Douluo Dalu
Slaughter City Preview

134 – True Face Of Tang San’s Spirit, Blue Silver Emperor

Part 1

This was a mood he had never sensed before. Gradually, he didn’t need to release too much spiritual force, each blue silver grass within the forest released faint spiritual fluctuations, and even though they weren’t strong individually, with all that omnipresent blue silver grass together, it formed a tremendous spiritual field, fusing together with the spiritual force Tang San released.

Through them, the range Tang San could sense suddenly multiplied exponentially.

Each blue silver grass became like Tang San’s eyes and ears. Tang San could use spiritual force to examine the world before, but now using the blue silver grass’ spiritual field, the area he could observe could only be described as terrifying.

Just at this moment, suddenly, a voice echoed by Tang San’s ears without any warning,

“King, great king, is it truly you? You have finally come to me, thank Heaven.”

‘King? Is this meant for me?’ Tang San was inwardly shocked. He didn’t understand why a voice would appear within his spiritual world. And at this moment, Tang Hao standing next to Tang San, revealed a faint smile. His spiritual force had also been open all along.

A voice suddenly appearing as Tang San sensed the spiritual field of the surrounding blue silver grass, astonished him enormously. And this voice unexpectedly addressed him as king.

A powerful spiritual force suddenly reached out through the originally gentle blue silver grass spiritual field. This spiritual force swiftly tangled with Tang San’s spiritual force, as if the two were ropes tied together.

“King, please come here to me, can you?”

That voice seemed to become even more eager, and with a strong longing.

Opening his eyes in shock, Tang San looked at his father.

Tang Hao calmly said:

“You should have already sensed it. Go, I’ll wait for you here. There are times when obtaining a spirit ring doesn’t require killing.”

Even though Tang San didn’t understand what his father meant, he still stood. Greatly astonishing to him was that even without him deliberately controlling his spiritual force right now, that intense spiritual aura was still connected to him, constantly calling out.

Stepping into the forest, Tang San suddenly felt the threatening aura of the spirit beasts within the forest clearly weaken, as if the spirit beasts hidden among the trees had stepped aside to open up a path. With his father’s certainty, he didn’t hesitate, leaping up and swiftly advancing in the direction of that spiritual pull.

Where he passed, the blue silver grass on the ground seemed to call out excitedly, softly swaying rhythmically. As if dancing cheerfully at Tang San’s arrival.

This forest wasn’t large, at least it couldn’t even be compared to the Star Dou Great Forest. But as he entered, Tang San discovered that the plants here all seemed very ancient, as if they had experienced endless years.

Trees towering towards the sky could be seen everywhere, even the light of the sun found it very difficult to pierce the dense foliage.

Tang San could be certain that this was an ancient forest. But, just what was that voice calling out to him?

He longed to know the truth, and therefore his speed was especially rapid. On the way, he wasn’t obstructed by any spirit beasts, and easily followed the pull of that spiritual force forward.

After rushing for around two hours, that spiritual force connected to him suddenly became especially clear.

“King, I am here.”

The spiritual voice appeared once again, so excited it was even a bit nervous.

Passing two trees that would have required at least several people working together to reach around, Tang San’s spiritual force shifted, locking onto a plant in front. He could clearly feel that the spiritual call came from this plant.

Slender vines climbed up, intertwining until they reached ten meters into the air. It seemed to be countless vines twined together to form an extraordinary plant. It was entirely crystal clear blue, the surface flickering with a special kind of translucency. In its surroundings, the blue silver grass grew especially lush.

Each of those vines were the thickness of a human waist, their diameter surpassing one chi.

Right now it swayed slightly, and in the middle of the vines, there were unexpectedly marks condensed together like a human face. Right now its expression seemed to be smiling. Smiling at him.

These vines gave him a formidable impression, an extremely formidable aura being released with hardly any restraint. Intense spiritual fluctuations gushed out with that face as center, revolving around Tang San with a cheerful rhythm.

The spiritual pull stopped here. Even though Tang San had seen plant type spirit beasts before, it was still the first time he met one with such a formidable aura.

“Did you call for me?”

Tang San’s stared at the enormous vine in front of him with a burning gaze. Even though he already sensed that the counterpart didn’t hold the slightest bit of malice, inwardly he still couldn’t help being a bit vigilant.

“Yes, great king. It was I who called for you.”

That human face in the twisting vines moved, revealing an extraordinary human expression, its large mouth opening, unexpectedly issuing human speech.

