Douluo Dalu
Star Dou Forest Preview

029 – Unrivalled Dragon Serpent

Part 1

Oscar somewhat couldn’t help himself,

“How can you prove you were first to hunt it? When we discovered it, we could not see a trace of you.”

The old woman smiled faintly, saying:

“Young man, no need to worry. Take a look at this Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent’s flank, there are two bruises. They are injuries caused by my walking stick, furthermore under the wings. Only carelessness let this slippery little fellow escape. This granddaughter just reached thirtieth rank and needs this spirit ring. You also saw that she has inherited my Tool Spirit Serpent Cane. High level serpent type spirits are even more suitable for her.”

Zhao Wuji lowered his head to look at the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent in his hand. Sure enough like the old woman said, there were indeed those kinds of bruises. But if thinking to to have Zhao Wuji give up with only something like this, that was a fantasy story.

Listening Zhao Wuji smiled coldly,

“Senior, I have not yet consulted for your name?”

The old woman said:

“How embarrassing, this old woman is Chao Tian-Xiang1. Ignorant Spirit Master realm friends show respect, giving me the name Serpent Grandmother2. My husband is Meng Shu3, known as the Dragon Duke4. This time coming to Star Dou Great Forest is in order to give our granddaughter a suitable third spirit ring. I see by the age of these children at your side that they are not too likely to be able to absorb a thousand year spirit ring. Even if the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent’s spirit ring is a bit mild, it still isn’t one that can be absorbed by you.”

To Chao Tian-Xiang’s eyes, among these children before her, the oldest Dai Mubai still must be a bit younger than her granddaughter, and she also had confidence in her granddaughter’s strength, fundamentally unable to believe that these children before them were able to reach thirtieth rank before her granddaughter.

Hearing the old woman’s introduction, Zhao Wuji was startled. Restraining Oscar at his side wanting to speak up, in a low voice he said:

“Could you be the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent’s5 senior Serpent Grandmother?”

Chao Tian-Xiang smiled calmly,

“How embarrassing, just so. I have not yet consulted for Spirit Sage’s name?”

The expression on Zhao Wuji’s face changed slightly, he had heard of the name Unrivalled Dragon Serpent before. This husband and wife had started out long ago with strength out of the ordinary, especially the Dragon Duke Meng Shu. When he heard of him, that Dragon Duke was already at the Spirit Sage level. Even if he had by now already reached the Spirit Douluo realm he would still not feel surprised.

The Dragon Duke’s spirit was a Dragon Headed Cane,6 with Serpent Grandmother’s Serpent Headed Cane7 they brought out the best in each other, the husband and wife pair had an extremely overpowering spirit harmonization ability. Without Title Douluo strength it would be difficult to resist.

Zhao Wuji was only a Spirit Sage. Even if this Serpent Grandmother before him looked a bit weaker than him, it could be that the Dragon Duke would appear. A Dragon Duke was not something he could handle.

The Unrivalled Dragon Serpent relationship was superb, the husband and wife never separated. Serpent Grandmother being here, presumably meant Dragon Duke would also not be far away.

Zhao Wuji did not fail to consider killing this grandparent and grandchild to silence them, but while killing the younger was easy, wanting to kill Serpent Grandmother Chao Tian-Xiang certainly wouldn’t be easy.

Although he was one spirit ring stronger than her, if Chao Tian-Xiang insisted on fleeing, he basically would not have the chance to keep her; after all, Zhao Wuji was a physical strength type Spirit Master, not at all an expert in speed.

But if he let Serpent Grandmother escape, then, waiting for him was the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent’s inexhaustible hunt to kill.

“I am the humble Zhao Wuji.”

Immediately, the expression on Zhao Wuji’s face softened somewhat, announcing his name.

Chao Tian-Xiang’s expression also changed slightly,

“No wonder, I said how could one randomly come across such a young Spirit Sage. It was the formerly so famous in the Spirit Master realm Motionless Bright King.”

