Ark The Legend

Silver Star VS Asura

“What on earth?”

Ark looked out the window with a flustered expression. Slayer, Kaya and the team’s expressions weren’t that different. They were all driven to confusion by one spaceship. An unidentified red ship had smashed the ships of the black helmets then leisurely descended.

“Dammit! What else if there? Isn’t our mission to investigate the planet? Some guys appeared to shoot us and the moment we are about to escape, a red ship appeared? Is this a joke? Why are there so many problems for a simple investigation mission?”

Slayer snapped angrily at Ark.

“Why are you such an unlucky bastard?”

“……You’re blaming me?”

Ark asked with an amazed expression and Slayer nodded naturally.

“Yes! Who else in this party has been as unlucky as you? The fate of the party depends on the leader. We had to meet a leader who is so cheap he doesn’t want to pay the cost of repairing equipment! The evident is that Melina-nim died as soon as we joined your team! We also suffered in the laboratory! Melina-nim is also dead! And those black helmets appeared! I blame you for this!”

“Shut up!”

Kaya kicked Slayer’s ass.

“You know the value of X so why are you whining so much?”

“Value of X…..”

“And why are you assuming that the red ship is an enemy? It smashed the ship of the black helmets that attacked us. So isn’t there a high probability that they are friendly?”

“Haven’t you noticed yet?”

The gunner answered Kaya’s question. He was the man who defeated to Ark’s side.

“Look more carefully. That red ship, doesn’t it look a lot different?”

“Different? What, what the?” That disgusting ship?”

Kaya’s forehead wrinkled as she turned her head. The red ship was floating a few hundred metres from the Silver Star. It didn’t look much different from a general ship. But when the Silver Star’s screen zoomed up close to it, there were some parts that looked significantly different. The ship seemed to be made of biological tissue that wriggled like real flesh. It was a ship with mechanical parts and biological tissues combined! That’s why Ark and Slayer concluded that the ship was an enemy. Kaya had never been off Istana but Slayer and Ark had fought in the Bellin battlefields. There was only one species that combined mechanical and biological tissues in the entire galaxy!

“That is the ship of the Rama.”


“In that sense…..”

The gunner looked at Ark and said.

“That friend called Slayer’s words isn’t exactly unfounded. The Rama’s ship. In addition, it is red. Doesn’t looking at it remind you of a person?”

‘Who the hell is this guy?’

Ark narrowed his eyes like a hawk. Ark had felt an awful feeling since the unidentified ship appeared. The word ‘ASURA’ was carved on the side. He didn’t like that name. But the thing that scrapped Ark’s nerves even more was the red colour. He didn’t dislike the colour red. However it changed when he was talking about ‘red + Rama.’

The sum of those two words naturally reminded him of someone. But only people who had been on the battlefield like Ark, Slayer, Leon and the Royal Guards were aware of this fact. Kaya and Sadain didn’t know about it yet the gunner did.

‘Where does he know me from?’

His suspicions deepened. However Ark couldn’t think about it for long.

“Hyung-nim, we are receiving communication from the red spaceship!”


Ark turned his gaze at Hegel’s words. He thought for a moment before nodding and replying.

“Allow the connection.”

A new screen was created on the window and one person appeared. Ark’s face warped the moment he realized the man’s identity. His premonition was correct. The man floating on the screen was who Ark was expecting. The man wearing red armour……

“The Red Slaughterer!”

-Ark, it’s been a while.

“Why are you here?”

You’re asking something obvious. Shouldn’t we conclude our fight?

“I don’t care about that. Did you become so confused that there is an error in your memory? You can’t gloss over the fact that it is a draw! Then do you want me to prove it again?”

It is your idea.

The Red Slaughterer on the screen laughed and replied.

And I don’t care what you think. The important thing is my opinion. And you’re one of the reasons I started Galaxian. I can’t concentrate on my work until the match with you is settled.

“Your work?”

Ark’s eyes narrowed.

“Are you talking about your ultimate goal?”

The Red Slaughterer’s lips curved upwards like a bow at Ark’s question.

