Douluo Dalu
Clear Sky School Preview

148 – Blue Silver Emperor’s Tyrannical Control Power

Part 1

Just as he stepped out the door, a damp mist hit him head on. The mountaintop was extremely humid, and the fog was even denser in early morning. If it was an ordinary person’s eyesight, he could only have seen five meters or so.

Even if Tang San wasn’t greatly influenced by it, he was clearly unable to cultivate Purple Demon Eye. It seemed that if he were to stay here long, he would have to find a suitable place to cultivate.

The air was somewhat cold, and in just a moment outside, Tang San’s clothes were damp, leaving him no choice but to return to his room. Just as he hesitated over whether to cultivate a while longer, a pounding noise echoed at the door.

“Tang San, you up?”

The voice belonged to Tang Long.

“I’m up.”

Tang San hastily stepped forward to open the door, finding Tang Long carrying food boxes inside. Compared to Tang Tiantian’s delivery yesterday, he clearly brought a lot more food.

“Come, we’ll eat breakfast together.”

Tang Long also didn’t stand on ceremony, placing the food boxes on the table and opening them. Inside was a tray of steamed buns, a pot of hot congee, as well as a few eggs and salted vegetables.

“You might be busy today. Eat a bit.”

“Many thanks.”

Tang San didn’t stand on ceremony. He was just at an age where he could eat, and the two brothers ate heartily, finishing all the food in moments.

“Tang San, I’m afraid today will be troublesome for you. I heard the other brothers say that the elders are paying particular attention to your return, and are moreover very angry. The sect master had me tell you to be careful in everything. You can decline others’ challenges when necessary.”

Could he really decline? If he did, perhaps he truly would be unable to do anything for the sect. Tang San secretly sighed,

“Many thanks, big brother.”

Tang Long didn’t leave even after breakfast was done, all along waiting until the sun hung high enough to break up the mist, then led Tang San outside, directly to the Clear Sky School’s front courtyard.

Clear Sky School. Front courtyard.

Completely different from the quiet when Tang San arrived yesterday, right now at least a hundred fifty people were gathered in the courtyard. The majority stood in a ring, while sect master Tang Xiao and five old and white haired elders stood in the center of the courtyard.

These five elders all seemed to be at least eighty years old, but each had a lively spirit, red luster across their whole faces. One elder among them was speaking to Tang Xiao about something with a stern expression.

Tang Long spoke in a low voice:

“Besides the people outside for procuring things and handling business, the sect’s directly related disciples are all here. Those five in the center are the sect’s five first generation elders. Even the sect master has to deal with them. In terms of seniority, they’re all the sect master’s uncles.”

Accompanied by Tang Long, Tang San arrived in the courtyard. The incense burner Tang San had originally predicted would be here didn’t appear. Tang Yue-Hua stood behind Tang Xiao, her expression extremely unsightly. Tang San and Tang long’s appearance immediately became the focal point of everyone.

At this point, someone unknown shouted,

“Tang Hao family trash, get out of Clear Sky. You’re not welcome here.”

Along with this provocation, a new few of the sect youths immediately shouted back, and for a moment the courtyard became disorderly.

Tang San’s eyes narrowed slightly. Just as Tang Xiao was about to shout for order, suddenly, a faint white light spread from Tang San, instantly becoming colorless.

Right now was the middle of the day. The mountaintop was undoubtedly very cold without the sunshine, but it was also the place closest to the sun. As the sunshine sprinkled down, the temperature would also be much higher than on level ground. The vicious sunshine would even cause sunburns.

But right now, in the instant the white light spread from Tang San, the Clear Sky School’s disciples all had a feeling as if they’d fallen into an ice cellar. The ice cold thick killing intent spread to every corner of the front courtyard.

The numerous disorderly voices screeched to a sudden halt as if cut off with a sharp blade. Who could have thought that the previously quiet and contented, gracefully calm Tang San, would actually be able to release this kind of almost substantial tyrannical killing intent.

With a sweep of his gaze, Tang San almost instantly found that sect disciple who rushed to speak up first. That was a youth roughly the same age as him. Relying on his technique for locating sounds as well as his potent spiritual force, he directly locked him down.