Zhao Wuji with a somewhat awkward smile thought in his heart, this renown of his in the Spirit Master Realm, probably only was infamy.

Zhao Wuji smiling said:

“You flatter me, in those days I was still considered notorious. However for these years living in seclusion, at an academy teaching students, this time I’ve brought these children to Star Dou Great Forest. One reason is for one of them to gain a spirit ring, another is also bringing them out to see the world. I did not expect that we would come across senior.”

Chao Tian-Xiang also had not expected to be entangled with Zhao Wuji, and directly broached the subject:

“I am a bit older than you. I trust being a bit older, I can call you brother Zhao8. Brother Zhao, this thousand year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent is extremely important to my granddaughter, she just now reached thirtieth rank, and required something that suits her spirit. This Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent was also previously first discovered by us. Moreover with its injuries, only because of carelessness, let it unexpectedly escape, is it possible to ask bother Zhao to make this easy, letting this spirit beast remain with us. This old woman will definitely engrave this situation in her heart, to reciprocate in the future.”

In his heart Zhao Wuji secretly laughed grimly, ‘thinking to make me give up on a thousand year spirit beast with some words. Even if you Unrivalled Dragon Serpent are difficult to deal with, I’m afraid it still can’t be that easy. Let alone when Dragon Duke still isn’t here.’

Chao Tian-Xiang wanted to immediately have back the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent in Zhao Wuji’s hand, and Zhao Wuji also wanted to immediately settle the issue. He couldn’t want to wait until Dragon Duke arrived, at that time, the situation would not be something he was capable of controlling.

“Elder sister Chao, I’m afraid this matter isn’t so easily handled, ah!”

Zhao Wuji showed an embarrassed expression.

The young lady at Chao Tian-Xiang’s side couldn’t help but speak up,

“What ‘not so easily handled’, this thousand year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent was clearly found by us first. If not for us already injuring it, could you have done it so easily? Give it to us at once, otherwise we’ll be blunt with you.”

While speaking, she already raised the Snake Head Cane in her hand.

Chao Tian-Xiang simultaneously wrinkled her brows, staring fixedly at Zhao Wuji and saying.

“Brother Zhao, then explain why you don’t want to return this Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent to us grandparent and grandchild?”

Zhao Wuji smiled slightly, saying:

“Elder sister Chao, your words are mistaken, within this Star Dou Great Forest, no spirit beasts are things with owners. Perhaps this thousand year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent was found by you first, and moreover injured. But we were nevertheless last to catch it. You insist on saying it is your thing, this I’m afraid isn’t too fair. Although it is comparatively suitable to your grandchild, at the same time it is also very suitable to my student. This kind of relatively mild spirit beast is a great help to the spirit of this student of mine.”

Chao Tian-Xiang stared blankly a moment,

“You are saying, of these students, one has already attained thirtieth ranked Spirit Master?”

Zhao Wuji nodded.

Chao Tian-Xiang in her heart was alarmed, of these young boys and girls before her it would seem the oldest was still only fifteen or sixteen years old, and the majority still appeared twelve or thirteen years old. If saying someone among them had already reached thirtieth rank, then wouldn’t it be saying they were even more innately talented than her granddaughter?

Thinking of this, Chao Tian-Xiang’s face revealed an expression not daring to be confident, gaze directly falling on the one appearing to be oldest, the appearance brave and extraordinary Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai.

Zhao Wuji said with a smile:

“If senior doesn’t believe it, how about this, I will have these children also reveal their spirits to let senior have a look. Shrek minions, use your spirits, brighten your spirit rings to show this senior Serpent Grandmother.”

At once under Zhao Wuji’s order, everyone released their spirit.

Among them, after Ning Rongrong, Oscar and Tang San’s spirits released, only spirit rings appeared over their bodies, their spirits were not something that could be seen by others.

