t resist at all, apparently feeling that being near Tang San was very comfortable.

“Because she gave her everything for you.”

A deep and gloomy voice echoed. Tang San sharply turned his head to see, only to find that the speaker was that mountain sized Titan Giant Ape.

Now Tang San discovered that he had already been returned to the side of the little lake at the heart of the forest at some point. There was no sign of the Sky Blue Bull Python, only the Titan Giant Ape sat not far from him.

Fiercely shooting up from the ground, Tang San suddenly discovered his body was somewhat uncontrollable, unexpectedly leaping seven or eight meters high. Fortunately his control capability was astonishing, and he cautiously stabilized himself on the ground.

His heart was always affected by Xiao Wu, and he basically hadn’t gone over the effects of Xiao Wu bestowing his sixth spirit ring. A hundred thousand year spirit ring, that might be the most precious thing in the Spirit Master world. Naturally it didn’t just bring him back from the dead. Under the effects of Xiao Wu’s spirit ring, Tang San’s entire strength had once again made a qualitative leap.

If he could choose, Tang San would definitely choose to be dead rather than have this kind of strength. But, could he choose? No.

At that time, his choice to commit suicide wasn’t only in order to give Xiao Wu his Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone, helping her escape. At the same time it was because he was afraid she would take the same choice his mother did for his father. That’s why, after throwing Xiao Wu, he killed himself with speed even a thunderbolt wouldn’t catch up to.

But, the plans of Heaven supercedes those of man. Just like the appearance of that Man Faced Demon Spider. When Xiao Wu watched his body being broken apart, she forcefully broke through the blocked numbing acupuncture point, and saved him at the border of imminent peril. And even invested much, much more.

“What use is crying. If you truly are a man, then help her come to life.”

The Titan Giant Ape Er Ming’s deep voice reached Tang San’s ears once again.

Tang San’s whole body shook, staring wide eyed at Er Ming, asking with a trembling voice:

“You, you have a way to save Xiao Wu?”

Er Ming looked coldly at him,

“Not me, but you. Xiao Wu died for you, so only you can bring her back to life. Do you know why she changed like this? Not recovering her intelligence even under that tremendous vitality.”

Tang San vacantly shook his head, his eyes filled with earnest request. he knew that the Titan Giant Ape and the Sky Blue Bull Python were basically spirit beasts on the same level as Xiao Wu, and they of course knew the circumstances of spirit beasts on their level most clearly. The flame of hope in his heart gradually rose, and Tang San looked at this mountainous Titan Giant Ape in front of him with eyes filled with expectation.

Er Ming gave a human like sigh,

“In order to save you, Xiao Wu used the most overbearing Sacrifice ability. But this overbearingness was only directed at her. For you, she sacrificed her life, and simultaneously also sacrificed her soul. Because only like this could you be pulled back from the border of death, could you be allowed to absorb her spirit ring and spirit bone without any conflict.”


The trembling in Tang San’s heart grew more and more violent. He could completely imagine Xiao Wu resolving to do this basically without any hesitation.

Er Ming said in a low voice:

“Your strength is still far from enough to absorb a hundred thousand year spirit ring. Therefore, Xiao Wu could only choose this kind of Sacrifice method, attaching her own soul to the spirit ring, and within the spirit bone. This is the same as her voluntarily using herself to become your ability. There’s basically no need for you to meticulously absorb and fuse it, it will naturally blend into your body. It’s completely her unilateral devotion. And just because of this, it’s troublesome. What you hold is only the body Xiao Wu left behind, it’s also her original body. Even though you saved her physical form with that flower, having lost her soul and hundred thousand year spirit ring, she still can’t come back to life.”

“Then what’s to be done? How can she be saved?”

Tang San eagerly asked. He vaguely heard from the meaning of Er Ming’s words that even though it was difficult, there was still a way.

The Titan Giant Ape Er Ming said:

“If that flower didn’t forcibly return Xiao Wu’s vitality, there wouldn’t be a chance. But right now there still is. As long as you can do it, you can restore Xiao Wu, even so much that her cultivation will increase significantly.”

“No matter how it’s done, even if it’s over mountains of daggers, under seas of flame, I will still definitely do it.”

