Douluo Dalu
External Spirit Bone Preview

036 – Grandmaster’s Arrival

Part 1

Dai Mubai puzzled said:

“You are saying, what you shot just now was crossbow bolts? But, where have your crossbow bolts gone to?”

Tang San smiled slightly, indicating another tree behind the first,


While speaking, he walked over to that tree. This second tree was still ten metres from the first, as everyone reached him, they only then saw the traces of the bolts the Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s launched.

Sixteen crossbow bolts, in two neat rows, completely entering the tree.

Zhao Wuji looked at that tree, taking another look at these bolts,

“Little San, did these crossbow bolts you shot penetrate that previous tree, then again enter this tree?”

Tang San nodded, saying:

“The Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s power is very formidable, specialised in breaking spirit power defense. If their defensive power isn’t exceptionally tyrannical, the target will be dead in a moment.”

Hearing Tang San’s explanation, everyone couldn’t help but draw a breath, with such an unreasonable penetrating power, among everyone present, besides Zhao Wuji, all knew they would be unable to resist.

Dai Mubai muttered to himself:

“This thing is too potent, even if I used White Tiger Vajra Transformation, perhaps I would still be seriously hurt.”

Tang San raised his hand to pat at the tree trunk, relying on Mysterious Heaven Skill to apply Capturing Dragon force, bit by bit shaking a crossbow bolt from within the tree trunk.

This Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s bolts were not easy to make, the ones previously fired into the Man Faced Demon Spider were clearly lost, but these he would hate to part with.

While clapping the tree trunk, Tang San meanwhile said to Dai Mubai:

“The Godly Zhuge Crossbow can be said to be the common soldier’s nightmare. But also, its greatest feature is not its power, but its hidden weapon characteristics of concealment and surprise. As long as it’s loaded, shooting it doesn’t require any spirit power. Even an ordinary person could easily use it. According to my calculations, Spirit Masters under fortieth rank if struck from the front, have very small odds of survival. On non-defense type Spirit Masters it has an extremely powerful restraining effect.”

“Tang San, is all this your research?”

Ning Rongrong asked.

Tang San stared blankly a moment, saying with a wry smile:

“It can be considered so.”

He could never tell everyone that these were techniques he had brought from another life.

Ning Rongrong probing asked:

“Tang San, can’t you sell this thing to me? You can set the price. You know I’m an auxiliary system Spirit Master, without any defensive capability. When everyone’s lives are on the line, besides a bit of supporting spirit ability, I can only watch. If I had this thing, I could also have a bit of offensive strength.”

Tang San let slip a smile, saying:

“Sell what, later I will give you one as a gift. Only, making this thing requires very expensive materials, this material expenditure is on you.”

Right now, the crossbow bolts had already been clapped out of the tree by Tang San, so everyone saw the appearance of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s bolts.

The bolts were eight cun long, without fletchings, the rear four cun were cylindrical, the front four cun were shaped to a needle point, the front-most three cun had a whole twelve tiny blood groves, the tip extremely sharp, twinkling faintly with cold light, without any wear from penetrating the tree trunk.

Tang San flipped the side of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, opening the arrow trough, pushing sixteen crossbow bolts back inside the box one by one.

Oscar had by now already moved over, his face wearing a flattering smile,

“Little San, aren’t we good brothers?”

Tang San looked at him and smiled slightly, how could he not understand Oscar’s intention,

“Of course, be at ease, I will give each person a Godly Zhuge Crossbow. Just like with Ning Rongrong, you cover the material costs, I will be responsible for making them. However, Making this thing is very troublesome, in one month I can only make one. You mustn’t feel anxious. Furthermore, don’t easily use it except as a last resort. Making the crossbow bolts is also not easy, and after shooting it’s very difficult to recover them. I’m after all only one person, I definitely can’t provide more than for all of you to use personally. To say nothing of this Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s own extreme potency, its killing power is too great, and it’s very easy to cause fatal wounds.”

“Little San, this won’t do.”

Zhao Wuji suddenly spoke up.

