Douluo Dalu
Illusion Breaking Demon Eye Preview

099 – Another Spirit Bone

Part 1

From the toxic liquid that used to be seventy second ranked Spirit Sage Shi Nian, Tang San saw a glittering with rainbow-colored light spirit bone.

At the appearance of this spirit bone, Tang San felt a burst of fear. How couldn’t he be afraid?

If Shi Nian had used the might of this spirit bone before, even without using his spirit, Tang San would still have been unable to resist the enormous spirit power gap between them, as well as this spirit bone.

Tang San knew he was lucky. If not for the care of the goddess of luck, perhaps he would have become a corpse by now.

Shi Nian had truly underestimated Tang San, with his seventy second ranked strength, it was practically unthinkable to use his spirit bone on Tang San. That he directly used his seventh spirit ability was already quite cautious.

If Tang San hadn’t possessed Purple Demon Eye’s ability to break all illusions, if he hadn’t had that tyrannically deadly Yama’s Invitation, if not for Shi Nian not making an all out effort…..

If even one of these had been missing, then Tang San would be dead right now.

Tang San’s clothes were already soaked through with cold sweat. He snapped off a twig from the side, cautiously pulling out that spirit bone. By the time he’d moved the spirit bone out, the branch in his hand was practically completely corroded.

He pulled out his always prepared reserve of fresh water from Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges and began to wash the spirit bone.

What Tang San didn’t expect was that this seemingly extremely dazzling spirit bone hadn’t been infected by any poison, even when it was instead touched by fresh water, it would instantly roll off, without leaving behind even a droplet.

Worthy of being a priceless treasure among spirit bones. After resting a short while, Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven Skill had recovered somewhat. Moving his right hand, he used Mysterious Jade Hand to pick up the spirit bone.

As the spirit bone fell into his hand, he immediately had an extremely strange sensation, as if it was part of his body. Especially when Tang San used his left hand to touch the spirit bone, the energies contained within seemed even more like they wanted to enter his left arm.

Tang San believed that as long as he used the slightest bit of Mysterious Heaven Skill as guide, he would immediately fuse with this spirit bone.

To Spirit Masters, was there anything that held more attraction than spirit bones? Even as a person of two lives, right now Tang San couldn’t keep his pulse from accelerating. His hand trembled slightly just from holding the spirit bone.

In his heart, a voice constantly urged him to quickly fuse with the spirit bone, before it was too late.

If he completed the fusion, Tang San would become a Spirit Master with two spirit bones. One more spirit bone would be like one more ability that might save his life or maybe annihilate the enemy. Even though Tang San couldn’t see what kind of ability this spirit bone might give him, he could be certain that this spirit bone definitely wasn’t common goods. One might say that it was impossible for any spirit bone to be common.

Spirit bones were special materials that might appear after the death of a spirit beast. After Tang San had once listened to Grandmaster’s exhaustive account of their uses and difficulties in obtaining, he had related them to his knowledge from his previous world.

He vaguely felt that the existence of spirit bones was equivalent to the Buddhist relics of his old world. Just that spirit bones were the relics of spirit beasts.

The higher the cultivation of the spirit beasts, the greater the chance of spirit bones appearing. But only hundred thousand year spirit beasts could drop spirit bones with a hundred percent certainty. This was another important reason why hundred thousand year spirit rings had always been at the top of the Continent’s list of rarest things.

When one could possess enough strength to kill a hundred thousand year spirit beast, not only could one obtain an incomparably powerful hundred thousand year spirit ring, at the same time one could also immediately obtain a spirit bone from a hundred thousand year spirit beast.

Unfortunately, hundred thousand year spirit beasts were truly far, far too rare. In the entire history of the Spirit Master world they had only appeared a handful of times.

Tang San drew two deep breaths one after another, and managed with difficulty to suppress the desire to fuse with this spirit bone. Clenching his teeth, he deposited it within his Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse.