Didn’t I say it before? I’m curious about your skills.

“So I’ve stepped on you! Let’s keep our promise like men.”

That was your thought?

“This bastard is just like Kurakan!”

Ark frowned and cursed. The listening Kurakan said ‘No Hyung-nim, I’m not like that……’ However Kurakan’s complaining didn’t enter Ark’s ears.

“This is really convenient for you. You just immediately delete any shameful memories. Indeed, if it’s you then it wouldn’t be too difficult. You just need to press the Del key several times. An artificial intelligence is upgraded but you’re still shameful. If you learned through imitating someone then shouldn’t you learn some shame? Red Slaughterer, no Lucifer!”

Lucifer! This was the other name Ark knew the Red Slaughterer as. The identity of the Red Slaughterer was the artificial intelligence made of ‘01010001010……’ that took over the nuclear power plant and got Ark into Galaxian, Lucifer! Of course this information was a state secret. Therefore openly saying the name Lucifer wasn’t a problem. Slayer, Kaya and general users were unaware of Lucifer’s existence. He called the name Lucifer without any specific ideas……


There was a user who reacted violently to that name. It was the gunner who had been observing from a distance.

“And artificial intelligence? Does he had something to do with the Lucifer from New World?”

“Eh? H-how do you?”

Ark was confused by the gunner’s reaction. Once again, Lucifer was the final boss of New World. Ark was the user who defeated Lucifer and became the director of Global Exos. Therefore Ark was a well-known user. But Lucifer’s identity wasn’t just a monster. The fact that he was an artificial intelligence created by Park Woo-seong wasn’t known. It was natural.

The event was caused by the game’s creator trying to destroy it! Some users even fell into a coma because they were caught in the incident. There was no way the game publisher could announce such events. Lucifer had been buried in the darkness until the government’s greed released him. Naturally Lucifer’s real identity wasn’t recorded in Ark’s autobiography. That’s why Ark mentioned artificial intelligence to the Red Slaughterer. It was impossible to connect artificial intelligence to the Lucifer from New World.

Red Slaughterer= Lucifer= artificial intelligence.

It was impossible to realize this formula without knowing the inside facts about New World. The only ones Ark knew who would react to the name Lucifer were the government agents and the 50 gamers the government hired. Then the gunner’s identity……

“Are you one of those 50 people?”

“One of the 50 people?”

But he just received a question mark in return. That answer was also wrong. Therefore Ark’s brain became even more confused.

‘The level of skill, the way he approached me in the laboratory and his reaction to Lucifer’s name……if he isn’t part of the 50 users then what is this reaction? It isn’t like that? Then who is this guy? How does he know about Lucifer?’

“Ark, answer me! What did you say about Lucifer? I clearly heard it. You mentioned the artificial intelligence and Lucifer! That person is clearly associated with Lucifer! And where did the 50 people come from? Tell me! What is going on here? Don’t think about moving before you tell me!”

The gunner grabbed Ark’s collar.

Is this the time for small talk?

The Red Slaughterer said with a laugh. Then Hegel cried out in a desperate voice.

“Hyung-nim, attack! Shells are heading towards the Silver Star!”


Ark suddenly raised his head. Dozens of lights could be seen on the window.

Now Ark, it is the beginning of the 2nd round.

The Red Slaughterer disappeared from the screen with a laugh.

Pepepepeng! Pepepepeng! Pepepepeng!

-You have received enemy fire!

<The durability of Silver Star’s shield has decreased to 95%>

-You have received enemy fire!

<The durability of Silver Star’s shield has decreased to 91%>

And the red messages flashed on the screen. As soon as the bombardment from the Asura was confirmed, Milan immediately opened the shield and started evasion movements. But the shells caught up with the Silver Star’s movements and the shells hit them. At the same time, sparks flew from the Silver Star’s shields!

“Heok! Why is the shield falling so quickly?”

“It is EMP shells!”

“EMP? Damn, he is very determined.”