And this moment the rich killing intent distributed into the surrounding air suddenly condensed, gathering entirely on this person.

The killing intent that had turned colorless from scattering once again appeared white, Like it was a bridge connecting Tang San to that youth. A faint blood red flashed in Tang San’s deep blue eyes. This moment, Tang Yue-Hua seemed to recognize that Tang San that had first come to the Moon Pavilion.

That moment the slightly more than twenty year old youth found himself in the condensed Deathgod Domain, his expression immediately turned miserable. The heavy chill seeped directly into his skin. To his eyes, Tang San seemed to have become a bloodthirsty devil.

However, he was also worthy of being called a Clear Sky School disciple. Even though he was young, his cultivation wasn’t shallow.

With a loud shout, black light surged in his right hand, a one meter long Clear Sky Hammer abruptly emerging. Two yellow and two purple, four spirit rings were released. Relying on his spirit’s formidable imposing manner, he managed with difficulty to stabilize his swaying heart.

This was still the Clear Sky Hammer. If he had an inferior spirit, under the combined assault of Tang San’s Deathgod Domain and spiritual force, perhaps he would already have collapsed.

Tang Xiao shouted:

“Tang San, don’t be impudent in front of the elders.”

Tang San also didn’t plan to really do anything. The white light vanishing, he once again turned to Tang Xiao as if he had never done anything, bowing and saluting,

“My respects to sect master, my respects to elders.”

The five elders naturally also felt the tyrannical killing intent Tang San had released, and they couldn’t keep their faces from changing. One elder with long white eyebrows said in a low voice:

“Deathgod Domain.”

Tang San didn’t conceal it,


Another slim elder gave a cold laugh,

“You’ve actually inherited the talent of that disaster Tang Hao, but so what? If the sect had another Tang Hao, perhaps we would be destroyed. You, a third generation disciple, still doesn’t kneel when meeting us?”

Tang San hesitated a moment, but still kneeled. Not only because they were his elders, but even more because of what his father owed the sect.

“Tang San hopes for forgiveness for his father, to help restore the greatness of the sect. Sect master and elders, please allow me to recognize my ancestors and clan.”

The slim elder furiously said:

“Bullshit, in view of your father’s conduct and deeds, don’t think about returning to the sect. You’re the son born from him and that evil spirit beast creature, just a bastard. Even if the Clear Sky School’s gates are sealed, we still won’t let a bastard return to the sect.”

“Seventh junior, pay attention to propriety when you speak, there are a lot of juniors watching.”

The long-eyebrowed elder frowned, speaking somewhat dissatisfied.

Hearing the word ‘bastard’. Tang San’s expression suddenly became calm. Still kneeling, he slowly raised his head, looking at the slim elder.

“Who did you say is a bastard?”

Even though he didn’t release the Deathgod Domain, the chill he emanated right now was even colder than before.

Tang Xiao didn’t block Tang San from questioning the slim elder, right now he was also so furious his face was grey.

“You, little bastard.”

The slim elder hardly concealed the fury in his expression, already trembling somewhat in agitation,

“If not for that animal Tang Hao involving the sect, my eldest son wouldn’t have been ambushed and killed by Spirit Hall while getting supplies for the sect.”

“Enough. Seventh elder, if you don’t control yourself you can leave.”

The long-eyebrowed elder clearly held the most respected position among the five elders. Hearing that slim elder hurling abuse without listening to excuses and without the least elegance, he was also somewhat angry.

Something nobody expected happened. Tang San suddenly faced the slim elder, slamming his head against the ground three times,

“I’m sorry, seventh elder. I will apologize on behalf of my father for the mistakes he made back then. However, your true enemy should be Spirit Hall, not us.”

As he spoke, Tang San’s expression seemed very sincere, and his three head knocks were also very heavy. As he raised his head once again, there was already a wisp of blood on his forehead.

In fact, with the durability of his skin, he had clearly had to be extremely forceful to damage it like this, and moreover without using a trace of spirit power to protect himself.

The slim elder sneered:

“Can that make up for the pain of mourning my son? I’m not alone in suffering from Tang Hao’s actions, it’s the entire sect. If he knew he was wrong, he should return to apologize to the sect himself.”