He of course wasn’t reluctant to fuse with the spirit bone. The reason he didn’t rashly absorb it was because of Grandmaster’s teaching.

Spirit bones were admittedly top quality goods, but just like spirit rings, different spirit bones would have different effects for different Spirit Masters. Even though spirit bones would drop after the death of a Spirit Master, as long as the Spirit Master still lived, it couldn’t be replaced.

In other words, if a Spirit Master fused with a spirit bone, then, just like a spirit ring, it would follow him his entire life.

In this respect, spirit bones were even more potent than spirit rings. There was still a method to remove spirit rings, though at the price of never being able to obtain a spirit ring again.

For instance, if a nine ring Title Douluo renounced one of his spirit rings, then he would never be able to again obtain a ninth spirit ring, and would only be an eight ring Spirit Douluo.

Therefore, the method for renouncing spirit rings was only theoretical. But spirit bones would only drop under one circumstance, the death of the Spirit Master. Otherwise, they couldn’t be given up.

Originally when Grandmaster taught Tang San he said that even though spirit bones were good, he had to choose one that suited him. If he wasn’t clear on the effect of the spirit bone, he mustn’t assimilate it impatiently. Otherwise, it was possible he would waste one of his six spirit bone slots.

A theoretician like Grandmaster of naturally wouldn’t be wrong, but to Spirit Masters the allure of spirit bones was far too great. If not because of Tang San’s staunch willpower and unswerving determination, perhaps he would have fused with it as soon as he recognized it.

Even a lacking spirit bone would have a certain effect, and having one was always better than not having one.

Let alone ordinary Spirit Masters, even Title Douluo might not possess spirit bones, much less six.

Even though the poison in Yama’s Invitation was potent, after being released into the blood, it would lose its effect once it left the blood. Therefore Tang San didn’t need to worry about the black puddle that was once Shi Nian would have any major effect on the surroundings.

Resting a moment, Tang San didn’t dare stay here long. Who could say whether any other Blue Sunshine Academy people apart from Shi Nian would be causing trouble from him? After his physical strength had recovered somewhat, Tang San immediately left the grove. Mindful of his own safety, he had no choice but to urge Purple Demon Eye to observe his surroundings as far as his eyesight permitted after leaving the grove, while he cautiously returned to Heaven Dou City.

Fortunately, the grove wasn’t far from Heaven Dou City. After entering, Tang San resisted the hollow feeling of his spirit power and swiftly returned to Shrek Academy.

Even before he had reached the Academy gate, Tang San could already see Xiao Wu standing there, anxiously waiting.


Seeing Tang San, tears flowed from Xiao Wu’s eyes, and she leapt at him as if flying.

After that ominous premonition, the Shrek Academy party had swiftly returned to the Academy. When they discovered that Tang San really wasn’t there, Xiao Wu immediately sunk into panic. Everyone went out to search, only leaving Xiao Wu to wait here.

Finally having waited until Tang San’s return, the extremely emotional Xiao Wu dashed at him. Normally Tang San could naturally have caught her, but as he was weakened right now, he was unable to withstand her charge. As she ran into Tang San’s chest, both of them went to the ground.

Fortunately, Xiao Wu’s flexibility and reaction was outstanding. When the two were about to hit the ground, she pushed up with one hand, and even though it didn’t stop them from falling, it substantially reduced their momentum.

A fragrant tender body rushing into his embrace, Tang San only felt the sky spinning and ground revolving, but he also equally felt at ease. Subconsciously, he pulled Xiao Wu into a tight embrace as they fell. This moment, his heart was filled equally with fiery heat and dread.

Even though he successfully used Yama’s Invitation to kill Shi Nian, in order to keep Shi Nian from discovering anything odd, he had still completely had to endure the Nightmare illusion of Shi Nian’s seventh spirit ability. Even though Purple Demon Eye had been able to see the truth, the terror from that illusion still hadn’t completely left him. Holding Xiao Wu, Tang San couldn’t keep the scene of Xiao Wu being molested by that vulgar uncle from his mind. To him, there was practically nothing that could be more terrifying.

