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057 – Fiend Team | Blue Silver Translations

Part 1

Meng Li had considered leaving Silvers City and going to another Great Spirit Arena. After all, without the income from spirit fights, whether his team or he himself, all relied on the reward money for their luxurious lifestyle, and weren’t willing to suffer restrictions. Thus they hadn’t joined any power.

However, an hour ago Meng Li suddenly received news from the Great Spirit Arena. Unexpectedly there was a team that wanted to challenge them. And furthermore it was a level surpassing challenge. This news made Meng Li ecstatic. No matter that he wasn’t a cautious person, even a cautious spirit master absolutely wouldn’t believe a thirtieth level team was able to defeat a fortieth level team.

Were it not for spirit fighter Spirit Masters not being allowed to gamble on their own matches, he’d definitely bet heavily on his team.

Meng Li had already convened all the members on his side, as quickly as possible hurrying to the Great Spirit Arena, coming to collect the income for their first fight in half a month.

Besides income, there was still venting.

Killing people. Especially killing Spirit Masters, to him and these mad dog like team members, was in itself a kind of unburdening and pleasure. Were it not for them always living within the area of influence of the Great Spirit Arena, perhaps they already would have been killed by more powerful spirit masters any number of times.

Meng Li’s motto was ‘growth through slaughter’.

This year he was thirty years old, he had even thought out his later Title Douluo title: Fiend.

Of course, he also knew himself well enough to realize that becoming Title Douluo in this lifetime was practically impossible. Only if he had some special luck, like perhaps obtaining an excellent spirit bone or a ten thousand year spirit ring to alter his physique.


Silvers Great Spirit Arena, Central Main Spirit Arena.

Today was especially bustling, although the news had just spread a couple of hours ago, a spirit fight like this level surpassing challenge still attracted the interest of a large amount of high level spectators. Especially when the target of this level surpassing challenge was the Fiend Team well known for its savagery.

The Great Spirit Arena’s specialized betting areas were already open, both sides’ spirit power level was obvious at a glance, so the odds also had extreme disparity.

Fiend Team was only one to one, while Shrek Seven Devils team reached one to ten.

Of course, the Great Spirit Arena wouldn’t suffer any losses, no need to speak of the losers, the winners would have to pay a ten percent processing fee, this was also a significant reason why Great Spirit Arena would sometimes organise marvellous spirit fighting competitions: the higher the stakes, the higher their cut.

This was since long ago the main source of revenue for any Great Spirit Arena, even more than ticket prices.

Very soon the odds changed, as a result of too many betting on the Fiend Team, the odds shifted accordingly, Shrek Seven Devils team’s side already offered one to seventeen, and the odds were constantly rising.

On the two betting sides, the line before Fiend Team’s betting point was filled with spectators fearing they wouldn’t be able to place their bets before the spirit fight began. But Shrek Seven Devils’ side was completely deserted, besides some speculative betters, practically nobody paid attention.

At this moment, a suddenly appearing voice roused the Shrek Seven Devils team betting point staff member from their drowsiness.

“I want thirty thousand gold spirit coins, Shrek Seven Devils team.”

“You said what? How much?”

The staff member jumped, hastily questioning closer.

Flender frowned,

“I said thirty thousand gold spirit coins, Shrek Seven Devils’ victory. Alright?”

The staff member swallowed. Although Silvers Great Spirit Arena was the largest spirit arena in Silvers Kingdom, bets as high as thirty thousand gold spirit coins were still extremely rare.

Flender’s thirty thousand gold coins naturally weren’t all his own, among them were still the Shrek Seven Devils’, Grandmaster’s, as well as the other several teachers’ secret stashes.

The betters in the Fiend Team line were already laughing loudly, looking at Flender with gazes like looking at an idiot.

“You’re sure?”

The staff member once again asked.

Flender’s face remained unchanged,

“I’m sure, deposit in cards.”