Ning Rongrong’s Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda naturally had a way of hiding. Tang San did not want to let his Blue Silver Grass appear, but could directly let it crawl along the ground. As for Oscar’s Sausage, without spirit incantations it would not casually appear.

And because the other four had Beast Spirits, they all revealed their strength at once, simultaneously completing Spirit Body Enhancement.

Immediately, appearing before Serpent Grandmother was the shimmering radiance of all the seven young boys and girls spirit rings, each one had two signifying hundred year yellow spirit rings, Dai Mubai even had one more purple thousand year spirit ring.

This sight, could indeed shock Serpent Grandmother Chao Tian-Xiang’s heart.

‘How is this possible?’ This was Chao Tian-Xiang’s first thought.

Before her these varying between twelve to fifteen year old children, unexpectedly all already possessed Spirit Grandmaster level or more, that looking like oldest, unexpectedly already possessed three spirit rings. And also, each of their spirit rings quality was so good, not a single ten year spirit ring appeared.

What did this mean? If saying that there was a child with stronger gifts than her granddaughter, perhaps Chao Tian-Xiang could still accept it. But right now the strength these children displayed, judging by their age, unexpectedly each exceeded her granddaughter. One might say that these seven young boys and girls, one had to describe them as genius talents, but, how could this many geniuses appear at once?

Seeing the astonished look in Chao Tian-Xiang’s eyes, Zhao Wuji couldn’t help but secretly feel a burst of pleasure in his heart. On his face appeared a smiling tiger kind of smile,

“Senior, do you see these students of mine?”

Chao Tian-Xiang drew in a deep breath, with difficulty calming her rushing heart, with a tight lipped smile saying:

“Of course. Worthy of being called the Motionless Bright King’s disciples, as expected they are heroic youngsters, ah! I do not know which of these children in the end reached thirtieth rank?”

Zhao Wuji clapped Oscar at his side,

“It’s this kid, he just now reached thirtieth rank. There is nothing to be done, I also have a hard life and can only bring them here.”

Chao Tian-Xiang looked towards Oscar, the expression on her face already appearing more and more unsightly. She was very clear on what a good spirit ring meant to a Spirit Master about to advance. Right now with the thousand year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent in other peoples’ hands, if she wanted to let before her this Zhao Wuji spit it out, it could not be such an easy matter.

She had heard of long ago heard of this fellow’s infamy. If it was not the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent subduing him, perhaps this youngster would directly kill this grandparent and grandchild pair.

But, Chao Tian-Xiang clearly was not willing to give up. Eyes turning, already carefully calculating, one hand lightly stroking the hair on her head. Chao Tian-Xiang’s face revealed a smiling expression,

“Brother Zhao, in the present kind of circumstances, I see we both somewhat hate to part with this Thousand Year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent. So it would be better to do it like this: we handle it according to the Spirit Master realm’s established customs, letting these two children decide on their own who this spirit ring belongs to. What do you think?”

“Oh? Spirit Master realm’s established customs? Please explain it clearly, senior.”

Zhao Wuji was not affected. He had never before considered himself a person of the Spirit Master realm and behaved only according to his own preferences, otherwise he would not have landed his infamy.

Chao Tian-Xiang said:

“It’s very simple, since they both need this spirit ring, and in the course of capturing this Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent, both sides also used strength. Since right now everyone is unwilling to give up their claim, then, we’ll use strength to decide who this Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent belongs to. Isn’t that most suitable? If this disciple of yours prevails over my granddaughter, this old woman will say nothing further, and we will leave immediately. And conversely, we would ask brother Zhao to give over this thousand year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent.”

Zhao Wuji spread both hands, assuming a helpless appearance,

“I’m sorry. Big sister Chao, I fear I’m unable to go along with your wishes.”

Chao Tian-Xiang’s expression changed, slightly angrily saying:

“Zhao Wuji, I already conceded, what do you still want? Bullying me when my old fellow isn’t present? Humph!”