Tang San looked blank a moment,

“Why, teacher Zhao.”

Zhao Wuji’s face revealed a cunning smile, looking at the other students he said:

“These fellows are not persons without money. Making this Godly Zhuge Crossbow of yours isn’t easy, it can’t be cheap to them. In any case some people don’t care about money, so you estimate a proper price to sell it to them for.”

Dai Mubai nodded, saying:

“I agree with teacher Zhao. Little San, if you had to sell this Godly Zhuge Crossbow of yours, how much money would it be?”

Tang San shook his head with a smile,

“Everyone is one of us, there’s no need to mention money.”

Dai Mubai said:

“One of us is true. But they also can’t let you suffer losses. If one small box is capable of shooting such enormously powerful crossbow bolts, clearly the craftsmanship is exceedingly complex. We cannot always let you tax yourself for nothing. Let alone, after we use this thing, we still need to replenish crossbow bolts. Don’t tell me that every time we would have you make them for free? Don’t be modest with us. This is proper, this first Godly Zhuge Crossbow counts as your gift to us. We only pay for the materials. If we later need more, you have to sell it to us, how about it?”

Oscar laughed, saying:

“No problem, like this, anyway every month we all have a not insignificant stipend. This thing can save our lives in a crucial moment. Being a bit expensive is of no concern.”

Tang San nodded at this, saying:

“Then fine. Since everyone is interested in this mechanism type hidden weapon, afterwards I will strive to help you all get your own equipment, after all, one more kind of weapon is also one more kind of guarantee.”

Everyone were clearly very interested in the hidden weapon, of course, this also was greatly related to the effect Tang San produced when using the hidden weapon. After all, on the first day of arriving at Shrek Academy, relying on hidden weapons he put the compared to him more than forty spirit power ranks higher Zhao Wuji at a disadvantage. Let alone these students, even Zhao Wuji was somewhat affected.

Finally they had left Star Dou Great Forest. Out of the forest’s boundary, although they no longer had that fresh and clean air, everyone seemed to be unburdened from a layer of pressure, feeling much lighter.

“We will hurry on again, we can rest at the little town.”

Zhao Wuji said with a smile.

Dai Mubai said:

“If everyone’s condition is no problem to rush a bit, after reaching the small town, I would invite everyone for a drink. Teacher Zhao, this time you can’t decline. If not for your assistance, perhaps we would all be unable to walk out alive from Star Dou.”

Zhao Wuji smiled, saying:

“Little Bai, I know you’re wealthy. Only, my capacity is vast.”

Dai Mubai laughed,

“Teacher Zhao, did you not hear that sentence? My ability to use money to settle matters is no problem.”

Entering Star Dou Great Forest this time, the bounty truly wasn’t small, not only did Oscar succeed in entering the Spirit Elder realm, Tang San and Xiao Wu also equally succeeded in fusing with their third spirit rings. Even more significant was strengthening the cooperation and relationship between everyone. The entire Shrek Academy altogether only had these seven students. Removing conflicts would be greatly beneficial to everyone’s cultivation from here on.

The party rested at the small town for as much as two days. Recovering spirit power and physical power naturally didn’t require this much time, but after continuously living in a stretched tight condition the mind needed to relax.

Dai Mubai was extremely grand, paying for everyone’s expenses over the two days, everyone also didn’t cultivate, each day drinking together and playing noisily, indescribably pleased. Even the always ice cold Zhu Zhuqing’s expression softened a lot. Only, she didn’t say anything and didn’t agree to let Dai Mubai again pull on her hand.

Dai Mubai also didn’t push her, after all, she was just a twelve year old little girl. He wasn’t anxious.

After two days, everyone once again set off, following the one day’s journey they smoothly returned to Suotuo City’s Shrek Academy.

“Finally back. Coming home feels truly wonderful, ah!”

Oscar somewhat exaggeratedly shouted out loudly.

Zhao Wuji glared at him,

“Keep your voice down, haven’t you seen the sky is dark? Well, you each return to your dormitories to rest. I will go see the dean and report what’s happened.”