While speaking, he took out several gold coin transfer cards, using them for his bet.

Right now he was trying his utmost not to smile, he didn’t want the odds to drop due to someone following his example.

Of course, his fears were completely groundless, at this time, who would be optimistic about Shrek Seven Devils’ chances?

Great Spirit Arena admittedly had numerous methods to make money, but there was one point everyone believed in: their impartiality and fairness. Otherwise, Great Spirit Arena’s wouldn’t have so many spectators anywhere.

The spirit fighter level gap truly was big. On Shrek Seven Devils’ side, there were only four above thirtieth rank. Besides one thirty eighth ranker, the next highest members were just thirty third rank, and even thirty second rank Spirit Masters.

The Fiend Team’s side by contrast were all above fortieth rank silver spirit fighters. Although in the fortieth level tier their ranks weren’t considered too high, their average only forty third rank, when dealing with Shrek Seven Devils team their superiority was immense.

With one point five more spirit rings on average, adding the spirit power advantage and Fiend Team’s berserk fighting methods, who would be optimistic about Shrek Seven Devils at this time?

Flender was also exploiting a Great Spirit Arena loophole, although participating Spirit Master’s couldn’t bet directly, Great Spirit Arena naturally wouldn’t look into whether he represented Shrek Seven Devils.

When Flender prepared to turn and leave, he suddenly saw a man with the appearance of a chubby merchant quickly step forward, seemingly extremely nervous to let something slip by.

Handing over a gold spirit coin transfer card, gasping for breath he spoke to the staff member:

“Give-, give me ten thousand gold spirit coins on Shrek Seven Devils.”

The staff member thought to himself that strange occurrences happened every year, but this year they were especially common. A spirit fight with such a clear outcome, unexpectedly still had so many people coming to hand over their money.

Having learned from his lessons with Flender, he didn’t again ask anything, but quickly handled the procedures.

This time it was Flender’s turn to be baffled, asking the fatty:

“My friend, haven’t you made a mistake? The difference in spirit power and spirit rings is so large between Shrek Seven Devils and the opponent, and you still bet on them?”

The fatty grinned, keeping his voice low:

“You don’t know about this. I’m a merchant, doing business between Balak Kingdom and Silvers Kingdom. Not long ago I was in Balak Kingdom’s Suotuo City, just in time to see an extremely marvellous team spirit fight, one of the leading roles was the Shrek Seven Devils. They absolutely mustn’t be underestimated because of their spirits. Friend, If you believe me, follow my lead, you’ll absolutely earn money.”

“So it’s like this. En, I believe you.”

Although Flender’s mouth said this, inwardly he was laughing somewhat. He hadn’t expected to come across a fan of the little monsters in Silvers, however, this supporter also seemed a bit too ignorant.

Were it not for having those special reasons, even if the little monsters’ spirits were even more outstanding, how might they still prevail over opponents a level higher.

Even though this side invested forty thousand gold spirit coins in bets, the odds showed no tendency of dropping, instead the rising trend continued. So as to equalize the bets between the two sides, the Great Spirit Arena had no choice but to drop the odds for Fiend Team to zero point seven. Despite this, the betters still didn’t slow down.

As Flender calmly and leisurely walked back to the Great Spirit Arena, the Shrek Seven Devils had already done their preparations for the fight, and as the betting points outside stopped accepting bets, as time passed, Silvers Great Spirit Arena’s last team spirit fight for the day, the level surpassing challenge, would begin.

Grandmaster as usual delivered the Shrek Seven Devils to the Main Spirit Arena’s spirit fighter team entrance, finally warning them yet again:

“Remember, your opponents are cruel and savage. No need to hold back. Use the fastest way to settle it. Understand? If something unexpected happens, immediately leave the ring, concede rather than suffer any harm.”

Tang San nodded to Grandmaster, saying:

“Teacher, don’t worry, we won’t lose.”

