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Purple God Light Preview

127 – Shrek Seven Devils’ Complete Strength

Part 1

The Shrek Seven Devils were completely enveloped, and right now, there was still a thirteen meter distance from Tang San to them.

The red light screen didn’t need time to rise like last time, under the assistance of their comrade, in just an instant, the light strengthened to its peak. Xie Yue and Hu Liena’s spirit fusion ability, Charm Demon, launched.

The Spirit Hall Academy team of course knew that the Shrek Seven Devils had already seen this ability, but they had enough confidence in themselves. Spirit fusion abilities and fusion abilities were two completely different concepts, the spirit fusion ability didn’t have any weakness, and their powers were moreover entirely different. Just as Grandmaster said, the spirit fusion ability used by two Spirit Kings could absolutely compare to the might of a seventieth ranked Spirit Sage for a short while.

Red light flickering, two people changing into one, long hair floating, whether male or female seemingly undistinguishable.

Hair already turned red, this figure formed from Xie Yue and Hu Liena danced quietly. Two Moon Blades more than doubled in size flickered with a flowing rainbow kind of luster at the ends of the spread arms. Along with that surge of red light intensifying, this silhouette instantly disappeared in a thick red fog coming from behind, and the Shrek Seven Devils were also completely enveloped in the thick fog.

The Spirit Hall Academy team didn’t have a control type Spirit Master in the true sense of the word, but their control capability was unprecedentedly powerful. The cause of this was all because of this spirit fusion ability, Charm Demon.

The greatest characteristic of this spirit fusion ability was control. Within the range the Charm Demon could control, everyone’s senses were reduced by fifty percent, spirit power suppressed by fifty percent, and all movements delayed by fifty percent.

It could be said to force the opponents into an impasse in an instant. That thick red fog was mixed with ruthless energy and psychedelic special capabilities. Aside from the three types of negative conditions, most dreadful was that within this red fog, only Xie Yue and Hu Liena, using the spirit fusion ability, could see things. Suddenly losing vision would undoubtedly put people’s minds in chaos, and would moreover be comprehensively weakened. How many opponents even of the same level as Xie Yue and the others had fallen to this spirit fusion ability was unknown. This spirit ability was enough to compare to the seventh spirit ability of common Spirit Masters.

Watching the Shrek Seven Devils being swallowed by the red fog without the seven fusion ability, the other Spirit Hall Academy team members couldn’t help revealing cold smiles. And Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong’s expression also became a bit gentler.

Ning Fengzhi’s brows tightened. He didn’t understand whether the situation in front of him was Grandmaster’s plan. If it was, then why would Grandmaster do it? Entering deep within the spirit fusion ability, that wasn’t a good thing in any way. How could they still fight while comprehensively weakened? None of the Shrek Seven Devils showed any intention of interrupting the opponents’ spirit fusion ability.

Grandmaster’s gaze shifted to Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong who was focused on the match, secretly thinking, ‘You can’t see why I let them do this. The weak defeating the strong requires extraordinary methods. What about a spirit fusion ability? Even if it’s control, it’s only weakening control, not a comprehensive amplification.’

Entering the pink range, the Shrek Seven Devils clearly felt their bodies growing heavier, their perception immediately slowing, even raising a hand or moving a leg seemed to be obstructed by invisible barriers, becoming a lot more difficult.

But none of them panicked. The instant before the red fog hit them, besides Tang San, the Battle Spirit Masters among the other six immediately crowded around Ning Rongrong and Oscar. And Oscar was still as if nothing had happened, still manufacturing his sausages.

Dangdang, two crisp sounds echoed in the red mist. At the same time came a neither male nor female exclamation of surprise.

“How can you know the direction of my attack?”

Asking this question was the combined form of Xie Yue and Hu Liena.

Tang San’s jade colored hands had just blocked those two quietly slashing Moon Blades.

