Ark The Legend


Ku ku ku ku! Ku ku ku ku!

Flames rose out of the darkness in the centre of the Harmadon constellation! In the midst of those flames was a black entity.

I’m back!

The resentment that was never erased!

I will bring an end to all living beings in this star system!

There will be a flurry of despair!

-Endless darkness!

Sound poured out from it. It wasn’t a language. It could only be called a sound. Will! It was the intense will emitted by a higher dimensional being. Any debris in the vast space of the Harmadon constellation was eaten by the darkness…..

– [Episode II: Dark Omen] has begun.

The new century had started.


‘What, what the?’

Ark was confused. He couldn’t understand what was happening. A red flash shot out from the antenna and it became dark at the same time. Even with Ark’s Clairvoyance ability, he could only see many silhouettes in the darkness. It was impossible to see what was going on in space. No, he wasn’t even interested in what was happening in space.


It was so dark that it was difficult to discern the area in front of him. It wasn’t a good situation for Ark.

“Irina-nim, hurry!”

“B-but I can’t see anything……”

Kakak! Ka ka ka ka!

The sharp sound of iron interrupted her words. Voices with the distinctive accent of the Katz could be heard.

“Kikit! You cheeky humans! Where are you looking?”

This was the reason Ark was in a rush. The Katz had the characteristics of its species and specialized in catching its prey in the darkness. The Katz used the darkness to attack Irina’s group without mercy. The Katz and Irina’s group were only a few metres away from him but he couldn’t distinguish between friend and foe. Ark hurriedly shouted in a menacing voice.

“Stop it! If you don’t stop immediately…..”

“What will you do?”

The answer came from behind him. Ark jumped as he met a golden-eyed gaze. The Katz hadn’t just approached Irina’s group under the cover of darkness. Ark stepped back but the sharp claws had already scratched his wrist. He lost strength in his hand and dropped the grenade.

“Kekeke! That’s it! Now!”

“Kyaak! Shall we start earnestly attacking? I’ll tear you apart!”

A Katz who had been waiting on the side jumped towards him. The Katz’ claws were sharp enough to tear less quality armour! Ark rolled along the ground and stretched his arms towards the grenade.


It was the power to move an object with his mind! The grenade was caught with his telekinesis power and flew towards him. However the sharp claws hit Ark’s hand just before he could grab the grenade.

“We’ve seen your strange power already.”

The Katz watching him with an elated expression was the one who first attacked him. He picked up the grenade that rolled to his feet and muttered.

“It’s up to here. Now you will die.”

The 2 Katz started earnestly attacking him. The attacks battered him from both sides and didn’t give him any room to breathe! It became many times more difficult because the opponents were just silhouettes. However this wasn’t the first time Ark experienced it in a battle.

‘The training centre in the sanctuary!’

He fought warriors armed with a sword and gun. Vision wasn’t a great help in a battle like that. If he thought about a move then it would be too late. Move before seeing. Move before thinking. That was the reason why martial arts training repeated the same movement thousands of times. It was to engrave the movement into every part of their body! He also needed to figure out the enemy’s movement. A situation like this made Ark’s senses extremely keen.

‘I can sense their movement!’

Wiing! Wiing! Wiing!

The blue ray danced in the darkness. The blade created with electromagnetism cut through flesh. The Katz retreated with confusion.

“Kyik! This bastard, he is strong!”

“How is a human making these movements?”

The Katz weren’t a match for Ark even when his vision was restricted. But Ark’s opponent wasn’t only the Katz. There was the robed man called Marshal who was a powerful Esper and 200 Kero clan. Ark wouldn’t be able to deal with all of them even if he was level 100. That’s why he originally tried to take the antenna hostage to let Irina’s group escape first. However he had lost the grenade. And Irina was stuck in front of him fighting the Katz. It was the worst situation due to the sudden darkness but……

‘It is still too early to give up!’

The Kero wasn’t attacking at the moment. That was obvious by the fact that he was still alive. Ark and the Katz were fighting next to the antenna spouting the red light. That’s probably why the Marshal and Kero were staying out of it. Unlike the Katz’ attacks, the lightning or bullets would likely damage the antenna. This meant he could still use the antenna against them.

‘As expected, the disk is the only way out!’