Guided by a staff member, the group walked into the Main Spirit Arena ring with large strides.

Since this time they weren’t invited by the Great Spirit Arena, the team leaders couldn’t enter the arena like last time at Suotuo Great Spirit Arena to wait at the entrance. Grandmaster could only quickly leave, meeting up with Flender’s group to watch this spirit fight from the stands.

The reason Grandmaster dared let the Shrek Seven Devils issue this challenge was entirely founded on careful calculations. Tang San hadn’t concealed his hidden weapons from Grandmaster, and Grandmaster had long ago calculated how much threat each of his hidden weapons could bring to bear against various ranked Spirit Master.

Right now, regarding this team spirit fight, Grandmaster believed that as long as there were no extreme peculiarities, it wouldn’t be any problem.

At times, strength didn’t mean victory.

Silvers Great Spirit Arena’s Central Main Spirit Arena didn’t have any major differences from Suotuo Great Spirit Arena, only its scale being a bit bigger, but the surrounding construction style was nevertheless exactly the same, from this it could be seen it was a perfect setup for the Great Spirit Arena.

Perhaps it was because Tang San’s peoples’ opponents were excessively savage, but as the announcer declared both sides entering he was already flying in the air. Unfortunately, this announcer wasn’t as visually attractive as Suotuo Great Spirit Arena’s beautiful Doudou, rather a handsome youth.

The Shrek Seven Devils glanced at their opponents, although the battle hadn’t yet started, the opponents’ vicious spirit already assaulted them.

The Shrek Seven Devils didn’t know how many members Fiend Team had, but the seven people on stage were clearly their strongest seven, also the seven they previously received information about.

The captain was Berserk Giant Bear1 Spirit Master Meng Li, the other six were also all Battle Spirit Masters. This vicious team was unexpectedly composed entirely of power attack system Spirit Masters, this was also a major reason for their astonishing attack power.

As a power attack system team, their advantages and disadvantages were extremely clear, and their advantage was naturally to in a moment erupt in peerlessly tyrannical attack power. Their weak points were even simpler, since they didn’t have auxiliary system Spirit Masters, agility attack system Spirit Masters or control system Spirit Masters, their capability for sustained battle was extremely lacking.

Fiend Team’s seven members all appeared to be men around thirty or so, each and everyone built tall and sturdy, a blood thirsty light in their eyes, while walking towards the center of the spirit fighting stage, they kneaded their fists, the bones making popping noises that caused people’s teeth to ache.

At least in imposing manner, this team before them could be said to be the strongest Shrek Seven Devils had met, the Fiend Team’s seven members all had a bloodthirsty atmosphere, in no way comparable to Emperor Team. This was the atmosphere that arose from constant slaughter. Further looking at the blood thirsty light in their eyes, it seemed one could even smell the reek of blood from their bodies.

Due to the special composition, Fiend Team’s formation was also wildly different from other teams. The seven lined up in a row, crowded together. At the announcer’s preparatory call, they simultaneously released their spirits.

Part 2

As a result of all of them being power attack system Spirit Masters, these seven Beast Spirit savages’ bodies practically all swelled up as they released their spirits. For a moment it was as if a giant bloody maw rose up over them, able to swallow everything.

The Fiend Team was able to suppress so many Spirit Masters, how could their unrestrained reputation be fabricated?

Perhaps it was because they felt the savage atmosphere released by the Fiend Team, the spectators hidden in the VIP lounges all began to cheer, transmitted by amplifiers into the arena.

“Tear them to pieces!…… Kill them!……”

The countless calls made the Fiend Team’s savage flame burn even stronger.

In the enthusiastic atmosphere, what the spectators didn’t notice was how Shrek Seven Devils, with a full allocation of Spirit Master types, assumed a very strange formation, precisely the same as the opposing Fiend Team’s, one line, and simultaneously released their spirits.