The red fog didn’t block Xie Yue and Hu Liena’s line of sight, and they clearly saw a trace of a smile on Tang San’s face. As the master of the spirit fusion ability, Xie Yue hastily used force. After launching the spirit fusion ability, his spirit power was summed together with Hu Liena’s, reaching more than the sixtieth rank.

However, with this use of force, he discovered that his strength was used on nothing. Tang San had already released his hands at some point.

And at this time, Tang San’s arms shook simultaneously. The Blue Silver Grass connected to his arms jolted as if rippling, and six silhouettes were simultaneously thrown from the red fog.

In the view from outside, cries of alarm had just fallen as six shadows already soared out of the red fog.

In this red fog, common Spirit Masters were basically unable to distinguish directions. Once stuck, it was impossible to get free. Unless they were flying type Spirit Masters. But Tang San didn’t show the slightest sign of losing his bearings, while the other side was still unable to control the spirit fusion ability from shock, using Blue Silver Grass, he all at once threw the other six devils out of its range.

This was Tang San’s scheme, he planned on the other side’s lapse, an instant where it was too late to move the spirit fusion ability.

A tiger’s roar burst from Dai Mubai, still in midair, his first spirit ability, White Tiger Barrier, and third spirit ability, White Tiger Vajra Transformation, launched. His body swiftly expanded in midair. And Zhu Zhuqing pressed on the Blue Silver Grass with her toes, her speed increasing sharply, catching up to Dai Mubai in an instant, quietly leaning on his back.

Enormous wings of flame unfurled from Ma Hongjun’s back, Xiao Wu directly landed on the ground. The Shrek Six Devils had fully entered battle mode.

Watching this scene, Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong’s face suddenly revealed a sneer. And that androgynous voice in the fog, brimming with disdain, shouted,

“You think you can escape my spirit fusion ability like this?”

Instantly, the red fog abruptly spread, shifting direction in practically a split second, the tremendous wall of mist once again enveloping the Shrek Six Devils that just released their spirit abilities. Even Ma Hongjun’s red hot phoenix wings were unable to have the slightest effect on the red fog.

Originally, this red fog had blossomed with Xie Yue and Hu Liena at the center. Seeing the Shrek Six Devils separate from the range of the spirit fusion ability, Xie Yue immediately gave up on attacking Tang San, and rather accelerated, his body driving the red fog to cover the Shrek Six Devils once again.

Under the aid of the Support Spirit Master, this time his red fog spread to an even larger area, covering practically a third of the ring. Only the other members of their side weren’t covered.

“Unless you can fly, leaving my spirit fusion ability is impossible.”

Xie Yue’s cold voice inundated the red fog again. This time he gave up on attacking Tang San, and rather moved directly towards Ning Rongrong.

Without careful observation, one would think that Ning Rongrong used the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. Who didn’t know about the world’s number one support spirit? Taking Ning Rongrong out of the fight first would no doubt add weights to the scales of victory.

But at the same time as Xie Yue pounced, Tang San’s voice sounded by his ear,

“Then we’ll let you see flying.”

Whether it was Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing who were still in the air, or the people on the ground, a faint radiance abruptly appeared behind their backs in a split second, the light forming wings. The six accelerated practically simultaneously, rushing out of the range of the red fog in practically an instant, directly ascending into the air.

It was the effect of Big Sausage Uncle Oscar’s flying mushroom sausage.

From the start of the match, Oscar had been constantly making his sausages. The first was a stimulating pink sausage for Tang San, followed by swiftly making six flying mushroom sausages for himself and the five others.

Using them this moment, just separated them from the opponent’s spirit fusion ability control.

“How is this possible?”

Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong watched the Shrek Six Devils fly out, and also couldn’t help widening her eyes. Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing directly pounced at the other side’s other Spirit King, Yan, while Ma Hongjun and Xiao Wu went to meet the other three Battle Spirit Masters.

Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda blossomed with light, in an instant boosting Ma Hongjun’s attack, and Xiao Wu’s agility.

