Ark The Legend


In the centre of the galaxy that separated the federation and Rama. There was a diamond shaped constellation consisting of 12 planets that formed the border between the two forces. This was the Bellin constellation where the Rama were fighting with the federation over resources. The places where the fiercest battles were taking place was on the left and right of the Bellin constellation, on the planets called Hanan and Athamas. Hanan and Athamas were the richest in buried resources among the 12 planets and they were also important strategic locations for the war. Therefore both sides committed the most troops to these two planets and a fierce battle was contested.

Hanan has been occupied by the Rama!

The news of the Rama’s victory spread throughout the galaxy! Finally one of the planets had fallen into the Rama’s hands. Thus all the attention was focused on Athamas. If the Rama captured Athamas then it was clear who would win. The federation would have nothing to stand on if they lost Athamas. Naturally the fierce battle moved from Hanan to Athamas.

Ku ku ku ku ku!

The roar of the artillery continued through the day and night! Athamas’ endless forests were filled with flashes and flames. The roar of the artillery echoed in the dark forests. Then a red flash of light separated the darkness. There was an explosion and one guy fell out of the bushes.

“…..You monster!”

The man wiped his lips wet with blood and raised his head. The middle aged man who painfully raised his sword was Baras. He was the leader of the 3rd guerrilla unit on Athamas and had achieved considerable military gain. He had confidence in a 1 on 1 battle. He had believed that. At least until he encountered ‘him’ on Athamas……

I didn’t think you would purposefully come at me…..

‘He’ walked out of the forest towards Baras. The man was wearing red armour. His lightsaber was soaked in the blood of countless soldiers so it had a reddish tint. Baras knew who he was. Any federation soldier would know about him. He was the champion that caused despair to numerous federation soldiers on Hanan, the Rama’s strongest warrior. He was the subject of fear from the federation and awe from the Rama. A moan emerged from the mouth dyed with blood.

“…..The Red Slaughterer.”

My nickname has become quite famous.

The Red Slaughterer said as he slashed a vine with the lightsaber and approached. He was walking at a relaxed pace towards the gasping Baras. There was no taunt more humiliating than this for a warrior.

“Dammit, take this!”

Baras tightened his grip on his sword and threw his body forward. But it was impossible for a desperately swung sword to cut the Red Slaughterer. Baras’ sword weakly bounced off the lightsaber. Then Baras switched his sword to his left hand and pulled out a machine gun with his right hand.


Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

The machine gun poured out countless bullets. However Baras was the one who ended up screaming.

“Kuaaak! T-this……”

Baras grabbed his thigh and fell to the ground. Blood was flowing heavily from between his fingers. Just as Baras had pulled the trigger of the machine gun, the Red Slaughterer had blocked the bullets with his lightsaber handle and cut him on the thigh.

The gun isn’t as easy to handle as you think, Rookie.

“T-this bastard!”

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

Baras clenched his teeth and fired the machine gun blindly. However the lightsaber was swung at a tremendous speed and deflected all the bullets. Even a bullet fired from a distance of 1 metre was blocked. The Red Slaughterer laughed and continued.

And this weapon isn’t that great.

“H-how did you block the bullets……?”

Are you a pioneer?

“Ah, no.”

-Then you won’t have a chance to know.

A red flash crossed the space. In the next moment, Baras’ neck was hit by the flash of light and blood came gushing out. It was the end of Baras, the leader of the 3rd guerrilla unit who built up a large number of war achievements over the past few months. But the Red Slaughterer showed no interest on his face. He wasn’t even pleased at the fact that he knocked down an unit leader. He turned away from Baras’ body and walked towards 20 Rama warriors.

-The remaining federation forces have been taken care of.

Casualties on our side?

Many people are injured but it isn’t enough to cause a problem to the strategy.

They were the Rama warrior squad that answered directly to the Red Slaughterer. While the Red Slaughterer was taking care of Baras, his squad were annihilating the 3rd guerrilla unit. The Red Slaughterer’s squad had chased the target through hundreds of kilometres of forest and wiped them out after 2 hours.

The next target?

There was a support request from area C-15.

-C-15? Isn’t there a Gigantic in that area?

-That’s right. Apparently there is an influential person controlling the federation’s defense turret. After the Gigantic received considerable damage, the engineer unit were left stranded inside the Gigantic.