But the grenade had already fallen into the hands of the Katz. There was only one way remaining!

‘Sink or swim!’

“Psychokinesis! Psychokinesis!”

Ark stretched his arms towards the Katz holding the grenade. However Ark’s skill was only at the beginner level. It he concentrated carefully then he could only move a small object. It was impossible to take away the grenade that the Katz were holding tightly!


He actually received a stitch in the side from firing Psychokinesis in rapid succession. The Katz held onto the grenade and said in a derisive voice.

“Kikiki, how ridiculous. Your supernatural abilities are useless if I’m holding the item.”

“Yes…..hold on tightly.”

Ark lifted his head. And a small piece of metal fell into his hand.

“That will send you to hell.”


The Katz frowned.

Then he saw the metal piece in Ark’s hand and seemed to realize something. He looked at the grenade in his hand and his face darkened.

“O-oh my god! The safety pin…..!”

The grenade was missing its safety pin. While the Katz was holding tightly to the grenade, Ark had targeted Psychokinesis at the safety pin!

“Irina-nim, get down!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwa! Kwa kwa kwa kwa! Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Ark threw his body back as there was an explosion. The Katz shattered and flew away as the grenade exploded. One side of the disk was also damaged.

Kukukuku! Kwajijiji! Kwajijiji!

The light gushing from the dish started shaking violently. The light that had been concentrated on one point scattered into hundreds of different stems. Then there was a large roaring sound that shook the eardrums. Cracks spread on the walls of the mine and rocks started falling. The Kero ran around in confusion as the light scattered all over the place from the broken disk. Ark jumped up and scanned the surroundings.


“Kuak! T-this bastard!”

“Get lost!”

Wiing! Wiing! Wiing!

Ark swung his sword at the Katz and went towards Irina.

“Ark-nim, what is going on….?”

“We’ll talk about it later. Let’s hurry. There is no more time to delay!”

“I understand. Camel!”

“Yes, Ensign-nim. Tin, go to the cockpit first!”

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

Camel fired his bullets with the rest of the crew as he shouted. And the Kero started to fire back. Ark stood in front of Irina’s group and used Sword Defense to block the hundreds of bullets. He stopped bullets to vital spots like his head, neck or heart but the other parts of his body was inevitable.

-You have lost 35 health!

-You have lost 23 health!

-You have lost 42 health…..

Blood went everywhere as his health gradually decreased.

“Recovery Ampoule!”

-You have used the recovery ampoule loaded on the Nymphe.

<Your health has been restored by 500>

His health recovered briefly thanks to the recovery ampoule but it soon fell below 20%.


The transport ship caused a deafening roar. The crew member who entered the ship had started the engine. The exhaust gas was blown out as the aircraft was surrounded by a blue sphere. A shield! The aircraft was covered with a shield and sparks flew as bullets bounced off it.

“That’s it! Now everybody get on the plane!”

Ark shouted as the burden on him decreased thanks to the shield. Then Irina screamed from inside the aircraft.


The moment he turned his head! A thick lightning bolt flew towards him. He hurriedly blocked it with his lightsaber and a bright light flared.


Ark was in an unstable posture as he blocked the lightning. His muscles spasmed as he felt electric shock from the stray lightning sparks. Ark fell to one knee as a cold voice shook the room.


The marshal glared the arc.

“Look at what you’ve done!”

“Damn, how should I know?”

“You… guys…..”

The marshal raised a hand trembling with anger.

“Don’t let even one of them leave here alive!”

“I was expecting that! Galaxy Sword!”

Ark jumped up and swung his sword.The blue sword divided into dozens of pieces and headed like a wave towards the marshal. However, the marshal caused dozens of lightning bolts to rise from the ground and block the swords. The marshal scattered the swords and shouted at the Kero holding RPGs.

“Shoot! Blow up that ship!”

Pusung! Pusung! Pusung!

At the same time, 10 shells went flying. It was aimed at the airship Irina’s group was riding. The aircraft had a shield but it didn’t have the GEM system to intercept missiles.

‘If I don’t stop them then they’ll be wiped out!’

“Sword Defense!”

Ark headed towards the shells and wielded his beam sword. The shells that had been flying together spread out. They flew in different directions and exploded on rocks or other airships.

