Douluo Dalu
A Hammer Called Clear Sky Preview

078 – Tang San’s Left Hand, Clear Sky Hammer

Part 1

Without time to protect himself, Tai Tan only felt as if his brain was pricked by needles, his mind dizzy, a stinging and burning feeling in his eyes. If it hadn’t been for the pressure he released making the air distort, causing a certain degree of refraction in Tang San’s gaze, his circumstances would be even worse.

Tai Tan gave Tang San strength energy pressure, but what Tang San now gave him was a mental attack. At this moment Tang San finally knew what had changed in his Purple Demon Eye after taking the Full Moon Wearing Autumn Dew. The true form of that gaze had become an attack. The condensed Purple Demon Eye had become a kind of unconventional mental attack, and at this crucial moment when he was about to collapse, it displayed to immense effect.

His mind suffering an attack, Tai Tan was naturally unable to further control the pressure he released, and with a muffled groan he actually retreated a step.

The pressure in the air suddenly gone, Tang San only felt an emptiness around him. As the tremendous pressure vanished, he couldn’t keep from swaying, and if it hadn’t been for four of the Eight Spider Lances on his back being thrust into the ground, perhaps he would have fallen the instant the weight was gone.

Once again belching up a mouthful of blood, Tang San’s complexion was deathly pale. Completely tottering on the verge of collapse, he might fall to the ground at any moment. But it was also at this moment that he felt the rupturing sound of the Yang Linking Meridian among the Eight Extraordinary Meridians breaking through, the shock of the quickly circulating Mysterious Heaven Skill breaking open this meridian a crack. Even though it hadn’t been completely connected, just like a thousand li dike being destroyed by an ant tunnel, with this crack he wasn’t far from breaking through.

However, right now Tang San couldn’t be excited, that stick of incense still had a fifth left, and now he completely lacked the strength to reissue the Purple Demon Eye’s mental attack, and even less able to rely on inner strength to support his body. Even if Tai Tan launched another attack with a third of the pressure, his only fate was to fall.

Could it be that he would truly become another’s slave, joining his clan? Tang San understood that this wasn’t because of his carelessness, but because of the absolute gap in strength. A humiliated feeling struck his mind hard, and he stuck out his chest. No matter how, he had to persevere to the last moment, as long as he still hadn’t fallen, this fight still wasn’t over.

Making an effort to shake his head, Vigorous God Tai Tan could once again see everything clearly after the dizziness. That youngster still stood there unyielding, and even though he cut a sorry figure, his eyes were still resolute. What was that just now? His spirit ability?

“You still want to continue? You should know that if you do, it might cause you permanent harm.”

Tai Tan spoke in a low voice. He didn’t want to destroy a genius, he had to recruit talent. How would he fail to see the the state Tang San was in?

Zhao Wuji’s voice also impatiently cut in at this moment,

“Little San, concede. You mustn’t destroy your future. Others can sort this out.”


Tang San only spoke this one word, but blood again ran from the corner of his mouth,

“Please continue.”

He didn’t say much, but at this moment all the teachers and students from the Academy watching the battle were moved. How persistent and unyielding to be able to support his words like this.

Even Tai Tan showed an alarmed expression. This youngster was really too outstanding. Precisely because of this, he absolutely couldn’t let him off. If he couldn’t recruit him, then, he could only destroy him.

With this in mind, Tai Tan’s gaze gradually focused, the atmosphere around him once again fluctuating.

The Blue Silver Grass withdrew completely. Slowly and resolutely, Tang San gently raised his left hand. Five fingers spreading, he didn’t look at Tai Tan, his gaze was completely focused on his own left hand. ‘Whether or not I can withstand this final moment, you watch and see.’

Intense black rays of light bubbled out of his hand, gradually condensing into a shape.

A small black hammer quietly appeared in Tang San’s palm. The hammer wasn’t large, and covered by faint decorative patterns.

But the moment it appeared, Tang San seemed to recover a bit of his strength. A grave atmosphere appeared around him.