Oscar’s flying mushroom sausage had only appeared once before this match, in the one fight against the Elephant Armored School. That time they hadn’t drawn any attention, even though Oscar had briefly appeared, Tang San’s radiance was still too eye catching, and all gazes had been fixed on him.

Most importantly, that time only Tang San had flown alone, the others had all been moved by his Blue Silver Grass control.

Neglecting a support type Spirit Master was the biggest mistake of the Spirit Hall Academy team.

Even though the outcome still wasn’t settled, by now the fight was already out of their control.

Seeing the Shrek Six Devils suddenly fly out of the range of his spirit fusion ability, Xie yue was also gobsmacked.

At this moment, he somewhat felt that when riding the tiger, it was hard to get of halfway.

The spirit fusion ability was admittedly tremendous, but after using it, it would also substantially consume their spirit power.

At the same time, while using the spirit fusion ability, they also couldn’t use any other abilities. Just like Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s strength would be exhausted after each time they used Hell White Tiger.

Even though Xie Yue understood that the opponents’ flying capability removed the advantage of his spirit fusion ability, at this moment he still couldn’t remove it.

Part 2

Otherwise, he would only substantially consume his and Hu Liena’s spirit power, and on the contrary fall to a disadvantage. His only choice right now was to first get rid of Tang San in the range of the spirit fusion ability, and afterwards again go help his companions to get rid of the other Shrek Academy members.

Xie Yue believed that even without the two siblings, his side’s strength could still compare to Shrek Academy. Even though the battle situation was out of their control, the victory would still inevitable be theirs. The moment when he killed Tang San would determine victory.

What Xie Yue didn’t expect was that Tang San hadn’t launched any attacks against him in his brief moment of sluggishness. Once he returned to his senses and looked at Tang San again, Tang San’s entire body had undergone a bizarre transformation.

Only Xie Yue alone could see clearly within the fog, and he was shocked to discover that from the not distant Tang San’s back, grew eight sturdy vicious-looking long legs.

Each leg was more than four meters long, thick like arms, shining purple black, tiny hooked barbs glinting with gold light. Each leg was divided into two parts, the points on the ends resembling lances that could break any defense.

Spirit bone? Xie Yue guessed the history of the Eight Spider Lances on Tang San’s back in an instant. They had carefully researched Tang San’s spirit abilities before the match. Tang San only had four spirit rings, and apart from Clear Sky School’s created ability Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, they had long since committed Tang San’s fourth spirit ability to heart. His body suddenly showing such a distinct change at this moment, clearly couldn’t be caused by a spirit ability. The only explanation was a spirit bone. Appearing from the back, could it be a torso spirit bone?

Xie Yue immediately suppressed his original thoughts of quickly disposing of Tang San. Even though the spirit power of the opponent before him was a lot weaker than his own, the appearance of this spirit bone undoubtedly pulled the distance between them closer. Right now he had to rely on the spirit fusion ability to impair Tang San. Xie Yue believed that as long as he was a bit careful, not only could he complete the task the Supreme Pontiff gave them, but he would still have enough strength to go help his companions.

However, was it truly as easy as he thought?

The reason why Tang San didn’t seize the opportunity to attack before was in order to exploit that brief window of time to release his external spirit bone, Eight Spider Lances.

The appearance of the Eight Spider Lances immediately made Tang San feel his body lighten, the boost effect of Eight Spider Lances directly cancelling out the impairing effect of the opponent’s spirit fusion ability.

Xie Yue and Hu Liena’s spirit fusion ability mainly relied on a combination of charm and spirit power. When Tang San and Grandmaster talked it over yesterday, he told Grandmaster that he wanted to confront these two great powers with his own strength. He wasn’t speaking of his confidence in his own strength, but rather because of the existence of this spirit fusion ability. He even hoped the opponents would use just this ability.