Er Ming looked at Tang San and nodded, some appreciation and praise flickering in his large yellow crystal eyes, sighing inwardly, ‘Ah, Xiao Wu, you really didn’t misjudge the person, this man really is worthy of your investment.’

If it wasn’t for Xiao Wu having set aside that spiritual imprint for Da Ming and Er Ming about what Tang San did before, seeing Xiao Wu sacrifice herself for Tang San, Da Ming and Er Ming would have killed him long ago. Let alone talking nonsense with him here. Towards humans, they were originally filled with a hostile attitude.

But along with the current exchange, Er Ming felt the profound feelings Tang San had for Xiao Wu, and his impression also improved greatly. At least he wouldn’t blame him for Xiao Wu’s sacrifice.

“You were unconscious for altogether three days. In these three days, me and big brother have carefully pondered it. There’s only one way to save Xiao Wu. This means requires fulfilling altogether three conditions. First, you must find three medicinal herbs.”

“What three?”

Tang San questioned impatiently.

The Titan Giant Ape said:

“These three medicines are Sacred Soul Grass used to rouse the soul, and it must have already grown for at least ten thousand years. The second is the most precious ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng King to change the body and reconstruct human form. The third is a treasure to help Xiao Wu’s body and soul unite, it must be an internal dan of an ancient spiritual beast.”

With each medicament the Titan Giant Ape Er Ming mentioned, Tang San’s face grew bitter. In fact, he had seized no few heavenly material panacea from the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well back then. Even though the immortal grade herbs among them were for the most part used up, the remainder still didn’t lack valuable objects.

But these three things the Titan Giant Ape Er Ming mention, they were all of that immortal grade level. Like the ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng King, this thing was top quality. Obtaining a ten thousand year Ginseng King wasn’t difficult, Tang San had them in the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, but a ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng King wasn’t so easy.

Speaking of Ginseng King grade, every ten thousand years was one grade. What was called ten thousand year ninth grade in other words referred to a close to hundred thousand year level Ginseng King. If it truly grew to a hundred thousand years, then it could also break the sky and ascend. Finding this kind of Ginseng King was easier said than done.

Approaching a hundred thousand years of cultivation, in this world it was undoubtedly already on the super spirit beast level. Even if Tang San really could find it, he still might not be its opponent.

As for that ten thousand year Sacred Soul Grass, Tang San hadn’t even heard of it. As for that final ancient spiritual internal dan, he on the contrary had some ideas.

Seeing the serious expression on Tang San’s face, Titan Giant Ape Er Ming said:

“We also know the degree of difficulty in finding these three things. Me and big brother can help you deal with the Sacred Soul Grass, even though it’s also very rare in this vast Star Dou Great Forest, it can still be found. But for the other two, you can only rely on yourself. According to what I know, a ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng King will constantly change where it grows. Me and big brother encountered one once, according to its present cultivation, it’s quite possible it’s in the north. You can go look for it in some well known northern great forests. As for the ancient spiritual internal dan, you can only search for it on your own.”

Tang San held Xiao Wu with one hand, his other hand stroking his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, taking out a red gold small pearl from inside.

“Brother ape. Do you think this internal dan will work?”

While speaking, he held the golden red pearl in the palm of his hand high.

Even though this pearl was very small, it was brimming with lively energy fluctuation. Most peculiar was that these lively energies wouldn’t distribute from within it, only accumulating inside. With each rhythmic energy motion, the pearl would shine, but the light would swiftly vanish again.

“This is……”

Er Ming somewhat astounded looked at the dan pearl in Tang San’s hand, his yellow crystal big eyes brimming with disbelief.

He originally believed that this ancient spiritual internal dan would be the most difficult to find. After all, he still knew ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng King really existed, but he was basically unable to be certain whether ancient spiritual creatures existed. But judging by the aura fluctuations of the pearl in front of him, it was clearly an internal dan. Moreover, the bloodline aura hidden within the energy it contained wasn’t something any current spirit beast on the present Continent possessed.

“This is the internal dan of a Ten Headed Ardent Yang Serpent, I killed it back when I left Slaughter City through the Hell Road. Can it be used?”

Tang San asked expectantly.