The airships that didn’t have their shields deployed had their outer walls engulfed in flames.


The other 2 aircrafts had been weighing on his mind the most. It would be difficult for Irina’s group to escape if the other 2 airships chased after them. Therefore he had deliberately directed the trajectory of the shells towards the airships. Of course, Ark couldn’t direct all 10 shells in the direction he wanted.


One shell managed to hit the side of the transport ship. Thanks to the shield, it wasn’t a fatal hit and the ship just wobbled from side to side before regaining its balance. Irina stood at the railing of the entrance and shouted.


“Depart before it is too late!”


“Do you understand? Someone has to remain behind.”

Irina didn’t hesitate for long. She stared at Ark before nodding and closing the door of the aircraft. Then the aircraft started to rise up rapidly. As expected, she was a calm woman. Well, to be honest he felt secretly charmed by that…..

“Those guys are escaping! Don’t let them!”

The marshal ran around the room and shouted.

The Kero clan ran while aiming their machine gun and RPGs are the aircraft. This was why Ark had to remain!

“Your opponent is me!”

Ark ran towards where the Kero were gathered with his lightsaber. The blue sword started to rotate at a tremendous speed. Blood continuously poured out from the group of Kero. The Kero were basically troopers. If 200 of them started shooting at once then he would be riddled with holes. But the circumstances were different in close combat. Ark dived at the Kero clan and they couldn’t fire their guns accurately anymore.

Kekek! Stop him!

Where do I shoot? I can’t fire the gun recklessly.

Of course the Kero also knew how to use a sword. However the swords were just their secondary weapons. Their crude attacks were no match for Ark’s skills.

Wiiing! Seokeok!

The Kero collapsed with every swing of the lightsaber. It was like a battle between a wolf and some sheep!

“Punishment Lightning!”

The marshal started spewing out lightning. But the result wasn’t too different from the guns. Ranged attacks were useful when there were no obstacles but now there were many obstacles blocking Ark’s body. Ark only had to merge in with the Kero and the lightning would hit them instead.

Kuaaaak! Marshal-nim!

10 Kero instantly turned to ash. The marshal shouted with anger.

“You stupid bastards! Get out of the way!”

But that was a stupid thing to say. Ark wouldn’t obediently let the Kero back away from him. The Kero who witnessed their colleagues dying rushed back and forth with confusion. This made it easier for Ark to attack them. It was the same with the Katz. The Katz found it difficult to approach Ark when the Kero were lost in confusion.

“You stupid bastards! Ignore him! He is a dead man anyway. Concentrate on the aircraft. Shoot down that aircraft before it manages to leave!”

The marshal commanded them to attack the aircraft that was still ascending. However, the Kero couldn’t ignore Ark who was wielding a sword right next to them. Of course they aimed their guns and RPGs at the ship like commanded. But Ark was only looking at one thing.

“Galaxy Sword!”

They became rags and instantly collapsed. He swept through the Kero clan for a while. The ship finally finished their vertical ascent and began to fly in earnest.


Then another airship appeared on the other side. There were 2 airships remaining. Ark had caused considerable damage by redirecting the shells but one airship was still capable of flying. Any airship would be stocked with weapons so it would be a difficult opponent.

‘It will be dangerous if they’re caught by that. I have to stop it!’

“Sonic Sword!”

Ark caused a vacuum wave and pushed back the surrounding Kero. He took out the air board and flew full speed towards the airship.

Kekek! He’s coming!

He’s heading towards the airship! Block him!

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

The Kero clan started firing at him. There were a lot of enemies so naturally he would be hit. Of course, it wasn’t that one-sided but he still received some damage. The small wounds caused his 20% health to fall to 5%. He was prepared for death but…..

‘Not yet! I’m not dead yet! I need to handle that airship!’

Ark moved in a zigzag pattern towards the airship. The airship had already rose to a height of 10 metres. Ark accelerated his airship even further. And he stretched out his arms before spinning the air board 180 degrees. He used the air board as a foothold to leap!

“I got it!”

He grabbed the bottom part of the airship. Ark used the railing to pull himself up and opened the door of the airship. And he jumped straight into the cockpit.

“Heok! What, what the?”