Zhao Wuji said with an apologetic smile:

“No, of course not, it’s like this, this disciple of mine isn’t a Battle Spirit Master, he is only an auxiliary system Spirit Master, that’s all. Even more a food system Spirit Master. How could he compete against your granddaughter?”

Part 2

Hearing Zhao Wuji’s words, Chao Tian-Xiang was shocked once again,

“What did you say? He is a food system Spirit Master?”

The words ‘food system Spirit Master’ made her immediately see Oscar in a new light.

Just like what Shrek Academy’s dean Flender said, as a food system Spirit Master, and with innate full spirit power, Oscar absolutely was a genius among geniuses. Perhaps in the entire Continent since the beginning of history, one still would not find a food system Spirit Master with cultivation faster than his.

Chao Tian-Xiang looked toward Oscar with a pleasant countenance,

“Young man, are you really a food system Spirit Master? From which school are you?”

Oscar shook his head, saying:

“I am not part of a school. The dean said that my spirit just became like this due to variation.”

Genius food system Spirit Master, without background, variation spirit, these several bits summed together made Chao Tian-Xiang’s heart tighten up. If her school was able to unearth an outstanding food system Spirit Master like this, then, in the future having him assist her granddaughter, wouldn’t it be too perfect?

However, without waiting for Chao Tian-Xiang to try to recruit him, another voice suddenly interjected.

“Teacher Zhao, it would be better to let me substitute for little Ao in this. I’m twenty ninth ranked, so it should not be considered taking unfair advantage.”

The speaker was Tang San.

Tang San had already observed the Serpent Grandmother grandparent and granddaughter pair for quite a while, and this delay clearly was not a very good course. And he had also from listening to the dialogue between Serpent Grandmother and Zhao Wuji heard that the other side still had an even more difficult to handle person who had not yet arrived. Just in case that Dragon Duke also arrived here, perhaps words would no longer be on their side. Furthermore, he and Oscar were roommates. This way of fighting to obtain the spirit ring was also proposed by the other side, Tang San was very confident in his strength, and although Serpent Grandmother’s daughter’s spirit power was one step higher than his, Tang San did not believe the other side was capable of defeating him.

While speaking, Tang San already stepped forward to Oscar’s side.

Twenty ninth ranked. Serpent Grandmother’s heart abruptly contracted at once, secretly saying in her heart, ‘who are these children Zhao Wuji found, how is one after another so outstanding?’ This looked even younger, if it was at another place, he would still appear to just have graduated from junior spirit master academy. But standing here right now, saying he already possessed twenty ninth ranked strength, this actually was…...

Zhao Wuji looked at Tang San standing forward, in his eyes couldn’t help but reveal a praising light, saying towards Serpent Grandmother:

“Senior, what do you think? This disciple of mine is a Battle Spirit Master and able to satisfy the requirements of a fight, we’ll leave it to him to represent Oscar to fight. If he loses, this thousand year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent belongs to senior, and vice versa. I ask senior to make allowances.”

Serpent Grandmother slowly nodded, if her granddaughter was even unable to prevail over a Spirit Master one rank below her, then, could she still say anything?

Oscar secretly raised a thumb towards Tang San, saying in a low voice:

“Good brother.”

Tang San smiled,

“We are roommates and friends, aren’t we? Be at ease, this spirit ring is definitely yours.”

While speaking, Tang San strode out, facing the young lady who had already walked out, the other people of both sides slowly drawing back, giving them enough space to fight.

“I’m called Tang San, spirit Blue Silver Grass. Twenty ninth ranked two ring Battle Spirit Grandmaster.”

The young lady coldly said:

“Meng Yiran9, spirit Serpent Cane. Thirtieth ranked two ring Battle Spirit Grandmaster.”

Close up, Tang San discovered that this young lady called Meng Yiran was very beautiful. She was after all already sixteen years old, her figure’s development was already perfect. Compared to her, the Academy’s three girls still appeared a bit immature.