Pulling in Xiao Wu tight, he even wanted to blend her into himself, carefully protecting her.

Xiao Wu also clearly sensed the change in Tang San’s mood, and that burning aura of his alone already made her pulse accelerate. But the fear in her heart was even more intense than Tang San’s. She hadn’t waited for long, but each second had been a kind of torment. She didn’t know what she would have done if something truly had happened to Tang San.

This brief separation made both of them profoundly feel each others’ importance in their hearts.

Tang San’s consciousness gradually grew faint, but his arms were still tight around Xiao Wu, not changing until the moment he completely lost consciousness.

Yama’s Invitation had required more internal strength than he had imagined. Whether it was his mind or internal strength, the drain on Tang San had already reached the edge of danger.

Now seeing Xiao Wu again, returning to the Academy gate, the tight strings of his heart finally relaxed. His body could no longer endure the strain of exhaustion, and shut down out of self preservation.

Not knowing how much later, when Tang San slowly woke from unconsciousness, he was already back on his bed in the dorms.

Consciousness gradually returning, the weak feeling had already improved a lot, his inner strength already somewhat recovered under his body’s autonomous adjustment. Slowly breathing in through his nose, urging his internal strength to circulate through his energy channels once, Tang San then opened his eyes.

Part 2

He wasn’t injured, he had simply exhausted too much of his mental and internal strength, leading to unconsciousness. Now, after a moment of rest, he had already recovered to some extent.

Only now did Tang San discover a small hand in his, naturally it was Xiao Wu’s. At the moment she was sitting by the side of the bed, leaning over next to him, deep asleep. He could vaguely see that her eyes were still red, and her tender little face somewhat red. Her slender scorpion braid hung over the bedside, and her long eyelashes trembled slightly from time to time. Clearly, her sleep was uneasy.

Seeing that gentle and beautiful face, that black long hair, as well as the pursed brows still not recovered from dread, Tang San found it difficult to control the overwhelming tenderness in his heart.

Softly getting off the bed and gently picking her up, carrying her like a piece of muslin, he placed her on his bed to let her rest a bit more comfortably.

Whether it was because Tang San moved too softly or Xiao Wu was too tired, but she didn’t wake up, only unconsciously winding her arms around his neck in her sleep, refusing to let go no matter what.

Everything happened very naturally, and he pulled her soft body into his embrace, covering them with the quilt. Without using cultivation to recover his internal strength, but with a warmth in his heart, he once again slept together with her. Without a trace of worry, only endless tenderness.

Her brows unconsciously smoothed, and his heart comforted by the warmth at his chest, an unprecedentedly peaceful warmth blossomed on the simple bed.

In early morning, as the first rays of sunshine filtered through the windows, Xiao Wu wiggled a bit in Tang San’s embrace. Perhaps it because of a mutual tacit understanding, both opened their eyes practically at the same time, then quickly closed them again at the same time.

A rich red color spread across her face, and he awkwardly wanted to let go, but was again held onto by her.

Neither of them spoke up, and neither of them had anything to say. Only their heartbeats peculiarly sped up.

At the sound of footsteps approaching the room, both of them quickly separated like startled birds. Unable to manage the embarrassment, Tang San swiftly leapt off the bed and pulled on his outer clothes.

“Xiao Wu, is little San a bit better?”

A knock resounded, followed by Oscar’s voice.

Tang San looked at Xiao Wu. By now Xiao Wu had already gotten off the bed, but was unable to conceal that blush on her face in any way. The two looked face to face, Xiao Wu pointed first to herself, then to the door, again at Tang San, and finally to the bed.

Wordless understanding let Tang San lay back down on the bed, while Xiao Wu drew a deep breath. Calming her heartbeat, she then opened the door.