Considerably influential person? The name?

The Red Slaughterer asked with an interested look.

He is a soldier called Rapid.

Rapid? Rapid…..

Yes, that is the nickname of the leader. He is the one who persistently challenged you on Hanan…..

I remember. That guy was also sent to Athamas?

His interest turned into disappointment.

Hmm, he still hasn’t come yet.

……You mean Ark?

He is late. I deliberately sent him a challenge.

The Red Slaughterer’s deputy Keiko asked with a confused expression.

I don’t understand the reason why Captain-nim is clinging to Ark. He might be a war hero but there are thousands with a similar status among all the battlefields the federation and Rama are fighting over.  Captain-nim’s fame is 10 times more than his.  Captain-nim is sending a challenge to a person like that…..

-He is the real thing.


Yes, and I have to a debt to repay to Ark.

A debt? Didn’t Captain-nim say you haven’t met him yet?

It is a relationship from a previous existence.

Keiko couldn’t understand even more after hearing his answer. But the Red Slaughterer didn’t explain anymore.

Anyway, I have to meet that person. He has the title of the federation’s hero so he can’t ignore my challenge forever. No, I won’t let him ignore it. I’ll call him here even if I need to create a message with the federation’s corpses again. In order to do that, I need to annoy the federation members a little bit more.

Just give us a command.

Keiko said was an expression overflowing with fighting spirit. Then an observer at the front exclaimed.

-Captain-nim, 10 flying objects have been detected at the 12 o’clock direction. Judging by the mass, it seems to be Gigantic interceptor missiles and will land in a minute!

Our location seems to be exposed to the federation army.

Chet, those federation brats.

The Red Slaughterer clicked his tongue and muttered. Baras seemed to have requested bombs from headquarters before confronting him. But the Red Slaughterer’s expression didn’t change.

You think you can catch me with something like this?

The red squad had chased the guerrilla unit across hundreds of kilometres. The defeated guerrilla unit had consisted of hundreds of Athamas lizard men and soldiers. Yet the federation’s attacks were turned away repeatedly and they became disorganized once the defense lines were broken. And they had no way to stop it. The federation soldiers on Athamas couldn’t oppose the red squad. Therefore the federation’s headquarters would bomb the red squad with missiles every time their location was discovered. However that long range bombing didn’t have any success so far. Of course the missiles were powerfully but there was no meaning if they didn’t hit.

Do you think we would just sit down and take it?

Do they think we only have skills in hand to hand combat?

It is annoying to avoid the missiles so we have to teach them.

The Red Slaughterer said to the observer.

Calculate the orbit of the warheads and link them to the squad’s Nymphes. Everybody get ready to intercept!

The red squad members lifted their weapons with long barrels after hearing the Red Slaughterer’s order. It was the anti-missile equipment that targeted any missiles that came within range of 2km, the Stinger!

It has entered the interception area!


Tutung! Tutung! Tutung!

20 Stingers were fired at the same time. The projectiles designed to destroy missiles flew through the night sky. And it hit the warheads that were approaching within several hundred metres! No, right before it hit the 10 warheads split into pieces and spread metal powder in every direction.

It is the wide area Chaff!

It is the Chaff that disturbs communication!

-What? What are these guys……?

The Red Slaughterer raised his head at the unexpected situation and muttered. Then several objects fell and mixed in with the Chaff. They were 10 soldiers falling several hundred metres!

Federation soldiers! Air parachute! They weren’t missiles! The soldiers were disguised as the missiles in order to drop them to this location!

The observer burst out with confusion.

All electrical equipments are jammed because of the Chaff! We can’t catch them using the automatic interception system!

Sheesh! These federation soldiers are a little smarter! All members, switch the Stingers to manual intercept!

Keiko manipulated the Stinger and shouted.

Then the Red Slaughterer stepped forward and said.

That’s okay. It will be difficult to reach that distance with manual launch. And…..

The Red Slaughterer grinned as he saw the soldiers falling into the forest.

The guest that received the invitation has come.



The blue sky stretched out in front of them. The silver airship flew through the scattered clouds. The gold ornaments on the wings indicated that it was an airship only aristocrats could use. Inside the airship.

“Waaahhhhh! S-so fast!”

“Look at the background passing by quickly.”