Ark cursed with an annoyed look. Just like Galaxian had different types of bullets for firearms like the Freezing and Flame Bullets, the shells for the ship’s guns also existed in a variety of different types. The EMP shells emitted an electromagnetic pulse that could inflict deadly damage to shields or equipment. Air battles were often decided by how quickly the enemy’s shield could be removed.

When considering that point, the EMP shells dealt two times the damage of a general shell to the shield so it was the optimal weapon for air battles. However, the price of the EMP shells was double the price of general ones! It was like they were shooting chunks of money. The ship shook and flashing lights occurred on the bridge.

“Damn Ark, you should do something!”

And the passengers like Slayer started complaining.

“Hey! Don’t you really the atmosphere? We’ll talk about it later!”

Ark pushed the gunner away and sat in the captain’s seat with his eyes glued to the monitor.

Ship’s Basic Information: Silver Star

Hull: Medium-3  Classification: Battleship

Firepower: 25,000

Speed: B  Turning:  A

Shield: C Energy Efficiency: B

* Defense: Shield Gauge: 86%

Hull Armour Durability: 100%

* Attack: Gun (Thunderbolt) Charge Rate:  100% (4 shots available)

Bullets for Manual Shooting- Full, Condensation Energy Particle Cannon Charge Rate- 100%

* Special: [Optical Scanners x 15], [Chaff x 5]

* Skill: [Photon Movement], [Warp Navigation]

This was the Silver Star’s information window when it switched to battle mode!

“Shall we do this?”

Ark browsed the information window before shouting to Milan.

“Milan, increase the engine output and use irregular movements to evade!”

“I’m already doing that! But the accuracy of their bombardment is beyond imagination! They’re hitting 50% of the time despite my evasion movement at top speed!”

“They must be using the automatic targeting system.”

Ark looked at Hegel and shouted.

“The Chaff is ready! Make the Silver Star fly in a 1 km circle. Hegel, prepare to launch the Chaff in 30 second intervals!”


The Silver Star accelerated and made a huge circle over Impeltus. All ships had gravity devices so the crew members didn’t feel any change in despite the angle of movement. But if they ship turned 360 degrees while accelerating then Slayer, Kaya and the Royal Guards would lose their balance. However Hegel just checked the stopwatch and pressed the launch button in rapid succession.

“Chaff launched!”

Pepeng! Pepeng! Pepeng!

Silver capsules exited the upper doors of the Silver Star and exploded! In moments the Chaff (in order to disrupt radar detection) scattered around the Silver Star. Then the shells that had been concentrating on the Silver Star started flying all over the place.

‘It is good that I’ve learnt this.’

He had spent 4 days in S-20 before joining the team. This was one of the reasons why Ark had been busy. It was likely that a fleet battle would occur on this mission. But Ark didn’t have experience in this.

He had experienced aerial combat in New World but that was completely different from a large scale fleet battle. This time he wouldn’t have Tori to control the Silver Star so he needed to learn about ways to win fleet battles. This was the defense method he learnt!

Originally Chaff was an equipment used to disturb the radar of guided missiles. But the automatic targeting system also predicted the movement of the enemy using radar. This was the reason why the Asura’s high accuracy shells suddenly flew to an unexpected place. The Chaff covered a 1 kilometre area so the radar of the automatic targeting system failed to detect the Silver Star. The passengers gave thumbs up when the constant hits stopped..

“Ohh! Ark, great! Great!”

“Now Kalliben, Leon! Shoot!”

The Silver Star’s radar wasn’t operating normally thanks to the Chaff but the turrets were set to manual mode. Before the Asura showed up, the enemy was just a ship without power. He didn’t need to use the auto-targeting function. Fortunately they could start manually shooting without any preparation!

Kwa kwa kwa kwa! Kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The Silver Star’s turrets starting firing. The difference between the Silver Star and the Asura was 1 kilometre. It wasn’t a close distance but the Asura was confident from their pre-emptive strike and didn’t feel the need for evasive movements. In other words, it was a stationary target. And the people sitting at the Silver Star’s turret were Leon and Kalliben who had a natural talent as a sniper!