When using the spirit fusion ability, Xie Yue and Hu Liena couldn’t use other abilities, and to Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye, charm was basically ineffective. Therefore, after entering the red fog, the influence Tang San received was far smaller than Xie Yue imagined. Relying on Purple Demon Eye, he could clearly see every thing here.

This was the first battle the Eight Spider Lances formally appeared since absorbing the energy of the second Man Faced Demon Spider. Even though it had been glimpsed once before in the tournament, with Tang San’s meticulous control he had always kept this formidable capability to himself.

The lower four spider legs hoisted Tang San into the air. The now four meters long Eight Spider Lances seemed even more frightening, especially those barbs were gleaming faint blue, containing the combined poison of a two thousand year year Man Faced Demon Spider and a six thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider, further forged by the two great cold and hot immortal herbs Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot within Tang San. Even Dugu Bo wouldn’t dare say he could cure this kind of toxin.

At the same time, Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances had thoroughly evolved after absorbing the second Man Faced Demon Spider. Not only had they grown bigger, but they had also grown even more frightfully durable, giving Tang San increased strength and agility, and the Eight Spider Lances’s own effectiveness was even more tremendous.

When the Shrek Seven Devils trained ordinarily, after Tang San released Eight Spider Lances, even Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing fully using Hell White Tiger were unable to defeat him. Because, with the aid of Eight Spider Lances, Tang San’s burst strength became even more terrifying. It went for both attack and speed.

Tang San and Grandmaster had wanted to build this kind of ambience, for Tang San to confront Xie Yue and Hu Liena’s spirit fusion ability. For Tang San to confront two fiftieth ranked experts by himself, when he couldn’t use hidden weapons, even if Tang San used the external spirit bone he could still only fight one of them. But when the opponent’s trapped themselves in their own spirit fusion ability, it would leave them unable to use spirit abilities.

Even though their spirit power rose substantially, relying on his techniques and Eight Spider Lances, Tang San really wasn’t without the strength to fight.

As for the battle outside, it would depend on the display of the Shrek Six Devils.

Dai Mubai’s tiger claws suddenly ejected with sonorous metallic clangs, directly throwing himself at Yan.

As one of Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation, Yan’s combat ability was extremely outstanding. Despite watching the Shrek Six Devils fly out of Xie Yue and Hu Liena’s spirit fusion ability control, he didn’t panic in the slightest. Red hot deep red flames abruptly soared from his body, and at the same time, his body swelled under the effect of his first two spirit rings.

His clothes burst in a moment as Yan’s muscles bulged like granite. In just an instant, he unexpectedly grew to more than three meters, even bigger than Dai Mubai using White Tiger Vajra Transformation.

Both fists colliding with a resounding crack, the red hot flames around him were perfectly opposite of his increasingly ice cold expression.

Of the other four Spirit Hall Academy team members, the three Battle Spirit Masters took a step forward to meet Ma Hongjun and Xiao Wu, and that support Spirit Master’s supporting light fell on Yan.

Extending his tiger palms, with more than one chi long blades as sharp as spears, Dai Mubai collided with Yan.

Yan swung both fists, meeting him like a whirlwind, showing no weakness.

With a loud explosion, Dai Mubai was blown back. Facing the head-on attack, he was unexpectedly flung back seven or eight meters by Yan’s strike.

Amidst the loud explosion was still a crisp ding sound, coming from Zhu Zhuqing’s Hell Stab aimed at Yan’s neck.

Her and Dai Mubai’s cooperation was as tacit as that of Tang San and Xiao Wu. Dai Mubai attacking forcefully from the front, and her hidden like a specter behind him to deliver a fatal strike.

But inwardly startling Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing with qi and blood roiling was that from Zhu Zhuqing’s Hell Stab, Yan only had a white mark on his neck, without the slightest amount of damage, his blazing heat on the contrary grew even fiercer.

Immense defense.

Extreme heat, powerful attack, powerful defense. This was Yan’s spirit, Flame Lord.