After one day of fast travelling everyone were tired, each walked towards their dorms.

“Tang San, wait a minute.”

Tang San was just about to leave with Oscar for their dorm, when Ning Rongrong called out.

Tang San looked blank a moment,

“Rongrong, what’s the matter?”

Ning Rongrong bit her lip, saying:

“I want to chat with you alone, can we?”

At Tang San’s side, Oscar’s expression stiffened at once,

“You chat. I’ll return first.”

Since that day he pushed down Ning Rongrong when the Titan Giant Ape attacked, Oscar’s originally already dead affection had begun to live again, after all, Ning Rongrong’s appearance was beautiful, although only twelve years old, she was still growing into a rare beauty. These past few days as he had paid great attention to her, Ning Rongrong also had not again rejected him, on the contrary getting much closer.

But now Ning Rongrong suddenly said she had to chat with Tang San alone, Oscar in his heart couldn’t help but be a bit sour, but also couldn’t say anything.

Xiao Wu looked somewhat curiously at Ning Rongrong,

“Rongrong, what do you need little San for? I can’t hear it either?”

Ning Rongrong hesitated a moment, but still gave a nod.

Xiao Wu pouted, pulling a face towards Ning Rongrong, and with that ran off towards the dorm.

Dai Mubai, Ma Hongjun and Zhu Zhuqing had just now already returned to the dorms, currently, at the Academy entrance remained only Tang San and Ning Rongrong.

“Rongrong, in the end what is the matter?”

Tang San asked.

Ning Rongrong said:

“Tang San, I want to make a deal with you.”

“A deal?”

Tang San somewhat astonished looked at her. In his heart thinking, ‘don’t tell me this Ning Rongrong has returned to her old ways again?’

Ning Rongrong earnestly nodded,

“Although I know you can’t be short on money, but I still very much want to make this deal with you. Only, in this matter I can’t make it on my own. I wanted to first ask whether you were willing.”

Part 2

Tang San, through observations, discovered Ning Rongrong apparently wasn’t going back to her old ways. Her expression was very serious, and even slightly excited.

“Just say it, what is the matter?”

Ning Rongrong said:

“You know that I come from the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School. Although we are one of the seven big clans of the current age and have a high status, our school’s core students are all support type Spirit Masters. When we meet enemies, we are always the priority target. I think your mechanism type hidden weapons will help us greatly. At least it will let our members have a bit of self defense ability. So, if possible, I hope that, through the school, I can buy a batch of mechanism type hidden weapons.”


So that’s why. Tang San understood Ning Rongrong.

“But I heard Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School had many subsidiary clans and members just for protecting the core students. You even have two powerful Title Douluo. Is it still not enough?”


Ning Rongrong said: “That, after all, is still external help, not belonging to us. Also, no one can promise there won’t be traitors! In the past in our school, that happened once. One of my uncles were abducted by a protector of the school. Afterwards, even though the school set many laws against similar incidents, we’re still passive in any situation.”


Tang San said:

“Rongrong, sorry. I’m afraid I’ll have to let you down. If it was only a few, there wouldn’t be any problem. I should be able to make enough hidden weapons. But for your entire school, there are at least over a hundred core students. I really can’t make that many hidden weapons.”


Ning Rongrong anxiously said:

“It’s quality doesn’t have to be very good. As long as we can defend ourselves. If the quality is worse, can it save some time?”


Tang San looked sternly.

“Rongrong, don’t ever say that again. I either don’t do it, or do it to the best of my abilities.”


Ning Rongrong stuck her tongue out.

“Then there’s no other way?”


Tang San thought for a bit, and suddenly remembered Tang Sect’s old way of operating. If he imitated it, could he….


“There is a way, but I need to think about it carefully before I can give you an answer.”


Ning Rongrong smiled slightly and said :

“That’s fine. Tang San, how about this. Give the first  hidden weapon you make to me. I also need to bring it to my dad for a look. Only my father can decide whether they should equip the core students with your hidden weapons. If it really is ok, you have to ask for a high price, don’t be polite. Heehee, I need to go back to sleep. I possibly have to explain to your Xiao Wu as well. Don’t worry, I won’t make her feel jealous.”