Pepepepeng! Pepepepeng! Pepepepeng!

Sparks sprung from the Asura’s shield. The Asura started its evasion movements one step late but the speed and turning power was slow compared to the Silver Star. But it was a Rama battleship so the Asura possessed tremendous firepower. Unlike the Silver Star that had turrets on each wing, the Asura had a total of 4 turrets. They didn’t dare use the expensive EMP shots so they switched to manual shooting mode.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang! Pepeng! Pepeng!

-You have received enemy fire!

<The durability of Silver Star’s shield has decreased to 32%>

-You have received enemy fire!

<The durability of Silver Star’s shield has decreased to 27%>

The firefight continued for 5 minutes. The shield’s durability had fallen below 30% so the shield turned red. But the Asura’s shield had also turned red. The Asura was definitely ahead in firepower. But the Silver Star was superior in manoeuvrability and turning power.

‘The battle isn’t just decided by the performance of the equipment!’

It was the user’s capabilities that determined victory or defeat! The same went for a fleet battle. It was useless to have an excellent ship unless it could be used properly. The outcome would be determined by the crew’s competence in handling the ship. That’s why the Silver Star could overwhelm the Asura despite have inferior firepower.

Leon and Kalliben were a user and NPC specialized in shooting so their hit rate was higher. But the person who had the biggest impact on the battle wasn’t Kalliben and Leon or Ark who was commanding. The person with the largest impact on overwhelming the Asura…..

“The trajectory of the shells has been predicted! The current position of the Asura, the enemy’s turning radius, angle of the turrets and its limits, the turret’s firing rate has all been calculated. 12 seconds after firing, the lowest point the enemy ship can fly is in the 3:05 direction from its current position. 15 degrees to 70 metres!”

The black eyes watching the monitor without blinking! The fingers that typed in complex operations on the keyboard!

“The performance of the enemy ship Asura has been identified.  Speed and turning ability, braking power, expected route of the ship and movement of the turrets has been uploaded to your monitor!”

Once again, the shells had to fly over a 1 kilometre distance. There were also dozens of shells at once! In fact, it was impossible to look at the shells with their eyes and avoid it. The best way to avoid enemy fire was to predict the attack and use evasion movement in order to reduce the probability of a hit. It was true with the shells as well.

It was difficult to have a high hit rate with the enemy ships moving erratically. Therefore it was necessary to predict the avoidance movement and shoot. In this sense, the prediction was more important than the pilot or the capabilities of the shells. No, the pilot performance, ability of the shooters and prediction were all elements that increased performance by x2, or even x3!

The person with the main role in Ark’s team was Hegel! The Silver Star was able to gain an advantage in the firefight exchanged over a 1 kilometre area because of Hegel with Ark’s back-up. After the battle continued for a long time.

“M-Messenger-nim, I-I…..weeeeek!”

The sharp acceleration caused the team to tumble into each other as one solid mass!

“Why are you covering us in vomit in such a situation?”

“Ugh! C-covered! This delicate woman’s face is covered in vomit!”

“Ugh! T-the smell……I’m at my limit…..weeeek!”

A chain reaction started as Slayer and Kaya also started to vomit!

‘That’s it! If nothing unusual happens then this will be my victory!’

Ark looked at the Asura on the screen and clenched his fist. Finally the shield protecting the Asura was struck and shattered. A ship without a shield was no different from a knight with no armour! There was even more.


Smoke soared from the rear of the Asura. The Asura’s movements stopped like its brakes were jammed.

‘It is clear that there is a problem with the engine!’

Ark sensed that he was on the verge of victory. Ark looked at the Asura before turning to Hegel and shouting.

“Hegel, calculate the Asura’s blind spot!”

“All gun turrets are located on the upper and lower parts and it can fire in a 360 degree angle! But the thickness is 100 metres so there is an angle where the turrets can’t aim at!”

“Milan, did you hear?”

Ark exclaimed as his looked at the front window.

“Engines to their maximum output! Turn to the right to avoid their attacks and rush to that side!”