In some sense, his spirit should be classified as a Beast Spirit, because when it was used, this spirit also provided body enhancement. Having reached the fiftieth ranked, Yan relied on the first two spirit abilities to make his body solid to this degree, clearly revealing its might.

His Flame Lord wasn’t just fire attribute, but rather dual fire and earth. Capable of becoming a member of the Golden Generation, how could he be commonplace?

In the fight on their side, Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai were suppressed in the first exchange.

But on the other side, Xiao Wu and Ma Hongjun didn’t suffer losses even two against three.

Xiao Wu had at some point undone her scorpion braid, floating in the air, her jet black long hair fell like a waterfall below her feet. Moving lightly, her black hair spread like a black cloud cover, and her body also floated out lightly, going straight for the vicinity of the opponents.

Having carefully researched the Shrek Seven Devils, the opponents naturally understood the nature of Xiao Wu’s spirit abilities. Her strength could only display its greatest degree in close combat. As long as they were a bit careful, she wouldn’t be any threat.

Consequently, one of the three opposing Battle Spirit Masters abruptly took a step forward, a layer of intense light accompanying his third spirit ring brightening. The radiance abruptly spread, changing into a large white halo, striking at ma Hongjun and Xiao Wu.

Of course, the area it covered still included Ning Rongrong and Oscar behind them. This was unexpectedly an ability similar to Huo Wu’s Defying Flame Ring, just that the attribute wasn’t fire, but rather holy.

“Straight line.”

Xiao Wu shouted loudly, sharply spreading her arms.

Ma Hongjun, Oscar, and Ning Rongrong all reacted extremely quickly. Relying on the flying mushroom sausage, at this moment their speed in the air was extremely astonishing. The three were arranged in a straight line behind Xiao Wu in only a split second, and this straight line was infinitely close to perpendicular to the opponent’s spreading white halo.

The purple fourth spirit ring erupted from Xiao Wu, golden splendor engulfing her body. That white halo originally capable of sending them flying disappeared in front of Xiao Wu, leaving a gap in the ring.

And with this gap it was also unable to affect Ma Hongjun’s trio standing in a straight line behind Xiao Wu as it spread.

Accelerating, Ma Hongjun charged forward. After Xiao Wu released her fourth spirit ability, Invincible Golden Body, she also completely disappeared in a moment.

Invincible, absolutely invincible. Within the several seconds Invincible Golden Body was active, Xiao Wu was completely invincible.

Part 3

This ability matched Xiao Wu’s previous abilities, as if they had been planned in advance. Without this fourth spirit ability, Xiao Wu was only a close combat power, but after gaining it, keeping her from getting close was out of the question.

Immediately after Invincible Golden Body came Teleportation, and the next moment, Xiao Wu was already next to the opponent who released that halo. The place she appeared was ingenious, just furthest away from the other two Battle Spirit Masters. Even if the other side wanted to use spirit abilities, they had to first move around their companion with the halo to affect Xiao Wu.

The dark cloud cover of black hair wrapped around the opponent’s neck just like living serpents. Invincible Golden Body still hadn’t disappeared, and the spirit ability the opponent instantly used against Xiao Wu failed to have any effect on her. He wanted to grab Xiao Wu’s long hair, but that hair was slippery as if alive, and his hands were unable to hold on.

His neck tightening, Xiao Wu poked one foot at the back of his waist1. Even though the techniques Tang San had from Tang Sect weren’t applicable for Xiao Wu, having been together for so long, Tang San had still long since taught Xiao Wu about the weak points of the human body.

The back of his waist pressed, the opponent immediately lost strength. The next moment, Xiao Wu’s Waist Bow launched under the effect of Invincible Golden Body.

Waist Bow already doubled strength on its own, and Invincible Golden Body boosted Waist Bow once again. Even a sixtieth ranked Spirit Master wouldn’t have any way to prevent being thrown by that instantly erupting strength, let alone this Spirit Hall Academy team member. The acupoints in his waist pressed, he immediately flew like a soaring cloud or rushing mist.

