Boku wa Isekai de Fuyo Mahou to Shoukan Mahou wo Tenbin ni Kakeru
Volume 1 Preview

Chapter 1: Trap

At the end of September, Saturday afternoon, after school.

In a forest about 5 min away from the road linking the High School Section and the Middle School Section, I was holding a shovel, covered with mud, trying to make a trap.

The depth of this hole is far deeper than a person’s height.

This is already the third trap that I have dug, hence it is quite easy.
If you also count the already dug and filled traps, this is already the 5th one. After digging so many, more or less you will become skilled at it.

When I feel that it is almost there, I stabbed the spears I prepared in advance into the trap. That is the bamboo after I cut, and sharpened into a simple spear. I placed the tip upwards, and stabbed it into the hole. One after another. Rigidly, one after another.

I pulled at a rope that is tied to a nearby tree, and climbed out of the hole, then carefully covered the trap with leaves, as a disguise.

I have to be faster, there is not much time.

That fellow is coming.

I wiped the sweat from my forehead. Now it is 2.30pm.

For that fellow, I even left clues. I left a message, to guide that fellow to this place.

I am guessing, that fellow probably won’t notice that that is a 「message」. He probably will think that that is a mistake that I have accidentally made, and he is thinking that I am hiding something important here.

And because of that important thing, that is the reason why I came to this place everyday—— he will probably think like that.

He must have thought, that recently I disappeared as soon as school ended, is because I came here.

From a certain viewpoint, that sort of thinking is not wrong. Because I have been digging traps here.

The first trap, because I feel unsatisfied about it, hence I buried it.

The second trap, though it is passable, but I hoped that it can be more comprehensive, hence I also buried it. Because the thing that I am about to do is not allowed to fail.

I am about to kill someone.

I will let that fellow drop into this trap, and kill him.

Just by dropping on the bamboo spear might not be able to kill, hence I had hidden a few plastic containers under a nearby tree, and they are filled with gasoline.

I intend to wait for the guy to drop into the trap, and then pour in the gasoline from above, before throwing in a torch.

If that fellow is really lucky, or perhaps it is not enough for him to die.

Hence I prepared a bamboo spear that is over 5 meter long. I cut the bamboo diagonally, then pared the cutting to make it very sharp, I will use this bamboo spear and stab him from above. Without stopping, until he is no longer moving.

Like this everything will end, and the revenge ends here.

Then what do I do? I don’t really care about that much.

If this continues, I will definitely be killed by that guy one day.

I will be bullied by him until I die, and I will also be obliterated in the society.

That fellow is very powerful, and of course his wrist power is very strong, but there is not only that.

That fellow’s parents are the influential people who funded the school.

It sounds like the plot in manga, but that is really the case in reality.

What this student have done, not even the school teachers dare to voice out against him. Such a person really exist in our school.

And I am targeted by this kind of lousy person.

This school adopts the system of having the entire school in dormitories, and the school itself is situated in the mountains.

This is a closed village society, and the head of the village has his eyes on me.

That fellow is bullying me to increase the value in his life.

One of these days I will be bullied to death.

Since it will be so, I can only kill him before getting killed, isn’t it?

I held my breath and waited patiently.

I don’t know if it was because I am suspicious, but the usual noisy cries of the birds, insects, there is none of it today. The forest was in a state of silence.

Soon, that fellow is coming soon.

I heard footsteps.

That is the sound of someone stepping on dead leaves, that is the sound of the footsteps of that fellow coming over.

I am very nervous, and lightly held down my trembling hand. My sweat rolled down my cheeks.

Though it is already at the end of September, but the mountain should not be this hot. I don’t know if it is because I did some exercise just now, but I am sweating all over, and even now I am still sweating.

No, it should be because I am nervous.

But that also cannot be helped. Of course I am nervous, after all I am about to kill someone, and my hands and legs are all shaking. Once I think about it, I could not resist —— revealing a crafty smile.

I can kill that fellow. Just by thinking about that, I am happy enough to cry out.

Because that fellow——

Suddenly, my body shook. I quickly placed my hands on the fallen leaves.

When I realized it, I began to worry if just now that sound has been heard by that fellow?

No, this is——

The tree I am leaning on is vibrating. Only seeing the tree branches, and leaves shaking.

It is an earthquake. And it is very big.

There was a shock wave that echoed from my belly area. That was the greatest shaking, but after that it stopped. (TL note: Don’t ask me why there is a shock wave from his abdomen..  I am guessing it cuz of the tree is vibrating and he is leaning on it.)

The shaking stopped. It seems that no trees fell, nor will there be any mudslides. I breathed a sigh of relief.

The trap is fine too, that is great. But there is a problem.

「It’s an earthquake!」

I heard that fellow’s voice, and the sound of smacking lips. (TL note: smacking lips = sound of someone clicking his tongue, you know the one you go tsu!)

It isn’t good—— I couldn’t help but think.

If that fellow changed his mind, then the things that I have prepared won’t they——

The sound of the footsteps indeed gradually went away.

The one who should smack the lips is me. I bit my lips, and clenched my fists.

No, it is not over yet.

That fellow maybe just worried that a landslide may happen or something.

Maybe he will be back in a while.

I silently prayed and waited patiently.

I don’t know how many minutes have passed.

I felt that it has been a long time, but it is probably about only 10 mins or so.

The sounds of footsteps began to approach again.

That’s great, I clenched my fist tightly, wanting to put out a victory pose.

That fellow came back. This time he should walk past here.

The footsteps got closer. What’s going on? The sound of the footsteps seems to be heavier than before.

I think, that is probably me thinking too much. I shook my head, and focused.

I get this feeling that even the breathing of that fellow has become very loud. The [Fuuhi.Fuuhi] when exhaling is just like a pig.

What exactly is going on, is that fellow tired?

What a useless guy. Seemingly so arrogant usually, but in the end he is only this much.

I smiled sinisterly. Just like this is good.

If he is already tired, then his attention is bound to become weaker.

His footsteps should also become more messy.

Just watch.

And fall.

A shrill scream sounded.

I rushed out from behind the tree trunk, and carried the plastic containers while dashing towards the trap. Without even looking at the situation inside the trap, I poured the liquid in the containers in.

The gasoline flowed into the trap with a doshi doshi sound. It continue to flow, making someone feel that it is kind of exaggerated.

Next is the spark. I used the lighter to light a piece of confetti, and throw it into the trap.

The scream echoed in to the ears.

It is that last struggle of the guy, it make one feel so smoothing.

I picked up the bamboo spear and stabbed it into the trap, giving that fellow the fatal blow.

The feel of the spear stabbing into the meat was transmitted through the palms. So a human’s stomach is that soft, it is far beyond my imagination.

I closed my eyes, and desperately stabbed the bamboo spear continuously down.

Finally, the resistance stopped.

I timidly opened my eyes, and looked into the trap.

That fellow’s corpse——

Is not in the trap.

What replaced it, is a fat creature that is pig-like looking, and uses 2 legs to walk, covered with blood and dead inside.

That is a fat creature with reddish-brown skin.

And the blood that flowed out is blue. Only seeing him covered completely in blue colored blood.


I could not help making a confused sound like a fool.

I let go of the bamboo spear in my hands.

At that moment the fat pig-human released another sound like a wheezing sound.

The pig-human body is gradually becoming fuzzy. No, its body is dissipating just like smoke.

I blinked.

Just as I was stunned at all these, the pig-human’s body disappeared completely.

A opening trumpet music rang in my ears.

「You leveled up!」

I heard a neutral voice saying so, and my vision became all white.

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