Er Ming nodded,

“No problem. The bloodline of this internal dan belongs to ancient spiritual creatures. Then of all the three things, we only lack the ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng King.”

Tang San nodded:

“I’ll find it. No matter what, I’ll definitely bring it back.”

Er Ming said with a somewhat wry smile:

“Remember, it must be a living specimen. If the ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng King loses its vitality, it won’t be effective.”


Tang San looked dumbstruck at Er Ming.

Er Ming said:

“The ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng King’s medicinal effect is formidable, we don’t need all of it, it’s enough to use its ginseng tassel. But it must be a living specimen. Therefore, you have to bring a ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng King here. Only, you don’t need to worry about this right now, because you still have to reach other requirements.”

The three treasures were just the first condition. Tang San’s heart was already somewhat prepared. No matter how difficult, for Xiao Wu, he wouldn’t shrink back.

Er Ming said:

“The second condition you have to reach is to improve your own cultivation to the Title Douluo level. You should be aware that your Title Douluo are equal to our hundred thousand year spirit beasts. Therefore, only at this level will you have the ability to save Xiao Wu.”

Ninetieth rank and up was Title Douluo. Tang San was now sixtieth rank, and very many Spirit Masters were never able to climb to that highest peak of the Spirit Master world in their lifetime. But Tang San believed that, with his aptitude, he could completely accomplish it. Only, this life would inevitably take a bit long.

Er Ming continued:

“The third requirement is actually also the final step. After you possess the strength of a Title Douluo and moreover all these three things, you can return here and me and big brother will help you restore Xiao Wu. However, in the resurrection process, you must still pay a very large price, that is the third condition.”

“Xiao Wu’s death was in order to sacrifice her own ability for you. In order to resurrect her, you have to return the things she gave you, whether the spirit ring or the spirit bone. At the same time, there’s still an even more pitiless condition. You must completely assign your own Title Douluo nine spirit rings to Xiao Wu. Such equivalent to a hundred thousand years of cultivation can wake her cultivation. Your spirit ring she fused with, and your spirit bone will again return to her body. Further adding the effect of the three great treasures, Xiao Wu can be restored, and her strength will also substantially increase, restoring her proper hundred thousand year spirit beast strength. At that time, she will actually also be truly human.”

When Er ming said this, he carefully observed Tang San’s facial expression. Even though he already had some appreciation for Tang San, due to lacking any trust in humans, he would still examine Tang San.

He indeed caught a change in expression from Tang San’s face, but astonishing him was that Tang San’s expression unexpectedly became as if relieved from a burden.

Tang San looked at Xiao Wu’s fuzzy body in his embrace, muttering to himself:

“Don’t worry, Xiao Wu, I’ll definitely bring you back to life. I’ll cultivate hard, fight to reach the Title Douluo level soon. Grab a ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng Ging. When that time comes, we can be together again.”

“Hey. Did you hear the third condition I stated?”

Er Ming couldn’t help asking.

Tang San raised his head to look at him,

“I heard it. Isn’t it just to give all my spirit rings to Xiao Wu, and the spirit bone?”

Er Ming was flabbergasted:

“Don’t you know what result that will have for you? This is equivalent to shifting your own spirit to Xiao Wu. You’ll lose your spirit and all spirit rings, years of cultivation ruined in one morning.”

Tang San looked at Er Ming, his gaze clear and free from impurities, countering:

“Is this very important?”

Er Ming was dumbfounded,

“Isn’t it? You’re a Spirit Master.”

Regarding Spirit Masters, and especially the later Title Douluo level Spirit Masters, what did losing their spirit and spirit rings mean? Even more when he still had to return a spirit bone. Years of cultivation ruined at once.

Tang San’s expression seemed very relaxed,

“Nothing is more important than Xiao Wu’s resurrection. First let alone that I still have another spirit, so what if I didn’t? Thank you, brother ape. Within twenty years, I’ll definitely resurrect Xiao Wu here.”

His tone was very calm, but the resolve within that calm made even the Titan Giant Ape, this king of the forest, startled. What a man was this! Was he really human?

Tang San held Xiao Wu in front of him, kissing her spotless crystalline white fur,

“Brother ape, I’ll leave.”

A yellow light flashed in Er Ming’s eyes,

“Are you bringing Xiao Wu?”