This time it was no longer a spiritual exchange, but rather true speech.

Tang San was shocked. In fact, plant type spirit beasts’ cultivation was a lot harder than animal type spirit beasts. He had never heard Grandmaster say that plant type spirit beasts could speak, but the facts arrayed before him tolerated no disbelief.

“Who are you? Why do you call me king?”

Tang San curiously asked.

The vines smiled:

“Because flowing through your body, is blood more noble than mine. If I can be called a king among blue silver grass, then, you are the emperor.”

Hearing this, Tang San inwardly understood somewhat. His brain operating at high speed, all kinds of possibilities constantly appeared in his mind.

This enormous vine in front of him was unexpectedly also a blue silver grass. The universally regarded as a trash spirit, Blue Silver Grass, could actually be cultivated to such a formidable degree?

Before Tang San opened his mouth, the Blue Silver King spoke once again,

“The distance to blood of your realm is still at least fifteen thousand years of cultivation for me. To meet you, to sense the aura of the blood you carry, I seem to have found a path leading to even nobler blood. Thank you, my king.”

Tang San frowned,

“I’m sorry, perhaps you’ve made a mistake. I’m really not your king. I’m a human, not blue silver grass. I just happen to possess the Blue Silver Grass spirit.”


The Blue Silver King said somewhat eagerly:

“Great king, it’s impossible for me to mistake it. The aura you carry is the aura of the Blue Silver Empress, this is no mistake. If you were only an ordinary human with the blue silver grass spirit like that, do you believe you could cultivate to your present level? What you possess, is the blood of the blue silver imperial family! Great king.”

Tang San was dumbfounded,

“You’re saying, that my Blue Silver Grass isn’t ordinary Blue Silver Grass?”

“Yes. What you possess is the purest blood of the blue silver royalty. If I were to describe your spirit then, I think it would be more suitable to use Blue Silver Emperor, not Blue Silver Grass. All blue silver are one line, all are your people. Haven’t you felt them calling out to you?”

Blue Silver Emperor? Tang San’s heart twitched. He suddenly understood some of his father’s intentions in letting him come here.

Could it be that his mother’s spirit in those days was Blue Silver Emperor? That what he had inherited wasn’t some trash spirit, but the profound Blue Silver Emperor Spirit?

That enormous Blue Silver King continued:

“Blue Silver Emperor has always been of the same line in this world. Only when the last Blue Silver Emperor passes will the next Blue Silver Emperor appear. Even if you are human, you are currently the only person through whose veins flows the blood of the Blue Silver Emperor.”

Tang San felt his pulse accelerate,

“But, I’ve never felt that my Blue Silver Grass was anything special, perhaps you don’t understand, but the strength I possess right now was obtained by a special method of cultivating.”

Tang San had always believed that the reason he could possess innate full spirit power wasn’t related to his spirit, but rather to his cultivation of Mysterious Heaven Skill.

Consequently, he was still somewhat doubtful of the Blue Silver King’s words.

The Blue Silver King sighed lightly, saying:

“Yes, you’re not wrong, previously, your Blue Silver Emperor was no different from ordinary Blue Silver Grass. This is our mistake. Because, your blue silver imperial blood still hasn’t truly awakened. Therefore you’re still unable to sense how formidable it is. Great king, your coming here, don’t tell me it isn’t in order to let me help you awaken it?”

Hearing the Blue Silver King’s words, if Tang San still didn’t understand, he wouldn’t be Tang San.

Awaken? His spirit had already had one awakening when he was six, could it be it still needed a second?

Apparently sensing Tang San’s way of thinking, the Blue Silver King patiently said:

“Great Majesty, would the awakening of ordinary humans be able to truly awaken that noble blood of yours? On the Continent, besides you, I am the longest living blue silver grass. Therefore I am called Blue Silver King. Meeting you at last, as your eternal servants, we will forever guard you. Do you wish to forever shelter your subjects?”

Without any hesitation, Tang San earnestly fixed his gaze on the Blue Silver King, nodding firmly,

“I do.”

Two drops of blue liquid flowed from where the eyes were on the Blue Silver King’s human face,

“Almost twenty years, without feeling the aura of Your Majesty. Today, we will at last no longer be motherless children. Your Majesty, please sense your subjects worship you.”

Part 2

The words fell, and an incomparably enormous aura suddenly rose. That wasn’t from the Blue Silver King in front of him, but rather from the entire forest.