Seeing the blushing Xiao Wu, Oscar was somewhat puzzled:

“Xiao Wu, how is it?”

Xiao Wu said:

“He still hasn’t woken up, but his breath has already evened out. There shouldn’t be any problem.”

Oscar gave her a deeply meaningful glance, and grinned:

“That’s fine, that’s fine. Let him sleep a bit longer. I’ll go eat breakfast first. No need to go together. Oh, that’s right, Grandmaster said to have Tang San go find him as soon as he wakes up.”

Xiao Wu nodded hastily. At this moment she was eager for Oscar to leave quickly, so she could steady her mood a bit.

Once Xiao Wu had closed the door, Tang San sat back up from the bed. The two looked face to face, and Xiao Wu somewhat panicked lowered her head. Tang San walked over to her side, rubbing her head,

“I’m already alright. I’ll go find Grandmaster.”

Only once Tang San had left the room did Xiao Wu’s mood gradually calm. Both hands cupping her face, she discovered that things she hadn’t been able to see clearly before were becoming clearer and clearer in her mind. Her beautiful eyes displayed a somewhat extraordinary radiance and resolution, and she had a trace of a smile.

She gave the bed a final look, then quickly stepped out.

“Grandmaster, it’s me.”

When Tang San reached Grandmaster’s room, the door was open.

There was a sumptuous breakfast arranged on Grandmaster’s table.

Grandmaster smiled slightly, saying:

“Eat something first. We’ll talk after eating.”

Tang San didn’t refuse. He hadn’t eaten anything last night, and having never lacked appetite, he immediately sat down and began to eat heartily. Grandmaster didn’t ask any questions in the meantime, only quietly pondered something.

Once Tang San had swept the table clean of breakfast, Grandmaster looked at him with a meaningful gaze, saying:

“Did someone ambush you yesterday? Tell me about it in detail.”

Tang San wouldn’t hide anything from Grandmaster, and he nodded immediately, saying:

“It was Blue Sunshine Academy’s Shi Nian.”

Grandmaster’s complexion suddenly changed, the pupils of his eyes contracting,

“You’re talking about Brutal Dream Shi Nian?”

Tang San nodded,


While speaking, he walked over and carefully closed the door; some things shouldn’t be seen by others.

Grandmaster’s expression was very unsightly, his brows tightening,

“Does he have such good intentions that he would actually let you go? Shi Nian was always widely known as a cruel person, and further adding that special spirit of his, whether attacking or escaping, both are fairly troublesome. Considered an atypical control system Spirit Master, he’s very difficult to deal with.”

“He’s dead. I killed him.”

Tang San directly delivered the result.

Grandmaster was stunned, raising his head to look at Tang San,

“You killed him?”

Tang San nodded,

“It went like this……”

Immediately, he gave a detailed narration of what happened to him after he left Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena yesterday.

He didn’t even conceal the secret of Yama’s Invitation. If he had to say who he trusted the most in this world, it might not be his father Tang Hao, but rather Grandmaster.

From Tang San’s point of view, Grandmaster had given him far more than Tang Hao. He felt affection for his father, but affection and respect for Grandmaster.

Listening to Tang San’s account, Grandmaster couldn’t keep his expression from becoming bizarre. As he heard Tang San say he had taken that rainbow-colored spirit bone from Shi Nian, he almost cried out in surprise, shooting up from his chair.

Looking at Tang San with extreme agitation, he even trembled somewhat.

“Take it out so I can see it. Quickly.”

Grandmaster said somewhat impatiently.

Tang San took out the rainbow-colored spirit bone from Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, leaving it in Grandmaster’s hands.

As Grandmaster held the spirit bone, his heartbeat accelerate constantly. Even though he had researched spirits all his life, this was still his first time seeing a spirit bone so clearly.

He had never been in such close contact with a spirit bone even when he was at the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan.