Slayer and Leon exclaimed while staring out the window. It was natural. This was the airship of Marquis Martin who was the federation’s military advisor. His personal plan was different from the passenger ships used to transport users. It was a first class luxury airship that could move 2,500 km/hr and was capable of photon movement. As well as…..

“Look here. A bar, bar! The airship has a bar. Champagne in a crystal glass! Omo, isn’t this a massage chair inside a bathtub? This isn’t an airship, it is a perfect hotel!”

The interior contained facilities that were worthy of a 5 star hotel! The only reason there wasn’t a riot in the cabin was because of Melina.

“Ugh! Damn world! Look at the difference between the rich and the poor even in a game! Money is a bully!”

“Aren’t the nobles just like politicians? They’ve obviously kept stuff back for themselves!”

“Sheesh these nobles! The world is unfair! Damn capitalism!”

Slayer and Leon spoke with the bitterness of the common people. Ark could understand their feelings but they weren’t the right words to say in front of the airship’s owner who was a noble. Therefore Marquis Martin frowned and looked at Ark.

“What? Who are these noisy and rude humans?”

“They became my colleagues through various reasons. Please don’t worry about them.”

Ark scratched his head with embarrassment.

“Let’s continue our earlier talk. Why were you looking for me at Mt. Fargo? What happened?”

“I need your help.”

A NPC’s request meant a quest! He had guessed that was the answer when taking the airship back. The NPCs would never visit a user for no reason. And quests were like shining lights to users. If they completed a quest then they could get bonus experience and compensation. And the NPC giving the quest was the galactic federation’s aristocrat. But Ark wasn’t feeling entirely glad.

He had a chance to win experience and money from the quest but that was only if it was a success. If it failed then it was only a waste of time. It depended on the level restriction and the degree of difficulty. Ark had experienced that with the <Charem’s Infiltration> quest. Therefore he couldn’t relax at the possibility of being picked.

‘A quest from a senior NPC like this is no joke. If I think about how much work I would have to do……’

The degree of difficulty would be tremendous. It was highly likely to be difficult after the <Charem’s Infiltration> quest. However he couldn’t refuse. Marquis Martin was an aristocrat of the federation. He was also Beltana’s Hero so Ark needed to maintain his good impression with the NPCs. He didn’t even need to hear the quest to know that it would be hard.

“Please tell me.”

Ark answered with a stiff posture. Marquis Martin sighed and said.

“Did you hear the news that the Rama occupied Hanan?”

“This is the first I’ve heard of it.”

“It happened several days ago. Therefore the federation is in a fairly difficult situation.”

“But didn’t Charem solve the problem of the war in the Bellin constellation? Didn’t the Aschulat send their troops?”

“Good point.”

Marquis Martin nodded.

“The reason the federation focused a lot of troops on several planets isn’t because of the enormous resources but because of its strategic location. Hanan is the best location as the transit point for the Star Gate from multiple planets in the Bellin constellation.”

That’s why Hanan’s loss was a painful blow to the federation. The federation’s transit point on Hanan was destroyed making it harder for them to send troops and supplies between planets in the Bellin constellation. It didn’t seem like much at first but this difference gradually showed as more time passed. However the federation still had hope.

“That is the 2nd primary star in the Bellin constellation, the planet called Athamas. Just like Hanan, Athamas is also an appropriate location as a transit point. This is the last remaining hope of the federation. If we are also deprived of Athamas after Hanan then there will be no more hope for the federation. In contrast, if we occupy Athamas then we might have a springboard to counterattack.”

However that required moving troops from other planets. The federation didn’t manage just one or two planets. They couldn’t leave those planets in a defenseless state to win the war. While they were contemplating this……

Marquis Martin managed to sign an agreement with the Aschulat for them to enter the war. He was the aristocrat that had secured additional forces for the federation! The Aschulat committed to sending reinforcements to Aschulat. That was part of the problem.

“The Aschulat have no Star Gates in the Bellin constellation. In order to move troops to Athamas, the Aschulat need to use a multidimensional portal to synchronize with the federation’s Star Gate to access it. In order words, they need to get the frequency correct.”

……He couldn’t understand what Marquis Martin were saying. But there was no need for him to understand. That wasn’t the point.

“However the plan was leaked to the Rama. The Rama constructed a powerful antenna 200 km away from the federation’s headquarters that interfered with the synchronization to the Star Gate.”