A baffled exclamation fell from Ark’s mouth.

“Eh? Eh?”

The pilot was also puzzled.

“W-why are you riding in here? Didn’t you board the other airship?”

“Why me?”

It was a hamster screaming. The one flying the airship was surprisingly Tori.

“If I escaped with them then I would just be returned to Stael! Am I crazy? Why would I escape from jail just to return there? I hate you!”

“But the key to the airship…..”

“Who do you think I am?” It is easy to hack the system of an old airship like this.”

Ark remembered when Tori took him hostage. He hadn’t paid any attention to it at the time…..

His appearance also didn’t look like Tori. A sneaky hamster like that had the cleverness to escape alone.

“You lousy bastard, do you want to live?

“Of course I do! Why would you ask something like that…..”


There was an explosion and the ship shook violently. Tori screamed with surprise.

“Huk! R-RPG! Those guys noticed!”

“Dammit, let’s talk after we escape. Activate the shield!”

“If I could then I would’ve deployed the shield already! The shield isn’t working thanks to that shell you redirected here a while ago. Damn! Why did you do that? I could’ve gotten away while you guys were beating at each other!”

“Talking like that…..”

“What? What? Am I lying? You’re a pioneer! If you die you can just resurrect again! But I’m just a hamster! It is better for you to die instead of me!”

“Shut up you little rodent! If you have time to talk nonsense then accelerate! Do you really want to die?”

“The acceleration device broke down!”

“……Think of a method to escape with this airship.”

“It’s your fault!”

“……Are you blaming everything on me?”


Then a warning sound was heard from the cockpit. A red message flashed on the glass.

-An attack!

The exterior of the hull has been 50% damaged!

The ether fusion engine and warp propeller has been damaged!

If the fusion engine continues receiving damage then there is the risk of overheating and an explosion!

“Ugh! We’re screwed! Screwed!”

“Is there nothing you can do?”

“If there was a way then I would’ve done it!”

Tori shouted as he grabbed his head. Then a Kero aiming its RPG caught his eye. If the airship was hit by the RPG then there would be an explosion! Ark and Tori would be turned to ashes along with the airship.

‘If we’re going to die anyway!’

“Get out of the way!”

Ark pushed Tori away and sat in the cockpit. And he grabbed the joystick with both hands. The ship that had been rising fell towards the ground. At the same time, a roar was heard from the upper part of the airship. A moving target required prediction to be hit. The shell missed once the airship suddenly descended. Fortunately the situation was resolved for the moment……

“Ugh! What are you doing? Are you trying to commit suicide?”

Tori screamed as the airship approached the ground.  Just before the airship was about to hit the ground!

“Hold onto something!”

Ark tugged at the joystick. At the same time, the falling airship vertically lifted upwards. However the bottom of the airship scraped against the ground! The Kero located there were crushed by the bottom of the airship. Then the airship started surging at a tremendous speed!

Kekek? T-the airship…..!

Avoid it!

The Kero who hadn’t been crushed screamed and scattered all over the place. No, just before they could scatter!

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The airship struck the Kero clan with a loud roar. The scene that occurred after that was horrific. The airship that weighed hundreds of tons were instantly crushed. Thus the airship won in the conflict with the dozens of Kero.

“You! I won’t let you do as you like!”

The marshal formed lightning between both hands!

“Take this! Punishment Lightning!”

And the lightning flew towards the airship!


……The airship had disappeared. The marshal couldn’t imagine what had happened. He had tried to stop the enemy vessel…..but his head wasn’t that good. Meanwhile Ark had no interest in the marshal.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

“Fly off! Soar!”

He rushed forward and was about to crash into the rock! Ark pulled the joystick roughly and shouted. Just before the airship was about to hit the wall, Ark manipulated so that it rose along the wall like it was following a runway. The nose of the airship frequently scratched against the rock wall. And all noise disappeared for a moment.

“We escaped!”

The airship finally escaped from the mine.



While Ark and Tori were escaping from the mine. The repercussions of his actions were spreading millions of kilometres away. In the centre of the pentagram created by the red rays of light. But there was a distortion and the light suddenly scattered in every direction.


The space boundary is fading!

No! Not yet! My body hasn’t passed through the gate yet!