To Grandmaster, spirit bones were like a second life. Nobody would easily reveal their spirit bones, and kept the fact they had one under even more extreme secrecy. Even Title Douluo were the same.

Even fewer people would carry a spirit bone on them. As long as they obtained such a priceless treasure, anyone would instantly absorb it, increasing their strength.

Grandmaster focused his attention on that spirit bone, beside himself for a long time.

“Little San, you truly have grown.”

Sighing softly, Grandmaster cautiously and solemnly returned the spirit bone to Tang San’s hands, indicating he should immediately put it back in the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse.

Putting away the spirit bone, Tang San somewhat puzzled looked at Grandmaster. He didn’t understand why Grandmaster would say something like that.

Grandmaster sighed,

“On encountering a spirit bone, you still didn’t forget my warnings, and didn’t absorb it directly. This already proved that your temperament is already far beyond ordinary people. Now I can also finally at ease let you graduate after this tournament.”

There was some yearning in Tang San’s eyes,

“No, Teacher, I still want to continue learning from you.”

A laugh escaped from Grandmaster:

“You’ve long ago practically already learned what I can teach you. What you must do now is constantly take my theory and turn it into reality. This is also what I hope for the most. Little San, you must remember, no matter when, real combat is most important. If not for plentiful combat experience, right now you might already be a corpse. I didn’t expect that mysterious eye skill of yours could actually break Shi Nian’s Brutal Dream Spirit, and then that toxic hidden weapon as well. I think you should also be aware just how lucky you were in that fight yesterday. Only the slightest difference would have turned you into a corpse.”

Of course Tang San knew. Let alone the spirit bone, if Shi Nian hadn’t been so cruel and insisted on using his abnormal spirit ability, if he had only relied on strength, perhaps Tang San would already be dead. And then Shi Nian even had a spirit bone on top of that.

Grandmaster’s expression suddenly became serious,

“Don’t speak of this matter to anyone again. Not even the Shrek Seven Devils, Flender and the others. Brutal Dream Shi Nian has gone missing, but that’s entirely unrelated to you. That goes double for this spirit bone, don’t let anyone know about it. What is called ‘treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime’1, I don’t want you to provoke some deadly calamity because of it. Understand?”

Tang San nodded, but he still couldn’t help asking:

“Grandmaster, just what is the effect of this spirit bone?”

Grandmaster muttered to himself:

“From observing its appearance and aura, it seems it was extremely wise of you not to absorb this spirit bone. Because it doesn’t suit you. This spirit bone should be a gem type, most applicable for auxiliary system Spirit Masters and illusionist type Spirit Masters, a very good match for Shi Nian. But you’re different, you’re not that category of Spirit Master. Even if you used it, the ability you would gain would be of little value. The added properties also wouldn’t be too good. Of course, it’s still a lot better than not having one.”

Part 3

“Originally, the reason I repeatedly warned you not to anxiously absorb spirit bones after getting one, was because of this. Even if this spirit bone doesn’t suit you, it will suit others. Ideally, you can use it to trade for a spirit bone that fits you. Therefore, even though this spirit bone doesn’t suit your direct use, to you it’s still the necessary capital to trade for something more suitable. As long as you can grasp the opportunity, there will be no doubts as to the benefits.”

Tang San couldn’t help asking:

“Then what kind of spirit bone does suit me?”

Grandmaster said without the slightest hesitation:

“Strength type spirit bones and plant system spirit bones.”

Tang San stared blankly. Plant system spirit bones he could understand, but why strength type spirit bones?

Tang San had been Grandmaster’s disciple for many years, and naturally he saw the doubt in his mind,

“The benefit of plant system spirit bones goes without saying. As for strength type spirit bones, the greatest benefit is to strengthen you. At the same time, it’s also in order to prepare for your second spirit. Your Clear Sky School’s Clear Sky Hammer walks the strength route, and it’s even the most tyrannical strength route. Remember what I told you, what is the greatest difficulty for twin spirits? It’s that the body is unable to endure the added attributes from so many spirit rings. And strength type spirit bones will remould you one step further, making you able to endure even greater pressure.”