Therefore the Aschulat reinforcements were stranded on their home planet. Of course the federation quickly tried to destroy the antenna. But they were unable to get past the Rama’s defences……that was Marquis Martin’s explanation.

He felt uneasy at this point.

“Then the task you require of me……”

“You have to go to Athamas.”

A sigh flowed out at the expected answer. He knew the difficulty would be high but he never imagined he would be sent to another battlefield. This wasn’t the individual commission of Marquis Martin but a request from the galactic federation. Obviously the rewards couldn’t be compared to general quests. But this was a battlefield. Ark had experienced it on Beltana but there were many soldiers on the battlefield. The abilities of an individual were limited in such a place.

Different elements were required to win the war. Friendly and enemy soldiers, commanders, equipment, situation in the battlefield…..all of that would determine the outcome. And the circumstances were already against the federation. What would the addition of Ark do? Having the same circumstances as Beltana was like throwing a 6 with a dice three times in a row. The possibility was highly unlikely. Ark tried to insinuate that.

“In this situation wouldn’t it be better to invest more federation troops?”

“If we could then I wouldn’t need to come see you. Thanks to the frequency disturbing the federation’s Athamas Star Gate, it isn’t possible to move a large number of troops. We can create a portal to circumvent the Achulat’s synchronization but that is also limited in the size of the troops. Therefore instead of the maximum number of troops, we decided to commit the minimum number.”

“What does that mean?”

“I think you’re the right person.”

“Do you really think I can reverse a battle like this?”

“I don’t expect that much……”

Marquis Martin glanced at Ark and quickly continued.

“In history there have been several cases where the tide of the battlefield changed due to a soldier. That is the existence of a hero. It is like you demonstrated on Beltana. And there is one Rama warrior on Athamas that is the proof of that now.”

“Huh? Rama warrior?”

“Not long ago the military situation on Athamas wasn’t that bad. Then it changed when he appeared. The Rama Hero killed numerous federation troops on Hanan and played a key role in the Rama military’s victory there. After the war on Hanan ended, he headed towards Athamas and the situation rapidly  tilted in the Rama’s favour.  And this is why I said you’re the right person.”

“That’s why you called me the right person? What does that mean?”

Ark tilted his head with confusion. A 3D image then emerged from Marquis Martin’s Nymphe.

“This is a video the Rama sent us after occupying Hanan.”

“Oh my god!”

Melina burst out. She had been exploring the airship but sensed the serious atmosphere and approached with curiosity.

“Even if they are the enemy, doing such a cruel thing……”

Corpses had filled the screen of Marquis Martin’s Nymphe! The corpses were stacked together next to a pile of ruins. Melina couldn’t bear to watch it anymore and turned around but Ark kept his eyes on the video. He had found the hidden message within the cruel image. The bodies formed a series of letters.

I’m sending a challenge to Ark. The Red Slaughterer.

“The Red Slaughterer!”

This wasn’t the first time he heard this name. It was a name that entered his ear when he was on Beltana. He was the Rama Hero who destroyed a guerrilla army with just 20 elite troops. But Ark hadn’t remembered the name because of the flashy background. The Red Slaughterer was a name he associated with someone else. It was the reason Ark started Galaxian.

The strongest AI Lucifer! Lucifer’s nickname in New World was the Red Man. When Ark heard the name Red Slaughterer, he was instantly reminded of ‘the Red Man.’ However he didn’t suspect it was Lucifer simply because of the word ‘red.’ Ark had forgotten about it at first. It was his amazing way of using the body! He had become proficient enough to receive the title of Rama’s Hero despite the game service only starting for a few months. And then he sent a message to Ark. Ark only knew of 1 person like this.


‘Is this guy really Lucifer?’

“You already know about the Red Slaughterer.”

Marquis Martin said after seeing Ark’s expression.

“He has a lot of interest in you. Despite the war starting again in the Bellin constellation, he only recently received the title of Rama’s Hero. The Red Slaughterer and Ark. It is impossible not to be interested. That isn’t the only reason.”

“It isn’t?”

Ark who was thinking about Lucifer flinched and raised his head. Marquis Martin overlooked Ark’s reaction and continued.