Meng Yiran’s pair of big brown eyes possessed long eyelashes, her height was not much different from Tang San’s, and extremely well proportioned, chest fully plump and round, slender waist turning somewhat like a snake. Although on her face was a lightly displeased and cold anger, this did not lower her charm a bit.

The breeze blew, in the forest the tree leaves rustled, sunshine giving off shadows from the uneven dancing trees. Tang San lifted his right hand, saying:


By now the rage inside Meng Yiran’s heart had already ignited into flame. Seeing her uncommon spirit ring unexpectedly run into a hiccup like this, how could she be at ease. She impatiently wanted to get rid of Tang San before her, in order to seize the thousand year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent and absorb the spirit ring to advance.

In fact, although Dragon Duke Meng Shu also was in Star Dou Great Forest, he had previously separated from Serpent Grandmother and Meng Yiran to pursue another spirit beast, wanting to find him quickly wasn’t at all easy. Otherwise, if Dragon Duke was in the immediate vicinity, how would Serpent Grandmother Chao Tian-Xiang still say something like that.

Figure flashing, Meng Yiran already quickly reached before Tang San, the skull on the Serpent Cane swinging overhead straight at Tang San.

Meng Yiran looked like she only was a slender young lady, but the way she fought certainly wasn’t a girl’s style. Not only imposing and extremely harsh, the spirit power within also brimmed with a tyrannical atmosphere.

Watching the Serpent Cane descend, Tang San slid his feet, using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to rapidly retreat. Simultaneously, the first spirit ring over his body shone.

Blue Silver Grass’ first spirit ring ability, Binding, activated.

Thick blue and black Blue Silver Grass completely without warning rushed up from the ground, in a flash successfully binding around Meng Yiran trying to pursue and attack Tang San, from the sharp thorns protruding from Blue Silver Grass, paralysing poison immediately activated.

Tang San right now was only at a location three metres away from Meng Yiran, looking at Meng Yiran sturdily bound by his Blue Silver Grass. He couldn’t help but reveal a faint smile,

“I think, this contest can be considered over.”

Tang San was still very confident in Blue Silver Grass, if the opponent was more formidable than him, perhaps they would still have a chance to struggle free. But if an equally ranked opponent was bound by Blue Silver Grass, struggling free was practically impossible. After all, while everyone’s spirit power did not differ much, Blue Silver Grass’ own poison would also greatly lower people’s physical strength with full body paralysis, making it even more impossible to break free.

This was also where control system Spirit Masters had the advantage over equally ranked Spirit Masters, especially under circumstances where everyone’s rank wasn’t high, and their actually usable spirit abilities were few. Wanting to struggle free from a control system Spirit Master’s control ability became even more difficult, and possessing the two Datura Snake and Ghost Vine hundred year spirit rings Blue Silver Grass could not be so easy to escape. After all, there was nobody who possessed the kind of physical strength like Zhao Wuji.

Meng Yiran and her Serpent Head Cane were completely bound within Blue Silver Grass, but, she didn’t look like she had any intention of conceding.

With a cold snort, over Meng Yiran’s body the two spirit rings suddenly shone simultaneously.

Seeing the two spirit rings flare over her body, Tang San was immediately startled, one must know, that after being paralysed by Blue Silver Grass’ additional poison, it was impossible to continue mobilising spirit power, this was also an important reason for saying Blue Silver Grass’ current control capability was very powerful, but if Meng Yiran was able to urge two spirit rings here, then she certainly wasn’t poisoned.

At the same time as being secretly shocked, Tang San without the slightest hesitation again used Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, lightning quick retreating backward. While retreating, he also saw a strange scene.

Meng Yiran tangled up in Blue Silver Grass twisted like her body was without bones, body suddenly going soft, unexpectedly like smeared with grease quietly sliding out from within Blue Silver Grass, the Serpent Head Cane in her hands directly smashing towards Tan San.

From the snake head at the tip of the Serpent Head Cane, a two chi10 long tongue blade shot out, in a flash pulling close the distance to Tang San. The tongue blade flickered with a blue gleaming lustre, clearly it was highly poisonous.