“So it’s like that.”

Tang San now understood Grandmaster’s painstaking effort,

“Then at what time should I go replace this spirit bone?”

Grandmaster pondered, saying:

“Don’t be hasty, this isn’t something you can accomplish on your own. Spirit bones are really too sensitive a topic in the Spirit Master world, if you don’t have sufficient threat of strength behind you, not only won’t you be able to trade for a suitable spirit bone, you will even attract deadly misfortune. Wait a few years. If you can meet your father, then you can shift it to an earlier date. With him there, nobody could touch you. Or if you could return to Clear Sky School, and obtain their backing.”

“Don’t participate in the match later. It’s not suitable to participate after such a massive exhaustion. Your opponents today aren’t powerful, the others are enough to deal with them. As for the others, just tell them that you had a flash of insight yesterday and went to cultivate outside the city for a while, and almost overdid it, that’s why you exhausted your spirit power. I’ll help you cover it up.”

Even though Tang San somewhat disapproved of Grandmaster’s caution, he still wouldn’t go against Grandmaster. His Teacher was doing it for his sake, and there was no harm in being a bit careful.

The qualifiers continued, and after the tenth round had finished, the teams participating in the Heaven Dou City qualifiers had already pulled open a lead.

Shrek Academy’s record of ten fights and ten wins, left them clearly competing for the first position.

There were still a few teams that had amassed identical records. That was also the four elemental academies other than Elephant Armored School.

Strangely, apart from facing the Elephant Armored Academy at the start, Shrek Academy didn’t encounter any of the other five elemental academy teams.

But the Elephant Armored Academy successively encountered the other four academies, and without exception, lost each time. It seemed as if their defense didn’t have any effect.

So far, Shrek Academy had been competing with the other four elemental academies for the top five positions, and they all still had complete win records.

But Elephant Armored Academy was extremely miserable. After ten fights with five wins and five losses, their position was only in the middle of the rankings. Let alone the Elephant Armored Academy themselves, even the organizers hadn’t expected such an outcome.

This made each team in the qualifiers pull open the distance, and the first group of five teams led by a wide margin.

However, the next match wouldn’t be so easy. Shrek Academy’s eleventh opponent was from the five elemental academies, the Blazing Academy. A formidable team composed entirely of fire type Spirit Masters.

This match, due to Shrek Academy and Blazing Academy’s previous matches, undoubtedly became the greatest focal point. It came as a shock to nobody that they were arranged for the central stage.

The match still hadn’t started, but the stands were already bustling. At least a third of the audience was dressed in the emblematic green of Shrek Academy’s uniforms.

Even though the five elemental academies were equally strong, a grassroots background like the Shrek Academy resonated even easier with the audience. Especially their out of the ordinary poise had already swept Heaven Dou City with a green wave.

This moment wasn’t far from when they signed up, but Shrek Academy was already receiving applications like snow flakes. This showed how much reputation the Shrek team had brought their Academy.

Flender was even more pleased as the profit filled both basins and pots.

As Grandmaster made a detailed introduction of the Blazing Academy, his expression was clearly somewhat serious. These days he had constantly been researching the strength of the five element academies, and now he had finally grasped a general outline.

“Teacher, we’ll go out as usual for this match.”

Tang San said to Grandmaster. What he called ‘as usual’, was him, Dai Mubai, and Xiao Wu, bringing along the four reserve members.

Grandmaster shook his head, saying:

“No. This time your opponent is fairly powerful. Little San, you’ve always been competing these last days, do you know why the Elephant Armored Academy successively lost against the other four elemental academies?”

Tang San shook his head. He had led the team to participate in matches every day. Having to analyze the circumstances of the match, as well as being the mainstay, he basically didn’t have the time to pay attention to such things.