Done talking, with a string of laughter Ning Rongrong ran towards the dormitory.


Looking at Ning Rongrong’s departing figure, Tang San showed a relaxed smile. Money was a good thing, he naturally wouldn’t refuse it. For him, if he wanted to make more powerful hidden weapons, he needed the support of money. Tang San decided to think about it carefully when he got back. He wanted to see if he could bring the Tang Sect’s way of business here. After all, making massive amounts of hidden weapons wasn’t something he could accomplish alone.


Back at the dormitory, Little Ao wasn’t resting. He only laid on his bed, looking at the ceiling. Seeing Tang San enter, he quickly sat up.

“Little San, what did Rongrong need you for?”


Looking at his nervous expression, Tang San couldn’t help but laugh on the inside and tease him,

“Nothing much. We only exchanged affections.”


“Exchanging affection?”

Oscar’s voice became slightly strange.

“Little San, is Xiao Wu really your sister?”


Tang San shook his head.

“Xiao Wu is my adopted sister.”


Oscar said:

“If you already have Xiao Wu, shouldn’t you not fight over Rongrong with me?”


Tang San looked at Oscar, amused.

“Didn’t you give up already?”


Oscar felt a bit embarrassed.

“But don’t you feel after we went to Star Dou Great Forest, she changed a little? She seems not as annoying as before. Also, she’s still young, I believe her attitude will definitely get better.”


Tang San also laid down on his bed.

“Then you have to try hard. Don’t worry, she talked to me only for business about my hidden weapons.”


Oscar was amazed.

“Really? Then that’s great. Little San, you really are my good brother.”


Tang San rolled his eyes,

“Give me a break, go rest. Aren’t you tired?”


Closing his eyes, Shrek Academy’s friends flashed through Tang San’s head one by one. All of these people can be said to be monstrous prodigies. Even their minds were more mature than people their age. Just the thought of Ma Hongjun, at the age of twelve, loitering around brothels, and Dai Mubai with those twins, was unfathomable to Tang San. Was this the early maturing in legends?


After a day of travelling, fatigue was unavoidable. Finally getting back, Tang San decided to allow himself to relax for a day. He didn’t start cultivation, but went straight into dreams. A mind that was always tense would actually bring disadvantage when cultivating. Needed rest would benefit the effects of daily cultivations. This was the way of striking balance between work and rest that Grandmaster passed on to Tang San.


In the dean’s office.


Flender, full with astonishment, finished listening to Zhao Wuji’s description of the journey this time.  His expression changed multiple times, and after finally hearing everyone returned safely, he let out a sigh of relief.


“Looks like we were still too careless.”

Flender sighed and felt a wave of lingering fear.

“Next time they go hunt for spirit beasts, I will lead the team with you, with two other teachers. These kids are all favored by fate, if they have any accidents, that’s equal to ruining geniuses.”


Zhao Wuji sat in a seat on the side. He was even more afraid that any accidents would happen. He laughed bitterly:

“This can’t be blamed on you. Who would know that Star Dou Great Forest would become this weird, with this many things happening in the outer edges. They even met the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent couple. The thing I understand the least is the appearance of the Titan Giant Ape. However you look at it, with his ranking within spirit beasts, he wouldn’t lightly come to the outer edges. Good thing Xiao Wu’s fortune is good, or else this time we really would have big losses. Frankly, even if we did what you said and sent four teachers to protect these kids, if we met the Titan Giant Ape we still would have been destroyed.”


Flender nodded.

“But Star Dou Great Forest is the nearest spirit beast habitat. Other than that we have no other choice. But from your explanation, the Titan Giant Ape seemed unhostile and didn’t kill everyone. Or else, even if you used your Spirit Avatar you wouldn’t have been able to block it. Xiao Wu surviving is even more surprising. What is the cow roar she talked about? Don’t tell me that in the Star Dou Great Forest, there is some spirit beast that can raise a response from the Titan Giant Ape?”