“Isn’t it obvious? The Rama has the momentum with them after Hanan. In such a situation, the Rama will be demoralized if their hero is defeated by you. That is the role of a hero.”

“Ah, yes….indeed…..”

Ark nodded with a dumb expression. It was easy to understand when thinking about it that way.

“This message arrived at the federation a few days ago. We didn’t want to respond to the enemy’s provocation but it is also risky ignoring it.”

“But now the situation has changed?”

“That’s right. Like I said, if we lose Athamas and Hanan then it will be hopeless for us. That’s why the federation army is concentrating their attacks on the Rama base containing the antenna. If we want this strategy to succeed then we need someone to kill their key-man, the Red Slaughterer.”

“You’re talking about me.”

“The Red Slaughterer is his nickname. If it is you then you should be able to catch him. That is what I wish for. I don’t want you to lead the army to victory like on Beltana. I also don’t want you to defeat the Red Slaughterer. You just need to hold the Red Slaughterer who is the largest variable while the operation is in progress.”

“Does that make sense? What bullshit are you saying?”

Then Milan jumped in with an affronted expression.

“Hyung-nim is Ark! Beltana’s Hero! That Red Slaughterer bastard isn’t a match against Hyung-nim! Isn’t that right Hyung-nim? Hyung-nim, let’s go right now! We’ll show them!”

Milan had no doubt that Ark was invincible after defeating Valencia. But the Red Slaughterer had received the title of Hero after experiencing dozens of battlefields. Valencia couldn’t be compared to a warrior like that. The odds couldn’t be guaranteed. Especially if the federation soldiers had already been reduced. But what if he was really Lucifer?

‘This might be an opportunity to come in contact with Lucifer.’

Lucifer had asked to compete with the users in Galaxian. Ark couldn’t help but feel like the conditions were really disadvantageous to him. Ark still wanted to know what Lucifer’s ultimate goal was. A person who didn’t know the goal couldn’t leave the starting point. Even if it was just a guess, wouldn’t that be beneficial? Of course, figuring this out was more important to Ark than anything. Even if he achieved success in Galaxian, it would be meaningless if Lucifer reached the ultimate goal first. And Lucifer defeating him meant the nuclear power plants exploding!

‘The fortune I invested into the Taek Mountain land would fall to 0. Dammit!’

‘There are rumours that it is impossible to win against the Red Slaughterer in a 1 on 1 battle. But that isn’t the important thing. If that guy is the real Lucifer…..maybe I can figure out what his ultimate goal is. No, I need to confirm that he is Lucifer first.’

He had no choice. Ark reached that conclusion and he instantly changed his mind.

“I understand what you’re saying. I’m also a citizen of the federation. I can’t refuse this matter. But I’ve already undergone compulsory military service so I will be competing as a civilian. In addition, not long ago I became the CEO of an agent called Dark Eden.”

“I know.”

“Then can I make a request of the federation if I accept this commission?”

“In other words, you want a reward.”

“That’s right.”

“Does that mean you’ve already thought of the reward?”

“As expected from Marquis-nim, you understand me.”

Like the Marquis said, Ark had already thought of the compensation. However, the reward of the individual you want to receive the arc as you can get. This was the reason why he emphasized that he was the CEO of Dark Eden. It was in order to get Ark’s desired reward. The reason was because he created the business in a hurry.

“I know you better now. I’d like to think you would make a fair bargain. And this is an official request from the galactic federation. Anyway, if it is reasonable then I will pay it out of my pocket.”


Ark approached with a coy expression. Marquis Martin looked at him with surprised eyes.

“That is what you really want?”

“Can you help me?”

“It is a bit complicated because it is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Domestic Affairs…..okay. If you obtain the results that the federation wants then I will settle it somehow. Do we have a deal?”

“There is just one more thing.”


“Please gather my colleagues.”

“Are you referring to the soldiers who followed you on Beltana?”

“Yes, Marquis-nim saw the videos of Beltana so you would know. I would able to obtain the title of Beltana’s Hero thanks to their help. If my colleagues join me on Athamas’ battlefield then the odds of success will increase.”

“That isn’t a problem.”

Marquis Martin answered and quickly spoke to an adjutant in the rear. The adjutant nodded and replied.

“We came into contact with them a short while ago. All 10 people are waiting at the landing place.”

“That’s right.”