Blue deep luster was emitted by every single blue silver grass. One blue silver grass might only emit a tiny speck of blue light, but as the blue light of millions and millions of blue silver grass condensed, that was a sea of blue.

Tang San immediately felt himself become the center of this ocean. His body was like an enormous swallowing mouth, frantically swallowing the outpouring blue sea of the outside world.

An unprecedented stream of heat rose from deep within. At this moment, Tang San no longer felt shock or pressure from the enormous energy, and neither did he have any sensation of his body swelling. He was shocked to discover that as that warm stream flowed courageously, an extremely gentle aura softly brushed away from his body.

For some reason, when he felt this gentle aura, Tang San suddenly had a kind of urge to cry. That seemed to be a kind of nourishing mood, as if what he bore right now, was his mother’s caress.

Closing his eyes, Tang San didn’t want to let this feeling pass. He renounced perception of everything in the outside world, he didn’t even use that top quality mind to calculate his current gains and losses, completely focusing his heart on that completely unreserved, completely selfless tenderness.

The Clear Sky Hammer was inherited from his father, Blue Silver Grass from his mother. No matter if it was a common Blue Silver Grass or the Blue Silver Emperor the Blue Silver King spoke of.

All this was what his mother in this world had left him. Tang San knew that, that tender aura, was the aura his mother had set aside for his blood.

Maternal love, the most selfless love in the world. Tang San had never had this kind of feeling before, but he did now. Even though he still didn’t have a mother in this world, right now, that dense maternal love pervaded his heart.

In the depths of his heart, something seemed to break, to melt.

Tang San seemed to see the scene of his birth in this world, a pale woman with long blue hair pulling him to her chest, a sparkling and translucent blue teardrop sliding down her delicate cheek, falling on his chest and slowly soaking in.

Even though he didn’t hear any voices in that tableau, he could clearly feel that woman’s love call out to him.

Mom. Tang San truly wanted to call out, but however he called, the woman in the scene still slowly faded. What remained was only him in swaddling, a faint blue spreading on his chest.

In the real world, standing there, Tang San already had cheeks streaming with tears. The surface of his skin had already completely turned a sparkling and translucent blue, countless Blue Silver Grass emitting from his body, coiling around. Those Blue Silver Grass were also extraordinarily sparkling and translucent.

Blue liquid rolled from the eyes of the Blue Silver King. People might mistake people, but he wouldn’t make mistakes. This boy in front of him was the descendant of the imperial family, the child of the Blue Silver Empress of those days. ‘Great king, I wish your soul and spirit may rest in peace.’

The tremendous blue light rushed in, and Tang San’s body was soaked and floating in an extremely gentle ocean. There was no pain. There was only a tender aura caressing his soul.

Spirit rings appeared one after another.

The first spirit ring, Datura Serpent, the second spirit ring, Ghost Vine, the third spirit ring, Man Faced Demon Spider, the fourth spirit ring, Pit Demon Spider.

Yellow, yellow, purple, black. The four spirit rings didn’t move after appearing, but rather rose in sequence over Tang San. And those countless spots of blue light swiftly invaded these four spirit rings, giving each one a blue layer.

And at this moment, the Blue Silver Grass in Tang San’s surroundings began to change.

This wasn’t caused by the blue ocean condensing in the outside world, but emitted from Tang San himself.

The originally sparkling and translucent Blue Silver Grass became even more transparent. Gradually, it actually changed into a resplendent transparency like sapphire. In the heart of that translucent blue, was a golden vein, spreading from the root of each blade of Blue Silver Grass through the leaf.

The true Blue Silver Emperor had finally been born.

In an instant, under the influence of the blue golden light spreading from Tang San, the blue light in the air clearly became even more tremendous. On the ground, each blue silver grass began to turn sparkling and transparent, began to grow frantically.

Even the Blue Silver King in front of Tang San became transparent under the influence of the blue golden light he released, its face revealing a satisfied expression.

Tang San’s four spirit rings all distributed a blue golden luster. Very quickly, that blue golden light once again permeated the spirit rings. It seemed that these four spirit rings were no different in any way from before.

But in fact, they were already no longer the four spirit rings of the Blue Silver Grass, but rather the four spirit rings of a Blue Silver Emperor.

Tang San’s swelling muscles shrank somewhat, his whole body seeming even more proportional. His stature didn’t change, but his black hair gradually turned deep blue. Within that deep blue was still mixed a faint golden luster.