“The cow roar was probably from the Skyblue Bull Python1.”

A stiff and slightly strange voice came from outside the door. Zhao Wuji was startled. He had already heard the sound of approaching footsteps, but he didn’t really care about it. He only thought it was a teacher of the Academy. Now that he heard the voice, he felt something was wrong. No one in the Academy sounded like that.


“Haha, a familiar person came. Xiao Gang2, quickly come in.”

The door opened and a middle aged man walked in from outside. A stiff face, a perfectly straight back, a first impression of lifeless eyes, but in fact deep in the dark pupils expressing some anxiety. If Tang San were here, he would have recognized the person on first sight, because he was Tang San’s Teacher, in the Spirit Master realm famous as Grandmaster


“Come, Wuji, you don’t recognize him right? I will introduce you to him. This is my old partner in those days, also Tang San’s teacher. You can call him Grandmaster. Almost the entire Spirit Master world calls him that.”


Zhao Wuji suddenly remembered something and looked at Grandmaster, surprised.

“So you are Grandmaster. Greetings, I am Zhao Wuji.”


Grandmaster’s tone was always that flat, his stiff face barely squeezing out a smile.

“Motionless Bright King, you don’t have to be polite. You came back, Tang San should have came back with you. Is he safe and sound?”

He only heard Zhao Wuji talk about Xiao Wu being let go by the Titan Giant Ape and didn’t hear any previous conversations.


Zhao Wuji chuckled and said:

“He’s fine. Our luck is pretty good, everyone came back safe and sound. This time it really was thanks to Tang San. Grandmaster, you indeed brought up a good apprentice. When did you arrive at the Academy?”


Flender helped Grandmaster answer Zhao Wuji’s question,

“He arrived the day before yesterday. If not for Tang San, he might have never come. Xiao Gang, sit.”


When Grandmaster heard Zhao Wuji say Tang San was safe, his expression clearly eased. Without being polite, he pulled over a chair and sat down. Zhao Wuji then learned that Grandmaster’s real name was Xiao Gang, hearing this was a little unexpected, but it was also a name brimming with masculinity. He had  also heard quite a few rumors about Grandmaster. Although Grandmaster himself looked skinny and lacked strength, his character was famously strong. Once, he abandoned his family for some matters. That was when he met Flender and another person, later creating the famous Golden Iron Triangle3.

Part 3

Zhao Wuji was very interested in what Grandmaster said as he entered, and hastened to question closer:

“Grandmaster, just now you mentioned some spirit beast? One unexpectedly able to make the Titan Giant Ape pay attention?”

On Grandmaster’s face was revealed a focused serious expression,

“If Xiao Wu heard a cow’s roar, then, the Titan Giant Ape giving up and leaving her is a very reasonable explanation. Within Star Dou Great Forest, there is not only this one Titan Giant Ape forest king. There is still a compared to him even more formidable existence. That existence is Star Dou Great Forest’s greatest power. If speaking of the Titan Giant Ape as king, then, he is the emperor. This kind of spirit beast is the Sky Blue Bull Python.

Whether it was Zhao Wuji or Flender, both revealed expressions of listening earnestly, also in their hearts secretly sighing in admiration, in terms of knowledge, perhaps no one would be able to compare to this Grandmaster before them. Zhao Wuji also finally understood why he would be known as Grandmaster.

“As everyone knows, for a spirit beast’s strength, apart from its cultivation age, innate talent is also extremely important. Just like us Spirit Master: apart from cultivation level and spirit rings, the spirit’s innate strength also determines future development potential. But among spirit beasts, if dividing spirit beasts according to level, then, the Sky Blue Bull Python and the Titan Giant Ape should both be considered the most super formidable. They possess incomparable innate talent and tyrannical physique. These two existences within Star Dou Great Forest have already surpasses at least fifty thousand years cultivation. Although they still haven’t reached the hundred thousand spirit beast level, their oppressive strength is already sufficient to compare with the Title Douluo among us spirit masters. When their cultivation age reaches a hundred thousand years, then, perhaps they will become existences transcending Title Douluo.”