Marquis Martin laughed and looked at Ark. Ark felt a cold shiver at the laugh. Not only did he find Ark deep in the outlands, he also knew the exact location of the Royal Guards. This meant Marquis Martin had an information network beyond Ark’s imagination. Once again, he shouldn’t make an enemy of this NPC.

“So the bargain is concluded.”

An information window popped up after Marquis Martin’s words.

<Athamas’ Battlefield! (Agent Quest)>

You have received a special mission from Marquis Martin, an aristocrat of the galactic federation.

Currently the federal army on Athamas, the 2nd primary star of the Bellin constellation is having a hard time against the Rama. Furthermore, the Rama had built an antenna to jam the frequency of the federation’s Star Gate to prevent reinforcements from the Aschulat. Just like you’ve become Beltana’s Hero, the Rama also has a hero who played a role in many of their victories. If you successfully perform this mission then Marquis Martin will give you appropriate compensation.

Difficulty:  A+

“Wait a minute!”

“Ark-nim, did you just receive a federation quest?”

At that moment Slayer and Leon jumped in. They both ran forward with red faces. After seeing the difference between the rich and poor, they were desperate to get some revenge for the commoners and drank the alcohol like it was water.

“That quest, can’t we share it as well?”

“You two?”

“Yes, if this is a federation quest then wouldn’t the compensation be enormous? Furthermore, we might even be able to get a hero title like Ark-nim. It is a request. Please share it with us as well!”


Ark looked at Marquis Martin with an uncomfortable expression. Marquis Martin replied without thinking about it.

“What are you talking about? Of course you will go with Ark.”

“Ohh! You really are a noble of the federation! Did you recognize our skills with just a glance?”

Slayer and Leon said with elated looks. However Marquis Martin had other reasons for accepting both of them.

“This operation is in progress so it needs to be top secret. If the information gets out then advancing will be difficult. You’ve overheard this mission so you have no choice but to go with Ark.”

“What? Your words put me into a bad mood.”

“It doesn’t matter. We will be given huge compensation.”


Marquis Martin turned and smiled. His gaze was directed at the empty bottles Slayer was drinking.

“That is a bottle from Padron where they only produce 100 a year. Just one would cost 500 gold. That is the alcohol you guys drank. Did you think you wouldn’t need to pay for the 3 bottles you drank?”

“Eh? What are you saying? You mean the drinks aren’t free?”

“Do you think this is a commercial airship?”

Marquis Martin looked at them with ludicrous eyes.

“You have two choices. Go with Ark to Athamas. That commission will pay for the alcohol that you drank. Or you can be found guilty of theft and forcefully drafted to Athamas. The choice is up to you.”

They didn’t have a choice.

-You have received compensation in advance for the <Athamas’ Battlefield!> quest.

In the end, Leon and Slayer were forced to receive these drinks as compensation for the quest.

……As expected, it wasn’t wise to turn a NPC like Marquis Martin into an enemy. Therefore Slayer and Leon were forced to enter the war without receiving a penny in return. With Milan and Melina, that was 5 people secured.

“Dammit! If only you didn’t drink the alcohol!”

“Shut up! You drank 2 of the 3 bottles!”

“Huk huk huk, liquor is my enemy!”

They had to listen to Slayer and Leon’s drunkenness for the rest of the flight. Finally the airship crossed the Outlands and arrived at Tatuine.

Syu syu syu syu syu.


10 people came running as soon as the airship’s doors opened. They were Mellin, Hegel and the rest of the Royal Guards. Their skins were extremely tanned and thin in the month and a half since they arrived back in Nephalim. In contrast to their slim bodies, their eyes were extremely sharp. It was the look that showed the result of the Silver Hand’s hell training!

‘It is more than I expected.’

This look was what Ark desired. He could confirm the results of the hell training with just one look.

“This mission is to take care of the Red Slaughterer?”

The Royal Guards were puzzled after Ark explained the mission. They had been prisoners on the battlefield so they had heard of the Red Slaughterer. However they weren’t puzzled for a long time.

“It doesn’t matter who the opponent is!”

“What is dying one more time?”

“When compared to what we experienced, death is…..”

“Following you is better than being with the Silver Hand!”

