Boku wa Isekai de Fuyo Mahou to Shoukan Mahou wo Tenbin ni Kakeru
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Chapter 55: Mystery Words

Tamaki and I returned to the original place.

Immediately, the orcs swarmed over.

Battle begins again.

But now, I have Tamaki beside me.

A first rated swordswoman who has Rank 6 Sword Skill.

Tamaki used the General’s sword in her hands and danced in the darkness, with the silver light leaving illusions in its trails.

Whenever that happens, there will be an orc that will be cut down.

Be it the normal orcs or the elite orcs, before Tamaki, all of them are the same as small fries.

As for what I did, only during the midst of the battle, I just cast Rank 5 Support Magic 《Night Sight》 for her.

「Wow wo, although it is night time, but it is very bright. Kazu-san, this is incredible. Really great.」

Tamaki seems to be in cloud nine.

Seeing her jumping around happily, makes one cheer up.

The girl who adapted to the darkness, switched off the torch and walked around in the surroundings like a ghost.

In midst, I leveled up to level 16.

Nothing special that I needed to do, so I left the white room immediately.

「Even so, that is really scary, the so-called Rank 6…...」

「Heheー, I am the first to reach Rank 6!」

Those slashes, all of them reaped the lives of the orcs each.

We used overwhelming power to wipe out the orcs.

To the extent that the enemies didn’t even have time to escape.

The battle ended.

Tamaki happily gather up the gems that have fallen.

Just a mention, what she took out, were numerous red gems.

「In midst of coming here, I picked up alot of them. But I feel that these are not all of them. These are made by Kazu-san right? They became very obvious signs.」

「Ah ah, mmm, …… in the surroundings of the stone pillar, there are many orcs. We must defeat all of them, that is what I thought…...」

Suddenly, I saw the stone pillar before me.

Then again, what exactly is this?

Why are the orcs gathering in the surroundings of such a thing?

「Hey, Kazu-san. Is there such a thing in our school?」

「Because I only entered this year, so I do not know this mountain as well as Tamaki.」

「Hmm, I feel that there shouldn’t be.」

Tamaki tilted her head in confusion and used the light to shine at the stone pillar again.

「This, look at this. There is something strange with the patterns, I have never seen it before.」

Like she said, somewhere in the center of the stone pillar, there seems to be a few snake-like red patterns carved on the surface.

The height, just happens to be near our eyes.

Then….. This, what kind of words would they be?

「《Read Language》」

I tested it, and used the magic that we bought with the Mia Vendor.

After using the magic and concentrating on the red patterns…...

「Fixed coordinates, space search, restrict scope」

「Kazu-san, what are you talking about?」

「No, that was what it was written, this.」

「I completely don’t understand it.」

That’s right, me too.

Then again, the language that irritates one lined up here about sending what, transferring what, other than that, we can’t link anything to this.

To be honest, I am quite mindful of it.

I wished to rush to Shiki-san’s side immediately and hear her opinion on it.

But, now…… is not the time for that.

I shook my head and look towards Tamaki.

「As for the investigation on this side, we will come back again to do it. First is to go to the high school section.」

「Understood, leave the small fries in between to me!」

Tamaki knocked on her chest with a dong, full of spirit.

Did she overestimate the effect of the Physical Rank 1 skill? She completely choked on that.

What should I say…… I am super uneasy.

Maa, maa, but her presence is indeed reassuring.

With her who has Rank 6 Sword Skills, coupled with the support of my Rank 5 Summoning magic familiars, we can easily obtain victory from everyone except the general orc.

Seeing her who is laughing, even I also laughed.

Being with her who is energetic, even I also became energetic.

Until just now, I was still in the darkness, thinking about it, which feels like all of it has been a lie.

「Tamaki. Let me say this again. Thank you.」

「What are you saying, Kazu-san. That is, the same for me too.」

Tamaki who raised her chest proudly, revealed an innocent smile.

But…… her situation also happened because of her innocence.

Just as I was abit uneasy when looking at her…...

「No problem, Kazu-san! Arisu may be a bit too upright, but it is because she did not see her surroundings!」

She seemed to have said it, thinking that I was still worried about the matter with Arisu.

But, ah, Tamaki.

I feel that Arisu is probably so, but still I don’t want you to say it.

But these words, I forced myself to swallow it back.

Then again, after looking at my watch, it is already 8pm.

Wah, I had wander around for more than 2 hours.

That is true, ding, ding, I had kept leaving.

Tamaki must have searched everywhere.

Really, I must have worried her.

But not only Tamaki.

Shiki-san, Mia and the others must also be very worried.

But now is not the time to return.

After this, there are things that are needed to be done.

And things to be confirmed.

「Let’s go, Kazu-san」


Tamaki and I headed towards the direction of the high school section.

After walking about 30 minutes.

While defeating many orcs, we enter the area used by the high school section.

In midst, Tamaki leveled up to Level 13 and saved the skill points up.

Other than that, we also cuddled a bit in the white room.