Tai Tan’s body suddenly trembled violently once. The pressure already charging at Tang San instantly weakened, Tang San’s body rocking once. Holding the hammer at his chest, rigidly warding off this weakened pressure, an unyielding radiance glittering in his determined expression.

“This is……”

It wasn’t just Tai Tan who turned pale with fright, Tai Nuo at his side also stared wide eyed and exclaimed in alarm.

Just at this moment, seven rays of dazzlingly beautiful light shone down from the sky, enveloping Tang San’s body within just like a seven colored rainbow.

Instantly, Tang San’s body shuddered fiercely, his skin recovering its lost gloss, and with a low moan he slowly closed his eyes.

At the same time a profoundly bold voice echoed from all directions at once,

“Old orangutan, what skill is bullying children. Long time no see, let us take a turn next.”

In the flickering light and shadow, including Zhao Wuji, no one saw clearly until three people stood in the middle of the fight.

Standing in the middle was an old man, his right and left hand separately supporting the arms of the two people at his side. To his left was an extremely beautiful young lady, apparently fourteen or fifteen years old. When her feet touched ground she immediately turned and ran over to Tang San.

To his right was a scholarly middle aged man. Right now in that middle aged man’s palm was a seven colored dizzyingly glittering dazzlingly beautiful pagoda.

The seven colored light that appeared over Tang San was connected to the pagoda in his palm.

Seeing these three appear, the pupils of Vigorous God Tai Tan’s eyes immediately contracted. Even though his nature was always to never fear anything in heaven or earth, confronting these three he still had no choice but to restrain his character.

“I wondered who it was, so it’s Bone Douluo and school master Ning. Let this old man pay his respects.”

The three arrivals were precisely Ning Fengzhi, Ning Rongrong and Bone Douluo Gu Rong.

When the school master left, of the two resident Douluo at Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, one would go along and the other would stay at the school to keep watch. Last time it was Sword Douluo Chen Xin who followed Ning Fengzhi, so this time it was the Bone Douluo’s turn.

For this reason the Sword Douluo and Bone Douluo had argued for ages. Both of them wanted to see what kind of person the genius youngster Ning Rongrong had talked about was.

Actually, Ning Fengzhi’s trio had already arrived as early as when Tang San and Tai Tan made their bet. Ning Rongrong had strongly asked her father to intervene, but had been refused by Ning Fengzhi. Concealed in a secret place, Ning Fengzhi’s goal was to have a look at just how outstanding this youngster actually was. With him there, naturally there was no fear that the bet would conclude. Now that Tang San seemed unable to endure, Ning Fenzhi acted immediately, blocking the fight.

The Bone Douluo appeared in front of Tai Tan with a whoosh,

“Old orangutan, give a brother some face, let this fight pass. Our school also have our eyes on this kid. Don’t go fighting over him with us.”

With the backing of formidable strength, Gu Rong basically didn’t need to talk in circles, and directly stated the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s intentions to Tai Tan. Even though Tai Tan’s Strength Clan wasn’t small, compared to the seven great schools it was still far too lacking.

Bone Douluo Gu Rong had complete confidence in being able to suppress him in strength.

The Spirit Master world always spoke with strength. Wrecking an agreed upon bet was admittedly violating the rules of the game, but if the wrecker himself was a person who made the rules, who would say anything?

According to Gu Rong’s understanding of Tai Tan, this fearless old fogey wouldn’t give up so easily. Even if confronted by the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, with his fiery temper he would still be spoiling for a battle. Not fighting was impossible.

But Gu Rong hadn’t expected that when he heard his words, Tai Tan actually smiled. Even though a smiling expression clearly looked somewhat strange on his stiff face, Gu Rong was certain that Tai Tan was smiling, and moreover that the smiling expression held a sarcastic overtone.

“Old orangutan, what are you laughing at?”

Tai Tan snorted, saying:

“You want me to give you face? Fine, I’ll give it. We’ll drop this bet, I don’t lose, and he doesn’t lose.”


Gu Rong stared blankly,

“Giving face like this? Old orangutan, this isn’t your style!”