Tang San nodded,

“I won’t part with her again, ever, until I die.”

Er Ming’s eyes displayed a hesitant light. He originally wanted to have Xiao Wu stay here, protected by him and Da Ming. But judging by the complete conviction of this man, he would use his life to protect Xiao Wu.

Recalling the appearance of Xiao Wu quietly contemplating here every day over the past five years, Er Ming knew that if Xiao Wu was still aware, she would also wish to be together with Tang San.

Er Ming’s gaze couldn’t help falling on the surface of the lake. Just at this time, a deep voice rose from below the water,

“Let him bring Xiao Wu. Tang San, remember, if one day you feel you can’t protect Xiao Wu, return here. Me and Er Ming are both Xiao Wu’s best brothers, and also yours.”

With a deep breath, Tang San shook off the teardrops, slowly bowing towards the lake, then again to Er ming,

“Thank you. I’ll leave the Sacred Soul Grass to you.”

Carefully holding Xiao Wu, stretching his legs, he entered the forest without turning his head.

Er Ming’s gaze followed Tang San’s back as he disappeared in the forest. Fiercely blasting a punch at the empty air, the air immediately erupted with a breaking sound like a sorrowful roar.

“It’s my fault, I couldn’t protect Xiao Wu.”

This forest king’s eyes were brimming with a ruthless mood.

An immense crashing sound resounded from the water, as an immense bull’s head rose from the center of the lake,

“Perhaps, all this is the will of Heaven. Tang San, this youth gives an impression that makes even me tremble. Even though he didn’t say so, the hatred in his heart might be able to destroy a great many things. His feelings for Xiao Wu are beyond my understanding, but I believe that he will definitely protect her. He’s an intelligent person, he won’t make the same mistake twice.”

Er Ming fell disappointed to the ground,

“I hope so. Xiao Wu really is foolish, and this Tang San is very foolish too. But, his foolishness is rather admirable.”

Stepping into the great forest, while Tang San cautiously held Xiao Wu in his arms, the expression in his eyes gradually grew severe. The crystal clear blue in his eyes seemed to condense like ice, an ice cold killing intent spreading out. Despite not releasing the Deathgod Domain, the air around him grew harsh.

The only thing that didn’t suffer from the killing intent, was perhaps that warm embrace. Because Xiao Wu was there.

An ice cold aura filled the air, and released simultaneously was that blue gleaming brilliance. Different from the full of life aura it had before, this time, that blue light seemed to contain endless killing intent, as if transmitting an order to hunt and kill.

The same Blue Silver Domain caused somewhat different effects under different moods. The affected blue silver grass was no longer filled with respect and reverence. Right now they were like soldiers led by the Blue Silver Domain, an equally austere aura releasing along with the Blue Silver Domain, each strand of blue silver grass like a soldier under Tang San’s command. Swiftly gathering all kinds of information, it was transmitted to Tang San’s mind.

Tang San had never been a person to act on his anger, however, Xiao Wu’s death agitated him immensely. It also ignited the flames of true slaughter intent in his heart. He would retaliate, and this retaliation would start from the Man Faced Demon Spider that put him at an impasse here in the Star Dou Great Forest.

Lowering his head, he stared at the sound asleep little rabbit in his arms. Tang San softly said:

“Xiao Wu, don’t worry, I won’t let off any man or beast related to harming you. I’ll have them repay tenfold or a hundredfold what they owe.”

The Blue Silver Emperor had a powerful ability for memory, and especially that poison remaining still remaining on the Man Faced Demon Spider from Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances.

With Xiao Wu incarnated as Tang San’s sixth spirit ring, and still that hundred thousand year level fourth spirit bone, Tang San’s strength could undergo a Heaven and earth revolving change.

Under the ordinary circumstances, it wasn’t easy even for Title Douluo to possess a spirit bone. Let alone a sixtieth ranked Spirit Emperor like him. Twin spirits as well as four great spirit bones, the current Tang San’s full strength wasn’t inferior to an eightieth ranked Spirit Douluo.