It was like the Blue Silver Emperor at his side.

The crystalline long hair was so dazzlingly beautiful, and at this moment, the attributes of Tang San’s entire body were all intangibly promoted. Unrelated to spirit power, that was completely a reconstruction of his body after awakening his spirit.

The properties of Blue Silver Grass were fortitude and tenacious vitality. And as Blue Silver Emperor, right now Tang San’s body undoubtedly reflected this perfectly. Right now, that flourishing vitality of his body unexpectedly reached a terrifying level.

Even Tang San himself didn’t know that at this moment, his body gained a terrifying mechanism, a special attribute people couldn’t imagine.

Also the exclusive attribute of the Blue Silver Emperor.

That wasn’t an attribute that could be clearly sensed, but it would have an enormous influence on Tang San’s future.

The blue light gradually waned, Tang San gradually regaining consciousness.

But he didn’t want to wake. Because that benevolent tenderness slowly passed as he woke.

The original four spirit rings vanished into Tang San’s body one by one, but those countless specks of light began to rapidly condense, coagulating as they revolved around him. The tremendous blue light converged into an enormous blue halo, revolving around Tang San.

The halo constantly compressed and grew smaller, its color also turning darker and darker.

Tang San didn’t know what kind of feeling that was, he only felt the warm stream within him completely release. And the tears flowing from his eyes grew more numerous, and more…...

Finally, all that converging blue had turned into a halo the same size as a spirit ring, the countless overlapping blue specks finally turned black. Waltzing, that brand new black ring of light began to revolve around Tang San with a familiar rhythm, everything in the surroundings becoming still.

On the ground, the frantically growing blue silver grass was three times taller than before. Their translucency gradually disappeared along with the blue light, but the breath of life they released had clearly become even stronger than before.

This was the effect of the Blue Silver Emperor’s aura. Under its influence, all blue silver grass would make a qualitative leap. Tang San had obtained a great deal from here, but his Blue Silver Emperor aura had bestowed very much.

“Don’t cry, great Majesty. The past is already the past. We require your blessing.”

The Blue Silver King softly called out.

With everything already quieted down, Tang San slowly opened his eyes, hazy with tears,

“Thank you.”

Tang San’s voice was somewhat choked. He wasn’t thanking the Blue Silver King for helping him awaken his true Blue Silver Emperor spirit, but rather thanking him for letting him experience his mother’s aura. Since birth, in two worlds, it was the first time he had felt this inextricable benevolent tenderness.

“It is I who should thank you. Just your appearance has awoken an even more formidable vitality in us. The spirit ring you obtained now, I condensed it to the extreme limit of what your body could bear. In human terms, this spirit ring would approximately equal what could arise from a twenty five thousand year spirit beast. He really doesn’t come from the outside world, but originates in you yourself. He will grow and evolve along with what you can endure. Whenever you are in the world of your people, it will change according to your body.”

Right now, Tang San could with difficulty manage to remember the Blue Silver King’s words, but he wasn’t in the mood to sense the changes within his body, and even more wouldn’t discover that his originally ordinary appearance had undergone some minute changes, and these minute changes would make him seem a hundred times more handsome than before.

His original appearance was only influenced by his father’s blood. But now, he had finally simultaneously inherited the blood of both his parents.

The present him, could be considered the true him.

Faint light flickering, Tang San’s face revealed a clear mood fluctuation. He wasn’t in any hurry to leave, but rather released his own spirit Blue Silver Emperor.

A small cluster of Blue Silver Grass emerged from his right palm, the sparkling and translucent blades of grass didn’t have the thorns of the Ghost Vine, and would only appear a bit bulkier than ordinary blue silver grass. But those sapphire-like blades of grass seemed so beautiful.

Especially that vein of gold in the center gave people an even more extremely special sense of beauty. This wasn’t Blue Silver Grass, but rather the true Blue Silver Emperor.

If Blue Silver Grass was a waste spirit, then Blue Silver Emperor was absolutely a first rate spirit, a unique spirit. The only spirit with the blood of the Emperor.

Part 3

Softly caressing the Blue Silver Emperor, Tang San seemed to sense his mother’s existence. Standing there like that, he kept repeating the same movement.

From start to finish of the Blue Silver Emperor’s awakening, altogether seven days had passed. After seven days, after the end of the awakening ceremony, Tang San stood quietly in front of the Blue Silver king for three days. Afterwards he quietly bid farewell to this already more than eighty five thousand year old Blue Silver King, and quietly left this ancient forest.