The Royal Guards weren’t scared anymore after their hellish training. They were 10 warriors who weren’t afraid of death. He also had the 2 level 80 warriors bought with 3 bottles of booze as well as Melina and Milan. Including Ark, a party of 15 people was created. The party was then sent to the federation’s armoury.

“This is a formal request from the galactic federation. If necessary then you can hire these weapons and armour to use during the mission. Please select it using the necessary discretion.”

Marquis Martin said as he pointed to the variety of weapons and armour that filled the armoury. As expected, their treatment changed after receiving a formal request. When they were prisoners, they had to starve and die while now they could rent supplies worth 9,900 gold for free. However it didn’t have special significance to Slayer, Leon or Melina. The armoury was stocked with all sorts of equipment of different levels but they were basically items that were mass produced. The standard equipments were general class products. It was meaningless for users who had magic or higher class equipment. Ark was the same as well. He possessed the unique Heir’s Sword and magic Fire Eagle. His armour also had a magic rating. While the defense might be slightly lower than the level 80 general items, there were special bonuses attached so he saw no reason to change them.

‘But the supplies are free!’

-<Fire Bullet for Shotgun: Lv.2>×100, <Freezing Bullet for Shotgun: Lv.2>x100, <Grenade: Lv.2>×30…..

Ark swept the Lv. 2 expensive bullets and grenades into his bag. Meanwhile the Royal Guards replaced their equipment. The beggar like Royal Guards now looked like soldiers from the federation. Of course his bag was popping open! Ark had filled it tightly with free supplies.

Character Information Window
Name Ark (R-02788) Level 85
Species Human Occupation Elim’s Heir
Fame 5,820  Adventure 720
Mana 325
Health 2,450 (+65) Mental Power 1,300 (+315)
Strength 210 (+33) Agility 295 (+36)
Stamina 375 (+13) Wisdom 40 (+8)
Intelligence 190 (+63) Luck 55 (+3)
* Title

Cleaning Foreman (Agility + 3)

Ignorant Destroyer (Wisdom -10, Strength +7, Stamina +7)

Beltana’s Hero (Strength, Agility, Stamina, Wisdom, Intelligence, Luck +3)

Mediator (Wisdom, Intelligence +15)

* Contribution: Galactic Federation 6,850,  Aschulat 500

* Affiliation: Dark Eden (CEO)

*Body Coating: Survivor

+ Environmental adaptation increases by 50% due to the Survivor coating.

+ The Survivor coating reduces the drop rate of Satiety by 30%.

+ The Survivor coating will reduce fall damage by 50%.

+The ‘Clairvoyance’ effect of the Survivor coating is applied.

-Equipment Information Window-

Weapon: <Heir’s Sword (Strength +20, Agility +20, Attack Speed +10%>, Fire Eagle P-40 (Push effect)>

Armour: <Hyde Helmet (Camouflage Function)>, <Bhurad’s Energy Shield (Strength +3, Stamina +3>, <Harkenion Armour (Agility +10, Close combat damage reduced by 10%)>, <Pioneer’s Leather Pants (Environmental damage reduced by 15%)>, <Pioneer’s Boots (Environmental damage reduced by 5%)>

Jewellery: <Sheraton’s Dawn (Intelligence +45, Mana recovery rate +30%)>

Accessories: <Charenjok’s Token: Lv 2>, <Cheksun’s Toolbox>, <Recovery Ampoule>, <Battle Suit-Hyper Drone: Lv 1>

His character and equipment inspection was OK. Once they finished the preparations, the party took the elevator to an underground hangar.

“The portal to circumvent the Aschulat’s synchronization won’t last for long. Hurry! I will explain the situation to the commander.”

Marquis Martin said in front of the turbulent blue light of the Star Gate. There was no reason to delay any longer.

‘Red Slaughterer! Here I come!’

Ark plunged into the turbulent Star Gate without hesitation. Ark’s body was broken down into small particles and sent towards Athamas. 14 lights followed him and crossed the vast universe.


“The Gigantic has appeared in C-13!”

“Squads 5 and 6 in that area have been wiped out!”

“Enemy tanks have been found in area B-19, the defense is requesting support troops!”

“Drop C-3 bombs in that area at my command. 3, 2, 1, launch!”