Oscar asked Dai Mubai in a low voice:

“Boss Dai, if they really rush us, can’t you block them with with Rongrong’s spirit ability assistance?”

Dai Mubai practically without the slightest hesitation replied:

“I can’t.”


“‘Eh’ your head, don’t you have faith in little San’s treasures?”

Xiao Wu snapped.

Oscar grinned:

“It’s not that I don’t have faith, this is just in case of emergency. Thinking I, the great youth, handsome and elegant, distinguished and casual, jade tree facing the wind, ……”

“Alright, everyone prepare.”

Tang San’s timely voice interrupted Oscar, the Shrek Seven Devils flicked their wrists simultaneously. Each took out an approximately one chi2 long, appearing entirely unremarkable black box from their spirit tools or perhaps within their chests, pointing the end of the black box towards their opponents.

Perhaps it was because the Fiend Team’s sins were indeed to many, the calls from all around made their vicious nature even greater, each and everyone facing upwards and snarling, beating their chests, showing off their spirit rings to the audience. Basically without paying any attention to the small motions of the Shrek Seven Devils.

The Great Spirit Arena didn’t ban the use of weapons, only generally speaking, weapons were just a nuisance to Spirit Masters, and very few used them.

Grandmaster, and Flender’s group all attentively gazed at the outside from within a VIP lounge. Flender’s spirit was Owl, and although he wore glasses, his vision was in fact the best among them, and the small motions of Tang San’s group taking out the Godly Zhuge Crossbows were caught in his eyes.

Flender was still somewhat anxious about this spirit fight, and couldn’t help ask Grandmaster at his side:

“Xiao Gang, are those hidden weapon things of Tang San’s really capable of striking down these fortieth level Spirit Masters? Those are all power attack system, their defensive capability among Spirit Master systems are second only to defensive system. Are their spirit abilities still unable to block Tang San’s hidden weapons?”

Grandmaster calmly said:

“They can block.”

“What was that?”

Flender immediately stared wide eyed, looking at Grandmaster. To his calm he couldn’t help but show a panicked expression.

Grandmaster said:

“Tang San also gave me a Godly Zhuge Crossbow for my protection, and I carefully researched its firepower. Generally speaking, even if a power attack system Spirit Master’s first two kinds of spirit abilities are defensive, they certainly can’t block its attack. But as long as it’s a third spirit ability or higher, they can neutralize it. If it’s a fourth spirit ability it’s even less of a question.”

“You……, And you still let them fight? Don’t tell me you sent them to their deaths?”

Flender was clearly too loud, along with his anger, his spirit power worked automatically, and the whole room trembled under his voice.

Grandmaster looked at Flender, not the slightest bit moved. Still using his usual voice:

“What if they can block? That doesn’t influence Tang San’s group’s victory. Originally I still thought they might have to use all their hidden weapons to win, but looking at it now, apparently that won’t be necessary. Tang San talked to me about it, hidden weapons are hidden weapons. The key word is ‘hidden’. You think the opponents can know how powerful the hidden weapons in their hands are? If it was you, facing an opponent whose strength clearly was inferior to yours, would you from the start use a third or fourth spirit ability that requires the consumption of a great amount of spirit power?”

“Of course, this way of fighting can’t be reused, but don’t forget that this is also the first time Tang San’s hidden weapons emerge in a Great Spirit Arena. With the use of only the first or perhaps the second spirit ability, for a body with spirit power below fiftieth rank, it’s basically impossible to resist their Godly Zhuge Crossbows. Even if it was beyond fiftieth rank, speaking somewhat generally, perhaps they would still suffer. Do you think the Man Faced Demon Spider was so easy to kill?”

Listening to Grandmaster, Flender’s mood gradually calmed, but his heart was still worried.

At this moment, in his heart, the money he had bet wasn’t of any importance. His only wish was for the Shrek Seven Devils not to suffer any harm. These children could be called his favorites, no different from his own children.