The Silver Star rapidly turned over at Ark’s command. It accelerated and rushed towards the Asura spewing smoke!

Kwa kwa kwa kwa! Kwa kwa kwa kwa!

When the Silver Star rushed, the Asura’s 4 turrets fired EMP shots. Each hit made holes in the Silver Star’s shield and flames surged out. The ship kept on shaking as it was continuously hit. However Ark just stared at the Asura on the screen.

“Yet! Yet…..”

After a while. The vibration disappeared. The monitors flashing on the Silver Star indicated that it had entered the area that the Asura’s turrets couldn’t hit. The upper and lower turrets shot diagonally, causing one blind spot underneath the Asura.

“Leon, Kalliben, now!”

Ark stood up and shouted.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa! Kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The Silver Star’s turrets started firing. The Silver Star had entered an area 100 metres from the Asura! The red armour of the Asura instantly became tattered from the shells. The biological tissue also spouted a red slime that looked like blood.

“This will determine it! Prepare the gun!”

“The gun…..”

Hegel was moving his hands quickly when he suddenly flinched and stopped. He hurriedly checked the dashboard before shouting.

“Hyung-nim, an energy reaction! A tremendous amount of energy is gathering on the Asura! Gun! Those guns are preparing to launch their main gun!”

“Main gun?”

Ark turned his head with surprise. The Silver Star had come close to the Asura so its vision was limited. Therefore he hadn’t realized it until Hegel’s words but particles of light were clearly gathering at the Asura. The focused particles of light seemed black to any users looking at it. It meant all the energy necessary for the main gun was gathered.

‘Don’t tell me?’

He felt an eerie chill down his spine. Ark reflexively shouted.

“Milan! Rapid descent!”

The Asura then started rotating. The light flashed in a cone shape with the Asura’s movement.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The light caused a white glare as it flew through the sky!

‘We were deceived! I thought it was incapacitated! They determined that ranged shooting was detrimental and lured us closer using the guise that the engine failed!’

That was the identity of the eerie chill. The main gun was more destructive than the smaller shells but it needed time to charge so enemy ships could often sense it and avoid it. But the Red Slaughterer lured Ark in and created an opportunity to use the main gun.

‘A direct hit from that……’

If Hegel hadn’t detected the energy being focused then the Silver Star would’ve suffered a fatal blow it couldn’t recover from. But he was too late. The main gun had been ready to launch by the time Hegel detected the energy. They flew down 100 metres but it was impossible to avoid any damage.

Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa! Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa!

-The shield has been completely destroyed by enemy fire!

<Once destroyed then the shield can’t recover during combat. 30 minutes in a non-combat state needs to pass before the shield’s durability will recover. The shield’s recovery rate will depend on its performance>

-Part of the right wing has been ruptured by enemy fire!

<Depending on the damage received during battle, the hull can either be damaged, ruptured or destroyed. If the damage is low and there is only a functional problem than it can self-recover depending on the level of the ship. The rapture of the hull means that the function is seriously compromised and it needs to be repaired directly. If the part is completely destroyed then it is best to go to the nearest repair shop. An engineer in the crew with expertise in repair can fix it but spare parts are required>

* Right Wing Rupture: Hull mobility -30%, Turning power -50%

The message appeared on the Silver Star’s window after it violently vibrated! The right wing had been grazed by the white flash and smoke was emerging from it.

“Oh my god! This is……”

Ark’s face turned dark.

The Silver Star had been ahead in the battle against the Asura. But now its wing was damaged and the manoeuvrability and turning power was lower than the Asura’s. The Silver Star had inferior firepower so it was a literal death sentence!

Pepeng! Pepeng! Pepeng! Pepeng!

Then the ship shook again. Ark had desperately made the ship descend to avoid the main gun’s attacks but that put them in the range of the lower turrets. With the shells pouring from above, columns of flames emerged from the Silver Star’s armour and pits formed in it.

“Hyung-nim, the durability of the upper armour has fallen below 50%! At this rate it won’t last for even 1 minute! Let’s leave at full speed!”