Tang San stood, as if he hadn’t heard this seventh elder’s words, his originally sincere gaze abruptly turned severe,

“Even though I believe the sect’s matters can’t be completely blamed on my father, my father was after all also wrong, implicating the sect. Therefore I offer apologies to you. However, for your previous words disgracing my mother, I must ask for justice. Seventh elder, I challenge you, I won’t complain even in death.”

His words were unhesitating like chopping the nail and slicing the iron. Even though his appearance was handsome, his temperament refined, at this moment everyone in the Clear Sky School sensed that powerful and valiant air from Tang San.

The slim seventh elder stared blankly a moment,

“You want to challenge me?”

Tang San confirmed:

“Yes. Please advise me, seventh elder.”


The seventh elder laughed loudly and heartily, the spirit power fluctuations emanating along with the wild laughter seemingly making the entire Clear Sky School tremble,

“A junior like you still makes a challenge to me. If it was Tang Hao it might be appropriate.”

To the side, Tang Yue-Hua secretly cursed in her heart, ‘If second brother was here, would you dare accept?’ But she saw that Tang Xiao next to her never spoke up, leaving it for Tang San to handle himself, and naturally also didn’t say anything.

Part 2

She knew that it wasn’t that her big brother as sect master was unable to contend with the elders, but rather a chance Tang Xiao gave Tang San, and also an opportunity to test Tang San’s capability.

Tang San quietly watched the seventh elder, calmly saying:

“Don’t you dare?”

Just these three words were like a slap in the seventh elder’s face, his laughter coming to a sudden stop. As one of Clear Sky School’s five elders, this seventh elder had an extremely high position in the sect. Even if Tang Xiao would to let him, now being provoked by a junior several generations younger, how could he endure?

Just as the seventh elder was about to speak up, the long-eyebrowed elder indifferently said:

“Youngsters may be proud to the bone, but they can’t be arrogant. You’ve never returned to the sect, and right now you still aren’t part of the sect, so I won’t punish you according to the sect rules. However, the sect won’t forget about you looking down on us. Where is Tang Hu?”

“Second uncle.”

A robust man around his forties walked out from the crowd. As he walked through the crowd, the third generation disciples automatically stepped out of his way, his position in the sect obvious.

The long-eyebrowed elder indifferently said:

“You exchange pointers with him. Even though the Clear Sky School has returned to live in seclusion, we still won’t be provoked by anyone.”

Clearly, he had never recognized Tang San as a member of the Clear Sky School.

A tiny voice reached Tang San’s ear,

“This Tang Hu’s strength isn’t inferior to mine, his spirit power has already reached the sixty fourth rank, be careful.”

The voice belonged to Tang Long. This seemingly boorish third generation chief had a very meticulous mind.

Somewhat shocking Tang San was that the long-eyebrowed elder unexpectedly looked towards Tang Long. It seemed he had also heard what Tang Long had said with his voice compressed to a string.

Tang San looked at the long-eyebrowed elder,

“Elder, if I win, will I be qualified to challenge the seventh elder?”

The long-eyebrowed elder glanced at him, his eyes calm as the vast ocean, this elder didn’t express the slightest bit of his aura on the surface, but Tang San seemed to sense that he was even more dangerous than his uncle Tang Xiao.

“You will.”

The seventh elder snorted disdainfully,

“Tang Hu. If you lose, I’ll shut you into closed door training for a year.”

Tang Hu didn’t say anything. Just the opposite from Tang Long’s wildness, this Clear Sky School third generation elite appeared very cold, his face level as water, his whole person exceptionally calm. Built tall but not thick, and without showing any mood fluctuations from the two elders’ words. Tang San knew that the opponent he was about to confront wasn’t easy to handle. The most outstanding disciple of what was once the world’s number one sect, how could he be easily dealt with?

“Tang Hu, sixty fourth ranked power attack system battle Spirit Emperor. Please.”

Making an inviting gesture to Tang San, Tang Hu was the very model of etiquette.

“Tang San, fifty ninth ranked control system battle Spirit King. Please.”