Right then, the already flying announcer shouted loudly,

“Team spirit fight, Shrek Seven Devils team, level surpassing challenge versus Fiend Team, begin!”

Practically the moment the last syllable left the announcer’s mouth, on the both sides one person also shouted loudly.

The voice on Fiend Team’s side was naturally the captain, Berserk Giant Bear Spirit Master Meng Li, shouting:

“Tear them to shreds!”

On the Shrek Seven Devils the one to shout loudly was Tang San. A lot more succinct, he shouted only one word:


The long ago raised black boxes didn’t reflect any light even under the brilliant illumination of the Great Spirit Arena. The moment the Fiend Team charged, all team members already launched their first spirit ability. Pouncing like wolves and tigers3.

Part 3

That sound with the weight of thunder was like ten thousand horses charging.

At this moment, all the Fiend Team members heard a strange sound, like metal clashing, further accompanied by a buzzing sound, as if poking a hornet’s nest.


Seven Godly Zhuge Crossbows simultaneously issued what could be called their snarl. Each Godly Zhuge Crossbow had already been armed before this spirit fight. Altogether one hundred twelve crossbow bolts pierced the air, a great cloud of arrows like dancing wasps.

The Fiend Team’s members were all Spirit Masters over fortieth rank, they were naturally able to see those oncoming shadows, but how could they imagine that wasn’t a spirit ability?

With the mad dog strategy, however strong the enemy’s attack, all would attack as if their lives depended on it.

Today the Fiend Team was still like this. They basically didn’t break off at all because of the opponents’ attack, rather increasing their charging speed even more, raising their arms to guard the vitals of their heads and chests, inflexibly dashing forward to close quarters combat where they were always the most skilled.


Along with a series of strange sounds, it was as if the madly shouting audience simultaneously had their throats cut. In that moment not a sound could be heard. In that terrible silence, great puffs of blood mist blossomed like fireworks in the Main Spirit Arena.

The Fiend Team members still dashed ahead several meters with powerful momentum, and in an eyeblink, it was already too late for them to react.

Why is it suddenly cold? Meng Li was somewhat baffled, his body didn’t quite seem to listen to his commands, this was his last thought in this world.

Dingdingdingdingdingdingdingding——. Concentrated cracks of sound appeared behind the Fiend Team, on the wall of the Main Spirit Arena, pitch black crossbow bolts were crowded together nailed into the wall.

The Fiend Team’s members steps also finally halted. Those explosions of blood mist were precisely from their bodies. Not just the audience was stupefied, even the Shrek Seven Devils themselves were lifeless.

Despite placing all their hopes in the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, as this moment truly arrived, they also stood there sluggishly. The only one that had anticipated the scene before them was Tang San, but right now even he couldn’t stop the slight twitches at the corners of his eyes.

Meng Li’s eyes, originally with an ominous glint, stared deathly rigid ahead. The viciousness in those eyes had already become astonishment and despair, the tall and sturdy body like a crumbling mountain or falling pillar collapsed on the ground. The seven Fiend Team members, practically at the same moment were brought to the ground by their momentum.

Blood. Flowing out from the bodies that were like sieves after being struck by the Godly Zhuge Crossbows. The blood flowed like a long red earthworm, rapidly spreading over the spirit fighting ring. In the blink of an eye, it had already dyed the center of the Main Spirit Arena red.

Instant kill. Unexpectedly it was an instant kill.

The more powerful fortieth level Fiend Team unexpectedly didn’t even have the chance to act. This moment, the minds of practically all the spectators were blank. Nobody knew what had happened. Even so much that only a few people had looked at how Shrek Seven Devils did it.

Such a short team spirit fight, in all the Great Spirit Arena’s history it was one of its kind. But although this spirit fight was brief, the impact it left on the audience wasn’t less than any brilliant spirit fight.

In the VIP lounge, Flender already stared wide eyed from shock. Grandmaster slowly closed his eyes, calmly saying:

“Let’s go, right now is the moment they need us the most.”