Stepping out of the forest, Tang San saw his father sitting there cross legged with his eyes closed.

Sensing his son’s aura, Tang Hao slowly opened his eyes. But as his gaze fell on Tang San, he was utterly dumbfounded.

Tang San had never seen this kind of expression in his father’s face, that unbounded gentleness. Lips trembling, Tang Hao looked foolishly at Tang San’s face, two rows of tears flowing down his aged face.

“Ah Yin1……”

Quietly calling out, Tang Hao’s voice was also trembling. He stood, his whole body seeming to tremble. Fiercely taking a step forward, he reached Tang San and, spreading his arms, forcefully pulled his son into his embrace.

“Ah Yin, Ah Yin…… Do you know how much I missed you? Why would you be so foolish, why……”

Tang Hao practically shouted, weeping and complaining. Tang San could clearly feel his father’s burning tears falling on his jacket.

Ah Yin, that should be his mother’s name. Unconsciously, Tang San’s cheeks were also streaming with tears.

Father and son held each other crying, neither speaking, for a long, long time. It was still Tang San who took the initiative to speak up.


Tang Hao stiffened a moment, slowly raising his head. Both hands grasping Tang San’s shoulders, he looked at him in a daze.


Tang San called out.

Tang Hao murmured:

“You know, your mom was very beautiful. She truly was very, very beautiful. She was the most perfect woman in this world. Gentle, kind hearted, beautiful. All the words that can describe beauty seemed to be made just for her. Right now, you finally resemble her somewhat. I seemed to see her waving at me.”

Raising his head to gaze at the sky, Tang Hao suddenly shouted in a loud voice,

“Ah Yin, did you see? Our son has already grown up. He’s already grown up. Ah Yin——”

His father’s deep pain influenced Tang San profoundly. Tang Hao’s shout made everything around them shudder, until a trace of scarlet spread from the corner of his mouth. Facing the sky and roaring, he fell stiffly to the ground.

Tang San hastily supported his father, shocked. Raising his hand to press on Tang Hao’s chest, a rich and gentle Mysterious Heaven Skill internal strength was infused in his body.

As the Mysterious Heaven Skill entered Tang Hao’s body, Tang San immediately discovered what was wrong. The energy channels of his father’s body were actually tangled together, none of the five viscera and six bowels in their original places, the energy channels also abnormally chaotic.

Heavens! If this was an ordinary person, he should have been dead long ago. Tang San’s heart abruptly fell. He had never imagined that the father who had been so tyrannical in front of Supreme Pontiff Palace would actually carry such severe injuries.

These were old wounds. The old wounds in Tang Hao’s body were so severe that, if not for Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven Skill orthodox school internal strength, he would also have been unable to sense Tang Hao’s present condition. Tang Hao’s body could be described as in danger of collapsing at any time. One mistake, and he would die immediately.

This was one of the most powerful Title Douluo in the present world. Tang San sensed the pain within his father’s heart. Over all these years, how much had his father endured?

Drawing a deep breath, Tang San didn’t hesitate to support his father’s body and sit cross legged behind Tang Hao’s back, Mysterious Heaven Skill first circulating once within him. He was shocked to discover that his Conception Vessel had unexpectedly also already been connected. The internal strength circulated along the eight extraordinary meridians, and with just one circuit it seemed to have shot up somewhat. Described in terms of spirit power, Tang San had now already settled stably on the fifty third rank.

Both hands like jade, gentle white streams of energy puffed out of Tang San’s palms, sticking fiercely to the center of Tang Hao’s back.

The gentle Mysterious Heaven Skill slowly entered Tang Hao’s body. Tang San didn’t urgently heal his father, but rather first circulated his Mysterious Heaven Skill internal strength through his father’s body once, reviewing his father’s for many years wounded energy channels.

As a sect first class internal strength, Mysterious Heaven Skill’s own treatment capabilities were extremely powerful. However, the resistance within Tang Hao’s body was really too great.

Tang Hao’s spirit power was an extremely potent existence, and despite not controlling himself right now, that potent energy was still circulating within his body and colliding chaotically.

The difference between Tang San’s spirit power and Tang Hao’s was too large. At this moment he could only cautiously dodge Tang Hao’s spirit power, and as far as possible nourish the energy channels within Tang Hao’s body.