Meng Yiran’s two spirit abilities activated simultaneously. The first spirit ring ability, Tongue Blade11, and the second spirit ring ability, Serpent Body12. Relying on Serpent Body, she slipped out of Blue Silver Grass’ wrappings, and Tongue Blade then erupted with tyrannical attacking power, immediately reversing the situation.

However, the current Meng Yiran truly seemed to be in a somewhat sorry state. Although the sharp thorns on Blue Silver Grass were unable to cause a poison effect and were even unable to penetrate her incomparably slippery snake skin, her clothes were not under the ability’s effect.

Right now her clothes were already riddled with gaping tears, and through some suitably placed by holes one could even see within.

This was also why Meng Yiran immediately tried to kill Tang San after struggling free from Blue Silver Grass, by now she was already not just angry, but also embarrassed and resentful at the same time.

The spectating Dai Mubai murmured in a low voice:

“This Blue Silver Grass Undressing of Tang San’s truly is a skill. If it was used again just now, perhaps the opponent would concede immediately.”

Whether it was Dai Mubai or Ma Hongjun and Oscar, right now all eyes intently watching Meng Yiran’s ferocious appearance without blinking. It could be said Meng Yiran was an outstanding beauty, and currently the holes in her clothes she had even more of a kind of nebulous beauty, Dai Mubai and Oscar could still be considered somewhat restrained, but Ma Hongjun this Fatty was already drooling, his abundant Evil Fire bubbling up.

Seeing Blue Silver Grass unable to display its effect, Tang San couldn’t help but frown slightly. The Tongue Blade was already in front of him, the approach of the suddenly increased the two chi length was extremely unexpected, and he could not keep dodging.

Leaning his body slightly, Tang San no longer retreated. Emitting force underfoot, he was practically sticking to the Tongue Blade as he reversed direction rushing forward, simultaneously his left hand using Controlling Crane strength to pull, right hand using Capturing Dragon strength to smash, his goal was precisely the underside of the Serpent Head Cane’s snake head, if this truly was a snake, then, Tang San’s target was this snake’s seventh cun13.

By now, Tang San already understood how Meng Yiran could be immune to the poison on his Blue Silver Grass. Because this spirit of hers in itself involved venom, she naturally had an immunity to poison, and precisely because of this, she was able to successfully escape his Binding ability.

With a muffled peng sound, the Serpent Head Cane rose slightly. Meng Yiran’s spirit power was still more tyrannical than Tang San imagined. Although the Serpent Cane was jolted, Tang San had no opportunity to attack. Meng Yiran broke off to pull back the Serpent Cane, holding the Serpent Cane in both hands with a slight shake, the Serpent Cane changed into eight long shadows simultaneously aiming towards Tang San.

For these eight shadows were hard to tell apart truth or sham, bearing a surging tyrannical spirit power, they practically covered all the possible space where Tang San could dodge.

But at this moment, Tang San’s eyes suddenly shone, deep purple light flashing electrically, precisely Purple Demon Eye.

Seeing Tang San’s eyes suddenly turn purple, Meng Yiran couldn’t help but be slightly startled, her hands couldn’t help but slow.

The Serpent Head Cane’s eight shadows could all be said to be genuine, but could also be said to all be fake, continuously changing between true or false to be able to maintain their existence.

Perhaps if it was an expert like Zhao Wuji encountering this kind of attack, they could could only choose to stubbornly block without any other methods, but, before Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye, that incomparably fast Serpent Head Cane slowed down, and all trajectories were clearly projected in Tang San’s mind by Purple Demon Eye.

Tang San moved both hands, without the slighted hesitation simultaneously reaching forward, brimming with viscous spirit power that abruptly made the Serpent Head Cane sluggish. Immediately afterward, Tang San’s right hand stretched out like a lightning fast genius pen stroke, unexpectedly grabbing hold of the Serpent Head Cane, actually holding it in place, precisely in the seven cun spot he previously struck.