Completing this one move, Xiao Wu didn’t chase after to use Eight Stage Drop on him, but rather shot up, leaping like a swimming fish, just avoiding the attacks of the other two Battle Spirit Masters. At the same time, she also perfectly drew their attention. With just another use of Teleportation, she successfully pulled out of their attack range.

And at this moment, there was also a violent explosion in the direction that Spirit Master had been thrown.

Thrown with Waist Bow, that halo releasing Spirit Master was instantly stunned for a short moment, and at this time, long since waiting for a chance, Ma Hongjun dropped from the sky. Evil Fire Phoenix fourth spirit ability, Phoenix Cry Sky Strike, launched.

The opponent being stunned was the ideal timing for Ma Hongjun’s ability, and of course he wouldn’t let it slip by. Distorted light filled the air within a small range, a red hot column of flame instantly leaping up. With an explosion, the opposing team member was completely swallowed up by the column of flame.

Ma Hongjun’s silhouette moved away from the flame column in the next moment, simultaneously aiming a foot at the flame column behind him. An already completely scorched black figure was instantly kicked out.

“Treat him in time, or don’t blame me if he dies.”

Ma Hongjun and Xiao Wu met up. This moment was just when Xiao Wu’s Invincible Golden Body as well as the effects of everyone’s flying mushroom sausages ended.

Relying on clever teamwork and fully exploiting their spirit abilities, they had successfully settled one opponent, shifting the current balance.

Frequent cracks constantly echoed from within the red fog, clearly showing the intensity of the battle within, almost distorted close to severe whistling sounds along with clang after clang transmitting outwards. Nobody outside could see the battle within the red fog, but the other six Shrek Seven Devils all understood that nobody was able to help Tang San now, unless he voluntarily left the red fog on his own. The others entering the red fog would only hold him back.

On Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s side, after the first time the two collided with the opponent, they immediately changed to a moving battle. Without engaging Yan from the front, they relied on Zhu Zhuqing ambushing from the sides, and Dai Mubai pulling from the front. Even though there was a large difference in spirit power, the outcome wouldn’t be settled for quite a while. After all, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing still hadn’t used their final killing weapon, Hell White Tiger. Yan also didn’t dare rush them. Despite being a Spirit King, he still couldn’t be sure of blocking the Hell White Tiger. All he hoped for right now was that Xie Yue and Hu Liena could hurry up and deal with Tang San in the red fog.

Just judging by these people outside, it now seemed that defeating the Shrek Seven Devils wouldn’t be too easy.

Tang San’s expression revealed an ice cold light, his hands crossed over his chest. Each time the light flickered in his eyes, it seemed as if the air would freeze a bit. The Eight Spider Lances behind him were like eight pikes, constantly thrusting out from unfathomable angles, and the movement of his body also relied completely on the Eight Spider Lances to control.

Xie Yue’s Moon Blades were even more formidable than Tang San had imagined. Each time those durable Eight Spider Lances collided with Xie Yue’s Moon Blades, a mark would be left behind. Some of the tiny barbs had even been cut off.

In fact, Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances had already passed the amplification of two Man Faced Demon Spiders, as well as the forging of two great immortal herbs. This showed just how terrifying the might of those red glinting immense Moon Blades in Xie Yue’s hands was.

At the same time, Tang San discovered that this spirit fusion ability had a kind of particular effect on Xie Yue’s body. There was an at least thirty percent chance that he would automatically dodge his attacks. And Xie Yue had a superb grasp of this dodge, never using the Moon Blades to dodge unless he was absolutely certain his body would be hit, instead constantly using the moon Blades to wear down Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances. Those frequent cracks rung out because of this.