Under the effect of Xiao Wu’s hundred thousand year spirit ring, Tang San’s spirit power had directly climbed from the sixtieth rank to the sixty fifth rank, stepping across one level, he had not only obtained a spirit ability, but his own attributes had also obtained all round growth. The surface of his skin showed a healthy faintly red color, and the muscles, bones and vessels all over his body had undergone a new rebirth.

The fourth spirit bone Xiao Wu had bestowed him made this growth reach an even more frightful degree.

In fact, Xiao Wu’s previous incarnation was a hundred thousand year spirit beasts, and the effect was the greatest when the same spirit beast’s spirit ring and spirit bone affected the same Spirit Master, and it was this kind of maximum growth that Tang San possessed.

Spirit power rising five ranks, by far couldn’t compare to the degree of growth from these two greatest treasures of Spirit Masters. Even Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer had been changed by the influence of these great best quality treasures, doubling in size from its original one chi length, and its original black color still held a layer of faint red light.

The change of the Blue Silver Emperor was even more distinct, because that hundred thousand year spirit ring affected it directly. The originally blue Blue Silver Emperor heavy sword had a golden line, but now there were two kinds of colors within it. Besides that golden line, there was still a red line. When Tang San infused it with substantial spirit power, the Blue Silver Emperor would a pure gold luster. Even the simplest Binding ability would have strength clearly surpassing the previous fourth spirit ability, Blue Silver Prison. After the twice awakened Blue Silver Grass had been supplemented with this super spirit ring, it had finally evolved to a state that wasn’t inferior to super spirits like the Clear Sky Hammer.

Tang San’s spiritual force had equally progressed. In order to allow him to smoothly fuse with the spirit ring and spirit bone, Xiao Wu had completely offered her own soul into it. This had led to an enormous stimulating effect on Tang San’s spiritual force, and in the several days he was unconscious, besides his body truly combining with the spirit ring and spirit bone, his mental area had also received even greater development, his spiritual force fully rising close to fifty percent.

The key reason why the hundred thousand year spirit ring was known as the number one treasure of the Spirit Master world, was its all round growth effect. Even if Xiao Wu’s body wasn’t any particularly formidable spirit beast, after cultivating to a hundred thousand years, the spirit ring she produced still possessed frightening effects.

Under the effect of the Blue Silver Domain, Tang San’s spiritual force scanning range of the outside world rose more and more. Relying on his memory and hatred of the counterpart as guide, he calmly searched for traces of that Man Faced Demon Spider.

Regarded as a wicked butcher, right now the Man Faced Demon Spider had unexpectedly become his prey.

Compared to back when he came to search for Xiao Wu, that grace Tang San carried had faded a lot, in its place was even more ice cold. Despite this ice chill being largely accumulated inside, it was like his heart had frozen over, making the light flickering in his eyes even more aptly described as unfeeling.

One spirit beast after another gradually appeared within the controlling range of Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain. Each spirit beast underwent stringent inspection by the blue silver grass. The blue silver grass legion wouldn’t mistake any details.

Those Spirit Hall people had certainly already left the Star Dou Great Forest. Tang San also knew that with his current strength, finding them for revenge wasn’t realistic. But he had already made a firm resolution, no matter how difficult it was, in this life, his goal was to thoroughly root out Spirit Hall from this Continent.

Due to the substantial growth of his spiritual force, the area Tang San could sense grew even larger. In order to examine even further, he might as well narrow the width of the scan to two meters. With the spiritual force was even more condensed, the examining distance was even greater. As for the range he examined, he would slowly turn around, searching as if scanning.

Work didn’t defeat resolute people, truly formidable spirit beast gathering places were so small, back then that Man Faced Demon Spider suffered Tang San’s poison, and it very quickly appeared in tang San’s Blue Silver Domain probes.

This Man Faced Demon Spider really had cultivated past thirty thousand years. In the entire Star Dou Great Forest, it was also the single most formidable Man Faced Demon Spider. In ordinary circumstances, even forty or fifty thousand year cultivation spirit beasts wouldn’t easily provoke this toxic creature.

The solid carapace covering its body was like the best armor, and each spider leg its best weapon. Further adding the poison and some special abilities, it was absolutely the true wicked butcher of this great forest. As long as it didn’t provoke anyone on the level of super spirit beasts like the Titan Giant Ape, even if it couldn’t win, it could still escape. In terms of speed, the Man Faced Demon Spider was never below any spirit beast. Especially in such a complex place as this forest.