Ark raised his head and exclaimed. The results wouldn’t change even if the escaped beyond the Asura’s lower turrets. The Silver Star had already lost manoeuvrability and turning power. The Asura’s shells had only hit the Silver Star for a brief moment before an idea came to Ark’s head. And he came to a conclusion!

“Milan, lift the nose of the Silver Star!”

Ark commanded and Milan tugged the joystick. The Silver Star’s nose started rising. And the moment the Asura’s bottom hull was reflected in the front window!


Ark grinded his teeth together and shouted. Milan’s expression was saying ‘Huh? Why?’ and ‘No, that’s a bit…..’ as he hesitated. But the Royal Guards absolutely obeyed Ark’s command! Milan only hesitated for 0.1 second after hearing Ark’s command before accelerating.

And…..ku ku ku ku! Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The Silver Star crashed into the Asura. There was a huge vibration as the Silver Star crashed into the ship and produced an explosion.

-You have collided with the enemy battleship and the Silver Star’s armour has been destroyed!

<The main gun Thunderbolt can’t be used until it is repaired>

That message popped up! It was the inevitable result.

‘If we don’t stand a chance anyway then I’d rather repay……’

But Ark’s eyes were turned towards the Silver Star. Ark was looking at the hull of the Asura that the Silver Star was lodged in. The part of the Silver Star that crashed was completely crushed. Naturally the hull of the Asura wasn’t safe. No, if he only looked at the collision area than the Asura received larger damage. They had driven the Silver Star several metres inside the biological tissue. However Ark hadn’t sacrificed the main gun for just that. The Silver Star had slammed into the rear of the Asura. It was the place with the engine.

‘…..I’ve taken the bone!’

This was what Ark had aimed for. The Silver Star lost its main gun in this collision but the Asura was deprived of its engine. A spaceship losing an engine was like a warrior losing a foot. If it couldn’t move than the 4 turrets were meaningless. He had overcome the moment of crisis and reversed the situation!

‘The Red Slaughterer. You certainly made me scared for a little bit this time. But you can’t win against me even if you are a supercomputer that can accomplish hundreds of millions of calculations in seconds. I am Ark. Your calculations won’t work against me. I’ll make you aware of that fact from now on.’

“The Asura’s engine has been stopped. Milan, move the Silver Star to the Asura’s dead zone. This time I’m going to break the Asura and the Red Slaughterer!”

Ark commanded with a grin.


-Ugh! This bastard!

On the gleaming bridge inside the Asura. The Red Slaughterer cursed as he looked at the rear of the Asura spewing smoke. Once again, the Asura had used a trick to lure Ark closer. The Asura was losing in the air battle with the Silver Star. The Red Slaughterer determined that it would be hard to win in a ranged fight and deliberately set off a bomb to stage an engine breakdown.

‘The meat is given so take the bone!’

At first the Red Slaughterer thought it was his victory. The Silver Star came up to the Asura’s flank. In the meantime he made the energy concentrate on the main gun and launched it!

‘Unfortunately it didn’t sink……’

The Red Slaughterer was sure of his victory as he watched the Silver Star’s wing get damaged. They avoided the direct hit but the Silver Star lost their manoeuvrability and turning power. The Asura’s firepower was superior so it was only a matter of time until the Silver Star sank! He really couldn’t imagine what happened next. Ark crashed into the Asura’s rear. The result was…..

-The enemy’s attack has destroyed the engine!

<The Asura can’t move until repairs have been completed>

Engine destruction!

-He really is a reckless guy.

Keiko shook his head and muttered.

He managed to come up with such a solution with 4 turrets aiming at him. He really is frightening.

It’s not surprising since he is Ark.

The Red Slaughterer answered with an unpleasant expression. Then Ark moved to the Asura’s blind spot so the Red Slaughterer was forced to suffer helplessly as the ship was bombarded. However the Red Slaughterer didn’t look panicked at all. Rather, there was a pale smile on his face.

That was certainly a nasty attack. But Ark is mistaken about the two most important things. The Asura isn’t a battleship because of its firepower and I have no intention of winning against them in a firefight.