The corners of Tai Tan’s mouth twitched, and he raised his hand to point to Tang San,

“Old Bone, take a good look at what’s in his hand. Luckily you’re still a Title Douluo, could it be you don’t have even this much eyesight?”

At this Gu Rong’s gaze fell on Tang San, following Tai Tan’s finger, he could just see the black little hammer in Tang San’s left hand. In that instant his expression also changed immediately.

“He’s actually Clear Sky……”

Tai Tan smiled without smiling:

“You know it. For me this is flooding the dragon king temple1, for you it might be only be inviting a rejection. Haha, hahahaha.”

While laughing, he walked over towards Tang San with big steps like a shooting star.

Gu Rong had seen the little black hammer in Tang San’s hand, and Ning Fengzhi had naturally also seen it. His expression was slightly artificial, but very quickly recovered to normal. A school master’s bearing wasn’t something Gu Rong could compare to.

Gu Rong moved over to Ning Fengzhi’s side, somewhat impatiently saying:

“School master, in his hand……”

Ning Fengzhi interrupted him, saying with a nod:

“I know. It’s no wonder that he’s so outstanding, I didn’t expect him to come from Clear Sky. His family name is Tang, I should have realized it long ago.”

Part 2

The brilliance of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda in his hand was unceasing, still covering Tang San’s body, rippling into him from the surroundings.

Right now Tang San already felt as if he had gone from hell to heaven. A comfortably warm air, extremely mild humidity rapidly recovering his energy, agility, strength, mind, and even something Tang San couldn’t define.

The previous feeling of absolute emptiness within him as well as the injuries caused by the tremendous pressure all gradually faded in this gentle energy. The Mysterious Heaven Skill within him also seemed to strengthen under this humidity, circulating all over, the crack in the Yang Linking Meridian constantly widening under the unceasing attack of the Mysterious Heaven Skill.

Tang San hadn’t seen who helped him, but soaked in that seven colored radiance, what he had lost gradually returned, and even became stronger. The Blue Silver Grass recovered its lost luster, the red and white light from the Eight Spider Lances glinting with an even more threatening gem like light, and even the black little hammer flickered with a crow black light.

How could the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda’s name as the first auxiliary system spirit be a false reputation? As school master, Ning Fengzhi had even more brilliant skill with this emblematic auxiliary system spirit.

In a few short minutes when Tang San once again opened his eyes, his expression was already energetic, as if he had been reborn. If it wasn’t for the torn clothes and not yet dried sweat, right now it would seem as if he had never experienced that dangerous bet.

“Third brother, are you alright?”

Ning Rongrong asked with deep concern.

Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong as well as Oscar had all already run over to Tang San.

Zhu Zhuqing and Ma Hongjun had also separated from the crowd, encircling Tang San.

“I’m already fine.”

While speaking, Tang San’s gazed in the direction that seven colored radiance drifted from, just in time to meet Ning Fengzhi’s eyes.

Ning Fengzhi smiled, and the radiance of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda in his hand faded. As he lowered his hand, that miraculous spirit also vanished.

“How come it’s you?”

Tang San couldn’t help say in astonishment.

Ning Fengzhi smiled slightly,

“So it’s really you. It seems we really are brought together by fate.”

Ning Rongrong’s big eyes blinked:

“Daddy, you know each other?”

Even without Ning Rongrong’s words, Tang San already vaguely guessed Ning Fengzhi’s identity. The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda’s seven treasures appearing simultaneously, how many people could manage that? Quickly taking a few steps forward, he bowed to ning Fengzhi in salute,

“Greetings, school master Ning.”

Ning Fengzhi smiled slightly, raising his hand to pull Tang San up,

“Since you’re Rongrong’s friend, and she calls you third brother, its suitable if you call me uncle Ning. I would hope to hear you call me this.”

Ning Fengzhi saying this could be considered a public expression of goodwill. In fact, with his position, on the entire Douluo Continent he only had to stomp his feet to make the four seas tremble, even an imperial prince like Xue Xing wouldn’t dare offend him.

The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School didn’t just have robust strength as a sect with two Douluo. At the same time, their financial resources had always been number one among the seven great schools.