Several days ago, as it discovered Tang San and Xiao Wu’s aura, it was paying attention to them. What truly attracted it was still the aura Xiao Wu emitted. Spirit beasts were far more sensitive to aura than humans, and it immediately found that Xiao Wu was actually a hundred thousand year spirit beast that had chosen to change shape.

To a spirit beast like it, a human shape hundred thousand year spirit beast was no doubt the best tonic. If it could eat one, its cultivation could rise by ten thousand years, and there would still be a lot of other benefits.

Therefore it hid nearby, waiting for a chance.

It finally took the opportunity, and moreover the timing it looked for was just right. Unfortunately, it ran into Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances. Even though it could have continued attacking back then, certainly killing Tang San and Xiao Wu, the ice and fire poisons contained in Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances still filled it with dread. Especially when they punctured the spider legs it was most confident in, this Man Faced Demon Spider was scared away.

That it could live until today, possess its current cultivation, was largely related to its caution. It never provoked creatures it couldn’t afford to, and even when hunting spirit beasts, it would only choose targets weaker than itself. There was nothing more important than preserving its life.

However, it was precisely because of its obstruction that Tang San and Xiao Wu completely fell into an impasse, just causing the later troubles. How would Tang San let it get away?

Locking onto this creature’s position, Tang San immediately moved, shooting up, using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to move through the dense forest as if walking on flat ground. His Blue Silver Domain was rigidly fixed on the opponent, and he quickly pulled close the distance.

Spirit beasts with cultivation past ten thousand years already possessed fairly high intelligence, further adding their level of sensitivity, when this Man Faced Demon Spider was targeted by Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain, it’s whole body immediately shivered. Shooting out without the slightest hesitation, it swiftly ran away into the distance.

From the faintly discernable aura that targeted it, it felt an intense fear. Its giant legs moved swiftly, bringing it dashing into the distance with incomparable speed.

Tang San naturally also sensed the movements of the Man Faced Demon Spider, but he didn’t have the slightest intent of giving up. Launching the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone ability, he changed to flying forward. He didn’t fly high, because that would very possibly lead to encountering spirit beast attacks, but he employed the flying within the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track.

Relying on his profound spiritual force to examine the situation as he flew, he successfully traveled through the forest at high speed. The originally increasing distance immediately shrank again.

Even though the Man Faced Demon Spider was fast, how would Tang San be slow? Urged by the formidable killing intent in his heart, he broke out with his full potential.

Because of flying hurriedly, the vessels operating within him, the remaining effects of the hundred thousand year spirit ring within him was absorbed one step closer. Two yellow, one purple, two black, one red, six dazzling spirit rings surrounded Tang San.

Tang San didn’t only chase, at the same time the Blue Silver Domain effects emerged completely. The more powerful he was himself, the more powerful the effects of the two great domains he possessed. Under the effect of the Blue Silver Domain, that Man Faced Demon Spider’s escape route was no longer so smooth.

Strand after strand of blue silver grass like vines grew into heavy barrier after heavy barrier in the direction it was running. Even though it was impossible for these common blue silver grass to block a formidable spirit beast like a ten thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider after a brief evolution, with their obstruction, this Man Faced Demon Spider’s running speed naturally decreased substantially. The distance between it and Tang San fell sharply.

After obtaining Xiao Wu’s hundred thousand year spirit ring, Tang San discovered that his Blue Silver Domain had another capability. That was to use abilities with all the blue silver grass within the range controlled by the domain. Even though he could only use the lowest level Binding ability, don’t forget that Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain could now cover and extremely terrifying area.

If a magnificent army of thousands of horses and men fought him within this great forest, he could still instantly launch Binding with all the blue silver grass. All he would consume was a bit of spiritual force. Unrelated to his spirit power.

This Man Faced Demon Spider became Tang San’s first experimental subject. While the madly growing enormous blue silver grass obstructed its path forward, it frantically launched one Binding ability after another. The closer Tang San got to it, the more frantic the blue silver grass reacted.

In other words, the closer to the center of the Blue Silver Domain, the more distinct the effect of the domain, the more powerful these common blue silver grass were after growing.

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