Meng Yiran only felt the Serpent Cane tighten in her hands, all the imaginary shadows disappearing completely. But, Meng Yiran’s attack hadn’t yet finished.

That sharp blade shooting out from within the Serpent Head Cane suddenly slid strangely, directly cutting towards Tang San’s right hand gripping the Cane, the thick sharp blade flickering with blue gleaming lustre, who knew, if this chopped down, then maybe…...

Meng Yiran’s reaction speed was extremely fast. Practically at the same time as Tang San grabbed the Serpent Head Cane, that sharp blade already struck. Under these kinds of circumstances, even if Tang San wanted to dodge it was already a bit too late. If he released the Serpent Cane held in his hand, Meng Yiran would inevitably drive the Serpent Cane to attack, and the target that sharp blade’s attack would also immediately change to Tang San’s body.

Part 3

What is called ‘one cun longer is one cun stronger’, although Tang San’s Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track was subtle, under these kinds of circumstances it was still practically impossible to dodge Meng Yiran’s attack.

At this, Xiao Wu watching the fight already cried out in alarm, stepping out about to rush in, but was discovered in time by Zhao Wuji and pulled back.

Zhao Wuji’s expression was equally gloomy, but if their side rashly intervened in this kind of impartial competition, it would violate the game’s rules. Furthermore, he believed Tang San would not be so easily defeated by the other side. Originally, this kid could rely on hidden weapons to make even him get the worst of it, currently that strongest attack method of his had not at all appeared.

Confronted by the cutting Tongue Blade, Tang San picked the simplest method to resolve it. At the same time it was also like a suicidal method.

His right hand did not let go, but he quickly raised his left hand, unexpectedly grabbing towards that Tongue Blade spit out by the Serpent Cane.

“Little San.”

Xiao Wu once again cried out, she had already closed her eyes in alarm, she did not want to see the scene of Tang San’s palm cut open.

But, was Tang San’s palm cut? Of course not.

With a light ding sound, Tang San’s left hand already firmly grasped that Tongue Blade. Currently, his two hands had both already become a sparkling and translucent jade color. Precisely Tang Sect secret lore Mysterious Jade Hand.

Mysterious Jade Hand, secret lore written down in Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record. Speaking of Tang Sect’s hidden weapon experts, Mysterious Jade Hand was one of the required courses.

In Tang San’s past life, apart from Tang Sect, the majority of people using hidden weapons, especially hidden weapons dipped in poison, all had to use deerskin gloves, so as not to injure their palms. If Tang Sect’s disciples were also like this, then wouldn’t they become a joke?

Mysterious Jade Hand, with the Mysterious Heaven Skill foundation, made the palm become tough and durable like cold jade, no kind of poison able to invade. With it, when Tang Sect disciples used hidden weapons they did not need any preparation, and even more need not worry about injuring themselves.

Of course, Mysterious Jade Hand was also limited, and when attacks exceeded its limit the palm still would be injured. Only, Tang San’s current Mysterious Jade Hand limit clearly could not be reached by Meng Yiran. If substituting Serpent Grandmother Chao Tian-Xiang’s Serpent Head Cane it might still be possible.

Tongue Blade in his hand, Tang San’s five fingers tightened. Of his two hands one grabbing the Serpent Cane, one grabbing the Tongue Blade. Closely grasping Meng Yiran’s Serpent Head Cane near the top in his hand, the two people each held one end of the Serpent Cane, immediately deadlocked.

The Tongue Blade could be said to be the Serpent Head Cane’s best feature, a lot of skill was needed to be able to use it. The Tongue Blade being held in Tang San’s hand was just like copper cast in iron: Meng Yiran several times used strength, but not only could she not wrest free the Serpent Cane, she could not even cut open Tang San’s palm that suddenly had become lustrous white like jade.