Obtaining the recognition of school master Ning Fengzhi would be a gargantuan occasion to the vast majority of Spirit masters.

Tang San’s attitude didn’t change because of learning Ning Fengzhi’s identity, only bowing once again and saying:

“Greetings, uncle Ning.”

Ning Fengzhi laughed out loud, saying:

“Good. Good. we’ll talk again later. First settle the present business.”

Tang San’s expression became serious, From the terms of the bet, even though he hadn’t fallen, he knew it would have been very difficult for him to resist Tai Tan’s next attack until the stick of incense burned out.

Even though the incense on the gate had burned out, his heart was still heavy.

Tang San was a person who would absolutely abide by promises, but he also understood that with his current strength it would be far, far too difficult to resist the pressure Tai Tan could release. He didn’t know how much of his pressure Tai Tan had released before, but judging by that last steep pressure increase, the opponent hadn’t gone all out from the start.

His gaze slowly turning, Tang San looked towards that not distant Tai Tan. Vigorous God Tai Tan was also looking at him, meeting his gaze expectantly, and with a slight wave of his hand brought his son and grandson towards Tang San in big strides. His expression was filled with emotions.

“I’m sorry, senior, our bet was interrupted, but we can do it again.”

Breaking open the Yang Linking Meridian increased Tang San’s ability to resist pressure somewhat, and as long as he didn’t truly fall before the opponent, he also wouldn’t easily concede.

But Tang San hadn’t expected Tai Tan to only solemnly gaze at him,

“Your name is Tang San, what is your father’s name? Is it Tang Hao?”

Tang San looked at the pure strength type formidable Spirit Master in front of him with astonishment,

“How did you know?”

His words were without doubt an acknowledgement of what Tai Tan had said.

Tai Tan’s aged face flushed red with agitation, and under Tang San’s inconceivable gaze, that majestic like a mountain frame abruptly knelt with one knee on the ground with a putong sound, completely moved speechless.

“Senior, what’s this about?”

Tang San jumped with fright at Tai Tan’s movement and hastily got out of the way, not daring to receive Tai Tan’s courtesy.

Seeing Tai Tan kneel, both Tai Nuo and Tai Long hastily followed his example. Tai Long was even more astonished than Tang San, he couldn’t understand why his grandfather’s attitude would suddenly make an enormous one hundred eighty degree turn.

Tai Tan suppressed his strongly surging heart,

“This old slave Tai Tan, pays his respects to young master.”

“Young master?”

As these two words came out, apart from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi and the Bone Douluo who had unvarying expression, made practically everyone around turn pale with fright. Especially those teachers and students who had vaguely guessed Tai Tan’s strength were even more unable to hide their shock.

Tang San was stupefied, a person who had previously been oppressing him until he was unable to breathe was actually kneeling in front of him, for a while he couldn’t adapt to the enormous contrast.

“Senior, won’t you explain it clearly first.”

Tang San stepped forward to lend an arm to Tai Tan, but this old fellow was determined to kneel.

“Young master, this old slave has finally met you. Do you know master’s current whereabouts?”


From the meaning behind Tai Tan’s words, Tang San could naturally hear that what he indicated with ‘master’ should be his father.

His father’s mien flashed through his mind. Tang San was unable to believe that his father, every day soaked in shoddy alcohol, would actually be called ‘master’ by a Spirit Douluo level power.

The intense shock and sudden news momentarily put Tang San’s heart in disorder. Supporting himself on Tai Tan’s imposing body, for a moment he just stood there rigidly.

“Hai hai. I think it would be better if you first found somewhere quiet, and then continued chatting about your master and servant situation, alright?”

Just what is called ‘the participant is baffled, but the onlooker sees clearly’, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi standing to the side broke the awkwardness.

Tang San came to himself at this, and hastily said:

“Just so, senior you get up first, if there are any matters we’ll first find a place quiet.”

Tai Tan somewhat vigilantly looked at Ning Fengzhi to the side, then stood up,

“Young master, please follow to this old slave’s home to chat.”