And his ship is under the Asura.

I won’t hesitate this time.

The Red Slaughterer said with a grin.

And he shouted towards his crew.

Release the howling stingers and capture the enemy ship before it escapes our range!

Tutung! Tutung! Tutung!

The Asura’s lower deck opened and 6 red tentacles extended from the biological tissue. The tentacles were thousands of red muscle fibres weaved together to form a 1 metre thick strand! The tentacles stretched out like a hand towards the Silver Star and grabbed it tightly.

You didn’t recognize it. You had the upper hand in the fleet battle. But this game isn’t something to be decided with a firefight. This is the 2nd round so we have to decide it with our swords!

The Red Slaughterer turned his body and shouted.

-Red Front, be ready! The real battle is starting now!


“What, what the? This is?”

Ark looked out the window with confused eyes. He was sure of the Silver Star’s victory when 6 tentacles suddenly stretched from the Asura and embedded into the Silver Star. The situation then became even more absurd.

“Hyung-nim, the steering key doesn’t work!”

“Electronic corrosion! The enemy ship is spreading electronic corrosion through the tentacles to the Silver Star!”

Following Milan’s words, Hegel shouted in a desperate voice.

“Electronic corrosion?”

“A powerful EMP jamming signal is being sent to the Silver Star through the tentacles! As a result, 80% of the Silver Star’s electronics have been jammed!”

“Dammit! How do we stop it?”

“Analysis of the electronic corrosion signal will allow me to neutralize it. But the analysis of the signal then combining the signals to neutralize it will take at least 30 minutes. Another way to stop the electronic erosion more quickly….”

“Cut it off.”

That was the simplest way. Cut the tentacles sending the signal. Ark considered the situation before turning around and shouting.

“Ya! Everybody wake up! Do I need to explain the situation? The time to show your value has come!”

“Uhh! How can I move in this state?”

Slayer who was a shabby figure in the corner said with a pained look. Unlike Ark, Hegel and Milan who had been tightly seat-belted, Slayer, Kaya, Sadain and the other Royal Guards had rolled around from the acrobatics during the firefight with the Asura until their stomachs became upset and they started to vomit. But he didn’t care about that situation.

“Put it aside and move quickly! We need to break all those tentacles before those guys do something else! Hegel, open the upper doors for me!”

Ark shouted from the central deck. The upper doors opened and a rough storm briefly occurred.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa! Kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Sparks were rising from the upper doors. The Asura have 4 gun turrets. Two on the upper part and two on the lower part. The Asura was pouring shells from the lower turrets while the tentacles were holding the Silver Star in place. Of course, there was no intention of being hit.

“Leon! Kalliben!”

-I know!

-I’ll cover you!

Leon and Kalliben replied over the Nymphe. The turrets attached to the Silver Star rotated until they were 90 degrees. There was a ringing sound as the shells shot upwards! Kalliben and Leon aimed at the lower turrets and started counterattacking. The distance was only dozens of meters. There were no shields and the ships couldn’t move so the results of the bombardment was obvious. Sparks flew every time there was a roar from the turrets on both sides and smoke started to rise.

‘Dammit!  They have 4 turrets……!’

The repair fee was rapidly increasing. Ark was more worried about the repair fee than Leon and Kalliben’s safety but he didn’t have the time to worry about it. The chances of the Silver Star escaping whole had flown away a long time ago.

“Concentrate your firepower on a nearby tentacle!”

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Snap!

Flames soared as dozens of shells shot across the space. Red, viscous liquid flew every time the shell hit the tentacle. A tentacle became ragged and finally broke from Ark, Ellain and Sadain’s combined attacks.

“That’s it! Another one! The rest…..”

“Hyung-nim, over there!”

Kurakan shouted from behind him and pointed up. When he raised his head, the Asura’s lower doors had opened and 10 people were descending towards the Silver Star. They were Rama warriors wearing parachutes. And the lead Rama warrior wearing red armour…..

“The Red Slaughterer!”

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