Meng Yiran’s strength was in this Serpent Cane, so naturally she couldn’t give up her weapon. Tang San of course also understood this fact, so this Serpent Cane became the crucial location for the two peoples’ fight.

Practically without the slightest hesitation, the two people simultaneously used their spirit power to attack the other side through the Serpent Cane.

Tang San’s spirit power was blue, Meng Yiran’s spirit power was gray, the two kinds of differently colored light simultaneously displayed on the Serpent Cane, abruptly erupting in a tyrannical collision.

Right now, no spirit abilities were of use, and the two’s spirit power was not much different. Confronting the other side attacking with spirit power was dangerous, already painful without advancing spirit power to attack the opponent.14

Tang San could of course unleash his hidden weapons, but he did not think to do so. If he confronted an opponent with similar strength and did not win with spirit and fighting skills, then why had he cultivated for so many years. Even though Blue Silver Grass Spirit’s control capability was restrained by the opponent, Tang San still had to prove that he was stronger than his opponent.

Thus, this fight between Tang San and Meng Yiran, at once became a battle of comparing spirit power.

Meng Yiran’s spirit power was fierce and tyrannical, and adding to the fury in her heart, on entering a deadlock with Tang San, immediately attacked like beating waves.

Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven Skill was a method of the core family in the original sect, its traits were tough flexibility and unending growth, Tang San knew the opponent’s spirit power was higher than his, therefore as meng Yiran was just about to unleash her attack, he did not counterattack, but withdrew his spirit power to the third of the Serpent Cane on his side, tenaciously digging in, with a ‘however you attack, I will not move from the high ground’ notion.

Seeing the situation of Tang San and Meng Yiran in the end compete with spirit power, Serpent Grandmother Chao Tian-Xiang and Zhao Wuji were both somewhat nervous. They understood that competing with spirit power was a kind of unusually dangerous method. With one mistake, it was possible to inflict heavy injuries. Subconsciously, the two both slowly approached the battlefield. When a problem appeared, they would immediately act to assist.

One minute and one second passed, whether it was Tang San or Meng Yiran, on their foreheads both were wet with perspiration. The two both already used their full strength.

Tang San’s advantage was Mysterious Heaven Skill’s toughness and unending growth, in this respect its fast recovery speed, but Meng Yiran’s advantage was having spirit power higher than Tang San, if the two both maintained equal guard, then, it was very possible to result in both sides suffering.

But, Meng Yiran was too shortsighted, in the initial rush of spirit power she attacked too wildly, to the extent that her spirit power consumption was greater than that of the passively defending Tang San.

On the surface, her grey spirit power occupied two thirds of the Serpent Cane’s area, but in fact, regarding spirit power she consumed even more.

As time passed, and as the consumption lengthened, Tang San’s counterattack gradually began. Blue spirit power gradually increased its hold on the Serpent Cane, and the strength ratio between the two gradually tilted.

  1. (朝天香) Alternatively Zhao Tian-Xiang. “Dynasty Sky Fragrance”.
  2. (蛇婆)
  3. (孟蜀)
  4. (龙公)
  5. (盖世龙蛇)
  6. (龙头股拐杖)
  7. (蛇头拐杖)
  8. She uses the suffix lao di (老弟), which literally translates as “old [younger] brother”, and is an affectionate suffix for a somewhat younger adult man. English doesn’t have a good equivalent to my knowledge, and “laodi” is no easier to keep track of than “Wuji”, so I’ll go with “brother”.
  9. (孟依然) “Meng As Before”
  10. 2尺 = ⅔ m
  11. (舌刃) Or “Tongue Edge”.
  12. (蛇身)
  13. Refers to a Chinese idiomatic expression for “weak point”, which originates from a saying that a snake is most vulnerable seven cun from its head - supposedly because that’s where its heart is.
  14. This sentence is only so much gibberish to me, unless I assume typos. Let me know if you have a better translation (面对对方狂风暴雨般地魂力冲击。已经腾不出手来再进行其他方式的干扰对手。)

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5: Star Dou Forest