Tang San’s movements were graceful and natural, as if in harmony with the world. Tang Yue-Hua to the side couldn’t help smiling and nodding, this was all the result of her teaching.

As they heard Tang San reveal his spirit power level, all the Clear Sky School disciples couldn’t help being in an uproar. Tang San appeared much younger than Tang Hu. Even Tang Long was thirty when breaking through the sixtieth rank.

“Wait a moment, kid, how old are you this year?”

The previously clamoring seventh elder suddenly asked.

Tang San turned his head to look at him. Even though he didn’t have any good impression of this seventh elder, when he thought of his pain of mourning his son, he could still somewhat understand his mood,

“Just turned twenty.”

The surroundings quieted down. The facial muscles of Tang Hu standing across from Tang San twitched slightly. Before Tang San arrived at the sect, even though Tang Yue-Hua wasn’t modest in bragging about him, it was still only limited to Tang Xiao as well as Tang long and his closest several third generation subordinate disciples. The elders and the other third generation disciples naturally didn’t know his circumstances. What Tang Xiao wanted was for Tang San to shock everyone today.

Just turned twenty. These few words alone simultaneously moved the five elders. The five looked at each other, inwardly all making some judgements.

Originally, Tang Hao was already a genius difficult to find in a hundred years in the Clear Sky School. This son of his seemed to be even more outstanding than he was back then.

Twenty years old and fifty ninth rank. Further adding a Deathgod Domain, he really did have the capital to be arrogant.

The long-eyebrowed elder waved a hand, saying:


Spirit power level was admittedly important, but it didn’t stand for everything. To say nothing of that Tang Hu was still one level higher than Tang San, one more spirit ring. The higher the level of the Spirit Master, the greater the strength difference of one spirit ring. Furthermore, Tang Hu’s spirit was the Clear Sky School’s exceptional top rate tool spirit, the Clear Sky Hammer. He didn’t believe that Tang San could make up the difference between him and Tang Hu with a Deathgod Domain.

Black light sparkled, and Tang Hu’s aura abruptly became grave. Within the rich black rays of light, a black Clear Sky Hammer with a three meter long handle and head the size of a bucket appeared within the dense black light in his right hand. Two yellow, two purple, two black, six spirit rings appeared neatly arrayed over the Clear Sky Hammer.

With the appearance of the Clear Sky Hammer, Tang Hu’s manner immediately changed. Compared to the previous coldness, right now he was like solid granite, towering there without the slightest gap.

This was still the first time Tang San confronted an opponent with the Clear Sky Hammer. Not daring be the slightest bit careless, he released his own Blue Silver Emperor.

A strand of sparkling and translucent Blue Silver Emperor appeared out of nothing in Tang San’s right hand like a whip. Under the intense sunshine, the golden line within the Blue Silver Emperor was clearly visible.

“Wait a moment, his spirit isn’t the Clear Sky Hammer, who let him into the sect? What disciples were on duty yesterday?”

The seventh elder shouted loudly, once again interrupting Tang San and Tang Hu’s contest.

Without waiting for the disciples on duty to appear, Tang Yue Hua standing to the side had already indifferently said:

“Seventh elder, don’t tell me you haven’t heard of the Spirit Master world concept of twin spirits?

The Clear Sky School’s disciples were still good. As far as they knew, the Clear Sky Hammer was the best spirit in the world, and nothing could compare to it. But the expressions of some of the older third generation disciples as well as the elders changed, even more shocked than when they heard Tang San was fifty ninth ranked at twenty before.

If cultivation could be said to be raised through hard work and luck, then twin spirits was a gift, a blessed gift.

The long-eyebrowed elder stared fixedly at Tang Yue-Hua,

“You’re saying that he’s the same as the present Spirit Hall Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong, having twin spirits?”

Tang Yue-Hua nodded,

“Tang San inherited his dad’s Clear Sky Hammer and his mom’s Blue Silver Emperor. Little San, let them see your hammer.”

The sparkling Blue Silver Emperor quietly withdrew, Tang San didn’t even have time to release his spirit rings. Spreading his left hand, the chi long Clear Sky Hammer quietly lay in his hand. Tightening his grip, black light surged around the Clear Sky Hammer.