Saying this, he was the first to leave. Clearly, everything that happened was long ago already within his calculations.

Apart from Tang San, Zhu Zhuqing was the first of the Shrek Seven Devils to wake up and, practically without paus, turned around and ran towards the spirit fighting arena entrance, one hand pressed hard over her mouth.

The second to run out was Ning Rongrong, closely followed by Oscar and Ma Hongjun. Only Dai Mubai, Tang San and Xiao Wu still remained in the spirit fighting ring.

“I’ll go see to Zhuqing.”

Dai Mubai’s voice sounded somewhat strange.

Tang San nodded once, and Dai Mubai immediately turned around and left.

Looking up at the for a long time already lifeless announcer hovering in the air, Tang San as much as possible lowered his voice,

“Can you declare the results of this spirit fight?”

The announcer woke as if from a dream. He discovered that his trousers had at some point become wet, unexpectedly he had peed his pants.

His originally sonorous voice had become hoarse,

“Team-, team spirit fight, Shrek Seven Devils, versus, Fiend Team. Fiend Team eliminated. Shrek Seven Devils team level surpassing challenge successful.”

With a satisfactory answer, Tang San with an expressionless face took Xiao Wu’s hand, then walked over towards the spirit fighting ring entrance.

The audience woke up at the announcer’s declaration. In a moment, the whole Main Spirit Arena was boiling. Every kind of doubtful call, admiring call and terrified call rose and fell in succession. But this was already unrelated to the Shrek Seven Devils. To them, this spirit fight was already over.

As Tang San brought Xiao Wu back behind the stage, he discovered that apart from Dai Mubai, the other four were incessantly vomiting. Xiao Wu next to Tang San shuddered once, then suddenly took off her mask, joining the four. The only ones left enduring with the strongest willpower were Tang San and Dai Mubai. Despite this, Tang San still saw that Dai Mubai’s complexion was pale, his mind clearly somewhat unwell.

Tang San was still a bit better off. He was after all a person of two lives, with the staunch willpower of forty years in two worlds. Besides him, the oldest of everyone was Dai Mubai at fifteen. Dai Mubai was admittedly strong, his style robust, but he was after all an ordinary person, this was still his first time killing a person.

Instantly killing seven opponents, that scene of blood wildly spurting out, the enemies’ eyeballs protruding, and still their distorted expressions at death’s door, without exception left a profound brand on the hearts of each of the Shrek Seven Devils. That kind of feeling couldn’t be compared to any other matter.

“Tang San. We killed people. Yes?”

Dai Mubai found it somewhat difficult to speak.

Tang San nodded,

“Yes. We killed people. Teacher said, they were all cruel and savage. Their deaths not deserving of pity.”

Ning Rongrong raised her head with a pale complexion, with difficulty saying:

“But those were still seven real living people, the moment before they were still brimming with ferocity, the next moment they already became corpses. I……, Waaa——”

“We killed people, really killed people.”

Oscar spoke while gasping for breath as he held his stomach.

“As a Spirit Master, killing is an issue you all had to face sooner or later. Everything right now was still a difficulty you all had to pass. Since you would confront it sooner or later, then, a bit early is better than you having to vomit in the battlefield. Otherwise, you would end up the same as those seven people out there. Corpses.”

Grandmaster slowly walked in, his face very serene, speaking in a calm voice, somewhat inharmonious to the Shrek Seven Devils’ ears,

“Any successful formidable Spirit Master has walked through the blood of enemies and opponents. You haven’t killed before? If you haven’t, then where did your spirit rings come from? Spirit Beasts are equally living things. From life’s point of view, there is no difference between them and humans. When killing spirit beasts, why wouldn’t you feel like this? The crisis before you isn’t something people can help you pass, you all can only rely on your own willpower. If you feel nauseous then vomit, vomiting is normal, naturally it’s fine, however, if you don’t want to become the center of attention, then put away those masks in your hands and follow me away from here first.”