Zhao Wuji said:

“Grandmaster, I have previously heard of this Titan Giant Ape many times, but this is still my first time hearing the name Sky Blue Bull Python. Unexpectedly it’s even more powerful than the Titan Giant Ape, then what is it capable of?”

Grandmaster sighed slightly,

“Just like no one knows the Titan Giant Ape’s full ability, even less people know what the Sky Blue Bull Python is truly capable of. A Title Douluo once penetrated deeply into Star Dou Great Forest. He was confident in his strength, wanting to have a look at what kind of place the core of this Star Dou Great Forest was like. His strength was indeed formidable, finally entering the deepest part of the forest. Reaching that core, he was astonished to discover, that place unexpectedly no longer was a forest, but a not very large lake. The lake water was clear, surrounded by forest, like a fairyland.”

Lake? Zhao Wuji looked astonished at Grandmaster, Flender had a somewhat pondering expression.

Grandmaster continued:

“Just next to that little lake, the Title Douluo saw a spirit beast drinking water. But this spirit beast was actually the Titan Giant Ape you encountered this time, that Title Douluo seeing the Titan Giant Ape was greatly excited, he had always heard it was a kind of formidable spirit beast existence, and immediately intended to start a fight with the Titan Giant Ape. But, in the end he couldn’t compete with the Titan Giant Ape, because he in less than a moment already lost his head out of fear and escaped that place.”

“Why? Because of the Sky Blue Bull Python?”

Zhao Wuji had opened his eyes wide.

Grandmaster nodded,

“Precisely because of the Sky Blue Bull Python. As that Title Douluo prepared to fight, suddenly, the little lake before him boiled, and immediately afterward, he saw an incomparably enormous bull head4 stretch from below the surface, incomparably immense pressure making that Title Douluo unable to help being shocked. The bull headed python bodied spirit beast slowly separated from the surface, revealing its hundred metre long huge body. At that time it was evening. This whole blue-green spirit beast hissed at the sky. In the sky the moon’s radiance seemed to be swallowed by it. But what truly scared that Title Douluo was that this Sky Blue Bull Python unexpectedly spoke human words, saying to that Title Douluo, ‘human, your cultivation becomes difficult, leave this place.’”

Zhao Wuji and Flender looked at each other, Flender couldn’t help saying:

“How have I never heard of this before?”

Grandmaster coldly glanced at him,

“There are still very many matters you don’t know about. Do you know how the Titan Giant Ape behaved when the Sky Blue Bull Python appeared? Before the Sky Blue Bull Python it would display a fearful expression. But that Sky Blue Bull Python at that time, from its mouth issued an ear splitting bull roar. Consequently, from what Xiao Wu said I can determine that Titan Giant Ape certainly heard the Sky Blue Bull Serpent’s call, putting down everything in its hands, hurrying to meet it. The reason why the Sky Blue Bull Serpent is not as well known as the Titan Giant Ape, is because it very rarely leaves the pool at the core of Star Dou Great Forest. But this matter was related to the spirit master world by that Title Douluo. Still its existence is known only by a small number of people, and I am precisely one of them.”

“So it was like this. It appears that Xiao Wu’s luck truly is good.”

Grandmaster said:

“Teacher Zhao, I carefully read these current students’ records, this time you left for Star Dou Great Forest in order for that food system Spirit Master child to look for his third spirit ring, I do not know what spirit beast’s spirit ring he obtained in the end?”

Zhao Wuji chuckled, saying:

“This time our luck wasn’t bad, it could also be considered robbing the fat from other peoples’ mouths, Oscar that kid obtained a thousand year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent’s spirit ring, possessing a pretty good third spirit ability.”

“A thousand year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent?”

The muscles in Grandmaster’s rigid face changed at once,

“This truly is very good. Originally I had anticipated several kinds of spirit rings suited to this food system child, but I never expected this child would obtain a spirit beast result so good. The Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent’s disposition is relatively gentle, but extremely cunning, most expert in fleeing, its cultivation is not easy. If my conjecture is correct, Oscar’s third spirit ability is certainly related to speed.”