Everyone present were the Clear Sky School’s direct relations, and naturally recognized that this was indeed the Clear Sky Hammer.

“Continue with the contest.”

The long-eyebrowed elder waved his hand, but his eyes already displayed a somewhat pondering expression.

The Clear Sky Hammer was again replaced with Blue Silver Emperor. Yellow, yellow, purple, black, black, five spirit rings spiraled up, quietly and rhythmically revolving around Tang San.

“Take care.”

As Tang San’s words fell, his fourth spirit ring had already brightened.

Without any warning, sixteen strands of glittering translucently lustrous Blue Silver Emperor shot up from around Tang Hu, instantly solidifying. Blue Silver Emperor’s fourth spirit ability, Blue Silver Prison.

Compared to before, not only didn’t Tang San’s Blue Silver Prison have any preparatory time, but each strand of Blue Silver Emperor was also even thicker. The instant the cage formed, countless thorns began to grow from the Blue Silver Emperor, piercing directly towards Tang Hu.


Tang Hu gave a low roar, right hand swinging the Clear Sky Hammer horizontally, already smashing against the Blue Silver Prison.

With an explosive sound, the thorns thrusting at him from the front were smashed. However, shocking Tang Hu was that the solid Blue Silver Prison didn’t even budge. In fact, his Clear Sky Hammer weighed more than a thousand jin1, and further adding his spirit power, this attack was well over two thousand jin2. He had moreover used his first spirit ability to strengthen the Clear Sky Hammer. However, that Blue Silver Prison was extremely durable, and moreover extremely flexible. Even though the thorns were crushed, he was unable to break out of the cage.

The Blue Silver Grass’s second awakening to Blue Silver Emperor had evolved it as a whole. The Blue Silver Prison here was the might the Blue Silver Emperor could truly display. As a ten thousand year spirit ring ability, and also the world’s only Blue Silver Emperor, how could it be so easily broken?

A blue light halo quietly spread from Tang San’s feet, the brilliance very soon encompassing the entire front courtyard.

Everyone in the Clear Sky School only felt an atmosphere full of vitality, however, what Tang Hu felt was completely different. The Blue Silver Prison in front of him suddenly released a golden splendor, that restrained golden line within the Blue Silver Grass instantly growing larger. His just congregated third spirit ability attack unexpectedly rebounded once again.

Tang San had now already raised both his hands, aiming towards Tang Hu. Just restraining the opponent clearly wasn’t enough to gain victory. Tang Hu’s strength was formidable, and he couldn’t be injured just by the thorns growing from the Blue Silver Grass. Not even with the boost of the Blue Silver Domain.

Starting at his right shoulder, strand after strand of Blue Silver Grass coiled around Tang San’s arm. Each strand of Blue Silver Emperor was only thumb sized, swiftly wrapping coils, they had already completely covered Tang San’s arm in just the blink of an eye. And the fifth spirit ring over Tang San, the fifth spirit ring condensed by the Blue Silver King, flickered with black light.

Part 3

The never used fifth spirit ability, would finally appear.

Along with the glittering of that black spirit ring, the Blue Silver Domain Tang San released also abruptly grew stronger, rings of blue light surging all over him, and that Blue Silver Emperor wrapped arm of his also instantly turned golden.

The long-eyebrowed second elder couldn’t keep back a low shout,

“Innate domain, a spirit variation.”

Now, his face finally grew serious, his gaze as he looked again at Tang San already somewhat different.

Was it truly spirit variation? No, that was however a kind of special way for the Blue Silver Emperor to manifest.

To be precise, this was also the true Blue Silver Emperor.

Tang San’s fifth spirit ability was completely condensed from countless blue silver grass. That time was also when he aroused the true potential of the Blue Silver Emperor. As a result, this fifth spirit ability undoubtedly ideally suited his Blue Silver Domain.

When both fused together, they would have extremely terrifying power, in no way as simple as common ten thousand year spirit abilities. This showed in how Tang San now warmed up the spirit ability in advance.

Besides this fifth spirit ability, his other spirit abilities could basically all be used instantly.