The longer his internal strength operated in his father’s body, the lower Tang San’s heart fell. Tang Hao’s old injuries were far, far more serious than he had imagined. It could be said that Tang Hao’s life in this world was a final struggle.


Under the nourishment of the Mysterious Heaven Skill, Tang Hao slowly awoke from unconsciousness.

He hadn’t felt this comfortable in a great many years. Opening his hazy eyes, Tang Hao frowned,

“Little San, withdraw. It’s useless. I’m alright.”

The Mysterious Heaven Skill making a final circuit within Tang Hao, Tang San slowly withdrew his internal strength. But his expression became extremely serious.

“Dad, your injuries……”

Tang Hao indifferently said:

“It’s alright. Over so many years, I’ve become accustomed to it long ago. Don’t tell me you believe that, as a Title Douluo, I would be knocked down by these scrapes?”

“No, dad.”

Tang San turned in front of Tang Hao,

“Your injuries are extremely serious. Without good care, it’s possible you could……”

“Could what?”

Tang Hao glared at Tang San,

“Die, yes? What’s so terrible about dying? Dead, I’ll also go properly accompany your mom. There’s no need for you to care about my matters. What you must do right now is to go stronger as fast as possible according to my instructions. Don’t tell me you want to be unable to protect your loved one like me back then?”


Tang San suddenly became agitated,

“Dad, do you really have nothing else you want in this life? Yes, mom is already dead, but, you still have me in this world. I’m your son. If you die, what do I do? Don’t tell me you don’t want to see me marry and have children in the future, don’t want to see your grandchildren?”

Tang Hao looked distracted a moment. Looking at Tang San, the light in his eyes became a bit gentle,

“What are you doing talking about this, I’m still not dead. Moreover, even if I wanted treatment, what use would it be? I know my own injuries. I’m already very fortunate to control them to this degree until now.”

“I can treat it.”

Tang San firmly watched his father.

Tang Hao smiled, a somewhat ridiculing smile,

“Even a healing type Title Douluo couldn’t cure me. You can?”

Tang San sternly said:

“The healing abilities of healing type Spirit Masters can only treat the symptoms, not the root cause. But my spirit power has the ability to get to the root of it.”

Feeling the comfort within his body, Tang Hao frowned.

Tang San continued:

“But I still can’t heal you completely, because my spirit power and yours are too far apart. When my spirit power approaches yours, I’m sure I can treat you.”

Tang San didn’t exaggerate by this. If his Mysterious Heaven Skill cultivation could reach the ninth realm, relying on this orthodox internal strength, he indeed might cure Tang Hao. But what he didn’t say was that, even when Tang Hao was completely cured, his spirit power would also massively drop from the many years of aggravated injuries.

Tang Hao calmly said:

“This is all a matter for later. Later matters can be discussed later.”

Suddenly, with a putong sound, Tang San sank to his knees in front of Tang Hao.

“Get up. A man’s knees are gold. What I loathe the most are bowing and scraping people.”

Tang Hao said angrily.

A stubborn gaze burst forth in Tang San’s eyes,

“Dad, I want you to promise me one thing. If you don’t promise, I won’t get up.”

Tang Hao had never seen his son say something like this to him.

“What thing?”

Tang San said in a low voice:

“From now on, you can’t fight with people again. Especially not with people on the same level of strength as you. Otherwise, if your internal injuries are aggravated, then……”

Tang Hao impatiently waved a hand,

“That’s impossible. I still have a lot of things to do. How can I have my hands tied and feet bound?”

Tang San resolutely said:

“Dad, I will grow as fast as possible, become strong as fast as possible, as strong as you. I’m your son, your matters are my matters. Leave them to me. I want you to be alive, safe and sound. To see me marry, to see your grandson’s birth, to see our future.”

Tang Hao pulled Tang San from the ground with one hand. Turning and walking towards the distance,

“No nonsense. Keep up. It’s time to bring you where you need to go.”


Tang San shouted.

Tang Hao turned sharply, he was shocked to find the Eight Spider Lances, turned a completely transparent blue, pointing at Tang San’s own eight vitals.

Blue Silver Grass’ evolution into Blue Silver Emperor had subsequently evolved Tang San’s external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances. Right now only the spear head sharp points of the Eight Spider Lances appeared purple, the rest just like Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass, a sparkling and translucent blue. Only, within this translucent blue, red and white light could faintly be seen moving.

“What are you doing?”

The pupils of Tang Hao’s eyes contracted.

  1. (阿银) “Silver”

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