Tang San glanced at the Shrek Seven Devils next to him as well as Ning Fengzhi, and immediately felt embarrassed.

Even though he was anxious to know just why Tai Tan had addressed him like that, Ning Fengzhi saved him just now and was moreover Ning Rongrong’s father, his coming here seemed to be in order to find him, if he left it would clearly be grounds for discord.

What kind of person was Ning Fengzhi, how wouldn’t he see Tang San’s current awkwardness, with a slight smile he said:

“I think it would be better like this, since we’ve already come to the Shrek Academy we should tour the place. Vigorous God should also be the guardian of a student here, so why don’t we all enter?”

Even though Tai Tan was inwardly unwilling, as he also saw Tang San’s current awkwardness he forced himself to nod, saying:

“Alright. Who is in charge of this Academy?”

His last words were immensely loud, shocking the ears of the watching students so they rang.

Even though Zhao Wuji wasn’t too willing to confront Tai Tan, right now he also didn’t have a choice. Quickly stepping forward, with a forced smile saying:

“Old brother Tai Tan, long time no see, have you been well?”

Seeing Zhao Wuji, Tai Tan looked distracted a moment, a cold light flickering in his eyes,

“So it’s you kid. I couldn’t find you for all these years, but you’ve actually been hiding here. We’ll think about it under cover, find us a quiet place, I want to have a careful talk with the young master.”

Whether it was Tai Tan or Ning Fengzhi, neither was someone Zhao Wuji could afford to offend. Right now Flender, Grandmaster, and Liu Erlong’s trio, as well as Dugu Bo, who might suppress an incident were all gone. He couldn’t wish to be ripped apart by this Vigorous God here. Hastily he said:

“Everyone have come from afar, please come inside. All students return to class, who allowed you to gather here?”

The students were quickly but gently returned to school by the teachers, while Zhao Wuji personally brought Tai Tan’s family, the people from Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, as well as Tang San into the Academy.

Zhao Wuji gave Tang San a meaningful look, saying:

“Little San, you go clean up first and change your clothes, afterwards come to the fourth floor meeting room.”

Tang San currently wore little more than sweat and bloodstains, and even though his body had recovered under the assistance of Ning Fengzhi’s Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, his appearance was clearly too unsuitable. Together with the Shrek Seven Devils he headed for the dorms.

“Ge, how are you?”

Xiao Wu pulled at Tang San’s arm, gripping his right hand, slowly infusing her own spirit power into Tang San.

Tang San hurriedly declined her good intentions,

“Don’t worry Xiao Wu, I’m already fine.”

Part 3

Ning Rongrong to the side hit her chest, saying:

“Xiao Wu, don’t worry. My daddy’s Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda has already reached the ideal seven treasure realm, not only can it assist, it also has powerful treatment capabilities. Before when the seven treasures came out simultaneously, even if third brother had stopped breathing he could still recover. There wouldn’t be anything wrong. But what was all that about just now? How does third brother and that old fogey fit together? That old fogey isn’t weak, my grandpa Bone said his strength was on the Spirit Douluo level.”

Before Xiao Wu could speak up, Oscar already swiftly recounted the events. Seeing Ning Rongrong return, originally he was very happy, but as he saw Ning Rongrong’s father and that tyrannical grandpa Bone, he couldn’t help feel a bit apprehensive. It goes without saying that he had to restrain his original intentions of speaking his mind to Ning Rongrong as soon as she returned.

Listening to Oscar’s explanation, Ning Rongrong couldn’t help laughing:

“Beat the son and the father comes, beat the father and the grandfather comes. Does it keep going? Nevermind, third brother, next time they come looking for trouble, we’ll go together. Even though boss Dai isn’t here, with our combined battle strength we can hold them off for a while. If my daddy lends a hand, with his assistance we can hold them down.”

Tang San’s current mood was very complicated. Tai Tan’s display just now had shocked him, and he vaguely felt that what he had said was related to his father’s disappearance. Could it be his father wasn’t just a drunkard? Was he a person that could make a Spirit Douluo address himself as a slave? Another step up, was perhaps only Title Douluo.