Stop! The gate can’t lose its chain of energy!

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

The black sun had appeared in the centre of the pentagram. The existences gathered around the black sun started warping. Their bodies burned up as the pentagram started collapsing.

For the sake of the clan!

In order to punish the immoral creatures in this star system!

Protect the body!

When the black sun had decreased to half its size. The light from another planet suddenly disappeared. Amara’s collapsed caused a chain explosion along the other rays of light. The black sun started to disappear again.

Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!

Painful cries! The beings within the pentagram started screaming.

No! No! No!

Hundreds of years! I’ve been waiting hundreds of years…..

Wrong. Retreat. We’re being drawn in!

The beings cried out and started scattering. At the same time, the entire pentagram collapsed and the black sun disappeared.


On the 3rd planet Kadanal in the Harmadon constellation.

A man within a mine was looking up at the sky.

“I somehow managed to prevent it in time.”

It was a warrior with black hair and an eyepatch on one eye. At his side was a disk that had been broken in half. And hundreds of Kero corpses were scattered around him.

“But the light from Amara seemed to have scattered before I broke the gate energy generator. It is impossible for the gate energy generator to just break……is there someone on Amara with the same purpose? There should be hardly anyone who knows about this. Well, things turned out easier than I thought so I have no complaints……”

The warrior clicked his tongue and murmured.

“Someone broke it before me so my pride is slightly injured.”

“Amara isn’t that far from here so should I go visit it?”

A huge figure in a hood asked as they approached.


The warrior with black hair stared at Amara shining in the night sky for a while. However he shook his head and turned around.

“It doesn’t matter. There is no guarantee I will meet them if I go now. If we have the same purpose then we’ll meet in the near future.”

“That is an enjoyment for the future.”

“That’s right.”

The black haired warrior stretched and smiled.

“Let’s return to Kwain. I should have a drink after using my power for so long.”

“As expected from Captain! I’ve been waiting for that.”

The huge figure replied with a thumbs up.


A  shadow appeared out of a sandstorm behind them. A large skeleton design was carved on the battleship.


-Your level has risen!

Shortly after crushing the Kero with the airship. The message appeared with a cheerful melody.  But Ark couldn’t afford to rejoice.

“What, what the? What is this?”

Ark thought he finally managed to escape once they emerged from the mine. But the height continued to increase no matter how much he yanked at the control lever. A red message appeared on the screen.

-The ether fusion engine has received serious damage and the output is falling!


“What happened to cause this?”

“You’re not in a position to say something like that!”

Tori shouted from behind him.

“What on earth is going through your mind? Where do you think the tank of the flying boat is? Of course it will break if you keep on scratching the bottom against the ground! It can’t fly 10 km in this state! What do you think would happen if we crash now? What will you do? You can’t do anything!”

“You could at least help…..”

“Get out of the way!”

Tori pushed Ark away and sat in the cockpit. He manipulated the panel and one message flashed after the other.

-The inspection program of the airship has been started.

-Ether fusion engine recovery system-ERROR!

-Flight control system-ERROR!

-Anti-gravity gas control system-ERROR!

Error messages continuously rose!

“Ugh! Wrong! Nothing is working properly! We’re screwed!”

Tori grabbed his hair and started screaming.

-Photon movement engine-NORMAL.

A blue message was sandwiched between the red messages. Ark grabbed Tori who had fallen into a state of panic and shouted.

“There’s something left! Something is still working!”


Tori’s face warped.

“You ignorant bastard! Do you know what this is? It is the photon movement engine! It is a technique to switch from gas to photon movement. It is suicide to use photon movement when the shield, control system and even the balance system isn’t working!”

“Then what will happen if this ship falls? Do you think you can still live?”


“This is a plan of desperation! We have to be prepared for death!”

Ark bit his lip before pressing the button for photon movement on the dashboard.

“Huk! What did you do? I-I’m not prepared for death!”

“It is too late. Be prepared.”


The airship shook violently as it was wrapped in light. Within a few minutes, it had decomposed into small particles and flew through the sky. The landscape couldn’t be seen while the airship was using photon movement. The feeling of moving through a pipe at a huge speed…..

Ku ku ku ku….kwa kwang!

The airship suddenly vibrated.

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