Xie Yue was very calm right now. Even though his and Hu Liena’s spirit fusion ability, Charm Demon, didn’t have any formidable attacks, it was precisely because of this that it consumed spirit power much slower than those attack spirit fusion abilities, and this red fog could be maintained for a long time. After fusing with Hu Liena, his spirit power had surpassed the sixtieth rank. He believed that under these circumstances, it was impossible for Tang San to win.

The facts also proved his thoughts. Relying on his exquisite control over the Moon Blades, Xie Yue had already jolted open the Eight Spider Lances more than once. But just when he was about to get close to Tang San, Tang San immediately launched a Binding or perhaps Parasite to halt him, allowing him to break out of his attack range.

Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances had immense strength on their own, and further adding Tang San’s strength and spirit power, the result was comparable to a fiftieth ranked Spirit King. But right now he was confronting Xie Yue who after all had sixtieth ranked strength. Ten ranks of spirit power was an enormous gap.

If Tang San hadn’t supplemented the Eight Spider Lances with his own Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step and low level spirit abilities, he would already have been unable to endure.

Tang San understood that, with the degree of sharpness of the opponent’s Moon Blades, no matter which spirit ability it was, it was impossible to trap Xie Yue. What he would do now was to consume the opponent’s spirit power, patiently watching for a gap.

Despite being unable to defeat the opponent from the front, fortunately the opponent couldn’t use any other abilities, thereby not needing Tang San to worry about sudden attacks. Judging by how Xie Yue didn’t let the red fog envelop his companions, the Charm Demon’s ability had negative effects to the people on their side as well.

Suddenly, after two attacks jolted open the Eight Spider Lances, Xie Yue abruptly turned, one the two moon Blades in his hands suddenly shooting out like lightning, flying through the air spinning.

Tang San’s heart immediately skipped a beat. Relying on Purple Demon Eye, he could clearly see that Moon Blade’s arc slicing through the air directly at Dai Mubai.

Tang San could be called the grandmaster of hidden weapons in this world, and the moon Blade’s flight angle and speed he could see how fierce this attack was. Even with the White Tiger Vajra Transformation and White Tiger Barrier, it was impossible for Dai Mubai to withstand the sharpness of a sixtieth ranked spirit power Moon Blade.

“Mubai, careful!”

Tang San shouted, glowering.

Eight Spider Lances abruptly stuck into the ground, and again sending him shooting out like lightning, directly into the air.

The direction Xie Yue threw this moon Blade was extremely sinister, first cutting the Blue Silver Grass that connected Tang San to Dai Mubai, making him unable to save him. Even though the red fog didn’t cover the group fight over there, it was still very close. A sudden sneak attack from behind while he was focused on the enormous pressure from the front would catch Dai Mubai unprepared.

Yan hadn’t been working together with Xie Yue for just one or two days. Tang San’s loud shout admittedly warned Dai Mubai, but at the same time it equally got his attention. Both hands fiercely smashing the ground, Yan’s fourth spirit ring lit up.

The air suddenly seemed to become thick, distorting and undulating, streams of dry hot air making everyone delay as if walking in quicksand. Stream after stream of lava bubbled up from the ground, swallowing towards the Shrek Seven Devils.

When Dai Mubai heard Tang San’s voice, he first pounced forward. He already felt a chill making the pores on his back close up.

However, Yan’s sudden fourth spirit ability was mainly aimed in this direction. A brief delay was often key to deciding victory or defeat. The Shrek Seven Devils schemed against their opponents, how couldn’t the opponents scheme against them?

As the leader of the Golden Generation, even though Xie Yue was caught in Tang San’s plans at the start, he very quickly understood Tang San’s goal.

He had launched a powerful attack against Tang San without batting an eyelid, but once he discovered he couldn’t win in a short time, he immediately changed tactics.

As he watched, only a few meters remained between the Mon Blade and Dai Mubai. Xie Yue seemed to already be able to hear the sound of bones being cut and broken by the Moon Blade. Even so much that his face already held a cruel smile.

  1. “Loin Eye” refers specifically to acupoints on the small of the back. Like this.

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