When the Shrek Seven Devils returned to the hotel, even Tang San felt extremely tired, even more tired than in their demonic training. This wasn’t physical, but rather an ordeal of the soul. It was also Tang San’s first time killing people, and although his will was steady, Meng Li’s dying expression still stuck in his mind for a very long time. Just like what Ning Rongrong said, even though he clearly knew the opponents had chosen the road of death, those were still real living people!

Grandmaster and Flender gathered with the teachers in their room. Flender was excited right now, when the market finally closed the odds reached one to twenty, earning everyone a large profit. The money had already been received, at that time, including the Great Spirit Arena, at least six or seven influential powers had issued invitations for the Shrek Seven Devils, but he had refused them all.

To the other Spirit Masters participating in spirit fights, the Fiend Team’s death was to everyone’s satisfaction. A lot of people even thought that this was all a trap specially directed at Fiend Team by some teams whose members had been killed by them coming together to devise this method of revenge.

Although the Godly Zhuge Crossbow was powerful, its weak points were also extremely clear and had been seen by a number of observant people. Like Grandmaster said, the Godly Zhuge Crossbow could penetrate any second spirit ability defense, but to third spirit abilities or higher, it had no effect on defense oriented spirit abilities. Moreover, the Godly Zhuge Crossbow was only effective within a certain range. Beyond fifty meters, its attack power would drop dramatically, on this point it was far from able to compare to bow and arrow. The Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s biggest advantage was in surprise. Once this advantage was gone, then, it was only a kind of relatively powerful weapon, that’s all.

“Grandmaster, did you earlier already plan for that Fiend Team to die? Otherwise, why would you choose such an outstandingly stinky opponent.”

As Zhao Wuji finished sharing the loot with Flender, he asked Grandmaster.

Grandmaster nodded,

“Yes, this was another kind of test for them, or perhaps a tempering. Let me ask, who of you haven’t killed people? I’ll bet every spirit master over fiftieth rank has human blood on their hands. As I said before, since it has to be experienced sooner or later, putting them through it while we’re at their side is only a good deed towards them. At least when it happens again they can be somewhat mentally prepared.”

Zhao Wuji sighed,

“But, in the end they’re still so young, wouldn’t it upset them too much?”

Grandmaster calmly smiled,

“These children are all astute. They won’t waste time on insoluble problems. Flender, if you’re done counting coins, you can go comfort them. I’ve done my work as the villain, I’ll let you be the good guy.”

Flender grinned, saying:

“In the children’s hearts I’m a positive figure, naturally I’m the best as this good guy. Wuji, don’t worry, I support Xiao Gang’s actions. Originally, when I first killed a man I also collapsed vomiting. Thinking back to it now it was still somewhat ridiculous. This is a necessary life experience, letting them experience it a little earlier is no matter. I’ll go chat with them.”

To the Shrek Seven Devils, this was a sleepless night.

The next morning, before the sky was bright, a group of people already quietly left Silvers City, continuing towards their destination, setting off for Heaven Dou Empire’s capital city.

The Shrek Seven Devils’ complexions were still somewhat pale. Especially for Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong who had vomited the most violently, one evening clearly wasn’t enough for them to completely recover. But after Flender’s talk, they also with some difficulty accepted the facts. The main idea of Flender’s argument was really very simple: killing a bad person, was equivalent to saving countless good people. If the bad person didn’t die, he would only kill even more people; it wasn’t murder, it was saving lives.

After absorbing this kind of thinking, it indeed let the Shrek Seven Devils more easily accept some of the pain in their hearts. But truly getting used to this kind of feeling of killing wasn’t easy, that still required countless experiences.

  1. (狂暴巨熊)
  2. 1尺 = ⅓ m
  3. Possibly quite literally in this case, but also idiom for: Completely ruthless.

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