Grandmaster said:

“Originally I couldn’t be sure, but in these few days I’ve been observing the battles between the other four great elemental academies and the Elephant Armored Academy, and I already have a vague grasp on the details. They’re also hiding their strength. It seems the extreme limit flow has already begun to use strength to make up for weakness.”

Seeing Tang San’s somewhat astonished gaze, Grandmaster quickly said:

“There’s not much time, I’ll make it brief. You’ve already faced the Elephant Armored School’s disciples, they were a typical extreme limit flow team. In the past there wasn’t much difference between them and the other four elemental academies in strength. The reason they’ve kept losing this time is because the other four elemental academies have changed their fighting style. Even though they’re all Spirit Masters of the same attribute, they’ve already started splitting the work. In other words, these four great elemental academies are fully using extreme limit flow according to the balanced method. Do you understand?”

Tang San had studied under Grandmaster for so many years, and he naturally found it easiest to understand what he said. Complexion changing, he said with astonishment:

“Teacher, you mean, the other four great elemental academies have also begun using separate classes?”

“That’s right. The Blazing Academy you’re about to face possesses fire element power attack, fire element battle control, fire element agility attack, fire element support. They just didn’t reveal this when they were facing weaker opponents. Only when they fought the Elephant Armored Academy did some of their strength appear. That’s why, even if the Elephant Armored Academy’s chief disciple has a spirit bone, they still couldn’t endure their bombardment. Blazing Academy and Thunderclap Academy are both known for their attack. Their strike is bound to be like the five thousand ton weight of thunder. That’s why you have to be even more careful. If it seems impossible, I would rather you concede without being stubborn. After all, these are just the qualifiers, it’s fine as long as you pass the goal line. No need to worry about Flender.”

Hearing what Grandmaster had to say, Tang San couldn’t help sinking into a brief moment of consideration.

Fire element power attack, fire element battle control, fire element agility attack, fire element support, he had never come across a team like that.

Same attribute amplification and support, even if it was just more of the same, the burst intensity when attacking would absolutely be frightening. This Blazing Academy really didn’t seem easy to deal with.

“Teacher, I’ve decided. We’ll still go out as usual.”

Tang San’s words were resolute, without a trace of hesitation.

Grandmaster stared blankly a moment, then nodded and smiled:

“Fine, do as you wish. I believe you will do very well. Sometimes, giving up when necessary is also a very good kind of tactic.”

Tang San knew Grandmaster had misunderstood his intent, but he still didn’t try to explain. He only smiled calmly and nodded to his Teacher.

“First round, central stage, Shrek Academy facing Blazing Academy.”

The announcer declared the names of the entering teams in a loud voice. The teams on either side stepped into the ring with their heads held high.

In a split second, the entire audience surged like a raging sea, cheers rising and falling, some supporting Blazing Academy, but even more supporting Shrek.

Shrek Academy had already defeated one of the five elemental academies, if they could also take down Blazing Academy, then their status would inevitably rise another step. All the spectators were looking forward to this moment.

Dai Mubai still walked furthest ahead, Tai Long and Huang Yuan at his side, behind them were Tang San, and standing next to him were Xiao Wu and Jing Ling.

Jiang Zhu still stood furthest in the back as customary. Their uniforms no longer had just that ‘wash even healthier’ advertisement, but still had even more logos.

Perhaps it was because the effect of the advertisement was out of the ordinary, but Flender had already found more than ten sponsors for the team uniforms. The uniforms appeared even more hilariously gaudy, but Shrek Academy’s profit had also become even greater.

Faintly flickering light, Tang San’s eyes displayed a trace of ice cold light, both hands folded across his chest, quietly observing their opponents, equally unhurriedly strolling onto the stage.

The Blazing Academy’s seven students all seemed to be about the same age, a bit over twenty.

Seven people, in a triangular formation.

  1. Idiom: Just possessing a treasure is enough to invite disaster.

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