Blue Silver Emperor was coiled in a spiral around his entirely golden arm. The golden light spread, and Tang San’s expression became extremely serious. Outsiders didn’t sense the feeling this golden Blue Silver Emperor brought, but as the person involved, Tang Hu clearly sensed this terrifying threat.

Trapped within the Blue Silver Prison, Tang Hu discovered that the pressure emanating from Tang San across from him actually left him unable to breath. As if even his chest had already begun to collapse under the pressure. Especially the spear sharp energy at the tip of that golden light felt even more as if it could pierce everything.

Even the Clear Sky Hammer was unable to completely block the threat that golden light gave him.

He understood that if this spirit ability was unleashed, it would inevitably be earth shattering and heaven shaking. Even though he didn’t know that Tang San’s spirit was Blue Silver Emperor, right now he could still judge that this was a super spirit not second to the Clear Sky Hammer.

Tang Hu was after all an outstanding talent among the Clear Sky School’s third generation disciples. Right now he knew that he wouldn’t be able to escape danger without his full strength. His fifth spirit ring finally brightened.

The Clear Sky Hammer in his hand abruptly emanated black splendor. Line after line of deep purple patterns spread across the hammer, the incomparably tyrannical aura rendering even his eyes purple.

Even with the same Clear Sky Hammer, killing different spirit beasts for spirit rings would produce spirits with different abilities. Right now, the pattern on Tang Hu’s Clear Sky Hammer brought a slight quiver. Only by seeing him twist his waist and straighten his back, the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand seemed alive. Lightly rotating in the small area, abruptly, a layer of heavy black light spread with him at its center.

This moment, Tang Hu seemed to become one with the Clear Sky Hammer, with nothing to separate them.

With the boost of the Blue Silver Domain, not only was each strand of the Blue Silver Prison golden, but they were also knotted and intertwined, extremely thick and solid, accomplished by the Blue Silver Emperor’s innate domain.

The Blue Silver Domain’s effect brought out the best in the Blue Silver Emperor. This was the greatest advantage of this unique spirit.

If only considering the Blue Silver Emperor, perhaps its quality would still fall short of the Clear Sky Hammer. But the Blue Silver Emperor with the Blue Silver Domain, in some specific conditions, could be even more powerful than the Clear Sky Hammer.

Hong—— Without any restraint, an explosive sound abruptly rose in the Blue Silver Prison. A tremendous explosive force made golden and black colored light soar towards the sky.

Tang Hu gave a muffled grunt on his side, and Tang San, condensing spirit power, swayed slightly, his complexion somewhat pale.

Tasting the tyranny of the Clear Sky Hammer for the first time, Tang San also couldn’t help secretly being overwhelmed with shock. If he hadn’t severed his connection with the Blue Silver Prison just in time, just the burst of spirit power from the collision of the two spirits would have been enough to injure him.

Tang Hu grunted due to suffering the backlash of the collision, but by now he was already soaring into the air, the fifth spirit ability, Man And Hammer Union, even more rising to its peak at the same time as it split the Blue Silver Prison.

In midair, he spun like a purple fierce tiger. The Clear Sky Hammer in his hand swinging like lightning. It was the Clear Sky School’s secret skill, Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method.

The best way to stop the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method was to never let him use it. Both Tang San’s arms were raised simultaneously. His left arm of course had no use in releasing his fifth spirit ability, but was waiting for this moment.

He originally never trusted the fourth spirit ability Blue Silver Prison to completely trap Tang Hu.

Even if this fourth spirit ability of his also was a ten thousand year level, Tang Hu was after all a Clear Sky School disciple with formidable strength. He was above him in both spirit power and spirit abilities.

Blue light shot out of his left hand. After the blue light left his palm, it swiftly turned a sparkling and translucent green, glittering alternately blue and green. It flew straight at Tang Hu using Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, his violent spirit power fluctuations even allowing him to temporarily float in the air.

In the air, Tang Hu couldn’t help inwardly sneering, secretly thinking, ‘You really haven’t grown up in the sect, don’t even know about the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer method. Using this kind of frontal spirit ability against me at this moment, don’t tell me it can break through the tremendous spirit power released by my Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method? If I can complete more than half my hammer method, it will be the moment of your defeat.’ The opportunities to make this kind of display in front of the elders were rare, right now clearly was a good chance.