Returning to the dorm, Tang San first sent back the others, including Xiao Wu. He quickly washed of the dirt and changed his clothes before swiftly running to the fourth floor of the school building.

To him right now, Ning Fengzhi’s purpose in coming wasn’t important, what he most wanted to know about was what Tai Tan called him.

Reaching the fourth floor, Tang San just saw Zhao Wuji stepping out from a meeting room.

Zhao Wuji made a silencing gesture to Tang San, hurriedly pulling him over to a corner.

“Little San, no matter what they tell you later, you must stay calm. That old fellow Tai Tan and Ning Fengzhi don’t get along, so I arranged them in two rooms. Who you see first is your decision. However, no matter what you mustn’t easily make any promises, if you can’t, you can ask to wait until Grandmaster and Flender returns.”

Tang San was always calm, and after listening nodded,

“Teacher Zhao, don’t worry, I know what I should do.”

Zhao Wuji smiled wryly, right now he was only a foil. With this gap in strength, whether it was the Golden Iron Triangle or the Poison Douluo, as long as one of them was here the Academy wouldn’t be as passive as now.

Tai Tan wasn’t bad, even though his Strength Clan wasn’t weak, with so many teachers at the Shrek Academy, Zhao Wuji still wasn’t worried about him.

But Ning Fengzhi was different, that leader of one of the seven great clans, those two resident Douluo alone were enough to make the four oceans tremble.

Among all the seven great clans, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School was ranked second, considered one of the upper three, above even Grandmaster’s Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan.

Zhao Wuji wasn’t at all worried about Tang San, he was even a bit happy that Tang San had revealed his hammer just now. Even though he was shocked to learn Tang San had twin spirits, these twin spirits had now also become something that made even the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School apprehensive.

When Zhao Wuji had pointed out the two rooms, Tang San without the slightest hesitation first chose Tai Tan’s family, pushing open the door and entering.

Tai Tan ranked higher, but when he saw Tang San entering he hastily stood up from where he sat thinking, and without waiting for Tang San to react, this Vigorous God once again fell to one knee,

“This old slave injured young master, young master please choose a punishment.”

Seeing Tai Nuo and his son follow Tai Tan’s example, Tang San’s face revealed a wry smile,

“Senior, get up first. We’ll talk properly. Right now I don’t quite understand what’s going on. Why don’t you explain it all to me first. Perhaps you’ve mistaken me for someone else, I’m not someone you’d call young master, my background is only as the most ordinary commoner.”

Tai Tan looked distracted a moment. Standing up, he sized up Tang San and immediately asked:

“Isn’t your father called Tang Hao?”

Tang San nodded,

“My father’s name is indeed Tang Hao, but he’s not someone you’d call master!”

Tai Tan lowered his voice,

“If your father is Tang Hao, then there’s no mistake. Young master, how did you and master live for all these years? How come you would use that Blue Silver Grass spirit?”

“Hold on.”

Tang San somewhat impatiently halted Tai Tan’s words,

“Senior, can’t you first tell me what sort of person my father really is, how come you would call him master?”

“You don’t know? Master didn’t tell you anything?”

There was a pondering light in Tai Tan’s fierce eyes, and he paced back and forth within the room,

“Young master, why don’t you first tell this worthless elder2 how you lived with master for all these years. If master didn’t say anything, this worthless elder also daren’t speak out of turn.”

Tang San felt a burst of dejection, and inwardly couldn’t help feel more and more perplexed,

“From childhood I lived with father in Holy Spirit Village, father was the village’s sole blacksmith, and every day besides working, his only hobby was drinking.”


Tai Tan stared wide eyed, an expression of inconceivability in his eyes. For a moment his hair and beard quivered, and for a long time he couldn’t control himself,

“Master, how could you be reduced to such a state, at that time, you were……”

Here Tai Tan’s face was covered with tears, already unable to stop his sobs.

Tang San was confused, he had already explained how miserably he had lived with his father, why would this formidable Spirit Douluo still believe his father was the one he called master?