Zhao Wuji with a sigh of admiration said:

“Worthy of being called Grandmaster, you are correct, this third spirit ring of Oscar’s is related to speed. His third spirit ability is a kind of mushroom sausage, after eating it one can maintain flight for one minute, flying at the same speed as the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent.”

Grandmaster seemed shocked, clearly he had not anticipated the spirit ability Oscar obtained would be like this. He resolutely said:

“This child’s food system spirit talent is unprecedented, the most outstanding of all the food system spirit masters I have met. His future prospects cannot be measured.”

Flender smiled darkly, saying:

“This Shrek Academy of mine has always accepted only monsters. Did you just find out now? Unfortunately, this is the last class. These seven children are the Academy’s last disciples, I certainly must foster them into people worthy of respect. This time with your help. We brothers working with a common purpose, in less than ten years, we will certainly let the word Shrek shake the Spirit Master world.”

Grandmaster unhappily glared at Flender,

“If not for little San, I wouldn’t remain here. Flender, don’t forget what you promised me. In the future when little San hunts spirit beasts you must personally accompany him.”

Flender said:

“This is easy. Only, we still must wait for him to reach fortieth rank.”

Grandmaster was an astute person, his seemingly expressionless eyes released a flash of light, staring fixedly at Zhao Wuji, saying:

“Teacher Zhao, don’t tell me little San also already reached thirtieth rank?”

Zhao Wuji nodded, saying:

“I also just thought to ask Grandmaster whether the change on little San’s body was ordinary……”

At once, he repeated what he previously told Flender, telling Grandmaster in even more detail about the events of this time entering Star Dou Great Forest.

Grandmaster listened very attentively, without overlooking a single word of what Zhao Wuji said. In his eyes all along expressed a pondering light.

Although Grandmaster’s disposition was calm, as Zhao Wuji spoke of Tang San several times being in danger of death his expression couldn’t help but transform, especially hearing Zhao Wuji say Tang San absorbed that two thousand year cultivation Man Faced Demon Spider his expression changed greatly. No one understood more clearly than him how grave the consequences were of absorbing a spirit ring surpassing one’s limit, that was practically certain death.

Once Zhao Wuji had finished everything he had to say, Grandmaster slowly released a long breath,

“Little San this child’s willpower is stronger than I had imagined. I didn’t expect that he would be able to endure like this. This child’s prospects are perhaps even more outstanding than I had estimated.”

Zhao Wuji said:

“The reason why Tang San was able to persevere is perhaps related to Xiao Wu. A person’s willpower will sometimes be affected by external circumstances. I can reach the conclusion that Xiao Wu in Tang San’s mind has an extremely important position.”

Grandmaster nodded,

“You’re right, it’s very possible this is the reason. However, this is still greatly related to his own willpower. Tang San this child’s will is precocious, already far exceeding his peers’.”

Zhao Wuji said:

“Grandmaster, what is after all going on with the eight spider legs that appeared on Tang San’s back? Those don’t seem at all a result of the spirit ring. He has a Tool Spirit, how could he himself transform? If it wouldn’t be spirit ring variation, perhaps it’s spirit variation?”

Grandmaster said:

“Right now I still don’t dare be certain of what his condition is. Spirit ring variation is impossible, spirit beasts’ spirit rings are invariably fixed. Although bringing different results when combined with different spirits, the spirit rings themselves will not have too great changes. Tang San already obtained a spirit ability, the spider legs appearing on his back should not be bestowed by the spirit ring. As for spirit variation, it’s not impossible. But I do not believe this is the case.”

  1. (天青牛蟒) “Sky Blue/Green Cow/Bull/Ox Python”
  2. (小刚) “Little Firm”
  3. (黄金铁三角)
  4. Possibly related, Ox Head (牛头) is one of the two guardians of the underworld in Chinese mythology, along with Horse Face (马面)

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