Unfortunately, he had no idea how laboriously Tang San had worked on the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method.

As the once most outstanding disciple of the sect, how could Tang Hao not know the importance of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method to the Clear Sky Hammer? Under Tang Hao’s directions, Tang San’s Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method wasn’t any worse than his peer disciples.

As a control system Spirit Master, his greatest characteristic was control.

By now, Tang San was no longer simply controlling his own spirit abilities, he even controlled the spirit abilities of his opponents.

Including Tang Hu using the fifth spirit ability to break open the Blue Silver Prison, as well as the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method he used now, everything advanced practically according to the script Tang San had made.

A flash of blue light. Fully using the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, Tang Hu suddenly felt his whole body tighten. Immediately afterward, sharp pain spread across his whole body, especially his arms ached as if being torn apart.

Blue Silver Emperor’s second spirit ability, Parasite, launched.

Along with the release of the Blue Silver Prison, Tang San’s second spirit ability, Parasite, had already taken effect on Tang Hu’s body. Parasite was in itself only a reinforced version of the first spirit ability, Binding, and Binding’s capability wasn’t any more powerful than first spirit abilities, but its victory lay in its suddenness. Under Tang San’s control, as long as the opponent’s body was seeded with Blue Silver Grass seeds, Parasite could be launched at any time.

The instantly bound by Blue Silver Grass Tang Hu basically hadn’t expected Tang San to use this kind of ability, and both his arms were still swinging the Clear Sky Hammer in the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method.

His body was suddenly bound, but dictated by inertia, he still moved forcefully. The slender but incomparably tenacious Blue Silver Grass immediately cut into his skin. This was the source of the pain.

Tang Hu reacted very quickly, swiftly spinning in the air, the stored power of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method turning into torque for his body. Otherwise, the Blue Silver Emperor binding his body would perhaps be shattered, but his body would also be shredded by the released force.

The feeling of misusing force made Tang Hu unable to keep from spouting out a mouthful of blood, with great difficulty dissolving the previously accumulated force of his Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method.

But both his arms were already dripping with blood, several dozen wounds cut open by the Blue Silver Emperor.

Even though the Blue Silver Emperor’s exposed thorns couldn’t pierce the toughness of his skin so easily, the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method’s force really was too great. Even though the violent chafing left the Blue Silver Emperor Binding on the verge of collapse, it also pierced his skin.

Neurological toxin invaded, making Tang Hu unable to keep his entire body from spasming.

Parasite was an unremarkable spirit ability, but this spirit ability was still the nemesis of the Clear Sky School’s created secret skill, Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method.


The Blue Silver Emperor shattered once again. Tang Hu’s fifth spirit ability, Man And Hammer Union, had already disappeared due to the interruption, but by now he was also moved to true anger.

He originally hadn’t wanted to use his sixth spirit ability, after all, Tang San only had five spirit rings, so if he used the sixth spirit ability to win, how could he leave a deep impression on the elders?

But constantly thwarted, always suppressed by Tang San, Tang Hu was finally unable to hold back.

The black sixth spirit ring radiated splendor, the lines of light on the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand appearing again, only this time the pattern had already become piercingly silvery, with a lingering silver light.

But before the sixth spirit ability of the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand had time to emerge, that unremarkable flying blue and green colored ball of light from before was already in front of him.

It made no sound, but still spread like a flash of lightning.

A more than ten meter in diameter enormous blue green spider web, covered in sticky liquid and with sparkling translucent blue, abruptly gathered together.

This was the moment when Tang Hu had just thrown off the Blue Silver Emperor Parasite, his body falling, the gap while he prepared to set the sixth spirit ability in motion.

Just as Tang Hu planned, if his Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method had continued, relying on the formidable spirit power of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, this Spiderweb Restraint practically couldn’t even have gotten close to him.

However, Tang San’s timing was just perfect, creating an opportunity for himself, simply letting his third spirit ability accurately take effect on Tang Hu.

  1. 1000斤 = 500 kg
  2. 2000斤 = 1000 kg

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