As we got closer to the high school section, my face seems to be more spasmed, that was what Tamaki pointed out.

Hence, saying that it was to help me remove my nervousness, she stuck tightly to my body.

Forget it, it is fine that I got saved.

Because if my body and my spirit became useless due to my cowardness, then it will be troublesome.

As for her who removed my nervousness, no matter how much I tried to calculate, I couldn’t thank her enough…...

「I am so happy. To be able to help Kazu-san, is a very fortunate thing.」

I kept caressing Tamaki’s head as she said such strong words.

The girl who is as loyal as a dog, closed her eyes in happiness.

And smiled shyly.

Tamaki: Level 13 Sword Skill 6/Physical 1 Skill Point 4

Because we do not intend on approaching the high school section directly, hence we are in midst of entering the forest.

Basically we returned all the familiars.

The remaining ones are the 2 Wind Elementals.

If the amount is too many, then the rustling of the grass when we opened the path may be detected by somebody.

Even if I saw the breasts of the Wind Elementals, my head doesn’t hurt anymore.

In place of that, I do not know why but Tamaki had a sad expression.

She placed her hand on her chest, without any spirit in it.

「Bigger than me…...」

「To be honest, I feel that rather than big, I think that the shape is more important.」

「Kazu-san, why are you using keigo?」(TL note: Japanese have a more respectful way of saying = keigo, so that used in this situation. Normally it is not used in normal day conversation between friends.)

「Because such a conversation is a bit embarrassing.」

Then, we showed our faces from the grass brunch and peek towards the doors at the high school section.

We could see the main school building of the high school section.

In front of it, there are orcs roaming about.

Hmm, this seems different from when I had the crow investigate in the morning.

Forget it, having huge amounts of orcs in the main school building is also natural.

Perhaps, there is also an general orc in this building.

「Kazu-san, do we head there directly?」

I shook my head towards Tamaki who took the silver sword out from the sheath.

Anyway, her sword sheath is something that I summoned out.

More accurately, I used Rank 4 Summoning Magic 《Summon Weapons》 to summon both the sword and sheath, then threw away the sword.

「Confirm the situation first.」

I suppressed the urgent emotions.

First, we shall circle around it and head towards the boys’ dormitory.

I have also told Tamaki about the situation with the investigation by the crow.

About the battle that Shiba and the others had with the orcs in front of the boys’ dormitory.

Other than that, regarding the hunting rifle that Shiba has, and before I could explain…...

「It is fine, Kazu-san! If it is just a shot, just endure it then beat him up!」

I got the response of a muscle-brain.

Her spirit is commendable, but if someone does not hold her leash tightly, then it will be dangerous.

Moreover, now Arisu who is able to use healing magic is not with us.

We head to the deep parts of the forest and moved out into deep areas.

In the journey, we met with orcs that are moving alone twice.

Why are they still here so late in the night? Although I want to think about it, but we shall just kill them first.

Hmm, they seemed to be searching for something…...

What is it, or who is it?

Did someone escape into the forest?

At this moment, Tamaki who was in front stopped.

「Hey, Kazu-san.」

Tamaki said so with a nervous face.

「Somebody is here, let’s hide.」

「Why do you think so?」

「Because when I was with Shiki-san, I had the same feeling.」

I see, although I do not understand…...

Is it because my highest Skill Rank is 5, while Tamaki’s Sword Skill is 6?

It could be possible.

But such a conversation.

If a certain someone has the Detection Skill, and was hiding around here, perhaps he would have noticed us?

Perhaps the orcs that we took care of, came here because they were targeting that guy?

That fellow, is he an enemy, or a friend.

If it is the students from the high school section…...

I called the Wind Elementals to my side and enter the state of being ready to battle.

At this timing…..

「Please wait a moment, degozaru.」(TL note: its a old fashion way of saying by ancient japanese warriors/samurai, it has a meaning of saying at he is of a lower standing.)

The low voice of a male, came from the shadows of the nearby trees.

Huh what? Degozaru?

「I do not have enmity degozaru, right now I will reveal myself, degozaru, I hope that you will temporarily not attack me degozaru.」(TL note: the I here is Sessha, it is a way that ninja normally refers themselves as. The guy continued using I in such way.)

「Eh, that, Kazu…...」

Tamaki looked at me while baffled.

I faced the direction of the voice.

After hesitating awhile, I gave the order to the Wind Elementals to have them retreat to the back.

At least, it wasn’t the voice of Shiba.

Besides if it was Shiba, he will not say something like「degozaru」 which was like an idiotic word.

The possibility of Shiba’s comrades…...

But, talking to us also means, at least there is the room for conversation.

Just who exactly will appear from the shadows of the trees…...

Is a guy with black cloth wrapped around his entire body.

No, let me say it clearer.

He’s a guy dressed like a ninja.

「I, am acting like a ninja.」(TL note: the I here is Sessha, it is a way that ninja normally refers themselves as.)

「No, you will know once you see that.」

I was dumbfounded, while looking at that guy.

Not knowing what to say.

Just who is this person.

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