The control room of the federation army on Athamas. The number of soldiers mobilized on this battlefield was no joke. There were 10,000 combatants committed! They were facing dozens of tanks, Gigantics and the Rama warriors. Therefore the soldiers at headquarters looked like zombies due to a lack of sleep. The soldiers fighting looked even shabbier. However they had no time to take a break. The federation already had Hanan taken away so Athamas was their last resort. If Athamas was taken by the Rama then the remaining planets would disappear. Of course, this was a war so they were prepared for this.

But there was one person sitting with a relaxed posture in the command room. It was Ark. It had been 3 hours since he entered Tatuine’s Star Gate and reached Athamas. Despite arriving in a hurry, Ark had just sat in a corner of headquarters. There were no soldiers who could complain about Ark’s attitude. They knew that Ark and the 14 warriors gathered at headquarters were there to take the mission. That mission was…..


Then a cry resounded through the command room. Ark opened his eyes.

“I finally got the position!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, the Red Slaughterer. There he is!”

This was why Ark was sitting in the command room. Ark and his companions hadn’t been sent to Athamas to help the soldiers. Ark was dispatched here to tie up the main axis of the Rama’s offense, the Red Slaughterer! He had been preparing for this.

“The 3rd guerrilla unit leader Baras sent us a report that he is located 150 km from C-17. Based on the situation, he won’t be able to hold them there long. The time will be 5 minutes maximum.”

“Are you ready?”

“Of course. We’ve been ready since we arrived.”

“Then let’s go.”

Ark stood up and replied. The Royal Guards, Slayer, Leon, Melina and Leon also stood up. They rode the elevator to the roof of headquarters were gun turrets 20 metres in size were lined up. It was a turret for support but right now it wasn’t loaded with shells. A capsule that a person could enter was within.

“This will take you to your destination.”

Commander Hasullo pointed to the open capsule. Right now 90% of the planets in Bellin were unable to launch any aircrafts. The main reason was due to the weapon called Dark Star. Dark Star was an artificial satellite created to intercept any flying vehicles. The Rama and federation had scattered a number of Dark Stars among Bellin’s 12 planets so neither side could use aircrafts. In other words, aircrafts couldn’t be flown to the battlefield.

The turret was developed as an alternative! It scattered the electrons to produce a range of 500 km. The electromagnetic field produced by the scattered electrons meant it wouldn’t be intercepted by the Dark Star. And soldiers could fly 500 km away at the speed of a bullet while remaining intact inside the capsule. This was why Ark was waiting in headquarters!


Hasullo grabbed Ark’s shoulder.

“You’ve heard the communication in the control room so I don’t need to explain how serious this situation is. Or how important this operation is. You will be launched at the same time that the soldiers participating in the operation will move. If you fail……”

“We will do our best.”


Ark entered the capsule.

Kwajijijiji! Pepepepeng!

The electrons scattered and sparks flew as the capsule was fired. It was literally the speed of a projectile! Even though they received the body coating, it still became dark for a moment as they felt the gravity. They felt the pain of that gravity as they crossed the sky for a while. Then a message flashed on the monitor inside the capsule.

-There is 1 km left until the target area.

‘Pretty soon……’

Ark muttered with a nervous look. The message then changed to a warning.

-Shells flying in the direction of the capsule have been detected!

Your safety inside the capsule can’t be guaranteed if hit by these shells.

Escape quickly!

‘……Those guys!’

“Everybody escape from the capsule!”

Ark shouted as he pulled a handle inside the capsule. At that moment, the capsule dissolved into Chaff. At the same time, Ark’s seat was separated from the capsule and started falling at a huge velocity. If he hit the ground then he would be smashed!

“Vehicle control! Jet!”


Flames appeared from the jets underneath his seat and his falling speed decreased. Ark landed safely thanks to the jet equipment and released the seat belt before shouting.

“We’re not far from the enemy. Gather quickly!”

The surrounding bushes shook and the members gathered around Ark. There were 14 people including Ark.

“Okay. Fortunately we didn’t lose anyone. Now…..”

Then the bushes dozens of metres away shook and a bunch of people appeared. They were soldiers wearing red armour. It was obvious by the colour alone who they were. The Rama warriors wearing red armour on Athamas were soldiers that the federation never managed to defeat. They were the Rama’s elite squad! Their leader was……

“The Red Slaughterer.”

Ark said in a low voice. The warrior in front wearing red armour turned around and slowly smiled.

We finally meet Ark!

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