“Senior, I think, you really have the wrong person. My father is only a common blacksmith.”

Tang San couldn’t keep from emphasizing it once again.

Tai Tan wiped his tears,

“Young master, even if I don’t know why master wouldn’t tell you about his identity, I can be certain I’m not mistaking you for someone else. Other things can be mistakes, but can spirits be wrong? Let me ask you, who did you inherit your Blue Silver Grass spirit from?”

Tang San said:

“It should be inherited from my mother.”

Tai Tan questioned closer:

“Then your other spirit? That little black hammer you held in your left hand before, who was it passed down from? Blue Silver Grass belongs to your mother, then that hammer can only belong to your father. I can make mistakes in other things, but if I couldn’t even recognize master’s Clear Sky Hammer3, then I wouldn’t have the face to keep living in this world. The Clear Sky Hammer’s pattern is unique and unmatched, in those days I always followed at master’s side, how couldn’t I recognize it? This is a unique spirit!”

Tai Tan’s words in the end revealed a gap, and hearing the words ‘Clear Sky Hammer’, Tang San’s whole body trembled. Grandmaster had taught him for so many years, of course he had told him about the seven great schools of the present age. Among the seven great schools were the three upper and four lower sects.

The three upper sects were separately the Clear Sky School, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon School. The reason they were called the three upper sects was of course because these three great schools each had at least one Title Douluo guardian. Even though the four lower schools were quite powerful, they still didn’t have a power like those Title Douluo.

Among them, the Clear Sky School was no doubt the most formidable existence of the three upper sects, in Grandmaster’s assessment, both the Clear Sky School and Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School had two resident Douluo, but even with the support of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s strongest Support Spirit, those two Title Douluo still wouldn’t stand a great chance of winning against the two resident Douluo of the Clear Sky School.

As a result, this Clear Sky School could be said to be ranked first among the seven great schools, the first school in the whole Douluo Continent.

And Clear Sky School’s inherited spirit was a kind of tool spirit, called: Clear Sky Hammer.

Grandmaster had never said much about the Clear Sky School’s circumstances, this was all Tang San knew. Now hearing Vigorous God Tai Tan in front of him actually say that hammer of his was actually the Clear Sky Hammer, how couldn’t he be shocked?

Raising his left hand, black light coalescing, the Clear Sky Hammer once again appeared in Tang San’s palm,

“This is really the Clear Sky Hammer?”

This time the distance was even shorter, and Tai Tan could observe the black little hammer in Tang San’s hand even more clearly. As soon as the little hammer appeared, he nodded without the slightest hesitation,

“Only the direct blood relations can possess it. And among the direct blood relations of the school, only master has been away for a number of years straight, also only master’s name is Tang Hao, there’s no mistake. Young master.”

Even though he didn’t say so in detail, this moment was already enough to tell Tang San that he was from the Clear Sky School.

“You are saying, my father is directly blood related to the Clear Sky School, and I as well? No, that’s impossible. If father was from the Clear Sky School, why, why would he be reduced to a blacksmith?”

What kind of position did the Clear Sky School hold in the Spirit Master world? It was a formidable existence even Spirit Hall wouldn’t lightly dare offend, in overall strength being capable of competing equally with Spirit Hall, were only the seven great schools.

Especially the five Title Douluo of the upper three sects. Among the seven great schools, the Clear Sky School was very mysterious, it was rare for people to even know its location.

But the Clear Sky School’s dignity wasn’t something anyone dared offend lightly. Even the current Spirit Hall Supreme pontiff would still be extremely respectful to it.

If his father was born from the Clear Sky School, and was directly blood related, then……

  1. Idiom: People on the same side ending up fighting when not recognizing each other. Based on a folklore story where an exiled dragon prince returns to his father’s temple, but is mistaken for a beast by a monk and ends up starting a war.
  2. Now he’s referring to himself as (老朽) “old rotten”, a self denigrating appellation suggesting he’s gone decrepit with age.
  3. (昊天锤) Alternatively “Boundless Heaven Hammer”. The first character is the same hao as in Tang Hao.

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